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Standard 6 Artifact

Standard 6 Artifact

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Published by Melissa Adams

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Published by: Melissa Adams on Apr 30, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Topic: Geography Class: Social StudiesContent Objectives: - Students will be able to find and map out coordinates on a globe.- Students will be able to create continents on a globe by just being giventhe coordinates.Language Objectives: -Interact with others in a group-Learn English vocabularyStandard: 17 Understand world geography and the effects of geography on society, with anemphasis on the United States. A. Locate, describe and explain places, regions and features of the Earth.17.A.3b Explain how to make and use geographic representations to provide andenhance spatial information including maps, graphs, charts, models, aerialphotographs, satellite images.Key Vocabulary: Materials: -large white paper - Longitude - Globes (3D and flat)- Latitude - markers, crayons, colored pencils- Equator - Degrees- Continent- GlobeHigher-order Questions:1. Why do people speak different languages on the different continents?2. In your new planet does everyone on every continent speak the same language?3. What will the new planet¶s seasons be like? Will they be like Earth¶s?Time: Activities- Begin by showing students a globe and how to read it. Describe what the latitudeand longitude is so the students have a good sense of what is going on. Describethe continents and the people that live on them. Also explain languages andtemperatures that go on in each continent. Make sure that students understand thata continents temperature and way of life depends on where they are on the globerelated to their latitude and longitude.- Let students explore the globes and maps on their own discovering where thecontinents are and where they are at on the globe.- Set-up the project the students are going to do. Tell them that you discovered a newplanet but the continents need to be added. Describe that you are going to give thema worksheet with coordinates and parameters and that they are going to have tocreate the continents on this new planet. Explain that the continents may be anyshape or design that they want but they need to keep them inside the parametersyou have specified on the sheet.- Give students plenty of time to complete the planet. Helping them or making surethey understand degrees and latitudes/longitudes on the map. When they are donecreating their planet have them color it and make it look nice.- After the students will create an explanation of their planet. Who lives where, whatthe weather is like, what languages people may speak, along with names of thecontinents and bodies of water.

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