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GUru mnadala pooja

GUru mnadala pooja

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Published by Kutticad Ramesh
as per tantra raja tantra
as per tantra raja tantra

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Published by: Kutticad Ramesh on Jan 08, 2013
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Guru Madala pooja as per Tantra rAja tantra

The second chapter of Tantra rAja tantra deals with the nine Lords (navanAtha). They are called the vidyAvatAra guravah- which literally means that they are the personification of the divine energy that will facilitate the descent of the vidya. The vidya here will mean the conscious awareness of the self as unbound bliss. Also the same idea is seen in second line of the often chanted five verses of the Preceptor (which are found as the last lines of the first chapter), vidyAvatAra samsiddhyAi svIkrtAneka vigrahah. O! Guru you assume various forms to the accomplished descent of the vidya. Thus we find an identity in all the lineages as being one with the Adi nAtha. The nine guru enumerated are prakAsha, vimarsha, Ananda, srIgyAna, srIsatya, srIpUrNa, svabhAva, pratibha, subhaga. The first three are the divyas- the exalted ones who remain in the realm of the gods, the next three are siddhas who move between the worlds and the last three are the manavas who are ever present in this world. Their mantra is of nine letters (navAksharA) or sixteen letters (SodhasAksharA). Affix mayA and srI bijAs ( hrIm srIm) and suffix the word AnandanAtha in the above names to get the first type and further add the seven letter (saptAksharA) ‘pAdukAm pUjayAmi’ to get the second type. A mandala (mystical diagram) is to be drawn for these preceptors and worshipped on special days. There are six conjunctions namely pusHpiNi, mohini, jayini, kumAri, vimala and srikarI in the astAnga calendar.The birthday of the preceptor and the six special conjunctions of the astanga calendar are recommended. If the preceptor is in Sripura them his remembrance day is to be substituted. There are two types in accordance with the mantras seen above. The first is a nine by nine square and the second is a twelve by twelve square. From the central square inscribe the letters in the nine by nine square towards the above and then in the counter clock wise direction. Similarly in the above square and then in the counter clock wise direction all the names are to be inscribed. The whole procedure is to be done with sandal paste mixed with saffron and musk. The respective preceptors are invoked and the five fold worship (panca upacara) or the sixteen fold worship (sodhasa upacara) is to be done. After completion and withdrawal of the invoked deities the sandal paste is to be worn on the forehead, arms and on the breast. This will confer the fullest grace of the divine on the aspirants through the gurumandala.

The first type of Mandala is given below: आ न नदा शी स तया शी जा ना शी ही न शी ही न शी ही न थ ना नद थ ना नद थ ना नद िव म शार प का शा शी पू णार शी ही न शी ही न शी ही न थ ना नद थ ना नद थ ना नद सु भ गा प ित भा सव भा वा शी ही न शी ही न शी ही न थ ना नद थ ना नद थ ना नद The second type of Mandala is given below: पू ज या िम पू ज या िम कां आ न नदा कां शी स तया दु शी ही न दु शी ही न पा थ ना नद पा थ ना नद पू ज या िम पू ज या िम कां िव म शार कां प का शा दु शी ही न दु शी ही न पा थ ना नद पा थ ना नद पू ज या िम पू ज या िम कां सु भ गा कां प ित भा दु शी ही न दु शी ही न पा थ ना नद पा थ ना नद .

पू ज या िम कां शी जा ना दु शी ही न पा थ ना नद पू ज या िम कां शी पू णार दु शी ही न पा थ ना नद पू ज या िम कां सव भा वा दु शी ही न पा थ ना नद .

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