Are you ready?

A man was sleeping in his bed. What? So what? Milions of folks sleep every night in their beds! What’s so unusual? Yes, indeed. But this was supposed to be his last night. Many folks woke up in the morning and went to jobs, schools, and univs. But he never woke up. He was killed while in sleep. But was he ready? A mother was driving her car with kids? So what? But millions of parents are used to do it every day! They pask their lunch into thew car and off the go! Yes, but for that family it was the last time.Rising wat3ers suddenly engulfed and swamped them alive! Was she ready? Where was she going that day? Where was her husband? It was supposed to be a day as usual! Young lady and her boyfriend were walking the dog on a leash outdoors. But so many couples do it every day! But for them it was the last time. Huge storm carried the tree and they were hit. The dog survived. Were they ready? Were they shacking up? She was only 24.The future was before her. Marriage, kids, job… Are you ready? Ready for what? One day all of us will meet our Maker! 2000 years ago some folks came up to Jesus and related two stories to him:

In one, some folks were trying to fight the occupant and were brutally destroyed. In another it was a day as ususal, but the tower fell and folks geot killed. Was it an accident? Why them? Many folks visit castles and other ‘attractions’ and they never get killed! Were they ready? Jesus said: If you don’t repent one day it will be the same with you! Nobody knows his time but on thing is sure! One day you will not wake up and thing around you will go as ususal! People will go to work, parents will take their children to the scholl, kids will play in the yard, boy and girl will go on the date but iwt will not be for you this time! That’s why it’s so important to realize and answer one question: Are your ready? Are your sins forgiven? Is your name written in the Book of Life of the Lamb of God, Jesus Christ? Have you received Jesus Christ as your Saviour? Have you repented from all your sins? Jesus said: I am the way, the truth and the life and NOONE comes to the Father God but BY ME [ONLY, SOLELY]! People, without accepting Jesus cannot go to heaven, noi matter how good they are in their opinion or another men’s opion! Repent yoday, cos you don’t know when your time to go is! Jesus is resurrection and the life! Jesus saves today!


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