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issue31vol2 of Dyaryo Magdalo

issue31vol2 of Dyaryo Magdalo

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Dyaryo Magdalo is a news weekly that fears no one, favors no one, where the language is truth and the spirit is liberty.
Dyaryo Magdalo is a news weekly that fears no one, favors no one, where the language is truth and the spirit is liberty.

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Published by: Berteni Cataluña Causing on Jan 19, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Vol. II No. 31 ISSN 2094-4098 Jan. 10-16, 2011 P15.00
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HE $30,600 cool cash in thedeath of a United States Navylieutenant commander—andclaims that will not happenin normal human life—lead
 Dyaryo Magdalo
to see he was murderedand he did not commit suicide.
 Dyaryo Magdalo
indicts all the police of
-cers and Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA)agents involved in the claimed arrest and detention of US Navy Lt. Commander Scintar Buenviaje Mejia andin the claimed initial test of the 0.03 grams of white powder claimed to have been found in the possession of 
this bemedalled military ofcer set to accept the promo
-tion to full commander conferred on him by the Con-gress of the US.In an impartial mind of 
 Dyaryo Magdalo
, there is agreat possibility, or what is called by the prosecutors as
“probable cause,” that the US Navy ofcer was mur 
The mystery of $30,600 in US Navy ofcer’s ‘suicide’ 
REALLY, heroes die inmysterious ways. Onthe face, it looks in vainand pain. In the inside,it is one big gain notdrain.Often a hero’s deathis never resolved, nev-er given justice, never given closure. As if itis the mystic that makesmagic. As if that issue isdesigned to stay forever so that heroic flamewould burn forever. National Hero JoseRizal’s trial has re-
Where is justice, my son?
Ensign Phillip Andrew Pestaño
The same neutral andreasonable mind saysthere is a great possibil-ity or probable cause thatthese policemen and the
PDEA ofcers involved
connived with each other to detain the Filipino-bornAmerican.
 Dyaryo Magdalo
seesthe great possibility that
these police ofcers and
anti-drug agents had themotive of gain.There was a great pos-sibility that they were mo-tivated to gain because the
US Navy ofcer was car 
-rying $30,600 in a brownenvelope. The fact thathe was carrying this bigamount of money equiva-lent to 1.5 million pesos
was ofcially conrmed
 by the US Embassy in Ma-nila.What added a proof tothe motive is the claim of one airport policeman in atelevsision interview thatonly $25,000 cash wasfound in the possession of the Fil-American. The dif-ference of $5,600 is equiv-alent to nearly 250,000 pesos.Additionally, it was re- ported that the alleged ar-rest of Mejia occurred onDecember 26, 2010. Po-licemen in the Philippineshave been known to be no-torious for bilking moneyfrom citizens by meansof abusing the power of arrest, much more duringChristmas.Supporting the entire proposition of the great possiblity that the police-men and agents were incahoots with each other toextort is the fact that theseairport policemen claimedthat the American soldier was found to be in posses-sion of a sachet of pow-der substance that theyclaimed to be cocaine yetit turned out to be not anillegal drug.In claiming it was co-caine, these airport police-men cited the “initial” testdone by PDEA agent, IO2Edwin Reed.Reed, who has been as-signed at the Ninoy Aqui-no International Airport(NAIA), was said to havefound that the powder was positive for “cocaine.”However, PDEA later announced that its con-
rmatory test showed
that the white powderysubstance weighing 0.03grams was negative for co-caine. This means that itcould be “tawas” or alum.Moreover, it is alwayseasy to secure “tawas” to be used to plant on a vic-tim as purported evidenceof drug in order to compeltheir victim to give moneyinstead of getting detaniedfor a heinous crime beingdangled on the prey.The fact that it is easyto secure “tawas” makesit very much possible thatthe cops secured it to havesomething to use easilyto compel the victim tocough out money in ex-change for freedom.Further strengtheningthe possibility of the crimeof conspiracy to commitmurder is the claim of the policemen themselves
that the US Navy ofcer 
 passed the earlier stagesof the screening systemsin the airport. The airportis normally maintaining aK-9 dog for the purpose
of snifng for bombs and
drugs. They also reportedthat the said powder sub-stance showed up onlyduring the last stage of examination before board-ing.So, the question is:How come that Mejia passed the earlier searchesand failed in the last thatwas supposed to be only arepetition of the process?This is improbable tohappen because it should
 be that the rst searches
or screening are as good asthe last.When the alleged sa-chet of white substance al-legedly cropped up in the
mained a mystery whyhe was convicted to dieon December 30, 1897 before a firing squad.Was there injustice inthe hands of prosecu-tors, his lawyer and his judge? National Hero An-dres Bonifacio’s trialhas also remained amystery why he wasconvicted of treasonwhen there was nocountry that existed atthat time. Was thereconspiracy among Gen-eral Emilio Aguinaldoand his ilk?Modern NationalHero Ninoy Aquino’sdeath at the tarmacof then Manila Inter-national Airport hasremained a mystery.Who killed him? Whoordered to shoot himas he descended fromthe stairs of a planefrom the United Statesof America? His wifeCory became the presi-dent but justice eludedthem. His son Noynoyis now the president but justice remains elusiveas ever.Well, this is another story of a mysteriousdeath. Another storyof heroism so very rareamong the men andwomen who marchedout of the PhilippineMilitary Academy(PMA). The rarity islike looking for a nee-dle in a heap of soil.Once upon a timein September of 1995,this 23-year-old Navyensign from the “Maal-ab” Class (Batch 1993)of the country’s onlyschool for leadership insoldiery silently defiedhis father’s wish for thelove of country eventhough the son knewdeath waited for him onhis ship.As written by Fr.James Reuter, this washow the last conversa-tion occurred for the
     A     N     D
Rock Dakak 
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Muslim civil groups appealfor compassion aspeace talks begin
Vol. II No. 31
Jan. 10-16, 2011
ET there be peace!A big groupof civil soci-ety among theMuslim community in thePhilippines is appealingfor compassion and under-standing from the entireFilipino people in order tousher in lasting peace andmutual co-existence in amulti-cultural society.Maradeka, a big alli-ance of pro-democracyBangsamoro people’sorganizations (POs) and progressive sectors in theMuslim community, is-sued this appeal as theylook forward to the resolu-tion of issues stalling theresumption of the peacetalk between the govern-ment and the Moro IslamicLiberation Front (MILF).A reliable source toldDyaryo Magdalo that theGRP-MILF peace talkswill resume in Kuala Lum- pur, Malaysia this Febru-ary 8. Nash Pangadapun, sec-retary general of Marade-ka, said his group is ac-tively campaigning for agenuine national peace anddevelopment anchored onthe Bangsamoro peoples’right to self-determinationand the welfare of Muslimcommunities in the Philip- pines.He added that the civilMuslim society is nowactively involving their selves in the peace nego-tiation because it is themand not the negotiatorswho will eventually beaffected by whatever out-come, be it war or a nego-tiated peace.“In asserting our posi-tion, we believe that thesituation of recurrent Min-danao wars is primarilyrooted in the context of so-cio-historical, political andcultural injustices. It is notsimply an issue of violent
armed conict and extrem
-ism or economic inequities but it is the reclaim of the people of their birthrightto freedom and legitimatestruggle for their rightto self-determination,”Pangadapun emphasized.He said that Maradekalooks forward that thestatement of President Be-nigno “Noynoy” AquinoIII putting emphasis ontransparency will attractthe Muslim civil society toget involved.With this ultimate goalof peace in mind, he saidMaradeka submitted toPresident Benigno SimeonCojuangco Aquino III a10-point agenda suggest-ing solutions to the issuesto pave the way for talks to begin anew.Pangadapun said the is-sues nagging the resump-tion of the talks are aboutthe Malaysian facilitator disliked by the govern-ment panel and about thefacilitation process.He warned that the re-cent uproars in Mindanaoare indicators of discon-tent over slow pace of the process, which discontentwould push hardliners tourge the pullout of MILFfrom the talks and revertto its original position of independence.The 10-point agendawas signed by 28 headsand representatives of Ma-nila Muslim community,allied Bangsamoro civilsociety, and human rightsgroups from Mindanaoand elsewhere.Those who joinedMaradeka on its “Ten(10) Points Positions” are:Bangsamoro SupremeCouncil of Ulama; Task Force Mindanao; ManilaGrand Mosque; JamiatuMindanao Al Islamiyah;Organization of Maguin-danao and Iranun; Alter-native Muslim MindanaoEntrepreneurial Develop-ment, Inc.; Basilan Soli-darity; Ittihadu Shabab AlMuslimeen;Manila Peace Zone As-sociation; Rajah SolaimanMemorial Society; SalamProgressive Party; Balik-Islam Unity Congress;Maradeka BangsamoroWomen Group; MaradekaYouth; National Aggrupa-tion of Muslim Students;Bangsa Iranun MuslimPeople Organization;Muslim-Christian Fel-lowship Movement of thePhilippines; DavaonunMuslim Community As-sociation; Ranaw PeaceAdvocates; KalilintadPDA League; and BangsaIranun Women Advocatesfor Peace.
Briey, among
the salient features of the10-Point Agenda are thefollowing:“1. We strongly pro- pose the adoption of theMontesa Formula to theAquino government and aswell as the Moro IslamicLiberation Front (MILF)
to nally break the diplo
-matic impasse over com- plaint Philippine govern-ment over the Malaysiaas Third Party Facilitator,Malaysian Facilitator Da-tuk Othman Razak, andthe facilitation process andthe insistence of the MILFto retain the Malaysian fa-cilitator.
Muslim civil groupsappeal for compassionas peace talks begin
“2. We demand fromthe Aquino governmentand Armed Forces of thePhilippines to stringentlyobserve the joint cessationof hostilities agreement,desist from all unneces-sary provocations and in-cendiary statements thatcan seriously impede theongoing peace processamidst the current impasseand employ as necessary proactive measures by:(a) Reduction or downsiz-ing of military presence in
the conict zones; (b) Lift
-ing of the state of emer-gency; (c) Repositioningof government troops to
a signicant level to pre
-vent tension detrimentalto cause derailment of the peace process and there- by the collapse of con-
dence building and the
whole peace process; and(d) Disband all the para-
military groups in conict
zones, such as the CitizenArmy Force GeographicalUnit and the Civilian Vol-unteer Organizations.“3. We are pressing theAquino government to em- ploy a parallel peace initia-tive to both Moro IslamicLiberation Front (MILF)and the Moro NationalLiberation Front (MNLF) by arriving at a formula of convergence previously ad-opted by the Organizationof the Islamic Conference(OIC) and its MinisterialCommittee of Eight as vi-able mechanic to approachthe twin dilemma with thetwo competing Moro rebelfronts.“4. We put forward a proposal that in the peaceexercise, the active partici- pation of the Bangsamoromasses must be guaran-teed and represented byits recognized and legiti-mate civil society sector and people organizationsin the peace negotiations.
In respect to early ofcial
 pronouncement of HisExcellency President Be-nigno C. Aquino III duringhis presidential inauguralspeech on transparency inMindanao peace process by adopting a policy of in-clusive peace in Mindanaoinvolving Moro, Lumadand Christian settlers, wedemand for the institutionof workable mechanismof representation by civilsociety sector and peopleorganizations;“5. We demand theAquino government to ful-ly exercise its political willand presidential preroga-tives to bring to an end the prevalence of political pa-tronages that caused local politicians, businessmen,landlords, political clans
and government ofcials
to obstruct peace in Mind-anao. We recall that landed political leaders, business-men, and warlords in Min-
danao specically in North
Cotabato, South Cotabatoand Zamboanga provincescaused irreparable dam-ages by obstructing theongoing Mindanao peace process during the occa-sion of peace signing of Memorandum of Agree-ment on Ancestral Do-main (MOA-AD) in KualaLumpur, Malaysia;“6. We demand in thestrongest term the secu-rity and protection of thecivilians from harm anddestruction resulting fromthe armed confrontation by the contending armedforces of the governmentand the MILF, so that we propose a rather more ef-fective multi-lateral peacekeeping force mandated by the United Nations Se-curity Council to thwartforcefully violent armed
conicts and hostile ele
-ments and provide emer-gency response, securityand protection, humani-tarian aid, evacuation andshelters to non-combatantcivilians instead of a lim-ited mandate of an interna-tional monitoring set up;“7. We demand fromthe Aquino government torespect Moro civil and po-litical rights by releasing
MARADEKA PRESSCON - Convenors of Muslim civil society, Maradekahold a press conference recently at the Golden Mosque in Quiapo, Ma- nila urging President Benigno “Noynoy” Aquino III not to delay further the resumption of the peace talks between the Government of the Re-  public of the Philippines (GRP) and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) and also to release immediately all Moro political detainees whoare still under detention. Shown in the picture are Nash Pangadapun,the secretary general of Maradeka (2nd from left) as he listens to thestatement of Ardan Sali, representative of the Cotabato City-based Bangsa Moro Youth Leadership Forum (BMYLF), an allied civil society of Maradeka; Datu Larry Cota, co-convenor of Maradeka (3rd from left)and Prof. Yusuf Ledesma, chairman of Balik Islam Unity Congress (ex- treme right). (Maradeka Photo)
the senior MILF leader,Edward Mohandis Guerraand all the Moro political prisoners charged in rela-tion to political activitiesand unconditionally dropsuits against all leaders of 
the MILF and MNLF of
-cials and members beforethe peace negotiation com-mences;“8. We demand fromthe Aquino governmentto honor and abide by inletter and spirit the GRP-MNLF Final Peace Agree-ment signed in September 2, 1996, otherwise knownas 1996 Jakarta Final
Peace Accord specically
on provisions stipulat-ing the commitment of the government to respectthe Bangsamoro right todemocratic representationin all branches of the gov-ernment ( i.e. executiveand local government, leg-islative, and judiciary) and
appoint qualied and com
- petent Muslim leaders and professionals that have theconsent and truly repre-sentatives of the Muslimcommunity; and“9. We demand fromthe Aquino governmentto recognize direct and broader participation of Muslim civil society or  people organizations Min-danao self-governance andthereupon effect a genu-ine democratic develop-ment and participatorydemocratic governance inMindanao by: (a) insulat-
MARADEKA YOUTH- Members of the Maradeka Youth wing display a placard calling for the release of not only Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) senior leader Edward Mohandis Guerra from military detentionbut also all other Moro political detainees who are still languishing inthe different military detention centers in the country.
ing the Autonomous Re-gion in Muslim Mindanao(ARMM) or a replacementBangsamoro self-govern-ing entity from manipula-tive political control by theImperial Manila throughthe ruling party machi-nation of any political protégés during electoralexercises; (b) strengthenthe regional political partysystem that accommodatesand guarantees participa-tion of civil society and people organizations andlegally appropriate sub-sidies in building their regional political partiesto eradicate clan con-trolled traditional politicsor political dynasties; and(c) institute mechanism by creating governmentagency that ensures to fa-cilitate, coordinate, capac-itate, manage civil society participation in building political parties and sus-tain effectively regionaldemocratic development, participatory democraticgovernance and buildingup of regional political party system;“10. We demand theAquino government to ful-ly exercise its political willand presidential preroga-tives to bring to an end the prevalence of political pa-tronages that caused local politicians, businessmen,landlords, political clans
and government ofcials
to obstruct peace in Min-danao.”
Jan. 10-16, 2011
Vol. II No. 31
 Design & Layout:
 All news articles and opinions expressed by the writers
are entirely their own and do not reect the opinion of the
 publisher, the management or the editor of this publication.
 All Rights Reserved:
No part of this publication may be copied or reproducednor translated in any language or form for commercial pur- poses without prior written permission from the publisher and its writers or columnists.
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Amend theconstitution?...
last screening, the police-men themselves claimedthat Lt. Cmdr. Mejia threwit on them and he wentwild accusing the cops of setting him up.This actuation of a per-son vehemently protestingthat he was carrying an il-legal drug and vehementlyinsisting he was framed upis consistent with the natu-ral quick reaction of aninnocent man. To the con-trary, a drug user normallysubmits quietly althoughshocked. Nevertheless, the copsclaimed they prevailed
upon the military ofcer 
and they brought him toa room where he was de-tained while the powder was subjected to an ini-tiatory test being done byReed.Mysteriously, whyReed submitted a resultthat the powder was posi-tive for cocaine in his “ini-
tial” test, when the nal
test by the PDEA wouldshow it was not cocaine?This particular circum-stance betrayed Reed’sintention. This is becauseit is highly improbable for two standard tests to differ from each other as to theresults.So that this debunkingof Reed’s test gives a pre-sumption that he manipu-lated the initial test for the purpose of extortion.PDEA Director IIIWilkins M. Villanueva
conrmed that the sub
-stance recovered fromMejia was not an illegalsubstance, citing the labo-ratory result prepared byPDEA’s chemist MariaTherese Anne L. Domingothat the substance in ques-tion turned out to have
negative ndings of dan
-gerous drugs.Further, it is improb-
able that a US Navy of
-cer presumed to be highly-trained than Philippine policemen and dangerousif he were indeed gettingwild at the start was es-corted only by two secu-rity guards to a comfortroom outside the cops’
Even if he were inhandcuffs, he was stilldangerous. The fact thathe was so wild from thestart, why did airport po-licemen did not ensure to prevent him from goingwild again by having him
escorted by at least vesecurity or police ofcers?
As such, this presumesthat this is improbable tohappen as a way of nor-mal life for this connotesthat the policemen and theagents are lying.In analyzing the inci-dent, Tom Martin fromTexas posts his commentsin the internet.Martin asks:
“Why would twotrained security ofcersallow a man who theyclaim was irrational walk ahead of them without any physical contact withhim?” “When the securityofcers found the comfort room was occupied whydid they not take him toanother comfort room?”“It is hard for me toimagine there is only onecomfort room at the air 
 port or security ofce.They claim Mejia request 
ed to urinate outside. I realize it is common for  Filipino men to urinateoutside, but is that some
thing an American, espe
cially an American mili
tary man would do whenhe knows it is against thelaw in every State in theU.S. and against U.S. mili
tary code?”
These are just talkingabout only the pieces of evidence gathered fromthe policemen and theagents. Now, if the evidencecoming from the circum-stances of Lt. Cmdr. Mejiaare to be added, the proof is overwhelming that thereis a great possibility or great probable cause thatthere occurred the crime of  planting of drug evidenceor murder, punishable by alife sentence.
, why will theFilipino-American bringalong with him a white powder substance weigh-ing 0.03 grams when itwas proven it was not anillegal drug or it was notcocaine? Why?
, even if it werea cocaine, it is less riskyand cheaper for him to buythe same in California.
, he was a be-
medalled ofcer in the US
 Navy and these medals areaplenty and substantive for 
an ofcer like him to risk 
these honors to cocaineuse.He was awarded three Navy-Marine Corps Com-mendation Medals, a Na-vy-Marine Corps Achieve-ment Medal, an Air ForceOutstanding Unit Awardwith two devices, Air Force Longevity ServiceAward, and an Air ForceTraining Ribbon.It cannot be imaginedhow can one who hasearned so many honors ina decade of service wouldsully their name with one plastic sachet of powder that turned out to be notcocaine?And if the Americanwas very sure he was notcarrying any drug and thefact that he is an extraor-dinary soldier by reason of his medals, it is more im- probable for him to think of committing suicide.If he know he was in-nocent, that was proven by the fact that the powder turned out negative for co-caine or any illegal drug,with more reason that anhonorable man like Mejiawould chose to prove hisinnocense in court to keephis name intact rather thankilling himself.
, actually, hewas slated to receive theconferment of his rank asfull commander for it has just been approved by theCongress of the USA.
, he was reported by the policemen them-selves to be carrying two passports, the ordinary oneand the diplomatic one. If he invoked the diplomatic protocol, nobody can pre-vent him from leavingeven if there was this sub-stance being a part of theconsulate of the US Em- bassy in the Philippines.
, it is prohibitedto bring out of the coun-try more than $10,000 andyet Lt. Cmdr. Mejia was bringing along $30,600 asannounced by the US Em- bassy.This means that the USgovernment authorizedhim to carry more than$10,000. But if the Navy
ofcer was required to
show or register his mon-ey, it was one way for the policemen to know he hadthat much money.
, he is a Fili- pino by blood and this factmade the policemen think they can easily cow himinto submission unlikeWhite or Black Ameri-cans.
, the alleged jumping to death of Mejiawas claimed to have oc-curred minutes after he
identied himself as an of 
cial of the US Navy and
after he requested PoliceCenter for Aviation Secu-rity (PCAS) Deputy Com-mander Manuel Pintado tocall the US Embassy andsend in some representa-tives.So that it is very much probable that since US
Embassy ofcials were
fast coming, the fact of murder must not be dis-covered so that the alleged jumping to death must bestaged as a coverup.
, Planting of evidence, like prohibiteddrugs, for the purpose of extorting money is a prac-tice of authorities in thePhilippines. And extortionat the country’s premier airport is the main com- plaint of Overseas FilipinoWorkers, especially during peak season, like Christ-mas.That is why a memo-randum was issued pro-hibiting government per-sonnel assigned at theairport to greet passengers,“Merry Christmas.”The US$30,600 in the pocket of Mejia is wortha fortune to airport menwho are preying on vic-tims for easy big bucks,and this might have trig-gered the planting of evi-dence to unsuspecting USserviceman. For what’s thefuss that Mejia of bringingwith him a sachet of “ta-was?” It was a clear caseof planting fake evidenceto extract money in a veryeasy way.What is more troublingon this cocaine issue wasthe outright conclusion of Philippine Drug Enforce-ment Agency Agent IO2Edwin Reed who is as-signed at the airport. Uponseeing the sachet contain-ing of white substance,Reed immediately con-
rmed that it was cocaine.
Are government men fondof working with each other for the purpose of gainingextra fortune aside fromthe pay they received fromthe government?When Mejia askedfor a call to representa-tives of the US Embassyin Manila, did DeputyCommander Pintado re-ally trouble himself tomake a call? Or the callwas made only after Me- jia jumped or pushed tohis instant death to cover the would be US$30,600extort try?Mejia, allegedly, whilewaiting for US represen-tatives, asked that he beallowed to answer to thecall of nature. Because thecomfort room at PCAS of-
ce was occupied, Mejia
was escorted by police-men SPO2 Roberto D.Figueras and SPO1 MateoAguilas to the parking lotto urinate.Allegedly, in handcuff and walking ahead of hisescorts, Mejia ran away
and jumped head rst to
his death from the 10 feet
high second oor stairwell
of the airport.This storytelling of Figueras and Aguilas isquite suspicious for they
are trained police ofcers.
They are trained to pacify and secure a victimor suspect in a crime.
Fall from ten feet cannot kill
Analyzing the circum-stances as written above,it is too improbable for Lt. Commander Mejia tohave committed suicide bymeans of jumping to deathfrom 10 feet high.That is, even as hewas in handcuffs whenthe jumping occurred, presuming that he indeed jumped from the second
oor of the airport.
Ten feet is lower thana basketball ring that is placed at an elevation of 
12 feet from the oor of 
the court.Any fall from 10 feetis too improbable to resultin the death of the jumper.That is even if what hitthe pavement below is thehead. No basketball player has ever died because of a fall after having beentripped on the air whileattempting to dunk on thering. The most damagethat have occurred weretorn ligaments or broken bones.So that if it is too im- probable for death to occur  by reason of a fall from 10feet, it becomes all themore clear that the Ameri-can soldier did not commitsuicide: but that he wasmurdered before the al-leged jump.So that in all probabili-ties, he was already dead before Mejia could take a jump.
American was killed insidethe holding room?
If it were too improb-able for Lt. Cmdr. Mejiato have killed himself bymeans of jumping from 10feet, the only conclusionthat can be inferred is thathe was killed inside thePCAS holding room.For he was reportedto have gone so unrulyover the sachet of powder found in his possession, itis too probable that Mejiawent wild inside the hold-ing room that he may have
attempted to ght back 
 physically when he triedto assert his innocence.And this assertion of innocence must have oc-curred when airport lawenforcers tried to extortfrom him.It was very possiblefor him to assert his in-nocence mainly becausehe was strong in his faiththat he did not carry any il-legal drug and this can beattested to by the fact thatthe said powder turned outto be negative of any ille-gal substance.So that it was also verymuch possible that whilehe was engaging airport policemen in a physical
ght, his head might have
 been banged on a concretewall that caused him to pass out.Another possibility isthat the envelope contain-ing $30,600 must have been taken away fromhim and he fought to get
From page 1
it back. It is possible thatin the process of wrestlingfor the money they head of the American was bangedon a concrete wall, acci-dentally or otherwise.Whatever occurred,there is no other possi- bility except that he waskilled in the holding roomand was taken outsidewhile he may have barely passed out to be droppedon the pavement on theground.
CCTV camera may be the key
It was not reportedwhether there was aclosed-circuit televisioncamera inside the hold-ing room or in the vicinitywhere the American felland from where he fell.However, if there was aCCTV, it is the only thingthat can exonerate the air- port cops and the PDEAagent or conclusively prove that he was indeedmurdered.The problem, however,is that it has not been an-noucned whether therewas a CCTV camera inthose two locations insidethe NAIA old terminalfrom the time Mejia wasarrested at 7:00 p.m. of December 26 up to thetime he was reported tohave jumped to his death.Unless a camera cover-ing these areas comes outto show that the Ameri-can indeed jumped to hisdeath, the airport police-men and PDEA agents in-volved may be convictedon circumstantial evidence because the motive isclear: money.Whatever, all the piec-es of evidence so far thatcan be obtained as nar-rated above are enough toconvict these airport copsand PDEA agents on gravemisconduct for violating
their ofcial functions.
US Navy steps into investigate
It has been reportedthat aside from a separateinvestigation conducted by the Pasay City police,the US Navy has alreadysent its team of experts toexamine the body of Me- jia and gather informationand documents pertainingto the death of Lt. Cmdr.Mejia.The investigation willnot last long if the footag-es captured by the CCTVcameras at the airport are provided and reviewedfrom the entry of Mejiato the Airport, the timeof his arrest at 7:00pm onDecember 26, up to hisalleged act running awayfrom his escorts and jump-ing to death.
Mejia arrived in thePhilippines on December 25, 2010 to witness theFilipino traditional way of celebrating Christmas.
His ight back to Los
Angeles, California on
Philippine Airlines ight
PR112 was on December 26, 2010.It was also reportedthat Mejia was confronted by Aviation Security Spe-cialist Jose Saul Villegasdue to a plastic sachet con-taining white substancewhich was detected by theairport’s X-ray machine.The report added thatMejia went berserk whileshouting he was framed.He was then arrested and brought to the 1st PCAS
ofce for questioning.
In the morning of De-cember 27, 2010, they saidthat Mejia asked Pintadoto call the US Embassy inManila.They added that Mejiaalso asked that he be al-lowed to answer the callof nature, but because thecomfort room at PCASwas occupied, he was es-corted by SPO2 RobertoD. Figueras and SPO1 Ma-teo Aguilas to the parkinglot for him to urinate.Around 5:00 a.m.,they said that Mejia ranaway from his escorts and jumped from the second
oor’s 10 feet stairwell of 
the airport.They added that Mejiawas taken immediately toSan Juan de Dios MedicalCenter where he died at6:45 a.m.The US Embassy sentan attaché, Joey McGee, tocoordinate with Philippineinvestigators handling thealleged suicide incident.What a heck of a job,men?to charge other crimesfrom the prosecutors or 
To ensure rigid andfair decision, the 23 jurors picked to servethe Grand Jury for sixmonths shall be hiddento the public so that they
cannot be inuenced.
The second bodyshall be the Trial Jury.It shall have the power to adjudge whichclaims are true andwhich are not. Com- posed of 12 jurors and twoalternate jurors, the TrialJury shall be kept in secret places until the usually-one-week trial ends in case
the accused are inuential
 persons. After decidingwho are saying the truth,the judge in their courtshall apply the law on the jury’s decision. Although
at times, trial jury nullies
the law if they felt it is aninjustice.Fairness is assured inthese two juries becausethe members shall beinterviewed and cho-sen from 150 people
rafed off from the vot
-ers’ list. The selection process will determinewho among those pickedfrom the voters’ list have
sufcient capability to
discern what is true fromfalse and who are themost neutral or who hasno interest.In jury, for sure theFilipinos, Muslims or not, will have no worry.

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