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Geometry Practice Test

Geometry Practice Test

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Published by: Frenzie Mae Vasquez Rivera on Jul 17, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Which of the statements is true about cube?
 The three dimensions of a cubeare equal.
Find the area of a circle whose area is 31.4 cm. ?
63 sq.cm
What is the surface area of a cube whose volume is one cubic meter?
6 sq.m.
Find the perimeter of a square whose area is 100 square units.
Find the area of a square which is inscribed in a circle of radius 5.
A rectangular lot is 2 meters longer than it is wide. If the perimeter of its lot is 28 meters,what is the area in sq. m. ?
Find the radius of the inscribed circle of an equilateral triangle of side 10 meters.
It is a prism having six faces, all of which are parallelograms.
Find the area of the square which is inscribed in a circle of radius 10 inches.
200 sq.m.
It is a three-dimensional figure that has a depth in addition to width and length.
An equilateral triangle has a side of 8 meters. Find the altitude of a similar triangle whosearea is one-half that of the first triangle
A thin wire 100 cm. long is formed into a circle. Find the area of the circle formed.
796 sq.cm.
It is a space figure whose three dimensions are equal.
Find the area of a triangle with sides 8, 9, 11.
A polyhedron which has two congruent and parallel faces, and whose other faces areparallelograms.
Find the volume of the a triangular prism whose base is an equilateral triangle of side 12cm. And whose height is 20 cm.

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