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Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens

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Published by JohnoftheGentiles
The Flying Saucers of the Fallen Angels
The Flying Saucers of the Fallen Angels

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Published by: JohnoftheGentiles on Jul 26, 2011
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Ancient Aliens
: An Excerpt from The False ProphetAzazel by John of the Gentiles
“In Great Britain also, fantastic rumors are spreading. British scientists, some people
claim, have been contacted by a mysterious source through radio and have becomeinvolved in undercover activities at the request of extraterrestrials. Some of these scientistshave disappeared. Through such contacts, so the story goes, the extraterrestrials hope tocontrol our history. For what purpose? I myself have received letters from individualsclaiming to be members of secret organizations whose headquarters are, quite literally,
“out of this world.” These correspondents informed me that the purpose of these gr
oups is
to prevent mankind from reaching other worlds in space. Of course, other „contactees‟
make exactly opposite claims. The fact remains, however, that belief in nonhuman control
of terrestrial destinies is as old as politics…To pursue this line furthe
r would involvereopening the entire problem of witchcraft, which is obviously beyond the purpose of thisbook. It is important, however, to note the continuum of beliefs, for the continuum leadsdirectly from primitive magic, through mystical experience, the fairy-faith, and religion, tomodern flying saucers. The study of witchcraft has shown these subjects to be closely
- Passport to Magonia: From Folklore to Flying Saucers, authored by former NASA scientistJacques Vallee, 1969 A.D.; re-released as Passport to Magonia: On UFOs, Folklore and Parallel Worlds in 1993A.D. Vallee now resides in San Francisco, California). Angels, it ust be noted, fallen or otherwise, having come toour Earth from the New Earth are by definition aliens. In fact, the word
is a cognate of the word
(Author‘s Note: One of the most influential books of the 1960‘s appeared at the beginning of the decade, becoming
a best seller in America, Britain, and Europe, this book being, namely, The Morning of the Magicians by the Frenchalchemists Pauwels (Pauwels was an associate
of ceremonial magician G.I. Gurdjieff) and Bergier (a Jewish Kabbalist)
,thus sparking a newfound interest in all things magic and occult, its release having a major influence on the shapersof popular culture on both sides of the Atlantic.
Following the book‘s
release, Zen and tantric yoga make anappearance on the American
cultural scene. The 1960‘s and early 1970‘s most famously saw an occult revival in
the counterculture in San Francisco, California, most notably at Haight-Ashbury. Instrumental to the San Franciscoscene was astrologer Dane Rudhyar, a friend of influential
Theosophical Society
member and author Alice A. Bailey
who receives credit for coining the term ‗
 New Age
As we learn from
: ―Rudhyar's astrological works
were influential in the New Age movement of the 1960s and 1970s, especially among the hippies of San Francisco,where he lived and gave frequent lectures. Rudhyar regarded the 'true early hippies' as potential harbingers of a New
Age. In 1967 the scene reached its peak in the…
Summer of Love
in San Francisco.‖
At this time ceremonialmagician
Aleister Crowley‘
s face (as well as no less than three Hindu gurus!) appears on the cover of T
he Beatles‘Sergeant Pepper‘s Lonely Hearts Club Band
(issued in 1967 A.D.). The Beatles traveled to India to meet theHindu spiritual teacher Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, leader of the TM (Transcendental Meditation) Movement. TheRolling Stones at this time introduced
Sympathy for the Devil
, a decidedly Sufi/ 
Theosophical Society
-style treatmentof our age old adversary. Heavy Metal as a music genre also enters the music mainstream celebrating all thingsdevil-ish. Occult-based New Age authors also become overnight best sellers*
At this time of occult resurgencefamiliar old names are re-introduced, amongst whom was
Theosophical Society
founder H.P. Blavatsky, RudolphSteiner, H.P. Lovecraft and Russian ceremonial magician G.I. Gurdjieff. Blavatsky herself was a major 19
counterculture icon. In a most revealing way, a 1970 A.D. article by Kurt Vonnegut in
Magazine© hailsMadame Blavatsky as the
‗Founding Mother of the Occult in America.‘ The list
of occult associations in Americanpopular culture goes on and on and on including the pop-phenomenon
 Dungeon’s and Dragons
© fantasy role-playing game replete with mystical worlds of magic, demons and occult themes. As Gary Lachmann explains inTurn Off Your Mind
(2001 A.D.): ―…i
n 1960s France a literary time bomb exploded. It was called Morning of theMagicians by two French alchemists, Louis Pauwels and Jacques Bergier. The publishers Gallimard had expected amodest success but by the end of the decade the mayflower English language paperback alone had sold 1 million
copies…within weeks
of its publication, The Morning of the Magicians had both banks of the Seine (in France)
talking about alchemy, extraterrestrials, lost civilizations, esotericism, Charles Fort, secret societies, higher states(altered-states) of consciousness and the
 Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn
…It was a magical revolution— 
arevival of the occult. Previously rejected and ridiculed beliefs took centre stage, reaching the Beatles and the RollingStones, satur
ating the hippies and flower power, hitting the big screen with Rosemarie‘s Baby
[a film that featured 
(the Church of Satan founder)
 Anton Le Vey in cameo role as Satan]
and the bookshelves with Lord of the Rings.The Tarot, I Ching, astrology, Kabbala, yogis, witchcraft, UFOs, Aleister Crowley, yin-yang and The Tibetan Book
of the Dead became the common currency they are today.‖
Turn Off Your Mind by Gary
Lachmann, 2001 A.D.(Interestingly enough, the Oriental-
 philosophy influenced ‗psychiatrist cum mystic‘ Carl Jung wrote the
tothe English-version of the I Ching (a diviners tool) and professed that The Tibetan Book of the Dead was his
―constant companion.‖).
 Rosemarie’s Baby
was a 1968 A.D. offering by Hollywood director Roman Polanski. Thefollowing year Polanski's pregnant wife, Sharon Tate, was murdered by the
Church of Scientology
 /OTO-associatedmass-murderer Charles Manson and the infamous
 Manson Family.
Curiously enough, Anton LaVey (whoincidently lived in San Francisco, CA establishing his
Church of Satan
there in 1967 A.D. He also served for a timeon the San Francisco police department) also played a character known as
 His Satanic Majesty
(the commonFreemasonic moniker for the devil) in the Aleister Crowley-infatuated underground-
filmmaker Kenneth Anger‘s 11
minute film entitled
 Invocation of My Demon Brother 
(1969 A.D.) featuring music composed by
 Rolling Stones
 band member Mick Jagger. Anger (a member of LaVey‘s
original Magic Circle) had also begun production of another film called
 Lucifer Rising
in 1966 A.D. with music composed by a young musician named Bobby Beausoleil(who resided with Anger for a time in his home in San Francisco), more famously known for the murder of GaryHinman under the orders of Charles Manson in 1970 A.D. Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page makes a brieappearance in this film
(Page owned Aleister Crowley‘s home in England)
. Charles Manson was himself a friend of Dennis Wilson, founding member and drummer of 
The Beach Boys,
with Wilson at one point even hosting themurderous
 Manson Family
in his home. Interestingly enough we learn: ―It was while at high school that he
(Kenneth Anger) began to get interested in the occult, which he had first indirectly encountered through readingFrank L. Baum's
books as a child, with their accompanying Rosicrucian philosophies. Kenneth was veryinterested in the works of the French ceremonial magician Eliphas Levi, as well as Sir James Frazer's
The Golden Bough
, although his favorite was the writings of the English occultist Aleister Crowley. Crowley had founded areligion known as Thelema based upon a religious experience that he had in Egypt in 1904, in which he claimed abeing known as Aiwass had contacted him and recited to him
The Book of the Law
. Kenneth subsequently became a
great fan of Crowley's work and converted to Thelema.‖ – 
: Kenneth Anger;
J. Paul Getty, it is
interesting to note, was Kenneth Anger‘s ‗patron‘). Jack Parson‘s widow,
Marjorie Cameron Parsons starred in
Kenneth Anger‘s movie entitled
 Inaugeration of the Pleasure Dome
. She had played a major role in theParsons/Hubbard 1946 A.D.
 Babalon Working
magic-ritual. She became a friend of LaVey after being introduced toher by Kenneth Anger (LaVey at one time had even
ordered a number of Aleister Crowley‘s books from Jack 
Parsons). In
 An Interview With Kenneth Anger 
(by Kate Haug)
Anger tersely states: ―
I had been exposed tohis (Aleister
books from an early age; from adolescence
I knew Jack Parsons, who was a scientist thatworked for Jet Propulsion Labs. He had a collection of the books and was a serious student of 
Crowley‘s. After he
was killed in an explosion, I knew h
is widow, Marjorie Cameron, who‘
s in my film
 Inauguration of the Pleasure Dome
. She remained a friend all her life. So I studied his books and found a great affinity to hisphilosophy, which, simplified, can be called
pagan revival
Another famous writer connected to the BritishMuseum of note was a man named Charles Fort, b
orn in Albany, N.Y. in 1874 A.D.: ―(Charles) Fort and (and his
wife) Anna lived in London from 1924 to 1926, having moved there so Charles could peruse the files of the British
: Charles Fort
His writings gave rise to the term ‗Fortean.‘
. He founded the
Fortean Society
inNew York circa. 1931 A.D., which later grew to include a San Francisco chapter, several members of which would
later become part of Anton LaVey‘s Magic Circle (
See The Secret Life of a Satanist: The Authorized Biography of Anton LaVey). It is a small world after all.The Charles Fort-inspired U.S. Army vet/influential UFOlogist/journalist/amateur magician (he penned abook in 1957 A.D. entitled
, a Hindu word
meaning ‗black magic,‘ highli
ghting his trip to India, the Orientand the Middle East including his encounters with (among others) Yezidi devil worshippers and Hinduwitches/gurus/practitioners of magic) and writer of screenplays for such hit (occult message) T.V. shows as
Get Smart 
The Monkeys
(which glorifies the Beatnik and Hippie life) and
 Lost in Space
John A. Keel chimes in on thisphenomenom circa. 1971 A.D. when he writes of 
the amazing revolution of the mind which has taken place
almost unnoticed
in the past decade. The secret cults of the past have been replaced by the eerie mysticismof the LSD cults and the Hippie movement. Young people everywhere are turning to witchcraft and BlackMagic and engaging in a sophisticated form of occultism which attempts to link their minds with the Cosmic
(the divine unified consciousness)
Young people experimenting with LSD and otherhallucinogens sometimes have experiences they believe are contacts with the Cosmic Consciousness
Theosophical Society
member and
 Rosicrucian Fellowsip Society
founder (Oceanside, CA) Max Heindel in TheRosicrucian Cosmo-Connection (1909 A.D.), there
exists: ―one common consciousness
among all human beings;one group-
spirit for all mankind.‖
According to the wisdom of the East as taught by the
Theosophical Society
(which is also known as Brahman, a cognate of Ahriman, who is Azazel) is God-
consciousness…He is all andthe Universe is in Him. Its manifestation is only a manifestation of Himself…It is not He
a universe, but He
The Wisdom of the Upanishats
Lecture I, by Annie Besant, 1907 A.D.). Hence, when one taps into theCosmic Consciousness, one is tapping into the mind of God Itself. This process is Gnostic-ally known as seekingthe Godhead)
but which ultimately prove to be destructive
(in an attempt, to quote the Wiccan, to effect
a ―
divinecommunion with the use of drugs.
(―Mescaline, hashish, dancing, concentration – 
whisky among the Scots - theseare some of the elements which go towards the "opening of the inner eye" which is supposed to bring about the
union of the man and the power within and without.‖ – 
Gerald Gardner, Witch p. 94
). The use of psychedelic drugssuch as LSD and mescaline were considered shortcuts to the successful achievement of this mystical state ascompared to the long-term training involved in the honing of the practitioners will in magic/yogic processes, as
―there is,‖ to quote the tired old saying, ―more than one way to skin a cat.‖ The 60s drug culture wa
s spawned byone mass Buddhism-based
Theosophical Society
-influenced CIA-sponsored occult-inspired psychologicalexperiment).
Charles Manson is a good example of this
(―Manson established himself as a guru in SanFrancisco‘s Haight
-Ashbury, which, during
1967‘s ―Summer of Love,‖ was emerging as the signature hippie locale.
Expounding a philosophy that included some of the
he had studied in prison, he soon had his first group
of young followers, most of them female.‖ – 
: Charles Manson (L. Ron Hubbard, father of the
Church of Scientology
, asserts that
is in fact ―the spiritual heir of Buddhism in the Western world.‖))
Many peopleattracted to metaphysics spend years of their lives following the secret
teachings, meditating
(think: Yoga. Aleister Crowley said: ―The work of the Body of Light— 
with the technique of Yoga
is the
foundation of Magick.‖ This belief, of course, is derived from the teachings to be found in
The Tibetan Book of theDead)
, and disciplining their minds in an effort to gain godhead (
 another term for mystical illumination
(Notable Q
uote: ―…the wicked Satan…continued not in his first estate, nor kept his faith; in whom was no good
intent towards Me (God), and who though I had created him, yet set me at naught, and sought the Godhead, so that Ihurled him down from heaven.
The First Book of Adam and Eve VI.7
. Additional Notable Quote:
―Iblis (Iblis is theMuslim name for ‗devil.‘ This devil is Satan) had laid claim to the
nd God hurled him down from
The Book of the Rolls. Seek godhead at your own risk!
. More often than not they only succeed inopening themselves up to
(known as Overshadowing)
and hallucinations similar to thoseincurred b
y the use of psychedelic drugs or the practice of Black Magic or witchcraft. Today‟s young people
are rapidly gaining firsthand knowledge of the phantom world of demons and ultraterrestrials
(purportedother-dimensional beings)
as a result of such efforts. The Hippie underground newspapers and comic booksare now filled with a new lore of demons and demi-gods as well as much inside information on the cosmologyof the supermind
(the All/Brahman/the Mind of God/the Cosmic Consciousness/Godhead)
. Dr Timothy Leary
(an American psychiatrist with a West Point Military Academy background; founder of the
 League for Spiritual Discovery
started the stampede to illumination and the Cosmic Consciousness in the late 1950s with his LSDexperiments
(as Leary reveals concerning his psychotropic experimentations:
―we were attempting to create a new paganism‖
[See p. 208 Storming Heaven: LSD and the American Dream by Jay Stevens 1998 A.D.].
This ―new paganism‖ was, of course, molded on old Hindu
mystical teachings such as those teachings espoused by the
Theosophical Society
, including those specifically to be found in the Buddhist Bardol Thodol, also known as TheTibetan Book of the Dead. I believe the title of the following manual/guide to a successful psychedelic-induced
religious experience sums up Leary‘s message quite nicely:
Using LSD to Imprint the Tibetan-Buddhist Experience: A Guide to Successful Psychedelic Experience
by Dr. Timothy Leary, Ph.D
. For which reason Jimmy Hendrixbegged the quest
ion: ―Are you experienced? Have you ever been experienced?‖
He speaks of course of the
 psychedelic experience
. Hendrix sought the godhead. And he had met an untimely death).
Today the drug sceneis a very important part of the youth subculture, much to the alarm of the over-forty crowd. The notoriousmusic festival at Woodstock
(August 15-18, 1969 A.D.)
in the closing days of the last decade was actually amass illumination experience
(involving the use of psychedelic drugs such as LSD).
The seemingly
schizophrenic and destructive philosophy being touted by today‟s young people is in fact identical to the
programme of the Illuminati three centuries ago
Our Haunted World: Mysteries of Time and Space
. AsTimothy Leary himself explained:
―A psychedelic experience is a journey to new realms of consciousness…theTranscendence…of spacetime dimensions…Such experiences of enlarged consciousness can occur in a variety of 
ways: sensory deprivation, yoga exercises, disciplined meditation, religious or aesthetic ecstasies, or spontaneously.

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