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Published by gron4584

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Published by: gron4584 on Dec 23, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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True or False?Why or Why Not?HDYKT?
1. Differentiation isindividualizedinstruction.TrueIt should be able to be modified to fiteach individualstudent’s needs.ASCD VirtualSymposium: CarolTomlinson2. Differentiatedinstruction meanshaving highexpectations for allstudents.TrueDI teaches upandteaches students to becomeindependent.ASCD VirtualSymposium: CarolTomlinson3. In differentiatedinstruction, studentsare always groupedhomogeneously(based onreadiness).FalseStudents are notalways grouped byreadiness – also byinterest, multipleintelligences,learning styles, etc.ASCD VirtualSymposium: CarolTomlinson4. Differentiatedassignments should be offered at alltimes.TrueAll students shouldhave the opportunityto have choices intheir learning.ASCD VirtualSymposium: CarolTomlinson5. Differentiationmeans assigningmore work to somestudents and less toothers.FalseAll students get thesame amount of work, but possiblydifferent levels of difficulty based onthe student’s needs.ASCD VirtualSymposium: CarolTomlinson6. A differentiatedclassroom provideschoice.TrueThe school doesnt provide the choicesstudents need, butDI allows studentsto choose how theylearn best.ASCD VirtualSymposium: CarolTomlinson7. A learningcontract is used withstudents who have behavior problems.FalseA learning contractof one kind or another can be usedfor every student.Making aDifference: CarolTomlinsonGronski 9/29/08 1

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