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Welfare of employee and his family members is an effective advertising and also amethod of buying the gratitude and loyalty of employees. Employee welfare is acomprehensive term including various services, benefits and facilities offered by theemployer.The basic purpose of labour welfare is to enrich the life of employees and keep themhappy and contented. Welfare facilities enable workers to have a richer and moresatisfying life. It raises the standard of living of workers by indirectly reducing theburden on their pocket.Welfare means improving, faring or doing well. It is a comprehensive term, andrefers to the physical, mental, moral and emotional well-being of an individual. Further,the term welfare is a relative concept, relative in time and space. It therefore, varies fromtime to time, region to region and from country to country.Labour welfare is an important aspect in every organization with some addedincentives which enable the workers to lead a decent life. There are several agenciesinvolved in the labour welfare work namely the central government, employer·s tradeunion and other social service organization. Welfare services may broadly be classifiedinto two categories:-1)
ExtramuralIn order to get the best out of a worker in the matter of production, workingcondition is required to be improved to large extent. The work place should providereasonable amenities for the worker·s essential need.Today various medical services like hospital, clinical and dispensary facilities areprovided by organizations not only to the employees but also to their family members.Normally welfare and recreational benefits includes canteens, housing, transportation,education etc.
Some large organizations set up welfare organizations with a view to provide alltypes of welfare facilities at one centre and appointed welfare benefits continuously andeffectively to all employees fairly.W.C.L. Nagpur area has recognized that welfare of employees by improving theirquality of life and their family·s well being in general will help thrust to the objectives ofW.C.L. directly and indirectly thereby increasing and improving production andproductivity. This task is carried on ceaselessly by involving employees, workers,representatives and management representative.W.C.L. is spending lots of money on the employee welfare. Welfare facilitiesprovided by this organization are unique for all the employees. The only difference isthat the top level officers receive some additional facilities along with routine one.With the help of the project an attempt is made to study the welfare measuresprovided to employees, what is the procedure, time required for sanctioning welfarefacilities and such other basic policies of the organization.The study is based on the information collected from respondents throughquestionnaire. The data analyzed is presented in the form of graph and on the basis ofthat conclusions are made. At last the required suggestions are given.After analyzing the data it is found that the employees are satisfied with the welfarefacilities provided to them by the area office W.C.L.
Labour welfare:-
Labour welfare work aims at providing such service facilities and amenities whichenable the workers employed in an organization to perform their work in healthycongenial surrounding conductive to good health and high morale.Labour welfare is a comprehensive term including various services, benefits andfacilities offered by the employer. Through such generous fringe benefits the employermakes life worth living for employees. The welfare amenities are extended in additionalto normal wages and other economic rewards available to employees as per the legalprovisions.Welfare measures may also be provided by the government, trade unions and non-government agencies in addition to the employer. ´International Labour Organizationefforts to make life worth living for workersµ According to the Oxford dictionary´Welfare is fundamentally an attitude of mind on the part of management influencingthe method by which management activities are undertaken.
Objectives of labour welfare activities:-
Following are the objectives of the voluntary labour welfare services by employer-1)
To win over employees loyalty and increase their morale.2)
To develop efficiency and productivity among workers.3)
To reduce of threat of future government intervention.4)
To make recruitment more effective.5)
To earn goodwill and enhance public image.6)
To build up stable labour force to reduce labour turnover and absenteeism.

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