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The Kintyre On Record Website Links and Overview

Though Kintyre is already well served by local websites, there are subjects and areas of
interest which these otherwise well-founded websites do not generally approach.

The Kintyre On Record website has been created to inform and educate "Kintyreans" old and
new about some of Kintyre's history and to put in place some present-day links which may
make it a little easier for people to access some of the services which control and contribute
to the general well-being of those who live on 'The West Road' and elsewhere.

Article Links
1911 Slater's Directory (23) AUDIO FILES and Recent Uploads

Who Was Where in 1911 Explore More Related Books and Articles -
Download and Listen to them as Audio Files
Argyllshire - 1

Argyllshire - 2

Argyllshire - 3

Argyllshire - 4

Argyllshire - 5

Campbeltown - 1

Campbeltown - 2

Campbeltown - 3

Campbeltown - 4
Campbeltown - 5

Campbeltown - 6


Gigha - 1

Gigha - 2


Killean - 1

Killean - 2

Saddell and Skipness

Slater's Directory Entries for Kintyre

Southend - 1

Southend - 2

Tarbert - 1

Tarbert - 2

Carradale Antler (0) Church Music and Organ Links

Archives of The Carradale Antler newsletter
CLYDE STEAMERS (41) Kintyre's Scottish Law On-Line - Scottish
Courts - Procurator Fiscals - MP - MSP - MEP -
Clyde Steamers Councillors - Council Tax and Rateable Value
'Torch' Light
Planning Applications - Listed Buildings and
1888 Princess of Wales Sinking Links

1901 Clyde Steamer Fleet

1901 MacBrayne's Steamers and Services

1907 Sinking of The "Kintyre" off Wemyss Bay

Ashton and Leven - 1
including Wee Cumbrae and Arran Mail

Ashton and Leven - 2
Ashton and Leven - 3

Banana Boats

Campbeltown Steamers

Clyde Piers - Opening and Closing Dates

Clyde Pilots - 1

Clyde Pilots - 2

Clyde Steamers 1812 - 1901


Duchess of Fife and Other Hillhouse Designs

Early Coastal Steam Ship History - 1

Early Coastal Steam Ship History - 2

Early Coastal Steam Ship History - 3

Early Coastal Steam Ship History - 4

Fair Weekends - Photographs prove that
Wemyss Bay Pier was a busy place

Fire Boats

Hovercraft and Catamarans

Humane Society

King Edward

Kitchen Rudder Gear

Maid of Skelmorlie - 1
Maid of Skelmorlie - The History of The Maids -
ABC Car Ferries and The Glen Sannox

Maid of Skelmorlie - 2

Pier Signals

Police Boats - 1

Police Boats - 2

Puffers - 1
Puffers - 1 - From Gabbarts to VIC's and
Puffers - 2

Puffers - 3

Puffers - 4

Queen Alexandra (I)

Ship Position Plotters

Skelmorlie Measured Mile

Teach Yourself Ship Handling - A Set of

The Maggie - Film

The Turbine Steamers

Wemyss Bay Pier History - 1

Wemyss Bay Pier History - 2

WWII - Clyde Steamers at War

Digital and Freeview TV (1) Fessenden (10)

Digital and Freeview TV - Mobile Phone Mast Fessenden Radio Mast at Machrihanish
Locator - Check Up Links for Your Area
'Engineering' Magazine - Reports of January 18
and 25, 1907

Brant Rock Demolition
Brant Rock Demolition - in 1917

Day That The Mast Came Down
The Collapse of Fessenden's Radio at
Machrihanish on Wednesday, December 5,

Fessenden Website Links

Fessenden's Own Account
Fessenden's Own Account - Letters' Page -
Scientific American, September 7, 1918, Page

Fessenden's Radio Mast Patent

Machrihanish Maps
Machrihanish Maps - including site plan after
the radio mast's collapse
Machrihanish Site Remains Today
Machrihanish Site Remains Today - Ground
Site Plan and Photograph Locations

Radio Machrihanish
Radio Machrihanish - Hamish Mackinven's
story - The Scots Magazine, July 1989, Pages

Yesterdays Today
Yesterdays Today - Russell Carroll's Wonderful
Superimposition of 1906 and 2006
Photographs of Machrihanish

Graveyards, Genealogy and Family History (2) Irish Ferry (4)

Kintyre Graveyards Irish Ferry Proposals and Tourist Statistics -
Thanks to the work of Harold Ralston, the Though Kintyre's 'Tourist Occupancy Rates' are
details of some 33,000 burials "south of The just 25% per year, 'The Irish Ferry Service' can
Crinan Canal" can now be accessed online. be made to work WITHOUT A SUBSIDY

Irish Ferry - 1
Place Names and Genealogy Links
Irish Ferry Proposals and Tourist Statistics -
Though Kintyre's 'Tourist Occupancy Rates' are
just 25% per year, 'The Irish Ferry Service' can
be made to work WITHOUT A SUBSIDY

Summer Projections
Summer Projections - April to September

Winter Projections - October to March and
Annual Totals

Tourist Statistics - Getting Them Right
Case Studies Employing 'The Standard
Projection' Model - The Millennium Dome - The
London Eye

Kintyre and Other Website Links (2) Kintyre At War CD

Kintyre Website Links
Kintyre, Fessenden and Other Website Links

Shipping Enthusiasts'and Yachters' Websites
Shipping Enthusiasts' and Yachters' Websites
Around The Clyde and The World

Kintyre Way (1) Kintyre's Weather Links (5)

Rucksack Readers' Kintyre Way Trail Guide Clyde Weather Forecasts
Online Links to BBC and Accu Weather
Forecasts, Local Coastal Weather
Reports and Tidal Predictions around The

Kintyre Weather - 1 - Forecasts
Online Links to BBC and Accu Weather
Forecasts, Local Coastal Weather
Reports and Tidal Predictions around

Kintyre Weather - 2 - More Links
Online links to Irish Met Office
Forecasts, Local Webcams, Day-by-Day
Historical Weather Charts from 1880
onwards and other online weather resources

Kintyre Weather - 3 - Depressions
Learn how Weather Depressions move in
and affect Kintyre

Kintyre Weather - 4 - Barometers
Learn the language of The Barometer

Kintyre's West Road (74) MSN Group LINKS (12)

Including Illustrated tour from West Loch Where to find favourite pages and articles
Tarbert to Kilchenzie following Microsoft's closure of all their MSN
Group websites on Saturday, February 21st,
1263 Vikings 2009.
Norwegian and Scottish Accounts of The
Battle of Largs CLYDE STEAMERS

1798 French Invasion Alert FESSENDEN Website
Thanks "A Million'' to all those who contributed
1909 List of Argyll County Ferries materials and photographs to make this
website such a great success
1947 Listing of Campbeltown Registered
Fishing Boats Find Your Old MSN Group Website Links Here
As a consequence of Microsoft's decision to
1947 Listing of Tarbert Registered Fishing close of all their MSN Group websites, on
Boats Saturday, February 21st, 2009, the main
"Link Pages" for the MSN Group "Kintyre",
1955 Kintyre Estates Sale "Kintyre On Record", "Kintyre Way Guides"
1955 Kintyre Estates Sale of The Duke of and "Fessenden" websites AND TOO for the
Argyll's Properties MSN Group "Skelmorlie", "Clyde Steamer"
and "Greenock Academy" websites are being
Air Service - 1 brought together here.
Air Service History - 1 - 1st Passenger and Air
Ambulance Service in Scotland
Greenock Academy
Air Service - 2
Antares - Sunk November 22, 1990 after Skelmorlie INDEX - 1 - Settlers - Saints - Battles
incident involving HMS Trenchant - Castles
Antares - Sunk November 22, 1990 after Skelmorlie INDEX - 2 - The Churches - Some
incident involving HMS Trenchant Ministers and A Guide to Playing Church
Ardrishaig Shops of The Past
Ardrishaig and Lochgilphead Shops of The Skelmorlie INDEX - 3 - Guide Books - Past
Past Times

Beasts and Fairies Skelmorlie INDEX - 4 - Around The Village - The
Hydro Hotel and World War II
Bellochantuy Seaweed Factory
Seaweed Factory - The History of Cefoil's Skelmorlie INDEX - 5 - Around The Village - The
Factory near Bellochantuy Hydro Hotel and World War II

Bellochantuy to Kilchenzie Skelmorlie INDEX - 6 - Down The Pier

Bus Games Simulator Skelmorlie INDEX - 7 - More Down The Pier
Bus Games Simulator - Try out Your Own
Ideas for Bus Services on The Isle of Wight

Campbeltown Launches - 1
Campbeltown Shipyard Launches - 1878 -

Campbeltown Launches - 2
Campbeltown Shipyard Launches 1970 -

Campbeltown Shipyard
Campbeltown Shipyard - A Short History of
The Shipyard

Capsize of The 'Isle of Gigha'
Eilean Sea Services - The Capsize of The 'Isle
of Gigha' - November 11, 1966

Cara Island
Cara Island - Some of Its History and The Tale
of The Brownie

Chleit - Kirk Session and Congregation
Photographs taken Sunday, July 11, 2004

City of Glasgow Lifeboats

Creamery History - 1

Creamery History - 2

Daylight Saving (Summer) Time

Enigma Coding Machine Free Download

Ford 'Tin Lizzies'
Clothing Factory History

Cours' Hill

Ford 'Tin Lizzies' - A Little Driver's Guide

Gigha Ferries


Hilloa for Cantyre - A Witch Tale

History of 'Antiquarians' and 'The Antler'
The history of The Kintyre and Mid Argyll
historical societies and 'The (Carradale)

Keil No More

Kintyre Wartime and Other Aircraft Crashes

Kintyre's Buses - 1

Kintyre's Buses - 1

Kintyre's Buses - 2

Kintyre's Buses - 3

Kintyre's West Road Churches

Kintyre’s Lifeboats - 1

Kintyre’s Lifeboats - 2

Kintyre’s Roads

Light Work At Machrihanish
Light Work At Machrihanish - How an electric
lighting supply was installed around 1899

Lights and Hills
Lights and Lighthouses To The West of Kintyre
and Hills To Climb

Lights To The West
Lights To The West - Lights and Lighthouses
Around Kintyre

Lochgilphead Shops of The Past

Lochiel's Sinking
Lochiel's Sinking in West Loch Tarbert -
Saturday, October 8, 1960

Lucky “MOSDALE” - The WWII Story of Fern

Machrihanish Railway
The History of The Campbeltown to
Machrihanish Railway

Machrihanish Surf
Machrihanish Surf - A Proposal for An Artificial
Surfing Reef

Mackinnon of Balinakill

Mail Coach
Mail Coach - The Campbeltown to Tarbert and
The Southend Mail

McGrory's Images of Kintyre Video
McGrory's “Images of Kintyre 1890 - 1911” -
Video Tape Index

McKerral's Kintyre
A Short History from Andrew McKerral's
'Kintyre In The 17th Century', first published in


Muasdale Street Lights

Mull of Kintyre Lighthouse

Otter Rock Lightship - Grounded at Muasdale
Otter Rock Lightship - Grounded at Muasdale
after a gale on Thursday, January 9, 1958

Quesada - Sunk off Davaar Island Sunday,
May 22, 1966

Statistical Accounts and 1882 - 1884 Gazeteer

Tangy Mill

Tarbert Canal

Tarbert or Not Tarbert ?

The Grounding of The "MOBEKA" at Carskey
Bay in 1942
The Mail Gig
Royal Mail - To and Around Kintyre

U-482 and The Englishman
U-482 and The Englishman sunk off
Bellochantuy in WWII

Vestas History - 1
The Story of The Company and Their Coming
to Campbeltown

Vestas History - 2

Wartime Heritage Trails

West Loch Ferries

West Loch Tarbert to Tayinloan

Whisky On The West Road

“Islay” to Red Bay

Links to Newspapers Locally and Around The

Links to Daily and Weekly Newspapers Locally
and Around The World and to BBC and STV
News Reports