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Chalice Lighter November 2011

Chalice Lighter November 2011

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The monthly newsletter of the South Fraser Unitarian Congregation
The monthly newsletter of the South Fraser Unitarian Congregation

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Published by: South Fraser Unitarian Congregation on Oct 30, 2011
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The Chalice Lighter
Newsletter for Members & Friends of the South Fraser Unitarian Congregation, Surrey BC
------------------------- November 2011 --------------------------
S u n d a y S e r v i c e s ( 1 0 : 3 0 a m )
 Nov 6
“Interfaith Series - Hope and Chivalry”
~ Kerr Cuhulain
What does it mean to live with chivalry? Livingaccording to a code of chivalry means living withsincerity, courtesy, compassion, perseverance,industriousness, justice, loyalty, courage, self-discipline,humility, largesse, truth, and honor. It meanschallenging indifference in the modern world bydeveloping a sense of right action. Modern knighthoodis not about appearance, but action; not about tinsel, buttenacity; not about glitter, but genius; not about fashion, but faculty. It isn’t about fighting but effectiveness,about using your head not your hands. You can’t doanything about how other people live their lives exceptto show them with your own how things could be. Nov 13
“Be Yourself/Be Transformed”
~Rev. Stephen Atkinson
We often hear someone saying to us or someone else:“Don’t worry; just be yourself.” Many people, though,finding the simple act of being yourself quite difficult.Recently it occurred to me that becoming able to betruly oneself is to experience transformation: aninteresting paradox – we are changed at the verymoment we become ourselves.For additional context, please see the short biography of Rev. Atkinson on Page 5 Nov 20
“To Transform Lives in a Profound Way”
~ Rev. Steven Epperson
The purpose of an authentic religion is to enable us tofundamentally transform our lives—from despair tohope, superficiality to spiritual depth, loneliness tofellowship, egotism to service; that is our mission andour vision. Unitarianism should be dedicated to this practice and goal: providing an inspiring “third way” between religious dogmatism and secular consumerism. Nov 27
“Women and Poverty”
~ Denise Darrel 
Details TBA
Calendar of Events for November ’11
Wed, Nov 2, 9, 16, 23:
Telling our Stories event
(details page 2)
Sun, Nov 6:
Book Bash(
details page 2
Wed, Nov 9:
Games at the Phillips’(
details page 2
Thur, Nov 17:
Movie Night(
details page 2
Sat, Dec 3:
Service Leader Workshop in Victoria
(details page 2)
Sun, Dec 4:
Holly Day Craft Sale(
details page 2
An Invitation to Meditation
Carl Sagan, the late cosmologist and science writer oncesaid: “It is better to light a candle then to curse thedarkness.” And lighting fifty candles is even better.Every Wednesday evening this fall a small group of SouthFraser Unitarians met at dusk at our labyrinth inFleetwood Park. There, as the sun went down, we linedthe curving paths of the labyrinth with flickering tealights. The effect is, in a word, breathtaking.The spectacle attracted people from the neighbouringstreets and pathways to ask questions, participate in awalking meditation, or just watch quietly. We fieldedquestions about the labyrinth, Unitarianism in general, andour religious community in particular.The Candlelight Walking Meditation program is taking a break over the cold winter months, but it will start upagain in the spring and we want you to be there.If you are seeking a personal time for peaceful meditationand reflection, this event is for you. If you are seekingways to reach out, create sacred space and connect withyour community, this event is for you. Most of all, if youare a person who would rather light a candle than cursethe darkness, this event is for you.If you are interested in supporting this program when itstarts up again in the spring, please let Kate Coghlan, DanCoghlan, or David Dalley know. We look forward tohearing from you!
November Birthday Greetings to:
Pearle GlenBarbara Davenport2
Sandy Chism5
Samantha Marciniak 11
Diana Ng-------------------------------------------------------------------
, our annual holiday card, craft,evergreen sale will be held on December 4 after theService. Start today if you haven’t already begun work on your creative contribution.-------------------------------------------------------------------Those of you who enjoy
, please signup to join others at the Phillips’ home at 7 p.m. onWednesday, November 9. No cards or board games will be involved; instead, Balderdash, Password, charades,etc. will be included. Dessert and beverages will be provided. A donation of $5 is requested.-------------------------------------------------------------------"Are you interested in learning more about being a
? If you have a feeling it’ssomething you’d like to do, but just need that extra“push”, consider this Workshop for budding leaders stilllearning the ropes or experienced leaders wanting to get better. It will explore how to put together and carry outa good service, with practical tools and usefulfoundations. Rev. Antonia Won will conduct this"Service Leader Workshop" at First Unitarian Church of Victoria on Sat. Dec. 3, approx 9-4. It will be anintroduction to the pleasure of Leading Worship (not preparing the sermon). We'll practice welcoming words,work with microphones, and consider the'choreography' of a service. Experienced leaderswanting “retraining" are most welcome, as are worshipteams. A hot lunch will be provided and, if you needhome billeting, please let us know. antonia@cuc.ca"-------------------------------------------------------------------A great variety of special offers and coupons areincluded in the 2012
 which is available now until the first Sunday inDecember. Please let your family and friends know thatwe are selling them. The price is unchanged at $46.-------------------------------------------------------------------Our fall
will be organized by NancyVivian and friends for Sunday, November 6 after theService. This is a great chance to stock up for your winter reading at very reasonable prices.-------------------------------------------------------------------The theme of this month's
isBuddhism. The movie is titled "Seven Years in Tibet".It will be shown on Thursday Nov 17th at 7:00 pm atLynne Rhead's home. Please check your Connectionsfor my address. You can ask me for a map at Sundayservice or use your internet Google Map or Map Questfor directions to my home. Please RVSP your interestso I know how much po pcorn and coffee/tea to be madeatlynnerhead@shaw.ca. Following the movie we willhave a group discussion /activity about Buddhism.Although I will be facilitating the discussion it is anopportunity to share our knowledge about Buddhismand how it has affected our spiritual journey.-------------------------------------------------------------------
Sikh, Muslim, Jewish andFirst Nations community members reflect on culturaland religious traditions. Crescent United Church invitesyou to participate in this dialogue opportunity toconnect with neighbours from diverse faith traditions.The dialogues take place Wednesday evenings, 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm November 2, 9, 16 and 23 at Crescent UnitedChurch, 2756 – 127th Street. Each night will focus on adif ferent theme. Contact David Dalley for details:davidanderin@dalley.caor (604) 502-8661
Let’s Tell Our Stories
I feel that among us we have many experiences and some wisdom to share. To that end, I suggest a Stories of ChangeGroup to meet once a month to talk about what has made us see things differently or change our spiritual path. This ideawas reinforced when I spent the weekend at the UU Women’s Retreat on the shore of Westwood Lake west of Nanaimoin mid September. It is a beautiful setting for personal reflections well as exchange of ideas. Next year is the 15thWomen’s Retreat and I hope some of you can cut loose from your busy schedule to get there. Rain was forecast, so Iunpacked my swimsuit, however next year can be different. There is an almost 6 km trail around the lake for those whoare wanderers and an 11-ring stone labyrinth for those who walk in smaller circles. It was while I walked the labyrinththat I thought about what to write for the next newsletter. The labyrinth is open to the public.I combined this trip with a visit to Laurel Allard in Parksville. We celebrated her 75th birthday with oyster burgers andtrifle at a very British restaurant in her new home town.I would like to meet with persons interested in telling stories in my home at 7 p.m. on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. Westarted already on October 18, next meeting will be November 15. In the future, dates would depend on the host for theevening, and the topic may change. Those who want to socialize with UU persons during daytime should look into theschedule for the Knit-Wits, who meet to produce warm clothing for the needy.
Roots and Wings: Religious Education at SFUC
By Kate Coghlan, DRE
Have you had a good start to the church year? I have, and I'm really excited about our Spir it Play program this year.I want to tell you a bit about the amazing resource that is available to us. Last year, David Dalley and the Surrey Neighbouring Faiths group worked alongside the Surrey Public Library to put together a set of multi-faith kits. We didone for Unitarianism, and it was fun to think of what should go in the box for discovery by curious young people andtheir caregivers.With our new multi-faith series of speakers, I thought it was a great opportunity to use these kits in our lesson plans.Each is filled with books to read, music to dance to, sacred objects to explore, activities to try, and even felt stories – itfits right in to the Spirit Play format!We had the pleasure of checking out the Hinduism kit for the month of October. I believe each teacher got to work withit once, and I'm sure some of us learned a lot from it (I know I did). Timing was perfect as our friends and neighboursgot ready to celebrate Diwali, just this past week.On a day when we have visitors from another faith, we will always try to have the kit for that faith in our classroom. Ihope that this can generate some discussion between children and their parents, learning together. And if you'd like tocome down to the classroom and take a look at the kit or read through any of the materials, please just let me know. Doask – these items are on loan through personal library cards, and we need to make sure to keep the kit together – but I'd be more than happy to arrange it for you.Our month of studying Hinduism has come to a close for now, though I look forward to more of it in the future.
Social Action Update
By Steve Faraher-Amidon, Social Action Chair 
Social Action has taken a bit of a turn from last year. Rosemary Liburd continues to participate strongly as a volunteer with the South Fraser Women’s Services Society. Through her leadership we have pledged to seek more involvementwith the society, and we are excited that Denise Darnell, their director, shall soon be speaking to SFUC.We are hopeful we can form a relationship which shall see us being active in support of their services for women in our Surrey community. As Rosemary, Sandy Chism and Mona Milne all volunteer there, it felt like a potential fit for us to become more active with their needs.We still endorse and support the Burns Bog, and Sandy Chism has placed this high on her agenda. Sandy has also been busy with planning our new Social Action banner, and we shall be bringing this forward soon to the congregation. Lastyear we were focusing on Newton Advocacy and we still are supporting giving them help when needed (once in a whileSteve helps with furniture moving, and we helped big time last year with the Christmas dinner with SFUC membersRenie McRae and Alec Drysdale and Kathleen Zimmerman helping prepare the food).Steve F-A and Royce Rourke have focused on the presentation involved with change and how our congregation dealswith it, based on information presented at the Toronto CUC meeting last Spring. As well, we still support the CanadaPlan, with monetary support for young girls in Colombia. Finally, we are augmenting our congregational support for theKIVA loans programme by asking more SFUC members to individually take on loans to needy individuals, groups andfamilies, virtually all over the globe. Our SFUC Social Action initiative has resulted in loans being made to people in 3countries, Mexico, Benin and Mali.We look forward to more comments and involvement from everyone in support of this most worthy cause which helps people help themselves, and the loan repayment is approximately 95%, which is more than outstanding. You areencouraged to go in and look at the loans one can make, by going in using the term KIVA in a google search.You canthen make your own loan or contact the Social Action Committee (rediwat@gmail.com) for further help or advice if needed. This is one outstanding programme which EVERYONE in SFUC needs to at least be aware of, as it representsour 7 principles in an engaging and ACTIVE way!

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