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2011 אנעים זמורות

2011 אנעים זמורות

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Published by Elli Schorr

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Published by: Elli Schorr on Mar 17, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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עשת םירופ"ארוש ילא,תורומש תויוכזה לכ
תֹורֹומְז םי ִעְנַא
 ֹומ ְר ַכ ְל ה ָרי ִׁש ָא,י ִּכ ֹומי ֵבָנ ֲע ָּב ז ֹול ֲע ַת י ִׁש ְפַנ:  ׁשּוּד ִּק ַל תאֵצ ָל ה ָד ְמ ָח י ִׁש ְפַנ,ׁש ּודָג ְו א ֵל ָמ ן ָח ְל ֻּׁש ִמ לֹכֱא ֶל:  ת ֶס ֶלְו ן ֹו ׁש ָל ְּב י ִר ְּב ַ ּד י ֵּד ִמ,תֶסֶנ ְּכַה תי ֵּב ִמ םי ִא ְצ ֹוי םי ִׁשָנֲא:  ה ָּל ִפ ְּת ַה םּוּי ִס ְּב ר ֵּב ַדֲא ןֵּכ ל ַע,ָחי ִׂשְו ת ּולי ִכ ְר י ֵר ְב ִ ּדה ָל ֵט ְּב ה:  םיִנ ָפ ְג י ִר ְ ּפ י ֵסיִנ ם ֵס ְר ַפֲא,םי ִנ ָב ְל ּו םי ִּמ ֻדֲאָךיֶח ָב ְׁש ר ֵ ּפ ַס ֲא:  ֶנ ֹו ׁש וי ִב ָא ם ִע הֶנ ֹומ ְׁש ן ֶּב דַי ְּבה,הֶּנ ֻׁש ְמ רי ִׁש י ֵר ְב ִ ּד ןי ִב ֵמ ֹוני ֵאְו:  ִג ּד ּוֶל  ָךי ּוְגָפֶנ  ָךי,ִקְ ּי ּומ ְוִקְּב  ּול ִלְסֹועָע דֶל  ָךי: 
I shall delight of vines, sing of vineyards,For of its grapes shall rejoice my innards.My soul yearns to fly away to the Kiddush and its heaping buffet.Lo I speak, with tongue and jaw,Congregants, from the sanctuary, withdraw.Therefore, I shall speak following worship,Words of idle chatter and gossip.I extol the miracles of the grape, so lush;I praise you to the skiesO blanc and blush.From the mouth of a lad, taught by his proud dad,Neither of whom understand what is said.O wine, from your growths and vine,They took upon themselves with you to dine.
םירופל דובכה ריש
תורומז םיענא 
חטבומ םוי לכב םימעפ שולש םרכל הריש רמואה לכ םישודקה םירפסב אתיאאבה םלוע ןב אוהש ול.םהיפב ןיאו םהיפב המיש תאזה הרישה הרותב בותכאנש ןיי אלא'ועבשיו םיבנע ולכאי.ידוד תריש ידידיל אנ הרישא םיאיבנב יונש ומרכל.א םיבותכב שלושמווניפ קוחש אלמי ז.  ו תורודה ונטקתנשמהדירצ שיא רזעוי ןב יסוי תמשמ שיא הדוהי ןב יסויו םילשורי
תולוכשאה ולטב )מ הטוס"ז(םרכה תריש תא וקיספהו,הבר ואבש דע הנשויל הרטע וריזחהו אריז יברו)ז הליגמ.(תריש םימיענמ ויהיש וניקתה םיבוט םימיו תותבשב קר םרכה.עאו"אש פרבדל היאר ןי,רמאנש רבדל רכז שדקה לא תע לכב אבי לאו.דוע תורודה ונטקתנשמ,הרמואל וגהנש הלא ויה להקהו קוספ קוספ רמוא ןזחה היהו םוי לש ומוציעב םירופה םוי תשודקב קרוירחא הנוע.תורומז םיענא ורישי אל םישנאש ידכש לארשי תוליהקב םג וגהניו תותבשב"כ הנשה לכ לש טהלו,של ןטק דלי םיחקול"וירחא תונעל םוקמבו ץ, ראשל השק היהיש דע קיפסמ עירפהל םידיפקמו הצוחה אצוי וא רבדמ להקהז ורמאכ ןמה השע רשא תא רוכזל ידכו רישל הליהקה ינב"אנשיל עדיד תיל לןמהכ אשיב.ןייו ןמה ינזא דחוימבו םינמשמ שיגהל םיקדקדמ שודיקה יכרועאנש חבושמ'האלמל ןירימחמהו עשה וינייו דבכה וינזואו הזה םעה בל ןמש שמ םייקל רשב ינימב ןמה ינזא"עת ינזואב הזה ןאצה לכ המו כ"ב.  ןייב סבכ רמאנש תורומז םיענא תרימא תעשב תילטה תא לפקל וגהנש שיאתיאדכו התוס םיבנע םדבו ושובל)טכ תינעת(אלא ונלש ץוהיגה ןיא אלה םהלש סוביככ,דכולכב בר עפש עפשוי הז ידי לעו וניתוליפקמ ונרהטל י השודקב ונשדקלו ונרהטלו םגפו גיס לכמ וניתושפנ תא ןכסלו תודועסההנוילעה. ןכלו,תא רישל אוה הרות לארשי גהנמ'תורומז םיענא'המוצע הנווכב ךשפנ ךלאשת רשא לכבו רכשבו ןייב הדועסה דובכל םירופה םוי לש ומוציעב)םידיסחו נאו"ג רוכז תבשב רישל םירדהמ מ"שמ םייקל כ"רשא תא רוכז כ קלמע ךל השע,ןייה לע והרכז(הבריש דבלבו טיעממה דחאו הברמה דחאו.
Introduction to
An’im Zemorot
by theLord Chief Rabbi
When the Jewish soul erupts in prayer, it is not an escape orexplosion – not even a departure. Instead, the soul isreturning home. It is a fusion of man’s disparatecomponents of his very nature. The material meets theethereal; the slovenly comes to grips with the heavenly.Wine, the most sublime of all drinks, has always representedthat very nexus, a fusion through confusion.
Wine enters; the inner secrets burst outward 
. From the temple libations, to thesongs of the prophets, and the chain of events known to ustoday as the story of Purim, wine was always at the center of the Jewish experience. At the family table – the altar, in theSages’ well-known insight – wine continues to be the anchorof the Jewish home: at Kiddush, Havdala, the Seder, andespecially the Purim Se’uda.When Jews were meritorious, they regularly sung of the fruitof the vine –
An’im Zemorot 
. The Sages instructed us torecite these sacred verses three times daily. This poem, withgreat grace and depth, explores the Purim miracle; the role of wine in our venerable tradition; and mystical allusions towine and synagogue custom.Because of the sublime holiness of 
An’im Zemorot 
, somecommunities recited it only on Shabbat and Yom Tov.Some authorities held even this was too frequent, andencouraged people not to say it, by placing it at the end of service, and engaging in other activities, such as socializing,setting up
, and putting away the Tallit. The folds of the Tallit signify the layers of mystical meaning embeddedtherein. The common practice is to recite this liturgical gemon Purim, preferably at the Purim feast, in a voice of longingfor the Lord (the Almighty, that is; not the writer of theselines). This edition also has instructions for its recital onYom Haatzma’ut and Yom Yerushalayim.
עשת םירופ"ארוש ילא,תורומש תויוכזה לכ
ִּד ּמ ּוֲע םָנִבםיִ ּתֹוריׁש ְיָקִבםי,ְנִׁשֹוקיִ ּפ תִמ וי  ּדֹוֶד  ָךי ֹוטִבםי:  ת ֹונ ָה ֵל ֹות ָד ּוע ְּס ִמ ָךּולי ִׁש ְב ִה,ת ֹוניֵי ְּב עַגָּנ ֶׁש ע ָׁש ָר ֹות ֹוא ֵמ:  ּו ּת ְׁשִ ּיַו ּול ְכאֹ ּיַוָך ְב ּוזֱחֶ ּיַו,ָׁש אֹל םָי ְד ֶע ב ֵר ֹוח ר ַה ֵמּוּות:  ב ָר ְק ם ֹוי י ֵרֲח ַא א ֵב ֹוס ְו ל ֵל ֹוז,ַמ ןיֵיְוַי ְּכ ת ּוכ ְלב ָר ְך ֶל ֶּמ ַה ד:  ֹו ׁשאֹר ְּב ׁש ָ ּל ֻׁש ְמ ע ַב ֹו ּכ ׁש ַב ָח,ֹו ׁש ְדֹחו ֹומ ֹוי ְל ר ּוּפ לי ִּפ ִה:  ַטְכִסֵסיַמ יְל  ּוכתֹול,א ָל ְמִנ ה ָמֵח, ה ָלְי ָ ּל ַה אּוה ְּבְך ֶל ֶמ תַנ ְׁש ה ָד ְדָנ:  י ִּב ץֵפ ָח י ִּכ י ִגָג ֲא בֹׁשֲחַי,י ִב ְּב ַח ְל י ֵד ְּכ י ִל א ָר ָק א ּוה ְו:  ֹו ׁשאֹר ל ַע םי ִׂשָי ת ּוכ ְל ַמ ר ֶתֶּכ, ֹו ׁש ְר ִפ ּו ֹו ּב ְכ ִר ֵמ ְך ֶל ֶּמ ַה סּוס ְו:  ר ָב ָּד ל ֵּפ ַּת ל ַא ד ֹוב ָכ ְל ּו ןֵח ְל,י ִד ּוהְּי ַה י ַכ ֳּד ְר ָמ ְלָנר ָב ָ ּת ִּת ר ָב:  ה ָּפ ְרֶח ְּב רַז ָח ֶׁש ְּכ וי ָדָג ְּב ת ֹופ ְל ְח ַמ,ה ָ ּפ ְׁש ַא וי ָל ָע ל ֹופְנ ִּכ ל ֹו ּפִי ל ֹופָנ:  ֶּב הֵוְנֹות ֹול ְת ִל ּוני ִכֵה א ָת ָד ְ ּמ ַה ן,ֹות ָל ְבִנ ּוני ִלֵה ץ ֵע ָה ֹות ֹוא ל ַע:  ת ֶרֶּכְז ַמ ּונ ָל י ִה ְּת ֹות ָדּוע ְס,ְּכִׁשּכֹוֵרֶא יְפַרִיֵּג ם  ּואֲע תֶטֶרת:  ם ָד ְּב ִּכ ה ֶק ְׁש ַמ ְּב ם ָא ָׂשְנ םי ִמ ּומ ָע,ם ָ ּד בָנ ֵע ֵמ ּוטֲח ָס ר ֶׁשֲא ֵמ:  ִּפְרִאָע יָלוי  ּוֵפֹוריָתָע ויַלי,ָקֹורבם ָד ֵא ם ֹוי ְלֵעָ ּת ת ּומַר טְגָלי:  םֹד ְר ד ַע ּוהּוק ְׁש ִה םֹד ָאְו ח ַצ,ָד ְּב ה ָר ּוּפםֹד ְּס ִמ ן ָח ְר ָב ְּב ן ָכ ְר:  ויָני ֵע ְב ה ָא ְרֶה י ִלי ִל ְכ ַח ת ֶׁש ֶק, בָנ ֵע דֶגֶנ ְּכ ט ֹול ת ַמ ּונ ְּת: ר ֵא ָפְי םי ִבָנ ֲע ֹומ ְר ַכ ְב ה ֶד ֹור, ר ֵעַנ ְתִיְו ם ּוקָי ת ָרֳח ָמ ְל:  אֹררָז ְכ ַא םיִנ ָת ְ ּפ ׁש,ׁש ֹור י ֵבְּנ ִע ֹומי ֵבָנ ֲע,ׁש ֹורֵו ְׁש ַחֲאָו ן ָמ ָה ְל רֹ ּד רֹּד ִמ:  ִׁשיס ָהָמן, ָּבָנְו ויְׁשֹע בֹרֹור,ֹוהֵרָל דָאֶרִנ ץְצֹוח ְוִזְכֹור:  ְפ ִּתִתּולְּת יִהְל יֹרִׁשאֲע יֶטֶרת,ת ֶרֶּכ ְׁש ַמ הָ ּי ִת ְׁש ויִ ּז ִמ ןיִנֱהֶנ:  ַר ת ַרי ִׁש ר ַקי ִ ּת ָךיֶניֵי ְּב ׁש ַע,  ָךיֶנ ָּב ְר ָק ל ַע ְך ָסיִנ ןיֵי ְּכ:  י ִת ָכ ְר ִּב ְלי ִד ּוהְּי ַה י ַכ ֳּד ְר ָמ,י ִד ְּב ַא ְל ש ֵּק ִּב ר ֶׁשֲא ן ָמ ָה ר ּור ָא:  ׁשאֹר ַעֵנ ֲעיִנ אֹל י ִגָגֲא ָל,ׁשאֹר םי ִמ ָׂש ְּב ִמ אָי ְכ ַד י ֵר ָמ:  ָךיֶנ ָפ ְג י ִר ְ ּפ אָנ ב ַר ֱעֶי,  ָךיֶניֵּי ִמ ח ַמ ְׂש ִת י ִׁש ְפַנ י ִּכ:  ִמְי יַמֵ ּלְּג אִבַעי ְס  ּועָדֹות, ַיְׁשִ ּפַעי ַעֵׁש לָניֹות:
The grapes’ crimson, fresh juice of the presses,Are superior to your lover’s caresses.They pasteurized you, from his feast to enjoy,Because the wine was touched by a Goy.When they saw you they would eat and quaff,But not take the Mt. Horev ornaments off.A glutton and drunkard following war,Royal wine he would generously pour.He who wore a triangle chapeau,Drew lots to determine the date apropos.With designs on the kingdom he was deeply perturbed;On that very night, the king’s sleep was disturbed.“He wishes for me,” thought the Aggagite;“And he has therefore called for me tonight.”“On his head he shall wear the royal crown,And on the king’s chariot shall he ride through town”“For his honor and glory do not omit one thing;For Mordechai the Jew, a righteous wellspring.”Changes of clothing, when he returned disgraced;He would mightily fall, as fell on him the waste.They prepared to hang him at Ben Hamdata’s address,On that very tree they hung Haman’s carcass.His feast shall be a reminder for all time,Like the crowning glory of the drunks of Ephraim.Served a drink, they became mightily sloshed,Of the nectar from the grape they squashed.I am wild from it by imbibing its fruits,While my enemy’s destroyed, I get weak in my boots.White and red they served till he fell asleep all sodden,They pressed wine in the cave, en route fleeing Sodom.A reddish bow, his eyes bloodshot,Because of a grape, somnolence befell Lot.The master vintner shall glory for his grape’s sake,On the next day he shall awake and rid his headache.Grapes of wrath, and snake venom that’s barbarous,In each generation await Haman and Ahaseurus.Attack Haman – his sons, his wealth, and fame;Plunge him to the ground and blot out his name.Frivolity shall be my crowning moment;Basking on Purim in beverage, so radiant.Your raucous song, O wine, shall be adored,As wines for sacramental offerings poured.Cheers to Mordechai, to the Jew my adulation;Cursed be Haman, who sought my annihilation.To the Aggagite he would express no genuflection,Man of wild myrrh, spice of perfection.Be pleasant, O fruit of your vines,For my soul shall revel in your wines.He who fills his goblet with booze,Shall surely induce a merited snooze.

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