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Analysis of Ex-Gen Government_English Version

Analysis of Ex-Gen Government_English Version

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Published by ABFSU

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Categories:Types, Reviews
Published by: ABFSU on May 02, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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No. 2/2011 (+11 Orgs)
 Analysis of ex-Gen. U Thein Sein's government and Report to the people  Analysis of ex-Gen. U Thein Sein's government and Report to the people
Page 1
No. 2/2011 (+11 Orgs)Date – 29.04.2011
 Analysis of ex-Gen. U Thein Sein's government andReport to the people
Regarding the post-2010 election government led by ex-Gen. U Thein Sein assuming thePresidency, there should be a correct assessment of its character. In order to assess it, we believe that only by looking back at its origin could we get a realistic view on the current government and thepolitical system being pursued in Burma.In 1988, a mass uprising demanding abolishment of one-party military dictatorship andestablishment of a multi-party democracy occurred. As a consequence, the National League forDemocracy won the election in 1990 in a landslide victory.The current government of ex-Gen. President U Thein Sein is none other than the one that arises out of a plot by the SLORC-SPDC military regime which has defaced the 1988 popular uprising by variousmeans and has tried to prevent handover of state power to the 1990 election-winning NLD party formore than twenty years.Moreover, the whole world has seen SPDC military regime's publication of a seven-point roadmap on 2003 August 30 to systematically implement the process of post-2010 government formation.Regarding the matter, we have issued a position paper marked 1/2010 and named "
 Analysis of fraudulent election held to transform into a military regime in mufti
" on 2010 December 7. In thepaper we have portrayed SPDC regime's road map process as "
Military regime's Machiavellianefforts to bring about a constitution concealing long-term military dictatorship and creating anominal multi-party elective parliament 
."The 2008 Constitution is the foundation of post-2010 government. Hence, we have issued a"Joint statement denouncing the SPDC militarist constitution and not recognizing it as the State
No. 2/2011 (+11 Orgs)
 Analysis of ex-Gen. U Thein Sein's government and Report to the people  Analysis of ex-Gen. U Thein Sein's government and Report to the people
Page 2
Constitution" on 2008 June 4 after the forced adoption of 2008 Constitution by the SPDC militaryregime. In that statement we have outlined our main reasons for not recognizing that constitution:(1)
Elected people's representatives from 1990 election were not allowed to participate inconstitution drafting process; freedom of people's participation was prohibited by Order 5/96;ethnic ceasefire groups' views were ignored;(2)
No democratic and fundamental human rights as well as ethnic rights are provided in theConstitution;(3)
Approval of constitution was carried out unilaterally through coercion, pressures anddeceptions amidst Cyclone Nargis' heavy toll on the people;(4)
Thus the 2008 Constitution is a military hegemony constitution designed to nurture a militaryruling elite that would perpetuate their power and wealth;(5)
Hence we do not recognize nor accept the 2008 Constitution as a State Constitution, and wouldstrive persistently for emergence of a State Constitution reflecting people's interests and agovernment representing the people, in collusion with the people and seeking andimplementing various means suited to the situation and time;We have already publicized these points through our statement to the people.When the post-2010 government led by President U Thein Sein the ex-General arose, it is foundthat junta's top brass have entrenched themselves in the State's crucial legislative, executive andjudicial branches in the form of uniformed military officers, civilian-veiled army officers or as membersof USDP sponsored by the military.In the legislative branch, posts of speaker and deputy speaker of Union Assembly are taken upby U Khin Aung Myint (ex-Maj.-Gen.) for the first thirty months and Thura U Shwe Mann (ex-Gen.) forthe second thirty months, posts of Speaker of People's Assembly and National Assembly are takenrespectively by Thura U Shwe Mann (ex-Gen.) and U Khin Aung Myint (ex-Maj.-Gen.) with U NandaKyawswa (USDP member) and U Mya Nyein (USDP member) respectively taking the posts of DeputySpeaker of People's Assembly and National Assembly.In the executive branch, twenty-six out of a total of thirty-five minister posts are assumed bymilitary officers with USDP members filling up the rest.
No. Name Current PositionMinistry Notes
1. U Thein Sein President ex-Gen.2. Thiha Thura U TinAung Myint OoVice-President ex-Gen.3. Dr. Sai Maukkhamalias Maung OhnVice-President USDP member4. Maj.-Gen. Hla Min Minister Defense Ministry Maj.-Gen.5. Lt.-Gen. Ko Ko Minister Home Ministry Lt.-Gen.6. Maj.-Gen. TheinHtayMinister Border Affairs Ministry, IndustrialDevelopment MinistryMaj.-Gen.7. U Wunna MaungLwinMinister Foreign Ministry DSA Best Cadet Award8. U Kyaw San Minister Information Ministry, Culture Ministry ex-Brig.9. U Myint Hlaing Minister Agricultrue and Irrigation Ministry USDP member10. U Win Tun Minister Forestry Ministry11. U Hla Tun Minister Finance and Revenue Ministry ex-Maj.-Gen.12. U Khin MaungMyint Minister Construction Ministry ex-Maj.-Gen.13. U Tin Naing Thein Minister National Planning and EconomicDevelopment Ministry, Husbandry andFisheries Ministryex-Brig.
No. 2/2011 (+11 Orgs)
 Analysis of ex-Gen. U Thein Sein's government and Report to the people  Analysis of ex-Gen. U Thein Sein's government and Report to the people
Page 314. U Win Myint Minister Economics and Commerce Ministry ex-Brig. (formerDeputy Minister)15. U Thein Tun Minister Communications, Post and TelegraphMinistryex-Maj.-Gen.(formerDeputyMinister)16. U Aung Kyi Minister Labor Ministry, Social Welfare, Relief andResettlement Ministryex-Maj.-Gen.17. U Thein Htike Minister Ministry of Mines18. U Ohn Myint Minister Cooperatives Ministry ex-Brig.19. U Nyan Tun Aung Minister Transportation Ministry ex-Lt. Col.20. U Tint San Minister Hotel and Tourism Ministry, Sports Ministry21. U Kyaw Swa Khine Minister Ministry of Industry-1 ex-Maj.-Gen.22. U Soe Thein Minister Ministry of Industry-2 ex-Vice Admiral23. U Aung Min Minister Railways Ministry ex-Maj.-Gen.24. U Than Htay Minister Ministry of Energy ex-Brig. (formerDeputy Minister)25. U Zaw Min Minister Ministry of Electric Power-1 ex-Col.26. U Khin Maung Soe Minister Ministry of Electric Power-227. Dr. Mya Aye Minister Education Ministry28. Dr. Pe Thet Khin Minister Health Ministry29. Thura U Myint MaungMinister Ministry of Religion ex-Brig.30. U Aye Myint Minister Science and Technology Ministry ex-Maj.-Gen. (WarOffice)31. U Khin Yee Minister Immigration and Manpower Ministry ex-Brig. (former PoliceGeneral)32. U Thein Nyunt Minister Ministry of Presidential Office
ex-Col.33. U Soe Maung Minister Ministry of Presidential Office ex-Maj.-Gen. (WarOffice)34. Dr. Tun Shin AttorneyGeneralAttorney General's Office35. U Tin Myo Kyi DirectorGeneralCabinet Secretary
Out of fourteen posts for State and Divisional Chief Ministers, former SPDC army generals takeup ten posts and USDP members take up four posts.
No. Name Current Position Notes
1. La'John Ngansai Chief Minister of KachinStateUSDP member2. U Khin Maung Ooalias Boo RehChief Minister of KayahStateUSDP member3. Brig. Zaw Min Chief Minister of KarenStateBrig.4. Hong Ngai Chief Minister of Chin State ex-Brig., former Vice-Commander of CoastalCommand, former State PDC Chairman5. U Ohn Myint Chief Minister of Mon State ex-Maj.-Gen., former Minister of Mines6. U Hla Maung Tin Chief Minister of ArakanStateUSDP member7. U Aung Myat alias SaoAung Myat Chief Minister of Shan State USDP member8. U Tha Aye Chief Minister of SagaingDivisionex-Lt.-Gen.9. U Phone Maw Shwe Chief Minister of MagweDivisionex-Brig., former Division PDC Chairman10. U Ye Myint Chief Minister of MandalayDivisionex-Lt.-Gen., former Commander of Central Command

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