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Editing a Picture in PhotoShop 5

Editing a Picture in PhotoShop 5

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Published by Michael Ault
How to edit a photo in PhotoShop 5 to correct levels, contrast, and clean up artifacts.
How to edit a photo in PhotoShop 5 to correct levels, contrast, and clean up artifacts.

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Published by: Michael Ault on Jul 14, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Editing a Picture in PhotoShop 5.5
By Mike AultSo, you have used a light box and lights, set the camera for the proper exposure, white balance and such, used a tripod and your picture still comes out like figure 1.Figure 1: Raw Picture from CameraWhat can you do? Well, I use PhotoShop 5.5. other editors are gimp on Linux andPhotoShop Elements (and many others) which all allow adjustment of the photo in theareas of color balance, sharpness and levels.So I load the image into PS5.5 and end up with what you see in Figure 2. Immediately doa “Save As” and save the photo under a different name, this prevents you editing theoriginal.Figure 2: Photo Loaded in PhotoShop 5.5
First things to look at are:1.Do you need to crop?2.Do you need to cleanup stray lines, dust artifacts or other items?In the above photo, I do not need to crop and at least for now there are no dust, scratchesor other artifacts to cleanup. So now what do I do about the non-white background? Iassure you, this was taken against a white background so how do I get it back? Theanswer is levels. Look at figure 3, it shows navigating the menus (Image, adjust, Levels)to get to the levels adjustment window. The Levels adjustment window is shown inFigure 4.Figure 3: Menu Path to Adjust Levels(Note: For Quick and Dirty try the “Auto Levels” item, it may do just great or it may not)Figure 4: Levels Adjustment Window
 Notice the histogram, under it there are three tiny arrows, one on the left, one center andone on the right. These arrows are used to adjust the “levels” in the image. You canmanually shift them back and forth by using the cursor to select one, hold down themouse left click and sliding it where you want to go. First, let’s adjust the “white” setting.In our picture white will be easy, examine the non-necklace area, all of it is white, findthe area that looks lightest. Now, using the mouse cursor, select the left hand arrow andslide it all the way to the right. Next, use the cursor to select the right hand eye-dropper.Move the eye-dropper to the area you decided was most “white” and then click the lefthand mouse button. Just before I clicked on the left hand mouse button I captured Figure5.Figure 5: Left slider all the way right, eye-dropper is in mid lower-left quadrantOnce you click the image should reappear with the background reset to be white. SeeFigure 6.

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