Eddy Egan Tuliszewski Page 193 Section Assessment 7-4

December 20, 2006 Period ½

1. In what kinds of organisms is cell specialization a characteristic? - Multicellular organisms that can develop in different ways to perform different tasks. 2. List the levels of biological organization in multicellular organisms from the most simple to most complex. - The levels of organization in a multicellular organism are individual cells, tissues, organs, and organ systems. 3. How are unicellular organisms similar to multicellular organisms? - Both unicellular and multicellular organisms grow, respond to the environment, transform energy, and reproduce. 4. Using what you know about the ways muscle moves, predict which organelles would be most common in muscle cells. - The organelle that would be most common in muscle cells would be Mitochondria. They produce food and energy that the muscles need to reproduce. The more intense training or working out you do the more mitochondria will come and help supply energy. Also ribosome’s help to produce proteins that are necessary for contraction (Actin and Myosin)

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