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EPUB Datasheet

EPUB Datasheet

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Published by jennabush

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Published by: jennabush on Jan 10, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Te way in which digital publications arecreated and consumed has undergone adramatic shi with the introduction o theEPUB le ormat standard. Te EPUB leormat was developed and is maintained by the International Digital Publishing Forum(IDPF, www.idp.org), a nonprot standardsorganization composed o commercial tradeand academic publishers, soware companies,consumer electronics manuacturers, andpublishing and accessibility associations. Testandard was developed with the participationo over 60 companies and organizations andwas unanimously approved by IDPF members.
EPUB specifcations
Te EPUB le ormat comprises threespecications: Open Container Format (OCF),Open Publication Structure (OPS), and OpenPackaging Format (OPF). OCF is simply azip-based standard used to encapsulate all o the pieces o a digital publication into a singlele. OPS describes the digital publication’smarkup or content (words on the page). AndOPF provides the navigation, packaging,metadata, and table o contents (how the pagesrelate to one another). Te extension thatdenotes this le ormat is .epub, just as .pd isthe le extension that denotes PDF documents.
Adobe Digital Editions, ADEPT, and EPUB
Adobe Digital Editions users can read theirdigital publications in either PDF or EPUBormat. Tey can also organize and read PDFand EPUB les on all o the mobile devicesthat Adobe Digital Editions supports. AdobeDigital Experience Protection echnology (ADEP) is a hosted application used by publishers, distributors, and retailers tocopy-protect PDF and EPUB les or saleor loan to consumers.
The advantages o EPUB and PDF
Adobe Digital Editions supports EPUB andPDF le ormats because o the advantagesthat both oer the content creator and thereader. PDF represents a xed-page view andgives the publisher complete control over pagelayout and presentation. Te reader consumescontent exactly as the publisher intended.EPUB allows digital publication text toreow according to screen size, enablingthe publisher to distribute and the readerto consume digital publications on a variety o screen sizes. Adobe Digital Editions andthe mobile devices that it supports can readboth PDF and EPUB digital publications.
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Adobe and EPUB

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