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FROM its march with Knapdale at Tarbert to its southern extremity the Mull, the peninsula of Kintyre, the Epuiircm. Promoniorium of ancient writers, is some forty miles long and, OIl an average, some eight miles broad. In the fifth century it was seized by the Dalriad Scots from Ireland, and later on it fell into the hands of the northern heathen who, under one name or another, were the pest of Scotland till their power was finally destroyed by Alexander III. Long before this, when Malcolm III. made an agreement with Magnus Barefoot under which the latter was to retain possession of all the isles that could be circumnavigated, it may be remembered that the Norse king was drawn in his galley over the narrow neck of land that separates East and West Lochs Tarbert, with the result that not merciy did Kintyre remain for the time in the hands of Magnus, but so late as the seventeenth century, as Mr. Gregory points out," it was still classed as one of the South Isles.

Early in the twelfth century Somcrled seems to have cleared the Northmsn out of Kintyre and to have incorporated the peninsula with his dominions. And this possibly explains how David 1. was al:M~ in 1128 to grant to the canons of Holyrood one half of hIs tithe of the Kane, pleas, and gains of the Crown fl'othKentyl' and Erl'ogeill,2 and to the monks of Dunfermline a few years later the half of his tithe from ErgaithcJ and Kentir. 3 On Somerlcd's

l .lhaM), q/ Ike tf'~s/~rn Ht'gldallds and lslamiJ, p. 14, note.

"2 Cart, L"lblr Sa-lIdal! Crucls, p. 6. ~ RtgiJ'/. de DUlljcrm.,. p. 7 ~



death Kintyre passed to his son Reginald who, in a charter to the Abbey of Saddel, designed himself Rex Insularum dominus de Ergile ct Kyntyre,! and through him to his descendants the Lords of Yla and Kintyre. By the middle of the thirteenth century Kintyre appears as one of the rural deaneries of the diocese of Argyll: and among the shcriffdorns erected by King John Balliol in 1292 is that of' Kintyre, which comprised Bute and part of Cowal as well as the peninsula itself. From the fact that King Hobert 1. granted charters of. lands in Kintyre to various of his supporters; it would seem that the lordship must at that time have been in the hands of the Cro-wn; and after sundry grants and forfeitures, Kintyre along with half of Knapdale was in the year 1376 settled by Robert II. on John of Ylu and his wife Margaret, the king's daughter, and their heirs. Donald, the eldest son of this marriage, succeeded his father as Lord of the Isles, while John the Tanister, his younger brother, received Yla and Kintyre to hold under him. From this John Mol' 'I'anister, who married Marjorie Bisset, heiress of the -Clens of Antrim, sprang the family known as Clan Ian Mhor of Yle, or Clan Donald of the South, of which the Chief was styled Macdonald of Dunyveg and the Clens.s In due time the lordship descended to Donald's grandson, John, Lord of the Isles and Earl of Ross, who was forfeited in 1475, and when he was restored next year the Earldom of Ross and the Lordships of Kintyre and Knapdale were

1 R.1I:1.s., lib. xiv. f. 408.

" Certain lands in Isla are described as 'of old pertaini ng to the Abaey of Derie ' (Highlan" Papers, '·01. i. p. 252). It was difficult to understand how these Scots lands had come to be possessed by an Irish abbey, but a quaint ex. planation is given in a memorandum in the Charter Room at Iuvcraray, dated 16th April 1659. regarding the lands of Maclean of Duart . 'As fortha! roume in Ila pertaining to the Abacie of Derie our Scheanachies or as Euchannane calls them Senetiones doe anirme that the came was mortified 10 the Ahacie of Dorrie in Ireland by M'Donald of IIa ffo r ane unr ymeous far t he did let goe, This r bot tell you by the way.'



expressly excluded from the restitution, I and remained in the hands of the Crown,

In 1494 James IV. spent some time in Kintyre, and he had hardly taken his departure when Dunaverty, where he had l~ft a garrison, was attacked and captured and its governor hanged by Sir John Macdonald of Dunyvcg. This outbreak led to serious trouble for that family, who had to take refuge in their Irish possessions. Shortly thereafter the lordship, subject of course to the rights of various vassals such as the Clan Ranaldbane or Macdonalds of Largie, W?~5 placed in the hands of the Earl of Argyl! as chamberlain, whose accounts for the three years ending 28th July 1505, as well as a rental of the same date giving the names of the individual holdings and tenants, are still preserved. 2 It 'was also divided into two districts, North and South Kintyre, and various grants of lands and offices-permanent and temporary-many of them probably being only confirmations of existing rights, were made from time to time.

In 1.540 the Lordship of the Isles with' the twa Kintyns with the castellis partening thereto and thare pertinents ' WM by Act of Parliament annexed inalienably to the Crown," and in 1545 the services, specialiter in restiti!Wti{i Vmrum Anglie inimicorum of James Macdonald of . Dunyveg and the GleI1> , whose father bad become reconciled to the Crown, were rewarded by a grant of the extensive barony of Bar in North Kintyre, which on his death in 1565 passed to his son Angus, who with his son Sir James were prominent in the troubles of their times.

In 1596 it was found necessary to arrange for an expedition to the Isles under Sir William Stewart of Houston


! IUlI.S., July 15, 1476.

• Excflt,qlltl- 1<'#11" xii. pp. 352-698.


Commendator of Pittenweem, who received a commission of Lieutenancy and Justiciary. Proceeding to Kintyre the Lieutenant on 1st November 1596 held a court at which Angus Macdonald and others made their personal submission. The Record of this court, which is preserved in H.1VL General Register House, is the first of the documents here printed, and, as will be seen, it contains a list of the tenants of Kintyre, of the lands occupied by them individually, and of the waste and unoccupied lands. A dispute between Angus Macdonald and his son Sir James resulted in the latter seizing the estates and deposing his father from the Chiefship, and following thereon he made certain proposals to the Government, with the object of himself and his people finally settling down peacefully and accepting the royal authority. These proposals were approved of by the Privy Council, but through the machinations of Argyll and Campbell of Calder, as Mr. Gregory thinks, 1 they came to nothing. Sir James, being seized by

• his father towards the end of 1603, was handed over to ArgyU and then placed in Edinburgh Castle, where he was detained for many years.

In 1605 the Comptroller, David Murray, Lord Scone, proceeded to Kintyre, where on Brd September he held a court similar to that held by Sir vVil1iam Stewart nine years before; The Record of this court is the second of the documents printed. As Mr. Gregory points out,2 the waste lands had considerably increased. In 1596, out of 139 merklands in North Kintyre, 36t were waste; and out of 205 merklands in South Kintyre, 45 were waste. In 1606, out of 151l merklands in North Kintyre, 62 were waste; and out of 203 merklands in South Kintyre, 51 were waste. In September of that year Angus Macdonald, who time and again had attempted to

1 History, p. 289.

2 foid., p. 308.



make an honourable settlement with regard to both Ila and Kintyre, submitted a final offer to the King, and this and the accompanying letter are also printed here. But again. the hostile influence was too strong. And next year the Earl of Argyll, in implement of a contract dated 27th May 1607, obtained a feu charter dated 30th May 160'7 of the lands of both North and South Kintyre, therein specified, which are said to have previously belonged to Angus M'KonnelI of Dunyvaig, and to have been incorporated into the Lordship of Kintyre with Dnnaverty as its chief messuage.

The inductive clause of this charter sets forth that the snbjects of the grant had been for many years past possessed by unruly and barbarous persons destitute of the knowledge and fear of God, and of any reverence forthe King or the laws of the realm, who maintained no civilisation among themselves 1 nor pel'mitted the King's other subjects to trade with them Save at the peril of their lives and goods ; and it concludes with a provision that none of the lands thereby granted shall be set or disponed. 'ad M'Laine nee !I1'Connell,' or anyone of their names within the forbidden degrees of relationship to them, without the King's special licence. Argyll next got a grant of great part of the feu duties in settlement of elai rns which he had against the Crown.2 Finally after various. transactions the I,ordship of Kintyre Was disannexed from the Crown and settled on Argyll and the eldest son of his second marriage-afterwards Lord Kintyre and Earl of Irvine-with whom Lord Antrim in 1635 concluded an agreement for the of that part of the ancient patrimony of Clan Donald. But Lord Lorne--afterwards the l'iCarquess of Argyll-intervened, and in the most highhanded manner the Privy Council set the transaction,

1 Cf_ FOJI, p. r rj. , Chieny Jor his butChery of the Macgregors,


aside. In the long run Kintyre was acquired from his. half-brother by Lord Lome and finally incorporated with thc possessions of MacCt1ilcin.1

1 Viele Scots PteJYJ..J:,7?) "'01. V. p. 23.

In vie w of ail these fact:.; and of the similar history of Isla it is little wonder that when Alaster Maceo} Ciotach found his way into Kintyre he took: a most thoroughgoing revenge on t he oppressors of his race. 'Kintyre was left a desert} its few i nhubitan ts became the prey of a fearful pestilence which followed in the train of all their other calamit ics. In this wilderness. where ,8. smoking chimney was scarcely to be seen, the lowlandcrs 'who had joined the standard of Argyle, were encollr3gcd, n itervtbe war , to SCLtlQ, Others came from the opposite mainland. J-Jl.lC'w Stat. Arcount, vel. vii. p. 460,



'Curia tenta per egregium ct preclarum virum Dominum Gulielmum Stewart de Houstoun 1 rnilitem lieutenentem pro serenissimo 'domino nostro Rege versus australes occidentales insulas ct Hibcl'nicas paltes hujus regni virtute commission is sibi sub magno sigillo prefat! Suprcmi Domini nostri Regis desuper concessre, apud caput lacus de Loch Kilkeren in Keantyre, primo die mensis Novembris anna Domini jm VC lxxxxvj, curia legittime affirmata, adjudicature Guliclmo Forrest.

'The quhilk day, in prcsens of the said Sir Williarne Stewart 2 of Houstoun, knycht, his Majesteis licutenent foirsaid, compcrit Angus lIf'Conneill of Dunnavage and Glenis with the remanent personis ef'tir nominat, present OCcupyaris and possessouris of the landis respective and particularIie underwrittin, and grantit and confcssit that ane pairteof the landis of South and North Keantyre War Occupy it and possessit be thame and ilkane of thame

, Printed {rom the original. Miscdla"eous Excheq"er Papers, Portfolio I" fUlL General Register House.

, According to Calderwood he commenced life as 'a c!Ou(ter of old shoes,' bur this statement is not accepted by Sir James Dalfour Paul, WllO regards him "S" SCm of Tholl1as Stewart of Galston (.5i-oI5 Pemz;:e. vii. 64), Fur some time a Soldier or fortune under the Prince of Orange. he returned to Scotland and entered the Service of James VI. In 158] he was made COmmendalor of Pi~lCnWetm,_nnd in .1590 he commanded the fleet that brought the King and his bode from Denmark. In 1596 he had a commission of Lieutenancy in the Highland, and r"l~nds and in the Course of his duties held the COurt of which the record is here printed.



respective pro rata as eftir followis, and ane uther pairte thairof war Iyand waist unoccupyit be thame or ony utheris ; viz.:-


Farquhar Makcay and his subtenentis occupyaris of thrie merkland of the tuell merkland of Auohincros;' and the remanent extending to nyne merk land waist.

Donald Makcay occupyar of ane merkland of the fyve merklancl of Bar, and the rest extending to four mcrkland waist.

Donald Makncill oceupyar of ane merkland of the four merkland of Ballemulhngis, the rest waist.

Certane pure ten en tis occupyaris of twa merkland of the four merkland of Drumore, the uther twa merkland therof waist.

The thrie merkland of Eskelmore all waist. The thrie merkland of Eskelbeg waist.

'The twa merkland of Crosbeg oecupyit be Johne Makcay. Adame Makcay occupyar of the thrie merkland of Barresk-


The thrie merkland of Ballcmancchis, call it in the rentell five merkland, waist.

James Makconneill occupyar of the aucht merkland of Smerbye.

Donald Makcay oceupyar of the foul' merkland of Penneneir and Auld tirric.

Donald Makrnarkie occupyar of the thrie merkland of Laggen.

James Makconneill oeeupyar of thrie mcrkland of the

J Variants of the spelling of these place-name, will he found in the Rental of J 605, printed post, pr. 79 eI seq., as well as in the c hart ers to J ames Macdonald of April z r , '545, and May 5.1558 (N.M.S.), and to Argyll, May 30, ,607 (R.MS.). A comparison of these different forms sometimes assists in the ascertainmen t -of the true name of the place, notwithstanding the ingenious perversity of the lowland charter scribes.


four merkland of Corpudzochan, and ane rnerklnlld therof waist.

Arehebald Makgechane oceupyar of twa merkland of the four merkland of Clangart, and the rest waist, Gilbert Makfalae oecupyar of twa merk land of the four merkland of Mermonogath, and uther twa waist.

The twa merkland of Auchtedewie waist.

Donald Makcay occupyar of the twa merkland of Glen~ cardoch.

The thrie merkland of BaUach waist.

Donald Og Makstoker occupyar of xxs, land of the twa merkland of Kilmaloag, and the rest extending to vjs. viijd. land waist.

The Laird of Loup occupyar of the tluic mcrkland of Amott.

Johne Makcrewchie occupyar of the merkland of Garvald.

Gilbert Makstoker occupyar of the twa merkland of Scotodaill.

Johne Makcay occupyar of the fyve merle land of Mengastell.

The four merkland of Crubastell waist. Angus Makconneill oceupyar of the f'yve Veach.

The Laird of Largie occupyar of the four Gortinvall.

Archebald M'Carlie Occupyar of the twa Grenen.

The said Archebald oceupyar of the twa Spercsak.

The .Erle of Argyle oecupyar of the four merklarid of Crosak, four merkland of Bellegronan and Maysreach, and ar kirk landis.

Donald Makcay oecupyar of the merk land of Blair. Farquhar Makcay occupysr of the twa merk land of Amekill.

The said Farquhar occupyar of the tua merkland of Kildonan Kirkland alsua.

merkland of
merkland of
mcrkland of

Angus Makcormcill occupyar of the landis eftir specefeit, bocht be him fa the Laird of Barskyrnming;' viz. :-

The thrie merkland of Dewpin.

The four merkland of Arcardill.

The twa merkland of Auchnasiil.

The four merkland of Rannadaill,

The ane merkland of Kirknaerage.

Ane merkland of Kirknache.

Twa rnerkland of Kilmiohaell.

Tua morkland of Stronovean.

Tua ~erkland of Auchroy.

Tua merkland of Tadowchrcis."


Rannald Makconncill, brother to the said Angus, occupyar of the four merkland of Bellegrogane and Craigoch.

The said Rannald occupyar of the fyve merkland of Lossctt and Glcnchain.

Angus M'Conneill cccupyar of twa merkland of the four merkland of Knokeantrnore, and the rest thairof waist.

Rannald Makalaster occupyar of the thrie merkland of


Donald Makfinlay occupyar of the twa merkland of


Cristeane Stewart occupyar of the twa merkland of Loch


Rannald Makconneill lait occupyar of the fyve merkland of 'I'iricarrois and Largabane, now waist.

Gilleis lVIakeoehennell occui)yar of the fyve schilling and xd. land of Bugill and Invergye.

Gillecallum more Makgowga occupar of ane half merkland of the twa merkland of Kilcobenach.


1 Adam Reid of Barskimming in Kyle. 2 Quare the Twa dowchreiB.



Kilde llochan oceupyar of ane uthcr half merkland

thairof, the rest waist.

Gilcallununore M'Ilvenezie occupyar of ane merkland of the thrie merkland of Claknahall.

Tavis Makfarlan Occupyar of ane uther merkland thairof, and the thfid waist.

Angus MakconneiII and his SpOilS occupyaris of twa rnerkland of the xvij merkland of Kilzeowman.

Donald Dow lVPNeill and his tenentis occupyaris of ten merkland thairof, and the remanent extending to fyve merkland waist.

Angus Makconneill OCcupyar of ane merkland of Auchown~ astesak; the rest of the sevin merkland of WegiIl, Antiquhorik, Kilbreid, Kynnachan, Auehownastesak and Ochterone, extending to sex merkland thairof waist.

The said Angus oceupyar of the thl'ie pund land of Knokriochmore, Glenmugill and Ochteronc, callit in the rentell v merkland.

Archebald M'Connetll occupyar of thrie merkland of the four merkland of Knokreochbcg, Atnaskeoch, Allabadowne.

Angus Dow occupyar of the uther merkland thairof,

The said Angus Makeonneill occupyar of the tuell rnerkland of Kinloch.

James Makconneill Occupyar of twa merkland of the -four merkland of Kildal1agc, Knokquhirk and Auchnaquhonis, and uther twa merkland thai~of waist.

Rannalcl Makalaster oceupyar of twa merkland of the sex merkland of Ballatonay, Auchnacorvie and Ballabreid.

Gillieeallum M'Neill and his brother Occupyar of uther twa merkland thairof, and the rest waist.

The said Angus M'Coneill oecupyar of the tuell merkland of Machrimore.

Hector Makalaster Occupyar of the fyve merkland of Kildavie.

The twa merkland of Glcnmuklok waist.

Angus M'Coneill Occupyar of thrie mCl'kland of the fyve


merk vjs. viijd. land, callit be the present possessouris v merkland, of Poldowilling, and uther twa merkland thairof waist.

Doncane of May occupyar of the thrie mcrkland of Glendaharvie.

Flaardoch Makgowgan occupyar of the merkland of Garnagerach.

Archebald Makconneill occupyar of ane merkland of Eredill.

The said Archebald occupyar of ane merkland of Socach. Gilbert Makilvrenenich occupyar of the twa merkland of Corsyn and Bairfairne.

Hector Makneill alias M'Lllespie Vekachan occupyar of the four merkland of Craig.

The said James M'Conneill occupyar of thrie merkland of the four merkland of Kilmichael! and Auchinlek, Hector Makneill oecupyar of fyve merkland of the tuell merkland of Carska, and the rest waist.

Angus M'Connell occupyar of the four merkland of Mule of Keantyre,

Angus Maknaehan occupyar of ane merkland of the twa merkland of Keremenach.

Hew Makcochcnnach occupyar of ane half merkland, thairof, and arie uther half merkland waist.

The four merkland of Collolonfort, Ballavenen and Dalquhirnoch waist.

Angus M'Nachan oceupyar of the merklancl of Cardavay. Gilleis M'Cochennan occupyar of ane merkland of the twa merkland of Machribeg, ane uther waist.

Hector Makneilloecupyar of the viij s. iiijd, land of Lepinbeg. Angus M'Conneill occupyar of the viijs. iiijd. land of Machriecastell.

Donald M'Varchis occupyar of the xxsvland of Keranmore.

Niniane Stewart oecupyar of the xxs, lanel of Glak. Angus M'Conneill oecupyar of half merkland of Legontavart,

Murdoch M'Cochennoch occupyar of the twa rnerkland of Dimidium De Lyell and Lepinstraith.


.Arehebald M'Conneill oecupyar of four merkland of the aught merkland of Carcadule, Capritane, Gartunaehan, Brakleid, Gal'closken.

-Hector M'Alaster occupyar of uther xxs. land of the saidis


.Johns M'Gacharne occupyar of uther xxs, land thairof. Arehebald lV£'Michaell occupyar of ane irnerkland thairof, Douncane lVf'Cochennach occupyar of the four merkland

vs. xd. land of Brunerikin, Amon, Drummerionach, Dalsmerie, Lagnandaw, Eveneoulcalzeach.

lahne lVlakgacharne occupyar of the aucht merkland of Killellen, Pennagowin, Garclosken, Elrig, Arienskanchan,

'The said Jaime M'Gacharne oceupyar of twa merkIand of the tuell merkland of Auchnaglach, Lagnacrage, Keresower, Ballemannoch, 'I'eronell, Dourglas, Glenlanmuskilmore, Strone, and Gillenzadule.

Arehebald M'Coneill occupyar of ane merkland thairof. Angus M'Consill occupyar of uther thrie merkland of the samin,

,Douncane More Makchennach occupyar of ane mcrkland thairof,

Rannald M'Alastel' Herper occupyar of twa merkland of the said tuell merkland.

And the said Cristeane Stewart occupyar of uther twa merkland thairof.

'The twa merkland of Kilbaine waist.

Archebald M'Conneill occupyar of the mel'kland of Killequhattan.

'The twa merkland of Dalnahanslek occupyit be Alaster M'Alester.

And the ane merkland of Cristillooh waist .

. Angus MakconneiH oceupyar of the thrie merkland and ane half of Kildel'Owane, Knokistabill and Lanaquhanys,

The Erle of Argyle occupyar of the viijs. viijd, land of Gartingobak, being kirkland.

Quhilkis personis and everie ane of thame being present


in proper pcrsone offerit thair dewtefull obedience to the said Sir 'William Stewart of Houstoun, knycht, levetennte foirsaid in his majesteis name, and faithfullie prornesit to be ansuerabill to his Hienes lawis, and to observe kepe and fulfill the samin, ilkane for thair awin pairtis respective as becummis dewtefull and obedient subjectis, and for the better keping and observeing Farquhar M'Cay, .Iohne M'Caeharne and Hector lVI'N eill, thrie of the cheif of thair clanis, faithfullie promittit band and obleist thame and ilkane of thame to gif and delyver thair pledges for observatione of gude ardour and dew obedience to his Hienes amangis ilkane of' thair awin clanis respective, to the said Sir Williame, lievtenent foirsaid, to be transportit be him to the law cunt.rcy and thair to rernaine during his Majesteis will and pleasur ; upoun quhilkis all and sundrie premisses Johne Stewart. of Escok askit act and instrument of' me nottar pu blict underwrittin. Extractum. Ita est Robertus Lauder, notarius publicus ac ejusdem curie seriba, testantibus meis signo et subscriptione.'

Endorsed.-' Curia Wilhelmi Stuart, haldin in Kyntyr prime die Novembris anna Domini, etc. lxxxxvj, Be the quhilk it is easie to undirstand the present possessouris and tenentis.'


'Curia tenta apud Lacum de Loch Kilcarran 2 in South Kintyre, super monticulo vocate Knokbae," tertio die mensis Septembris anna Domini millesimo sexcentesimo quinto, per nobilem et potentem dominum, Davidem, Dominum de Scone, supremi Domini nostri Regis computorum Rotulatorem et dicti domini Regis in hac parte locum tencntem infra bond as

1 Printed from the origina.l. fi1is(e!lall~ous Exchequer Papers;, Portfolio lot II. M. General l::egi:-;ter I-IOtlSC,

, The church of St. Kiar an or Queran. who is said to have evangelised the people of Kintyre in the sixth century. The loch hears his name, and the old name of Campbeltown at iis head is Cean.!och·chille·Chiaran.

J Knock Bay is the name given by the const ruct crs of the Ordnance Survey map to an eminence in the outskirts of Campbeltown.



et terras de South et North Kintyre et insulas Hybernicas regni Scotie, virtute eommissionis sibi desuper concessa-, curia legittime affirmata, adjudicatore Neill M'Camrois,

'The quhilk day in presens of the said nobill lord, David, Lord of Scone, 1 Comptrol1ar and Ievetennent in that part foirsaid, comperit personalie the personis eftir specefeit and grantit and confessit that his Hicnes propir landis of South and North Kintyre ar laborit and manul'it as particularlie followis, viz. :_

Tuelf merkland of Auchincrose: waist.

The nyne rnerk land of Bar: occupiit be Johane M'Kay. Ballemulingis Eister and Vestir, iiij merk land: quhairof

be Donald M'Neill ij merkland, and be Johne Stewart the uther tua rnerk land.

Drummoir, iiij merk land: vaist,

Eskmelmoir, iij merkland . occupiit be Donald M'Kay. Eskmelbeg, iij merkland: occupiit be JohnneM'Kay. Corsbeg, ij merkJand: oceupiit be the said Johnnc M'Kay. Bareskmole, iij rnerkland , oceupiit be Ferquard M'Kay. Ballemanochis Over and Nethir, v. merkland: occupiit be

the said Johne l\{'KaY.

Smerby and Clakmoch, viij merkland: occupiit be Angus Og M'Donald.

Pennenyre and Altincarroche, iiij merkland: occupiit be Donald M'Kay.

Laggane, ii] merkland: waist.

Drurngarroch, iiij merktand: occupiit be the said Angus Og.

1 David Murray of Gospertie, second son of Sir Andrew Murray of Hal vaird.

In 1599 he Was appointed Comptroller, in 1604 he Was created Lord Scone, and in r608 the Abbacy of Scone Was erected into a temporal lordship in his favour ; a remarkable series of remainders ,being added in 1612. In l621 he was created Viscount of Stormont with a destination to the various heirs called in the charter of 16!2. He died in l63L In June 1605 he was directed' to repair towards Kintyre for ressaveing of the obedience of the principalls of the clanoi. within the south IIis and suirtie for payment of His Majesties mailles rentes and dewties ' (P.C.R., vii. 59), and this document is the record of a court held by him at Campbeltown on September 3, 1605.


COl'pidzoehane, iiij merkland: occupiit be DllHcfme Reache M'Cauchane.

Clangart, iiij merk.laud : waist.

Mergmonogach, iiij merkland : occupiit be Cillespik


Auchtadowie, ij mcrkland : waist.

Glencardellis, ij merkland : occupiit be Johnnc M'Kay. Balloch, iij mcrklund : waist.

Kilmaloag, ij rnerkland : waist.

Arnot, iij merk fr merkland : occupiit be Nic Chirdow Colls doehtir.

said Nic ... be Cilehryist

Carvald, j merk land: occupiit be the Scotodale, ij merklancl: occupiit lVI'Stoq uhor.

Mongastell, v merk land: occupiit be Johnne M'Kay. Crubcastcll, iiij mcrk land: occupiit be the said Johnne. Reaohe, v merle land: waist.

GOl'tinvaill, iii] merk land: occupiit be the Laird Largic. Grenane, ij merk land: occupiit be Hector M'Alester. Speresak, ij merk land: occupiit be the said Hector. Crosak, iiij merk land: occupiit be the said Hector. Ballegregane and Mawisreoche, iij merkland : occupiit

be Katherene Campbell.

Blarie, j merle land: occupiit be the Laird of Largie, Dannonochane, ij merle land: waist.

Kildonane, ij rnerk land: waist.

Dowpein, iij merle land: waist.

Artardill, iiij merle land: waist.

Auchnasaill, ij merk land: vaist.

Rannadalc, iiij merle land: waist.

Karnacrage and Kirknasche, ij merk land: waist. Kilmichaell, ij merk land: waist.

Stronovean, ij merk land: waist.

Auchinra, ij merle land: waist.

The twa Dowreis, ij merle land: waist.


Ballegragane and Cragoch, iiij rnerk land: occupiit be Jolme M'Neill.

VOL. In.



Losset and Glenhane, v merk land: occupiit be Angus Eloche 1\1'Donald.

Knoke-antmore, iiij merk viijs. iiijd, land: waist. }{ilquhowane, iij merk viijs, iiijd. land: occupiit be Duncane Omey.

Drumlaibill and LochordiII, iiij merk land: Drumlanbil! occupiit be Donald 1I'I'Kinlawoir, Lochordill be Johnne M'Kecherane.

Teirarrois and Largavane, v merk land; occupiit be Alester Og lVl'Dona.ld.

PubilI and Innergye, vs. xd. land: occupiit be Gilchreist M'Ilshannoch.

KiIcobenache, ij merk land; oecupiit be Gilcallum M'Gowgane.

Blaknahall, iii merk land: occupiit be Gilea,lum moil' M'Millane.

Killownane, xvij merk land: waist.

Wagill, Auchtquhork, IGlbreicl, Kinnachanc, Auch naslessen, and Ochtoron, vij merk ~. merk land: Off the quhilkis Wagill waist, the ij merk land of Auchiquhork occupiij be Gilereist )WKenrie, Kilbreid waist, Kynnachane waist, Auchnalessen occupiit be John Molloche M'Kirley, Ochteronc waist.

Knokreochmore, Glemn\lgill and Ouchterone, v mcrk ~} mer-k land: . Off the quhilkis Knobeochmol'e and Ouchterane, iiij merkland and ~, occupiit be Angus Eloche; Glenmugill occupiit be CharI is M'Kcrchane.

Knokreochbeg, Arnaskauch, Allabodowie, iiij merk land:

Off the quhilkis Knokreochbeg oecupiit be Angus Eloche, Amaskauch occllpiit be Gillechalume M'Kcl'chir, and the half merk land of Alaboclowiewaist.

Kinlocha, xij merk land; in Angus M'Donald's handis and occupiit be his hyndis.

Ki.ldallage, Knokquhirk, Auchaquhony, iiij mcrk land: quhairof Kildallage oceupiit be Duncane M'kinvay, Knokquhirk be Neill lVI'Gibbon, and Auchaquhonye be Andra M'Kechrane.

Bal1anatoun, AuchnatQl'vie, Ballabraid, vJ merkland:


quhairof Ballanetoun occupiit be Donald Oure M'Neill, Auchintorvie waist, Ballabraid occupiit be Gi1callum M'NeilL

Mauchramoir, xij rnerk land: occupiit be Angus M'Donald, Kildavie and Glenmuklok, vij merkland: quhairof Kildavie occupiit be Neill M'Neill, Glenmuklok be Archibald lVI 'N eilL

Poldomuling, v merk t merk land: waist.

;Glenharvie, iij merk land; quhairof tua merle land occupnt equalie be Neill M'Neill and Lachland M'Quhurie, the thrid rnerk land thairof waist.

Garnageroche, j merkland : occupiit be Duncane M'Gil-


Aradill, j merkland : occupiit be Gillespik M'Neill, Sorak, j rnerkland : waist.

Corfyne, and Bairfairne, ij merkland: quhairof Corfyne occupiit be Duncane M'Ihvrindie, and Bairfairne waist.

Craig, iiij merkland : occupiit be Angus Og.

Kilmachaell and Auchinlek, iiij merkland : vaist, Ca.rskay, xij merkland : occupiit be Hector M'Neill. Mule of Kintyre, iiij merkland : oceupiit be the said


Keremanach and Mekilloch, ij merkland : quhairof Keremanoch occupiit be Johne Dow M'Nachane, Mekilloch be Hew M'Schenoch.

Colelonfort, Ballavenane, Dalquhirnoch, iiij merk viijs, iiijd. land: quhairof John M'Olloche occupiis j merkland, Gillespik M'Kye j merk land, and Johne M'Farlane j merk land; the rest waist.

Cardaway, j rnerkland : occupiit be Angus M'Nachthane. Mauchrebeg, ij merkland : quhairof Gilbert M'Schenoache

occupiis xxs. land, the rest waist.

Lepinbeg, viijs. iiijd. land: occupiit be Hector ]V[,NeiIL Maucherecastell, viijs. iiijd. land: waist.

Keranmoir, xxs. land: waist.

Glak and Logointavart, ij merk land: quhairof Glak occupiit be Hector M'Alester. Logointavirt be Angus Omoylzereog.


Lyell and Lepinstoraeh, ij merk land: the ane half thairof oceupiit be Duncane M'Schenoch, the uther half waist .

. Cattadull, Capritane, Cartinaehin, Brakleid, Gartloskin, viijrnerk -land: quhairof the iiij merkland of Cattadull waist, Capritane occupiit be Hector M'Alester, Cartinnachin waist, Brakleid occupeit be the said Hector, Gartcloskin oceupiit be John M'Kechame.

Brounrekin Amon, Drumterenach, Dalsmorill, Lagnadasa, Innerkewncallach, iiij merk iiijs. xd. land: oceupiit be Duncane M'Tlshenoch.

Kelellane, Permagovn, Carcloskin, Elrig, Arinskathar; viij merk land: quhairof Kelellan and Pennagown occupiit be .Iohne M'Eachrans, Garcloskin, Elrig and Arinskathar oocupiit be Johne M'Kechrane.

Auchnaglach, Lagnacrage, Kerefour, Keremanach, 'I'eirdonald, Dunglas, Glenranskilmoir, Strone, Olennadull, xij merkland : quherof Auchnaglach and Kerefour oeeupiit be J ohne M'Kecherane, Lagnacrage waist, Kerernanaeh occupiit be Johne M'Kccherane, Turdonald be the said John, Dunglas be Angus M'Donald, Glenraskilmoir be Katherene Campbell, Strone and Glennadull occupiit be Hector M'Alester,

-Killewlane, ij merk land: quhairof vs. land occupiit be Evene lVI'Ewiu, the rest waist.

Killequhattane, Dalnauchlesk, Crislaueh, iiij merk land: quhairof . Killequhattane waist, Dalnauchlesk and Chrislaueh extending to ij merk land occupiit be Charlis M'Caichrane.

Kilderovane, Knokstabill, Lanaquhane, iij merk ~ merkland: oceupiit be Hector M'Alester,

Gartingewoche, viijs, iiijd, land: occupiit be Cristiane Stewart:

[On another page the followin_g list of names is given.] , Arehebald M'Onald of Largy .

.Tohne M'Keehran of Killallan,

Heetour M'Allester of Killerevan,


.Johne M'Key in Mungastoun. Donald M'Key in Permevie. Duncan lVf<Schenoch of Brunercgcin. .Johne M'Kay in Smcrby.

Neill lYI'Neill in Kildavie .

. .Iohne M'Neill in Balgrogan. Anguse M'Kechran in Croshall. Donald M'Inlavaill in Drumlamhcr. Donald Our M'Ncill of Ballintone .

• Alester Oug M'Donell of 'I'errareis. Anguse Eylache of Knokrcoche.

Duncan lWOndoquhy Vane of Kildovie. GiJcspik M'Kerchan in Margmonanache. .Johne Bane M'Key in Bar.

Duncan M'Kechren in Corpulochan . . Gilleis M'Ilschenach in Machrcbeg. F'erquer M'Key in Barraskmull. Donald M'Key of Ardincrosche.

Witnesses, MR. ROBERT STEWART, minister, JonNE STEWART of Rosland, and JOHNE STEWART of Eshok, ANDRO 1\'I'KECIIItAN.


Endor8ed.~' Curia Domini de Scone in Kyntyr, 1005. Quhilk will give informstione of the present possessouris of the landis.

'[The following note is also written on the back] Alexander Makcloid de Donyvaig resignavit totas -et integras octo mercatas t.errarum in dominio de Trouternes una cum officio balliatus dicti dominii '20 Januarii 1539, in manus Jacobi Quinti, in the buist.

In ane resignatioun maid be the Erlc of Argyll 14 111al'tii 1540 principale messuagium terrarum de Ardnemurquhen is callit castrum ct fortalieium de Castlemeary, in the buist.'