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Boy Goes Ballistic

Boy Goes Ballistic

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Published by ashmitashrivas

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Published by: ashmitashrivas on Feb 01, 2013
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Boy goes ballistic for no reason Yesterday, shortly after lunch Jenny visited her friend Tom for

the first time. Tom, aged 5, had wanted her to visit him for quite some time. When she rang the bell, Nurse opened the door of the Manor house and accompanied her to the nursery where Tom was playing with his toys. After saying hello, Tom ran around the table to pick up the toy train whereas Jenny sat down under the table and began reading a book. They got along quite peacefully until Nurse came back in and told Tom off because he wasn’t playing with Jenny. Tom tried to explain what happened next: ”Nurse said I was naughty and she threatened to tell daddy about it. And when Jenny said He is naughty, isn’t he? I just couldn’t control myself anymore.” After that a fight broke out between Tom and his guest. According to the police Tom pulled Jenny’s hair. Jenny kicked back and bit Tom’s arm. The two had to be separated by Nurse. An ambulance had to be called to the scene as Tom’s arm didn’t stop bleeding. When Jenny managed to sneak back into the nursery, Tom quickly calmed down again and they both got back to what they had been doing before – playing. God knows why he went ballistic in the first place!

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