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Clan Ian Ruadh, part of the MacDonald of Loup

Clan Ian Ruadh, part of the MacDonald of Loup

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Observations on the Clan Ian Ruadh, Part of the MacDonalds of Loup from aspects of family connections from Fr John's Diary of Deaths 1819-1866 & local Church BMD edited by Alex W Fraser 1992 and Glengarry County Church BMD, St Raphael's AlexWFraser.tel
Observations on the Clan Ian Ruadh, Part of the MacDonalds of Loup from aspects of family connections from Fr John's Diary of Deaths 1819-1866 & local Church BMD edited by Alex W Fraser 1992 and Glengarry County Church BMD, St Raphael's AlexWFraser.tel

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Categories:Types, Research, Genealogy
Published by: Alex W Fraser alexwfraser.tel on May 23, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Clan Ian Ruadh [Clan John Roy] Ca1500
Received the following 2 e mail in December 2010, which I have been mulling themover ever since. And came up with the following observationssee below messages for my response, observationsOn 2010-12-04, at 7:01 AM,evelyngoulet @ rogers.comwrote:
Hi Alex, I included an excerpt from a Gravestone of Glengarry book on thewebpage as part of my Story of the Week, and mentioned your upcomingupdated Vol. 3.
Also, one of my fellow Finlaggan Councillors, an expert in the Macdonnellsof Leinster, etc., has provided many historic references that contradict theClan Donald, 1904 assertion that the Macdonalds of Loupe (and theMacAllisters) descend from Angus Mor's son, Alasdair Og, not Alasdair Mor Angus Mor's brother. I have quite a bit of research to do now to ascertainthe correct line (hopefully without generation gaps). Do you have anyinformation either way apart from Clan Donald, 1904?
Best regards,
Evelyn Goulet, Castle TioramFinlaggan CouncilClan Donald InternationalHost, Glengarry County Genweb 
December 22, 2010 6:46:33 AM PSTHello Alex,I see that you have written a few articles on the History of the MacDonalds of Loup andClan Ian Ruadh. I was wondering if if you had ever thought about combining thesearticles into one complete package? If all of your writings on the subject were combinedwould it give the reader a clear idea of what exactly it means to be a MacDonald ofLoup as well as a member of Clan Ian Ruadh, not just in regard to the family line butalso the geographical, political,and historical context? As well, do you have any sort ofbibliographical on Ian Ruadh or any other persons from the Line?
Hope you have a great Christmas.Peter MacDonald
My response to the above questions/statements
This is my starting point. I do not know if I am right or wrong 
. I simply offer theseobservations from my perspective ofwhat I am presently aware off. Yes, thereare glitches & questions all along theway.One think I have defenitely noticed overthe years is that even when the dates,the names are correct, it doesn't alwaysmean that the people are the rightpeople. Making sure that the people arethe right people for that particularaspect can take a lot of time in theelimination process.
I seem to be one of the people who designed these
MACDONALD AS THEMACDONALD OF LOUP. This came about after being given a copy of a diarywhich I designated as Fr John MacDonald's diary of Deaths which I got fromSister Claire MacDonell of St Raphaels in the late 1970's. This diary I copied overas from the copy that Sister Claire lent me. A lot on my own ancestors are listedin this Diary. As I studied it, it dawned on me that my MacDonald were from theMacDonalds that went back to Alastair Mor of Loup, thus the name
I am also going on the assumption and perspective thatFr John MacDonald 1792- 1879 was a competent & knowledgeable person and was well acquaintedwiththe people of his parish at St Raphael's and their families both alive and past. Thelive people because he lived with them. The past, dead one because of variousfamily relationships that grew from the verbal family history that no doubt manyof the this live people had of their ancestry. That Fr John would not knowinglyrecord any misleading family genealogyBack in this time period prior to the 1850's I would say, there were traditions that
some family members were the keepers of family history, most ofwhich was verbal
. Yes, there was no doubt that there was written stuff around,but not to many of the ordinary folk, many of whom did not read or write wouldhave such stuff. Fr John comes across a being a somewhat very particularperson for detail in this regard. As a priest he married many MacDonalds andothers who were related either as 1st, 2nd or 3rd cousins, but mostly in the 3rd &4th degree of consanguinity, relationship wise. Since a special dispensation wasrequired for these marriages of be accomplished, I am assuming that, that in partlead to his delving into the genealogy of the people more deeply.Fr John's Diary goes from 1819 - 1866 before there were very many officialgovernment BMD in existence in that part of Ontario where St Raphael's waslocated.If the reader choses not to give any credence or validity to these observation,assumptions, perspectives then the following will make little sense. This is aboveall the glitches and questions that come up.Thus,
Fr John MacDonald as a reliable & trustworthy as well as aknowledgeable person in his responsibility as a parish priest
& in his recordingsof family lines, I have to assume that in no way was he trying to be fraudulent ormisleading in what ended up as being designated " Fr John's Diary"
The copy of Fr John's Diary that Duncan Darby MacDonald producedwas based on my initial work. Duncan Darby got this info from a Joanwhose last name I think was Griffin of California. Joan had helped mesort out Fr John's entries and when that was finished I allows her tokeep a copy for her own use. Somehow Duncan Darby end with thatresult which he published.I got a copy of this Fr John's Diary in the mid late 1970's which wasabout 100 years after his death. One of the serious glitches as therecording were transcribed by who ever over the years was how the

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