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An online search of the files related to Kintyre, the steamers and services on the Clyde and West Highlands and the files related to Knapdale and Kilberry produced nearly 7,000 results, the main problem being that these files, presented online in tabled batches of ten, need to be ‘re-tabled’ so that they can be presented in chronological order, a long and time-consuming process. Though the results of the ‘re-tabling’ process are not ‘pleasing to the eye’, the successive addition of ‘re-edited’ tables distorting the widths of individual columns and Microsoft Word programs steadfastly refusing to correct the columns widths to uniform widths, it remains that the work(s) are at least ‘serviceable’ in that, probably for the first time, the user can gain any proper historical view of ‘Kintyre On Record’, from the 1300’s onwards to at least the 1990’s. Not helping in these mateers of ‘uniformity’ is the fact that, any additional detail found on the files, that seen if one clicks on the file references, has been added to the file entries, rather than require users to do this for themselves and the detail, at a glance, often suggests to the user that it is worthwhile actually going to Edinburgh to further explore particular files. The original idea had been to list all 7,000 ‘Kintyre-related’ files in a single document but, in view of the results of processing the first ‘Kintyre-related’ file, a single such document might run well in excess of 1,500-pages and, because of its size, be unlikely not only to upload to the internet but too be impossible for those with slow, ‘dial-up’ internet connections, be impossible to download too. Only by splitting the various files into, at least initially, geographical groupings can these files be put online and, given that they could be uploaded and downloaded in Microsoft Word format, anyone so inclined could then merge all the various tables and, selecting the first column of the then completed ‘composite’ table, the column with all the uniformly listed dates, by using the ‘Table/A-Z Sort’ on the Microsoft Word program’s toolbar, it MIGHT be possible to chronologically list all the file entries, THERE ARE NO GUARANTEES THAT PROCESS THIS MIGHT WORK and the end product would undoubtably look ‘messy’, even though ‘serviceable’ enough to use using ‘’Edit/Find’ facility on the Microsoft Word program’s toolbar to look for entries of particular interest.


1323 - 08 01


Charter by King Robert [I] to John de Meneteth [Monteith], Kt, of lands of Glenbrecryth and of Aulesai, in Kentyr [Kintyre], in free barony, by service of finding for King's army a ship of 26 oars, with men and victuals. At Scone. 1 Aug 1323 Description – Also including Witnesses - Bernard, abbot of Abirbr [Arbroath], Chancellor, Duncan, Earl of Fyf [Fife], Malise, Earl of Strathern [Strathearn], Murdach, Earl of Meneteth [Menteith], Walter, Steward of Scotland, and James, lord of Douglas, Kts.


1405 - 01 - 27


1405 - 01 - 28


Charter by King Robert III. to James Kennedy and Mary Stewart his wife (daughter of the King) in liferent, and the heirs male procreate between them, whom failling Alexander, Hugh, John, Thomas and David Kennedies, brothers of the said James Kennedy, and the heirs male of their bodies respectively, whom failling the nearest heirs whatsoever of Sir Gilbert Kennedy, Knight, of the Barony of Dalrymple lying in Kyle-regis; proceeding on the resignation of the said Sir Gilbert Kennedy; To be holden of the King and his successors for services used and wont. 27 Jan 1405 Description - Witnesses - Gilbert Bishop of Aberdeen Chancellor of Scotland, Sir John Montgomery of Ardrossan Knight, John Stewart brother natural of the King, Hector Macgillane, John Kennedy of Lenzie [Lenzhe], Fergus Kennedy his son, Mr. Malcolm Macdowal [Macdoul] Dean of Kintyre, John Dean of Carrick, William [Joyse] chaplain, John of Dalrympil and John de Craufurd Chaplain to the King. Dated at Dundonald. Copy of Charter by King Robert III., as tutor to his son James the Stewart of Scotland and Earl of Carrick, to James Kennedy son of Sir Gilbert Kennedy Knight, declaring the said James Kennedy Chief of his Name and Family, and Conferring upon him the Office of Bailie of Carrick, with the leading of the men of Carrick; Proceeding on the resignation of the said Sir Gilbert Kennedy; To be holden of the Earl of Carrick and his successors 28 Jan 1405 Description - Witnesses - Gilbert Bishop of Aberdeen Chancellor of Scotland, Sir John


Montgomery of Ardrossan Knight, John Stewart brother natural of the King, John Kennedy of Lenzie, Fergus his son, Mr Malcolm Macdowal Dean of Kintyre and John de Craufurd, Chaplain. Dated at Dundonald. Instrument of sasine given propriis manibus by James IV tin favour of Hugh, Lord of Montgumry in the said offices conform to GD3/1/1/15/7; he being solemnly sworn on the holy evangelists to admnister justice therein 4 July 1498 Description - Done at the royal castle of Lochinkerane in Kintyre Witnesses: Matthew, Earl of Levinax, Lord Darnley, Alexander, Lord Hume, Great Chamberlain of Scotland, GD3/1/1/15/9 Alexander Forman, pronotary, prior of Pittenweem, John Tyri, provost of Meffen, Andrew Makbrek, canon of Dunkeld, the Royal Chaplain, Henry Wod, dean of Lestabreg, Cuthbert Balze clerk, William Edmonstoun, son and apparent heir of Archibald Edmonstoun of Duntrecht, Alexander Wod of Blaretone, janitor of the royal chamber, Walter Buchquhannan of that ilk, James Edmondistoun of Polmayis and others. John Symontone, notary Crown Rentals: Book E & L 15051530 Description - Pages 1-330, book E; 331-9, book L (?part) inserted 1955 E40/6 Not printed: Dirleton, 1506, list of freeholders (p 263); South Kintyre [1506], similar to Exchequer Rolls xii, 707-9 (331-7) Glenorchy and Inishail/Clachandysart, in presbytery of Lorn 1547 – 1627 Description - 1. 1627 June 4

1498 - 07 - 04




Copy rental of the stock and teinds of the laird of Glenurquhaye's lands within Glenurquhaye. 2. 1547 November 7 Letters by Mr Roland MakCawss, parson of Lochau, acknowledging that he has set in tack the vicarage of Glenurquhay, profits and glebe of the same, to John Campbell of Glenurquhay, for length of time of granter's tack from the Bishop of Ergyle in 1548, as long as he gets tacks from sir William Elsynder, vicar thereof, or any other vicar, in return for 24 merks yearly, `ane gude blak mantill a quart of aquavite with creage & fynage & deanis part of visitation & wuphaldand the curacheip of the kyrk & the vicar part of the quier to be repairit apoun the vicar expenss & the said John Campbell has fune John Talyeour Moir to relieve me of the payment & service of the said vicarage'. Witnesses: Alexander Menzeis of Rannache, John of Cumre of that ilk, John MakDonnche Roy and Alexander MakCawiss. 3. 1574 May 26. Chapter of Dunnone. Instrument narrating that Archibald Derreche, perpetual vicar of Clachandisart in Glenurquhe, appointed Mr Henry Gibsoun, as his procurator, to appear before Archibald Campbell, provost of Kilmon, patron of said vicarage, and to resign said vicarage, with glebe and teinds, in favour of Neil Malcolmi [McCallum], rector of Lochawe, in excambion for vicarage of Skewcanniche inKintyre. Notary: John Watsoun, clerk, St Andrews diocese. Witnesses: John, bishop of the Isles, Cornelius Omey, dean of Kintyre, Duncan Denesoun, dean of Lorn, Archibald Conynghame, dean of Dunnone, and Ninian McWicar, parson of Kilmolew. 4. 1576 August 8 Presentation by Archibald Campbell, provost of Kilmun, patron of vicarage of Dyssartt in Glenurquhy, addressed to James Hammiltoun, bishop of Ergylle, of John McPersoun in Lochaw, alias McCallum, to vicarage of Dysartt, vacant by resignation of Neil McCallum, parson of Lochaw, and last vicar thereof. Witnesses: Colin Campbell of Barbrek, John Campbell of Innerlevir, Colin Lethe of Cragintarf, and Ewen Cameroun, parson of Kilmor. 5. 1576 August 17. Church of Monkland. Letters of collation by James [Hamilton,] bishop of Lismore [Argyll], following on previous presentation. Seal damaged on tag. Witnesses: James Pettigrew, younger, of Cottis, David Hammiltoun, reader in 5

Monkland, William Hammyltoun and Patrick Hammyltoun, brothers, and David Hammyltoun in Dundyven. Signed by granter and by John Quhyt, parson of Glasere, Duncan Deynson, visitor of Lorn, Ewen Campbroun, parson of Kilmory, Cornelius Omeye, parson of Kilberry, Archibald Campbell, provost of Killmund, Neil McCallum, visitor of Argyll, Gavin Hammyltoun, chancellor of Lesmoir, Archibald Conyghame, commissar of Lismore, and Mr Donald Carswall. 6. 1576 November 6. Stirling. Warrant by Colin, 6th earl of Argyll, charging bailie and officer of Glenurquhay, that, it being made known to granter by the Provost of Kilmon, that the parishioners of Glenurquhay are not paying their teinds, to charge them to do so to the provost and his factors. 7. 1577 July 7 Instrument narrating that John MakChallum, student, compeared with letters of collation to vicarage of Glenurquhay called Clachandisarde, in diocese of Argyll [Lesmore], no. 5 supra, and, compearing at said parish kirk, asked Neil MakChallum, parson of Lochaw, previous possessor of said vicarage, for sasine therein, by delivery of a bible, which was done. Notary: Dougall MakArthour, clerk, Argyll diocese. Witnesses: Alexander Gald MakvekGregour, Patrick McDonche VcIllemartin, indweller in lands of Lettirbean, Archibald Roy McDonche VcIllemartin, John Dow McIllemernok in Kendrochit and Donald McNele VcOleane, indweller in Innerroir in Glenurquhay. 8. 1579/80 March 1 Tack of teinds by Archibald Campbell, provost of college kirk of Kilmun, and parson of Dysart in Glenurquhay, a prebend of said college, chapterly gathered, with consent of Colin, earl of Argile, Chancellor and Justice General of Scotland, patron of said kirk, to Colin Campbell of Glenurquhay and Catherine Ruthven, his spouse, and to Duncan Campbell, fiar thereof, their son and heir, of granter's part of said kirk of Dysart in Glenurquhay, both parsonage and vicarage, teinds and emoluments, for 19 years. No witnesses. Signed by granter, and by Ninian McVicar, parson of Kilmolew, Hector Arthur?, parson of Mellphort, John McVicar?, parson of Kilmun. Seals of Colin, earl of Argyll, and James [Hamilton], bishop of Argyll, on tags. 9. 1581 August 29 6

Letters by Colin, 6th earl of Argyll, patron of vicarage of Clachindysart, charging Mr Neil Campbell, superintendent of Argylle, to examine Mr John McKallum, presentee to said vicarage, vacant by decease of Archibald Darroche, last lawful possessor thereof, and, if suitably qualified, to admit him thereto. Witnesses: Neil Campbell of Blair, Neil Campbell, parson of Craigneische, Charles Campbell of Kilbryde and John Ogstoun. Signed by granter; papered seal. 10. 1583 August 13 Presentation by Neil [Campbell], bishop of Argyll, following on no. 9 supra. Witnesses: Neil MakChallum, parson of Lochow, Archibald Campbell, son of the laird of Innerlevir, John Oyig McDoniche VcDonill in Carnaferrie and Cuthbert Adamsoun, notary. Tag, seal gone. 11. 1584 May 25 Tack of teinds by Neil Campbell, bishop of Argyll, with consent of chapter, to Patrick McGregour VcAne [very faded] of [?vicarage of Glenorchy] for 19 years. Faded; tag, seal gone. Acquittance by Archibald, Earl of Argyll, to his cousin, Angus McConaill [McConnell] of Dunnavaig [Dunovaig], for £100 for the relief and entry of his lands of Ardnamurquhown [Ardnamurchan]; discharging also John Dow McRanald Moir V'Allester [McAllister], and Mr. Cormeill Omaich [Omay], dean of Kintire [Kintyre], his cautioners; dated . . . 1569. It is added that of this sum £50 was paid to the Earl and the other £50 to the Prior of Ardchattan. 1569 Description - Including some by David Cumming of Kincheirdie [Kinchurdy]; Mr. Alexander Fraser, parson of Pettie [Petty]; Mr. David Ros [Ross] of Balnagown; Robert Monro [Munro] of Foulis; Alexander Paterson and Alexander Cumming, merchant burgesses of Inverness; Donald M'Pherson [McPherson] in Inverin [Invereen]; William M'Intoshe [McIntosh] of Holme; Thomas Menzies, lawful son of Sir Alexander Menzies of that Ilk; William Scott in the Dean; George Gordon,Kintyre pursuivant, and others. GD1/506/5 Procuratory by Dame Agnes Campbell, Lady Kintyre, with consent of her spouse, Tarlocht O'Nele Tirconnell in Irland [Ireland], in favour of Archibald, Earl of Argyle, Lord Campbell and Lorne, Chancellor and Justice of Scotland, as 'protectour and defender of my officiares, chalmerlanes, factoures and servitoures, ingadderaris 7



1573 04 16


1600 + 1607 - 05 - 31 SIG1/1/1

1609 - 04 - 10

1617 - 08 -23

of my leving within the boundis of Kintyre, Girsa and Ilaye [Islay].' 16 Apr 1573 Taxation granted for the 'raid of Kintyre and hieland partis of this E65/3 realm' 1596 Description - Walter, lord Blantyre collector. Rendered 17 Mar. 1607 Memorandum for Bailie Brown, anent the saltpans GD90/2/162 in Kintyre 1600 + Signature of the lands of North Kintyre etc granted to Archibald, Earl of Argyll. 31 May 1607 Description - Signatures were the original drafts in English of the Latin charters found under the same dates in the Register of the Privy Seal and the Great Seal Register: they were in effect the warrants for issuing these charters. Depositions by John McCay in Smerbie and others against Sir James McDonnell for the burning on 2 February, 1598 of a house in Burraskannell in Kintyre, GD111/4/9 wherein Angus McDonnell, his father, and Fingwell McClunie, spouse of said Angus, were for the time 10 Apr 1609 Contract of marriage between Lady Mary Campbell and Sir Robert Montgomery of Lochransay 23 Aug 1617 Description - Contract of marriage between Archibald, Earl of Argyll, Lord Campbell, Lorne and Kintyre for himself and taking burden on him for Lady Mary Campbell, his youngest lawful daughter on the one part and Sir Robert Montgomery of Skelmorlie for himself GD3/1/7/2/5 and taking burden on him for Sir Robert Montgomery of Lochransay, his lawful son and apparent heir and he for himself on the other part touching the marriage then to be solemnised between Sir Robert Montgomery, younger and Lady Mary Campbell whereby Sir Robert, elder bound himself to infeft his son and future spouse in the foresaid tenandry of Skelmorlie 8

1622 - 10 - 02

1623 - 11 - 16

1623 - 11 - 16

1624 - 10 04

1627 - 03 - 31

1628 - 04 - 01

Gift by Ludovick, Duke of Lennox to Sir John Stuart of Montgarellan [Methven], Captain of Dumbarton Castle, his son, of the office of admiralty within the bounds of the west GD220/1/G/3/2/6 seas, isles and lochs of Scotland comprehending the whole River Clyde and extending from the Mull of Kintyre to the Mull of Galloway and including the west isles, during his pleasure. 2 Oct 1622 Copy letter, Argyll, Brussels, to Mr Archbald 16 Nov 1623 Description - infeftment of James, Argyll's son, in lands of Kintyre; GD112/39/33/24 signature is in hands of Sir George Hay, clerk of register, now chancellor; laird of Glenurquhy to be bound for the money in case Argyll's chamberlains do not provide the same. [Illegible initial] MakNachtane, London, to the laird of Glenurquhay Description - Infefting of James, Argyll's son, in Kintyre; James now in England and graciously received by the king; Argyll also in royal favour and it is hoped he will be `here' himself; the prince has sworn that he shall never match with Spain until they render back again the Palatinate electorate and all other things belonging thereto; four Spanish ambassadors in London; accident when 97 people were killed by the falling of a house at the French ambassador's at hearing of a Jesuit preaching, GD112/39/33/25 besides many that were hurt and lamed; fearful fire in Broad St in London where Alderman Coking's house was burned and thirty more with a kirk; Glenorchy's `onfriends' in favour of McGregor, which writer would never have dreamed of, including the earl of Carleill; writer offers to play the agent for Glenorchy. Endorsed with scroll answer, suspecting miscarriage of letters; complains of being very evilly used by Argyll's chamberlains who will not pay William Dik the 6000 merks for which Glenorchy is cautioner for Argyll. Royal letter to the Earl of Mar, Treasurer, and other commissioners of rents, about gift GD124/10/283 of lands of Kintyre to James Campbell, eldest son of the Earl of Argyle [Argyll]. 4 Oct 1624 Archibald, 7th earl of Argyll, Brussels, to the laird of Glenurchy, younger, his cousin 31 Mar 1627 Description - King has been pleased to grant James, writer's son, an GD112/39/37/5 infeftment of Kintyre, according to writer's resignation; as Argyll is absent and James a minor, he needs curators; asks recipient to be one of them, along with Mr Mauld of Pamoor. GD112/39/38/4 [Illeg initial] MakNachtan, Londone, to the laird of Glenurchie, younger 1 Apr 1628 Description - Has received Glenorchy's letter asking writer not to proceed with tomb of recipient's father till he sent up the names of his father's wives and of their children; Mr James Campbell, Lawers' son, is gone to 9

1628 05 17

1631 - 01 31


1631 - 04 06


1631 - 09 20


1632 - 10 03


Brussels to join Lord Argyle to bring him over, for he has got everything required to that end; Irish in Isle of Weight have been troublesome; parliament goes on; `I pray you let me heer from you by the first occasioune concernieng your fathers tombe as I have wrytten to him for I have geven earnest for the same and am tyed to a certane tyme'. Postscript asking recipient to assist writer's brother, Malcolm, as Lord Kintyre's overseers are resolved to give the unspecified article in dispute to the baron of Achyle. Instrument of possession in favour of John McConnell of Arasett inKintyre of GD1/506/7 the 6 merk land of McRehenneis [Machrihanish] and the 3 merk land of Clachuill in Arrasett. 17 May 1628 Archibald Campbell [of Glencarradale], Edinburgh, to the laird of Glenurquhy, younger 31 Jan 1631 Description - Sends answer of Mr Lewis Stewart to recipient's letter; legal advice; has had a letter from the Earl of Argyll asking writer to come to him as he writes that Lorne is desired by him to come to court, but Argyll does not explain why in his letter; suspects Lorne is dealling for Kintyre; does not intend to undertake such a journey in haste. Archibald, 7th earl of Argyll, London, to Sir Duncan Campbell of Glenurquhye, kt., his cousin 6 Apr 1631 Description - As his son of Kintyre is now far from his parents, and still young and without experience, Argyll recommends him to recipient. Copy letter, Lord Lowdoun and Sir Colin Campbell of Glenorchy, Inveraray, to the Earl of Argyll 20 Sep 1631 Description - Writers have met with Lord Lorne and Lord Kyntyre, his brother, to discuss purchase of estate of Kyntyre by Lorne; it is agreed that the two estates should stay with house of Argyll, and Lorne is willing to give £10,000 for it and to pay the £2,000 which Kintyre was subject to pay;Kintyre is willing to sell but asked that the bargain be delayed until he could get recipient's approbation to perfect the same; and that he might dispose of the money in purchasing another estate and fortune. Archibald Campbell [of Glencarradale], Edinburgh, to Sir Colin Campbell of Glenurquhay, kt., bt. 3 Oct 1632 Description - Promises to come if his health allows him, as he realises recipient will need someone with him to `temper in these bussiness ye will have to doe'; sends valuations of the 3 kirks [wanting], but there is no need to execute them until writer comes; nothing can be done about valuation of kirk of Kilmachug till writer meets the Bishop of Dumblane; the bell is cast, 10

1633 05 – 14 – 15

1633 - 09 23


1633 - 09 27


and he thinks recipient will be pleased with it `for I was at the doeing of it my self'; sends the account for it and a note of the weight it was of and the weight it is now, under hand of the master of the Weigh house, so it can be sent for; question of selling ward lands without consent of the superior; promises to provide 5000 merks at martinmas; death of [Jean Ker, wife of John, 2nd earl of Perth,] Lady Perth [note `Scots Peerage' gives her death as October 1622]; `and as to that intended match betuixt the Lo. of Kyntyre and the earle of Stratherne his dauchter I think ther salbe no more of it', [according to the `Scots Peerage' Lord Kintyre died unmarried, or at least without children, no wife is mentioned]. SASINE in favour of Archibald Makdonald of Sana [Macdonald of Sanda], and Christine Stewart, his spouse, of parts and portions of St. Ninian's lands in Kintyre, viz:- the 6 merkland of Moriereoche [Machrireoch] and Garnecapbok, the 20s. land of Knockmoreil, the 20s. land of Kilmoseuchane, the 5 merkland of Blasteill [Blasthill] and Edoun, the GD92/1 20s. land of Pendlachna, the 20s. land of the island of Sanda, and the 2 merkland of Drummoir [Drummore], all in sheriffdom of Tarbert; under reservation of minerals &c.; on charter, dated 11 May 1633, by Archibald Lord Lorne. Recorded General Register of Sasines 10 June 1633. 14-15 May 1633 Archibald, lord Lorne, Inverraray, to the laird of Glenurquhy, his cousin 23 Sep 1633 Description - `I intreat yow to keip still that coffer with the wreattis upoppenit or stirred till ye and I meitt that I may sie quhat is in it ffor I shall crave delyverie of nothin bot of that which is my awne And iff thair shalbe any thing findine therein that may concerne my brother he may gaitt it at that tyme Bot latt him nor no other sie any thing that is thair Till ye and I meitt'; Kintyre cannot do more than raise summons of exhibition, and if he does, recipient may sent a copy to the Advocate so that he may compeir and hold the matter off. Archibald Campbell [of Glencarradale], Edinburgh, to the laird of Glenurquhy 27 Sep 1633 Description - Arrival of Lord Kintyre; hopes to persuade him to be content that the writs may be inspected in presence of Lord Lorne, and distributed to those concerned; Council has appointed a meeting on highland affairs on 24 November, to advise how the country may be made peaceable, and in the 11

1634 - 02 - 10

1634 - 04 16

1635 - 01 16

1636 - 02 15

1636 - 04 - 01

1636 - 09 - 09

meantime has made a proclamation for pursuit of rebels and sorners, and this is to be sent, along with act of parliament against the McGregors, to be proclaimed at kirks and towns needful `quhich I hope will do sum good'; Marquess of Hamilton expected and it is reported that he is not on good terms with Mortoun; Lady Airth has got access to the king `bot I heir of no more good schoe hes gottin done'. Intends to remain in Edinburgh until recipient sends for Dr Arnott, and will then come with him. Sends new acts of parliament. The earl of Antrim [Ireland], Dunluce, Ireland, to the marquis of Hamilton, asking him to GD406/1/283 support his son's purchase of lands in Kintyre since he has heard that the lord of Lorne intends to hinder the matter. 10 Feb 1634 – 1635 Archibald Campbell [of Glencarradale], Edinburgh, to the laird of Glenurquhy 16 Apr 1634 Description - Is coming to visit recipient, having returned from Fife; death of GD112/39/51/26 the Bishop of Edinburgh after a few hours' sickness `I must confes with small regreate'; departure of various nobleman for court including Kintyre and Traquaire. Archibald Campbell [of Glencarradale], Edinburgh, to the laird of Glenurchye 16 Jan 1635 GD112/39/54/7 Description - Council has excused recipient's non appearance before it; sends information from Sir Lewis Stewart anent the laird of Weyme; Lord Lorne is going to court and is mightily vexed with his brother anent Kintyre. Archibald Campbell [of Glencarradale], Edinburgh, to the laird of Glenurchye 15 Feb 1636 Description - Financial affairs with Ardchattan and Lord Lorne; dollars are cried down to 56s; Lorne has got the business of Kintyre in a fair way of GD112/39/58/10 ending; convention of estates shortly to be held in England but not by way of parliament; Huntly's business delayed till Traquair reaches court; thanks for `carmells'; has had recipient's clock `dressed' and it goes very well but he will have to explain to recipient how it works; asks if he wishes it to be sent by the next bearer. OBLIGATION by Donald McKay in Drummoir [Drummore], as principal, and Archibald McDonald of Sanay [Macdonald of Sanda] as GD92/4 cautioner, for 100 merks to Hew Campbell, commissary of Kintyre, administrator to Barbara Campbell, his daughter. 1 April 1636 GD112/39/60/27 Archibald Campbell [of Glencarradale], Edinburgh, to the laird of Glenurquhye 9 Sep 1636 Description - Proceedings on council day; Lord Lorne has apprehended some 12

1637 - 09 - 22

1637 - 09 - 29


1639 - 03 - 15

1639 - 03 - 18

coiners of false dollars and brought them before the council; business of Kintyre. Archibald Campbell [of Glencarradale], Edinburgh, to the laird of Glenurquhy 22 Sep 1637 Description - Arrival of a letter from the king charging the Council and bishops to put on the new service books; a great many ministers also arrived from all airts of the country, assisted by many noblemen, barons and gentlemen, who craved leave to give in their supplications against receiving the service books; GD112/39/63/20 the Council has condescended to continue the urging of the books till november next, and has written to the king in the meantime to explain their proceedings and has sent all the petitions to the king, which are delivered to the Duke of Lennox to be given to the king; another letter from the king telling the Council of Edinburgh to elect the Clerk of Register as Provost, and he is duly elected; Lord Kintyre has arrived and tells writer that Argyll, his father, was not cut for the stone and that he is `sumquhat on the mending hand'. Archibald Campbell [of Glencarradale], Edinburgh, to the laird of Glenurchy 29 Sep 1637 Description - The lords of the committee have urged these of Edinburgh to receive the new service book to be read in their churches; the provost and bailies asked that they might be spared till the previous monday so that they might impart the same to some of the rest of the inhabitants, and, a great GD112/39/63/21 many of the town being convened, they refused to make use of the service books and gave in a petition to the lords of the committee, which was accepted by them and is sent to the king with the rest of the petitions; leaves it to young Lawers to inform recipient of the stir at meeting between the provost and the town; cannot go with Kintyre to Angus as writer is despatching his son to France to study law; is to be in Strathearn or Perth on business. Draft contract between Archibald, Marquis of Argyll, Earl of Kintyre, Lord Campbell and Lorne, with consent of John McRonald [of Moydart] on one part, and Donald McRonald, GD201/5/909 eldest son of said John McRonald, on the other part, concerning lands of Moydart, Arisaig etc. The document is incomplete and damaged but it narrates various transactions between the McRonalds and the Argyll family c 1638 Archibald, 8th earl of Argyll, Perth, to the laird of Glenurquhy, his cousin 15 Mar 1639 Description - Is to be at Inveraray on 23 March instant; recipient's men GD112/39/68/20 appointed for Kintyre must be there; asks him to get his men stented from his lands in Argyll and Lorne to Inveraray on that day, and let every man bring his arms and loaves with him, and every man should have a boy with him; asks recipient to appoint a special gentleman to be there too to go with the men. GD112/39/68/22 Draft, laird of Glenorchy, Balloch, to the earl of Argyll, his cousin 18 Mar 1639 13

1639 - 04 - 05


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Description - Meeting at Inveraray; has directed Robert, his brother, to go and take recipient's men dwelling in Argyll and Lorne that are stended to go to Kintyre. Archibald Campbell [of Glencarradale], Edinburgh, to the laird of Glenurchy 5 Apr 1639 Description - Arrival of the king at York; only scotsmen with him the Duke of Lennoxe and Lord Stirling; proceedings of other royalist noblemen; Findlater has signed the covenant at Aberdeen, and Glencairn has come to Edinburgh to do the like; Argyll writes that he has apprehended Angus Yllache and McCaulae, `confident servantes to the Earll of Ancrume quha ware came toKintyre to be spyes'; noblemen are expected to return from the south and all in their way have willingly sworn and signed the covenant. `Sir if I find that it be not saife bydinge heir for my wyff and dochter it maye be that I send them to be a litle trubilsome to yow, as to my most confident friend in this world'. Archibald, 8th earl of Argyll, Inverarey, to the laird of Glenurquhy, his cousin 6 Apr 1639 Description - Is glad of anything he can do for Lord Atholl; as soon as their men return from the north, those who are stented out for Kintyre are directed to go by boat from Inveraray to Kintyre; asks recipient to sent the loaves for all men stented out of recipient's lands in sheriffdom of Argyll to complete the three months, and to send a roll of men stented so that they may be despatched as soon as they return; also to order Robert, recipient's brother, that there is no stay; men to be well weaponed and ready to rise with the rest of the country; asks for names of those to whom he may write in an emergency; has a drillmaster who has begun in Inveraray already; has asked special friends to send most capable young men to be taught how to handle their arms so that they in turn can teach the tenants and commons at home `ffor it will be ane great defect iff we be ignorant quhen we goe to the feildes and so I wold intreat yow to direct some of your men heir to be trained that they may traine the rest'; need to provide good boats for Glenorchy's people; writer needs to have 12-16 young gentlemen of his special friends, and suggests Glenorchy's nephew, John, but does not wish to take him from Glenorchy if his loss would be troublesome or chargable to the boy; hopes Glenorchy has ordered repair of house of Glenurquhy; has spoken to John about house of Lochdocher. John Campbell, younger of Glenfalloch, Sron [millocha]n, to the laird of Glenurquhy, his uncle 21 Apr 1639 Description - Trouble with the Glenorchy officer; asks recipient to give writer's father instructions in writing of what shall be done with those men who will not swear, or will only swear having altered the words of the required oath, `quhilck is just conforme to the covenant, for the explanatioune of Glasgow we haif not 14

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heir as yet'; is required to send men to Inveraray to go to Kintyre, and is told that there is no exemption of kirkland, castle lands, officer lands or shielings; wishes to get exemption from Argyll for grazings and service lands; will obey instructions for provision of muskets, powder and lead; need to roof the tower; asks for a slater `for in faytht sir it holds not out ane shoure bot the raine runs downe though all the hairt of the walls and makes all the lyme to fall aff the wall and spoills all the stuff that is within the house'; has already written about boarding his wife with his mother but recipient's letter to writer's mother does not clear this; recipient may resolve the matter with his brother, writer's father, and send word to his mother; his own residence has been mostly since his father departed in the castle, with his family; intends to do his duty to his parents and will strive to rule his bedfellow as he can best, if she is not incapable of good counsel, but `as yet both my mother & sche sayis confidentlie that they will boord none, bot your w[orship] may perceave how impossible it is for me bot to boorde, for to hold ane house full of bairnes & servands (God save them all) it is not for me in thir dayes'. No news except that the captain of Dunstafnage and Colin, young Lochinzell's brother, went to Mull the previous week with sixscore men to deal with the Clanleane, who all convened with the captain, and are to come to Inveraray on Tuesday next. Robert Campbell of Glenfalloch, Castelcalcharne, to the laird of Glenurquhay, his brother 28 Apr 1639 Description - Is desired by Lady Argyll to come to Inveraray with the whole army, but does not know why; his reply that it was not possible to convene the men but that he would come the following day, which he did and received a favourable reception, and remaind in Inveraray two days, hoping for word from the earl, but he neither came nor wrote; news of a meeting on the borders of the kingdoms of England and Scotland; Huntly in ward in Edinburgh castle; Argyllshire affairs; signing the covenant at [Clachan] Dysart; sending of men to Kintyre. Postscript asking for bands and nails to the gates which are ready and asks for a slater for 15 days till the tower is repaired after the storm damage. Robert Campbell of Glenfalloch, Castelcalcharne, to the laird of Glenurquhy, his brother 29 Apr 1639 Description - Thanks for iron bands and nails which will be put to their appointed use; John Roy McArthir, wright and sawyer, will not be ready to saw till the 15 May next, so recipient may send victual to him; asks for John Wat, slater, for eight or ten days to thatch some of the place `here' that the storms damaged, and for some meal, for the wright has been there for two or three months dressing forestairs and windows and lasts; writer has been dealing with 15

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his son and daughter in law to remain but they have removed themselves `and thair flitting out of this to Stronmelich tua dayis before I came to this countrie Thay ar young ffolks and I most behold thame seing that thay will nocht use counsall'; Argyll has arrived at Inveraray and writer must go over there that day; no news; sending men to Kintyre to attend Auchinbreck there. Robert Campbell of Glenfalloch, Castelcalcharne, to the laird of Glenurquhay, his brother 6 May 1639 Description - Argyll departs for Edinburgh; army of Kintyre; rendezvous at GD112/39/70/5 Inveraray; meeting with Callum McIntyra, recipient's old man, in Ardtettill; he wishes payment; needs victual and garron nails for the two gates' here'; also slate nails before arrival of the slaters. J M'lene, Inverraray, to the laird of Glenorquhay 4 Jul 1639 Description - His foster is well; Argyll has received a letter from the Treasurer telling him that the king is to be in Dalkeith; Lowdoun returned to Edinburgh on Friday night; the English resolve to be `our good friends'; ships that were about GD112/39/72/4 the western coasts are away; Argyll dismisses some of the host in Kintyre; no word from Ireland. Postscript saying that Argyll is to write to the Deputy of Ireland and the Earl of Ancrum anent the kidnapped gentlemen from Ila. The earl of Antrim, Glenarm, Ireland, to [ ], describing his difficulty in persuading his followers in Scotland to accept the pacification and asking for the recipient's aid in GD406/1/1164 preventing Argyll from gaining Kintyreand in helping the earl obtain the lands in Coleraine [Ireland] granted to him. 13 Jul 1639 Robert Campbell of Glenfalloch, Castelcalcharne, to the laird of Glenurquhae, his brother 23 Jul 1639 Description - Has received a letter from the Earl of Argyll asking him to meet Argyll at Stirling or Falkirk; is to be at Inveraray for the meeting of the presbytery to choose a ruling elder for forthcoming Assembly, and if the earl will GD112/39/72/12 allow writer he will go and hold recipient's courts at the west end of Lochtay, and then can meet Argyll in the lowlands. Postscript anent Clandonald who deserted from the army in Kintyre are now in Carnkin, Giga and Ila, awaiting an answer from the earl; there are nightly watchmen in Inveraray. GD1/506/8 Extract from Books of Adjournal of protest made by Archibald Campbell, brother of Sir James Campbell of Lawers, kt., on behalf of Archibald, Earl of Argyle, heritable justice within the bounds of Argyle, Lorne, Kintyre and Northe Yles, that the action pursued 16

before the Court of Justiciary by John Gordoun [Gordon] in Midlefindache and others against John McInteir [McIntyre], son of Donald Dow Moire in Glenkaitland, and others was competent to said Earl's jurisdiction in respect of some of the defenders, and that the action should have been pursued against them before him and his deputes. 27 Nov 1639 Miscellaneous loose papers 1640 – 1659 Description - Including: 1. Bond of relief by Neil Steuart of Granycht in favour of Sir Robert Campbell of Glenurquhay, kt., of a black mare cropped in both lugs with a filly, and a 3 year old gray horse, all belonging to granter, which strayed and were found by said Sir Robert's tenants in the west end of Lochtay, 6 January 1643. 2. Decreet of court held at Finlarig, 25 June 1646. 3. Decreet of court at Finlarig, 27 January 1653. 1640 GD112/17/1/5 4. Articles agreed upon by Lord Argyll and other lowland and highland gentlemen of the country meeting at Lochheid in Kintyre, 10 June 1653, for the better settling the condition of the country. Signed by Argyll. 6. Depositions against Ewir McEwir in Inverchagernie, horsestealer, 7 January 1657. 7. Deposition of John Moir McSorle alias Camroun in Larg in Glenurquhay, horsestealer, 19 January 1657. 1640 - 04 25 GD112/39/78/15 8-9. Accounts of fines (rolls of court) 1659. Archibald Campbell [of Glencarradale], Edinburgh, to [the laird of Glenorchy] 25 Apr 1640 Description - Arrival of Argyll; further details of contributions due for money he has spent on the public cause; recipient's part will come to £1000; Argyll also 17


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complains that Robert, recipient's brother, being one of the stentmasters, did not come to Inveraray, either on public matters or recipient's own; those in the castle ply their cannon, muskets and some fireworks against the town's forts and houses adjacent, but there is no harm yet and only one man killed and some women hurt; ten piece of cannon already carried to the town's batteries `and expert warkemen bussie day and night making worke under the ground'; Leslie again chosen as general and has accepted the charge and sworn; four noblemen to attend him when he goes to the field - Montrose, Cassills, Wigtoun and Lowthiane; Lord Almond chosen lt.gen.; other appointments; committee of 24 of the estates appointed to attend Leslie while he remains in Edinburgh; expects Argyll will be appointed to attend his own country, the isles and highlands; parliament of England goes on but no particulars are known; arrival of the king's declaration, a great deal milder and fairer than expected `and gives fair occasione to the Parliament of Ingland that we may be yit hard in our awine defence'; reasons for committing Lord Lowdoune to the Tower; sends a letter from Lord Kintyre, and asks for it to be returned. Letters from Sir John Smith in London to John Clerk in Paris mainly concerning business matters, with references to transactions with Lord Dunfermeling [Dunfermline], Lord Kintyre [Kintore], Lord Kinnoule [Kinnoull] and David Morehead [Moorhead], and to activities of Smith's nephew, Patrick Elleis [Ellis], then in France. GD18/2419 Also 4 letters to Clerk from Smith's servant, James Campbell, in London and Rouen, France, reporting that 'The king is gone towards Oxford and there resolves to stay' (24 Nov 1642), and that rumours of 'strange plots' have led to the raising of an army to defend the country (1 Dec 1642 ?) 1642 Legal correspondence of George Gordon of Borowbrigis, Kintyre Pursuivant, writer in GD331/65 Elgin. 1643 – 1677 The earl of Loudoun, Edinburgh, to King Charles I, informing him that the earl of Antrim GD406/1/1981 has arrived in Kintyre, and requesting the king to order his return to Ireland. 15 Jun 1646 The marquis of Antrim [Ireland], Loghead in Kintyre, to King Charles I, promising that GD406/1/1986 until he hears from the king ` ... noe act of hostilitie shall be attempted by me or anie of myne.' 21 Jun 1646 GD406/1/2009 The earl of Crafurd [Crawford], Kintyre, to King Charles I, informing the king that he is on 18

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his journey to Paris [France], but assuring him of his willingness to serve his majesty. 15 Aug 1646 Instrument of Sasine under the hand of James Merchell, clerk, of the diocese of Glasgow, notary public, following upon and narrating the precept of sasine in Letters of Disposition (dated at Mauchlein 21st November 1646) by Allexander Campbell, son of the late Hugh Campbell commissary of Kintyre granting to Lieutenant Colonel John Haldane of Ovirtoune (under reversion) that piece or portion of land called Blackstobe, with meadow adjoining the GD86/586 same and pertinents (formerly occupied by John Hutchioun) lying in the territory of the burgh of Air called Burrowfeild, King's Kyll and sheriffdom of Air. Sasine given upon the ground of said lands on 24th November 1646 by Duncan Campbell in Sandhill, bailie of the granter, to John Patoune, lawful eldest son of Robert Patoune in Quhythill, attorney for the said Lieutenant Colonel John Haldane 24 Nov 1646 Letter from General David Leslie to the Committee of Estates reporting his operations in Argyll PA7/23/2/50 against the forces of Alastair McDonald. From Downavertie in Kintyre last of May 1647 GD3/8/6 Ecclesiastical documents 1649 – 1699 Description - 1) Petition of Alexander, earl of Eglinton to General Assembly against transportation of Mr James Fergusson minister of Kilwinning to Edinburgh. 1649. (Fraser, no. 228). 2) Draft agreement between earl of Eglinton and Mr Alexander Nesbit, minister of Irvine, about the latter's stipend. 7 February 1650 3) Copy decreet of provision for the parish of Ardrossan. 28 February 1650 4) Extract contract between Mr William Nisbett minister at Tarbolton and John Buy in Langholm and Allan Buy in Drumlay heritors concerning teinds of the parish. 19

(Registered Books of Council and Session 10 June 1653). 30 May 1650 5) Account of stipend to be paid to Mr Ralph Roger [Rodger], minister of Ardrossan. 1653-1656 6) List of possessors in Eaglesham showing amounts paid to stipend and schoolmaster's salary. 7 May 1655 7) Order by commissioners administering annexed estates to James Bailie their chamberlain of the Eglinton estates to pay two chalders meal as part of his stipend to Mr Ralph Rodgers, minister of Ardrossan. With copy. 16 June 1656 8) Tack by Hugh, lord Montgomerie of teinds in the parish of Beith. (Name of grantee not given.) 20 November 1656 9) Discharge by Alexander Majore [Major], schoolmaster at Eaglesham, for 100m merks for his service at the kirk of Eaglesham. 30 November 1658 10) Valuation of the parish of Beith. 1658 11) Agreement between earls of Eglinton and Loudoun relative to teinds of earl of Eglinton's baronies. - April 1659 12) Reasons for transportation of Rev. James Fergusson from the parish of Kilwinning to that of Glasgow. 19 May 1660 13) Extract minute of presbytery concerning stipend of minister at Ardrossan. 22 May 1660. 14) Discharge by lord Montgomerie to the rentallers and possessors of Eaglesham for teinds. 1660 15) Reasons given in for lord Montgomerie and his father against decision of synod of Glasgow about transportation of Mr James Fergusson from Kilwinning to Glasgow. 1660 20

16) Draft petition from earl of Eglinton to synod of Glasgow about transportation of Mr James Fergusson to Glasgow. [1660] 17) Letter from Alexander, earl of Eglinton to the moderator of synod of Glasgow and Ayr. [1660] 18) Extract kirk session minutes concerning a case of discipline (? Kilwinning or Irvine). 3 Feb 1664 19) Additional account of money due by the laird of Cunninghamhead to the earl of Eglinton in respect of arrears of teind tack duty etc. c.1665 20) Ratification and acceptance by Mr Andrew Walker, lately minister at Beith, of an agreement concerning locality of stipend on his removal to parish of Eaglesham to which he had been presented by earl of Eglinton. 22 January 1666 21) Depositions concerning abuses committed by William Torrie, minister of Dunlop. 2 June 1666 22) Memorandum on stipends. 1666 23) Account due for teinds of vacant stipend, Pearston [Pierston]. 1666 24) Discharge by James Hadden, schoolmaster and precentor at Cathcart, to earl of Eglinton for £5 as part of his salary as schoolmaster. 21 February 1668 25) Teind accounts, Dreghorn and Eaglesham. 1668-1702 26) Scroll discharge to various persons for teinds. 1669 27) Account of the valuation of Kilwinning parish. 1672 28) Letters of presentation of Mr Thomas Inglis to be minister of Tranent, by earl of Winton and John, bishop of Edinburgh. 1680 21

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29)Double tack by archbishop of Glasgow to town of Glasgow of teinds of the barony. 1684 30) Act of Privy Council in favour of kirk session clerks and other church officers of the regular established clergy. 1 December 1687 31) Discharge by Sir James Montgomery of Skelmorlie and John Campbell, Captain of Dunoon, to tenants of Kintyre for payments of the locality of Kintyre. 23 May 1688. 32) Copy act restoring presbyterian government. (Fragmentary). [1690] 33) Disposition by George Montgomery of Broomlands regarding teinds from lands in the parish of Pearston. 31 July 1691 34) Notes from decreet of valuation and sale of teinds of Pearston etc. 11 July 1694. 35) Extract act of Ayr presbytery relating to the vacant stipend of Tarbolton. 4 February 1695 36) Discharge from Mr Thomas Clerk, minister, to Lord Montgomerie for £366 13s. 4d. 5 August 1698 37) Discharge by Mr Thomas Clerk, minister, to Lord Montgomerie for £366 13s. 4d. for his stipend since 1694. 4 November 1698 38) Information on teinds of lands in parish of Dreghorn. c.1699 39) List of heritors with amount each paid towards minister's stipend and schoolmaster's salary. c1699 40) Tack duty of the vicarage of the parish of Beith. c1699 Contract of Wadset between Alexander Campbell, son of Hew C., commissary at Kintyre, with Giles Lockhart, his spouse,


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and others, and Sir Alexander Kennedy of Collzeane, with back-tack, under reversion for 3,000 merks Scots and containing procuratory of resignation 29 May 1649 Extract Decreet of Registration by Hector Mackallester, nephew of Hew Campbell of Braistoun, commissary of Kintyre, against GD25/5/33 Alexander C. of Braistoun, as heir to the said Hew C., his father, re obligation of 17 May 1634 for 400 merks Scots 16 Feb 1650 Extract Decreet of Apprising in favour of Hector McAllister, nephew of Hew Campbell, commissary of Kintyre, and Thomas McAllexander, burgess of Ayr, his GD25/8/361 assignee - as from 18 May 1649, against Alexander C. of Brestoune, son of the said Hew C., for payment of 796 merks Scots in accordance with decreet of registration GD25/5/33 29 Mar 1650 Letters of Renunciation by Alexander Campbell, son of Hew C., commissary of Kintyre, Giles Lockhairt, his spouse, and GD25/5/35 others, to Matthew Crawfurd, cooper, Ayr, of right of reversion under contract of wadset of 5 October 1649 c 23 Apr 1650 Precept of Clare Constat by Archibald, varquis of Argyll, etc., superior of the lands, directed to Neill Makneill in Barnashealge, baillie in that part, in favour of John Makneill of Thyniche, nephew of deceased Hector Makneill of Thyniche, as nearer heir male to said deceased Hector Makneill, who died seised of all the lands of the barony of Gyga extending to a 20 pound land, viz., Camerrorot, Tarbert. Ardelay, Ardeglommie, Chaucereoche, Layme, Kilchattan, Ardwegeneis, Drumgenmoir, Drumgenbeig, Skoull and Duntro, with pertinents, lying of old within the sheriffdom of Tarbert, but now within the sheriffdom of Argyll, with offices of bailliary or seneschalship, of coroner, and officer, or serjeandry, within the whole lands of the barony of Gyga beforewritten, together with the office of Toyssochdeoir of the whole of Kintyre from Mull to Altnaschynnach with all liberties, etc., belonging to aforesaid 4 particular offices; and also of all the underwritten lands, viz., the 2 merk land of Thyniche, the 1 merk land of Turbiskill, the 1 merk land of Bartyhormoid, the 1 merk land of Kilmorie in Durneniche, the 1 merk land of Barbey, extending to a 6 merk land, in lordship of Rosknapdaill, and of old in the said Sheriffdom of Tarbert, but now in the Sheriffdom of Argyll; also of all the underwritten, viz., 1 merk land of Drumnagald, 1 merk land of Barbrecke; 23

likewise of all the lands of Farnauchanbeig, called Farnagynlaggan, 1 merk land of Barnashalga and all the lands of Scotniche Inueraw extending to 1 merk land, 1 merk land of Scotnichmoir, 1 merk land of Arynawadbeig, extending to a 7 merk land, with pertinents, lying in barony of Kilmichael, and of old within sheriffdom of Tarbert, but now in sheriffdom of Argyll, also the 2 merk land of Ardbeig, 1 merkland of Barbey in Downing in lordship of Knapdaill in aforesaid sheriffdom; also the offices of Coroner, 'lie Crounerschipe', and Sergeandry, 'lie mair fie', of north and south Knapdaill from Altnaschynniche on the south to Pollgilbe and Albinade on the north side and from LochFyne on the east to the sea which is called Lyngedurach on the west, with their ancient limits and bounds pertaining to the lordship of Knapdaill; also the cornmill built on the lands of Ob and Kilmorie and the mill lands commonly called Two Gartanmullyne adjacent to said mill, with pasture of 2 cows and one horse annually on the lands of Kilmorie of Gillebir; Also of the multures lie suckkin and astricted multures of all the lands underwritten in Knapdaill in aforesaid sheriffdom, viz., of the 2 merk land of Obnalarka, the 2 merk land of Kilmorie, the 1 merk land of Garob, the 4 merk land of Laggan, the 20 shilling land of Barrynloskane, the 3 merk land of Tonardarie, the 2 merk land of Downannyne, the 1 merk land of Barrindarrich, 2 merkland of Branfeorling, 3 merk land of Ulva, 2 merk land of Cosnadrocht, 1 merk land of Fernochbodach, 2 merk land of Ardbeig, 1 merk land of Barbey near Downyngyn, 4 merk land of Dannay near the castle of Castlesweyne, 1 merk land of Tontyniche, 1 merk land of Barmoir, 1 merk land of Ariewadmoir, 1 merk land of Glensaull, 10 shilling land of Carsaig, extending to a 36 merk and 40 pennyland, together with the lade of the mill pond commonly called Lochcallzebar in the barony of Kilmichaell and aforesaid sheriffdom, held in feuferm and inheritance for rent of £60 Scots at martinmas for lands and barony of Gyga, non payment of feuferm giving no right of forfeiture or reduction of infeftment, but without prejudice to the right of said Marquis, his heirs and successors, to distrain upon movables without any decree of judicial process, and without prejudice in executing the clause in contract between him and said deceased Hector McNeill, dated at Halyruidhous, 20 December 1631, against said John McNeill: rent, for lands of Thynich, Turbiskill, Bartyhormoid, Kilmorie in Dureniche and Barbey, of 10 merks Scots, silver money at Pentecost and Martinmas, 4 bolls of barley and 1 mutton, 'lie kane', in name of annual rent of feu ferm with 2 merks for each herezeld falling within said lands, also the heirs male of said John Makneill to pay at their first entry to said lands £8 Scots together with the due and accustomed services: for lands of Ardbeig and Barbey in Dowyn 4 merks Scots and 4 bolls of barley, heirs male of said John paying on first year of entry, for doubling of feu ferm £8 Scots and 2 merks Scots for each herezeld: for lands of 7 merkland of Drumnagald, Barbreck, Fernochbeig, etc., the due and accustomed services of ward, relief and marriage and suits of court, and a ship of 8 oars to be kept for the service of the said Marquis and his successors; for the mill on the lands of Obe and Kilmorie, etc., 3 parts, viz., '3 bata lie', 3 pecks of each firlot of astricted multure of white flour owing to 24

said mill from aforesaid astricted lands according to the tenor of the rental: all the aforesaid 36 merk 40 penny land to be astricted to the aforesaid mill annually to pay the astricted multure, of each merk land 1 firlot of white flour of sufficient value and measure, excepting all free tenants who by force of their ancient infeftment before the making of the original charter were in no way astricted to the said mill; the server of the said mill for the time being, who is called the 'mylneknaife', to have 1 batum of every 3 bolls growing on the before written lands annually with the other due and accustomed casualties for doing service at the same; faithful service to be given for said office of coroner together with account?? and payment of debts within the limits of the said office, and, for said office of sergeandry faithful service together with account and payment of ferms and debts within the limit of the said office only, according to the ancient infeftments of the lands and others 10 Dec 1651 Description - At Inveraray. Written by Archibald Ritchie, servitor to George Campbell, deputy to Marquis of Argyll. Witnessed by James Campbell of Ardkinglas, Colin Campbell of Lochnanell, Archibald Campbell, captain of Downstaffneis, Dugall Campbell of Inueraw, said George Campbell and said Archibald Ritchie. Marriage contract between Alexander Campbell, son of Colin Campbell in Crossall in Kintyre, and Barbara Campbell, daughter of the deceased Hugh Campbell, Commissary of Kintyre, with consent of George Campbell, sheriff depute of Argyll, for GD21/17 the purposes of marriage, the said Alexander binding himself to infeft the said Barbara and himself in an annualrent out of land worth 2,000 merks, and also to infeft the said Barbara in liferent in half of all lands he might acquire, Barbara's tocher being £1000. 15/1/1652 Disposition by Archibald, marquis of Argyll, earl of Kintyre, lord Campbell and GD112/75/98 Lorne, in favour of Sir Neill Campbell his second son, of lands of Barbrecklochaw, Pollinduich, Drumnyne and Auchalinane in sheriffdom of Argyll 9 Mar 1652 GD112/76/71 Disposition by Archibald, marquess of Argyll, with consent of Archibald, lord Lorne, to Lord Neil Campbell, granter's second son, of lands of Loyng, Torsay and others in lordship of Lorne, sheriffdom of Argyll, with office of bailiery of Nether Lorne and isle of Seill, and lands belonging to lordship of Kintyre and others, reserving 25

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liferent 10 May 1653 Commission of Corroboration and Disposition by Alexander Campbell, son of Hew C., commissary of Kintyre, to John Kennedy of Collzeane, as heir to Sir Alexander K. of Collzeane, his father, GD25/8/381 empowering him to uplift rents of certain lands as from 1653, in payment of arrears of annualrent due by contract of wadset GD25/8/356 returning any superplus to disponer 23 May 1653 Instrument of Intimation by John Kennedy of Colzeane, son of Sir Alexander K. of Colzeane, to tenants in Borrowfield of Ayr, of assignation of their rents made to him by GD25/5/44 Alexander Campbell, son of Hew C., commissary of Kintyre, by contract of wadset - GD25/8/356, and disposition GD25/8/381 17 Jun 1653 CH2/115 Kintyre, Presbytery of 3 1655 - 1978 Charter by Archibald, marquis of Argyll, earl of Kintyre, lord Campbell and Lorne, in favour of Allane Makdowgall, brother germane and nearest heir of late GD112/75/94 Alexander Makdowgall, of lands of Coulcharren, Innerergan, Lettirowaltin and Derrielochan 17 Mar 1655 Letters of Assignation by Hector McAllister, nephew of Hew Campbell, commissary of Kintyre, to Thomas GD25/8/411 McAllexander, merchant, Ayr, of rights acquired by decreet of apprising GD25/8/361 1 May 1655 Miscellaneous papers 1656 – 1797 Description – Including - 7. 1788 October 28 GD237/25/8 Copy tack by Archibald Macdonald of Sanda to Neil Gilchrist, elder, tenant in Gartnagopaig, of town and lands of Gartnagopaig in parish of Kilcolmkill, lordship of Kintyre, sheriffdom of Argyll, for 19 years. GD3/2/49/24 Protestation by Margaret McDonald, daughter of late John McDonald in Kintyre, as executor of her grandmother, Dame Elizabeth 26

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Hamilton. 28/5/1659 Contract of marriage between Colonel James Montgomery, second GD3/2/49/25 son of earl of Eglinton, and Margaret McDonald, daughter of late John McDonald in Kintyre. 5/6/1659 Letter of the presbytery of Arbroath urging the laird of Guthrie to supply a minister for Guthrie Church, 1661. Memorandum and obligation concerning Guthrie Church, 1660. [With transcripts]. Notes on Guthrie Church by the Rev. Peter Milne with a covering letter from his wife, 1952. Verse demonstrating Kintyre dialect 1660 – 1661 Discharges, etc., 1664-1667. Description - Including some by David Cumming of Kincheirdie [Kinchurdy]; Mr. Alexander Fraser, parson of Pettie [Petty]; Mr. David Ros [Ross] of Balnagown; Robert Monro [Munro] of Foulis; Alexander Paterson and Alexander Cumming, merchant burgesses of Inverness; Donald M'Pherson [McPherson] in Inverin [Invereen]; William M'Intoshe [McIntosh] of Holme; Thomas Menzies, lawful son of Sir Alexander Menzies of that Ilk; William Scott in the Dean; George Gordon,Kintyre pursuivant, and others. Discharge by George Gordon, Kintyre Pursuivant, to James Robertson, writer in Edinburgh, of no 2157. 22 July 1664 Letter from the bailies of Elgin to George E82/23/6 Gordone, Kintyrepursuivant, concerning No. E82/23/4 11 Nov 1664 Letter from J? Campbell, Innellan, to his cousin Jeane Crawford, lady Knock: "I am heir upon my father's busines and in respect that it is troublesome to crosse ferries by GD3/5/631 reason of the tempestousnes of the season I have sent over my boy to the effect that ye may with him send over a yeares annualrent...for I am to goe presentlie for Kintyre". 19/11/1664 GD90/2/92 Contract between Angus Macdonald of Larggie, as principal, and Donald Gorme and Allan Reoch, his brothers german, as cautioners, and 27

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Neil McInstuker in Earnagill and Donald Grome McIllemichaell in Gleneg....., his son-in-law, for the sale of two merkland of Clachaigg in the parish of Killean in Kintyre 3 Jul 1665 Instrument of Sasine following upon Disposition of the saids lands of Over GD119/385 Alderstown by the said James Masson to George Gordon Kintyre pursuivant 2 Dec 1665 Archibald, 9th earl of Argyll, Edinburgh, to the laird of Glenurchy, younger, his cousin 11 Jan 1666 GD112/39/112/1 Description - Linlithgow has not arrived yet, though Calder has; writer made Aberuchell write to C.C. about wadsetting land in Kintyre. Extract registered Contract of Wadset between Archibald, Earl of Argyle, and Duncan Campbell, uncle to Colin Campbell of Lochnauell 27 Jun 1666 Description - Whereby for 17,000 merks paid by said Duncan, the said Earl dispones to him the lands of Largiebreck, Feoling, Knockbreck and salmon fishing thereof, GD64/1/1 Knocknafeolaman, Killernadill, Sannaick, Breastill, and Ardfynne, lying in Isle of Jura, lordship of Kintyre, and sheriffdom of Argyle, under redemption after 19 years, and said Earl ordains said Duncan and his heirs and assignees his bailies, chamberlains and foresters of said Isle of Jura. Registered B. of C. & S. 6 Dec. 1723. Discharges, etc., also Claim by Isabel M'Intoshe [McIntosh] against David Ross of Balnagowne [Balnagown]; Receipt by John M'Pherson [McPherson] of Brine [Brin]; Assignation by William Law to George Suttie of a bond by the Laird of Mackintosh [McIntosh]; Horning by Andrew Sutherland against Lord M'Donald [McDonald]; GD176/530 Licence to John Leslie, eldest son of Alexander Leslie (deceased), bailie of Elgin, to sue for debts; Bond of Corroboration to Mr. George Gordon, son of the deceased George Gordon, Kintyre pursuivant, and Copy Act of Parliament of 1438 against rebels. 1667 – 1669 GD92/10 LICENCE by Archibald, Earl of Argyll, to Ronald 28


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1669 - 08 - 28 1669 - 1998 SC8

McDonald of Sanda [Macdonald of Sanda] and his tenants to cast and win peats in the common peat-moss of said Earl's lands of Lonochane and Twa Keranes in "further" Kintyre. 9 April 1669 CONTRACT between Archibald, Earl of Argyll and Ronald McDonald now of Sanda [Macdonald of Sanda], by which said Earl grants to Ronald, despite his defaults in feuduty and other just dues, a new right and security to the lands called "St. Ninian's Lands" in Kintyre, i.e. Macriereoch [Machrireoch], Gartnacapbok, Knockmorriell, Kilmosheuchan, Blaistill [Blasthill], Edoun, Penlachna, the Isle of Sanda, GD92/11 the lands of Drummoir [Drummore], extending in all to 19 merkland of old extent, as formerly held by deceased Archibald McDonald, grandfather to said Ronald, for yearly feuduty of £360, Ronald further undertaking to resign the foresaid lands to the Earl, and acknowledging the Earl's sale rights in coalheughs and saltpans in said lands. 9 April 1669 Charter by Archibald, earl of Argyll, lord of Kintyre, lord Campbell and Lorne, to John Campbell, younger, of Glenurquhy in liferent and to Duncan GD112/75/39 Campbell his son heritably, of a third part of the lordship of Lorne [specified] 28 Aug 1669 Rothesay Sheriff Court 1669 – 1998 Description - ORDINARY COURT 1 Minute books 2 Roll books 3 Diet books 4 Register of ordinary actions ('A' and 'B' registers) 5 Extract decree books 29

6 Process inventory & borrowing books 7 Processes - preservation, 1st series 7A Processes - preservation, 2nd series 8 Processes - limbo 9 Adoption processes - closed for 100 years 9A Adoption register - closed for 100 years 10 Process transmission books 11 Registers of bankruptcy sequestrations 12 Registers of sequestrations for rent 13 Registers of poindings 14 Appeals register 15 Registers of borrowing 16 Registers of arrestments 17 Unallocated 18 Registers of attorneys' certificates 19 Registers of clubs 20 Registers of improvements to entailed estates 21 Registers of judicial factors 22 Record of fatal accident inquiries 23 Fiars Court papers 30

24 Roll books of law agents 25 Unallocated WORKMEN'S COMPENSATION 26 Special registers 27 Minute books of memoranda 28 Ledgers 29 Memoranda of agreement 30 Unallocated SMALL DEBT COURT 31 Small Debt Court books 32 Unallocated DEBTS RECOVERY COURT 33 Debts Recovery Court books SUMMARY REMOVING COURT 34 Summary Removing Court books COMMISSARY COURT 35 Registers of confirmations, inventories & wills 36 Bonds of caution 31

37 Minute books of inventories 38 Index of inventories 39 Commissary Court minute books 40 Commissary Court processes CRIMINAL COURTS 41 Criminal record 42 Criminal & quasi-criminal roll books 43 Indictments 44 Juvenile Court register 45 Register of applications under the Social Work (Scotland) Act, 1968 45A Applications under the Social Work (Scotland) Act, 1968 REGISTER OF DEEDS ETC 46 Register of deeds, 1st series 47 Register of deeds, 2nd series 48 Register of deeds - warrants 49 Minute books of register of deeds 50 Register of protests 51 Register of protests - warrants 52 Minute books of protests 32

53 Register of hornings 54 Minute books of register of hornings 55 Unallocated MISCELLANEOUS SHERIFF COURT RECORDS 56 Freeholders minute books 57 Miscellaneous papers SUMMARY CAUSE 58 Registers of summonses for payment (RSC1) ADMIN HISTORY Rothesay Sheriff Court operates within the Sheriffdom of North Strathclyde, which also contains the sheriff courts situated at Campbeltown, Dumbarton, Dunoon (with its annexe at Lochgilphead), Greenock, Kilmarnock, Oban and Paisley. A sheriffdom consisting of Bute, the Cumbraes, Arran and, at that time, Kintyre was first created in 1293. The Sheriffdom of Bute was joined with Argyll in 1748, with Renfrew in 1881, with Ayr in 1946, and became part of North Strathclyde in 1975. As of The Sheriff Court Districts (Alteration of Boundaries) Order 1996, Bute Sheriff Court District covers wards 18 to 20 in the area of Argyll and Bute, and, in ward 21, the Isle of Bute. Sheriffs (Sheriffs Depute prior to 1828) of Rothesay 1827 Samuel McCormick 1837 James Ivory 1847 Robert Hunter 1857 Robert Hunter 1867 Robert Hunter 1877 Patrick Fraser 1887 The Honourable Henry J Moncrieff (Sheriff Depute) 1897 John Cheyne GD112/17/1/7 Miscellaneous loose papers c 1670 – 1689 33


Description - Including: 1. Extract act by Archibald, earl of Argyll, and commissioners of excise and justices of the peace of Argyll, anent repairing highways within said shire, 16 September 1671. 3. Acts made and set down by Archibald, earl of Argyll, with advice and consent of the gentlemen and others in Kintyre, to be kept and observed in time coming. Campbeltown, 7 November 1672. 4. Warrant by the laird of Glenurchay, younger, to Alexander Campbell, son of John Campbell, fiar of Inneryaldies, and Alexander Campbell, Archibald's son, or either of them, to take 8 men and apprehend Archibald McEan Duy na Garlich `wher ye can find him and bring him with you to Finlarg & ther imprisson him', 2 June 1674. 5. Decreet of court held at Finlarig, 7 May 1675. Panel: Archibald McNabbe of Achcharne. 6. Bond by Callum McIllealan, elder, in Callelachan, and Callum McIlleallan, younger, in Achcharn, to John Campbell of Glenurquhie, to present person of Donald McIllealan, son of said Callum, elder, at present in prison of Balloch, on 8 days' notice, 11 May 1675. 7. Bond of caution by Patrick McIntagart in Ardtallonik, Gilchrist McIntagart in Lordglomond and Gilchrist McIntagart in Acharn, to the Earl of Caithnes, for John McIntagart in Achinich, during his abode in country of Breadalbane, 1 November 1677. 8. Petition of Donald McNikurd in Catinish, 34

anent theft of 2 fillies, voicing his suspicion that Duncan Moor Campbell in Molay was concerned in the matter, n.d. 9. Petition of Patrick McNiccoll in Stronmanessag, anent theft of a young workhorse, accusing Duncan Moir Campbell in Molay as the thief, n.d. 10. Petition of John NcNiccoll in Bocheill, who has also lost a young strong workhorse, and thinks that Duncan Moir Campbell has also taken the animal, n.d. 11. Petition of Gilchrist McIntyre, son of deceased Nicol McIntyre, recipient's footman, that Patrick McCarthur, fiar of Tirivadich, detains from petitioner and his brother the sum of 14 score marks scots or value thereof, poinded from deceased Anna McNakaird, their mother, and themselves, from lands of Bocaird, etc, n.d. 14. Memo anent laird of Glenurquhay's power to hold courts in Lorne, n.d. 15. Note of tenants of Luing, Seill, Nether Lorne accused of misdeeds before a court at Clachanseill, 5 August 1680. 16. Letter of bailiery by John, earl of Breadalbane, in favour of Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine as baron bailie in Glenurquhay and third of Lorne, 20 March 1683. 17. Bond of caution by Donald McPhadrig Glass VcGregor in Tomdavoir in Fernane, Duncan McConochie VcKerracher in Innerinanan in Rora, Patrick McIchruime in Lurgbuy in Lawers, and Donald McIllespeik 35

VcVeir, brother to Patrick Buy McVeir in Tombreck, for Donald Glass McGrigor, prisoner in Finlarig, sentenced to be sent to foreign plantations never to return, by the Earl of Breadalbane, granters `being unwilling that he [Donald Glass] should be putt to undergoe the said sentance being now ane old aged man', 3 March 1683. 20. Note of actions before a court, n.d. but mentions crop 1678-9. Charter by Archibald, marquis of Argyll, earl of Kintyre, lord Campbell and Lorne, in favour of Sir Neill Campbell, his brother, GD112/75/99 of lands of Barbrecklochaw, Pollinduich, Drumnyne and Auchalinane in terms of a disposition dated 9 March 1652 - 9 Mar 1670 Charter by Archibald, earl of Argyll, lord of Kintyre, Campbell and Lorne, to Duncan Campbell, son of John Campbell, GD112/75/42 younger, of Glenurchy, of lands of Cataneis and Larig, also called McLachlan's lands, in barony of Lochawe and sheriffdom of Argyll 26 Oct 1670 GD112/39/27/3 Anna, countess of Argyll, to the laird of Glenorchy, her cousin by marriage Description - N.y. March 28. Question of payment of her jointure from support granted by the friends in Argyllshire; `as to Mr John Arche, I have no mind to speake to my lord to entertain him for I feare hee wold shame his preferrers; but if Mr Achesun stays in edenbrow I wold willingly have him in my lords law afairs ... I marvil what Arche: Mac. means to tel you that macnaton hath resevid all the munny thear is as much behind as wold pas ten signifiers ... Let my confermacion be passed presantly and keape as much in your hands as may pas cantier [Kintyre] for I will send word within a 14 days of a thing that is amis in the signiter... Nou I must end or elc make a bouke'. 36

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Postscript, `let none know whearefore this munny is but say tis munny I am oing you, for I desier not that it bee knone til it be doone'. Copy letter, Anne, countess of Argyll, to Mr John Archbald nd. Description - Legal matters in Edinburgh passing signature of Kintyre in favour of her son through the seals; urges him to be GD112/39/27/11 careful, and not to despise help of John Campbell but to make sure that he can do no harm for she does not trust where she has so often been deceived; has made the matter secure and unburdened with Argyll's debts. CHARTER by Ronald Mcdonald of Sana [Macdonald of Sanda], in implement of marriage contract, 3 October, 1671, between him and Anna Stewart lawful daughter of deceased Sir James Stewart of Kirktoun, knight, sheriff of Bute with consent of Grissell Campbell, her GD92/13 mother, and others, whereby he grants to Anna the 3 merklands of Blastill [Blasthill], 2 merklands of Edin, 1/2 merkland of Culrechane, 20s. land of Achray, 20s. land of Pensoriache, 2 merkland of Drumoyr [Drummore], in lordship of Kintyre, in liferent. 5 October 1671 Law Papers and Discharges. 1673 – 1675 Description - including discharges by John Cumming, writer in Edinburgh; Mr. George Gordon, only son and heir of George Gordon, Kintyre pursuivant; William Law, goldsmith in Edinburgh; Mr. Alexander Fraser, parson of Pettie [Petty]; and Thomas M'Phersone [McPherson] of Etteres [Etteridge]: also Assignation by Duncan Grant of Mullochard; Horning against M'Donalds [McDonalds]; Declaration by Mr. Roderick M'Kenzie [McKenzie] of Findon; Bond to James Urie, merchant in Edinburgh; and relative 37

1673 - 03 - 18

papers; Inhibition, etc. by James Donaldson, merchant burgess of Elgin; William Grant of Lurg; and Decreet of Transference of Plea against Ludovick Grant of Freuchie. GD112/2/9/25 Renunciation by Archibald, earl of Argyll, Edinburgh, in favour of Lord Neill Campbell. Narrates contract of wadset dated at Dunolich 30 December 1636 (reg. Argyll sheriff court 7 November 1649) between Alexander McDowgall of Donnolich and Archibald Campbell, captain of Dunstaffnich, as tutor for Donald Ewing in Ardnaholoyay, son of late William Ewing in Barrindromane for 3000 merks scots of 4 merklands of Ardintryve with pertinents, parish of Kilbryde, lordship of Lorne, sheriffdom of Argyll. Charter of wadset and sasine following thereon of 30 December 1636. Contract of wadset dated at Inveraray 20 September 1654 by John McDowgall, son of said Alexander McDowgall, and said Donald Ewing for £10,000 scots of 8 merklands of Ardnachwoay or Ardnahwoay, 8 merklands of Dowacha and lands of Pennyfour, extending in all to 16 merklands of old extent in lordship of Lorne, sheriffdom of Argyll. Charter of wadset and confirmation as superior by Archibald, marquis of Argyll, 20 September 1654 and sasine 29 May 1655. Assignation 21 February-31 March 1670 by Donald Ewing and Beatrix Campbell, his wife, for sum of 18,000 merks scots, paid by said earl of Argyll of said contracts of wadset to Lord Neill Campbell. Granter, as having acquired rights of John McDowgall of Dunolich, and as having been paid 21,000 merks scots by Lord 38

1673 05 - 30


Neill Cambell for said lands, gives renunciation to right of reversion. In warrandice he grants 2 merklands of Ardsleignish, 2 merklands of Camusnagall, 2 and 1/2 merklands of Tornamoan, 2 merklands of Corremulzie, 2 and 1/2 merklands of Skinill, 2 merklands of Kilchoan, 20s. lands of Orinsackbeg and 2 and 1/2 merklands of Orinesackmoir, lying in Adnamurchane, sheriffdom of Argyll, until expiry of the legal term on apprising led by Lord Neill Campbell against John McDowgall of Downolich of principal lands 4 March 1669 for £7146:13:4d. scots and sheriff's fee, or the right be otherwise completely established. In event of sale of warrandice lands warranty was to extend instead over 4 merklands of Corpuitachane, 4 merklands of Clangart and 4 merklands of Margmonegach, parish of Killean, lordship of Kintyre, sheriffdom of Argyll. Written by William Paton, servant to John Cunynghame of Enterkine, WS. Witnessed by said John Cunynghame, John Campbell of Glenorchie and James Chalmers and Mr Walter Pringle, advocates 18 Mar 1673 COPY AGREEMENT between George Campbell of Kinochtrie and Ronald McDonald of Sana [Macdonald of Sanda], by which said Ronald undertakes to repay sums owing to GD92/20 George Campbell and George undertakes, on repayment, to return St. Ninian's lands inKintyre, apprised from said Ronald. 30 May 1673 GD112/39/120/19 Anne Mackenzie, second wife of Archibald, 9th earl of 39

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1675 12 - 22 40

Argyll, to the laird of Glenurchi at Duart, her cousin 1674 Description - s delighted to learn of her lord's peaceful possession of Mull; prophesies they will make it a second Kintyre. CONTRACT of WADSET between Rannald McDonald of Sannay [Macdonald of Sanda] and Archibald McNeill in Balegregan [Balygroggan] for himself and in name of Donald McNeill, his eldest lawful son by Katharine McVicar, his spouse, whereby for 500 merks borrowed by said Rannald McDonald he disponed to said Archibald McNeill in liferent, and said Donald, in fee, the half GD92/22 merkland of Garnacopag, in parish of Kilchevan [Kilchievan], lordship of Kintyreand sheriffdom of Argyll, reserving to said Rannald all minerals or coal found on said lands; and said Archibald and his said son are to attend the said Rannald within the bounds of Kintyre when called upon unless at the same time they are called by the Earl of Argyll. 11 May 1674 REGISTERED BOND by Ronald McDonald of Sannay [Macdonald of Sanda] to Mr. John Campbell, writer in Edinburgh, for 2900 merks in which he obliges himself to infeft GD92/27 said Mr. John in the 20s. land of the Isle of Sannay [Sanda] and 20s. land of Penlachtan in parish of Kilblaine [Kilblane] in Kintyre. Registered Books of Council and Session 11 Jan. 1676. 16 August 1675 GD92/29 EXECUTION of POINDING and APPRISING against Ronald McDonald of Sanna [Macdonald of

1676 09 - 26


Sanda] at the instance of Alexander McKenzie of Bollone [McKenzie of Belloan], made on the 6 merkland of Mochriach [Machrireoch], 20s. land of Knockmoran, 20s. land of Pensurach, 20s. land of Killmashauchan, 20s. land of Penlachtin, 20s. land of Auchroy, 3 merkland of Blaisdull [Blasthill], 2 merkland of Edins, and 2 merkland of Drumore [Drummore], in lordship of Kintyre and sheriffdom of Argyll. [Incomplete]. 22 December 1675 DISPOSITION by Collin Campbell, son and heir of deceased George Campbell of Kinnochtrie, to Robert Stewart, writer in Edinburgh of the lands in Kintyre known as St. Ninian's lands, apprised to said George Campbell of Kennochtrie on 18 July, 1672. 26 September 1676



Argyle Papers 1677-1721 Volume of original MSS, bound and guarded, bearing the title "Argyle Papers" on the spine 1677 – 1721 Description - 1a. n.d. [18th century]. Engraving or woodcut - "View of the Duke of Argyll's house at Whitton." 1. 1677, July 27. Narrative of legal dispute between the Duke of York, as Admiral of Scotland, and the Earl of Argyll, over their respective claims to the "Tobermory galleon". Document endorsed "The E of Argyll and duke of york's pretences for the ship sunk in the Spanish armado 1588". 3pp. 2. 1679, February 25. Stated accompt between the Earl of Argyll and Archibald, lord Lorne, at Haddingtoune. 3. [1686]. Petition for Archibald, late lord Lorne, to the King, that the royal grant to him of £15,000 Scots yearly rent from the forfeited estate of Argyll, and free of his (the supplicant's) father's and grandfather's debts, may be made effectual. 3pp. 41

4. No date. Another, shorter, petition for Lord Lorne on the same lines as no.3 above. 5. No date. Copy of letter endorsed "Double letter - Lords of the Theasourie to my Lord Murray" seeking an abatement of 31,000 sterling in the payments due from the tacksmen of the excise, for the reasons stated in the letter. Subscribed by Argyll and Charles Maitland. 6. n.d. [but c.1702]. Brief note of the rent or feu duty of Islay for 1701, due and payable at Candlemas 1702. 7. No date. "Note of things in a Hamper to be sent by the Yaught" items listed include saucepans, baking tins, a large pewter chamber pot, and "harnishing of the coach". 8. No date. Account of cheese supplied to the Duke of Argyll in 1701 by Samuel Brathwaite, cheesemonger. 9. c.1703. Account of wages, etc., due by the Duke of Argyll to James Gordon, master of His Grace's yacht 'The Jockey'. 10. n.d. Account of 6 year's wages due to Anthony Seasor [or Leasor], servant of the Duke of Argyll. 11. n.d. Note of linen sent to Scotland in a box (tablecloths, etc). 12-13. n.d. Lists 20 of "travelling plate", and clothes and crockery. 14. 1703, January 8. Durham. Letter from [P-] Smith, to James Anderson, London, regarding the Duchess of Argyll's legal affairs. 15. n.d. Short letter by P Smith to [blank] sending a legal draft for perusal. 16. c.1703. Note of wages of Christopher Tucker as butler to the Duke of Argyll. 17. [1703]. Print of petition to the Court of Session for the Duchess of Argyll against Alexander M'Corcandel. With interlocutors endorsed. 42

18. 1703, August 31. Churton. Receipt for coal for the Duke of Argyll. 19. n.d. [but after 25 September 1703]. Letter from Elizabeth, duchess of Argyll, to "My Lord" [not otherwise identified, but probably an English judge] regarding the late Duke's affairs in England, seeking "justis and despatch" from the recipent's courts in confirming her and her sons' title; and in stopping "that ill woman" from "any bad desighns she ore any for her may have at this time". 20. 1703 [blank] 29. Letter from Elizabeth, duchess of Argyll, to Mr Care, under sheriff of Northumberland, commending the bearer, Mr Anderson, to the recipient, to settle her business there. 20a. 1703, November 9. Newcastle. Letter from Thomas Marr to James Anderson, W S., Edinburgh, informing him that the yacht has been loaded but her departure is delayed because customs duty has not been paid. 21. 1703, November 11. Duddingston. Letter from James Anderson to George Clark, carrier, and Charles Simson, gardener, Tranent, urging them to come immediately to Duddingston, bringing the sealed boxes for examination by a surveyor. 22. 1703, November 4. Chriton. Receipt for 20 shillings to account of the family of Chriton. 23-24. 1704, February 15 and 29. letters (2) from [Elizabeth, duchess of Argyll] to James Anderson, WS, at London, about her business affairs. 25. 1703/4 March 4. Minor receipt. 26. 1704, April 19. List of goods belonging to the Duchess of Argyll, subscribed by James Anderson, WS, with an obligation by him to pay the duty on them when required. 27. 1704, May 12. Letter from [Elizabeth, dowager duchess of Argyll,] to James Anderson, WS, regarding a legal arrangement between herself and her son. 43

28. 1704, June 17. Inner Temple, London. Letter from Francis Milles to James Anderson, WS, about Argyll family legal matters. Mentions Mrs Allanson and the suit she has brought in Chancery against the Duke and Duchess (and many others) regarding "the goods and things taken from Chirton which were lost at sea". [Document damaged.] 29. 1702-1703. Shoemaker's account for goods delivered to the late Duke of Argyll. 30. 1704, September 11. Copy instructions by John, duke of Argyll, to his managers. 31. 1704, September 11. Letter from [the Dowager duchess of Argyll] to James Anderson, WS, Edinburgh, about her legal affairs. 32. 1704, December 23. Letter from William [Mawdry?] to James Anderson, WS, regarding goods belonging to the late Duke of Argyll, and similar matters. 33. [1704]. Account for gardening and labouring/handyman work done for the Duke of Argyll by George Ridley, 1702-1704. 34. [c.1704]. Inventory of goods in Black Hamilton which belonged to the late Duke of Argyll. 35. 1701-1705. Detailed account of veterinary and smith work to the Duke of Argyll's horses, by Bar Gibson. (6pp). 36. n.d. [but 1702 x 1707]. Letter from "D.N." [a woman] to [the Duchess of Queensberry] about a conversation she has overhead regarding the political probity of Mr David Baillie; and a subsequent conversation she herself had with him on the subject. 37. 1705, July 19. Discharged bill of amount paid by the chamberlains of Kintyre in favour of Archibald Campbell, writer, on precept by Elizabeth, dowager duchess of Argyll. 38. 1705, October 17. Letter from [Elizabeth, dowager duchess of Argyll,] to James Anderson, WS, about a financial matter between her 44

and "my Lord Montrose". 39. 1703-1705. An account of estate rents and money borrowed for the Duke of Argyll's use, compiled by Ronald Campbell. 40. No date. Scroll line of descent from [the Earl of Kinnoull]. No dates given, 2 small ff. 41. No date. Letter from [Elizabeth, dowager duchess of Argyll,] to James Anderson, WS, regarding an annualrent payment due to the bearer. 42. 1706, March 27. Edinburgh. Letter from J Menzeis to [the dowager duchess of Argyll] asking her to take into consideration "what Mr Anderson writts on my behalf..." 43. 1707, March 13. Letter from [Elizabeth, dowager duchess of Argyll,] to James Anderson, WS, about minor financial matters. 44. n.d. Letter from [Elizabeth, dowager duchess of Argyll,] to James Anderson, WS, acknowledging receipt of information. "I am most sensible of the desighns against me but I will by the blessing of God desapoint them, for my actions shall be just." Mentions that the yacht has lost her long boat "but no damag don her, God be thanked..." 45. c.1708. Account of debt and credit between the Duke and Duchess of Argyll and Sir Robert Gordon. 46. n.d. Draft of letter from [blank] to "My Lord" giving details of the case between the Duke and Duchess concerning Kilblaan. 47. 1709, March [14?]. Letter from James Campbell of Burnbank to [blank] about a complicated financial matter concerning the Argyll, Lawers and Glendarwell families. 48. [170]. Page of printed forms of receipt [blank details to be filled in] for coal supplied by the laird of Wolmet. 49. [ - ], December 21. Letter from [Elizabeth, dowager duchess of Argyll,] to James Anderson, WS, at London, about her dispute with "D" 45

and attempts to make differences between her son and herself; and her affairs generally. 50. n.d. Letter from [Elizabeth, dowager duchess of Argyll,] to James Anderson, WS, at London, about her financial business. [Endorsed "about E. Dysert".] 51. 1710, March 16. Canongate. Letter from John Grierson to James Anderson, WS, at Whitehall. Minor matters. 52. 1710, June 26. Letter from [Elizabeth, dowager duchess of Argyll,] to James Anderson, WS, in London. Comments on a death, which has given "Calder" some liberty. Asks Anderson to try to reach agreement with her brother on the terms offered, even if only for a trial period of three years. "I have a [brave?] coal in this countie, tis 13 foot thick and excellent coal. I wish it were at Dudeston. I would make a 1000 pound a year of it, but what I can make hier I know not." 53. No date but Wednesday 12. Letter from John Grierson to James Anderson, WS, sending a copy of "your own and Deacon Lillies valuation for last year..." 54. 1710, August 24. Letter from [Elizabeth, dowager duchess of Argyll,] to James Anderson, WS, at Edinburgh, seeking to borrow his chaise and horses. 55. 1710 November 24. Duddingstoun. Letter from Janet Barclay to James Anderson, WS, Edinburgh, asking him to intercede with the Duchess regarding her (ie the writer's) account. 56. 1711, May 22. Edinburgh. Letter from James Fraser to the Duchess of Argyll, his aunt, explaining the delay in his visiting her - "... I am not in a condition to travel further." 57. 1711, July 13, Letter from [Elizabeth, Dowager duchess of Argyll,] to [blank] regarding attempts of a Mrs Anderson to see her. Comments on the Duke of Queensberry's death - "[it] will certinly make alterations and to his partie a faitale strock." 58. 1715, January 4. Letter from Patrick Craufurd, Edinburgh, to James 46

Anderson in London, in detail about negotiations with the Duchess of a lease of ground [location not given but a comparison is made with Ardmary tenants]. 59-86. 1716-1721. Letters (28) from [Elizabeth dowager duchess of Argyll] to James Anderson, WS, about her business affairs. DISCHARGE by John Campbell to Ronald McDonald of Sanday [Macdonald of Sanda] of £20. 2. 4d for feu-duty of the 22 1/2 merkland of Machrireioch [Machrireoch], Blastill [Blasthill], Eiden, Acharoy, Penniseorich, Knockmurrane, GD92/42 Kilimashennichen, Pequhacht, Culreochane, and the Isle of Sanda, all in South Kintyre, and Drumore [Drummore] in North Kintyre, together with the "brocks" of Drummoir and teinds of above lands. 22 January 1678 HERITABLE BOND by Rannald McDonald of Sanna [Macdonald of Sanda], in favour of Mr. John Campbell, writer in Edinburgh, for 1150 merks, and in security said Rannald binds himself to infeft said GD92/44 Mr. John Campbell in the 20s. land of the Isle of Sannay and the 20s. land of Penlachtan, in parish of Kilblaine [Kilblane] in Kintyre and sheriffdom of Argyll. 20 September 1678 GD92/53 DISCHARGE by John Campbell to Anna Stewart, lady Sanna [Sanda], for £98.8s. 4d and the bailie of Kintyre's precept for £108 for goods sold to the tenants of Penneyland, which, along with other sums paid by said Anna and 47

1678 01 - 22

1678 09 - 20

1680 01 - 09

1680 04 - 24 25

1680 - 08 – 31

1680 - 12 - 17

1681 01 – 14 - 26

deceased Rannald McDonald of Sanna [Macdonald of Sanda], her spouse, completes payment of feuduty etc. of the 20 merkland of Pennyland, 1/2 merkland of Coulrechan, 2 merkland of Drummoir [Drummore], and 2 merkland of Ballinebraid. 9 January 1680 EXECUTIONS OF APPRISING at the instance of Angus Campbell, late bailie of Campbelltown, against Archibald McDonald of Lergie [McDonald of Largie] as heir to deceased Angus McDonald of Lergie, his father, made on lands at Carnbeg, Carnmore, Braintien [Braentrian], Killmichell GD92/57 [Kilmichael], Claigindunen, Leignahunohen, Runachein, Dunashery, Corteniphall, Ulladell, Bellach, Beachare, Beachmenach, Blairie, Clachaye, the isle of Cara, Corphelach, Ronachain, and Bellapolle, all lying in lordship of Kintyre and sheriffdom of Argyll. 24 - 25 April 1680 Bond of Presentation granted by Duncan Campbell of Glencarradale in favour of SC54/17/3/3/13 Ewan MacEwan in Auchnasavil that he appear when required before the Bailie of Kintyre 31 August 1680 Discharge by Mr Alexander Campbell, minister of Kilmore (by commission of the Bishop of Argyll to repair sometimes to the parish of Ilanfinan and Kilchoan to perform the duty of a minister and to GD201/3/38 intromet with the tithes) to Donald McDonald of Moydart, for his proportion of the said tithes for the year 1679. At Castle Tirom 17 Dec 1680 GD92/63 TACK by Robert Stewart, lawful son to deceased Sir James Stewart of Kirktoune [Kirkton], knight baronet, tutor testamentar of Archibald 48

1681 - 10 13


McDonald, now of Sanna [Macdonald of Sanda] to John Fultoune [Fulton], portioner of Threipwood, now in Ascumellmoir in Kintyre, and William Fultone of Boydstoune [Fulton of Boydstoun], in parish of Lochwhinneoch [Lochwinnoch], in sheriffdom of Renfrew, of the 6 merkland of Machririoch [Machrireoch], in the parish of Kilblane in Kintyre, and sheriffdom of Argyll, for 9 years (Gartnacopag and Laglesan not to be included in the tack), for yearly payment of £380, and said John and William undertake to plant six trees yearly in each merkland and to observe the acts of the court of the lordship of Kintyre. 14 - 26 January 1681 DECREET OF APPRISING at the instance of James, Alexander, Grissell and Issabell McDonald, lawful children and executors of deceased Ronald McDonald of Sanda [Macdonald of Sanda], and of Robert Stewart, Uncle to the sheriff of Bute their tutor, against Archibald McDonald now of Largie son and apparent heir to deceased Angus McDonald of Largie, and also against Donald McDonald his tutor, apprysing the lands of Carnebeg, with Corchelloch, Carnmoir, Braynitian [Braentrian], Kilmichell [Kilmichael], Glackindunan, Largnahunshen, Rounacherin, Dunasserie, Gortanfaall, Ulladill, Bellechyerran, Beochnenich, Blearie, Claghag,


1681 - 11 29


1682 12 01

Kelziebell, Rennochan, Stroan, Marrachan, Beachar, Carry [Isle of Cara?], all in lordship of Kintyre and sheriffdom of Argyll, to said James, Alexander, Grissell and Issobell McDonald. In Dorso Ratification, dated 4 Dec. 1681, by the Lords of Council and Session of foregoing Decreet. 13 October 1681 DISCHARGE by John Campbell, Chamberlain to the Earl of Argyll inKintyre, to Walter Campbell, Captain of Skipnitch [Skipness], in name of Mr. Stewart, advocate, tutor testamentar to Archibald McDonald of Sanna [Macdonald of Sanda] for £360 being feu-duty payable by the laird of Sanna for the 22 1/2 merklands of Machrireoch, Gartnegabog, Isle of Sanna [Sanda], Penneysearach, Peanlachtan, Kilmashenoig, Blastell [Blasthill], Achoroy, Edin, and Coulreachan for Martinmas term, 1681. 29 November 1681 GD21/49 Ante-nuptial marriage contract between Archibald McAllester in Toir in Arrane, and Finnuell Boyll, sole heretrix of Ascumell-Beg in Kintyre, with advice and consent of John Conynghame (Cuninghame) of Caddell, the said Archibald contracts for himself, his future spouse, and any children of the marriage, the sum of 2000 merks for which Lauchlan McNeill of



1683 - 04 - 30



1684 - 01 - 23

1684 - 02 -09


Tirfergus, and Charles McEchan of Tangyie have given bond as cautioners for the said Archibald, of the above date, Finnuell's tocher being the 3-merk land of Ascumell-Beg in Kilcheren parish in Kintyre. 1/12/1682 Bundle of discharges in favour of John Cuninghame of Caddell, of the rents, teinds and GD21/50 other duties of the lands of Machrichanish, Tradigall, Corrilach, and Kilchome, in Kintyre. 1683 - 1691 PRECEPT by the Chamberlain of the estates of Argyll to Walter Campbell, Captain of Skipnidge [Skipness], to pay to Mr. David Simpsone, minister of South Kintyre, all the teinds due GD92/82 from the lands of Sanda, amounting to £136.13s. 4d. In dorso. Receipt, dated 30 April 1683, by Mr. David Simson of foregoing sum. 30 April 1683 Rental of lands wherein Lord Lorne stands infeft in parishes of Kilblaan, Kilcheran, Kilcheivan etc. in South Kintyre 1684 DISCHARGE by Mr. David Simson minister in South Kintyre, to Walter Campbell of Skipnish [Skipness] of GD92/84 205 merks as teinds for the crop year 1683 from the 20 merk 6s.8d. lands of Sana [Sanda]. 23 January 1684 Bond by John McAllum, drover in Kintyre, to Donald McDonald of Muidortt for 135 merks, 10 shillings Scots. At Cana 9 Feb 1684 51



1685 - 01 - 19

1685 - 06 - 11

1685 - 08 – 27

1685 - 09 – 10 1685 - 10 – 07

Assignation to Ranald moir McAlister in Corputachan (Corputechan) of the goods forfeited by the rebels in 1685 Description - John Boyle of Kellburne, Patrick Stewart of Ballechan and John McNachtan SC54/17/5/3 Sheriff Depute of Argyll, the depute Comisioners of Justiciary appointed by John Marquis of Atholl, had sold the forfeited property of the rebels to Ranald mor McAlister for £1000 Scots. The deed of assignation details 23 rebels in Kintyre from whom the goods came and the goods themselves. Lists of rebels and others involved in the Earl of Argyll's Rebellion of 1685 Description - 16 lists of varying length with many overlaps. These include the official court List SC54/17/5/2 of Rebels, several lists applying only to Kintyre, a list of those applying for indemnity, a list of those removed from the official list, and a list of rebels from Knapdale. Act of the commissioners of supply concerning superplus cess and excise. 19 Jan 1685 SC54/20/3/2/22 Description - Concerning the superplus cess and excise of Kintyre. Archibald McVicar, Collector of Kintyre, had not paid over the full sum raised for Martinmas 1684. RECEIPT by Mr. David Simpson, minister of South Kintyre, to the Captain of Skipnish [Skipness] for GD92/92 £47. 14s. 4d. for Sanda's children's boarding and school wages from Hallowday, 1684 to Mayday, 1685. 11 June 1685 The Procurator Fiscal agt John Alexander in Crosshill, John Alexander in Killeonan and Robert Allan in Campbeltown (all in Kilkerran parish), Alan Anderson in Machrimore (Kilcolumkill, Kilblaan & Kilkivan) and 164 others from Kintyre. 27 August 1685 SC54/17/2/12/1 Description - Accused of Converse with vagrant preachers, being present at the 'treacherous sermons' at Campbeltown, being armed at the time of the rebellion, and withdrawing from church ordinances. The papers provide a record of the depositions of almost all the accused but no verdict or sentence has survived in just over 40% of the cases. 27 were recorded as assoilzied. The Procurator Fiscal agt John roy MacVretny, Malcolm MacVretny, Donald MacVretny and Neil MacVretny in Leim (Gigha) and 65 others from Gigha and SC54/17/2/12/3 neighbouring parts of Kintyre. 10 September 1685 Description - The summons does not give the actual charge. Verdict not recorded. SC54/17/2/12/6 The Procurator Fiscal agt James Maxwell in Ballevain (Killean & Kilchenzie) Thomas Maxwell of Millhouse, John Cunningham in Machrihanish (Kilcolumkill, Kilblaan & Kilkivan), William Hamilton 9 others all from Kintyre except Mr William McLachlan, minister of Kilmartin 07 October 1685 Description - Accused of Hearing and conversing with vagrants and 52

1685 - 11 - 09





1686 - 01 - 05

1686 - 10 - 22

1686 - 11 - 05

intercommuned persons. No verdict recorded. ?Hamilton [of Enterkin], Woodsyd, to Lady Isabella Campbell 9 Nov 1685 Description - Cannot get payment of the feuduty from GD112/39/139/13 her tenants; she must come to Kintyre for writer must leave it, `for I cannot stay, for if I stay I most convers with rebels being suroundet with them so I know not what to doe except I close my self in Achanebey'. Account of the arms and rental of the lands GD1/57/14 in Kintyre held in wadset by Lachlan McNeill of Terriefergus. 1686 DISCHARGE by Mr. John Campbell, son to late Earl of Argyle [Argyll], to Archibald McViccar [McVicar] sub- collector GD92/105 of Kintyre, of £200, part of the superplus of the cess allowed to be given to said Mr. John. 1686 List of Assizers for the North End of Kintyre 1686. DISCHARGE by David Simpsone, minister of South Kintyre, to Walter Campbell of Skipnish GD92/97 [Skipness] of £79 as part payment of the teinds due from the laird of Sana's [Sanda] land for 1684. 5 January 1686 Rental of the laird of Glensadell's lands in the parish of Saddell GD1/57/8 inKintyre, with account of arms. 22 Oct 1686 GD92/98 DISCHARGE by Mr. David Simpson, Minister of South Kintyre, to Walter Campbell of Skipnish, for 205 merks of teinds due from the laird of Sana's [Sanda] lands for 1685. 5 November 53

1686 1687 1687 Anna Murray vs Kintyre : Unstated Summaries of Argyll rentals in Kintyre and Parishes Gigha, Killearnadale [Jura] and Colonsay. SC54/20/8/8 1687 DISPOSITION by John Campbell of Saccoth [Succoth], writer to the Signet, to Archibald Campbell, his eldest son, by Janet Hamilton, his first spouse, of the lands of Largie comprehending the lands of Carnbeg, Barnshelloch [Barnshalloch], Little Curshelloch, Carnmore, Meikle Carshalloch, Brantyene [Braentrian], Kilmichell [Kilmichael], Snednill, Learna, Skunsheon, Bannachernie, Skellag, GD92/106 Narrachane [Narrachen], Dunnacharie, Ulladill, Balichagerane, Beacharre, Beachmanoch, Clachagerman, Dalirie, Bannacharie, Kellipoll, Gortananfeall and island of Cara, all in lordship of North Kintyre and sheriffdom of Argyll, which were apprised from deceased Angus McDonald of Largie, as heir to deceased Alexander McDonald, his father. 19 February 1687 Summary of rentals of lands in the parishes of Kintyre. 10 Aug 1687 Description - Summary of rentals of lands in the parishes of Kilcolmkill, Kilblaan, Kilchaven SC54/20/8/12/2 (Kilkivan), Kilkeran (Kilkerran), Kilmichael, Kilchousland, Sadell, Kilchenzie and Killean given in by 9 and 10 September 1687. Gives all the lands valued. Teinds payable to the Bishop of the Isles. 15 Sep 1687 SC54/20/8/12/9 Description - Lists the lands in the Isles, and Kintyre from which thirds and feu duties were payable. Given in by Mr John Beaton minister of Kilninian, factor for Archibald, Bishop of the Isles. GD92/115 DISHARGE by Mr. David Simpson, minister of South Kintyre, to the Captain of Skipnish [Skipness], factor to Mr. Robert Stewart, tutor to the laird of Sana [Sanda], of 205 merks as teinds of the 20 1/2 merkland of Sana CS181/3905 54

1687 - 02 - 19

1687 - 08 – 10 1687 - 09 15 1688 - 06 - 27


1689 - 01 - 31

1689 - 05 - 23

1689 - 08 - 02

1690 - 04 - 07

1691 - 02 - 16

for crop and year 1687. 27 June 1688 Letter from Captain Young to Col. Balfour, brigadier-general at Edinburgh, reporting his GD26/9/241 movements and fight with the Jacobites in Kintire [Kintyre]. 1689 DISCHARGE by Mr. David Simpson, minister of South Kintyre, to the Captain of Skipnish [Skipness] of GD92/116 205 merks as teinds of the 20 1/2 merkland of Sana [Sanda] for crop and year 1688. 31 January 1689 Sir Duncan Campbell of Auchenbreck, Inveraray, to Breadalbane, his cousin 23 May 1689 GD112/39/145/5 Description - Rising in Kintyre; fencible men to be called together; asks for 100 well armed men with 15 days' provisions, on Monday next or sooner if possible. [Copy] Captain G. Rooke, Deptford of Cape of Kintyre, to the duke of GD406/1/3536 Hamilton, announcing that the siege of Londonderry is raised 2 Aug 1689 DISCHARGE by Mr. David Simpson, Minister of South Kintyre, to the Captain of GD92/119 Skipnish [Skipness] of 205 merks as teinds from the 20 1/2 merkland of the Peniland for year 1689. 7 April 1690 GD92/121a DISCHARGE by Dugall Campbel of Glensadell, Bailie to the Earl of Argyll in Kintyre, and John Campbell, Chamberlain to said Earl, to Walter Campbell of Skipnitch [Skipness], in name of Mr. Robert Stewart, younger, advocate, tutor to Archibald McDonald of Sanna [Macdonald of Sanda], of £720 as feuduty of 22 1/2 merkland of Machirieoch [Machrireoch], Gartnegobog, Blastill [Blasthill], Coulreachan, Achoroy, Peansearoch, 55

1691 - 08 - 19


1692 - 10 - 11


1692 - 10 - 17


Peanlachtin, Kilmashenach, Edin and Isle of Sanna [Sanda], in parish of Kilblaan [Kilblane] and Drimmore in parish of Killian [Killean], for years 1689 and 1690. 16 February 1691 TACK by Anna Stewart, relict of deceased Rannald McDonald of Sannada [Macdonald of Sanda] and Walter Campbell of Skipneidge [Skipness] now her spouse to James Maxwell, William Maxwell, Robert Maxwell and John Reid, indwellers in Balwilling and Blastill [Blasthill], of the 3 merkland of Machreioch [Machrireoch] in lordship of Kintyre and sheriffdom of Argyll, for 10 years. 19 August 1691 TACK by Walter Campbell of Skipneidge [Skipness], with consent of Archibald McDonald of Sannay [Macdonald of Sanda], to Donald McMillane [MacMillan] in Knockmoren, of the 20s. land of Knockmoren, with a pendicle of the lands of Machirreioch [Machrireoch] called Laggalessine, in parish of Kilblaine [Kilblane], lordship of Kintyre and sheriffdom of Argyll, for 11 years, for yearly payment of £122 as silver rent and teinds, and 3 firlots of oatmeal. 11 October 1692 DISCHARGE by Dugald Campbell and John Campbell to the Captain of Skipnish [Skipness] of 205 merks as teind silver at ten merks


1693 - 01 - 13

1693 - 02 - 14

1695 09 - 27 1696 - 03 - 26


the merkland furth of the 20 1/2 merkland of Pennyland belonging to the laird of Sanna [Sanda] in South Kintyre. 17 October 1692 DISCHARGE by Dugald Campbell of Glensadell baillie of Kintyre, and John Campbell of Kildalage [Kildalloig] to the Captain of Skipnitch [Skipness] in name of Archibald McDonald of Sanda, of £360 as feu-duty payable by said GD92/127 Archibald from 22 1/2 merkland of Machirarioch [Machrireoch], etc. in parish of Kilblain [Kilblane] in South Kintyre, and from the 2 merkland of Drumoirbodoch in NorthKintyre, for the year 1692. 13 January 1693 TACK by Walter Campbell of Skipnish [Skipness] with consent of Anna Stewart, his spouse, and Archibald McDonald of Sanda [Macdonald of Sanda], to Archibald McNeill in Kilmasheuochan and Esfrick GD92/128 McNuiar there of the 20s. land of Kilmasheuochan, 1 merkland to said Archibald and 1/2 merkland to said Esfrick, in parish of Kilblaine [Kilblane] and lordship of Kintyre for 11 years. 14 February 1693 Letter from Alexander Duncansone to Alexander Campbell of Barcaldine, elder. 27 Sep 1695 Description - Re Barcaldine's payments for vacant stipends within Kintyre. Dated at Inveraray. GD92/134 DISPOSITION by Mr. Robert Stewart, younger, advocate, to Archibald McDonald of Sanday [Macdonald of Sanda], his 57

1696 - 03 - 26


nephew, of the 6 merkland of Aochriach, 20s. land of Knockmoran, 20s. land of Pensurach [Pennysorach], 20s. land of Killmascheuchan, 20s. land of Penlachtin, 20s. land of Auchroy, 3 merkland of Blaisdull [Blasthill], 2 merkland of Edin and 2 merkland of Drumore [Drummore], lying in lordship of Kintyre and sheriffdom of Argyll, which lands were apprised from the deceased Ronald McDonald of Sanday to Alexander McKenzie of Bellaon [McKenzie of Belloan] by decreet of apprising, dated 23 Feb. 1676, and were disponed by said Alexander McKenzie to said Mr. Robert Stewart on 5 Jan. 1679. 26 March 1696 DISPOSITION AND TRANSLATION by Mr. Robert Stewart, younger, advocate, to Archibald McDonald of Sanday [Macdonald of Sanda], his nephew, of the lands called St. Ninian's lands in Kintyre, as in GD92/1, which lands were apprised from deceased Ronald McDonald of Sanda to deceased George Campbell of Kinochtrie by decreet of apprising, dated 18 July 1672, and were disponed by deceased Colin Campbell, son and heir retoured to said deceased George Campbell of Kinochtrie to said Mr. Robert Stewart on 26 Sept. 1676. 26 March 1696


1696 - 03 - 26


1698 - 02 - 24


1698 - 11 - 03


DISPOSITION AND ASSIGNATION by James, Alexander, Grissell and Issobell McDonald, lawful children of deceased Ronald McDonald of Sanday [Macdonald of Sanda] with consent of John McDonald of Largie, husband of said Grissell, and Patrick Hamilton of Coats, husband of said Issobel, and also with consent of Mr. Robert Stewart, younger, advocate, their uncle, to [blank] of the 4 merkland of Carnmoir with Corshelloch, 4 merkland of Braymtain [Braentrian], 4 merkland of Kilmichell [Kilmichael] etc., lying in lordship of Kintyreand sheriffdom of Argyll. 26 March 1696 ASSIGNATION by Angus McDonald, son to deceased Alexander McDonald, sometime residenter in Balligrogan [Balygroggan], in parish of Kilcherven [?Kilchievan] in South Kintyre, to Archibald McDonald of Sanda [Macdonald of Sanda] of his title to a gravestone in the East of the Kirk of Kilcherven. 24 February 1698 WARRANT by Archibald, Earl of Argyll, to Archibald McDonald of Sanda [Macdonald of Sanda] and his tenants, to take peats in the Earl's lands of Lonichane and Kiranmore in South Kintyre. 3 November 1698

1699 - 06 - 17

Act anent Jaw's victuals. 17 Jun 1699 Description - Three shiploads of grain from Kintyre belonging to Thomas Aikenhead of SC54/20/3/6/19 Jaw, which had been impounded by the Earl of Argyll, were ordered to be sold at Inveraray at the prices set by the commissioners. 59

1699 10 14 1699 - 11 27 1700 - 01 - 29

1700 - 01 -23

1700 - 04 – 19

1700 - 10 - 29

1700 + 1701 - 05 - 09

Dugall Campbell, Ardmadie, to Breadalbane 14 Oct 1699 Description - Payments of the tenants' rests; Mr Archibald's GD112/39/179/3 annualrents; price of victual in Kintyre. With note of Mr Archibald's money. Declarations (Kintyre). 27 Nov 1699 SC54/20/2/5 Description - Of liability for poll tax by persons in Kintyre. [Copy] Anne, duchess of Hamilton to the presbytery of Kintyre, agreeing GD406/1/4647 to settle 900 merks each on the ministers of Kilmorie and Kilbryde 29 Jan 1700 - 1701 SASINE in favour of Mrs. Helen Cuninghame, second lawful daughter to deceased John Cuninghame of Caddell [Cunningham of Caddell], now spouse to Archibald McDonald of Sanday [Macdonald of Sanda], of the 6 merkland of Machricrioch [Machrireoch], GD92/139 and 20s. land of Knockmorrein, lying in parish of Kilblaine [Kilblane], lordship ofKintyre and sheriffdom of Argyll; on contract of marriage, dated 20 Aug. 1697, between said Archibald McDonald and Helen Cuninghame. Recorded P.R.S. Argyll &c. 8 Feb. 1700. 23 January 1700 The Procurator Fiscal agt Mary Cameron from Kintyre, Ronald MacAlister in Kilmory (North Knapdale), and Angus MacInlich (Leitch) portioner of Kilmahumaig (North Knapdale) 19 April 1700 Description - 3 confessions made before the Justice General Depute. Mary SC54/17/2/25/8 Cameron confessed a long list of Thefts and and of breaking prison. Ronald McAlister confessed the Theft of a wedder and of corn. Angus Leitch accused of Stealing a cow and a quoy both of which he denied and the witnesses did not support the case against him. No verdicts recorded. Dugald Campbell, moderator of the presbytery of Kintyre, Inverarey, to Anne, duchess of Hamilton, explaining that even with her grace's GD406/1/4646 previous augmentation, the stipend for the minister of Killmorie is not sufficient 29 Oct 1700 Chart of the West Coast of Scotland from Saltcoats in Ayrshire to Whitehaven in England, including Arran and parts of Kintyre, Isle of Man and Ireland: RHP2077 [18th cent.] 1700 + Description - Surveyor and Engraver: John Ainslie GD92/141 TACK BY Archibald McDonald of Sandae 60

1701 - 05 - 09




[Macdonald of Sanda], Anna Stewart, his mother, and Walter Campbell of Skippenadge [Skipness], spouse to said Anna, to Robert Hall in Edden of 1 merkland of the 2 merkland of Eiden, in parish of Kilblaan [Kilblane], Lordship of Kintyre, and sheriffdom of Argyll, for 19 years. 9 May 1701 TACK BY Archibald McDonald of Sanday, Anna Stewart, his mother, and Walter Campbell of Skippenadge [Skipness], spouse to said Anna, to Gawen Ralstoune in Eiden of 1 merkland of the 2 merkland of Eiden, in parish of Kilblaan [Kilblane], Lordship of Kintyre, and sheriffdom of Argyll, for 19 years. 9 May 1701 Accounts of Special Interest 1703 – 1704 Description - Including: 2. 1702/3 January 27 Account due by Lord Glenorchy to John Campbell, goldsmith, 1701-2. Cutlery, setting an emerald in a ring, etc. 3. 1702/3 February 26 Account due by Colin Campbell to Mr John Darnton, for saddlery, including a new mail pillion, and `a sham padd with starups & lathers & gurth for house & bags of very fine cloth imbrodered and trimed with 2 fine silk lacesis'. 5. 1703 March 8 Account due by Colin Campbell to D Ramondon (endorsed as Da Raimondon) for lodging in London, and for a harpsichord book, tuning the harpsichord and for teaching, as well as mending a couch. 7. 1702/3 March 22 Bill of medicines supplied to Lord and Lady Glenorchy by J Garnier, aopthecary. Includes vipers, clysters, pipes and bladders, and a bottle


of liquid laudanaum, 1702-3. 14-15. 1703 April Two accounts for books supplied to Colin Campbell by Martha Stevensone, Mrs Ogston, bookseller in Edinburgh, 1703-4. Includes `bound a book of pictures with pastboard and marble pr. for the boards and leather on the back £1 10s'; binding and lettering other books; sewing and covering manuscripts. Paid 22 June 1703, 16 March 1704. 16. 1703 October 18 Account, charge and discharge , of intromissions of John Campbell, with Breadalbane's money rent and casualties converted in east end of Loch Tay and Toyer, crop 1702. 17. 1703 Account for groceries due by Breadalbane to Charles Steuart, merchant in Perth. Includes a pair of cut fingered gloves, Castle soap, rice, pearl barley. Paid by John Campbell, factor to the earl of Breadalbane, 10 December 1703. 18. 1703 Account for medicines furnished to Breadalbane by Mr James Murray, apothecary in Perth. Includes Lucatelli's balsam in a pot, Burgundy pitch, white lead, turpentine for the horses, lambskins for plasters, a vomiter to Mr Colin's nurse, a disentient plaster for Breadalbane's side, powders for the gravel, spirit of nitre dulcified in a glass, oil of speck, tussilago leaves, etc. Paid 109 December 1703. 1703 Contract of agreement between John Campbell, eldest son of Mungo Campbell of Kinloch, and Robert Menzies, eldest son to Alexander Menzies of Shian, on one part, and Alexander Campbell in 62

Portebane and Donald McNeil VicArthur in Achmore, on other part, whereby said John and Robert will for five years endeavour to destroy the foxes in bounds of officiary of the east end of Loch Tay and of the lands of Glenquech, in return for 40s scots per head. Incomplete; no date, not signed. 23. 1703 Account resting to the Earl of Breadalbane by the feuars of Glenquech, for feuduties, heralds, entries and teinds. 24. 1703 Similar compt of feuduties resting out of Wester Shian. 25. 1704 Tailoring account due by Lady Glenorchy to John Robertson, tailor in Canongait, begun 29 April 1704. Includes `for making the stript & flowert stuf manto lyned with the gold collered shag and the pi[tticoa]tt 2 tyms cut of above & and deip falbielang on it below 8s', and Lady Glenorchy has written in the margin `two shillings to much for making the gown & cote'; `for silk to stitch the stamenger & bon to stifin it & making & cuting & dresing the stayes 9s', and Lady Glenorchy adds `one shilling to much for making the stomacher'. Paid 6 May 1704. 26. 1704 Bookseller's account due to Mrs Ogston, Edinburgh, by Colin Campbell, 1704-5. Includes binding quarto music books in marblepaper, lettering various volumes, and for binding an Irish bible, large quarto, gilt back, red lettered and rolled edges at £2. 31. 1704 December 22. Inveraray, 63

1703 1705 03 07


Letter from W Inglis [to Lord Breadalbane] Details of search for Lawers men drowned in Loch Tay; sends Donald Walker, dean of guild of Inveraray, and two seamen to undertake the search; `the men were unwilling to undertake anything, hearing that the loch was extraordinar deep and fowll, bot they will use all endeavours and by agriement are to give sex dayes work and two more if your lordship find it needfull'; writer has advanced ten shillings stg as travelling charges, and has promised 100 merks and that they shall be kindly entertained; has received Breadalbane's letter in favour of a tenant of Craignish's, accused of charming and witchcraft; believes the matter can be easily done away `bot there was soe much noyse hear that Craignish was takeing up all the mans goods, & to dispose thereof, that Ardkinglas could not shun to medle in it as justice depute ... I have done all I could to prevent any process as yet and I supose the event will not be dangerous'; McNaughtan's affair with Ardkinglas and the great affront done to Mr John, recipient's nephew, and other troubles in the shire, with the duchess hectoring the new feuars to Kintyre, and Auchinbreck endeavouring to ruin the McInvers in Glasserie. State of rents of estate of Argyll, with abbreviate of rental of Kintyre, crop 1703 GD112/39/196/1 Dugall Campbell, Dunstafnedge, to [Breadalbane] 7 Mar 1705 Description - Anent teinds of Nether Lorne; blames the Duchess of Argyll for meddling in her son's affairs inKintyre before the managers were commissioned; writer has heard her assert that she wishes for a good understanding between her son and his friends for his interest; rents of Nether Lorne due last martinmas cannot be got for the tenants are in difficulties; reason why writer is at Dunstafnedge `is upon the death of a verie hopefull youth John Dunstafnedge his brother of whom I have a verie great loss being a helper to me in your 64

1705 04 - 26 1707


lordship's affairs'; will meet McConachie the next day at the burial. Petition of Alexander Johnstone in Cambelltone in Kintyre, Edinburgh Castle, to duke of Orgwille 26 Apr 1705 CH1/2/26/ General Assembly 2 Papers, Main Series Description - Bound Part Two ff. 124-37. Complaints of presbytery of Deer against Fraserburgh and Lord Saltoun. 1707. 138. Rabble at Dingwall. 139-140. Report of Committee on classifying instructions. 141-166. Instructions by presbyteries to their Commissioners. 1707. 167-180. Case of disputed call to Bothwell. 1707. See also CH1/2/27, 11936. 181. Scroll letter from Commission to Lachlan Campbell in presbytery of Kintyre, ordering him to remain in church and not to go to Ireland. August 1707. 182-189. Case of William Law, minister 65

1709 - 02 - 15

1709 02 - 17


1709 11 - 15


1710 - 05 – 31 1710 06 - 22

SC54/17/4/3/3 GD112/39/241/20

at Crimond, including petition signed by parishioners (f. 187). 1707. 190-217. Call of William Miller from Meigle to Dunfermline. (Including several calls signed by parishioners and town council of Dunfermline). 1707. See also CH1/2/ Wood, of Kintyre vs CS167/218 Dougal : Act and Commission (Glenorchy), Edinburgh, to Breadalbane 17 Feb [1709] Description - Affair of Ridhouse at a stand; Dugall's commission; does not think this a suitable time to discard him until Glenorchy gets affairs of that estate in some order; payments of annual rents; sale of meal; points out that the Kintyre measure of meal is bigger than the Nether Lorne one, and that he has not made such an ill bargain as Breadalbane thinks; Glenorchy hopes to be at Finlarig in the second week of March; suggests that Colin Kirk should use his vacation to inventory papers in Breadalbane's locked cabinet; Lady Susan's payments out of Lochowside and other annual rents due. William Inglis, Inveraray, to Breadalbane 15 Nov 1709 Description - Baron McCorquodale's business; process of Mr Campbell, the minister; weather boisterous; confusion between the duchess [of Argyll] and the feuars in Kintyre anent teinds of Lorn. Precept (two copies) summoning the Justice Eyre at Campbeltown for the division of Kintyre in the month of June 1710. 31 May 1710 Description - The precept is in English and lays down the days on which people from the different parishes were to be summoned. Dugald Clerk, Braleckan, to [?Breadalbane] 22 Jun 1710 Description - Sheriff clerk is at Kintyre with the sheriff; all 66

1710 - 06 – 27

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1710 07 - 06

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1712 03 - 27

papers concerning Baron McCorquodale are in a locked press at inveraray; will wait on recipient as soon as the clerk comes home, or before if wished. The Procurator Fiscal agt Duncan Campbell of Drumnamuckloch (Kilberry) 27 June 1710 Description - Accused of Riot (attacking James Cunison, one of the bailies SC54/17/2/35/18 of Kintyre). The libel proven. Ordered to crave James Cunison's pardon; fined £30 Scots; and to find caution for his behaviour in future and to remain in ward until the fine was paid. The Procurator Fiscal agt John MacKay and Neil MacInroich in Beachmenach (Killean & Kilchenzie), Lachlan MacKinlay and Donald MacKinlay in Beacharra (Killean & Kilchenzie) and 108 others from north Kintyre. 03 July 1710 SC54/17/2/35/10 Description - Accused of Contravening the penal statutes at a Justice Eyre held at Tarbert. These cases involved a wide range of offences including illegal fishing, kiling black cock, cutting green wood, burying relatives in linen, steeping lint in running water, drunkenness, swearing and charging a rate of interest higher than that allowed by law. James Campbell, sheriff of Argyll, Inveraray, to [?Glenorchy] 6 Jul 1710 GD112/39/242/5 Description - No thanks needed for his proceedings with tenants of Kintyre, he being obliged to do justice to all men. Case papers and minutes 1 December 1710 to 23 December 1710. Description - These papers fill a gap between Books 2 and 3 of the Books of Adjournal. They would seem to belong properly to Volume 3. They cover the SC54/17/4/2/10 trials of More McVurich at Coalhill in Kintyre for murder of a child, Hugh McDugald in Over Ardlarich for killing a horse, John McGown in Ardnahein for theft, Margaret Ferguson in Braleckan for theft and John McColl in Kenlochlaich for theft of a mare. The Procurator Fiscal agt Donald Campbell of Carradale (Saddell) John Campbell of Saddell (Saddell ) James Campbell of Ormsary, John dow Campbell in Lephinbeag (Saddell) and 19 others inKintyre. 30 January 1712 Description - Accused of Importing and selling 20 bolls of victual and 20 head SC54/17/2/37/1 of cattle from Ireland in contravention of various Acts of Parliament; fishing at the forbidden time, killing deer and river and moor fowl . 8 found guilty in so far as they refused to depone; nothing proved against the others. Donald Campbell of Glencarradale fined £100 sterling and to remain in ward until the fine was paid. GD112/39/263/18 Sir James Campbell of Auchinbreck, Edinburgh, to [Breadalbane] 27 Mar 1712 67

1713 06 04 ?


1713 08 - 10



Description - Has been denied access to the duchess of Argyll; she will hear of no terms and his friends [theKintyre McNeills] must remain in prison at Inverary until payment is made; writer resolves to go to London to lay the matter before Argyll and Ilay. Breadalbane, London, to Peter Campbell, younger, of Barcaldine Description - n.y. June 4. Argyll has gone down to settle affairs with his mother in Kintyre; purchase proposed of Strowan's lands of Fernan and Ranach; does not see how money is to be got; suggests writing to Pett Glass about sale of lands in Netherlorn for value of £3-4000 stg.; project of making pitch and tar out of old fir roots in the highlands; thinks there are enough on Lochetiveside and the head of it; asks about Lochcreran; this would employ thousands of people with English money, and they would loose no ground over all the highlands and north; asks recipient's opinion; asks about Lochnell's saltpan; wishes to leave augmentation of Lismore till they meet. Sir James Campbell [of Auchinbreck], London, to [? Breadalbane] 10 Aug 1713 Description - Will wait on recipient in Glenorchy when he comes there; affair of the McNabs; encloses account of process against his friends and the McNabs before the justice court of Argyle. Relates to the McNealls of Kintyre and importation of Irish meal and black cattle. GD112/2/9/28 Discharge and renunciation by John Campbell of Mamore and Robert Zuill, merchant, Glasgow 1714 Description - 1714, March 13, Edinburgh. 1714, March 16, Glasgow. Narrates heritable bond of 22 February 1666 (reg. B.C. & S. 25 October 1690) by Lord Neill Campbell as principal and Margaret Douglas, Marchioness of Argyll, as cautioner, to Neill Gillies, then servant to the Marchioness of Argyll, later minister of the gospel in Glasgow, for 2000 merks scots. Also heritable bond of 30 October 1675 (reg. B.C. & S. 25 October 1690) by Lord Neill Campbell with John Campbell of Carrick, later Sir John Campbell, as cautioner, to said Neill Gillies for 1200 merks. 68

Assignation 7 June 1679 to Robert Zuill of foresaid bonds. Disposition 27 August 1685 (rec. B.C. & S. 15 February 1692) by Lord Neill Campbell in favour of creditors listed of 8 merk lands of Ardinhew, 8 merklands of Dowachow, lands of Pennifoure, 8 merklands of Auchinsaull, 5 merklands of Barrongarry, lands of Ormadell and Campbein, 12 merklands of Degnish, 4 merklands of Obba, 2 and 1/2 merklands of Carnebaane, lands of Dunmore, Killbryde and Ballichonan, lands and Isle of Loyng, and 4 merklands of Torsa in parishes of Killninver, Killchattan and Kilbrannan, sheriffdom of Argyle. Sasine 19 November 1685 in favour of creditors (rec. G.R.S. 23 December 1695). Decreet 15 December 1699 at instance of Robert Zuill against Mr Archibald Campbell, son of late Lord Neill Campbell, and John, earl of Breadalbane, as purchaser of said lands. Narrates said Mr Neill Gillies, minister at Glasgow, was son to Thomas Gillies in Campbelltown of Kintyre, who was immediate younger brother to Neill Gillies there, whose eldest son was John Gillies in Inveraray and grandson was Archibald Gillies in Campbelltown of Kintyre, served heir to his said cousin 3 December 1701. Narrates present granter with consent of said Archibald Gillies and of Jean Kirkpatrick, widow of Rev Neill Gillies, granted assignation 11 October-5 December 1701 to John Campbell of Mamore, brother to the Duke of Argyll. Narrates payment by John, lord Glenurchie, for John, earl of Breadalbane, of principal sum of 3200 merks and bygone annualrents, and grant discharge and renunciation. Written by Hew Crawfurd, servant to Robert Campbell, WS. Subscribed by John Campbell 13 March 1714 with these as witnesses. Subscribed by Robert Zuill at Glasgow 16 March 1714 with John Scott, minister of the gospel in Glasgow, and 69

1714 - 10 – 22

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171 610 17

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1717 - 06 12 1720 1722

Henry Smith, merchant and late bailie, John Miller, brother to the Laird of Glenlee, and John Muir, servant to Laird of Glenlee, as witnesses. Rec. G.R.S. 8 May 1714. Bond of Report of Criminal Letters granted by James Cunison late Bailie of Kintyre , James Campbell late provost of Campbeltown in favour of Muriel SC54/17/3/12/4 Campbell sister to John Campbell of Killinallan George Dasson officer of court 22 October 1714 Assignation by Colonel Peter Campbell of HM horseguards, to John Campbell at Whitestown in Kintyre, of bond, 31 January 1701, by John, earl of GD112/1/740 Breadalbane, to deceased Dougal Campbell, servitor to the Earl of Argyll, granter's brother, for £449. 9s. scots 12 Feb 1716 - 1717 Memorial for Commission appointed for schools in the highlands and islands, CH8/197 showing need for charity schools in presbyteries of Argyll, Kintyre and Cowall DISPOSITION AND TRANSLATION by Mrs. Grissell McDonald, sister german to the laird of Sanda, and spouse of Alexander McDougall, surveyor and salt-duty officer at the Mary Panns of Kintyre, to said Alexander McDougall of 1000 GD92/143 merks being part of £3000 contained in bond, dated 5 Feb. 1707, by deceased John McDonald of Lergy [Largie], to Alexander McDonald, brother of said Grissell, which was disponed on 23 May 1711 by said Alexander McDonald to the said Grissell. 10 April 1717 Lists for Argyll, Cowal, Islay, Kintyre and Lorne of letters sent to commissioners SC54/20/3/10/3 announcing the general meeting. 12 Jun 1717 Letters (4) from David Campbell, bailie of Kintyre, Campbelltown, to RH15/14/180 Alexander Campbell, advocate 1720 – 1723 CS228/C/2/5 Mary Craig and others v Murray 2 Description - Production in process 70

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1732 - 10 - 31

(1) Grounds of heritable debts for 400 merks and 1000 merks granted by Alexander Farquharson of Ballo to William Fenton at the Mill of Whitefield and George Ogilvie son of the deceased Sir John Ogilvie of Inverarity over the lands of Easter and Wester Ballos lying in the parish of Kirriemuir and shire of Forfar also over subjects in the town of Kirriemuir dated respectively 18th March 1682 and 29th July 1679 consisting of 14 numbers of inventory and which debts were afterwards assigned to James Fraser of Kintyre. Lists of letters sent to commissioners advising them of the general meeting. 19 SC54/20/3/12/14 Jun 1723 Lists of letters sent to commissioners advising them of the general meeting. 4 Jun SC54/20/3/13/1 1724 Lists of letters sent to commissioners advising them of the general meeting. 2 SC54/20/3/13/17 May 1726 Lists of letters sent to commissioners advising them of the general meeting. 15 SC54/20/3/13/27 Jun 1727 SC54/20/3/14/1 Lists of letters intimating the general meeting for 1728. Lists of letters sent to commissioners in Cowal, Lorn, Argyll, Argyll and Kintyre. SC54/20/3/14/9 1729 SASINE in favour of Anna McDonald, spouse of Mr. Dugald Campbell, in Kildallog [Kildalloig], minister in Southend, of an annuity of £16.13s. 4d. furth of the 3 merkland of Kildallog, Malmartin, Ballimenich and Knockachuilk and 2 merkland of Nether Balliwillin, in GD92/148 parishes of Kilcherran [Kilchiaran] and Kilchivan [Kilchievan], lordship of Kintyre and sheriffdom of Argyll: on Bond of Liferent Provision dated 7 Sept. 1732, by said Mr. Dugald Campbell. 14 September 1732 SC54/20/3/17/14 Reports on roads in Kintyre. 31 Oct 1732 71

1733 1733 - 06 - 15 1733 - 06 - 16 1733 – 07 - 23 1733 - 10 - 30

1734 1734 - 06 - 03

Description - On work on the high roads in Kintyre. Separate reports from Killean, Kilchenzie & Kilmichael, Kilkchousland, Saddell, Kilcherran, Kilkivan, and Southend. Some have lists of those absent. SC54/20/3/17/1 List of letters intimating the General Meeting in 1733. Representation concerning a ferry at Tayinloan, Kintyre. 15 Jun 1733 SC54/20/3/17/15 Description - By John McDonald of Lergie (Largie) asking that there should be a ferry to Gigha, Islay and Jura established at Tayinloan. Overture - instructions about work on the roads in Kintyre. 16 Jun 1733 SC54/20/3/17/22 Description - Appointment of surveyors and overseers in Kintyre and instructions about work to be undertaken in Southend parish. List of advertisements of work on the roads for Kintyre and Argyll. 23 Jul 1733 SC54/20/3/17/33 Description - List for Cuthbert McKinnie. Report on the roads in Kintyre. 30 Oct 1733 SC54/20/3/18/12 Description - Of repairs to the roads in Kintyre. (A minute of sederunt of the Justices of the Peace which included a report on change-houses). Lists of letters intimating the general meeting for 1734. Description - Sent to commissioners in Cowal, Lorn, Argyll & Kintyre and Argyll & SC54/20/3/18/1 Islay, and signed by them in acknowledgement of receipt. Delivered by Dugald Loggan, Allan McDugald, John McInriver, and Donald Kennedy. SC54/20/3/18/3 Minutes of the general meeting of commissioners of supply for 1734, praeses (president), Duncan Campbell of Kilduskland. 3 - 6 Jun 1734 Description - 3 Jun 1734: Discharge produced by Archibald Campbell, Collector of Supply, from the deputy receiver for eight months supply. Collector reappointed (p.4). The supply payable for 1734 double that of the previous years, decision, therefore, to limit the stent for building bridges (p.5). Reports given on the contracts for building bridges and the building work being carried out (p.5). 4 Jun 1734: Decision to make Commissioners responsible for transport of bridgebuilding materials instead of depending on the local inhabitants and to increase the number of days to be worked on the roads to six in certain cases where bridges were being built. Hours of work and rest laid down and arrangements made for those not required for the bridges to work on the roads. Money for outstanding debts and ongoing work authorised to be paid from the bridge fund but new building to be restricted. The committee set up to identify further necessary work continued. (pp.5-8). Discussion about the granting of reductions of valuations; those who had received them to be summoned before the meeting (pp.8-9). Stent Roll for 1734 approved. (p.9) Accounts of the Collector of Fines approved and the Collector authorised to take his salary from the arrears in fines. (p.9-10). Discussion of the money expected to come from the revaluation of Ardnamurchan. (p.10-11). 72

1734 - 10 - 29 1735 – 06 - 11

6 Jun 1734: Report on the work done in Argyll Division approved. Detailed provision made for work on the roads in Kilcalmonell, Glassary parish, the roads leading to the Ford of Anacra, the roads in the south of Jura (with the help of 150 men from Islay) (pp.11-13). Reports from Cowal on straightening the river at Glendaruel and the ferries at Otter, Kilfinan and Barpuntoch (p.13-14); from Kintyre (p.14);and from Lorn (pp.14-15). Quay to be built for the ferry at Tayinloan in Kintyre; fares laid down. Arrangements for repairing the roads in Appin and Ardchattan parishes and work on a quay for the ferry at Connel. (p.15) Report from Mull: concern at the absences of surveyors and overseers and the the refusal of the inhabitants of Ulva to work on the roads. Fines (pp.16-17) Instruction for the repairs to be undertaken in Morvern (p17). Surveyors and overseers to bring together all tenants, cottars and labouring men to work on the roads and to report to a meeting in October (p.17-18). A fixed standard of measurement for victual to be discussed at the meeting of JPs and Commissioners of Supply in October. Report on work on the highways in Kintyre. 29 Oct 1734 SC54/20/3/19/12 Description - Minutes of meeting of justices of the peace and individual parish reports. SC54/20/3/19/3 Minutes of the general meeting of commissioners of supply in 1735, praeses (president), Mr John Campbell of Ottir. 11-13 Jun 1735 Description - 11 Jun 1735: discharge produced byArchibald Campbell, Collector of Supply, from the deputy receiver for eight months cess. Collector reappointed (pp.3-4). Decision to levy 3s for each merkland termly for building bridges (p.5). Reports submitted on work on bridges and decisions made about the bridges to be built or worked on in the current year (p.5). The harbours for the ferry of Otter to be improved. Decision to repair the road between East and West Tarbert (p.6). 12 Jun 1735: Stent Roll approved. Reported that none of those granted ?eases? had compeared apart from Innellan. His reduction continued and the others cancelled (pp.7-8). Clerk?s salary to be increased by 100 merks. (p.8) Petition of William Douglas, mason, for compensation. Losses incurred by James Duff bridge-builder (pp.8-9). Contracts for bridges inKintyre, Glendaruel and at Anacra and overseers appointed (pp.9-10). Report on the highways of Cowal and Argyll. 40 fishermen absent from the work on the roads. A breach in the bank of the River Echaig to be repaired (pp.10-11). Fines (p.11). Report of the highways in Lorn (p.12) and in Mull (p.13). Instructions for work in the current year with appointments of new surveyors and overseers and changes in responsibilities (pp.13-16). Arrangements for notice of the work to be undertaken, for local meetings on 1 October and for reports on the work (pp.17-18). Rulings made about herring fishers working before 73

the beginning of the herring season and the construction of drains. (pp.18-19). 17 Jun 1735: Discussion and rulings about the Appin ferries.(pp.19-20). Petition to transfer the Braes of Lorn from Argyll to Lorn division (p.20). Creation of a committee to draft an act concerning weights and measures for consideration at a meeting of the commissioners on 9 October. Claim: by Archibald Campbell, Bailie of Rosneath to be served as tutor to SC54/6/1/7/3 David and John Campbell, children of his deceased brother, David Campbell, Bailie of Kintyre. 11 February 1736 SC54/20/3/20/5 Lists of letters intimating the general meeting in 1738. 15 Jul 1738 SC54/20/3/21/11 Report on work on the roads in Kintyre division. 16 Oct 1739 SC54/20/3/21/19 Lists of advertisements sent out to Cowal, Lorn and Argyll and Kintyre. Jun 1740 Discharge for the cess from 24 June 1738 to 25 March 1739. 6 Jun 1740 Description - Stent roll approved. Commission granted to Stonefield and his bond received (p.5). Contracts with William Douglas to build bridges discussed. Petition from the heritors and tacksmen of Mull asking that half the inhabitants of the island SC54/20/3/21/4 should be employed in building quays instead of roads granted (p.6). Reports on highways in Cowal, Kintyre and Lorn approved (p.7). Charges of fank money and float money made by the Kerrera ferry discussed and referred to the Lorn meeting (p.8). Further reports on the highways approved. Reaffirmation of policies concerning road repairs. Encouragement to complete the quays at Easter Otter and at Dunoon. SC54/20/3/22/11 Report of work on the high roads of Kintyre. 21 Oct 1740 SC54/20/3/22/19 Lists of advertisements sent out to Mull, Argyll and Islay, Argyll and Kintyre. 1741 SC54/20/3/22/2 Sederunt and minutes of the general meeting of commissioners of supply, praeses (president), Sir Duncan Campbell of Lochnell. 3 - 4 May 1741 Description – 3 May 1741: Discharge by the deputy receiver of the land tax for eight months of cess produced as well as various other accounts. Archibald Campbell of Stonefield reappointed as collector. Stent roll approved (p.3). Petition from John Richardson factor on the estate of Ardnamurchan considered. Reports on the highways in Argyll division approved . 4 May 1741: Reports on the highways of Cowal, Kintyre, Mull approved but no reports were received from Lorn or Islay, Jura and the northern part of the shire. Chairmen of the local meetings of these Divisions fined (pp.5-6). Additional overseers appointed (pp7-8) Detailed instructions given about work to be undertaken in the Argyll Division (pp.8-9) The matter raised of people being committed to gaol without sufficient information to prosecute ? which had cost the Procurator Fiscal more than £20. (pp.10-11) Petition concerning schools submitted by the Synod of Argyll. Request from the parish of Kilcalmonell that some bridges be built accepted. Payments authorised 74

1736 - 02 – 11 1738 - 07 - 15 1739 - 10 - 16 1740 - 06

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for work which had already taken place. Records of Campbeltown (First or Highland Charge) Kirk Session 1744 – 1965 Description - During the medieval period the church of St. Queran (Kiaran) was granted to Paisley Abbey and the church of St. Constantine was a canonry and prebend of Lismore before 1433. Ministry began in 1631 in the person of Duncan McColman, CH2/50 minister. In 1617 the sessions of Kilchiaran, Kilchuslan and Kilmichael were all united, with Kilchieven being added in 1671. Before 1976 the session was within the jurisdiction of Kintyre Presbytery, after which time it was within the jurisdiction of South Argyll Presbytery. Kilkiran was attached to the charge in 1963. Lists of advertisements for work required on the high roads. 19 Jun 1744 Petition for payment of expenses of militiamen. 26 Apr 1746 Description - By Lachlan McNeill, provost of Campbeltown, and Archibald Campbell, bailie of Kintyre, for payment for expenses of 120 militiamen sent to Inveraray. Minutes of the general meeting of commissioners of supply for 1746, praeses (president), Archibald Campbell of Inverliver. 9 - 10 Jul 1746 Description - Receipts of payments made to the deputy receiver of the land tax and account of unpaid cess which amounted to £24,000 Scots produced by Mr Archibald Campbell of Stonefield. Decision that those in arrears should be quartered upon by Sergeant Ballenny (p.3). The collector reappointed and a commission granted to him (p.4). The new Stent Roll for 1746 made up (p.4). Representation from Sergeant John 75


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SC54/20/3/23/12 SC54/20/3/24/6 SC54/20/3/24/2

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Ballennie claiming that he had been required to restrict quartering in the previous year. Warrant granted to him to continue to pursue these arrears (pp.4-5). The collector to pay the Provost of Campbeltown or the Bailie of Kintyre for the militia sent to Inveraray in 1745 (p.5). Surveyors and overseers excused from making reports on the roads because of the troubles (p.6). Limits set to militia pay and any clothes provided to be paid for (pp.6-7). Lists of the merklands of Kintyre. 1748 SC54/20/9/2 Description - Three differently arranged lists of the merklands of Kintyre 1748. SC54/20/3/25/1 Reports on work on the roads of Kintyre. 8 Oct 1748 9 Description - Separate reports for each parish from Kilcalmonell to Southend. Lists of letters sent to the commissioners of supply intimating the general meeting for SC54/20/3/25/1 1749. Advertisement announcing decisions of the commissioners concerning Kintyre. 1749 SC54/20/3/25/3 Description - List of surveyors, overseers and work to be undertaken on the roads 3 in Kintyre in 1749. Inveraray. Letter to John Campbell of Barcaldine from Archibald Campbell [of Stonefield, sheriff- depute of Argyll] asking him particularly to attend the meeting of the Commissioners of Supply and of the Commissioners of Valuation on 21st June, as he [Stonefield] has to answer to them for intromitting with "some little excrescence of GD87/1/40 cess in the division of Kintyre"; he asks him to secure the attendance of other Commissioners [Colin Campbell of] Glenure, [Patrick Campbell of] Auchinaban [Achnaba], [John Campbell of] Baleveolin, [? of] Finglen, [John Campbell of] Corry, [Alexander] MacDougall [of Dunolly], [Archibald Campbell of] Melfort, and [Colin Campbell of] Carwhin. [Printed in T.G.S.I., Vol XXII] 31 May 1749 Report (incomplete) of work on the roads. 22 Jun 1749 SC54/20/3/25/1 Description - Detailed on two pages of a draft minute of the general meeting in the 7 parishes of Lorn, the parishes of Kintyre, the parishes of Argyll, the parishes of Cowal, Islay and Jura, and the parishes of Mull. List of advertisements sent out. Jul 1749 SC54/20/3/25/3 Description - Of advertisements of proposed work on the highways for Cowal; Argyll, Lorn 5 and Mull; Argyll and Kintyre; Lorn Sunart, etc. GD3/1/8/6/8 Extract registered bond of provision by 76

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Hugh Montgomery to Elizabeth Montgomery 24 July 1751 Description - Extract registered bond of provision by Hugh Montgomery to Elizabeth Montgomery, his second daughter then spouse of Mr David Campbell, minister of the gospel at Icolmkill inKintyre and to Mary Campbell his youngest daughter spouse to Adam Dickson, merchant in Glasgow for 2000 merks Scots each Recorded in the Books of Council and Session, 12th January 1769 SC54/20/3/26/2 Minute of meeting held at Campbeltown to receive reports of the work on the roads 1 in Kintyre. 15 Oct 1751 SC54/20/3/26/1 Lists of letters intimating the general meeting in 1752. 20 Apr 1752 2 Minutes of meetings at Campbeltown 31 Oct 1752 SC54/20/3/27/7 Description - Report on work done on the roads in Kintyre (separate report from Gigha). Petition by Alexander McAlister, tacksman of Cour, to be relieved part of his work. 29 Jul 1753 SC54/20/3/27/1 Description - The petitioner had been appointed assessor of windows and lights in the 3 parishes of Killean, Carradale, Saddell, Gigha and Cara, but applied to be relieved of the appointment in part because he lived on the east side of Kintyre and Gigha and Cara were very remote from him. Petition refused. SC54/20/3/29/1 Minutes of the meeting at Campbeltown to report on work on the roads of Kintyre. 12 - 13 2 Nov 1754 Portfolio of returns by parish ministers to the Society containing statistical information on their respective parishes 1755 Description - GD95/11/5/16 Presbytery GD95/11/5 of Kintyre (Kilcalmonell, Killarow, Jura, Skipness, Killean, Kilmory, Southend, Campbeltown, Kilbride, Gigha and Cara, Kildalton, Colonsay and Jura) DISCHARGES by Archibald Campbell, Chamberlain to the Duke of Argyll in Kintyre, to John McDonald of Sanda [Macdonald of Sanda], for payment of feuduty and teinds GD92/151 for his lands in Southend, including the feuduty and vicarage of Drummorenabodach for years 1752, 1753, 1754 and 1755. 2 May 1755 - 1757 Jul 1757 77

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SC54/20/3/30/5 Account of arrears of cess in the division of Kintyre from June 1755 to March 1756. Act of the commissioners of supply concerning quartering for arrears of cess. 7 Jan 1756 SC54/20/3/30/1 Description - Sergeant John Balennie and party instructed to quarter upon those in Kintyre who were in arrears with their cess. The amounts to be paid to him were laid down. Roger McNeill (McNeel, McNeil, Macneile, Macniel, Macniell) CS271/43306 and others (Tenants of Kilchattan) v Rev. William Mowat, & Presby. of Kintyre Petitions and Memorials: Linen Industry 1764 – 1765 Description - Petitions and memorials mainly to the Commissioners for the Annexed Estates from proprietors interested in the introduction and encouragement of the linen industry; E728/19 Duncan Campbell of Glenure (Lismore); John Duke of Argyll (Kintyre, Lorne and the islands); Mrs. Campbell, widow of Captain Robert McLachlan of McLachlan (Cowal); Donald Campbell of Airds (northwest Argyllshire); Mrs. Campbell of Lagganlochan (Islay); Justices of the Peace and Gentlemen of Badenoch. Petition by Malcom MacFarlane, foxhunter in Kintyre, concerning his salary. 1765 SC54/20/3/33/2 Description - Claiming that a number of tenants (listed in the petition) had failed to contribute 3 towards it. Cess book for Kintyre. 1765 Description - Lists quarterly assessment and payment of cess by property for Kintyre in 1763 SC54/20/4 with a separate list of payments for June and September 1763. Listed by date from 3 September 1763 to 23 July 1765. Claim for expenses for a sheriff officer. 1 May 1765 SC54/20/3/33/2 Description - By the sheriff substitute of Kintyre for repayment of money spent on the expenses 6 of a sheriff officer sent with a prisoner to Glasgow. TACK by John McDonald of Sanda to Hector McEachran and Donald McKay, tenants in Machririoch [Machrireoch], of the 1 GD92/155 merkland of Machririoch called Kiltrivan in parish of Kilblean [Kilblane], lordship ofKintyre and sheriffdom of Argyll for 19 years. 5 June 1766 GD64/1/134 Extract Decreet by the Presbytery of Kintyre, 78

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concerning church, manse and glebe of Kilearnadale, in Jura and new church in Colonsay 26 Oct 1766