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Love Systems Insider: Beliefs That Get You the Girl

Love Systems Insider: Beliefs That Get You the Girl



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Published by Love Systems
Dahunter Reveals the Beliefs That Get You the Girl
Dahunter Reveals the Beliefs That Get You the Girl

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Published by: Love Systems on Feb 19, 2010
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Love Systems Insider
Date: October 2009
Hey guys,I’m finally home after Super Conference. Wow. Even one of our competitors (many of themattended) posted afterward, quite simply:
“The Love Systems Super Conference is the best conference in this industry.”
(See the reviews here)Right now, I’m not going to go into all of the breakthroughs, the new advanced techniques, etc.Those will be feeding their way intoLove Systems bootcampsover the next year and some of our upcoming products:
Love Systems mobile (now in beta test)
Phone and Text Game(by Braddock and Mr. M)
Day Game(by Jeremy Soul)What I do want to talk about is some of the behind-the-scenes gossip. (Yes, really.) Skip aheadto the section on “Beliefs” by Dahunter if this doesn’t interest you.Okay, gossip.Instructors hold each other to the highest standards. Part of this is through our review forms – after every bootcamp, and a few months later on The Lounge. I also sit in on lots of programs,do focus groups of former students, and so on.But, part of it is also the Super Conference.We give every Super Conference student some “tokens” that he can use to vote for whichever instructor(s) contributed the most value to him. Students can give all of them to one instructor or split them up. It’s up to them and there are no criteria. After all, you know value when you see it,right?Take last year for example – coming into last October, no one had really heard of  Jeremy Soul... until he demolished the Super Conference. Now that we’ve made him more available, his
 programs are sold out months in advance and he can barely keep up. Check outJeremy Soul’s bio with video and program listings.Moving on...
2009 Results
 1.Future (69)2.Soul (66)3.Keychain (59)4.Cajun (53)For the full write up, including more vote-getters, what happened when we thought we had a tie,and what these guys did that was so special, check out my mega-long blog post from yesterday.The next Super Conference will be October 15-17, 2010. This one was sold out at the PlatinumLevel months in advance and Gold and Silver well before the event and so if you want accessnext year, make sure you add yourself to theadvance priority list on the Super Conference page.While you’re there, check out the actual handwritten feedback notes and some pictures from theevent. Video to come in the next few weeks. 
Beliefs That Get You the Girl- by Dahunter, Love Systems Instructor
 Dahunter is another of those top guys you don’t hear so much about. He took his bootcampwith us a few years ago and has advanced dramatically since then to the point where he is often(constantly?) seen with “10”s. Because of his other business interests, you don’t see him on alot of Love Systems programs outside Los Angeles, but he is available for individualized training. As a native Spanish speaker, he’s able to train you in English or Spanish. Or both. Okay, over to Dahunter:
First let me give you a fair warning. This is pretty advanced stuff. If you have no game and haveno social skills right now, you can definitely get them - and I honestly believe anyone can - butthis post is not the place to start.I've been thinking a lot about universal ways to improve my game, and one of the things that I'malways about is finding the permanent solution to a problem.So, in my quest to improve my game (and everybody else's) I've found that there are specific principles you can apply to your game that once you implement, you will create an "organic"improvement, meaning you won't have to think about it. It becomes natural to you (this is why I
think I get called a natural a lot because it's really hard for most people to see what "principles"you operate under as opposed to techniques).So, to create a rock-solid foundation of change that lasts forever (and so you don't "lose it" evenwhen you’ve dated a girl for a while or haven't gone out for a long time) we need to implementthese principles or Beliefs.If you don't know what a belief is, let me give you a short introduction.A belief is a construct of your mind used to understand the world around you. Since you can'tfocus on a million things at the same time, your brain will assume that it already knows the truthof a lot of things around you so you don't have to think about them. This helps you operatesmoothly so you just focus on what’s new/urgent/interesting.The problem is a lot of times your beliefs are hurting you and depriving you of amazing thingsyou could be getting whether it's women, money, and all sorts of opportunities.PRINCIPLE: WHATEVER YOU BELIEVE WILL EVENTUALLY BECOME YOUR REALITYWhatever you think is true, you will act accordingly, and people will respond to that. If youthink you can't get rich you will never act upon anything because "you can't get rich, so what'sthe point." If you think that you are destined to be rich you will not stop until you find somethingthat makes you rich because "that's your destiny."Don't take this to the extreme where you become a delusional bastard. Stay in reality and wellgrounded but come from this place, keep focusing on these beliefs and eventually you willmaster them so they become your reality. For instance, don’t stop approaching women becauseyou’re so awesome they’ll come to you.So... let's get on to a more practical part of this, with two beliefs that can transform your game if you come from this place:Everybody loves you and every woman wants you. If not, she’s crazy.This belief came from me analyzing all of the most amazing guys with girls that I know. I wastrying to put into words what it was that they all had in common that made them have that "it"factor. You meet these guys and you instantly like them and of course girls love them too.I was trying to break them down until I started to look into their beliefs and it hit me when I was breaking down Daxx(who's an awesome instructor with awesome game and beliefs). What we'll do (I live withBraddock andDaxx) is consult each other's text messages to come up

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