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A Christmas Carol


Published in 1843. Victorian Era By Charles Dickens Main character: Ebenezer Scrooge

Victorian Era

Queen Victoria Prosperous Britain Trade Wealth Nostalgia for the past Dehumanization Greed

Charles Dickens The Author

Humiliating experiences of his childhood. Sympathy for the poor. Criticize society. Rejuvenate English Tradition.

Dicken's Carol

Was one of the greatest influences. Rejuvenating the old English Christmas Tradition. Warms Reader's heart Catches Reader's attention. Brings superb juxtaposing images of darkness and light. Life and death. Sadness and joy.

Ebenezer Scrooge

Scrooge represents the coldness of winter. In the end, he becomes the warmth of spring. The light. Innocence. Goodwill.

Marley's Ghost

Introduces novel's allegorical structure. Symbolism of: Themes Ideas Characters

Scrooge represents:

Greed Apathy ILL Will Unfair system of British Government

Marley's Ghost personifies:

People who suffer under the unfair system. Scrooge's System. Inequality of social classes under Victoria's