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Brave New World Notes

Brave New World Notes



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Published by Emily Gong
Brave New World Notes on character analysis and important themes of the story
Brave New World Notes on character analysis and important themes of the story

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Published by: Emily Gong on Oct 05, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Emily GongAP English Notes:
Brave New WorldThe Brave New WorldMain Conflict: “Community, Idenity, Stability” vs. “Family, Monogamy,Romance”
A utilitarianism, highly modernized World State society--- it is completelyregulated by minute # of Controllers=> dystopia
Has a solid hierarchy system with Alphas on the topmost level, and Betas,Gammas, Deltas, & Epsilons in descending order
Degraded women to the level of Betas---either fertile & take Malthusiandrills or is a freemartin (sterile)
Whole population is “conditioned” to the status level they occupied---thereis not flexibility of one rising above the class one was predestined to
All are “decanted” from incubators--- no mothers or fathers
Human beings are “designed” and “assembled” together in anbiological assembly line—Chp.1
using Bokanovsky’s Process tomass-multiply identical twins from one embryo (to create a plethoraof twins Deltas & Epsilons & Gammas), preserving embryos in redlight, soaking them in artificial rich blood surrogate
Fertility also pre-assigned
one fertile ovary in twelve hundred; allow30% of female population to develop normal ovaries; rest---freemartins who are given dose of male sex hormone ever 24 meters
the “manufacturing of the lower caste: supply less oxygen todemolish their brains--- hence their capability to analyze & think;simultaneously, depriving them of oxygen inhibits their growth---midgets=equivalent to a “horse” or “cow”
the laborers
conditioning to different climates and working conditions---anotherform of binding the people without choice to their pre-assignedoccupation--- “making people like their inescapable social destiny”—ex. Embryos to be future tropical workers inoculated before “birth”
after decanting--- acquired conditioning--- using cruel methods tocontain the population in their place--- ex. Delta infants electrocutedand taught through that method to loathe knowledge & nature (givenbooks & flowers)
a compromise of nature for effectiveness--- everything scaledout to its methodical and financial worth--- lower caste taught todespise nature, preventing them from being gratuitous---“tohate the country but love country sports…consumemanufactured articles as well as transport”
the scientific “breakthroughs”---all to reinforce the society structure
the experiments trying to reduce the necessary years inmaturing for lower caste
the Bokanovasky’s Process--- to give the assembly linesefficiency & flawlessness
hypnopadia--- the science of acquired audio learning to childrenfrom a extended period of time---teach “moral education”--- theanswers to social issues---ex. Taught to demean lower caste bycolor of their apparels & intelligence; the upper caste to bealways superior
Consumption of ample importance: everything, from embryo conditioning tohynopadia lessons—all taught to increase consumerism
Lower caste taught to hate nature but embrace country sports---goal:to maintain mass transport & use of athletic utilities
Children games: the same goal---erotic play
“The more stitches, the less riches”--- a popularized “truth” of theway of life in World State--- no one is to mend their clothes or repairbroken objects---promoting more sales
 The Abolition of “Family”--- “decanted” from machines, no person except for John the Savage has a mother or father in World State
 The annihilation of the family unit---serves to preserve social order &happiness
Automatically abolished any moral obligations an individual may haveto someone that conflicts with his/her desires---abolishing familyfeuds, sibling rivalries, & duties
Liberated the path of absolute freedom---a literal sense of completeliberty from responsibility & compassion
Every love is equally balanced and distributed---“everyone works foreveryone else”
Associates the family unit as a admonishing example of animalbehavior---degrading & uncivilized---compared to “cat over its kittens”
“the appalling dangers of family life…the world was full of fathers---was therefore full of misery; full of mothers---therefore of every kindof perversion from sadism to chastity; full of brothers, sisters, uncles,aunts--- full of madness & suicide”---pg. 39
Diminishment of Social Morality---promiscuity & soma
Soma- symbol of instant gratification for the humanpopulace=>hallucinogen consistenly used by all the characters toavoid sticky and melancholy situations and problems
Bernard takes it after being dishonored by his upper-authorityguests after John refuses to shows himself off 
Lenina constantly induces it to wary off her depression & laterher undying allure for John
 The functionality of World State wholly depends on soma---promotes the use of the drug
Being “virtuous & happy”---thus sacrificing fidelity, romantic love forinstantaneous & spontaneous love (free sex)
Controllers suppress innovation and differences--- Bernard Marx andHelmholtz Watson both banished in later parts of the story b/c theywere different
Bernard—sequestrated from the rest of the Alpha Plus becauseof his abnormal stout height, which the other Alpha memberscan only explain in terms of their small, narrow world--- insistinghis difference is due to a mistaken alcohol input
Helmholtz is loathed and set apart from others by hisoverbearing sexual and mental abilities--- he is too perfect andthus must be also obliterated from a community that nurturesand acclaims its homogeneity
Zero boundaries of making love---Lenina is actually scolded by herfriend for not being sexually active enough--- been with Henry Fosterfor four months (considered long)
Reason of anything: “everyone belongs to everyone else”---noindividual freedom of choice
Everyone lives only for pleasure---no ambition, no dedication orcommitment to a worthwhile life goal
 The banishment of democracy, love, friendship, and trust--- replacedwith the caste system that has condemned a vast majority asunknowing sufferers for the luxury of a few
Apathy towards death & sadness--- John is mortified by theambivalent reactions of twin Deltas at Linda’s deathbed; also, peopleavert their slight unhappiness & frustration with dosages of soma
Crippled by its lack of faith & compassion---laughs and sinisterlyenjoys John’s flogging
 The Absence of Alternatives: religion or philosophy—taken away any sourcethat could stimulate dissatisfaction; instead replaced Christian “A.D” with“A.F”---“My Ford” referring to Henry Ford, who invented the assembly line
“My Ford”---industrialism as a form of religion--- the community showsutmost devotion to the accepted and mechanized ways
Characters John
the protagonist---a young man who is an outcast of both the World State andthe Savage Reservations; born with Linda as his mother in the Savage lands;bought up to value monogamy, fidelity, and condolence
is instantly known to be “different” from the rest of the savage people by hisdesire to participate in a ritual that the Savages prohibit him to enter and thatLenina & Bernard both find revolting
he is the son of the DHC & Linda; his origins isolate him from the World State,since he is the offspring of a “mother” and “father”, obsolete socialrelationships
knows fervently the pains of loneliness & discrimination--- the savagesdenounced him as nothing but the son of a whore; people in the World Statesee him only as a speculation
is obsessively attached to Shakespeare and his moral principles--- tortured byhis unyielding desire for Lenina yet cannot accept her voluptuous ways
describing her from a “Juliet” to a “strumpet”

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