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Aye M'Love

Aye M'Love

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Published by: peanuts_caramel295 on May 11, 2011
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Robyns P.O.V:
Sam climbed up the mainmast, all of a sudden and embraced me.I figured out a way to get you free. he whispered joyously into my ear, and I whirledaround surprised.Youre joking, what is it? I demanded, grabbing his shirt collar.No. If youre married, hell let you go. I waited, not thinking he was serious.Im waiting. I said impatiently and he groaned.That was it. If youre married. I let my shoulders drop and I turned back to face thestern of the ship. Whats wrong? Are you okay? he asked, putting a hand that was supposedto be comforting on my shoulder but I shook it off.No. Im not okay, of course theres something wrong. I dont want to get married; Iwant to be back home. I miss my family Sam. He sighed.Then why are you pushing me away? he demanded and I just shook my head.I need to be alone right now. Im sorry. Ill talk to you tonight. I murmured, and kissedhis cheek. Thank you. I said, and slid down the mainmast, heading for my prison but Jackstopped me. What do you want? I snapped and he took my hand. I tried to take it back but hewouldnt let that happen.No, no, no, calm down love. That got me.Dont call me love anymore. Im not and you already have had the mind to kidnap meand not let me go! You wont let me out like ever and when you do its to make me work like adog, its like you dont give a shit - He cut me off.No. Dont ever say that. All Ive ever hoped is that you are safe and happy. You know
that family that I took you from? Well they kidnapped you from your real family. I was told tokidnap you and to keep you safe by your grandfather, and I cant disobey him because hecontrols the sea. You dont anger William Smith. I glared at him and he glared back. He pulledme into my prison and locked the door.Who the fuck is William Smith? I demanded and he laughed.Youll find out eventually. But for now, I think youre better off going to school for amonth or so and then youll really appreciate my ship and the accommodations I provide. Icould be a mean, mean captain and take your innocence too but no, I cant do that to you. Icontinued to glare.You put me in school and I wont hesitate to kill you in your sleep my first night back.He laughed.Ill have to remember that for when you figure out how to make me let you go. hesaid sliding one hand onto my back.Sam figured it out, but I dont think hes being serious. So Ill just wait until you tellme. I murmured, sliding myself out of his grasp, and going to look out the window.What do you want? Its almost summer, Ill give you anything but freedom and noschool. he said, trying to be seductive.You mentioned a family, my real family, I want to meet them. What do they do? Wheredo they live? What happened when I was kidnapped the first time? I need to know. I said,placing my palms onto the glass that was blocking me from freedom.Of Course, just a second. Jack disappeared on deck and what he called surprised me.Set course for Fortune Bay, Newfoundland. in a second, he was back. Now, your family.
he murmured. I didnt move from the window, and I heard him sit down in his chair, proppinghis feet up on the table.Who are they? was my first question.Your family consists of Jack and Elizabeth Smith. You are their second child out of fournow I believe. Your older sisters name is Anya and you have two younger brothers, namedJacob and James. Your birth name is Alayna. They live in Fortune Bay and they still have peoplelooking for you, yet their looking for an Alayna, not a Robyn Grey. Are you sure you want to visitthem? Because they wont know who you are. he warned and I whipped around and slappedhim before he could stop me.Now youve done it. I growled and barreled my way out of his cabin, dashing up intothe crows nest before hed be able to catch me and as I looked out into the distance, I sawland. I knew it wasnt Newfoundland but Id get home somehow and this was my best bet. Igrabbed a rope and swung out, falling into the ocean with a splash.
s P.O.V:
I was brought out of my reverie when I heard a splash.Oh shit. I exclaimed, getting up and running out on deck. She jumped ship! Whoknows how to swim? I called and Sam, the newly turned pirate nodded. Okay, youre notgoing but Marty! I have to obviously go get the girl, direct the ship towards us. If you do, extrarum tonight for everyone. I said, and he took the helm immediately.I jumped into the water and began to swim. It didnt take me long to reach her and when I did,she looked surprised.Why so surprised? You knew Id come after you. I murmured, placing my switchblade

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