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Marc 21 Code List

Marc 21 Code List

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Published by Nitesh Rijal
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Uploaded from Google Docs

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Published by: Nitesh Rijal on Dec 13, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MARC21 Code List for Identification ......24
September, 2001 1
MARC21 Code List for Field IdentificationMARC21Tag No.Descriptions Books Theses Serials Remark
Control Number (NR)
Control Number Identifier (NR)
Date & Time of LatestTransaction (NR)
Fixed Length Data Elements –AMC (R)
Physical Description Fixed Field(R)
Fixed Length Data Elements –GI(NR)
Patent Control Number (R)
$a Number (NR)$b Country (NR)$c Type of Number (NR)$d Date (R)$e Status (R)$f Party to document (R)015
National Bibliography Number(NR)
$a National bibliography number(R)016
National Bibliography AgencyControl Number (R)
 $a Record control number (NR)$z Canceled or invalid controlnumber (R)$2 Source (NR)020
$a ISBN (NR)$c Terms of availability (NR)$z Canceled/invalid ISBN (R)022
$a ISSN (NR)$y Incorrect ISSN (R)$z Canceled ISSN (R)Serials027
Standard Technical ReportNumber(R)
$a Standard technical report number(NR)$z Canceled/invalid number (R)028
Publisher Number (R)
$a Publisher number (NR)$b Source (NR)Forelectronicitems
MARC21 Code List for Identification ......24
September, 2001 2
CODEN Designation (R)
$a CODEN (NR)$z Canceled/invalid CODEN (R)Serials033
Date/ Time Place of Event (R)
$a Formatted date/time (R)$3 Materials specified (NR)034
Coded CartographicMathematical Data (R)
$a Category of scale (NR)$b Constant ratio linear horizontalscale (R)$c Constant ratio linear verticalscale (R)$d Coordinates – westernmostlongitude (NR)$e Coordinates – easternmostlongitude (NR)$f Coordinates northernmostlatitude (NR)$g Coordinates – southernmostlatitude (NR)$h Angular scale (R)$j Declination – northern limit (NR)$k Declination – southern limit (NR)$m Right ascension – eastern limit(NR)$n Right ascension – western limit(NR)$p Equinox (NR)$s G-ring latitude (R)$t G-ring longitude R)ForCartographicMaterial036
Original Study Number forComputer Data files (NR)
$a Original study number (NR)$b Source (agency assigningnumber) (NR)ForComputer File040
Cataloguing Source (NR)
$a Original cataloguing agency (NR)$b Language of cataloguing (NR)$c Transcribing agency (NR)$d Modifying agency (R)
$e Describing conventions (NR)
Language Code (NR)
$a Language code of text/soundtrack or separate title (NR)$b Language code of summary or
MARC21 Code List for Identification ......24
September, 2001 3
abstract/overprinted title or subtitle(NR)$d Language code of sung or spokentext (NR)$e Language code of librettos (NR)$f Language code table of contents(NR)$g Language code of original and/orintermediate translations of text(R)$h Language code of original and/orintermediate translations of text(R)043
Geographic Area Code (NR)
$a Geographic area code (R)045
Time Period of Content (NR)
$a Time period code (R)$b Formatted 9999 B.C. throughC.E. time period (R)$c Formatted pre-9999 B.C. timeperiod (R)080
UDC Number (R)
$a UDC number (NR)$b Item number (NR)$2 Edition identifier (NR)082
DDC Number (R)
 $a Classification number (R)$b Item number (NR)$2 Edition number (NR)084
Other Classification Number(R)
$a Classification number (R)$b Item number (NR)$2 Source of number (NR)086
Government Document CallNumber (R)
$a Classification number (R)$z Canceled/invalid classificationnumber (R)$2 Number source (NR)088
Report Number (R)
$a Report number (R)$z Canceled/invalid report number(R)100
Main Entry – Personal Name(NR)
$a Personal name (NR)$b Numeration (NR)$c Titles & other words associatedwith a name (R)

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