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76635843 Table of Electrical Symbols

76635843 Table of Electrical Symbols

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Categories:Types, Maps
Published by: Frederick Atienza Reyes on Jul 01, 2012
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Table of Electrical Symbols
 Component name MeaningWire Symbols
Conductor of electrical current
Connected crossing
Wires are not connected
Switch Symbols and Relay Symbols
Disconnects current when open
Selects between two connectionsPushbutton Switch (N.O) Momentary switch - normally openPushbutton Switch (N.C) Momentary switch - normally closed
DIP switch is used for onboardconfiguration
Relay open / close connection byan electromagnet
Close connection by jumperinsertion on pins
Solder to close connection
Ground Symbols
Used for zero potential referenceand electrical shock protection.
Connected to the chassis of thecircuit
Resistor Symbols
 (IEEE)Resistor reduces the current flow
 (IEEE)Adjustable resistor - has 3terminals.
 (IEEE)Adjustable resistor - has 2terminals.
Capacitor Symbols
Capacitor is used to store electriccharge. It acts as short circuitwith AC and open circuit with DC.
Adjustable capacitance
Inductor / Coil Symbols
Coil / solenoid that generatesmagnetic field
Includes iron
Power Supply Symbols
Generates constant voltage
Generates constant current.AC Voltage Source AC voltage source
Electrical voltage is generated bymechanical rotation of thegenerator
Generates constant voltage
Generates constant voltage
Generates voltage as a function ofvoltage or current of other circuitelement.
Generates current as a function ofvoltage or current of other circuitelement.
Meter Symbols
 Measures voltage. Has very highresistance. Connected in parallel.
Measures electric current. Has nearzero resistance. Connected serially.
Measures resistance
Measures electric power
Lamp / Light Bulb Symbols
  / light bulbGenerates light when current flowsthroughLamp / light bulbLamp / light bulb

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