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League 27 Newsletter Volume 4 Issue 11

League 27 Newsletter Volume 4 Issue 11

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Published by League27

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Published by: League27 on Apr 04, 2011
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Volume 4 Issue 11 Page 1 April 4, 2011
Table 1: #13 Doug Johnson vs # 7 Dave Evans:
8 Ball
: After opening the set with the first win, Daveseemed to stall out and watched a determined Doug put together the next four wins to take the set with a4-1 set win.
9 Ball:
Dave has been improving his game tremendously over the last couple of leaguesand it showed in this match. Dave opened the set winning game 1 and Doug posted back to back wins to
take the lead. It was Dave’s turn to poured it on and that he did nailing the next three games to take the
set 4-2 and trailed in the match by 1 point.
10 Ball:
Almost like the previous set, the players split the firstfour games and then Dave found the 10 balls in the next two games to take the set 4-2 and take thematch. Good shooting by two good players.
Dave Evans 11 Doug Johnson 9
Table 2: # 5 Jim Vohs vs # 3 John Killett:
8 Ball:
John and Jim exchanged the first four games in theset before Jim took off and nailed back to back wins to take the set 4-2.
9 Ball:
Jim opened with a winand John tied him but that was all John could put together as Jim rolled through the next three games totake the second set, 4-1.
10 Ball:
It was John’s turn to open the set with a win. Jim came right back and
took games 2 & 3 to take the lead momentarily. Then John put together 3 good games to stop Jim fromtaking all the sets with a 4-2 set win. Good shooting by both players in a good tough match.
Jim Vohs 12 John Killett 8
Table 3: # 10 John Kimmell vs # 4 Joe Lopiccola:
8 Ball:
Joe continues to shoot very well and keptpace last week a point behind Mike J. Joe took game 1 with John taking game 2. John then sat while Joeput together back to back wins to climb on the hill. John slowed Joe down one more time posting a win ingame 5. Joe finished the set for a 4-2 set win.
9 Ball:
Joe continued to shoot well and nailed wins in thefirst three games of the set to hit the hill. John took advantage of a few opportunities that Joe left him andtook advantage nailing back to back wins in games 4 & 5. Joe finished off John taking game 6 for a 4-2set win.
10 Ball:
This set belong all to Joe as he started with a win in game one and did not stop until hefinished the set for four straight wins. Good try by John and nice shooting by Joe.
Joe Lopiccola 15 John Kimmell 4
Table 4: # 12 Jim Pellerito vs # 9 Mike Bates:
8 Ball:
Jim continues to improve his game and Mike Bcontinues to play his steady game. Mike took the first game with Jim taking game 2. Then it was all Mikeas he finished off the set taking the next three games for a 4-1 set win.
9 Ball:
Jim opened this set nailinga 3-9 combo to start the set. Mike nailed back to back wins in games 2 & 3with Jim tying him taking game4. Mike got to the hill first in game 5 and then Jim came firing back taking game 6 and continued on tak-ing game 7 to take the set from Mike 4-3.
10 Ball:
Mike wasn’t too happy losing the 9 ball set and came
back with a flurry of good shots and tough leaves to take all four games. Good effort to Jim & niceshooting by Mike.
Mike Bates 13 Jim Pellerito 6
 Table 5: # 11 Mike Jernigan vs # 14 Marty McCuiston:
8 Ball:
Mike J continues to shoot well and con-tinued to maintain his 1 point lead in the league. He held Marty off the scoresheet in the set taking all 4games that included a break and run out in game 3.
9 Ball:
Marty continued to miss the few opportuni-ties that Mike gave him in the set and Mike again blanked him taking all four games.
10 Ball:
Mikeopened the set making the 10 ball on the break and then winning the game. Marty found new life in thisset as he notched back to back wins to get on the scoresheet, taking games 2 & 3. Unfortunately it endedtheir as Mike finished off the set taking the next three games for a 4-2 set win. A valiant effort by Martyand nice shooting by Mike.
Mike Jernigan 15 Marty McCuiston 2
Table 6: # 6 Gary Loverde vs # 1 Scott Kroll:
8 Ball:
Scott coming off a solid win last week seemedto struggle this week. Gary opened the set winning game 1 and continued to contain Scott winning allfour games in the set.
9 Ball:
After Gary made it 6 straight unanswered points, Scott posted back toback wins to tie him at 2 games each. Again Gary took the next two games to hold off Scott andmaintain his chance to keep pace with Mike J. Gary takes the set 4-2.
10 Ball:
This set belonged toGary again as he took four straight wins and held Scott off the score sheet in the final set. A good try byScott and nice shooting by Gary who continues to trail by a point behind Mike J with a week left after tonight's matches.
Gary Loverde 15 Scott Kroll 2
11 Mike Jernigan 134
6 Gary Loverde 133
4 Joe Lopiccola 133
9 Mike Bates 125
13 Doug Johnson 112
7 Dave Evans 107
5 Jim Vohs 96
16 Jaret Wilson 94
12 Jim Pellerito 86
Marty McCuiston
10 John Kimmell 78
1 Scott Kroll 72
2 John Killett 64
Volume 4 Issue 11 Page 2 April 4, 2011
Table 1: #1 S & S Express vs #3 English Majors:
8 Ball:
This set was over before it started as Shane and Mike (taking over for Steve) shot well and kept theEnglish Majors (Nick & Corey) off the table and the scoresheet in the set with a 4-0 set win.
9 Ball:
The Majors Corey Nealis nailed a 4-9 to open the set with a win. They followed that up winninggame two before S & S went to work. They contained the Majors taking the next four games and the set 4-2.
10 Ball:
The English Majors continued to struggle and S & S still playing well, took advantage of themistakes made by the Majors. It was the second clean sweep in the match. A valiant effort to the Majors andnice shooting by S & S.
S & S Express 15 English Majors 2
Table 2: #8 Table Wrestler vs #7 Midnight Express:
8 Ball:
Midnight Express continue to play well and came out notching back to back wins in the set. TheWrestlers found their only two wins in the set winning back to back games in #3 & #4. Midnight finished theset winning 4-2.
9 Ball:
After the Midnight Express took game one, Matt for the Wrestlers nailed a 1-9 combo to tie up theset. The Express nailed a 4-9 and followed that up with a win in game 4 and then sat as the Wrestlers nailedback to back wins to tie the Express on the hill. The Express took game 7 and the set 4-3.
10 Ball:
This set started with the Express nailing a 5-10 combo and continued their winning ways for thenext two games to get on the hill. The Wrestlers made a valiant attempt posting back to back wins to cut thelead to 1 game. They could not stop the moving train as the Express finished off the set, 4-2. Good try to theWrestlers and nice shooting by the Express.
Midnight Express 15 Table Wrestlers 7
Table 4: #2 Straight Shooters vs #4 Pond Creek Dogs:
8 Ball:
Pond Creek drew first blood taking game 1 but then watch as Straight Shooters nail back to backwins. The Creek Dogs tied it up winning game 4 but then stalled out as the Shooters posted their secondback to back wins for a 4-2 set win.
9 Ball:
The Straight Shooters started this set off winning back to back again. The Pond Creek Dogs found(1) win before the set was over and the Shooters nailed a 1-9 combo in game 4 and a 9 on the break to takegame 5 and the set 4-1.
10 Ball:
After nailing a 3-10 combo in game one, it was all Straight Shooters from then on. They put together four in a row to take the final set 4-1. A good try to the Pond Creek Dogs and nice shooting by the StraightShooters.
FINAL: Straight Shooters 15 Pond Creek Dogs 4STANDINGS AFTER WEEK #10
Table 4: #10 Disorderly Duo vs #5 Slapshot:
8 Ball:
This match had the makings of going the distance, but comes up shy by 2 games. Slapshot jumpout quickly taking the opening two games. The Duo took game 3 and then Slapshot posted a win in game 4to get on the hill. The Duo then went to work and nailed wins in the next three games to take the set 4-3.
9 Ball:
This set was a set of combo for the Slapshot team. The opened with a 1-9 to start the set. The Duoposted back to back wins before the Slapshot team nailed their second combo in game 4, a 4-9. Theycontinued with a 3-9 in game 5 and finished the set with a normal win to take the set, 4-2.
10 Ball:
The Duo got into the act of combos making the 1-10 to start the set. After the Slapshot took game2, they nailed another combo in game 3, a 1-10. The Duo tied up the set winning game 4 and then it an-
other display of combo’s by Slapshot. They made the 10 using the 2 on a bank shot to take game 5, and
then Pete nailed a 6-10 to finish off the set for a 4-2 win. Good shooting by both in a tough match.
Slapshot 13 Disorderly Duo 9
# Players Names Team Name Points Position7 Doug Johnson/Mike Jernigan Midnight Express 146 1ST1 Shane Klyn/Steve Szerszen S & S Express 116 2ND2 Ken Antoncew/Dave Wrobleski Straight Shooters 115 3RD9 Dave Evans/Stephan Sawchuck Bad English 105 4TH8 Ray Ressler/Matt Ressler Table Wrestlers 105 4TH6 Sam Serra/Adam Serra Samuel Adams 97 6TH10 Walter Wnuk/John Killett Disorderly Duo 93 7TH4 Ron Tavernit/Jack Russell Pond Creek Dogs 93 7TH5 Jim Pellerito/Peter Ramonat Slapshot 87 9TH3 Nickolas Sloan/Corey Nealis English Majors 66 10TH
Table 5: #9 Bad English vs #6 Samuel Adams:
8 Ball:
This was the match of the evening with two decent teams. Sam Adams took the first game with BadEnglish coming right behind them taking the next two games. The Adams team tied the set winning game4, but could not stop a charging Bad English team as they notched back to back wins the second time inthe set to win 4-2.
9 Ball:
This set went back and forth. Sam Adams took games 1 & 2 and then Bad English came stormingback taking the next three games, game 3 a 3-9 and game 5 a 1-9. Sam Adams tied them on the hill with a2-9 and then took game 7 to close out the set. 4-3.
10 Ball:
Bad English took game one and then it was all Sam Adams. They started with a 8-10 and notchedthe next two games as well to get on the hill. Bad English got one more win before it was over and a 4-2 setwin for Adams. Good shooting by all.
Samuel Adams 12 Bad English 10

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