Urdu words
Aaafiyat Aaatish-diidaa Aab Aab daar Aab daari Aab deyna Aab doz Aab josh Aab ju Aab naaey Aab paashi Aab taab Aab yaari Aaba Aabaad Aabaad kaar Aabaad kaari Aabaad karna Aabaadi Aabaaey shaehr Aabaai Aabagiinon Aabalaa Aabalaa-paa Aabale Aaba-o-ajdaad Aab-daar Aab-deyna Aab-e-aainah Aab-e-baqaa-e-davaam Aab-e-chashm Aa-be-dida Aab-e-Hayaat Aab-e-talkh Aabgeena Aabi Aabi chirya Aabi rang Aabid Aab-josh Aab-ju Aabjuu Aab-kaari Aab-khora Aablah Aablah angeyzi Aablah paa Aablah paai Aabla-paayan Aabley daalna Aab-noos Aabnoosi Aab-o-daanaa Aab-o-daanah Aab-o-gayer Aab-o-hava Aab-o-havaa Aab-o-hawa Aab-o-rang Aab-o-taab Aab-paashi karna Aab-paashi ki naehr Aab-rasaani

English words
Comfort Seen Fire, Been Near Fire Brightness, Brilliance, Cool, Water, Splendor, Elegance, Gloss,Polish, Temper Steel, Luster Gems, Sharpness of Sword Polished Cleanliness, Purity Polish Submarine, Underwater Soup Gill, Stream Channel, Gut, Strait Irrigation Chic, Glitter, Show Irrigation Cloak Bustling With Life, Flourishing, Populated, Inhabited, Peopled, Prosperous, Happy, Settle Colonist, New Settler Colonisation Plant Habitation, Population, Settlement City Fathers Ancestral, Paternal Water Bubbles Blister Blistered Feet , One Who Has Blisters On The Feet Blisters Extraction, Lineage, Progenitors Bright, Lustrous Temper Steel Polish Of A Mirror Nectar (that which gives eternal life) Tears Like Old Woman Nectar Bitter Water, Tears, Wine A Crystal Glass Aquatic, Marine, Wet Waterfowl Water Colour Servant, Believer, Devotee, Follower, Votary, Worshipper Broth Brook, Rivulet, Small River, Stream Brook, Rivulet, Small River, Stream Excise Tumbler Gall, Vesication, Warble Vesication Exhausted, Fatigued Plodding Injured Feet Vesicate Ebony Ebonies, Jet Black Fate, Life, Subsistence Fate, Life, Subsistence Vegetation Climate, Environment, Weather Climate, Environment, Weather Climate, Environment, Weather Attraction, Charm, Glory, Splendour Brightness, Grandeur, Luster, Pomp, Splendour Water Zanja Water Supply

Aabrataari Aabroo Aabru Aabru baakhtah Aabru leyna Aabru reyz Aabru reyzi Aabru reyzi karna Aab-shaar Aab-taab Aadaab Aadaab arz Aadah nokeela Aadam Aadam khor Aadam zaad Aadamiyat Aadat Aadat daalna Aadat parna Aadatan Aadatan istemaal Aadatan kaheen aaney jaaney waala Aadatan shikaayeti Aadha Aadha aadha Aadha chand Aadha sach Aadha teetar aadha bateyr Aadhey raastey par Aadhi baat Aadi Aadi karna Aadil Aadilaanah Aadmi Aadmiyat Aadmiyon ka shumaar Aadmiyyat Aaed Aaed karna Aaeen Aaey din Aafaat Aafat Aafat zadah Aafiyat Aafiyat tang karna Aafreen Aafriin Aaftaab Aag Aag bharakna Aag bharkaana Aag jalaana Aag lagaana Aag lagna Aag par seynkna Aaga Aagaah Aagaah hona Aagaah karna Aagaahi Aagaahii Aagaaz Aagaaz-e-kaar

Black Clouds Credit, Chastity, Dignity, Honor, Fame, Good Name, Reputation, Respect, Status Credit, Chastity, Dignity, Honor, Fame, Good Name, Reputation, Respect, Status Licentious, Shameless Molest Violator Abuse, Insult, Molestation, Outrage, Rape Insult Waterfall Beauty, Elegance Ceremonies, Conventions, Civilities, Etiquette, Good Manners, Manners, Polish, Prosperous, Rituals, Rules, Traditions, Ways (Plu. Of Adab) Hello!, Greetings Acute Adam (of Adan and Eve), Man Cannibal, Man-Eater Mankind Humanity Addiction, Custom, Habit, Usage, Practice, Manner, Routine, Wont Familiarise, Habituate, Use Get Used Habitually Addict Habitué Querulous Half Fifty-Fifty, Half-And-Half Half-Moon Half-Truth Hotchpotch, Nondescript Halfway Half-And-Half Addicted, Accustomed, Compulsive, Customary, Habitual, Wonted Habituate Judge, Just, Sincere, Righteous Just Man (Lit. Offspring Of Adam), Person Civility, Human Nature, Humanity Count Noses Humanity, Human Nature, Civility Alighting, Befalling, Liable Impose Law, Custom, Mode Constantly, Every Day Accidenst, Adverses, Afflictions, Cahoot, Evils, Epidemy, Disasters, Hardships, Misfortunes, Mishaps, Oppressions, Vexations (Plu. Of Aafat) Hardship, Misfortune, Accident, Adverse, Affliction, Cahoot, Evil, Epidemy, Disaster, Mishap, Oppression, Vexation Miserable Health, Safety, Security, Well Being Pester Acclaim, Bravo, Well Done, Term of Praise Acclaim, Bravo, Well Done, Term of Praise Sun, Face Flame, Fire, Incensement (Figurative. Anger, Passion, Love, Lust) Flare Incense Ignite Flame, Fire, Ignite Flame Grill Front Alert, Acquainted With, Aware, Forewarned, Informed, Known Notice Inform Cognition, Cognizance, Forewarning, Information, Insight, Intelligence, Intuition, Knowledge, Notice, To Know Beforehand, Wisdom Cognition, Cognizance, Forewarning, Information, Insight, Intelligence, Intuition, Knowledge, Notice, To Know Beforehand, Wisdom Beginning, Kick-Off, Outset, Start Starting Of Work

Aagaaz-e-ulfat Aagaaziidaa Aagaazindaa Aagahee Aagahi Aagahii Aagar Aagaz Aagey Aagey aana Aagey barhaana Aagey barhna Aagey jhuk jaana Aagey ka Aagey ko barhaao Aagey peechhey hilaana Aaghaaz Aaghaaz din ka ekhtetaam Aaghaaz hona Aaghaaz karna Aaghaaz-e-shab Aaghosh Aagosh Aagosh-e-tasavvur Aagosh-kushaa Aah Aaha achchha Aahan Aahang Aahanii Aah-e-aatashiin Aaheyn bharna Aaheyn nikalna Aahistah Aahistah chalna Aahistah daurney waala Aahistah qadmi sey Aahni dastaanah Aah-o-bukaa Aahon Aah-o-zaari Aah-o-zaari karna Aahu Aah-wuzaari Aa-iin Aa-iinaa-baradaar Aa-iinaa-khaanaa Aailah Aain Aaina Aainaa-seemaa Aainah Aaini Aaj Aaj kal Aaj kal karna Aajil Aajir Aajiz Aajizi Aakaash ganga Aakaashi Aakh Aakhaaz Aakhir Aakhir aakhir

Beginning Of Love One Who Starts, Initiates, That Which Has Started, Initial One Who Starts, Initiates, That Which Has Started, Initial Cognition, Cognizance, Forewarning, Information, Insight, Intelligence, Intuition, Knowledge, Notice, To Know Beforehand, Wisdom Cognition, Cognizance, Forewarning, Information, Insight, Intelligence, Intuition, Knowledge, Notice, To Know Beforehand, Wisdom Cognition, Cognizance, Forewarning, Information, Insight, Intelligence, Intuition, Knowledge, Notice, To Know Beforehand, Wisdom If Begining Ahead, Before, Fore, Infront, Onward, Yon Come Forth Pass On Advance, Get On, Progress Collapse Later Onrush Vibrate Beginning, Commencement, Get Away, Genesis, Inception, Kick-Off, Outset, Start Nightfall Start Commence, Start Nightfall Embrace, Lap, Bosom Embrace, Lap, Bosom In The Grasp, Reach Of Dreams, Imagination Waiting To Embrace Someone (With Open Arms) Ah!, Groan, Oh!, Sigh Aha! Iron Design, Harmony, Intention, Melody, Mode, Music, Purpose, Sound, Way Made Of Iron Fiery Sigh Groan Sigh Calmly, Gently, Gradually, Lazily, Leisurely, Slowly, Softly, Lag Jogger Gingerly Gauntlet Crying, Mourning Sighs Jeremiad, Wail Howl Gazelle Mourning Law, Natural Way Bearing A Mirror Glass House Family Constitution, Law, Natural Way, Statutes Looking Glass, Mirror Like The Face Of A Mirror Looking Glass, Mirror Valid Present Moment, Today Hesitation, Now, Now A Days, Of Late, Procrastination, Recently, These Days Procrastinate, Shrink Accelerator, Agile, Hasty, Quick, Speedy Employer Baffled, Crippled, Dejected, Frustrated, Helpless, Humble, Incapable, Lowly, Overcome, Powerless, Unable, Weak Helplessness, Humility, Submissive, Inability, Submissiveness, Supplication Galaxy Quintessential Ugh Commencement, Outset, Beginning Close, Conclusion, End, Extreme, Final, Hindmost, Issue, Last, Later, Termination, Utmost Finally

Aakhir been Aakhir beeni sey Aakhir ka Aakhir kaar Aakhir karna Aakhirash Aakhireen Aakhir-e-shab Aakhiri Aakhiri faeslah Aakhiri hawaalah Aakhiri hichki leyna Aakhiri intebaah Aakhiri nateejah Aakhiri nuqtah Aakhiri saans leyna Aakhiri sira Aakhor Aakhtah Aakhtah karna Aal Aala Aalaa Aalaaish Aalaam Aalaa-o Aalaap Aalaat Aalaat-o-auzaar Aalah Aalam Aalam geer Aalam na-paidaar Aalam-e-aakhirat Aalam-e-arwaah Aalam-e-baala Aalam-e-bisaat Aalam-e-hastii Aalam-e-shabaab Aalam-e-wujood meyn laana Aalee-guhar Aaleyna Aali Aali himmat Aali khaan daani Aali martabah aurat Aali shaan Aali zarfi Aali zarfi ka rawaiyah ekhteyaar Aali zarfi sey Aalim Aalimah Aalim-e-maskookaat Aalim-ul- mantiq Aalkasi Aalmi Aaloodah Aalu Aaluda Aam Aam aadmi Aam faehm Aam istemaal meyn laana Aam kaam Aam mamooli Aam qeemat sey kam dam lagaana

Farsighted, Prudent, Ware Warily Later At Last, Finally, Lastly End, Execute, Finish Finally, Last, Lastly, In The End Last End Of Night Eventual, Final, Hindmost, Last Quietus Last Breathe One's last Ultimatum Ultimate Ultimate, Utmost, Uttermost Breathe One's last Limit, Tailpiece Filth, Refuse, Rubbish Castrated, Gelded Castrate, Geld Family Best, Greatest, Highest, Superior, Supreme, Wondorous Best, Greatest, Highest, Superior, Supreme, Wondorous Garbage Mushkilen, Musiibaten, Problems, Troubles (Plural of Alam) Storehouse Of Fire Conversation, Preparatory Tuning Apparatus, Instruments, Machinery Gear, Harness Implement, Instrument, Loom, Machine, Niche Beauty, Condition, Nature, Public, Period, Regions, Situation, State, Sorrow, Universe, World Worldwide Global, Universal, Mortal Universe Netherworld Underworld Heaven Complete Universe Existence Of This World Youth Generate Belonging To A High Caste Or A Rich Family Overtake Elevated, Eminent, Exalted, Grand, High, Sublime, High Spirited Nobility Noblewoman Grand, Majestic, Magnificence, Splendid, Stately Magnanimity, Nobleness Noblesse Oblige Nobly God, Intelligent, Intellect, Knowledgeable, Learned, Scholar, Wise Gouvernante Numismatist Logician Lazy Worldwide Nasty Potato Dirty Coarse, Common, Commonplace, General, Familiar, Mango, Normal, Public, Ordinary (Plu. 'Awaamm), Universal, Widespread Jack Intelligible, Simple Generalise Hackwork Ordinary Undercut

Be-Obsessed Alert. Ready Ready To Go Mad. Communication. Agent. Operator Strongman Commandingly Flash. Conjurer. Visit. Self. Respectful Term Of Address. Readiness. Warmth. Making The Face Look Greyish. Yield The Mis' Which Just Starts To Appear. Grief Corner Of The 'Dopatta' Worn By Women Dust-Storm. One Who Mixes Freely Commoner. You Flatter Autobiography Itself Your . Teaching Moment Arrive. Loss. Vulgar Vulgarise Hog-Plum Activity. Movement.Aam saabun Aam tasawwur Aam taur par Aam zaahir Aamaadaa Aamaadaa-e-saudaa Aamaadah Aamaadah ho jaana Aamaadah hona Aamaadah-e-jaarhiyat Aamaadgi Aamad Aamad-e-khat Aamad-o-raft Aamal Aamdani Aamdani paeda karna Aameyzish Aamez Aami Aamil Aamir Aamiraanah Aamiyaanah Aamiyaanah kar deyna Aamla Aamliyat Aamna saamna hona Aamney saamney Aamozee Aan Aana Aanch Aanchal Aandhee Aandhi Aaney jaaney waala Aaney waala Aangan Aanjahaani Aanka ya jaancha hua Aankh Aankh ka dheyla Aankh ki keechar Aankh lagaana Aankh maarna Aankh par patti baandhna Aankhen hain farsh-eraah Aankhen nikalna Aankheyn Aankhhen bichana Aankhon Kee Hasrat Aankna Aankney waala Aanla Aansoo Aansu Aansu bhara Aant Aanteyn Aao-bhagat Aap Aap aap kaehna Aap beeti Aap hi aap Aap ka Yellow-Soap Notion Generally. Selves. Ignorant Active. Willingness Arrival. Transportation Operate Income Inbring Adulteration Social. Agency Affront Face-To-Face. Hurricane Hurricane Visiting Forthcoming Frontyard. Optic Orb Gum Nap Wink Hoodwink Waiting Desperately To Get Angry Eyes Waiting Desperately Hungry Eyes Valuate Valuator Hog-Plum Tears Tear Teary Intestine Viscera Welcome Itself. Vis-A-Vis Education. Factor. Come Flame. Yard Late Valued Eye. Willing Undertake Undertake Aggressive Alacrity. Fervor. Advent. Normally Overt Prepared. Coming.

Wise Judiciously Ruby Barrier. Crooked. Interfere. Close Friend. Slothful Indolency Relaxed Lazy. Beauty Face And Cheek Obviate Block. Comfort. Garnish Garnish Embelishments Garniture Decorations Alleviation. Sensible. Excuse. Intelligent. Rash. Short Sighted. Buttress. Covering. Ignominy. Decoration. Partner. Shield Agency Jobber Bent. Illness Salty Cheeks Evening's Cheeks Peach . Inclined. Cure. Other World. Indolent. Quiet Recover Comfortable Nourish Bedroom. Reckless. Conclusion. Interpose. Intervening. Otiose. Inconsiderate. Shelter Shade. Conclusion. Slanting Jar Sawyer Adorning. Cheek. Finally. Improvident. Veil Screen. Ornate. Thoughtless Improvidence Clever. Bent.Aap ka khaer talab Aap key Aap khud Aap log Aapa dhaapi Aa-parna Aapas Aapas daari Aapas ka Aapas ka Aap-biitii Aapey sey baahar Aaq Aaqa Aaqabat Aaq-e-nisyaan Aaqibat Aaqibat naa andeysh Aaqibat naa andeyshi Aaqil Aaqilaanah Aaqoot Aar Aar karna Aar meyn Aar paar Aara Aara ka tasaadum Aara kash Aaraa Aaraaish Aaraaish karna Aaraaishon Aaraaish-o-zeybaaish key lawaazmaat Aaraaiyaan Aaraam Aaraam aana Aaraam deh Aaraam deyna Aaraam gaah Aaraam karna Aaraam ki haalat Aaraam pasand Aaraam pasandi Aaraam sey Aaraam talab Aaraam talab Aaraastagi Aaraastah Aaraastah karna Aaraastah paeraastah Aaraish Aaraz-o-rukhsaar Aarey aajaana Aarey aana Aarhat Aarhti Aari Aarif Aariyat Aariz Aariz hona Aarizah Aariz-e-namakiin Aariz-e-shaam Aaru Yours Truly Your Yourself Ye Selfishness Befall One Another Brotherhood. Embellishing. Preventing Interdict Indisposition. Help. Inclined. Understanding. Screen. Rest. Imprudent. Oblique. Crooked. Idle. Repose. Slanting Knowing Loan Barring. Relationship. Bent. Future Life. Embellishing. Life After Death. Lips. Obstruct. Inert. Oblique Adornment. Future Life Forget End. Occurring. Oblique. Fraternity. Chum. Ease. Adornment. Behind Across Adorning. Bedecked. Facing. Preparation Arranged. Naked. Otiose. Idle. Shelter. Beauty. Uncluttered Varnish Well Equipped Decoration. Indolent. Protection. Bereft. Relief. Slothful Idle Arrangement. Prop. Unity Familiar Private First Hand Experience Uncontrollable Rebellious. Equipped. Convenience. Future. Embellishment. At Last Heady. Orderliness. Undutiful Lord Future. Shame. Concealment. Helpless. Respite. Inert. Residence Unbend Quietude Lazy. Protect.

Passenger . Longing. Friendship. Suitor Amorous Gallantry Courtship. Yen Want Aspirant. Surrounding Longingly Comfortableness Easy. Virtuous Heaven. Hankering. Yearning.Aaru ki eyk qism Aarzi Aarzi taur par thaerna Aarzoo Aarzu Aarzu karna Aarzu mand Aarzu rakhna Aas Aas lagaana Aas paas Aas sey Aasaaish Aasaan Aasaan kaam Aasaan karna Aasaani sey Aasaani sey bhaparna Aasaani sey nah jalney waala Aasaar Aasaar-e-qadeemah Aasaar-e-shabaab Aasaari Aash Aashaa Aashaami Aashakaar Aashanaa Aashanaa-ii Aashiq Aashiq mezaaj Aashiq mezaaji Aashiqi Aashiqii Aashiyaan Aashiyaan nasheen Aashiyaanah Aashkaara Aashkaaraa Aashnaa Aashnaa Aashnaa faroshii Aashnaa-ii Aashob Aashtee Aashuftaa Aashuftaa-sar Aashuftah Aasi Aasiir Aasim Aasmaan Aasmaani Aasoodagi Aasoodah Aasoodah haali Aasoodgi Aasra Aasraa Aastaan Aasteen Aasteen daar sadri Aastiin Aata Aata daal Aata jaata Nectarine Accidental. Light Piece Of Cake Facilitate Hands Down Volatility Non-Flammable Bases. Friend. Shelter Abode. Sky Azure. Ruins. Solicitude. State of Being In Love Courtship. Opulent. Perplexed Culprit. Confusion. House Nester Nest Undisputed Obvious. Lover Acquaintance. Rich. Friend. Makeshift. Solicitude. Comrade. Satisfied Happiness Comfortable. Hunger. Hankering. Someone Close Love Admirer. Culprit. Desire. Protected. Protection. Shelter Means Of Subsistence. Wish. Someone Close To Praise a Friend in Her/His Presence Friendship Clamour. Opulence. Effects. Terror. Love. Gallant. Glib. Paramour. Signs. Neighbourhood. Moldered Edibles Passer By. Faith. Sinner. Clear. Keen. Celestial. Yen Aspiration. Remains. Facile. Near. Sinner Prisoner Chaste. Lover. Blue. Shelter Hope Around. Protection. Indications. Mutiny. Enamoured. Hope. Hunger. Confused.Nooshi. Refuge. Tranquillity Means Of Subsistence. Longing. Bent On. Visible Aquaintance. State of Being In Love Nest. Upheavel Harmony. Hope. Known. Confidant. Yearning. Friend. Lover. Peace Of Distressed Mind Mentally Deranged Careworn. Desire. Wishful Aspire Desire. Relics. Temporary Halt Aspiration. Next. Near. Sharaab Noshi Reveal Acquaince. Love. Distracted. Amorous. Heavenly Richness Appeased. Threshold Sleeve Jacket Sleeve Flour. Wish. Symptoms Ancient Relics Juvenilia Vestigial Soup Desire. Incidental. Longing. Longing Mai.

Soul. Salamander. Waywardness Cry. Came and Gone .Aatey aatey Aatey meyn namak Aath Aathon paehr baraabar Aathon pahar Aathwaan Aatifat Aatish Aatish baar Aatish baari Aatish baazi Aatish daan Aatish fishaan Aatish fishaani Aatish geer Aatish giraftah Aatish kadah Aatish kadah Aatish khu Aatish khwaar Aatish mezaaj Aatish pazeer Aatish pazeeri Aatish reyz Aatish zabaani Aatish zadagi Aatish zani Aatishak Aatish-deeda Aatish-diidaa Aatishe dozakh Aatish-e-dozakh Aatisheen Aatish-e-khaamosh Aatish-e-pinhaan Aatish-fishaan Aatish-kadaa Aatishki Aatma Aatmaa Aavaaraa mizaajii Aavaaragii Aavaaz Aavaaz-e-azaan Aavaaz-e-jaras Aawa Aawaarah Aawaarah gard Aawaarah gardi Aawaarah gardon ka Aawaarah mezaaj Aawaargi Aawaaz Aawaaz daar Aawaaz deyna Aawaaz deyna Aawaaz lagaana Aawaaz nikaalna Aawaazah Aawaazon waala Aaya Aaya jaesa Aaya jo bachchon ki deykh bhaal karney Aaya key zimmeh bachchah Aayaa Aayaa gayaa Gradually. Vagabond. Passionate Smoldering Fire Hidden Fire Volcano Conflagration Venereal Mind. Quip Vibrant Whether Nurselike Nurserymaid Nurse Child Nurse. Spirit Wanderlust. Shout. Wayward. Tinkling. Wacky. Grate. Vocalise Rumor. Tinkling. Fires of Hell Fires Of Hell Fire-Like. Vagrancy. Patronage Fire. Stroller. Voice Call For Prayer. Sound. Echo. Ill-Natured Combustible Combustion Incendiary Eloquence Arson. Vagrant Knockabout. Nomad. Conflagration Arson Syphilis Roasted On Fire Roasted On Fire. Voice Voiceful Shout Call Shout Utter. Wandering Vagrancy Vagabond Vagabond Loiter. Sound. Reputation. Vagabond. Habit of Wandering About Wanderlust Cry. Noise. Flame. Fame. Wanderer.Ladies Maid Visitor. Without Home. Namaaz Sound Of Bells Kiln Destitute. Slowly Nominal Eight Constantly 24 Hours Eighth Benevolence. Fiery Bombardment. Spirit Mind. Vagrant. Noise. Tyrant Hot Tempered. Ember Explosive. Shout. Firing Fire-Works Fireplace. Hearth Volcano Volcanic Alcohol Afire Fire Temple Fireplace. Wackiness. Echo. Furnace Firebrand Oppressor. Report. Flaming. Soul.

Malady. Gloomy. Merit. Abrupt. Uneasy. Independent. Ifreedom. Virtue Nose-Led Outlaw. Woes Galling Plague Gall. Liberation. Grace. Experiment. Performance. Greatest Annoyed. Unbind Freethinker. Freedom Autonomy. Unhappy. Non-Restrictive. Illness. Injury. Unbend Liberate. Wonderment All Right. Performed. Unconventional. Covetous. Unconquered. Surprise. Beauty.Aayah Aayandah Aayandah kabhi naheen Aayandah sey Aayat Aaz Aaz mand Aazaad Aazaad aanah Aazaad kar deyna Aazaad karna Aazaad khayaal Aazaad manish Aazaad taba Aazaadah Aazaadah rau Aazaadah rawi Aazaadgi Aazaadi Aazaadi sey baehs key liey peysh karna Aazaaey raeesah Aazaaey tanaasul(khaariji) Aazaam Aazaar Aazaar deh Aazaar deyna Aazaar deyna Aazaar pahonchaana Aazaar rasaan Aazaar rasaani Aazaar raseedah Aazaar raseedgi Aazam Aazardah Aazeez daari Aaz-hirs Aazim Aazma Aazmaaish Aazmaana Aazma-ein Aazmoodah kaar Aazurdah Aazurdah dil Aazurdah hona Aazurdahgi Aazurdgii-e-vasl Achaanak Achaanak pan Achaanak taur par Achaar Achanbha Achchha Achchhaai Achchhi tarah sey bey waqoof banaaya hu'a Achhoot Achhoota Achhooti Achhoti aur na'i baat ka mushtaaq Ada Ada kaar Ada kaari Ada karna Adaa Adaaegi Adaakaar Wet-Nurse Afterwards. Hereafter. Free. Heavenly. Suddenly. Posture Actor Acting Pay. Unconstrained. Uncoupled. In The Future. Next. Paid. Ensuing. Resolute To Try Trial. Blandishment. Test Test Veteran Annoyed. Virgin Vestal Newfangled Accomplished. Dejected. Hapless. Covetousness. Greed. Proving Tempt. Settlement. Grand. Voracity Grasping At Large. Mendicant. Charm. Vexed. Unrestrained. Release. Ailment. Trouble. Uneasy. Intending. Gloomy. Acceptable. Tease. Torment. Harm. Coming. Pariah Untouched. Lamentable. Lust. Unexpectedly Unexpectedness Unexpectedly Pickles Astonishment. Trouble. Sad Relation Avarice Determined. Payment Of Debt. Pose. Well Goodness. Again. Troubled. Sad. Vexed. Unconventional Unchain. Resentment. Coquetry. Unfettered Free. Elegance. Fascination. Grace. Wan Sorrowful Gloom Gloom. Emancipation. Liberal Person Undaunted Undaunted Liberated Bold. Hardship. Hardihood Acquittal. Fearless Boldness. Or Troubles For Meeting All Of A Sudden. ndependence. Fulfilled. Persecuting Persecution Vexed Vexedness Highest. Payment Of Debt Style Actor . Persecute Vex Hurtful. Unique. Yes. Subsequently Nevermore Henceforth Verse In A Holy Book Ardent Desire. Unbinding Ventilate Vitals Genitals Name Of God Annoy. Charm. Woe Desire Of Meeting. Plague. Testing. Utter Beauty. Independently.

Enmity. Hostility. Good Manners. Enmity. Unconformity Non-Resistance Anomaly Non-Productivity Non-Acceptance Instability Non-Cooperation Immutability Unceremonious Unceremoniously Non-Delivery Non-Violence Impenitence Non-Proliferation Indifference Uanwareness Absently Non-Existence. Gall. Gall. Inattention Ignorance Shocks Nonage Unbelief Irreverence Insincerity Non-Delivery Unfairness Inhumanity Incoherence Non-Cooperation Nonconformity Non-Aggression Hypocrisy Absence. Respect. Nihil. Annihilation. Refinement Uncouth Uncouthness Literary About. Coefficient. Nothing. in Adam andLife Eve Non-Existence. Court Of Justice. Hatred. Justice. Hatred. Law Court High-Court Juvenile Court Juvenile Court Civil Court Criminal Court Juridical Judiciary Judicially Aggression. Incongruity. Adam as Annihilation. Number. Animosity. Law. Negation. Human. Tribunal. Literature. Non-Execution. Adam as in Adam and Eve Ogre Non-Presence Non-Compliance. Non-Existence. Numerical Numerally Settlement Quid Pro Quo Just Naught. Figure. Human. Life After Death. Spite Courtesy. Malice. Animosity. Malice. Nonentity. Spite Aggression. Gentility. Nothing. After Death. Nonentity Uncertainty . Non-Appearance Non-Intervention Non-Resistance Unlikeness Nonconformity.Adaakaara Adaalat Adaalat-e-aaliyah Adaalat-e-atfaal Adaalat-e-bachchah gaan Adaalat-e-deewaani Adaalat-e-fauj daari Adaalti Adaalti nizaam Adaalti taur par Adaavat Adaawat Adab Adab aadaab sey naa aashna Adab naa aashnaai Adab sey mutaalliq Adad Adad naweysi Adadi Adadi taur par Adaegi Adal badal Adal pasand Adam Adam adam Adam khor deo Adam maujoodgi Adam tameel Adam tawajjohi Adam waqfiyat Adame Adam-e-bulooghat Adam-e-eemaan Adam-e-ehteraam Adam-e-ekhlaas Adam-e-Hawaalgi Adam-e-insaaf Adam-e-insaaniyat Adam-e-irtebaat Adam-e-ishtiraak Adam-e-ittefaaq Adam-e-jaarhiyat Adam-e-khuloos Adam-e-maujoodgi Adam-e-mudaakhilat Adam-e-mumaaneat Adam-e-mushaabehat Adam-e-mutaabiqat Adam-e-muzaahimat Adam-e-nizaam Adam-e-paeda waariyat Adam-e-qubooliyat Adam-e-sabaat Adam-e-taaawun Adam-e-taghaiyur Adam-e-takalluf Adam-e-takallufi sey Adam-e-taqseem Adam-e-tashaddud Adam-e-taubah Adam-e-tausee Adam-e-tawajjoh Adam-e-tawajjohi Adam-e-tawajjohi sey Adam-e-wujood Adam-e-yaqeen Actoress Bench. Numeric. Envy. Envy. Numeration Numeration Numeral. Non-Service Neglect. Hostility.

Wage Convention. Contract. Fairness. Menial. People of. Gaga. Obscure Person. Jay. Time. Righteousness Fairly Tit For Tat Judiciary Nihilistic Nihilism Abject. Hamfatter Kennel Underling Gadget Abject. Unaccomplished. Stigma Vicious Age. Period. Pledge. Epoque. Style Incomplete. Nothing. Common Person. Qualified. Small. Vow. Coarse. Capable. Having No Free Time Candour. Nitty. Meanest. Small. Fair-play. Engagement. Knuckle Head. Base. Small.Adam-e-zaroorat Adanaa Adatan shikaayeti Adbi Adbi aadmi Adbiyaat Addah Addha Adeeb Adeel Adeem Adeem-ul. Just Lack Matchless Boundary That Separates Underdo Underripe Ajar Half-Baked. Under-ripe Beauty. Common Person. Punny. Querulous Literary Literator Literature. Literacy Haunt. Meanest. Nutty. Menial. Witless. Base-born. Little. Scanty. Obscure Person. Promise. Low. Low. Settlement. Plural of Udabaa Busy. Little. Suitable. Insignificant. Treaty New Testament Present Time Able. Little. Importance. Reign. Nothing. Accomplishment Goofy. Coarse. Elegance. Base-born. Inferior. Grace. Common Person. Equal. Base-born. Worthy Habilitate Worker Virtuoso Wife Ability. Underdone. Scanty. Perch Half Sized Writer Alike. Man Of Letters. Numbskull. Accomplished. Mad. Payment Of Debt. Base. Zany Stupid Giggle Greatness. Petty. Enemy Flaw. Value Importantly Underscore. Menial. Punny. Scanty. Punny. Enemy Foe. Petty. Insignificant. Stipulation. Low. Inferior. Petty. Enemy Foe. Nothing. Vice Pledge. Stupid. Equity. Justice. Rectitude. Fascination. Enemy Refusing Insubordination Ginger(Fresh) Ginger Lens Foe. Meanest. Uncompleted Underact Lameness Halve Learned. Coarse. Obscure Person. Underline Humble Viscera . Base. Insignificant. Era. Import.misaal Ad-e-faasil Adh gala rakhna Adh kachra Adh khula Adh paka Adha Adhoora Adhoora kaam karna Adhoora pan Adhyaana Adib Adiim-ul-fursat Adl Adl sey Adley ka badla Adliyah Admi Admiyat Adna Adna darjah kaa mutrib Adna darjey ka makaan Adna ohdey daar Adna tarkeeb Adnaa Adoo Adool Adool hukmi Adrak Adrak daalna Adsah Adu Aduu Aduw Aeb Aebi Aehd Aehd karna Aehd naamah Aehd naamahe jadeed Aehd-e-haazir Aehl Aehl banaana Aehl kaar Aehl-e-hunar Aehliah Aehliyat Aehmaq Aehmaqaanah Aehmaqaanah taur par hansna Aehmiyat Aehmiyat sey Aehmiyat zaahir karna Aehqar Aehsha Needlessness Abject. Charm. Fitting. Magnitude. Inferior. Numskull.

Oblivion. Sad. Breeding. Jettisoned Adder. Rumour. Rueful Disappointment Of The Heart Depression. Grief. Romance. Reveal Expose. Redundant Numerously Fiction. Unclose Exposure. Lay Bare. In Case. Viper Chaos. Forthcoming. Ongoing Eye. Verisimilar Abduction Strangers. Previous . Tale. Imperfection Uncompleted Likewise Creations. Twist Like This. Rueful Forgiveness. Sadness Depressed. Concern. Farther. This Kind. Melancholy. Unwrap. Precise. Romance. Plural Of Ghair Ahead. Spectacles Ocular Eye-Witness Eye-Witness Jet Colic. Story Legendary Royal Officer Exposure. Plural Of Ghalat Likely. Narrative. Dejection. First. Luxury. Real. Glut. Legend. Remorse. Pardon Report. Rivals. Lifeless. Virtuous Vestal Virgin Jetsam. Sadness. Spring.Aehwaal Aen Aen mauqah Aen waqt Aen waqt par Aenak Aeni Aeni gawaah Aeni shaahid Aenth kar chalna Aenthan Aesa Aesey Aesh Aesh karna Aesh pasndi Aesh-o-ishrat Aeyb Aeyb daar Aezan Afakaar Afasaanaa-e-hastii Afasaane Afasurdaa Afavaah Afeef Afeefah Afgandah Afi Afra tafri Afraat Afraat sey Afsaanaa Afsaanah Afsaanwi Afsar-e-shaahaa Afsha Afsha karna Afshaa Afshaai Afshaan Afsos Afsos naak Afsos zadah Afsurdaa Afsurdaadilii Afsurdagii Afsurdah Afw Afw karna Afwaah Afyoon Afza Afzaaish Afzal Afzaliyat Agaaz Agam Agar Agar batti Agar cheh Aghlaat Aghlab Aghwa Aghyaar Agla Event. Pardon Forgive. Melancholy Rumour Chaste. Sorrowful Sorry Depressed. Lifeless. Dejection. Uproar Abundance. Perchance. Further. Gripe. Such. Gallimaufry. Lavish. Writings Tale Of Life Tales Dejected. Largeness. Tale. Thus How Enjoyment. Next. Alas!. Neighbour. Increase Prime Precedence Start Unfathomable If. Increment . Exact. Sorrow Lamentable. Numerosity. Legend. Nimiety. Very Nick Nick In The Nick Of Time Eyeglass. Melancholy. Asp. Opium Increased Augment. Talk Opiate. Regret. Pleasure. Unless Joss-Stick Although Mistakes. Enemy. Reveal Unwrapping Rattle Ah!. Story Fiction. Melancholy. Numerousness. Sensuality Indulge Indulgence Luxury Fault.

Wise People Ongoing Festival Scene Charitable Person Fool. Vice. Lovers Intelligent People Present At The Gathering Residents Of Wine. Luxury To Trust. Dear Ones. important. Believe Confidence. Believe Confidence. Tyrants Those Who Are Faithful Mainstay Egyptian God Condition. Weakness One Who Looks For Faults One Who Looks For Faults Faulty. Agree. Plural Of Habiib Promise Bygone Days Past Promise Of Good Times Promises Inhabitant. Plural Of Huzn Defect. Fault. Members. Rivals. One Who Is Residents Of The Garden Rich People Resident Of The Heart People Of The World People With Needs Greedy People People Who Love Knowledgeable People Crazy People. Grand. State Condition. Residents. State Sorrows. Urgent. Plural Of Ghair Temple Unaccompanied Friends. People. Confession To Trust. Vital Key Word Uneventful Newsworthy Slowly People. State Condition Of Man(Kind Acquaintance Sensuous Days Chief. Faith Admission. Enemy. Drinkers People Who Oppress. Delight. Fath Palace Days . Idiot Ace With A Lot Of Care Condition. That Which Has Defects One Who Finds Fault To Find Fault One Who Looks For Faults Vice And Virtue That Which Hides Faults To Fulfill Mirror Pleasure.Agli zindagi meyn Agya baetaal Agyaar Agyaari Ahaali mawaali key bey ghaer Ahabaah Ahad Ahad-e-guzishtaa Ahad-e-maazii Ahad-e-tarab Ahad-o-paimaan Ahal Ahal-e-chaman Ahal-e-daval Ahal-e-dil Ahal-e-duniyaa Ahal-e-garaz Ahal-e-havas Ahal-e-ishq Ahal-e-jauhar Ahal-e-junuun Ahal-e-khirad Ahal-e-mahafil Ahal-e-sharaab Ahal-e-sitam Ahal-e-vafaa Aham hemaayat Aharman Ahavaal Ahavaal-e-Bashar Ahbaab Ahd-e-hawas Ahem Ahem lafz Ahem waaqeaat key beghaer Ahem ya dil chaspi ki Haamil Ahista khabar Ahl Ahl-e-biinash Ahl-e-hashma Ahl-e-karam Ahmaq Ahsan Ahtiyaat se Ahvaal Ahwaal Ahzaan Aib Aib-biin Aib-chiin Aib-daar Aib-go Aib-jo-Ii Aib-juu Aib-o-hunar Aib-posh Aifaa Ainaa Aish Aitabaar Aitamaad Aitaraaf Aitbaar Aitmaad Aivaan Aiyaam Hereafter Jack-O'-Lantern Strangers.

Monotonous. Unattended Isolation . Labourer. Wearisome Unconquerable Nyctolopic Unconquerable Hurry Hurry Star Alien. Foreigner. Hautiness. Apart. Monotonous. Only. Sup. Irksome. Hurtful. Curious. Foreigner. Surprising. Imposter. Rare. Wearisome Unconquerable Nyctolopic Unconquerable Hurry Hurry Star Alien. In Vain Undo Unanswerable Unamiable Airs. Unwholesome. Unaccountable. Wonderful Weird Hireling. Unfamiliar. Imperious Strut Jet Great. FateVanity Forefathers Admirable. Lascivious. Indigestible. Major Alone. Surprise. Tedious. Repellent. Guile Circumvent Addicted To Pleasure. Marvelous. Journeyman. Unique. Wonder. Unaccountable. Journeyman. Unaccustomed. Unwholesome. Lonely. Underling Boring. Petulant Museum Amazing. Stranger. Wonderful. Quackery Underhand Vamp Circumvention. FateVanity Forefathers Admirable. Unpalatable. Unfamiliar Unfamiliarity Unfamiliarly Marvel Unequal Wage Earning Particles Museum Amazing. Wonder. Unaccompanied. Knave. Rakish. Foreigner. Loneliness Aha! Arena . Curious. Conceit. Death. Cunning. Irksome. Rare. Ill Tempered. Unfamiliar Alien. Astonishing. Marvelous. Unfamiliar. Rare. Crafty. Outlandish. Greatest. Indigestible. Unaccustomed. Strange. Foreigner. Rare. Extraordinary. Strange. Queer. Outrageous. Unaccustomed. Stranger. Singlw. Underling Boring. Unpleasant. Stranger. Labourer. Odd. Unique. Imposture . Pride.Aiyaar Aiyaar aanah Aiyaarah Aiyaari Aiyaari karna Aiyaash Ajaaeb khaanah Ajab Ajal Ajdaad Ajeeb Ajeebo ghareeb Ajeer Ajeeran Ajeet Ajhar Ajit Ajlat Ajlat karna Ajm Ajnabee Ajnabi Ajnabiyat Ajnabiyat key saath Ajoobah Ajor Ajr Ajr kamaai Ajza Ajaaeb khaanah Ajab Ajal Ajdaad Ajeeb Ajeebo ghareeb Ajeer Ajeeran Ajeet Ajhar Ajit Ajlat Ajlat karna Ajm Ajnabee Ajnabi Ajnabiyat Ajnabiyat key saath Ajoobah Ajor Ajr Ajr kamaai Ajza Akaarat Akaarat kar deyna Akaat Akal khura Akar Akar baaz Akar foon Akar foon ban kar chalna Akarna Akbar Akeyla Akeyla pan Akh khaah Akhaara Artful. Queer. Death. Tedious. Outlandish. Unfamiliar Alien. Surprising. Unpleasant. Vanity Jingoistic Haughty. Licentious. Obduracy. Stranger. Hurtful. Extraordinary. Wonderful Weird Hireling. Oppressive. Unaccustomed. Repellent. Tiresome. Astonishing. Of Kabir . Unfamiliar Unfamiliarity Unfamiliarly Marvel Unequal Wage Earning Particles Unavailing. Outrageous. Strange. Wonderful. Luxurious. Unpalatable. Oppressive. Odd. Lone. Tenacity. Rigidity. Hauteur. Tiresome. Surprise. Strange. Solitary.

Parted. Exemplary Conduct Nut. Unfasten Nook. Separation Apart. Often. Icon. Photograph. Newspaper. Seizing. Reflection. Environs Gracious Counterpart. Grief Standard-Bearer. Cut Off. Newsman Journalist. News. Aloof. Separated. Away. Uncourteous Complete Confines. Piety. Numeral. Exclusive. Parted. Isolated. Symbol. Unconnected Variously Leave. Excluded. Indisposition Symptom Badge. Except. Separated. Standard. Reverse Continually. Taking Photographer Photography Unamiable. Frequently. Reporter Final. Sorrow. Parting. Journal Newsboy. Unattached. Undemonstrative Inconsistent Set Aside. Generally. Winnow Anguish. Asunder. Finally. Borders. Illness.Akhbaar Akhbaar farosh Akhbaar naweys Akhbaar naweysi Akhbaar ya nashriyah Akhbaaraat Akhbaari Akhbaari chabootra Akhbaari ijlaas Akhbaari kaaghaz Akhbaari naamah nigaar Akhbaari numaaindah Akheer Akheeran Akheeri Akheyra Akhlaaq Akhrot Akhrot ka mazah Akhrot sey bana makkhan Akhtar Akhtar-shumaarii Akhz Akkaas Akkaasi Akkhar Akmal Aknaaf Akraam Aks Aksar Aksariyat Aks-e-gam-e-yaar Al Al akheer Al aqrab Al meezaan Al qaus Ala Ala bala Ala darjah key log Ala ekhlaaq Ala martaba Alaahedagi Alaahedah Alaahedah hona Alaahedah karna Alaahedgi Alaaish Alaalat Alaamaat Alaamat Alaaniyah Alaap Alaavaa Alag Alag alag tareeqon sey Alag hona Alag karna Alag thalag Alahedah Alahedah karna Alam Alam bar daar Alast Gazette. Usually. Banner. Mark. Kenning. Conclusion Eventually. Lastly Last Haunt Virtue. Vanguard The Dawn of Creation . At Times. Much. Most. Solitary Separate Separate Break Up Offal Ailment. Sleeplessness Grasping. Insignia. Walnut Nutty Nut-Butter Star To Count Stars. Image. Omen. Uncivil. Many Majority Reflection Of Sorrow Of Separation The Latter Scorpion Libra Sagittarius Grand Galimatias Noblesse Nobility Noble Isolation. Sign Publicly Conversation. Flag. Pain. Separate Separate. Other Than Apart. Preparatory Tuning Apart From. Sad. Overture. Newspaper Writer Journalism News Press Journalistic News Stand News Conference Newsprint Newspaperman Newspaperman.

But. Indisposed Learned. Cupboard. Action. Jet Set. Truly Importation Operation Reproduction Vegetation Genesis Peace House Of Jasmine Flowers Undying Diseases. Vale! Haik Turban Protection. Administration.Albattah Albeyla Albeyla naach Albeyla pan Aleel Aleem Alehedah Alfaaz Alfaaz ada karna Alfaaz ki bhar maar Al-garaz Alkohli Allaamah Allah ki laathi Allhar pan Almaari Aloochah Aloodgi sey Alqat Alse Altaaf Alwahi Alwidaa Amaamah Amaamh Amaan Amaanat Amaarat Amaaree Amad Amal Amal daari Amal dakhal Amal dakhl Amal dar aamad Amalan Amal-e-dar aamad Amal-e-jarrahi Amal-e-paedaa'ish Amal-e-rooidgi Amal-e-tauleed Aman Aman-kada Amar Amaraaz Ambar Ambaree Ambvaa Amdan Ameen Ameeq Ameer Ameer zaadah Ameeri Ameer-ul-baehr Amezish Amiirii Amit Amlah Amlan Amli Amma Ammaamaa Amn Amn pasand Amn-o-sukoon key aiyyaam Although. Safety. Quiet Halcyon Days . Security Guardianship. Procedure. Exorcism. Trustee Fathomless. Exploit. Plural Of Lafz Speak Verbiage Meaning That Vinous Scholar Hand Of God Juvenility Cabinet. Applied Nevertheless. Favor Unearthly Farewell. Lord. Voluntary. Richness. Noun. Nobleman. Reign. Wardrobe Plum Nastily Null As In Asl Me i. Deed. Something Given In Trust.e. Wealth Admiral Mixing Richness. Unfathomable Commander. Willfully Faithful. Wise Outlying Words. Security Wealth Rider's Seat With A Canopy On An Elephant Or Camel Intention . Guaranty. Operation. Establishment. Execution. Rakish Jig Juvenility Ailing. In Reality Kindness. Resolution Act. On The Other Hand Jaunty. Nonetheless Turban Peace And Prosperity. Practice Practically. Process. Work Government. Practice. Staff Practically. Fidelity. Saftey. Quiet.. Knowingly. Truly Administrative. Rich. Effect. Security Peace Loving. Profound. Wealthy Nobleman Nobility. Jurisdiction Sway Possession Process. Wealth Unalterable Crew. Ambergris Fragrance Mango-Tree Intentionally. Measure. Deposit. Gest. Feat.

Hint. Newbie. Suspicion. Quack Naivete The Five Elements. Uncongenial Undying Illiterate . Guess. Zillion Faceless Unexplored. Worry Warp Ovate Yolk Noodle Incubate Jeopardy Blind Headlong. Yardbird. Ovum Jaculation Vagina. Estimation. Worry Remnants Of The Past Anxiety. Type. Undiscovered Unexpressed Uneaten Unconnected. Uncounted. Fear. Inward. Hint. Ego Grain Pomegranate Naïve. Unbred. Vulva Genre. Apprehension. Apprehension. Metaphor For Someone With A Sweet Singing Voice In. Suspicion. Worry Anxiety. Umpteen. Knaggy.Amood Amoodi Amr Amraaz ki baa qaaedah darjah bandi Amraaz-e-khabeesah Amraaz-e-zaehraawi Amrat Amraz Amrood Amrood ka darakht Amroz An ban An barqaaya An deykha An ghar An ghara An gina An ginat An jaan An jaana An kaha An khaaya An mal An mit An parh Anaa Anaaj Anaar Anaari Anaari pan Anaasir Anannaas Anbaar Anboh Anbriya Anda Andaakht Andaam-e-nehaani Andaaz Andaaza hona Andaazaa Andaazah Andaazah lagaana Andaazan Andaaz-e-khuraam Andaaz-e-tabassum Andaaz-e-taehreer Andaleeb Andaliib Andar Andar aana Andar laana Andesha Andeshaa Andeshaa-e-fardaa Andeshah Andey deyna Andey jasesi shakl Andey ki zardi Andey miley bey khameer aatey ki Andey seyna Andeyshah Andha Andha dhund Andha muqallid Andherey meyn kam nazar aana Perpendicular Perpendicular Fact Nosology Venereal Disease Venereal Disease Nectar Illness Guava Guava Today Quarrel Uncharged Undiscovered Harsh. Suspicion. Apprehension. Way Feel Conjecture. Metaphor For Someone With A Sweet Singing Voice Nightingale. Inside. Valuate Roughly Style of Walking Way Of Smiling Handwriting Nightingale. Uncoined Uncultivated Uncounted Innumerable. Rough Estimate Conjecture. Measurement. Numberless. Manner. Within Enter Inbring Anxiety. Measurement. Umpteenth. Undiscriminating Lackey Nyctalopia . Mode. Estimation. Uneducated Self. Fear. Neophyte. Hint. Style. Fear. Guess. Rough Estimate Guess. Particles Pineapple Pile Host Ambrosia Egg.

Party. Shoot Sprout Barb Nurse Nondescript. Queer. Interior Implosion Infighting Nasal Nose-Piece Undressed Jumble Jacket Jerkin Wine of Paradise Stove Blouse Handkerchief. Gathering. Outcome Perform Lastly Finish Accomplished Last Unaccustomed. Rare Anon Soon Divine Light Northern Lights Hoodlum. Society. Lame Yield Burn. Napery Grape Grape-Vine Vinous Ring Finger Thimble Uncannily Uncanny Tip. Kerchief. Novel. Uncommon. Association. Consequence. Passion Own Adopt Oneself. Consequence. Obfuscation. Unusual Gimmick Kink Novelty Vagary Gimmick Mythical Rare Bird. Meeting. Consortium. Quizzical. Sequel. Company. Issue. Unfamiliar End Stars Assembly. Council. Gloom. Imp.Andheyra Androoni Androoni dhamaaka Androoni kash makash Anfi Anfiyah Anga Angaar Angarkha gard posh Angarkhi Angbeen Angeythi Angiyaa Angochha Angoor Angoor ki beyl Angoori sharaab ka Angoothi Angusht Angushtri Anhoney pan sey Anhoni Anii Anjaam Anjaam deyna Anjaam kaar Anjaam ko pahonchaana Anjaam pazeer Anjaami Anjaan Anjam Anjum Anjuman Anjuman-aaraa Ankahii Ankari Ankari lagaaney waala Ankh Ankhhen bichana Ankhwa Ankhwa nikaalna Ankri Anna Anokha Anokha daao Anokha khayaal Anokha kirdaar Anokhi harkat Anokhi kal Anqaa Anqareeb Anqareeb Anvaar-e-ilaahii Anwaar-e-shimaali Aobaash Aohaam parast Aohaam parasti sey Aos Aows Apaahij Apaj Apish Apna Apnaana Apney aap Apney tain Blackness. Conclusion. Unique. Group. Spear's Point End. Result. Unfamiliar. Optic Waiting Desperately Gemma. Union One Who Adorns A Meeting Unspoken Hook Hooker Eye. Vagrant Uncanny Uncannily Dew Dew Halt. Darkness. Organisation. Yourself Yourself . Unaccustomed. Wan Internal.

Tenet Aqeedah Adore. Heaven. Earth. Request. Petition. Highest Heaven. Spirit. Gumption. Land Araazi Juice. Alliance. Sense. Width Memorial. Good Qualities jaan-o-imaan Contract. Term. Believing. Intelligent. Longing. Closest To God . Unbending Aryal Jib Aryal ghora Jib Aryal tattu Appeal. Sensible Aql mand Wisdom Aql mandi Circuit. While Arsah Lifetime Arsah-e-hayaat Roof. Notion. Latitude.Sense And Sensibility. Sky Arsh Highest. Whew! Arey Violet Arghwaani rang Betide Ariz hona Exalted Arjmand Desire. Length. Seventh Heaven. Seventh Sky Arsh-e-ziim Womenfolk Arteyn Arrowroot. Suggest Arz karna Cheap. Belief Aqiidaa Brain. Exposition. Time. Intellect. Land. Breadth. Solicitation. Wish Armaan Jib Arna Quintessence. Reason. Knowledge. Statement. Faithful. Say. Behind. Marriage Aqd Wed Aqd karna Measure Aqdaam Knot Aqdah Belief. Glorious Ar buland Guess Ar sari takhmeenah Comfort Araam Araam dilaaney waala Comforting Ground.In The Battlefield Of Labor And Wealth sarmaayaa Age. Affection. Votary Aqeedat mand Fundamental Doctrine Of Faith. Judgement Aql-e-saleem Noetic Aqli Minority Aqliyat Nepotism Aqraba nawaazi Aqraba par war aanah Nepotistic Nepotism Aqraba par wari Reflection Aqs Eminent. Faith Aqeedat Aficionado. Wisdom And Faith. Sap. Errand. Mind. Arz Review. Space. Aql Understanding Genius. Sweat Araq Perspire Araq araq hona Hard Work Araq reyzi Perspiration of Guilt Araq-e-infea-aal Friends Arbaab Broad. Canopy. Learned. O!. Keenness. Rear Aqab Heel Aqab eyri After Aqab meyn Wise Aqalmand Wisely Aqalmandi sey Aqal-o-hunar-o-tamiiz-o. Region. Kin Aqaarib Backside. Attachment. Wisdom. Yam Arwi Adamant. Petition Arz daasht To Express Arz karanaa Request.Freewill Apni marzi Kith. Representation. Syrup Arq Whole World Arsaa-e-aalam Arsaagah-e-mehanat-o. Period. Clime Aqleem Netherworld Aqleem-e-iblees Climatic Aqleemi Common Sense. Wide Areez Hey!. Yearning. Inexpensive Arzaan Tale Of Woe Arz-e-gam Display Of Talents Arz-e-hunar Expressing Arz-e-muddaa .

Request. Suggest Cheap. Wish Jib Quintessence. Giving Vest Bestowed.Arz-e-shimaali Arzi Arzi junoon Arzi manzar Arz-o-talab Arz-ul-balad Ar buland Ar sari takhmeenah Araam Araam dilaaney waala Araazi Araq Araq araq hona Araq reyzi Araq-e-infea-aal Arbaab Areez Arey Arghwaani rang Ariz hona Arjmand Armaan Arna Arq Arsaa-e-aalam Arsaagah-e-mehanat-osarmaayaa Arsah Arsah-e-hayaat Arsh Arsh-e-ziim Arteyn Arwi Aryal Aryal ghora Aryal tattu Arz Arz daasht Arz karanaa Arz karna Arzaan Arz-e-gam Arz-e-hunar Arz-e-muddaa Arz-e-shimaali Arzi Arzi junoon Arzi manzar Arz-o-talab Arz-ul-balad Ata Ata hona Ata kardah Ata karna Ata karney waala Ata patah Ataa Ataa kardah Ataab-e-rah-ravaan Ataai Ataai dawa Ataari Atak Atak atak kar chalna Atal Atal taur par Atalas Northing Application. Petition. Circumstantial. Syrup Whole World In The Battlefield Of Labor And Wealth Age. Earth. Closest To God . Glorious Guess Comfort Comforting Ground. Width Memorial. Keenness. Wreak Giver Whereabouts Gift. Demand Latitude Eminent. Unbending Unavoidably Satin. Given By Granted Wayfarers' Wrath Quack Nostrum Loft Obstacle. Inexpensive Tale Of Woe Display Of Talents Expressing Northing Application. Seventh Heaven. Longing. Yearning. O!. Say. Land. Canopy. Sky Highest. Consideration. Region. Representation. Yam Adamant. Spirit. Concession. Demand Latitude Benefaction. Circumstantial. Period. Breadth. Errand. Whew! Violet Betide Exalted Desire. Sweat Perspire Hard Work Perspiration of Guilt Friends Broad. Snag Hitch Unalterable. Land Juice. Solicitation. Term. Statement. Petition Frenzy Landscape Request. Seventh Sky Womenfolk Arrowroot. Review. Petition Frenzy Landscape Request. Time. . Petition To Express Request. Length. Latitude. Unavoidable. Exposition. Space. While Lifetime Roof. Wide Hey!. Vest. Sap. Highest Heaven. Unbending Jib Jib Appeal. Obstruction. Given Give. Heaven.

Present Children.Atam Ataraaf Ateeq Atf Atfaal Athaah Athaah khaleej Athaahi Athakheliyan Athkheliyaan Atiyah Atkaa kar pahiyah rokna Atkaa rahtaa hai Atkaao Atkal pachchhu Atkal pachchu Atlas Atoot Atr Atraaf Atsaal Attaar Auchha Auchha pan Auj Auj-e-kamaal Aujhal Aukaat Aul Aul faul Aulaad Aulaadeyn Auney pauney beychna Auqaat Aur Aur phir Auraaq-e-parishaan Aurang Auraq Aurat Ausat Ausat sey kam wazan Auwalan Auwwal Auwwal darejey ka Auwwal darjey ka Auwwalan Auzaar Avval Avval-avval Avval-e-shab Awaam Awaam un naas Awaami Awaami raaej Awf Awwaal Ayaag Ayaan Ayaan Ayaar Ayaaz Ayam Ayatey Ayub Ayyaam Immortal All Around Ancient. Woman. Plural Of Walad Offsprings. Public. Other And Strewn Pages Of A Book Throne Pages Female. Offspring. Nobby First Get-up. Vulgarity Climax. Height. Times (Plural Of Waqt) Mode Gibberish Offspring. Grant. Times (Plural Of Waqt) Another. Venerable Kindness. Lady. Position. Nobby First Rate. Child. First First Rate. Excellent. Evident. Position. Vulgar. Wife Medium. Life . Excellent. Populace. More. Clear. Visible Apparent. Affection. Status. Best Cup Obvious . Tool Firstly The Very First First Night Common People. Plural Of Tifl Abysmal. Status. Largesse Cog Stays Still Hobble Aim Less At A Venture Type Of Clothes Undivided Perfume Vicinity Juncture Perfume Undignified Narrow-Mindedness. Bottomless. Gratuity. Antiquated. Zenith Zenith Absent Standing As In Status. Plural Of Aam Laity Vulgar Public Opinion Pardon First. Favor. Revered. Shrewd Servant of Mehmood Daily Verses Weekness Days. Normal Underweight Originally Best. naked Cunning. Unfathomable Abyss Abysmally Mischief Mischief Bounty. Hardware. German. Children Undersell Standing As In Status. Gift. Position. German. Verve. Loom.

Glory. Difficulty. German. Curse. Kin. Respected. Difficulty. Gripe Hagridden Grill Harass Harasser Nocent Pain Beloved. High In Dignity. Honored. Great. Kin. Vestal From Start. Great. Largeness. Large. Kinsman. Determination Excuse Too much Nuptial Big. Favourite. Esteemed. Shrewd From. Sorrow. Imposing. Worthy Manifest Trouble. Torment Beloved. Venerability Glorify Strength To Travel Maid. Immeasurable. Dear. Then. Relative. Nobleness. Majesty. Main. Pain. Maiden. Exalted. High-Sounding. Harassment. Desirable. Esteemed. Gigantic. Greatness. Honour. Conviction. Punishment. Honored. Respected. High. Botheration. Without Beginning. Relative. Dear. Fortitude. Kinsman. Desirable. Lofty. Grand. Trauma Increase Call For Prayer Eternity. Suffering. Favourite. Sin. Anguish. Sea. Greatest Grand. Magnificence. Intention. Bulky. Magnate. By Importunate Immemorial Imperative Quasi With Due Caution By Virtue Of All Over Again. Splendid Jumbo Gargantuan Agony. Worthy More Valuable Dear Ones Talk About (Charcha) Muscle. Torment. Magnificent. German. Giant. Supreme. Torture Grill. Begining Member Pieces Of Screams . Formidable. Main. Mourning Agony. Virgin. Might.Ayyaar Az Az had jaldi waala Az had qadeem Az had zaroori Az qism Az raah-e-lihaaz Az roo'ey Az sar-e-nau Aza Azaab Azaafa Azaan Azal Azam Azar Azdahaam Azdawaaji Azeem Azeem tareen Azeem-ush-shaan Azeem-ul-baehesah cheez Azeem-ul-baehsah Azeeyat Azeeyat deyna Azeeyat meyn Azeeyat paana Azeeyat pahonchaana Azeeyat pahonchaaney waala Azeeyat rasaan Azeeyaten Azeez Azhar Aziiyat Aziiz Aziiz tar Aziizon Azkaar Azlah Azm Azmat Azmat deyna Azm-e-safar Azra Az-sar-e-nau Azw Azzaa-e-naalaa Cunning. Misfortune. Afresh Condolence. Tissue Conviction. Decision. Resolve Bigness.

Hide. Collect. Puerile. Help. Fend. Rescue. Unfortunate. Saving Bachat Child. Protection. To. Upto (Always Prefixed To Another Word) With. Infant. Wicked Bad Suspicious. Kid. Separate. Vibrate Badalna Intoxicated Badamast Body Badan Having A Bad End Bad-anjaam Moon Badar Exceedingly Ba-darjah atam In Hand Ba-dast Naughty Bad-atwaar By Means Of.B Urdu words Ba Baa Baa aasaani chirh jaaney waala Baa ham zindagi guzaarna Baa hami raza mandi Baa ittefaaq-e-aara Baa wujood yeh key Baa-aawaaz Baa-adab Baa-afraat hona Babool Babul Bacchcha kursi Bach pan Bach pan meyn khilaana pilaana ya Bach pana English words By. Rescue. From. Into. Unlucky Bad-bakht Adversity. Liberate. For. Protect. Trifling Bachkaanah Abstain. Without Doubt Badagumaan Place In Afghanistan Famous For Its Rubies Badakhshaan Unfortunate Bad-akhtar Change. Due To This. Substitution Badal Vary Badal deyna Vary Badal jaana Veer Badal jaana Quitrent Badal khidmat Variant Badal pazeer Alter. Evil. Transform. Remove. By. Nefarious. By Reason Of Badaulat After Bad-az waqt Unblessed. Bachaao Residue. Bad Luck Bad-bakhti Stench Bad-bu . On. Preserve. Offspring Bachchah Kidnap Bachchah churaana Geld Bachchah daani nikaalna Bachchah jis ki deykh Nurseling bhaal ki jaa'ey Bachchah nah jana ho Nullipara Children Bachchey Child. Girl. Ward Security Escape. Bachaana Save. Lewd. With. Spare. Possessed Of Nettlesome Cohabit Unanimous Uncontested Notwithstanding Noiseful Courteous Abound Acacia Father High-Chair Infancy Nurse Juvenility Left Over Bacha hua Glean Bacha khucha jama karna Bind. In. Exchange. Underdog. Exchange. Equivalent. Liberation. Infant Bachchi Juvenilia Bachchon ka adab Veal Bachhra Calf Bachhra Veal Bachhrey ka gosht Silly Bachkaana Childish. Shield. Upon. Escape Bachna Childhood Bachpan Childhood Bachpana Bad.

Ill Natured Person. Rueful. Faithless. Bad Blood. Wicked Knavish. Immoral. Querulous. Unamiable. Ill Natured Person. Ill-Mannered. Wretch Felicitation Ill Favoured Hobble Indigestion. Bad Blood. Ill Wishes. Suspicious. Villainousness Nefariously Knave. Ill Wishes. Viciousness Vicious Circle Vice Squad Mal-administration. Cynic. Notorious. Rogue. Vice Ill Tempered. Queasiness Evil. Transfer Gangster. Scoundrel.Bad-bu daar Bad-bu deyna Bad-bura Bad-chalan Bad-chalni Bad-chalni sey Bad-diyaanat Bad-diyaanti Bad-doa karna Bad-doa Baddu Bad-duaa Badeehi Bad-ekhlaaqi Bad-eteqaadi sey Badghumaan Badghumaanee Bad-goi Bad-gumaan Bad-gumaani Badguman Badguman hona Badha Bad-haal Badhaawa Bad-haiyat Bad-hawaas kar deyna Bad-hazmi Badi Badi ka tasalsul Badi rok dastah Bad-intezaami Ba-diqqat Bad-ka Bad-kaar Bad-khaslat Bad-khoo Bad-Khuu Bad-khvaah Bad-khwaab Bad-kirdaar Badlaa Bad-lagaam Badlah Badlah leyna Badlah leyney waala Bad-lehaaz Badley Badli Bad-maaash Bad-maaash insaan Bad-maaashi Bad-maaashi sey Bad-maash Bad-mast Bad-meyn Bad-mezaaj Bad-naam Bad-naam ghar Bad-naam karna Bad-naami Bad-naami karna Nasty. Unchaste. Nasty. Vicious. Vicious A Person With Bad Habits. Villainy. On Behalf Of Nubecula. Without Doubt Suspicion Vilification Jealous. Vagabond. Without Doubt Conceit Misapprehension To Doubt or Suspect Wine Haggard. Vixen Disreputable. Miserable. Nasty A Person With Bad Habits. Wage Venge Vengeful Vulgar Instead Of . Malefactor. Wicked Intoxicated Afterwards. Malediction Innate Vice Unbelievingly Suspicious. Nefarious Exchange. Cynic. Ignominious. Unclean. Vilification Malign . Mal-governance Narrowly Later Lewd. Nasty Ill-Wisher. Nightmare Ill-Wisher. Malfeasance. Revenge Abusive In Exchange For . Jade Ken Vilify Notoriousness. Vengeance. Later. Malediction Nomad Curse. Retaliation. Nightmare Characterless. Infamous . Noisome Stink Evil Of Bad Conduct. Unchaste Immorality Unchastely Cheat. Vileness. Sin. Notoriety. Requital. Villain Vermin Nefariousness. Vice. Unreliable Jobbery Imprecate Curse.

Unbred. Oceanic Flotilla Navy Kelp Filibuster Navy Navy Yard Yeoman Mask. Naval. Indecorous. Malapert. Unkind Sauciness Misbehave Hog Aggravate. Uncivil. Nautical. Ill Fated. Unfortunate Unfortunately Full Moon Livid. Outlying Uttermost Well Being Temptation Lure Flow. Vile Abusive Vituperate Jealousy Gaudy. Ill Mannered. Luckless. Helter-Skelter Crude. Off. Unblushing. Unbred Incivility Harsh. Unbeseeming Far Away. Unfortunate. Unconscious. Worse Worst Nastily Abuse Ill Favoured Nasty Nefarious. Inferior. Run Sisterly Love. Ugly Hag Uglify Ugliness Abusive Hurt Kick Around Barbarian. Uncouth Novice Player Bad Luck. Unmannered. Tasteless Unbecoming. Ugly Gutter. Kennel Weed Hoe Weed Evil Spirit Ill Favoured Wry Ill-Tempered Ill Favoured . Sea Bedeafen Antarctic Ocean Marine. Ill Fortune. Remote. Misfortune.Bad-naami sey Bad-naseeb Bad-nazmi Bad-numa Bad-qimaar Bad-qismat Bad-qismati sey Badr Bad-rang Bad-rau Bad-rau ghaas Bad-rau ghaas ukhaarna Bad-rau pauda Bad-rooh Bad-shakl Bad-shakla Bad-sirat Bad-soorat Bad-soorat burhya Bad-soorat kar deyna Bad-soorti Bad-sulook Bad-sulooki Bad-sulooki karna Bad-taehzeeb Bad-taehzeebi Bad-tameez Bad-tameezi Bad-tameezi karna Bad-tameezi sey khaana Bad-tar Bad-tareen Bad-teenati sey Bad-unwaani Bad-waza Bad-zaaeqah Bad-zaat Bad-zabaan Bad-zabaani karna Bad-zani Bad-zauq Bad-zeyb Baeed Baeed tareen Baehbood Baehkaao Baehlawa Baehna Baehnaapa Baehnoi Baehr Baehra karna Baehr-e-munjamid junoobi Baehri Baehri beyrah Baehri fauj Baehri kaai Baehri qazzaaq Baehriyah Baehriyah godi Baehriyah ka chhota afsar Baehroop Ignominiously. Sisterhood Sister's Husband Ocean. Unlucky Chaos. Quean. Ill Favoured. Notoriously Hapless. Visor .

Natant Ox Keen Undersong Aubergine. Subterfuge Shirk Gush. Vulviform Unbridled Without Without Not Related. Heroic. Prime. Subterfuge Alibi. Excuse. Pretext. Glory. Redoubtable. Reason. Luster. Heroism. Valiantly Status Quo. Beauty.Baehroopiya Baehs Baehs baazi karna Baehs karna Baehta hua Bael Baen Baen us sutoor maaani Baengan Baen-ul-aqwaami Baen-ul-aqwaami ijtemaa Baen-ul-mulki Baer Baerooni Baerooni taur par Baet Baet ul khala Baetaar Baethak Baethna Baezah gaah Baezwi Bag tat Bagair Ba-gair Bagana Bagh Baghaawat Baghal Baghal geeri Baghleyn bajaaney waala Baghli Baghli raastah Bagoola Bagula Baha Bahaadur Bahaadur aanah Bahaadur ya soorma log Bahaaduri Bahaaduri sey Bahaal Ba-haal Bahaale Bahaanaa Bahaanah Bahaanah karna Bahaao Bahaar Bahaari Bahaaron Baham Bahane Bahar Bahar jaaney waala Ba-har taur Bahar-e-hastii Bahar-e-khudaa Baharhaal Baharuupiyaa Bah-azm Bahen Masque Argument. Mask. Undauntedness. hero. Reason. Cause. Valiance. Couple. Together. Valorous Knightly. Elegance. Gallantry. Habitation. Hardy. Gallant. High-Spirited. Mask. Revolt. Spring Vernal Bloom. Pretence. Restore. Fine Landscape. Excuse. Flourishing State. Beauty. Strongman. Delight. Controversy Combat Vex Affluent. Restore. Side. Prime. With One Another Excuses Sea. Stranger Reins Disloyalty. Evasion. Unaltered Fresh From Alibi. Pretence. Unaltered Status Quo. Verse John Farrier Haunt Sit Nidus Oval. Cause. Happy. Underarm Hug Jubilant Lateral Aisle Vortex Whirlwind Brilliancy. Outflow Bloom. Courageous. Refreshed. Uprising Armpit. Knight. Glory. Refreshed. Price. Valorously Knighthood Courage. House. Evasion. Pretext. Spring Gather. Home. Undaunted. Enjoyment. Delight. Valiantness Undauntedly. Ovate. Spring Outgoing Anyway Ocean Of Life For God's Sake In Any Case A Person With Many Forms (A Deceitful Person) Firmly Sister . Rebellion. Exterior. Mutiny. Happy. Brinjal. Eggplant International Jamboree Nation-Wide Vengeance External. Valiancy. Plucky. Valiant. Outside Outwardly Abode. Value Brave.

Paradise Gladly To Amuse Gently Opportune Barely Many. Umpteen. Ample. Couple. Yak. Prattle Virginity Hands Filled With Galore Avaricious. Controversy Daughter-In-Law Well Qualified Verisimilar Basis For Terminating Acquaintanceship House. Sound. Quite A Few. Sea. Just. Abundant (Any)Number Of. Illiberal. Verse Sit Leisurely Manifest Conspicous Correct. Miser. Numerous. Right Correct. Grabber. Niggard. Quince Journal Dreadful. Gibberish. Narrow Sew Worthwhile . Rhythm. A Good Many. Abode. Very Groan Huge. Argument. Strike Yacht Gravel Gravel Gab. Just. Much. Vice Play. Right Instead Of. Ocean.Bahes karna Bahi Bahi khaata Bahiimaanaa Bahimana Bahisht Bah-khushi Bahlaana Bah-lataafat Bah-mauqah Bah-mushkil Bahot Bahot azeeyat meyn hona bara Bahot Bahot bhaari qeemat deyna Bahot door ka Bahot hi Bahot kam Bahot kam andaazah Bahot khaas Bahot maqbool ya mohtaram Bahot masroof hona Bahot mumkin Bahot ooncha Bahot parey Bahot qareeb Bahot sa Bahot sey Bahot shor machaaney waala Bahot zeyaadah Bahot zeyaadah dil chasp Bah-qataar chalna Bahr Bahr-o-bahar Bahs Bahu Ba-hunar Bah-zaahir saheeh Bais-e-tark-e-mulaqat Bait Baitha Ba-itmenaan Baiyyan Baiyyan Baja Bajaa Bajaaey Bajaana Bajna Bajra Bajri Bajri phaelaana Bajuz Bak bak Bak bak karna Bak waas Bakaarat Ba-kaf Ba-kasrat Bakheel Bakhiyah karna Ba-khoob Wrangle Accounts. Ring Ring. Whopping (Pay Through The)Nose Ultimate Highly Meager Underestimation Uncommon Valued To Have One's Hand Full Likely Ultra Afar Nearby A Lot. Yap Prate Galimatias. Umpteenth Noisy Ultra Killing March Metre. Dangerous Heaven. Debate. Jargon. Verse Ocean to Ocean Dispute.

Trial Calamity. Fabricate. Grant. Grant. Make Up. Yummy Give. Manufacture. Pardon. Excuse. Twirl. Vest. Fabric. Danger. Structure Unaffectedly Factitious Violet Violet . Valiantness. Gratitute. Gratification. Forgive. Make. Nonsense. Veniality Absolve. Kindness. Lot. Misfortune. Distress. Tip.Bakhra Bakhsh Bakhsha Bakhshey jaaney key taur par Bakhshi Bakhshish Bakhshna Bakhshnaa Bakht Bakhud Bakki Bakra Bakrey ki raan Bakri Bakri ka bachchah Bakshe Bakswa kholna Baktar Bakwaas Bakwaas karna Bakwaasi Bal Bal boota Bal daar Bal daar hona Bal deyna Bal nikaalna Bala Balaa Balaa-e-aasmaanee Balaaghat Balaayen Ba-lab Balagamii mizaaj Baland Baldiyaati Baldiyah Ba-lehaaz-e-kirdaar Ba-lehaaz-e-wilaadat Balkeh Ballam Balli Baloot Bal-o-par Ba-mahaarat Ba-moojib Ba-mujib Ba-mushkil Ba-mutaabiq Ban Ban deywi Bana hua Bana sanwra Ba-naam Banaana Banaaney waala Banaao singhaar Banaawat Banaawat key bey ghaer Banaawati Banafshah Banafshai rang Share Allotment. Moreover Lance Latch Oak Feathers & Wings Handily According To. Give. Pride. Give. Nuisance. Wreak Destiny. Rather. Mould. Fate. Grant. Calamities At The Brink Of Cold Nature Lofty Municipal Municipality Qua Natively But. Prosperity Stunned Jabbered. Forgiving. Jargon. Lend. Talkative. Forgive Venially Quest Alms. Volute Kink Twine. Bestowing. Produce Fabricant Adornment Artificial. Sharing. Good Fortune. Misfortune. Power. Vapouring Waffle Talker Twist. Pardon. Gab. Wreak Absolve. Handout. Excuse. Exaggeration. By Virtue Of According To. Construction. Imparting. Null. Putting On Airs. Strength Twisted. Lend. Reward. Problems Natural Calamity Eloquence. Twaddle. Donation. Vis Courage. Bestow. Laugh. Forgive. Kink. Bestow. Jay. Pardon. Writhe Uncurl Cahoot. Giving. Talk. Rhetoric Troubles. Luck. By Virtue Of Narrowly According To Jungle Hamadryad Made Natty Known As Build. Vapouring Goat Gigot Goat Kid Forgive Unbuckle Armour Absurd. Constraint. Coin. Gift. Main. Trial.

Fruitless. Obedient Person One Who Looks After Poor Devotion. Bondsman. Get. Barren.Band Band angusht Band gali Band gobhi Band karna Band khol deyna Band kholna Banda Banda nawaaz Bandagi Bandah Bandah-e-aazaad Bandar Bandar gaah Band-e-gham Bandha Bandha hua Bandha Taka Bandha tika kaam Bandhan Bandhan dheela karna Bandhan jorna Bandish Band-o-bast Bandooq Bandooq ka ghora Bangaali sheyr Ba-nisbat Banjaarah Banjar Banjar pan Banna Banya Banyaan Ba-qaaedgi sey Baqaaya Ba-qadr Ba-qaid-e-ziist Baqqaal Bar Bar aamad Bar aamdah Bar aks Bar aks Bar baad Bar baad hona Bar baad karna Bar baad shudah Bar baadi Bar bar Bar bar karna Bar bar karna Bar bat Bar bat bajaana Bar bola Bar daasht Bar daasht karna Bar daasht na karna Bar faani Bar gad Bar guzeedah Bar haankna Bond. Close. Closed. Organisation Gun Hair Trigger Tiger Than Nomad Arid. Constraint. Shut. Cap. Wrecked Collapse Harry Jaded Havoc. Vestibule About Face. Verse Knucklebone Close Cabbage Bar. Handfast. Individual. Ruined. Spoiled. Gibberish. Qualm Arrange. Slave. Nexus. Found Veranda. Uncultivable. Wasted. Export. Obedient Person Unchained Ape Haven. Tie. Composition. Land Recovered. Naked. Lingo Gabble Gibber Harp Harp Boaster Patience Sustain Stomach Icy Banyan Tree Chosen. Hoop. Other. Heavenly. Seaport Concealed Sorrows Bound. Against. Unproductive Land Nakedness Become. Remainder Worthwhile Within The Prison Of Life (While Alive) Grocer At. Tied Fast Routine Hackwork Bond. Plan. Shut Unclasp Unbrace Being. Service Being. Creature. Servant. Zip Unclasp Handfast Bond. Bear Fruit. Individual. Outstanding. Copula. Embankment. Sham Grocer Undershirt. Servant. Harbour. Quintessential Boast . Limitation. Worship. Opposite Contrary Annihilated. Bondsman. Undervest Properly Arrears. Man. Guy. Administer. Obstruction. Copula. Slave. Man. Elegance Of Style. Undoing Gibble-Gabble. Management.

Arisen In Front Year To Cause to Rain. Unveiled Turn Around. Thrown at Perish Perish Lance. Up To Insignificant. Level. Wide Equivalent. Endurance. Quits Jack Hammer Generality Jack-Knife Nut Hall Magnify Jack-Plane Gulp Tycoon Vat Accurate. Opposite To Kick Out Glutton.Bar hami Bar hankaai Bar jastah Bar jastahgi Bar kaan Bar kaani Bar khaast karna Bar khelaaf Bar khwaast karna Bar peyta Bar qaraar Bar tar Bar tari Bar tari key liey koshish Bar tari key liey koshish Bar waqtkarna jaari hona Bara Bara bar Bara hatora Bara hissah Bara jeybi chaaqu Bara josheela shakhs Bara kamrah Bara karna Bara randah Bara sa niwaalah ya ghoont leyney ka amal Bara seyth Bara zarf Baraabar Baraaey naam Baraah Baraai Ba-raastah Baraat Baradaasht Bar-afgandaa Baragashtaa Baraham Barahamii Barahanaa-paa Barahna Barakat Baranat Baranjish Ba-Ranjish Barapaa Bararoo Baras Barasnaa Baraste Barbaad hona Barbaad karna Barchhi Bardaasht Bar-dasht Baree uz zimmah Bareek daanah Bareek khayaali Bareek khayaali Bareeki Barey paemaaney par Barey tukrey nigalna Umbrage Boast Ad Lib Naturalness Volcano Volcanic Abolish Against. Scattering Naked Feet Bare. Boasting. Superiority. Giant. To Scatter. Tolerance. Large. Disorder. Continually. Opposite. Even. Ultra. Good Fortune A Musical Instrument With Anger With. Tolerance. Major. Patience Bearing. Patience Absolution Granule Refinement Cultivation Intricacy Large Scale Gobble . Spear Bearing. Greatness. Identical. Equal. Contrary To. Upset Confusion. Gree. To Winnow the Grain Showered. Next to Nothing Via Bigness. Great. Nobleness Via Immunity Tolerate Without Covering. Uniform. Negligible. Elder. Flat. To Pour Down. Gourmand Keep. Greatness. Endurance. Straight. Alike. Injustice. Against Angry. Immune. Nominal. Naked Abundance. Adjoining. Next. Immense. To Shower Down. Largeness. Maintain Surpassing Advancement. Vantage Vying Vie Last Big.

Desease of Horses Pertaining to Rainy Season. Lift. Upset Outdone Exceed. Nudity Nudely Naked. Surpassing Grow. Fine. Vessel Suspend Isthmus Capacity. Light. Increase. Vision Standing as in Status By Virtue Of By Way Of Discussion Handily . Knit. Plenty Heroism Eyesight. Scattering Uncovered Nakedness. Outstrip. Expand. Water Proof coat. Excellent. Prosperity Contrary To Every Expectation Screw Start. Grow. Blessing. Mackintosh. Snow Glacial. Capability. Enlarge. Sufficient. Turned Against. Thrive. Mackintosh. Lamb Subcontinent Subcontinental Army Vitiligo Rain. Upset Angry. For Many Years After A Long Time. Proceed. Prosper. Unclothed. Upset Confusion. Room on the Top of the House. Upset Angry. Desease of Horses After A Long Time. Water Proof coat. Overblown Expensive. Vegetate Warehouse Gingerly Absolve (Any)Number Of Vindication Abundance. Benedictions. Stretch Overdo Advancement Joiner Anger. Turned Against. Arisen Lightning Remaining Prosperity. Wintry Glacier Avalanche Leaf Angry. Enough. Disorder. Step Up. Superior. For Many Years Pot. Good Fortune Bolt Of Lightning. Surpassing Expensive. Of Good Quality. Nude. Uncovered Nude High-Faluting. Surpass Greater Amplify. Nival. Nose. Injustice. Of Good Quality. Excellent. Superior. Auspicious. Extend. Increase.Barf Barfaani Barfaani darya Barfaani toofaan Barg Bargashta Bargashtaa Bargashtah Barh gaya Barh jaana Barh kar Barhaana Barhaana charhaana Barhaawa Barhai Barham Bar-ham Barham hona Barhami Barhamii Barhana Barhanagi Barhanagi sey Barhanah Barhanah shabeeh Barhi charhi Barhiya Barhiyaa Barhna Bari dukaan Bari ehteyyat sey Bari karna Bari meqdaar meyn Bariyat Barkat Bar-khilaaf-e-har ummiid Barmah Barpaa Barq Barqarar Barqat Barq-e-tajelli Barrah Barr-e-sagheeri Barr-e-sagheeri Barri fauj Bars Barsaat Barsaatee Barsaati Barson Barsoon Bartan Bartaraf Barzakh Bas Basaalat Basaarat Basaat Ba-sabab Ba-sabiil-e-tazkiraa Ba-sahoolat Ice. Fine. Rainy Season Pertaining to Rainy Season. Room on the Top of the House. Turned Against. Upset Restless Vex Anger. Utensil.

Clear-Sighted. Wick Wallet Sprinkle Nonplus Knurl. Obstacle. In View Of Inspite Of Inspite Of Reliable Reliable Not Being In Any Need Out Of Control Tailor Bird Desert. Rival's Talk. Relate. Mortal. Sight. Venter Lilting By Way Of Nutritively Quail Twine Good and Evil Vitiation Abdominal. Roosting. Roosting. Spend Acute. Tell. Unbosom Abdomen. Sanctuary Village Inform. Nest. A Night's Lodging. Understanding Abode. Vision Livelihood The Living Live. Description. House. Explanation. Tale Narrate Declaration. Relate. State. Shelter Nester Vivacity Vivace Gospel Cheerfulness. Housing. Close. Resort. Optic. Understanding Clear-Sightedness. Insight. Manifestation..) A Messenger Of Good News Mankind Human Including Lest Video Ocular. Housing. Human Being On The Condition (That. Statement. Shelter Abode. The Eye. Pigmy Inspite Of Inspite Of At The Time Of Death By Virtue Of.Ba-samar Basanti Basar Basar auqaat Basar hona Basar karna Baseer Baseerat Baseraa Baseyra Baseyra karney waala Bashaa shat Bashaa shat ka Bashaarat Bashaashat Bashar Ba-sharte Basheer Bashr Bashri Ba-shumool Ba-soorat Basri Basri Basri feetah Basri kheyl Basriyat Bast Basti Bataana Batan Ba-tarannum Ba-taur Ba-taur ghiza Bateyr Bati rassi Batil-o-haq Batlaan Batni Batta lagaana Batti Batwah Bauchhaar Baukhla deyna Bauna Ba-vajood Ba-vajud Ba-vaqt-e-marg Ba-wajah Ba-wajood Ba-wajud Ba-wasooq Ba-wasuq Bay niyaazi Bay qaaboo Baya Bayaabaan Bayaan Bayaan karna Bayaan-e-raqiib Bayaani Bayaaniyah Fruitful Yellow Passing. Nest. Reside. To Live. Visual Videotape Video Game Visualisation Asylum. Reside.. Judgement. Ventral Corrupt. Resort. Rival's Statement Narratory Narrative . Declare. Knot. A Night's Lodging. Tarnish Electric Light. Spending. Wilderness Account. House. Good Humour Man. Say. Narration.

Dishonorable. Without a Gathering Unbounded. Quasi Undeniable Haberdashery Shoping place. Insulted Disgrace. Unconstrained. High Spirited. Party Gathering Of Stars. Dishonorable. Handbook. Insulted Honourless Noiseless Marry Unalloyed Unadorned Miserable. Dishonorable. Immune. Unexceptional Endless. Outspoken Bold. Company (At A Feast Or Entertainment). Outspoken . Ineffective. Jerk. Unease Uncomfortably. Insulted Impolite. Witty Meeting. Insulted Disgrace. Some Outwardly. Dishonorable. Violation Vainly Unblemished. Uneasy Uncomfortableness. Per children's playground Witticism Jocular. Unavailing. Violator Coarsely Ill-Manners Impoliteness. Confident. "Mehafil". Uncomfortable.Bayaaz Bayaaz Bay-daar Bayrozgar Baz Ba-zaahir Ba-zaahir theek Bazaaz Bazar Ba-zareeah Bazeecha-e-atfaal Bazlah Bazlah sanj Bazm Bazm-e-anjum Bazm-e-khaak Bazm-e-khayaal Bazm-e-khirad Bazm-e-kush Bazm-e-mahsher Bazm-e-naaz Bazm-e-tarab Bazm-e-yaaraan Be Be-aab Be-aab aa-iinaa Beaabaan Be-aabaru Be-aabaruu Be-aabroo Be-aabru Be-aahat Beaahna Be-aameyzish Be-aaraaish Be-aaraam Be-aaraami Be-aaraami sey Be-aasaraa Be-aasra Be-aasra bachchah Be-aasraa Be-aawaaz Be-aawaazi Be-abroo Be-adab Be-adabaanah Be-adabii Be-adbi Be-adbi sey Be-aeyb Be-andaazah Be-anjuman Be-ant Be-arq Be-asaab Be-asar Be-asar kar deyney waala Be-asar karna Be-asari Bebaak Be-baak Album. Unlimited Alone. Notebook. Vain Neutraliser Frustrate Immunity Bold. Unconstrained. High Spirited. Undaunted. Assembly. Gathering. Unending Juiciness Nerveless Frustrate. Confident. Without. Place of trade By Means Of. Alert Unemployed Several. Soundless. Null. Unmannerly. Without Assembly. Voiceless Noiselessness Disgrace. Vade Mecum Notebook Awake. Unceasing. Nugatory. Wilderness Imagination Gathering Of Intelligent People Happy Crowd Judgment Place A Gathering Of Coquetry Gathering Of Happiness Gathering Of Friends. Rude. Uncourteous. Uneasily Without Hope High And Dry Wastrel Without Hope Noiseless. Void Of Lacklustre A Mirror Incapable Of Reflecting Images Desert Disgrace. Undaunted. Void.

Uneasily Restless. Perfect. Unkind. Without Blemish Toothless Awake. Virgin. Unblemished. Odd. Watchfulness Wakefulness Cold. Vigilance. Unblemished. Languid. Awakening. Perfect. Languor. Uneasy Anxiety Keelless Dark. Taut. Vigilant Alert. Ingrate Cruel. Nervous. Wakefulness. Innocnet. Oppression Rattan. Queer Uncouthness Waddle Unadvised Shackles Neglect Absently Lukewarm Half-Hearted Half-Heartedlyness Half-Heartedly . Virgin. Without Light Non-Attention Bring To Hammer. Uneasy Anguish. Alert. Uncomfortable. In Vain Helpless. Without Feeling Unfeelingly Uncouth Unbidden Unbeliever Nonreligious Gauche. Unblemished. Lob. Vend Seller. Wakeful. Heartless. Pitiless. Vigilant Bare Faced Alertness. Perfect. Spotless. Powerless. Taut. Wretch Helplessness Lackadaisical. Groundless. Injustice. Outspoken Undauntedly Confused Struggle To Clear An Account Uncharged Naked Priceless Helpless. Wattle Iniquity. Merciless. Vendor Iniquity. Uneasiness Uncomfortably. Weak Helplessness Helplessness Baseless. Sell. Injustice. Restlessness. Poor Fellow. Ingrate Immaculate. Malaise. Uncomfortableness. Virgin. Innocnet. Fluster. Yard. Without Blemish Immaculate. Spotless. Rousing. Without Blemish Immaculate. Handless Hobble Kettle Of Fish Unbodied Gawk. Awake. Oppression Cruel. Weak Helplessness Helplessness Poor. Unfortunate.Bebaaki Be-baaki sey Bebaalopar Bebaaq Be-baar Be-bachaao Be-bahaa Be-bas Bebasi Bebasii Be-bunyaad Bebus Be-chaaragi Bechaaragii Be-chaarah Bechaargii Be-chaen Be-chaeni Be-chaeni sey Be-chain Bechainii Be-chakkal Becharaag Be-chau kasi Bechna Bechney waala Bedaad Bed Be-daad Bedaad gar Bedaadgar Bedaag Bedaagh Be-daagh Be-daant Bedaar Be-daar Be-daarhi Be-daari Bedaarii Be-dam Be-dard Be-dardi sey Be-daul Be-dawat Be-deen Be-deeni Be-dhab Be-dhab chaal Be-dhab haalat Be-dhabba Be-dhanga Be-dhanga pan Be-dhangi chaal Be-dharak Bedhi Be-dhyaani Be-dhyaani sey Be-dil Be-dilaanah neem dilaanah Be-dili neem dili Be-dili key saath neem dili sey Boldness. Spotless. Negotiate. Innocnet. Restless. Weary Feelingless.

Queer. Unfaithful Knave Grift. Untrustworthy Unduly Unbelief Befall Wife Uxorious Uxoricide Futility Frustrate. Malady. Light. Alien. Invalid. Nefariousness Nobble Cog Nefariously Under The Counter Incautiousness Indulge Intemperatness Germ. Unwell Unassisted Among. Foreign. Patient. Madame. Ill. Needlessly. Sickness Nosography Underwriter Underwriter Jeremiad Clairvoyance. Languid. Middle Cheat. Grain. Strange. Helplessness Terror Ailing. Unfamiliar Forced Labour Lady. Patient. In Vain. Unavailing Undecided Virtueless Carefree. Strange. Indifference Alien. Queer. Unfamiliar Alien. Gay. Languid. Foreign Unrelated To Life Stranger to Wine Allofness. Unconcerned Insouciance Stranger. Illness. Unfair. Centre. Tending Nurse-Tender Worst Fever. Seed Plant Unfair Undisputed Unabridged Choiceless Choicelessness. Epidemic. Free From Worry. Jobbery. Jack-leg. Sick. Unconscionable. Wife Ladylike Without Uncouthly Unbolted Undisguised . Sick. Between.Be-dili sey deyna Be-dili sey kaam anjaam deyna Bee maar Be-eaanat Beech Be-eemaan Be-eemaan shakhs Be-eemaani Be-eemaani kar key jeetna Be-eemaani karna Be-eemaani sey Be-eemaani sey Bechna Be-ehteyaati Be-ehteyaati karna Be-eitadaaliyon Beej Beej daalna Be-ekhlaaq Be-ekhtelaaf Be-ekhtesaar Be-ekhteyaar Be-ekhteyaari Beem Beemaar Beemaar ho jaaney sey az Had daehshat Beemaar ki deykh bhaal karna Beemaar ki deykh bhaal karney waala ya Beemaar tareen Beemaari Beemaari ki tauzeeh Beemah daar Beemey waala Been Beenaai Bees Beesviin sadii Be-etebaar Be-etedaali sey Be-etemaadi Beetna Beewi Beewi ka bandah Beewi ka qatl Be-faaedagi Be-faaedah Be-faeslah Be-faez Be-fikr Be-fikri Begaanaa Begaanaa-e-hastii Begaanaa-e-may Begaanaapan Begaanah Be-gaanah Be-gaar Begam Begam aanah Be-ghaer Be-ghaer adab aadaab sey Be-ghaer chhana(aata)hua Beghaer chori chhupey Grudge Underact Ailing. Pip. Nefarious. Nullifidian. Foreign. Invalid. Unwell Nosophobia Nursing. Vision Twenty 20th Century Unconvincing. Ill. Nugatory.

Vulgar Immodesty. Extremely. Impertinence. Impudence. Improved Improve Best. Limitless Boundless. Endless. Numb. Impudent. Vulgarity Unconscious Knock-Out Unconsciousness Metre Better. Malapert. Unashamed. Numberless. Shameless. Joker Naughtiness. Heartless.Beghaer raeh bar Be-ghaer shor-o-ghul Be-ghaerat Be-ghalaazat Be-gham Be-ghar Be-ghar bachchah Be-gharaz Be-gharzi Be-girah Be-gunaah Be-gunaahi Beh Be-haal Be-haath Behad Be-had Be-had bara Be-had gaehra Be-hadd Be-hal Be-hangam Be-hangam aawaaz Be-hangam pan sey Be-haqeeqat Be-harkat Be-hathyaar Be-hausalah Be-hawa Be-haya Be-hayaa Be-hayaa'i Be-hejaab Beher Be-hesaab Behijaab Be-hijaab Behijaazbi Be-himmat Be-himmati Behis Be-his Be-his ho jaana Be-his karney waala Behisht Behishti Be-hisi Be-hisi key saath Be-hisi sey Behisii Be-hoodah Be-hoodah shakhs Be-hoodgi Be-hosh Be-hosh kar deyna Be-hoshi Behr Behtar Behtar hona Behtareen Behtari Behtri Undirected Quietly Unashamed Uncontaminated Happy. Naughty. Inanimate. Vegetate Numbly Unfeelingly Senseless. Innocent Clean Hands lack of Control Languid Handless Boundless. Lifeless. Shameless. Impudent. Without A Veil Shamless. Endless. Boundless Impasse Uncouth Noise Uncouthly In Vain Still Unarmed Unenterprising Airless Bare Faced. Lifeless. Insensitive. Nerveless. Unashamed. Gross. Nasty. Without Sorrow Homeless Waif Nonchalant Nonchalance Knotless Guiltless. Foul. Extremely. Unlimited Shamless. Without A Veil Open Face Languid Collapse Shocked. Yeasty Jackanapes. Exceedingly. Impertinence. Immodest. In A Stupor Cold-Blodded. Stunned. Optimal Betterment. Uncovered. Immodest. Uncovered. Shamelessness Unabashed Ocean Immensely. Lazy. Extremely. Unblushing. Unconscious. Exceedingly. Malapert. Improvement . Without Feeling Absurd. Limitless Gigantic Unfathomable Endless. Shoddy. Vulgar Bare Faced. Insensitivity. Unblushing. Nonsensical. Improvement Betterment. Unfeeling Harden Numbing Heaven Heavenly Numbness.

Frank. Ignorant. Unconnected Unconnectedly Unenthusiastic Faultless Virgin Friendless. Humiliated. Lonely. Discredit Discord. Stupid. Without Respect Humiliate Humiliation Unnecessary Undue. Without Choice Uncaused Know-Nothing Neglect Faithless. In Vain. Otiose. Disgusted Un-cautiousness Beyond Control. Unconcerned Worthless Joyless. Unemployed. Obloquy. Honourless. Inanimate. Unfair Violation Violator Unnecessary Flat. Futile. Undiscernable Faithless. Undiscernable Indiscriminating. Needlessness Unemployment Uninformed. Choiceless. Languid Without A Shroud Unintoxicating (Unpleasant) Uneasy Malaise.Be-hukm Be-hunar Beh-zaar Be-ihtiyaati Be-ikhteyaar Be-ikhtiyaar Be-ikhtiyaari Be-illat Be-ilm Be-iltefaati Be-imaan Be-imteyaaz Be-imtiyaaz Be-insaaf Be-insaafi Be-insaafi sey Be-iqtiyaar Be-istefsaar Be-isteqlaal Be-itibaar Be-ittifaaqi Be-izzat Be-izzat karna Be-izzati Beja Be-ja Be-ja mudaakhilat Be-ja mudaakhilat karney waala Bejaa Be-jaan Be-jaana boojha Be-jawaab Be-jeht Be-jhijhak Be-jins Be-jism Be-jor Be-jor pan sey Be-josh Be-jurm Be-juta Be-kaar Be-kaar pan Be-kaari Be-kabar Be-kadr Be-kaef Be-kafan Bekaifii Be-kal Be-kali Be-kali sey Bekalii Be-kamaal Be-kapron ka Be-karaan Be-karaar Be-kas Be-kashish Bekasii Bekh kani karna Be-khaayaali Unbidden Unaccomplished. Needless. Unafraid Neuter Unbodied Incompatible. Helpless. Cheat Indiscriminating. Meaningless. Helplessness. Without Control Beyond Control. Invalid. Nugatory. Junky. Choiceless. Vapid Unfamiliar Unanswerable Undirected Explicit. Ridicule. Restlessness. Uneasiness Uneasily Uneasiness. Ineffective. Tactless. Unskilled Displeased. Without Choice. Kaput. Inequitable. Unjust Unfairness Unjustly Uncontrolled Unasked Undecisive Untrustworthy. Sufferer Unattractive Despair. Outspoken. Helplessness. Affront. Unfair. Helplessness Undermine Levity . Without Honor. Restless. Without Choice. Unsettled Adrift. Unaccomplished Undressed Vast Uneasy. Idle. Friendless. Disunity Abasement. Lifeless. Liar. Good-For-Nothing. Without Control Helplessness.

Vacancy Enraptured. Meaningless. Languid. Unconscious. Violin Unbiased Nakedly Unbending. Unalloyed. Friendless. Unblenched. Unerring Intrepid. Joyless. Unerring Faultless. Vague Vacantly Absurdity Unapproved Aim Less Eccentric Unequal Valueless Valuelessness Ill Timed. Unclad Undeserving Stiff. Unentertaining. Guiltless. Unenjoyable. Senseless Being besides Oneself. Intoxication. Unforgiving. Unenjoyable. Unconsciousness Unconsciously Fearless. Uncontrolled. Undaunted Undauntedness Non-Attention. Uanware. Unadvised. Uncompromising Tasteless Naked. Senseless. Uncalled For Unconstrained Insipid. Helpless. Unconcerned. Senseless Unambitious Inane Adrift. Unbending Joyless. Innocent. Uncompromising Immoderate.Be-khabar Be-khabri Be-khabri meyn Be-khara Be-kharosh Be-khata Be-khataa Be-khauf Be-khaufi Be-khayaali Be-khud Be-khudee Be-khudii Be-khwaahish Be-kirdaar Bekus Be-kusoor Bel taak Bela Be-laag Be-laag lapeyt Be-lachak Be-lagaam Be-lagaami Be-lagaao Belan Be-laus Be-lazzat Be-lebaas Be-leyaaqat Be-loch Be-lutf Be-lutfi Be-maehl Be-maehli Be-maghz Bemahar Be-mani Be-mani taur par Be-manwiyat Be-manzoori Be-maqsad Be-markaz Be-masl Be-masraf Be-masrafi Be-mauqah Be-mazaahmat Be-mazah Be-mazahgi Be-mazgi Be-mazhab Bemehar Be-meqdaar Be-meyl Be-milaawat Be-misaal Be-mohaari Bemuhaabaa Be-mulaazim Be-muqaabinah Be-muravvat Ignorant. Unafraid. Uninformed Uanwareness. Vapid Miasma Insipidity Nullifidian Repulsive. Lonely. In Ecstasy. Rapture. Sufferer Innocent. Unconnected Unadulterated Incomparable Jazziness Un-Hesitatingly Unattended Unchallenged Lacking Involvement . Tasteless. Inappropriate. Innocent. Unbridled. Unkind Copious Unadulterated. Vapid Vapidity Unapt. Delirious. Not Guilty Vine Jasmine Sambac. Uncalled For Unaptness Yeasty Without Favour Absurd. Tame. Senseless Being besides Oneself. Namby-Pamby. Guiltless. Without Fear Quite. Unbiased. Dead Faultless. Inopportune. Out Of Place. Wild Immoderation Unattached Rolling Pin Generous. Stupid. Intoxication. Rapture.

Valueless. Nonchalance Indifferently. Negligent. Uncontrollable Boundless. Worthless Valuelessness Absolute. Helplessness Guiltless. Nonchalantly Bottomless Unbacked Uncontrolled Negligent Noteless. Without Reputation Noseless Anonymous. Without Character . Without Mark Naked. Business Tout Without Clothes Limitless. Nameless.Be-murawwat Benaam Be-naak Be-naam Be-naseeb Be-nateejah Be-nazaa Be-nazeer Be-nazir Benda Be-neqaab karna Be-neyaazi Be-nisbat Be-nishaan Be-niyaam Beniyaaz-e-aarzu Be-niyaazee Beniyaaz-e-mudda Be-noor Be-nuqs Be-nuur Be-opaar Beopaar haasil karna Bepairahan Be-paayaan Be-paerawi Bepanaah Be-par wahi Beparavaah Be-pardah Be-pardah karna Be-pardahgi Be-parwaa Be-parwaah Be-parwaahi Be-parwaai Be-parwaai sey Be-peyndah Be-pusht-o-panaah Be-qaabu Be-qaaedah Be-qadar Be-qadr Be-qadri Be-qaed Beqaraan Be-qaraar Be-qaraar Be-qaraari Be-qas Be-qasd Beqasii Be-qusoor Be-raah Berabt Be-rabti sey Be-raehm Be-raehm ho jaana Be-raehmi Be-raehmi sey Be-raghbat karna Be-raham Unaccommodating. Unrelated. Grim. Nonpareil. Unkind. Unending Abandon One Who Does Not Care Expose. Insouciance. Nonchalance Indifference. Uncharitable . Without Reputation Unfortunate Fruitless Undisputed Matchless. Innocent Undirected Incongruous. Grim. Neglectful. Ruined. Nameless. Negligence. Indifferent. Indifferent. Fell. Unequal. Unique Unequalled. Unsettled Restless. Trifling. Uncovered. Negligently. Nonchalant Heedless. Unkind. Faceless. Not Connected. Unkind Anonymous. Unsettled Unease Friendless. Limitless Uneasy. Limitless. Fell. Unlimited. Insouciance. Valueless. Waif. Trifling. Unexampled. Unveiled Strip Immodesty Heedless. Immodest. Waif. Uncharitableness Unmercifully Cloy Cruel. Unabated Without Desire Independence Oblivious Of One's Goals Blind. Neglectfullness. Lacklustre Unblemished. Uncourteous. Unappreciated. Indiscriminating. Unbounded. Helpless. Uneasy. Unappreciated. Lay Bare. Uncharitable Harden Cruelty. Matchless. Lonely Unattempted Despair. Neglectful. Unconnected Unconnectedly Cruel. Faceless. Unending Nonconforming Boundless. Negligent. Restless. Merciless. Unique Knock-Knee Uncloak Unconcern Absolute Markless. Nonchalant Indifference. Negligence. Merciless. Worthless Noteless. Without Character . Unexceptional Without Light Affair. Neglectfullness.

Fetter. Candid. Unaccomplished. Faded Pale Unassuming Juiciness. Shameless. Lots Precious. Plain. Unashamed. Unaffected Naturalness Without Tools Or Apparatus Momentary Mortality. Sincere Candour. Numberless. Unconfirmed Headless Simple Life. Candid. Natural. Without Reason Impatient Quick Impatience Unbacked Unattempted Artless. Unaffected. Gain Countless. Plain Gauche. Unassuming Without Guile. Gyve Chain. Natural. Innumerable. Plain. Sincere. Indifference Artless. Valuable Valuable Good-For-Nothing Nay Unbodied Immodest. Numberless. Random Adrift. Natural. Ignorance. Vapid Unacknowledged Languid Candid Fetter. Unconstrained Napless Unemployed Unemployment Aloofness Caused By Anger. Useless Vague Newsmonger Excess. Unabashed. Without Reason Aimless . Useless Simple Life.Be-rah-numaa Be-rang Be-ranga Be-raoonat Be-ras Be-raseed Be-raunaq Be-reya Beri Beri lagaana Be-riya Be-riyaa Be-riyaai Be-riyaai sey Beriyon hatkariyon aur zanjeeron sey aazaad Be-rok Be-rok tok Be-rooaan Be-roz gaar Be-roz gaari Berukhii Besaakhta Be-saakhtah Be-saakhtahgi Be-saaz Besabaat Besabaatii-e-gul Besabab Be-sabab Be-sabr Be-sabra Be-sabri Be-sahaara Be-sai Be-sakhtah Be-saleeqah Be-samar Be-sanad Be-sar Be-sarfa Be-sarfaa Be-saropa Be-sar-o-paa baateyn karney waala Besh Besh baha Besh qeemat Be-shaghl Be-shak Be-shakl Be-sharm Be-sharmi Be-sharmi sey Beshi Beshumaar Be-shumaar Be-silsilah Be-simt Be-sira Be-sochey samjhey Be-sood Be-soorat Be-suboot Without a guide Colourless. Sincerity Sincerely Unbound Uncontrollable Non-Restrictive. Short Life Span Of A Flower Aimless . Too Much. Uncouth Fruitless Unauthorised. Candid. Uncounted Haphazard. Useless Unbodied Unconfirmed . Unblushing Immodesty. Without Cause. Undirected Eccentric At A Venture Gainless. Uncounted Countless. Gyve Guileless. Innumerable. Without Cause. Shamelessness Unabashedly Addition. Unaffected Artless.

Unfaithfulness Without Cause. Uncommitted. Near. Vagrant Daughter Waffle Random Aim Less. Gawk. Ungrateful. Without Acknowledgement Unconnectedly Emasculate. Restless. Native. Without Asking. Without Being Sought Unbidden. Free. Uncouth. Unassuming. Treacherous. Tactless. Unassuming. Unconnected. Impatient Tell Me Unattached. Irrational . Weak Inability Veterinarian. Powerless. Rude. Naturalness Unceremoniously Frankness. Without Any Inquiry. Unfeigned Naturally Frankness. Intimacy . Gauche. Intimacy . Without Being Sought Needlessness Indiscreet . Uncalled For. Jaggy Jumble Unfeigned Vactionless Disrespect Unconfirmed Neglector Unconcern Sons Abroad.Besukuun Be-sura Be-suraagh Be-suud Beta Be-taa seer Be-taab Betaae Betaalluq Be-taalluq Be-taalluqi sey Be-taaqat Be-taaqati Betaar Be-taari Be-taaseer Be-taasir Be-taassub Be-taassubi sey Betahaashaa Be-takaan Betakalluf Be-takalluf Be-takalluf aanah Be-takallufi Be-takallufi sey Betakallufii Betalab Be-talab Be-talbi Be-tameez Betarah Be-tarbiyat Be-tarfi Be-tars Be-tarteeb Be-tarteebi Be-tasanno Be-tateel Be-tauqiir Be-tauseeq Be-tawajjoh Be-tawajjohi Betey Be-thikaana Beti Be-toot bolna Be-tuk Be-tuka Be-tuka pan Be-tukey pan sey Be-tuki baat Be-ujlat Be-uns Be-usool Bevaastaa Bevafaa Bevafaa-ii Bevafajah Be-vadah Be-vafa Be-vafa aurat Restless Off-Key Clueless Futile Son Ineffectual Anxious. Useless Unbiased Unbiasedly Recklessly. Infidelity. Informality . Unfaithful Jilt . Near. Unconnected. Informal . Informality . Native. Gawky. Unceremonious. Without Reason Noncommittal Faithless. Unfaithful Abandonment. Free. Frank. Virtueless Ineffectual. Unceremonious.Unfeigned Frank. Familiar. Afloat. Undiscerning Unsteady Uncultivated Neutralism Severe Clownish. Naturalness Unbidden. Uncultured. Casual. Adrift. Without Acknowledgement Unattached. Indigested. Familiar. Treacherous. Veterinary Vet Useless. Informal . Excessive Unabatedly Casual. Ungrateful. Without Any Inquiry. Powerless. Without Asking. Unapt Unaptness Unaptly Gaffe Leisurely Unamiable Unconscionable Without Reason Faithless. Uncommitted.

Disgusted. Fed Up. Out Of Humor. Run Away At Large Flee. Poor Tasteless Unadorned Without Light Brother's Wife Get Away!. Gander. Oaf. Jackass. Weary Angry. Hurry. Gander. Untimely Lop-Sided Undignified Valueless Nothingness. Gull Fatuity. Sick of.Be-vafaa Be-vafaai Be-vafaaii Be-vafaai karna Be-vafaai sey Bewah Be-vajah Be-vaqoof Be-vaqoof aanah hansi Be-vaqoof banaana Be-vaqoofi Be-vaqt Be-vazan Be-viqaar Be-vuqat Be-vuqati Bewaastaa Be-wadah Be-wafa Be-wafa aurat Be-wafaa Be-wafaai Be-wafaai karna Be-wafaai sey Bewafaa-ii Bewah Be-wajah Be-wajh Be-waqoof Be-waqoof aanah hansi Be-waqoof banaana Be-waqoofi Be-waqt Be-wazan Be-wiqaar Be-wuqat Be-wuqati Bez Be-zaabitahgi Be-zaabitahgi sey Be-zaabtahgi Be-zaabtigi Bezaar Be-zaar Be-zaari Be-zabaan Be-zabt Be-zameer Be-zar Be-zauq Be-zeenat Be-ziyaa Bhaabi Bhaag Bhaag daur Bhaag daur karna Bhaag jaana Bhaaga hua Bhaagna Bhaai Bhaai band Bhaai chaara Faithless. Legwork Hurry Abscond. Idiocy Importune . Treacherous. Stupid. Stupid. Goop. Fool. Untimely Lop-Sided Undignified Valueless Nothingness. Zany Smirk Fool. Ungrateful. Goof. Out Of Humor. Idiot. Gull Fatuity. Nincompoop. Unfaithful Abandonment. Infidelity. Valuelessness Without Reason Noncommittal Faithless. Unfaithfulness Jilt Unfaithfully Widow Without Cause Clot. Infidelity. Goon. Dolt. Idiocy Importune . Goofu. Luck Effort. Goop. Gawk. Run Brother Kin. Unfaithfulness Jilt Unfaithfully Infidelity Widow Without Cause Without Cause Clot. Idiot. Displeased. Unfaithfulness Abandonment. Treacherous. Modest. Unfaithful Jilt Faithless. Fool. Ungrateful. Unfaithful Abandonment. Zany Smirk Fool. Voiceless Undisciplined Unconscionable Destitute. Oaf. Nincompoop. Ungrateful. Weary Vexation Dumb. Treacherous. Relation Amity . Witless. Half-Witted. Witless. Haste. Disgusted. Half-Witted. Jackass. Goon. Goofu. Speechless. Displeased. Gawk. Goof. Sick of. Valuelessness Spread Unconstitutionality Unconstitutionally Unconventionality Nullity Angry. Fed Up.

Gaudy Glut Heavy. Vulgar Unbecoming Vulgarity Vulgarise Uncouthness. Pay Faith. Vortex Whirlpool. Filter Errant Brother's Son's Wife Brother's Daughter's Husband . Lifeless. Onerous. Landslide. Vulgarity Water Buffalo Chase. Entire. Trust Faith. Fill. Sister's Son Niece. Well Hamfatter. Jazzy Flamboyant.Bhaala Bhaand Bhaanda phorna Bhaanj bahu Bhaanj daamaad Bhaanja Bhaanji Bhaant bhaant Bhaant bhaant ka Bhaao Bhaao lagaana Bhaap Bhaar Bhaarey ka ghora Bhaari Bhaari pan Bhaasha Bhaawaj Bhadda Bhadda bura Bhadda jumlah Bhadda kar deyna Bhadda pan Bhaens Bhaga deyna Bhaga ley jaana Bhagaana Bhagat Bhakosna Bhala Bhala aadmi Bhala changa Bhangan Bhangi Bhanvar Bhanwar Bhapka Bhar Bhar bhara Bhar keela Bhar maar Bhar poor Bhar poor aur waazeh josh-o-kharosh Bhara hua Bharaas nikaalna Bharak Bharak daar Bharak daari sey Bharam Bharan Bharat Bharkaana Bharkeela Bharm Bharna Bharosaa Bharosah Bharosah karna Bharti Bhatakta Bhateej bahu Bhateej daamaad Lance. Trust Lean Conscriprion. Vortex Whiff Complete. Price Price Reek. Garish. Vapour Burden. Regard Charge. Enforce Kidnap Abduct Votary Gobble Good Humane Healthy Sweeper Sweeper Whirlpool. Wholesome Hoopla Full Give Vent To Loud. Knock-Up. Steam. Weighty Heaviness Language Brother's Wife Gross. Uncouth. Zany Uncover Sister's Sons's Wife Sister's Daughter's Husband Nephew. Weight Hackney Burdensome. Enlistment. Sister's Daughter Various Varied Rate. Loud. Throughout. Whole Loose Garish. Regard Wad Wad Ignite Loud Consideration. Viewy Gaily Consideration. Gay. Furnace. Heavy. Ugly.

Ugliness Ham-Handedly Ululate.Bhateeja Bhateeji Bhatka hua Bhatkaana Bhatta Bhattah Bhatti Bhayaanak Bhayaanak daraaona Bhayaanak pan Bhayaanak rooh Bhayaank Bhed Bheega Bheek Bheer Bheyd bhara Bheyd kaehna Bheydi Bheyja Bheyjna Bheynt Bheynt charhaana Bheyr Bheyr bakri ki aant Bheyr ki khaal Bheyriye ya kuttey ki si aawaaz Bheyriye ya kuttey ki si aawaaz nikaalna Bheyrya Bheys Bheys Bhi Bhigaana Bhigona Bhiid Bhiigii Bhikaari Bhindi Bhir Bhir jaana Bhir ka chhattah ya basti Bhojan Bhol pan Bhol pan sey Bhola Bhola aadmi Bhola bhaala Bhonchka Bhonda Bhonda pan Bhondey pan sey Bhonkna Bhonpu Bhook Bhooka Bhooka marna Bhool Bhool bhulayyaan Bhool chook Bhool jaana Bhoolna Bhoonna Brother's Son. Waif. Hearth Alarming. Secret Moist. Wet Alms. Tawdry. Omission A Maze. Likewise. Naivete Innocently. Lapse. Wasp Go For Vespiary Viand Innocence. Soaking Wet Crowd Wet Mendicant Gumbo. Labyrinth Lapse Forget. Oven Cut Furnace. Vespid. Grisy. Okra Hornet. Ham-Handed. Nightmarish. Terrible. Uncanny Ghastly Ghastliness Ghoul Grisly Rahasya. Hideous. Lout Oaf. Too Imbrue Be-Drenched. Even. Yap Honk Appetite. Sheep Gut Fleece Ululation Ululate Wolf Likeness Garb Also. Oblivion. Beg Crowd. Lob. Mistake. Naively Cute. Lurid. Starvation Hungry Starve Fault. Gullible Lamb Guileless Aghast Clumsy. Forgetfulness. Ugly Gaucherie. Gruesome. Gathering. Hunger. Nephew Brother's Daughter. Omit To Forget Parch . Swarm Uncanny Unbosom Undercover Grey Matter Send Offer. Multitude. Horrible. Niece Bewildered Bewilder Kiln. Grate. Victim Victimise Ewe. Hob.

Husk Hull Bogey. Kernel of a Mango Seed. Tarnish. To Become Angry. Towards (Always Prefixed To Another Word) Lady Moment Of Departure. Sort of Ear-ring Active. Versus. With. For. Hull. Spoilt. In. Nut-Brown. Thunderbolt. Corrupt. Spread. Vitiate Bad. Corrupt. Flash Of Lightning Active. Finally. Wry Pampered Heaven Onus.Bhoora Bhoori shakar Bhoosa Bhoosi Bhoosi nikaalna Bhoot Bhugatna Bhugatna Bhulaana Bhulakkar Bhunaana Bhurta Bi Bi bi Bicharne ki ghari Bichchhu Bichhona Bichhonaa Bichhwa ghaas Bichonaa Bidat Bideysi Bigaar Bigaarna Bigaarta Bigarna Bigra Bigra hua Bihisht Biidaa Biim Biimaar-e-hijaraan Biis Biisviin sadii Bijali Bijalii Kaundhanaa Bijlee Bijli Bikaau Bikhaarii Bikharaa huaa Bikharna Bikheyrna Bikhra hua Bikna Bikri Bikwaana Bil aakhir Bil aks Bil farz Bil kul Bil muqaabil Bil waastah Bil wasooq Bila aeyb Bila chamak Bila dam lagaaey urna Bila farq Bila hoshiyaari sey Bila ism Bila jor Bila kam-o-kaast Ginger. Vis-A-Vis Indirect Verily Faultless. Kernel of a Mango Seed. Sort of Ear-ring Strike. Kernel of a Mango Seed. Electricity. Tawny Jaggery Husk Chaff. Lightning. smart. From. On. Electricity. Into. Lightning. Strew Scatter. Vilify. Strew Strewn (To Be)Sold Sale (To Be)Sold At Last. smart. Tarnish. Spoil. Ruined. Vitiate Vitiating Bungled. Ruined. Spoil. Near. Responsibility Terror Someone Suffering From The Pangs Of Separation Twenty 20th Century Active. Opposite. Ghost Bear Undergo Forget Oblivious Negotiate Mash By. Novelty. Lastly Vice Versa If Throughout. To Become Angry. smart. Lightning. Impeccable Lusterless Glide Indiscriminate Greenly Nameless Jointless Verbatim . Vilify. Spread. Thunderbolt. Utterly Affront. Sort of Ear-ring Vendible Beggar Scattered Scatter. Unconventionality Alien Vitiation Bungled. Thunderbolt. Separation Scorpion Bed Bed Nettle Bed Heresy. Electricity.

Bila khauf Bila mani Bila moaawezah Bila munaafa Bila mutaabiqah Bila paa bandi Bila qeemat Bila rukey Bila shirkat Bila taakheer Bila takalluf Bila tasanno Bila wajah Bila wazan Bila zaroorat Bilkul Bilkul durust Bilkul mamooli Bilkul qudrati Bilkul waazeh Billaur Billi ka bachchah Bimaar Bin Bin baap Bin bata Bin bulaaey mehmaan banna Bin bulaaya Bin daamon Bin ittefaaq Bina Bina aeyb Bina asaas Bina daleel Bina dar Bina dil kashi Bina ejaazat Bina hujjat Bina istehqaaq Bina istehqaq Bina izhaar Bina jaaney Bina jawaab Bina khauf Bina koshish Bina madad Bina manzoori Bina manzoori key Bina mashwirah Bina mazaahmat Bina muqaabinah Bina naa ummeedi Bina peysh khidmat Bina peywand Bina raseed khareedna ya beychna Bina rishtah Bina riya Bina rok tok Bina rukaawat Bina sabab Bina shak-o-shubhah Bina shart Fearless Pointless Gratis Non-Profit Incoherent Ad Lib Gratis Non-Stop Solely Out Of Hand Natural Naively. Unearned Unexpressed Unknowingly Unanswered Undauntedly Unattempted Unassisted. Completely. Without Unstained Unfounded Unaccountable Undauntedly Unattractive Unauthorised Unchallenged Undeserved. Entirely. Foundation. Accurately. Unearned Undeserved. Unequivocal Unconditional . Ill Without Unfathered Undivided Gate-Crash Unbidden Gratis Unanimous Basis. Natural Gratuitous. Without Cause. Exactly. Unaided Unconfirmed Unapproved Unadvised Unchallenged Uncontested Undismayed Unattended Unallied Under The Counter Unallied Unfeigned Unstinted Unembarrassed Unduly Undoubtedly. Transparent Kitten Sick. Quite Unerring Uneventful Verisimilar Unequivocal Crystal. Crystal Glass. Wanton Imponderable Needlessly Absolutely.

Nincompoop. Say. Vocable Vindicate Viva Voce Language.Bina shubhah Bina taiyyun Bina tasanno Bina tashaffi Bina taskeen Bina tawaqqo Bina umang Binaa-e-kashish-o-jazb Bindhanaa Bindi Bint Bipta Biraadar zaadah Biraadri Birhaa Bis Bis daar Bisaat Bisaat bhar Bisaat-e-zindagi Bisaati Bismil Bisraam Bistar Bisyaar go Bithaana Biyaabaan Bo Boda Bohraan Bohtaat Bojh Bojhal Bol Bol baala karna Bol kar Boli Bolna Bolney ka fel Bolta Bona Bonga Boo Bood Boo-e-gul Boojh leyna Boom choghd Boorha Boorhi billi Boorhoon ki hukoomat Boota Booti Bora Bori Boriya Bosa Bosah Bose Bu Buddha Buddha ganwaar Buddhu Undoubted Undetermined Unaffected Unappeasable Unappeasable Unexpected Unaspiring. Nugatory Crisis. Jeremiad Nephew Clan. Utter Utterance Speaking Sow Uncouth Fragrance Being. Witless . Load. Nitwit. Sack Gunny Bag. Fit Affluence. Numerousness. Existence Smell Of Flowers Understand Owl Old Grimalkin Gerontocracy Undershrub Undershrub Gunny Bag. Sacrificial Animal. Plural of Bosa Fragrance. Jungle. Goof. Basis For Attraction To String (For Example Beads On A Thread) Zero Nee Adversity. Imbecile. Jackanapes. Weight Heavy Utterance. A Lover Rest. Largeness. Talk. Capacity Uttermost Game of Life Haberdashery The Dead One. Silly. Sack Mat. Virus Venomous Bedding. Wilderness Sow Little. Numerosity. Community. Chess Board. Quibble. On One's Hand. Here It Refers To Groceries Kiss Kiss Kisses. Venom. Lingo. Unambitious Reasons. Loggerhead. Carpet. Seat Desert. Plenty Burden. Grobian. Exuberance. Odour Old Gaffer Fatuous. Kindred period of Seperation Venin. Relaxation Bed Talkative Put. Speech Speak. Hardship. Extent.

Send For Call. Variedness Variety Show Valise Jabber Napless Bad. Invite. Naughty. Lofty.Budh Bughz Bughz bhara Bujh jaana Bujha Bujhaana Bukaa Bukhaar Bukhaaraat Bukhaaraat za Bukhl Bulaana Bulaawa Buland Buland aawaaz Buland nazri Buland qaamat Buland saut Buland tareen maqaam Bulandi Bulbul Bulhawas Bulooghat Bunaai Bunaawat Bunanaa Bund-a qabba Buni hui Bunna Bunnaa Bunyaad Bunyaad ka khokhla karna Bunyaadi Bunyaadi khaan daan Bunyaadi sur Bu-qalmoon Bu-qalmooni Bu-qalmooni muzaahirah Buqchi Bur buraana Bur key beghaer Bura Bura bhla kaehna Bura kaam Bura pan Buraa Buraai Buraai ka chakkar Buraayon ka khaatimah Burd baar Burda baari mazhar Burdubaari Burhaapa Buri Buri harkat Buri tarah gar baraana Buri tarah sey Burj Burqa Burqa pahenna Burqa posh Bushra Wednesday Animosity. Badness. Jadish. Ill-mannered. Very Greedy Maturity. Call. Ugly. Faulty. Weave Basic. Lamentable. Greatness Nightingale Slave Of Passions. Watchtower Veil Veil Veiled Aspect . Fume. High. Defective. Ungraceful. Lamentable. Ugly. Worthless Curse. Put Out. Loud. Stitch. Jadish. Temperature Fevers. Trounce. Ungraceful. Quench Dipped Extinguish. Vindictiveness Venomous Extinguish. Foundation. Nubility Knitting Fabric To Knit. Elementary. Mischievious. Stitch. Invitation Exalted. Tall Voiceful Magnanimity Tall Vociferous Acme Highness. Ill-mannered. Wicked. Wicked. Quench Cry Fever. Faulty. Unclean. Great. Defective. Weave Knit. Vituperate Abuse Indecency Bad. Sublime. Principle Undermine Fundamental. Invocate. Hate. Reek. Underlying Nuclear Family Keynote Varied Variety. Vapour Vapourific Niggardliness Bid. Great Heat. Mischievious. Rage. Evil. Steam. Indecent. Vice Worthless Vicious Circle Clean-Up Understanding Understanding Forbearance Old Age Abject Abuse Nonplus Madly Constellation. To Weave Dress Fastners Woven Knit.

Image. Noble. Venerable Nobility. Elderly. Senior. Plural of But Iconoclast Fragrance. Old Age. Odour Status Flower's Fragrance Fragnace of Flower Coward. Idol. Old. Sculpture. Seniority Wedding Wedding Wed Apparently . Statute Joss-House Idolatrous Idolatry Idol Making Sculpt Beloved. Great. Wishy-Washy Apparently Abu-Zar Gaffari (Ratu) Coward Cowardice Aged. Plural of But Self Decorated Beloved Idols. Lover. Idols. Respectable. Icon.Bustaan Bustaani But But kadah But parast But parasti But taraashi But taraashi karna Butaan Butaan-e-khud-aaraa Buton But-shikanee Buu Buud Buu-e-gul Buye-gul Buz dil Buzaahir Buzar Buzdil Buzdili Buzurg Buzurgi Byaa Byaah Byaahna Bzaahir Garden Gardener Beloved. Weak Kneed.

Need. Nimble. Vermeil. Longing. Yearn. Gusto. Urge Like. Raid Flattery Coax. Silver-Leaf Moonlight Winnow Shade Coquetry.C Urdu words Chaa lees Chaabi Chaabi deyna Chaabi key li'ey sooraakh Chaabiyon ka chhalla Chaabuk Chaabuk dast Chaabuk maarna Chaabuk sawaar Chaacha Chaachi Chaadar Chaadar-e-mahataab Chaaey Chaah Chaahat Chaahiey Chaahna Chaahon Chaak Chaak kar dena Chaakar Chaak-e-berafuu Chaak-e-daaman Chaakoo Chaakri karna Chaaku Chaal Chaal baaz Chaal chalna Chaal(shat ranj) Chaalaa Chaalaak Chaalaaki Chaalak Chaaloo hona Chaam Chaand Chaand maari Chaand sey mutaalliq Chaandani Chaandi Chaandi ka waraq Chaandni Chaanna Chaanv Chaao Chaap Chaap loos Chaap loosi karna Chaapah Chaaploosi Chaaploosi karna Chaapna Chaaq Chaaq-o-chauband Chaaqoo Chaaqu Chaaqu chhuri teyz karney ki jagah Chaar Chaar deevari Chaar guna Chaar jaanib English words Forty Key Wind Key Hole Key Ring Horsewhip. Love. Knack. Hale And Hearty Prompt A Small Knife. Waterfall Sheet Of Moon Light Tea Affection. Obsequious. Warmth. Smart. Activity. Wish. Knife A Small Knife. Guile. Cunning. Knife Accelerate. Tear Off To Cut. Bark. Urgency. Flatter. Gimmickery. Clever. Neat Lash. Knife Lackey A Small Knife. Alert. Need. Knife Grindery Four Fence Quadruplicate All Around . Trickster Move Gambit Blister Adroit. Quirt Adroit. Stripe Jockey Uncle. Pertness. Liking. Quirky Tricky. Tactic. Fawn. Gadget. Flatter. Volition. Choice. Want. Gloze. Father's Younger Brother's Wife A Sheet. Hankering. Torn. Trick. Expert. Yes Man Coax. Ingratiate Imprint Active. Walk Artful. Zeal Footstep Fawner. Hanker Shadows Slit. Willful Artfulness. Should. Wish. Gait. Appetite. Split Varlet A Tear That Cannot Be-Darned Tear In The Dress A Small Knife. Must. Veil. Wealth Silver-Foil. Strategem. Custom. Curtain. Lash. Ought. Healthy. cordiality. Love. Willfulness Crafty Operate Leather Moon. Gloze. Fawn. Relish. Father's Younger Brother Aunt. Well. Want. Target Firing Range Lunar Moonlight Silver. Yearning Affection. Pleasure. Agile. Appetite. Desire. Ingratiate Onset. Fat. Wish. Whip. Yen Cherish. Liveliness.

Jump . Remedy Helper Appeal Healer. Quarter Favourite Favourite Teaser Jubilation Walk Ease. Healers. Gyre. Means. Run. Trick Grapefruit Wheel Cart Lie Going on Tact Operate. Taste Roof Lick Breast Lick Rice Grind Jig Saw Platform. One Who Cures. Whorehouse Fraud. In All Directions Fodder Healer. Tour Tailspin Circle Gyrate Grist Grinding Of The Mill Wide Brothel. One Who Cures. Terrace Stripe Groin Offering Chirping. Stir. Jerk. Distilling Taste Keel Giddiness. Loss. Healer. . Physician. Physician Cure Healing Of Wounds & Pain Aid. Resource. Contentment Wobble Glitter Bedazzle. Terrace Stripe Grind Jig Saw Platform. Trick Fraud. Twitter Jollity Comfort. Sugar Syrup. One Who Can Cure Flavour. Rest Used To Form Dimunitives Quartette Wednesday Quadruple Fourth. Doctor. Rest. Cure. Revolve. Comfort. Peace. Walk Leap. Peace. Loss. Ease. Redress. Doctors Physicians. Help. Doctors Doctor. Doctor. One Who Cures Healers. Glare Dripping.Chaar pahiyon waali bagghi Chaar soo Chaara Chaaraagar Chaaraagaraan Chaaraagaro Chaaraah-gar Chaaraasaazii Chaaragari Chaarah Chaarah gar Chaarah jooi Chaarasaaz Chaashni Chaat Chaatanaa Chaati Chaatna Chaawal Chabaana Chabakka Chabootra Chabuk sey pitaai Chabaana Chabakka Chabootra Chabuk sey pitaai Chadda Chadhaavaa Chaeh chahaana Chaeh chahey Chaen Chah Chahaar aahang Chahaar shanba Chahaar taeh Chahaarum Chaheeta Chaheeti Chahel baaz Chahel pahel Chahel qadmi karna Chain Chak raana Chaka chaund Chaka chaund karna Chakaan Chakhna Chakkal Chakkar Chakkar ghotah Chakkar lagaana Chakkar ya daaerey meyn ghoomna Chakki meyn hua ya pisney waala ghallah Chakkii kii mushaqqat Chakla Chaklah Chakma Chakmah Chakotra Chakra Chal Chal nikli Chalaaki Chalaana Chalaang Victoria In Four Directions. Happiness.

Several Of Late Contribution. Brilliancy. Skin Currier Vellum Flay. Style Clear Out Loop. Glitter. Spoon Spoon (dim. Polish. Pace. Scintilla. Kitty. Physician Doctor Flattering. How Often. Run. Luminescence. Varnish Garish Gloss Flare Bright. Flash. Flirt. Splendor. Vertex Junkie Chickpeas Lute. Brilliancy. Shine. Greasiness . Lightning. Restless. Scintilla. Polish. A Blooming or Flourishing Place Flower Garden Grandiflorum. Proceed. Brilliancy. Jasmine Hanger-On. Splendor. Giglet A Few. Splendor. Walk Tea Maker Afoot Nifty Garish. Flash. Glare. Pasture Meadow.) Vampire Bright. Lug Chalk Come. Polish. Go. Tambourine Claw. Lightning. Glint. Luminescence. How Long. Glint.Chalah Chalan Chaley jaana Challa Challenge eteraaz karna Chalna Chalni Chalta Chalta purzah Cham keela Chamaar Chamak Chamak daar Chamak damak Chamak uthna Chamakna Chaman Chaman-zaar Chambeyli Chamchah Chamchi Chamgaadar Chamkaana Chamkeela Champai Chamra Chamra saaz Chamrey ki jhilli Chamri udheyrna Chams-e-lutf Chan jaana Chana Chanchal Chanchal larki Chand Chand roz sey Chandah Chandah deyna Chandan Chandiya Chandu baaz Chaney Chang Changul Changul maarna Chankaar Chap raasi Chapaati Chappu Chappu chalaana Chappuon ya baad baan ki madad sey Chapta Chapta karna Chapta kiya hua Chaq maq Chara gaah Charaagaah Charaagh Charaaghan Charaah gaah Charaana Charagaraan Charahgar Charah-jaan Charb zabaan Charb zabaani Warble Habit. Glint. Wanton Filly. Shining. Levy. Fleece. Voluble Flattery. How Many. Flower Bed. Varnish Lively. Subscription Kick In Sandalwood Noddle. Lustrous. Paddle Paddle Galley Flat Flatten Flattened Magnate Meadow. Flash. Gleam. Shine. Shine. Lightning. How Much. Pasture Lamp To Brighten Up Grassland Graze Doctor Doctor. Gleam. Glitter. Vivacious. Gay. Gaudy Leather Worker Bright. Operate. Fitful. Tawdry Tawny Leather. Glare. Clutch Claw Jangle Peon Bread Oar. Luminescence. Glitter. Scintilla. Skin Favor To Filter Out Gram Changing. Gleam. Glare. Varnish Flower Garden.

Wet Eyes Beloved's Eyes Jiffy Light Of The Eye. Dance. Quadratic. Watchful Vigilante Vigilance Quadrate.Charbah Charbi Charbi daar Charcha Charhaai Charhaao Charhaawa Charhna Charhney waala Chari Charka Charkh Charkhaab Charkhagii Charkh-e-bariin Charkh-e-falak Charkh-e-makaukab Charkh-E-Neelee-Faam Charkh-zanii Charna Charsi Char-vaahaa Chasakna Chashm Chashmah Chashmak Chashm-chiraag Chashme Chashm-e-girya Chashm-e-gunahagaar Chashm-e-khumaarii Chashm-e-mast Chashm-e-mayaguun Chashm-e-tar Chashm-e-yaar Chashm-e-zadan Chashm-o-chiraagh Chashm-zadan-mein Chaska Chasmak Chasm-e-baddoor Chasm-o-chirag Chaspaan Chaspandah Chastise elaaj karna Chat Chat khaana Chat khaara Chat khani Chat khani Chataai Chataan Chataanon ka silsilah Chatkhani Chatni karna Chatta Chatti Chau dah Chau guna Chau kanna Chau kas Chau kas garoh Chau kasi Chau kor Chau paarah karna Chau paaya Facsimile. Spectacles. Wink God Preserve From Evil Eyes! A Lamp For Eyes And House .Means Son Adherent Adhesive Chaste Roof Knap Zest Clicket Hasp Mat. Guarded. Suck Eye. Latch Retrench White White Fourteen Four Time. Travel (Tourism) Graze Junkie Shepherd. Slicking Rock Key Bolt. Quadruple Alert. Vigilant. Likeness Fat. Guarded. Wheel Whirlpool Victory Dance By A Wrestler Around The Arena Seventh Heaven Seventh Heaven Star-Studded Sky Blue Sky Whirl Around. Mention. Grease Greasy. Unctuous Fame. Dearly Beloved Blink Of An Eye Zest Misunderstanding. Vigilant. Quadrangle Quarter Four Footed . Spectacles. Wand. Goatherd Ache. Wattle Gash. hack Sky (Referring To God). Spectacles. Publicity Climb Ascension Oblation Ascend. Climb. Wink Vision Springs Crying Eye Sinful Eyes Intoxicated Eyes Intoxicating Eyes Intoxicating Eyes Eyes Filled With Tears. Hope Eyeglass. Expectation. Watchful Alert. Mount Climber Rod. Spring Misunderstanding.

Ware Wade Countenance. Object. Print . Yell Howl Vociferation Screams Cry. Haloo. Wary. Umbrage Camp Imprint Onset. Portraits. Visage Countenance Plural of Chehrah. Holler.Chau paaya jaan war Chau paehla Chau parat Chau patya Chau raaga Chau raai Chau rang karna Chau tha Chau thaai Chauk Chaukanna Chaukasi Chaukasi sey Chauki Chauki daar Chaukri bharna Chaukri naach Chaunchaal Chaunkaana Chaura Chauraai Chauth Chautha hissah Chauthaai Cheduun Cheedah Cheekh Cheekh parna Cheekh pukaar Cheekhen Cheekhna Cheekhta hua Cheel Cheena jhapti Cheeni Cheeni karhaai Cheeni moorat Cheerna Cheerney waala Cheethra Cheez Cheez meyn chalna Chehraa Chehrah bushra Chehron Chet Cheychak Cheyla Cheyla jawaan Cheyp Cheyr Cheyr chhaar Cheyrna Chha jaana Chhaal Chhaala Chhaalaa Chhaaley paeda karna Chhaanna Chhaantna Chhaaon Chhaaoni Chhaap Chhaapah Chhaapah khaanah Chhaapna Quadruped Quadrant Quadruple Quatrefoil. Winnow Hew. Shout. Face. Tease Overshadow Bark Vesicle Blister Vesicate Garble. Scream. Lacerate. Watchman Jump Quadrille Lively Knock-Up Broad. Quarter Yard. Quadrille Quartette Breadth. Quadrennial Beware. Publishing House Impress. Width Quarter Fourth Fourth. Masks. Yell Vociferant Eagle. Pick Shade. Vociferate. Taunt. Shout. Watch Vigilantly Outpost Gate-Keeper. Countenances. Faces. Raid Press. Umbra. Sift. Kid. Kite Jostling Sugar Wok Joss Cut. Howl. Molest. Mask. Wide Latitude Quarter Quarter Quartette To Tease Quintessential Cry. Thing. Visor. Incise. Shriek. Tear Hewer Tatter Article. Scream. Keeper. Commodity. Sye. Portrait. Visors Name Of A Month Variola Apprentice Johnny Adhesive Taunt Molestation Joke. Hack. Wide Awake Jealousy.

Taunt. Shell. Waive. Small. Spare. Husk. Avoid. Pardon. Narrow.Chhaata Chhaati Chhaaya Chhabakka Chhajjah Chhal Chhalaang Chhalah Chhalla Chhalni Chhankaar Chhanna Chhapaai Chhapaai ka sasta kaaghaz Chhapney waala Chhareyla Chhari Chharra Chhat Chhata Chhatni karna Chhatri Chhattah Chhattar Chheduun Chheen leyna Chheena jhapti Chheenkna Chheenna Chheh Chheyd Chheyd karna Chheyla jawaan Chheyni Chheyni sey taraashna Chheynka Chheyr Chheyr chhaar Chheyr chhaar karna Chheyrna Chheyrna Chheyrney waala Chhichhla Chhichhora Chhilka Chhilka utaarna Chhilka utaarna Chhilkey daar Chhilori Chhinaal Chhirakna Chhokri Chholey Chhoot Chhor deyna Chhora hua Chhoran Chhorna Chhota Chhota dar waazah Chhota dol Chhota gaaon Chhota kamrah Chhota sa gul dastah Chhota sa jeybi Chhota sooar Umbrella Breast. Resign. Snatch Six Hole Gride Johnny Chisel Chisel Gag Taunt Fling. Lass Chickpeas Green Contamination. Hent. Wand. Skin Pare Peel Husky Blister Harlot Strew Girl. Wicket Keg Hamlet Garderobe Nosegay Vest Pocket Grice . Jump. Pollution. Aside. Umbra. Touch Forsake. Vacate Uncorked Boys Abandon. Young Shoot. Seperation. Set Minor. Lug Tea Maker. Yeasty Bark. Junior. Leaving. Leap. License. Visor Lie Gambol. Forsake. Short. Shallow Undignified. Give Up. Seize. Kid. Crust. Leave. Wattle Pellet Roof Sixth Retrench Umbrella Hive Umbrella To Tease Nab. Render. Laconic. Uncouple. Scale. Sye Jangle Strainer Printing Newsprint Printer Virgate Rod. Umbrage Jig Saw Gazebo. Petty. Peel. Release. Nip Jostling Sneeze Grab. Little. Rind. Jerk. Abdicate. Loop. Hatch. Exit. Release. Evict. Relinquish. Exemption. Let Go. Relinquishment. Infection. Vex Vexatious Low. Chest Shade. Feel. Tease Nettle. Molest. Molestation Fling Joke. Injunction. Abstain. Vault Warble Hoop. Hand. Strainer.

Quittance Infectious Disease Escape Holiday. Viscous Join. Hide. Nipper Scintilla. Greasy. Leave. Veil Knife Uncoupled Knife Quietus. Obscure. Recondite. License. Tallow Unctuousness Blazing Sun Nut-Pine Curtain Bark. Smooth. Hidden. Concealed. Grease. Peevish. Mantle. Secret. Paste Venetian Blind Cross. Relinquishment Low Yeasty Screams Needlework Glib. Vexation Nervous Virago Light Of Dawn Night Lamp Lamp . Yammer A Venetian Blind Blister Nuzzle Adhere.Chhotaai Chhotey qad ka Chhoti goli Chhoti jhaari Chhoti khandaq Chhoti kulhaari Chhoti mohar Chhoti sheeshi Chhoti si cheez Chhoti si girah Chhoti si thaeli Chhoti tasweeri surkhi Chhoti zaat ka kheera Chhupa Chhupa hua Chhupaana Chhura Chhura Chhuri Chhut kaara Chhut Ki Bimaari Chhutna Chhutti Chhutti karaana Chhutti manaaney waala manaaney Chhutti waala Chhuut Chichhla Chichhora Chiikhen Chikan Chikna Chikna hat Chikna pan Chiknaahat Chiknaai Chikni chapri baateyn Chil chilaati dhoop Chil ghozah Chilaman Chilka Chilla Chillaana Chilman Chilori Chimat kar baethna Chimatna Chimta Chimtey raehna Chimti Chingaari Chip chipa Chip chipaahat Chipak Chipakna Chiparna Chipchipa Chipkaana Chiq Chir chira Chir chira pan Chir chiraaya Chir chiri aurat Chiraag-e-sahar Chiraag-e-shab Chiraagh Smallness Undergrown Globule Undershrub Grip Hatchet Signet Flask Knickknack Nodule Utricle Vignette Gherkin Covered. Palliate. Stick To Tong Keep Forceps. Querulous. Rind Committed Worship Weep. Cling. Oily. Clasp. Release. Slippery. Fretful. Vexed Grumbling. Leisure. Underground Conceal. Veiled Undisclosed. Spark Cloggy Gaum Adhesion Adhere Gaum Gummy. Viscid. Leaving. Unctuous Unctuousness Smoothness Greasiness Fat. Vacation Sack Vacationist Vacationer Exemption.

Quit Abuse. Summit. Render. Theft Sneak In Steal Abandon. Evict. Avoid. Blow. Little. Leave. Jest. Fling. Stick To Be-Repaid Backbiting . Quirk. Peak. Leopard. Nuisance. Walkway. Young Wicket Keg Imp Acme. Pique. Wrapper Uncloak Stupid Quadroon Husk Lass Shaddock Bodice. Whereas Loose Crumble Grind Bangle Absorb. Quick Lime. Lime. Queue. Laconic. Yield. Let Go. Relinquishment Chick Pen Of Baby Chicks Filcher. Exit. Hilltop. Wisecrack. Zenith Knoll Knickknack Jingle Hitch Sentinel Nipping Stitch Jab. Pass Postman Look. Chit. Hurt. Waive. Jeer. Leaving. Small Jacket Mouth Of A Bird Teat Neglect Neglect Fireplace. Mock Leather Bird Zoological Gardens. Zoo Wet Eye Panther. Order. Vertex. Death Pyre Unbolt Certificate. Release.Chiraagh ki tarah jhilmilaana Chiraaghaan Chirh Chirhaana Chirm Chirya Chirya ghar Chishm-e-tar Chitaa Chitkhani khol deyna Chitthi Chitthi rasaan Chitwan Chiunta Chiunti Chob Chob daar Chobi khoonti Choghah Choghah ya lebaadah utaarna Choghd Choghla Chokar Chokri Choktrey ki eyk zaat Choli Chonch Choochi Chook Chookna Choolha Choomna Choon keh Choona Choonkeh Choor deyna Choora choora karna Choora karna Choori Choosna Choot Choozah Choozon ka darbaa Chor Chori Chori chhupey ghusna Chori karna Chorna Chot Chot ka shikaar Chot kasna Chota Chota dar waazah Chota dol Chota shaetaan Choti Choti pahaari Choti si cheez Choti si nazm ya sur Choti si rukaawat Chowki daar Chubbhti hui Chubhan Chubhona Chucktaa Chughl khori Glimmer Lighting Abhorrence Flout. License. Top. Letter. Lacerate. Release. Abstain. Thief Larceny. Taunt. Stove Kiss Since Leak. Appearance Ant Ant Wood Verger Nog Gown. Minor. Hearth. Injury. Bruise. Resign. Relinquish. Sarcasm. Snap Junior. Abdicate. Touch Now That. Wound Vulnerable Gibe. Suck Exemption. Glance. Jeer. Robbery. Pinnacle.

Elect. Nip. Agile. Relinquishment . Toll Chooe. Voiceless Nonchalant Hush. Release. Quiet. Thereupon Election Talon Octroi. Nick. Silence Gag Recondite Hidden Mantle. Pinch. Pick. Rob. Leisure Like Broken. Leaving. Select Jabot As In Building A Nest Hist. License. Settle. Tariff. Silent. Quick. Wind Up Kittenish Therefore. Nimble. Tight. Pay. Quittance Pinch. Active. Pluck. Quit. Obscure Knife Kidnap Flich. Sip Sip Teat. Crush Of Hang-Over Exemption. Steal Knife Gulp. Still. Clever. Adroit. Quick-Witted Haleness Quietus. Snap Of The Fingers Pinch Nip Anecdote Escape Leave.Chugna Chukaana Chulbuli Chunaan cheh Chunaao Chungal panjah Chungi Chunna Chunnat daar jhaalar Chun-vaae the tinke Chup Chup chaap Chup karaana Chup karna Chupa Chupa hua Chupaana Chura Chura ley jaana Churaana Churi Chuski Chuski leyna Chusni Chust Chusti Chut kaara Chutki Chutki kaatna Chutki leyna Chutkula Chutna Chutti Chuun Chuur Chuut Peck Finish. Nipple Able. Alert.

Permanent Witch Mail Rest House Robbery Looting Dacoity. Wisdom Judgement Deliberate Knowingly Menace. Ladylove Story. Loan. Settlement Of Accounts Always. Grief. Threat. Sovereign. Piece Of Wood Asylum Library Holder. Tooth Objurgate. Value Skirt. Trounce Reprimand Wavering.e. Science. Ovation.D Urdu words Daabar Daad Daad-o-sitad Daaeman Daaemi Daaerah Daaerah'e ekhteyaar Daaerey ka chau thaa'i Daagh Daah Daa'i Daa'im Daa'in Daak Daak banglah Daaka Daaka zani Daakaa Daakhil Daakhilah Daakiya Daaku Daal Daal deyna Daalaan Daali Daalna Daam Daaman Daaman-e-mijga. Foot Of A Mountain. Net. Entrance Mailman Bandit. Learning. Gallows. Wise Judicious. Charge. Pond. Medicine. Robbery Admitted. Join. Ever Ad Infinitum Orb Jurisdiction Quadrant Blemish. Thrust Bid. Wager Country. Stain. Kernel. Having. Wise Wisdom Cleverness Knowledge. King Jaw Tooth Eat Beard Jailer Yeoman Scaffolding And A Hangman's Noose Alcohol. Latch. Mansion. Tale Tale Of Desire Story of Love Arch. Learned. Accusation Right . Taint Envy. Praise. Outlaw. i. Loss. Throwaway Lobby Basket. Holding. Price. Branch Throw. Wandering At Stake. Law Suit. Justice. Reprimand. Calamity. Within Admission. Robber Lentils Abandon. Demand. Jealousy. Scar. Rebuke. Remedy Keep.n Daamar Daana Daanaa Daanaa'i Daanaa-ii Daanish Daanist Daanistaa Daanistah Daant Daantna Daantna dapatna Daanwaan dol Daao Daar Daar ul amaan Daar ul kutub Daaraa Daarh Daarh garam karna Daarhi Daaroghae qaed khaanah Daaroghah Daar-o-rasan Daaru Daashtah Daastaan Daastaan-e-hasarat Daastaan-e-shauq Daat Daavar-e-mahashar Daawaa Daayaan English words Lake. House. Keystone The Judge Presiding On The Day Of Judgement. Learned. Fable. Revenge Buying And Selling. Lap Palaken Tar Judicious. Kernel. Malice Midwife Perpetual. Enter. Thrust. Water Pot Appeal. Trap. God Claim. Snare.

Period. Brigand. Routine Oppress. Eructation. Turn. Ward Off Occasion. Witness Lump . Quackery. Quagmire Lob. Always. Willful. Proof. Skill Meddle. Eructation. Section. Tamper Admit Belch. Treachery. Wobble Betrayal Path. Quell. Roar Embezzle Bandit. Delusion Mouth Threshold Mouth. Road. Robber Robbery Access. Lips World. Reach. Track Qualm Wile Knave. Waver. Jurisdiction.Daayah Daayam Daayamii Dabaana Daba deyna Dabbaagh Dabbaagh khaanah Dabbu Dab-dabaa Dab dabaata Dabeez Dabtey hu'ey Dabyal Dada dapat Daehlaana Daehshat zadah Dafa Dafaa Dafah Dafan Dafatan Daffaatan Dafiinaa gauhar haaye raaz Dafli Dafn Dafnaana Daftar Dag Dag mag Dagaa Dagar Dagh dagha Dagha Dagha baaz Dagha deyna Dagha karna Daghaa Dahaanah Dahaliiz Dahan Dahar Dahekta Dahi Dahst Daihshat Dair Dair-o-haram Dakaar Dakaar jaana Dakaet Dakeyti Dakhl Dakhl andaazi karna Dakhl karna Dakaar Dakaar jaana Dakaet Dakeyti Dakhl Dakhl andaazi karna Dakhl karna Dal dal Dala Dalaal Daleel Dali Midwife At All Times. Mire. Brigand. Treachery Tricky. Reach. Skill Meddle. Tamper Admit Marsh. Wile Jockey Deceit. Roar Embezzle Bandit. Entrance. Totter. Reel. Time. Turn Buried Suddenly Suddenly Secret Of The Hidden Pearl Tambourine Burial. Quicksand Argument. Concealment To Bury Office Measure Quiver. Class Repel. Bellow. Lump. Quench Quash Leather Worker Tannery Yielding Pomp and Show Tearful Thick Yielding Tame Bully Terrify Aghast Time. Evidence. Tremble. Jurisdiction. Bellow. Robber Robbery Access. Entrance. Perpetual Perpetual. Wad Broker. Era Aflame Yogurt Desert Fear Temple Places For Worshipping Belch.

Might. Languor. creates empathy for a painful situation. Abode. Assault. Rod Kettledrum Jagged Ransom. Moment. Knurl Cure Helpless. Door. Compassion. Threat Alarming. Tax Quarter Staff. Sympathizer Painful. To. Rebuke. Interval. Pain. Tall Tall Length. Energy.Dallaal Dalya Dam Dam deyna Dam lagaana Dam torna Damaadam Damak Damakta Dam-ba-dam Dam-ba-khud Dam-e-aakhir Dam-e-iisaa Dam-e-subah Dam-e-vaapasii Dam-kham Dam-saaz Dand Danda Dandaana dhut Dandaaney daalna Dandaut karna Dandi Danka Danteela Dand Danda Dandaana dhut Dandaaney daalna Dandaut karna Dandi Danka Danteela Dapat Dapatna Daqeeq Dar Daraana Daraaona Daraar Daraawa Daraaz Daraaz qad Daraazee Daraazi Dara hua Darakaar Darakhshaan Darakhshan Darakht Darakht ki gaanth Daramaan Daramaandaa Daramiyaan Daraz Darbaan Darbaar Dar baaz Dar badar Dard Dard aamez Dard angez Dard-e-dil Dard mand Dard naak Dard-shanaasaa Auctioneer. Midst Opening Doorkeeper. Menace. Vitality. Delay Afraid Required Resplendent Aflame Tree Knar. Temper. Supporting Ransom. Quill. Terror. Thrust. Keeper. Distressing That which portrays. Within Alarm. Janitor. Distressed Between. Long. Rod Jag Jag Kowtow Lug. Painful. Loophole. Revile Abstract About. Threat Attack. Rod Jag Jag Kowtow Lug. Edge Of A Sword. Rebuke. Sentry Court (Royal) Open Door Expel. Gate. Middle. Lurid. Jobber Small Basket Breath. Lamentable. Terrible Opening Threat Extended. Zeal Friend. Sympathy. Quill. Terrify. Piteous Someone Well Acquainted With Pain . Strength. Rod Kettledrum Jagged Assault. Bullying. Terrifying. Continuously Dumbfounded Last Breath Breath Of Jesus (Which Brings The Dead To Life) Beginning Of Dawn Last Breath Enthusiasm. Zap Brew Enforce Breathe One'slast Continuous Luster Aflame Every Moment. Deception. Life. Strength. Affliction. Medium. Tax Quarter Staff. By. Lengthy. Into. Delay Length. Tale Compassion Kind. Fear. Entrance. In. Oust Ache. March.

Look. Époque. Abdication. Between. Wilderness To Roam Around In Wilderness Nature's Wilderness Deserted And Populated Areas Snake Bite Hand. Riches. Wish Among. Request. Manner. Tour . Leave Hands Raised In Prayer Hands of the killer Empty Hands Enemy's Hands Abatement. Period. Power Within Reach Writing Knock. Beg. Lesson. Period Wartime Journey. Orbit. Rule. Middle. Manner. Between. Beg. Sight. Interval. Hidden. Cause. Interval. Middle. Secretly Lecture. Midst Among. Fortune. Lucre. Petition. Sea Ascertainment. Request. Registered Listed Recorded Grade. Phase.Dareechah Dar een asna Daregh Dar-e-qafas Dar-e-yaar Dar giraftaari Darham barham karna Dar haqeeqat Dar haqiiqat Dariichaa Dariidaa-daaman Darindahgi Dariyaa Darj Darj-e-fehrist Darj shudah Darjaa Darjah Dar kaar Darkhur Darkhwaasht Dar khwaast Darmiyaan Darmiyan Darna Darogh Dar-pardaa Dars Dar sitwat Darvesh Darwaazah Darya Dar yaaft Daryaai ghaas Daryaa'i sheyr Darzi Dashna Dashnaa Dasht Dasht-e-nawrdee Dasht-e-qudarat Dasht-o-dar Dasna Dast Dastaaras Dast aaweyz Dastak Dastaras Dast bar daari Dast-e-duaa Dast-e-qaatil Dast-e-tihii Dast-e-uduu Dast geeri Dast kaar Dast khat Dast-o-baazoo Dastoor Dast panaah Daud Daul Daulat Daur Dauraan Dauraan e jang Daurah Window While Regret. In reality Window Torn Clothing Barbarism River Entered. Opening River. In reality Actually. Wish Appeal. Law. Jungle. Usage Tong Race Appearance. Cycle. Application. Time. Aid Artisan Autograph. Tier Grade. Means. Happiness. Signature Hands & Shoulders Custom. Era. Level. Grief Door Of The Prison Lover's Door Apprehension Overturn Actually. Petition. Tap Access. Hands. Medium. Model Affluence. Mastery Abandonment. Tier Required Worthy Appeal. Gate. Reign. Medium. Midst Apprehend Lie Concealed By A Curtain. Quest Kelp Walrus Tailor Dagger Dagger Desert. Course. View Awe Beggar Door. Wealth Age. Level. Race. Abnegate. Application. Know How. Revolving Term. Age.

Work. Linger. Sight Sight. Unknown Place House Of Death World Of Sleeping People Tomorrow Eye. Glimpse of her Wet Eyes Eye. Mode. Looking After. Residence Alien. Watch Jasmine Pubescens Afford. Sight Another. Religion Boast. Interview. Yarn Manner. Lawsuit Affirm Banquet. Taunt Manner. Lull Roar Kind. Remedy Medicine. Way Watery Knock Jar Wanton Woman Pride . Yield Lateness. Method. Invitation. Take Down Skeleton Mantle. Tardiness Lag Abiding. Mould. Mould. Other Body. Remedy Apothecary Medicine. Loan. Regard. Wage Journeyman Threshold Fear Porch Janitor Kettle Out-Back Jenny Keep. Appearance. Knack. Brag. Wrap Knife-Edge. Mode. Lasting Abide. Remedy Medicine. Mode.Daurna Davaa Dawa Dawa khaanah Dawaa Dawaa'i Dawaam Dawah Dawah karna Dawat Dawat deyna Dawwa Dayaar Dayaar-e-gair Dayaar-e-khamashii Dayaar-e-khuftagaa. Remedy Eternity Accusation. Junket Entertain Ladle Place. Quackery Theology Yesterday Compilation Of Shayari Madman Wall Job. Bulk Faith.n Dee Deedaa Deedaar Deeda-e-tar Deedah Deegar Deel Deen Deeng Deeniyaat Deeroz Deewaan Deewaanah Deewaar Dehaari Dehaari daar Dehleez Dehshat De-odii Deorhi daar Deygchi Deyhaati Deyhaati larki Deykh bhaal Deykhna Deyla Deyna Deyr Deyr karna Deyr paa Deyra Deyra daalna Deysi Deysi baashindah Dhaaga Dhaal Dhaalna Dhaana Dhaanchaa Dhaanpna Dhaar Dhaar nikalna Dhaaras Dhaarna Dhab Dhab dhab Dhab dhabaana Dhachkah Dhaddo Dhaj Run Medicine. Twine. Taunt Raze. Look. Maintenance. Render. Loiter Local Aborigine Thread. Tent Encamp. Mind Eye. Observe. Lend. Roar Jet Encouragement.

Wish O Heart Consolation. Wishy-Washy Laggard. Wile Quack. Manner. Encouragement Pleasant. Trace. Outburst Explosion. Thrust Obscured Jerk. Wash Look For. Qualm Throb Manner. Kitty. Courage. Breeding. Kick. Warning Business. Listen. Lazy. Opaque Lackluster. Much Audacity. Generosity. Relax. Soul. Lax. Zen Box To Amuse Worth Seeing Seeing. Misty.Dhajji Dhajjiyaan uraana Dhakeylna Dhaki hu'i Dhakka Dhakkan Dhakosla Dhalaan Dhalakna Dhamaaka Dhamaakah Dhamki Dhanda Dhang Dharakna Dharam Dharka Dharkan Dharra Dhatoora Dheel Dheema Dheet Dheyla Dheyr Dhitaa'i Dhoban Dhobi Dhoka Dhoka baaz Dhona Dhoondhna Dhoop Dhottar Dhuaan Dhul sakney waala Dhulaa'i Dhun Dhund Dhundalakaa Dhundhalaa Dhundhalaa-saa Dhundhla Dhundla Dhundlaana Dhunna Dhut Dhyaan Dibbah Didaari Didaanii Diid Diidaa-e-hairaan Diin Diin-daarii Diivaar Dikhaai Dikhaai deyna Dikhaana Dikhaawa Dikhaawat Dikhna Dil Dilaa Dilaasaa Dil aavez List. Mode Thorn-Apple Lank. Obscure Knock Addiction Advert. Method. Laundering. Tact. Loose. Zeal Fog. Bulk. Sight Blind To Everything Else Faith. Lift. Wash Whim. Quench Obstinate Eyeball Abundant. Jog. Laundry-Man. Tape Tear Apart Jerk. Way Beat Law Alarm. Tame. Accumulation. Willful Bear. Misty. Washer Man Jape. Labour Behaviour. Repel. Tilt Explosion. Tag. Lie. Jumble. Trick. Agglomeration. Track Sun Light Grunter Reek Washable Ablution. Mist Mist Hazy Indistinct. Mislead. Yank Lid Affectation Tilt Roll. Ill-Defined Lackluster. Opaque Bedim. Kick. Jostle. Retardation. Outburst Threaten. Law. Jockey. Mode. Pleasurable . Meditation. Obstinacy Laundress. Washer Woman Launder. Let Go. Religion Religious Preaching Walls Appearance Appear Exhibit Act Brag Appear Heart. Knock. Thought. Latitude.

Winning Alluring. Intellect. Lark. Intricacy. Charming. Currency Of UAE) December Threshold Lamp Matches Country. Conceit. Anew Again. Interesting. To Get Close To Twice Well Built Repeat Ladle Bucket Kick Trough Yacht Cut In Two . Anew Quatrain Meet. Sweetheart Absorbing. Sweetheart Heart-Piercing Heart Which Belongs To Others World's Heart Heart Which Can Discern The Truth Heart Filled With Desire Wounded Heart Impatient Heart Brave. Fascinating. Blessing. Charming. Lark. Charming. Brain. Loveable. Charming. Mind Jay Brainy Aberration Abject Kid Difficulty. Conceit. Winning. Enticing Melancholy Bitten By Heart Melancholy Yearn Yearning Adorable. Beautiful. Joke. Suffering Touching. Soothing (The Mind) Taking. Minute Point.Dil aawar Dil baehlaana Dil band Dilbar Dil chasp Dildaadgi Dil daar Dil doz Dil-e-begaanaa-khuu Dil-e-getii Dil-e-haq-shanaas Dil-e-hasarat-nasiib Dil-e-kastaa Dil-e-muztar Dileyr Dil-e-zaar Dil fareb Dil fareyb Dil figaar Dil-gazdaan Dil geer Dili aarzu Dili khwaahish Dil kash Dil kharaash Dil-lagee Dil-lagi Dillagi baaz Dillagi karna Dillagi ya hansi mazaaq Dilnaaawazi Dil nawaaz Dil ruba Dil rubaa Dil shaad Dil-sitaan Dil sokhtah Dil soz Dimaag Dimaagh Dimaagh chat Dimaagh waala Dimaaghi khalal Dinaayat Diq karna Diqqat Diram Disambar Diurhi Diya Diya salaa'i Diyaar Doa Dobaara Dobaarah Dobaeti Do-chaar honaa Doguna Dohra Dohraana Do'i Dol Dolatti Donga Dongi Do-niim Brave. Tempting. Attractive. Diversion. Yak Teaser. Labour. Taking. Lovely. Joke. Manly Afflicted Heart Alluring. Trouble An Old Currency (Precursor Of Dirham. Pleasing. Diversion. Mind Airs. Intellect. Juicy. Pathetic. Enticing Alluring. Passionate. Benedictions. Wag Joke Wager Generosity Lenient. Valiant Lull Attractive. Ardent Airs. Wish Again. Sweetheart Cheerful. Winsome Lover Grieved. Brain. Winsome Heart Rending AAmusement. Yak Amusement. Beautiful. Delightful Affectionate Beloved. Region Bead. Winsome Lovely. Manly.

Alienate. Lover Amicable. Worldly Goods Laity World. Agony. Well Adversary. Ail Jeremiad Wheel Quilt Bridegroom Bride Trott Tail Tag Wag World.n Dushmani Dushnaam Dushnaam taraaz Dushwaar Duud Duzd Duzdi Duz-diidaa nazar Both Smoke. Worldly Shining Pearl Fierce. Other Afternoon Yarn Attract. Just. Hard. Distant. Religion Animosity. Waste Twice Outlet Ache. Era Orbit. Better. Invective Abusive Difficult. Enemy Foe Of Faith. Cycle. Remote Judicious. Woo Tape Shoulder Juxtaposition Monday Junior Miss. Rigid. Rough. Revolving Hell Abyss Blessing. Kind. Period. Proper. Warm Hearted Lover Job's Comforter Age. Precise. From A Lamp That's Been Extinguished Milk Wean Milk Duality Afar. Beyond. Wench Youthfulness Amity. Époque. Outlying. Off. Race. Oppressive. Prayer. Wish Emaciate. Abusive Bitterness Accurate. Afflict. Lean Ruin. Reign. Enmity Abuse. Friend. Worldly Goods Mundane. Phase. Away. Esp. Laborious Smoke Thief Larceny Looking From The Corner Of The Eyes . Lanky. Right. Far.Donon Dood Doodh Doodh chhuraana Doodhna Dooee Door Door been Door tareen Doosra Dopaehr Dora Dorey daalna Dori Dosh Dosh ba dosh Doshanbah Dosheezah Doshiizagii Dost Dost aanah Dost fidaa'i Dost numa dushman Dour Dozakh Dozakh gaehri khaa'i Duaa Dubla Dubona Dugna Dukaan Dukh Dukhra Dulaab Dulaa'i Dulha Dulhan Dulki Dum Dum chhalla Dum hilaana Dunya Dunya daar Dunyaa Dunyawi Durakhsha Durr Durusht Durusht go Durushti Durust Dushman Dushman-e-dii. Safe. Kith And Kin. Telescope Outmost Another.

Just Honest. Slander. Insulting. Kindness. Benevolence. Writing Compose Festivity Affirmative Invention. Boon. Feelings. Perception. Necessity. Limitation.E Urdu words Eaanat Ebaadat Ebaadat gaah Ebaarat Ebaarat aaraai karna Eed Eejaabi Eejaad Eejaad kardah Eejaad karna Eejaad shudah Eemaan Eemaan daar Eemaan daari Eemaan daari sey Eendhan Eent Eeraani charkhi Eeza Eeza rasaai Eeza rasaan Eeza rasaani Eeza rasaani sey Ehaanat Ehaanat aameyz Ehaanat karna Ehaatah Ehaatah bandi karna Ehad Eharaam Ehasaan Ehasaanaat Ehasaan-faraamosh Ehasaan-mand Ehasaas-e-fanaa Ehasaas-e-jamaal Ehasaas-e-nidaamat Ehataraam Ehatimaam Ehatyaat Ehbaab Ehed Ehraam Ehsaan Ehsaan fara mosh Ehsaan karna Ehsaan mand hona Ehsaas Ehsas Ehsas-e-bartari Ehtejaaj karna Ehtemaal Ehtemaali Ehteraam Ehteraam karna Ehteraaz kunandah Ehtesaab Ehteyaaj Ehteyaat Ehtiyaat Ehwaal Eijaz Eitadaal English words Abatement. Caution. Benefaction. Realisation Feeling of Superiority Convulse Verisimilitude. Respect. Nog Noria Harm Molestation Vexing Vexatiousness Vexatiously Contempt. Uncomplimentary Insult Enclosure. Favour. Precaution. Where About Miracle Moderation . Regret Respect Planning. Yard Impale Promise Dress For Haj Beneficence. Precaution. Honour. Phrase. Obligation Plural Of 'Ehasaan' Ungrateful Grateful Feeling Of Death Feeling Of Beauty Feelings of Repentence. Caution. Scorn. Realisation Consciousness. Outrage Contemptuous. Oblige. Kindness. Sarcasm. Homage. Expression. Boon. Need Care. Aid Prayers. Uncorrupt Honesty. Regard. Conscience. Slanderous. Benevolence. Goodness. Wariness Condition. Good Deed. Oblige. Good Will. Veracity Honestly Fuel Brick. Veneration Venerate Vibrator Accountability Lack. Insult. Perception. Wariness Care. Emotion. Virtuality Possible Consideration. Favour. Faith. Obligation Ungrateful Favour Owe Consciousness. Creed. Relatives Oath Dress For Hajj Beneficence. Emotion. Arrangement Precaution Friends. Benefaction. Reverence. Sarcastic. Worship Place Of Worship Composition. Feelings. Fence. Newness Fabricated Invent Invented Belief.

Rage. Wield Undertake Warrant Voluntary Ace Only Only Adequacy Antidote. License. Faith. Dependence To Except. State. Control. Own. Assert. Good Fortune. Credit. Province. Trust Belief. Reproof. Notification. Selfless Worship. Reproach. Vail Largesse Benefaction. Gift. Reprimand. Holding. Punishment. Concurrence Confidence. Favour. Intention.Eitbaar Eitdaal Eitmaad Eitraaf Ejaaz Ejaazat Ejaazat deyna Ek tarfaa tamaashaa Ekhlaaq Ekhlaaqi laghzish Ekhlaas Ekhraaj Ekhtelaaf Ekhtelaaf karna Ekhtelaafi Ekhtesaar Ekhtetaam Ekhtetaam par aaney waala Ekhtetaami Ekhteyaar Ekhteyaar karna Ekhteyaar naamah Ekhteyaari Ekka Eklauta Eklauti Ektefa Elaaj Elaaj karna Elaamiyah Elaan Elaan karna Elaan naamah Elaaniyah Elaaqa Elaaqaeh jang Elaaqah Elaaqah jaat Elaaqah waari Elaaqon meyn taqseem Elaawah Enaadi Enaam Enaam-o-ekraam Enaayat Enaayat karna Eqaamat gaah Eqbaal Eqbaal-e-jurm Eqbaali bayaan Eqdaam Eqraar Eqraar karna Eqraar naamah Eraadah Eraadi Eraadiyat Erq Etaab Etaraaf Etebaar Etedaal Etemaad Eteqaad Eteraaf Eteraaf karna Trust. Ethics. Etiquette. Vessel Anger. Circle. Cure. Reward. Variance. Pledge. Remedy. Voluntary Voluntarism Vas. Territory. Grant Residence Admission. Confidence. Respect. Besides. Prosperity Admission. Yea Confess Covenant Aim. Will Intentional. Area. Acquiescence. Trust Abstinence Lean. Jurisdiction. Zone Zonal Zoning Barring. Choice. Prize. Love. Jurisdiction. Purity Outing Clash. Admit. Confession of Crime. Manifesto. Agree. Reliance. Medical Treatment Cure Handout Affirm. Wonder Allow. In Addition To. Rebuke. To Acknowledge Miracle. Object. Connection. Wrath Agree. Own Confess . Announce. Bestow. Wrong Doing Confession Step Acknowledge. A Sight To See Courtesy. Confession. Moreover Adversary Gift. Option. Leave. Bounty. Power. Credit. Sincerity. Vow. Influence. Openly Affiliation War Zone Affinity. Variation Clash Varied Abridgement Completion Ultimate Last Abbreviation. Proclaimation Notify. Schism. Faith Acclaim. Adoption. Nexux. Healing. Authority. Manners. Relation. Sanction Sanction A Strange Or Wondrous Feat. Promise. Clearance. Prescription. Consent. In Respect To. Boon. Morals Gaffe Candour. Wish. Permission. Affirmation. Regions Relevancy. Faith Moderation Reliance. Let. Gree. Acknowledge. Confession. Region. Tenure. Speak Notification Notoriously. Justice Give. Bearing. Relief. Locality. Reformation.

Protest Criticise. In Respect To. Retribution. Retaliation.Eteraaz Eteraaz karna Etlaaqi Etaab Etaraaf Etebaar Etedaal Etemaad Eteqaad Eteraaf Eteraaf karna Eteraaz Eteraaz karna Etlaaqi Ewaz Ey qaaedah Eyk Eyk aakhiri zarb Eyk anokhi shaey Eyk bari sheeshi Eyk chhoti moogri jisey sadr-e-majlis nazm-oEyk dafa Eyk dam Eyk din ka kaam Eyk doosra Eyk eyk Eyk jaesa Eyk jeybi saarangi Eyk khaas Eyk khayaali jagah Eyk maah Eyk martabah Eyk pound Eyk qism ka pauda khaanah Eyk raaey sey Eyk shakl Eyk tarah ka saais Eyk tarah ka shaftaalu Eyk tarah ka teyndua Eyk tarah ki seym Eyk zeyli naghmah Eyka Eyka eyki Eylchi Eynda beynda Ezaafah Ezaafah hona Ezaafah karna Ezaafi Ezaafi naam Ezaafi wasf Ezaafiyat Ezaazi Ezaaziyah Ezeez Criticism. Now. Faith. Protest Criticise. Exchange. Impugn Applied Compensation. Unit Quietus Kickshaws Jeroboam Gavel Once All At Once. Increase. Identical Kit One Never-Never Land Syzygy Once Quid Vinery Unanimously Version Hobbler Nectarine Jaguar Haricot Undersong Unanimous Abrupt. Reprimand. Trust Abstinence Lean. Reliance. increment. Own Confess Criticism. Concurrence Confidence. Rage. Sudden. An. Wrath Agree. Objection. Odd Kenning Quality Relativeness Honorary Honorarium Precious . Impugn Applied Anger. Affix. Unexpected Ambassador Knock-Kneed Add. Rebuke. Adjoin. Faith Acclaim. Unexpected Journey One Another Every Alike. Trust Belief. Objection. Jack Increase Increase Additional. Credit. Acknowledge. One. Augment. Instead Of . Unceremonious. Reproof. Substitute Casual A. Reproach.

Quean Exorbitant. Grace. Leak. Wicked Adulterer. Munificent Liberal Liberality. Residue. Otiose. Profit Kindness Spread Settlement. Bounty. Informed. Wicked Weak Abundant. Known. Great Libertine Whore Boaster Boaster Ringdove Augury. Outrun. Active. Not Permanent Absolved. Profit. Blessed Beneficence.F Urdu words Faael Faa'eq Faa'ez Faaheshah Faahish Faahishah Faahishgi Faa'idah Faa'iq Faajir Faajirah Faakhir Faakhirah Faakhtah Faal Faaltu Faani Faanii Faaqah Faarigh Faarigh karna Faarigh ul taehseel Faasalaa Faasale Faash Faash karna Faasikh Faasilah Faasiq Faasiqah Faatir Faazil Faazil e adab Faehm Faesal Faeslah Faez Faez yaab Faezaan Faheem Fahm Failaya Faisalaa Faisalah Faiyaaz Faiyaaz dil Faiz Faiz-e-alamgir Failaya Faisalaa Faisalah Faiyaaz Faiyaaz dil Faiz Faiz-e-alamgir Fakhr Falaah Falaah o baehbood Falaakat Falaan Falak Falak-e-peer Falaki English words Actor. Knowing. Honor. Lewd. Obscene Whoredom Benefit. Over. Refuge. Referee Adjustment. Transgressor. Odd. Intellect Spread Settlement. Decree. Reveal Breaker Break. Judgement Benefit. Distance. Grace. Pride Betterment. Beneficence Benefited. Bounty. Decree. Decision Settlement. Munificent Liberal Liberality. Glory. Lewd. Virtuous. Fortune. Learned Understanding. Bounty. Effective. Profit Kindness Boasting. Decision Settlement. Well Being Weal. Attaining. Liberality. Making. Fragile. Winner Jade. Separation Adulterer. Fate Referring To The Sky Quintessential . Benevolence. Large. Decision Beneficent. Lascivious. Superfluous. Benevolence. Kind Hearted. At Ease. Excellent. Reaching. Agent. Misfortune John Doe Sky. Welfare Adversity. Redundant Mortal Easily Destroyed. Notorious Betray. Liberality. Omen Extra. Obtaining. Obscene Exorbitant. Heaven. Accomplished Person. Space. Want Burdenless. Large. Transgressor. Misery. Kind Hearted. Munificence Adroit. Egotism. Fasting. Decision Beneficent. Lascivious. Outstrip Acquiring. Decree. Poverty Starvation. Literator Judgement. Efficient. Decree. Operating Exceeding. Utility Superior. Wit Judicative. Manifest. Quit Absolve Qualified Distance Distance Apparent. Arbitration. Bounty.

Humility Acceptance of Poverty with Resignation and Content. Request. Deception. Order. Low. Redundant Wise. End. Extinct. To Die. Only. Unique Tomorrow. Requisition. Apostle. Lapse. Artifice. Mean. Prophet Angelic Complaint. Solely Jurist Beggar. Trick The False Hope Of A Better Life Beyond This World A Fraud. Simply. Finish. Refreshing Adorable Angel. Freedom from Care or from Business. Poverty. Practise or Only. End. Glory. Lie. Under Error. Mortality. Wide Forgetfull Abscond. Pleasure. Affluence. Willfulness Knavery Jockey. Cheat One Who Betrays To be Cheated. Merely. Leisure. To be Illusioned. Competency. Distance. Yesterday Tomorrow (Future) Cheating. Lavish. Merriment. Enchanted Mantle Joyful Lexicon Amusement. Merely. Ruin. Luxurious. Intelligent Account Book. Skill Art Annihilation. Separation Order For Goods. Omission Lodging Abject. Ease. Ease. Escape Abundant. Vocation of a Solely Fakir or Deverish. Wile. Repose. Affluent. Wile Knavish. Pride Alone. Oodles Acclivity. Destruction. Honor. Free. Trickery. Joy. Bonny. Illusion. Trickster. Death. Fraud. Lofty Amusement. Respite Accumulated. Ascent. Royal Decree Tell Down. Lightsome. Willful Enamoured. Boasting. Completion. Entertainment. Mendicant Poverty. Recreation Europe European Europe Ample. Disengagement. Will. Repose Wholehearted Abundance. Egotism. To Expire Artiste Artistic Accounting Know How Technique Lost Alone. Individual. Leisure Time Ceassation. Tricky. Aloft. To be Tricked Troop Jugglery. Wish Edict Law. Over. Member. Mandate. Deceit. Amassed Extensive. Simply. Messenger. Elevation. To be Deceived. Worthless . Finish. Difference. Exalted. Plea Defect. Mortality To Perish. Transience Destroyed. Below. Yummy Entertaining.Falsafi Fan Fan hirfat Fana Fanaa Fanaa ho jaanaa Fanakaar Fankaar aanah Fann e hesaab daari Fanni dast gaah Fanniyaat Faq Faqat Faqeeh Faqeer Faqiirii Faqr Faqt Faraagat Faraagh Faraagh dil Faraaghat Faraaham Faraakh Faraamosh Faraar Faraawaan Faraaz Farah Farang Farangi Farangistaan Fara waan Farazaanaa Fard Farda Fardaa Fareb Fareb-e-baqaa Farebee Fareb-e-kaar Fareb khaanaa Fareeq Fareyb Fareyb dahi Fareyb deyna Fareybi Fareyftah Farghul Farhaan Farhang Farhat Farhat bakhsh Farhat za Farishtah Farishtah sifat Fariyaad Fark Farmaa'ish Far maan Farmaan Farmaana Faro Faro guzaasht Faro kash Faro maayah Thinker Art. Large. Joy.

Conquest. Virtue. Tale Weather Fable. Quarrel. Harvest. Wisdom Learning . Rampart. Assume. Knowledge. Tale Bleeding Eloquent. Riot. Mischief. Tale The Tale Of The Night Of Grief Fable. Altitude. Quarrel. Obligatory Brawl. Fictional Tale. Multitude Military Court Knight-errant. Ruckus. Shining Luminous.Faro tan Farog Farog-e-vatan Farogh Farogh paana Faroz Farozaan Farq Farq karna Farrukh Farsa Farsh Farsoodgi Fart-e-mihan Farwa Faryaad Faryaad kashi Faryaad rasi Faryaad sunna Farz Farz karna Farzaanaa Farzaangi Farzand Farzi Fasaad Fasaad fazeehat Fasaad barpa karna Fasaahat Fasaanaa Fasaanaa-e-shab-egam Fasaan Fasal Fasanah Fasd Faseeh Fashionen Fasiil Fasiil-e-shahar Fasl Fasl-e-gul Fasurdaa Fataanat Fateelah Fateh Fath Fatwaa Fauj Fauj-daaree Fauji Fauji andaaz sey chalna Fauji raaj Fauq Fauqiyat Faur Fauran Fauri Faut Fauwaarah Faza Fazaa Fazaa-e-murdaa-e-dil Fazeehat Fazeelat Fazl Fazliyat Lowly Glory. Responsibility. Sucess. Victory Aperture. Plea. Opine Intelligent. Military. Whining Yammer Redress Rectify. Crowd. Roomy. Rebellion. Progress Nation's Progress. Military March Jackbooted Above. Quickly. Luminous. Excellence. Worn-out. Opening. Boundary City Wall. Old. Immediately. Yardley Quick Escape Jet Lamentation. Wide Fashion City Wall. Wail. Story. Romance. Yield Spring Disappinted. Victory Judicial Decree Army. Wrangle Excellence. Reward. Light Thrive Brilliance. Kindness. Story. Illuminate. Loftiness. Statute Admit. Wisdom Offspring Assumed. Environment Air. Lamentation. Upliftment Brightness. Wall. Learning Bounty. Zenith Quality Expedition At Once. Boundary Season. Opening. Separation Modify Auspicious. Difference. Light. Outbreak. Wickedness Quarrel Riot Eloquence Fable. Romance. Romance. Conquest. Lucky To Kneel Down And Touch The Forehead On The Ground As In Prostrate Mat Wear And Tear Wave Of Sorrow Tomorrow Complaint. Fictional Tale. Moral Obligation. Sucess. Directly. Cry. (In A) Dead Heart's Environment Brawl. Excellence. Resplendent Defect. Fictional Tale. Wailing Atmosphere. Redress Duty. Sad Talented Wick Aperture. Distance. Kick Up. Lit-Up. Wise Learning.

Leave. Readily Jurisprudence Advice. Acumen. Temptation. Sacrifice Lover Ransom Afflicted. Wisdom. Wounded Advice. Heaven. Confused. Wit Arrogance Garden. Separation. Separation. Counsel. With Exchange. Wickedness Mischief-Maker. Revolt. Wag Separation. Operation. Obscenity Wickedness Sedition. Opportunity. Environment Lewd Tax. Wail Clamor. Lamentation. Cry Of Pain. Mischief. Absence (Of Lovers) (of Lovers). Mutiny.Feel Feetah Feharist Fehrist Fehrist e istefsaar Fel Feza Fezaa'i Fi Fida Fidaa Fidaaee Fidyah Figaar Fikr Fikr farmaanaa Fikr karna Fikr-e-duniyaa Fikr-o-nazar Fil badeeh Fiqah Fiqr Fiqrah Fiqrah baaz Fiqreh baaz Firaaq Firaaq-e-diidaa Firaasat Firauniyat Firdaus Firdaus-e-nazar Firdos Firqah Fishaan Fisq Fisq-o-fujoor Fitanaa Fitanaagar Fitna Fitnaa Fitanaagar Fitnah Fitnah angeyz Fitnah angeyz jaasoos Fitnah barpa karna Fitnah gar Fitnah pardaaz Fitney sey Fitrat Fitri istedaad Fitri salaahiyat Fizaa Fohsh Fotah Fotah daar Fotah khaanah Fugaan Fughaan Fuhaashat Fuji naql o Hamal Fujoor Fuqdaan Furogh Furqat Furqath Fursat Elephant Lace. Bright Absence (of Lovers). Consideration. Temptation. Nature. Anxiety. Mischievous Agent Provocateur Revolt Wicked Outrageous. Trouble. One Who Provokes People Sedition. Tape List List Questionnaire Act. Notion. Work Atmosphere Aerial By. Machination. Away. Anxiety. Temptation. Meagerness. Devotion. To. Idea. Action. Infactuation. Care. Revolt. Worry Reflect Thought and Care for the World Point Of View Extempore. Imagination. Rest. Wonder. Mutiny. Relief . Redemption. Reflection. Distinction. Trouble. Distance Deprived Of Sight Acuteness. Heaven. Devotion. Quarrel. Parting. Anxiety. Intrigue. Idea. Whoredom Lack. Infactuation. Mischief. Disunion. Of. Redemption. Counsel. Imagination. Leisure. Worry Wisecrack Quibbler. Opinion. Temptation. Wise. Quarrel. Express A Thought Thought. Ribbon. Mutiny. Thought. Concern. Treasurer Treasury Clamor. Revolt. Absence. Away. Loss. Quarrel. Paradise Paradise for the Sight Garden. Lamentation. Quirky Artful. Deceit. Consideration. Reflection. Testicle Banker. Cry Of Pain. Sore. Keen. Recovery. Cry Of Distress. Mutiny. Sacrifice Exchange. Want Light. Concern. Paradise Tribe Shed. One Who Provokes People Sedition. Care. Wickedness Mischievious. Wickedness Sedition. Quarrel. Opinion. Mischief. Notion. Injured. Ransom. Spread Adultery. Wisdom Talent Talent Atmosphere. Parting. Occasion. Turbulent Wickedly Creation. Mischief. Wonder. Wail Obscenity Logistics Wickedness. Distinction. Wickedness Mischievious. Cry Of Distress. Absence (Of Absence Lovers) Free. Ransom. Revolt. Disunion.

Wasteful. Officiousness. Refuse. Worthless Yeasty Obtrusive. Remainder. Officious Extravagant. Redundancy. Redundant. Worthless . Wasteful. Redundant. Junky.Fursat-e-hastee Fusoon-gar Fusuun Futoon Futoor Fuwaad Fuzlah Fuzool Fuzool go Fuzooli Fuzuul Duration Of Life Magician Magic Witchery Quarrelling. Riot. Extravagant. Row The Heart Excrement. Exuberant. Offal. Officiousness. Ordure. Lavish. Lavish. Junky. Exuberant.

Bunch. Self-respect Anger Alarm Wreath . Knot. Wagon Wagon Trail Rail Bury Tapering Hidden. Joint. Jackass Creat Jenny Muddy. Wad Ass. Treading Music. Negligence Proper And Improper Time Once In A While Jewellery Went Absence Absence Of Absence The World. Tie Kohlrabi Knotless Join Taper Lamb Mortar. Ornament Recondite Abysmally Went Carelessness. Quartz Thick Automobile. Knuckle. Poverty Beggary Like A Beggar Mattress Bundle. The Universe Went Rival. Some Times Jowl Abuse Abuse Conqueror Probably Step To Step Out.G Urdu words Gaafil Gaah Gaahak Gaahe gaahe Gaahey gaahey Gaal Gaali Gaali galoch Gaalib Gaaliban Gaam Gaam zan Gaana Gaanth Gaanth gobhi Gaanth key beghaer Gaanthna Gaa'o dum hona Gaa'odi Gaar Gaara Gaarha Gaari Gaari ka Dibba Gaari ka pichhla Dibba Gaari sey bheyjna Gaarna Gaa'u dum Gaayebaanaa Gabbha Gad mad Gada Gada gari faqeeri Gadaa Gadaaee Gadaayaa Gadda Gaddi Gadha Gadhe Gadhi Gadla Gadlaana Gaehaan Gaehma gaehmi Gaehna Gaehra Gaehri khaa'i waala Ga'ey Gafalat Gah Gahai-gahai Gahanaa Gai Gaib Gaib-e-gaib Gaihaan Gain Gair Gairat Gaiz Gajar Gajra English words Careless. Unaware Place Customer Occasionally. Inattentive. Negligent. Mix Up Beggar. Record Bale. Pride. Train. Invisible Mattress Jumble. Stranger Honour. Poverty Beggary Beggar. Turbid Tarnish World Bustle Jewelry. Some Times Occasionally. Quartz Mortar.

Luck. Treasure. Circulation. Kick Up. Braggart.Gal muchchhey Gala Gala kaatna Galaana Galan Galanaa Galat Galey lagna Galey sey Gali Gali koochah Galna kharaab hona Gam Gam-angez Gam-e-dauraan Gam-e-furqat Gam-e-gardish-eayyaam Gam-e-getii Gam-e-hastii Gam-e-hayaat Gam-e-hijaraan Gam-e-jahaan Gam-e-roz-gaar Gam-e-yaar Gam-e-zamaanaa Gam-giin Gam-gusaar Gam-kadaa Gam-khaanaa Gam-khvaar Gammaaz Gam-naak Gam-rasiidaa Gam-zadaa Ganda Gandah Gandah birozah Gandahgi Gandgi Gandum Ganiimat Ganiim-e-shahar Ganj Ganja Ganjeena Ganjoor Gantheeli Ganvaa denaa Ganwaar Ganwaar pan Gap Gap shap Gapar sapar Gappi Gar Gar bar Garaan Garaari Garadish-e-dauraan Garaj Garche Gard Gard sey ataana Gardan Gard-e-raah Gardish Whiskers Ripe. Ordure. Rubbish Wheat Blessing. Waste Biting Cold To Melt. Best. Yarn Talk Jargon Boaster. A Place Full Of Sorrows (Metaphor For World) Intimate Friend Symbol Grief-Stricken Grief-Stricken Grief-Stricken Amulet. Throat Jugular Boil. Roar. Revolution. Wealth Bald Treasure Treasurer Knaggy To Lose Yahoo. Sorrow That Which Augments Sorrow Sorrows Of Life. Wandering . Thunder. A Place Full Of Sorrows (Metaphor For World) House Of Sorrow. Vagrancy. God-Send. Intimate Friend. Dust Bedust The Neck Dirt Of The Street About. Mix Up Heavy. Mess. If Trifle. Bad Time. Sympathizer House Of Sorrow. Sorrows Of The World Sorrow Of Separation Sorrow Of Everyday Life Sorrows Of Life Sorrows Of Life Sorrows Of Life Sorrow Of Separation Sorrow Of Life Sorrow Of Life Sorrow Of Separation Sorrow Of Life Grief-Stricken Comforter. Difficult Reel Times Of Misfortune Bellowing. Anarchy. Yokel Rudeness Brag. Talisman Obscene Tar Obsceneness Excrement. Dissolve Wrong Embrace Throaty Lane Alley Rot Grief. Sufficient City's Enemy Baldness. Misfortune. Talkative If Alarm. Mismanagement. Meddle. Yell Even Though.

Excited. Brisk. Burning. Hidden. Tresses World Absent. Ringlet. Excitement.Went Yak Knowledge. Wandering About Clothes. Bitten Jackal Bluff. Witness Bearable. Skirt Absent. Tune Jointed. Warmness. Wet Taking. Rhinoceros Locks. Oblivious. Dress. Wheel Of Time Ups And Downs Of Life Round Of Drinks Passage Of Time Cycles. Unaware Kilt. Jewel. Warmth Fast Motion Drown Drowned In The Waves Of The Sea Of Mortality Walk Delirium Crowd. Pearl Pay Attention To. Tresses The Height And Hair Of One's Beloved World Wheat Bale Marigold. Circulation. Recondite. Hidden. Listless. Pleasant. Tolerable Agreeable. Zero Absent Minded Wounded Wide Careless. Conquering Depth Hair . Choleric. Testimony. Witness Evidence. Bundle. Knotted Ankle. Locks. Hot. Zen A Yard Measure Type Of Deer Deer Very Strong Singing Stung. Revolution. Burning. Warm Warmness Warm Blooded Kiosk Anger. Seizing. Eager. Tresses Hair . Clothing.Gardish-e-dauraan Gardish-e-dauran Gardish-e-jaam-esharaab Gardish-e-shaam-osahar Gardishen Garebaan Garidh-e-ayyaam Gariib Gariib-ul-vatan Gariib-ul-vatanii Garm Garm dili Garm khoon waala Garmaa'i ghar Garmi Garmii-e-raftaar Garq Garq-e-bahr-e-fanaa Gasht Gashtagii Gat Gatheela Gatta Gauhar Gaur Gavaah Gavaanaa Gavaaraa Gawaah Gawaahee Gawaahi Gawaara Gawaaraa Gawaarah Gawaarah karna Gaya Gayaak Gayaan Gaz Gazaal Gazaalaan Gazab Gazal-khvaan Gazeedah Geedar Geedar bhapki Geela Geer Gehrayi Gesoo Gesuu Gesuu-va-qad-e-yaar Getii Geyhoon Geynd Geynda Geysu Geyti Ghaaeb Ghaaeb uz zehen Ghaael Ghaaer Ghaafil Ghaaghra Ghaaib Ghaaleban Passage Of Time. Lively. Knuckle Gem. Rage. Recondite. Holding. Outer Garment. Zero Probably . Tolerate Witness Evidence. Nice According Let Gone. Testimony. Liking. Cloak Cycle Of Time Miserable People In Exile Exile Ardent. Locks. To Deliberate Upon Witness To Lose To Bear. Ignorant. Bravado Moisture. Palatable. Collar.

Incorrect. Shame. Quaint Absurd Zero Lax Lout. Bashfulness. Likely. Listlessness. Victorious. Bad. Robber. Wrath Drowsiness. Save Honor. But. Ambush. Barbarian. Fear Of Exposure Other Than Blossoms Hidden. Most Probably. Other. Jittery. Mutiny. Different. Winner Likely Often Wound Jab. Ravage. Other. Besides. Misunerstanding Erratum . Oaf. Extremity Rouge Misappropriation Misappropriate Loggerhead Queasiness. Loss Excessively. Skirt Hidden. Negligence. Recondite Questionable Bashfulness. Quay. But. Enmity. Bashfulness. Alien. Modesty Rage. Alien. Revolt Disloyal. Modesty. Besides. Except. To Be Agitated Anarchy. Rapine. Except. Other. Maneuver. Wrong Misapprehension. Overpowering. Enmity. Modesty. Trick Abatement. Absent Stranger. Traitor Lake Alien. Envy. Foreigner. Foreigner. Predominant. Triumphant. Overcoming. Extraordinary. Shame. Without. Envy. Outsider Trifling Lean Absentee Queer Abnormal. Fear Of Exposure Other Than Blossoms Obsceneness Inaccurate. Without. Lacerate Lair Plunder. Save Honor. Quiet Absent Minded Wayward Lay Lawless Joker Opaque John Doe Jane Doe Weird Excrescence Obscure. Bad. Outlandish. Yahoo Lop-Sided Obsolete Quiescent.Ghaalib Ghaaliban Ghaaliban Ghaao Ghaao lagaana Ghaar Ghaarat Ghaaratgree Ghaas ka qita Ghaat Ghaata Ghaayat Ghaazah Ghaban Ghaban karna Ghabi Ghabraahat Ghabraai Harkat karna Ghabraana Ghadar Ghaddaar Ghadeer Ghaer Ghaer ahem Ghaer faaedah mand Ghaer haazir Ghaer maaloof Ghaer mamooli Ghaer maqool Ghaer maujood Ghaer mazboot Ghaer mohazzab Ghaer munaasib Ghaer mustamal Ghaer mutaharrik Ghaer mutawajjah Ghaer mutee Ghaer peyshah war Ghaer qaanooni Ghaer sanjeedah fard Ghaer shafaaf Ghaer shinaasa Ghaer shinaasa aurat Ghaer tabai Ghaer tabeei Ghaer waazeh Ghaer yaqeeni Ghaerat Ghaez Ghaflat Ghaflat shiaar Ghaghra Ghaib Ghair Ghairat Ghair-az Ghair-e-gul Ghaib Ghair Ghairat Ghair-az Ghair-e-gul Ghalaazat Ghalat Ghalat faehmi Ghalat naamah Excelling. Mistaken. Worry Jitter Bewilder. Often. Landing. Wreck Destructiveness Lawn Artifice. But. Different. Except. Absent Stranger. Besides. Bad. Treacherous. Stupor Careless Kilt.

Overcome. Knoll Bell Thick Enemy Blessing. Tolerable Thick Thick Opulent. Oppress. Overwhelm Dirty. Quaintness Lineage Sink Aim. Error. Overcome. Meaning. Odd. Want Occidental. Orb Informer Sorrows Of Life Unemployment Comforter. Incorrect. Miscarriage. Wrongdoing Whitewash Obsceneness Inaccurate. Mistaken. Outlandish. Time. Rich Bell Knell. Obliquity. Wallowing Blunder. Obscene Till Barn Rolling About. Wallowing Blunder. Obscene Till Barn Rolling About. Ouster Wife Oddity. Filthy. Coarse. Misunderstand Mob. Watch . Western Extraordinary. Overwhelm Dirty. Overbear. Objective. Coarse. Woe Lamentable Afflicted. Sympathiser Lament Consoling Lamentable Aggrieved. Care. Wonderful Moment. Mistake. Grief. Wrong Misapprehension. Rich Bell Knell. Residence. Misjudge. Sorrow.Ghalat samajhna Ghalbah karna Ghaleez Ghallah Ghallah gudaam Ghaltaan Ghalti Ghalti par pardah Daalna Ghalaazat Ghalat Ghalat faehmi Ghalat naamah Ghalat samajhna Ghalbah karna Ghaleez Ghallah Ghallah gudaam Ghaltaan Ghalti Ghalti par pardah Daalna Gham Gham aaloodah Gham deedah Gham gusaar Gham karna Gham khwaar Gham naak Gham zadah Ghamaaz Gham-e-hayaat Gham-e-rozgaar Ghamgusaar Ghami Ghammaaz Ghamnaak Ghamza Ghana Ghaneem Ghaneemat Ghaneri Ghaneyra Ghani Ghanta Ghantey ki aawaaz Ghanti Ghana Ghaneem Ghaneemat Ghaneri Ghaneyra Ghani Ghanta Ghantey ki aawaaz Ghanti Ghapla Ghar Ghar gharaahat Ghar nikaala Ghar waali Gharaabat Gharaana Gharaq Gharaz Gharbi Ghareeb Ghari Misconceive. Error. Tolerable Thick Thick Opulent. House. Misunderstand Mob. Grieved Comforter. View. Knoll Bell Bungle. Mistake. Obliquity. Wrongdoing Whitewash Concern. Back-Biting Grief Stricken Amorous Glance Thick Enemy Blessing. Misunerstanding Erratum Misconceive. Oppress. Filthy. Home Rumble Exile. Mess Birthplace. Tattletale. Sympathiser Bereavement Informer. Miscarriage. Intention. Design. Queerness. Gross. Overbear. Misjudge. Gross.

Brim. Thralldom Languish. Lunch Aliment Jack-O'-Lantern Mix Ramble. Strange. Innocent. Enfold. Boundary. Deep Thought. Fog. Wrath Ode. Riches. Wealth Lyrical Abhorrent. Blockade. Width Besiege. Letup. Mix Extremism Turn Rotate. Fainting Less Cloud Reduction Abate. Knock-Off. Malice. Meditation. Taper. Encircle. Knock. Thrall. Yank Jockey Jib Mare Knacker Milkman. Vapor. Wander. Wonderful Absorbed. Poem Clarified Butter Backbiter Backbiting Backbite Wrapping Jacketed Boundary. Abominable Abhor. Sink Alligator Lug Stupor. Lull. Wind Marrow Abhorrence Lucre. Encircle. Enclose. Milk Seller Manufacture Enrage Bad Blood. Occupy. Thrall. Letup. Quench. Twirl Weevil. Occupy. Reflection Bringing Up Maintaining Rage. Obsess. Youth Maid Enslavement. Wane Advise. Blockade. Taper. Extenuate. Rotate. Lessen. Destitute. Rub Evasion. Wane Low Class Base. Turn Round. Reduce. Knock-Off. Slave. Obsess. Wind Besiege. Lessen. Apprehend. Drown. Wobble Blow. Quench. Enclose. Kennel Abate. Brim. Lull. Enfold. Tantrum. Mollify. Boundary. Rancor. Mist. Dust. Trick Aliment. Extenuate. Vexation Outcry Manhandle Yell Mix Boy. Reduce. Mollify. Revolve. Worry . Close Attention.Ghari saaz Gharib Gharq Gharyaal Ghaseetna Ghash Ghata hu'a Ghataa Ghataai Ghataana Ghatiya Ghatiya rehaaish gaah Ghatna Ghaur Ghaur o par daakht Ghaur par daakht Ghazab Ghazal Ghee Gheebat go Gheebat go'i Gheebat goi karna Ghelaaf Ghelaaf daar Gheyr Gheyra Gheyrna Ghia Ghin Ghina Ghinaai Ghinaaona Ghinnaana Ghira hu'a Ghis jaana Ghisa Ghisa hu'a Ghisa pita Ghisaai Ghissa Ghiza Ghizaaiyat Ghol-e-bayaabaani Gholna Ghoomna Ghoonsa Ghora dauraana Ghorey ka machal jaana Ghori Ghoron ka qasaai Ghosi Ghrna Ghuassey meyn aana Ghubaar Ghul Ghul ghapaara karna Ghul machaana Ghulaa Ghulaam Ghulaam larki Ghulaami Ghulna Ghulu Ghumaan Ghumaana Ghun Watchmaker Poor. Walk. Abomin Encircled Rub Abrasion Worn Out Worn Out Abrasion.

Bud Lewd Button. Weeping . Costly.Ghun laga Ghunchah Ghunda Ghundi Ghurakna Ghurbat Ghurfah Ghurki Ghuroor Ghurraana Ghurrahat Ghuseela Ghusl Ghusl khaanah Ghusna Ghussah Ghussah dilaana Ghussah peena Ghussah utaarna Ghussey ka izhaar Ghutan Ghutna Ghutna jhatak Ghutney ka jor Ghutney key bal jhukna Ghutney ki haddi Ghutney ko jhukaana Ghutney waala Ghutnon ghutnon Gil Gilaa Gilah Giilii Ginna Ginti Giraami Giraan Giraan-baar Giraan-maaya Giraft Giraftaar Giraftaar-e-balaa Giraftaari Giraft-e-gam Girah Girah jaesa Girana Girau Gird Gird o nawaah Girdaab Gire Girebaan Girgitt Girhan Giri Girift Giriftaar Giriya Giriyaan. Important. Kneel Kneecap Kneel Kneed Knee-deep. Environs. Poverty. Madden Bear Retaliate Tantrum Suffocation Knee Knee-jerk Knee-Joint Knuckle Down. Crying Kirk Betide Attracted Admiration. Wail. Rage. Meddle. Prisoner. Lowliness. Tedious. One Sixteenth Of A Yard. Lamentation Wet Enumerate Account. Objection Apprehended. Wash Bathroom. Bondage Sorrow's Imprisonment Joint. Weighty Heavily Burdened Of Great Value. Thrust Anger. Anxiety. Lamentation Complaint. Vortex. Respected. Crying Weeping. Valuable. Knee-high Earth. Knot. Blame. Prisoner. A Measure Of Cloth Knot like drop Pledge. Temper Aggravate. Arrested. Rush In. Passion. Circumference. Enrage. Tiresome. Smitten. Round Environs Abyss. Lavatory Enter. Pawn Around. Grief. Seized. Knob Browbeat Alienation. Lotion. Reproach. Vanity Roar. Knuckle. Dear. Adherence. Captivated Weeping. Precious Lock. Whirlpool Fell Collar Lizard Eclipse Kernel Hold. Captivated. Reproach. Tie. Lamentation. Heavy. Want Window Browbeating Pride. Anger. Revered Burdensome. Knob. Girja Girna Girweedah Girweedgi Girwi Giryaan Worm-eaten Blossom. Yap Yap Wrathful Bath. Mud Complaint. Constraint Captured. Smitten Prisoner Of Sorrow Arrest. Attachment Mortgage Crying. Plaint. Blame. Estimation Esteemed. Precious.

Reproof. Ornament. Round Mess.Giryah Giryah zaari Go Gobar God God leyna Godi Gohar Gol Gol maal Gola Golaa'i Goli Gooda Goondhna Goondhnaa'i Goonga Goonj Goonjna Gora Gori Gosh Gosh maali Gosha Goshaaa Goshah Gosht Gota kinaari Goya Goyaa Goyandah Gubaar Gubaar-e-kaaravaan Guchha Guchhey daar Gud gudaana Gudaaz Guddi Gudgudaana Gufaa Guftaa Guftaar Guftagoo Guftaguu Guftanii Guftar Guftgoo Guftgu Guhar Gul Gul badan Gul chharrey Gul dastah Gul kaari Gul karna Gul sitaan. Privacy Angle. One Who Plucks Flowers Dew-Drenched (Fresh) Flower Delicate And Fragrant Like Flowers . Cell. Brand Delicate. Eloquent. Lamentation. Corner. Speech. Marble Kernel. Belle. Talk Pearl Rose. Mix Up Bale Roundness Bullet. Quay. Discourse. Cell. Weeping Crying. Rebuke. Lobe. Graceful Enjoyment Bouquet Ornament. Weeping Although. Speaking. Speech. Garden Rose Rosebud To Scatter Flowers People With Bodies Like Flowers Slavery Garden Florist. Talk Conversation. Lace As If. Discourse. Discourse. Talk Worth Mentioning Conversation. Speech. Speech. White Ear Lesson. Titillate Well-Mixed Kite Tickle Cave Said Conversation. Corner. Lobe. Wharf Pearl Ambiguous. Cell. Flower. Though Ordure Bosom. Talk Conversation. Tax Angle. Privacy Meat Embroidery. Discourse. Dust Dust Left Behind By A Caravan Bunch Wiry Kettle. Wail. Privacy Angle. Lamentation. Corner. Tapestry Quench Rose-Garden Flower-Bed. Talk Conversation. Eloquent. Tantamount Approver Dirt. Lap Adopt Jetty. Plaint. White Beauty. Discourse. Marrow Knead Kneading Jerk Echo. Tantamount As If. Gul zaar Gulaab Gulaab ki kali Gul-afshaanee Gul-andaam Gulaamii Gulasitaan Gulchiin Gul-e-tar Gul-faam Crying. Discourse. Lobe. Speaking. Wail. Roar Jar Westerner. Talk Conversation. Plaint. Speech. Speech.

Wrongdoer. Inglorious. Transgression Guilty Person. Deception. Muffler Neck Garden Absorbed. Audacious. Arrogance. Missing. Distracted. Reprobate. Missing. Maintenance. Refer To One's Beloved Hum Accommodation. Refer To One's Beloved One With A Mouth Like A Bud. Missing. Astray. Wandering Lose Anonymous. Opinion. Guilt. Unknown Lump. Sin. To Avoid. Bluntness. Evasion. Mistrust. Roaring Dome Errant. Bluntness. Living. Run Away Escape. Room Thick Tassel Jaggery. . Bluntness. Lost. Fancy. Missing Distrust. Lost. To Run Away From. Hidden Rosy Faced Extinguished Garden Kerchief. Wicked Lost Heart Jive Knob Absent Minded. Offence. Surmise. Evasion. Wicked Requital Flower Bud One With A Mouth Like A Bud. Wandering Errant. Doubt. Lost. Audacious. Access. To Escape From Wolf Pride Mace Taking Away. Arrogance. Blunt. Obtuseness. Petition. Knot (Problem) Kink. Rudeness Kernel Join Talisman Kink. Obtuse. Lost. Tumor Aberrant. Lost. Wicked Guilty Person. Wicked Guilty Person. Perverse Mood. Subsistence Explanation. Knot (Problem) Abode. Allowance. Quiet Still. Impudent.Gul-farosh Gul-fishaan Gulistaan Gulistan Gulposh Gul-ruu Gul-shudaa Gulshan Gulu band Guluu Gulzaar Gum Gumaan Gumaan-vaale Gu-magu ka aalam Gumak Gumbad Gumgashta Gum-gashtaa Gum-gashtah Gum-karna Gum-naam Gumra Gum-raah Gum-raahii-e-dil Gum-raah kun baat cheet Gumri Gum-sum Gunaah Gunaah gaar Gunaahgaar Gunah gaar Gunbad ki sada Gunchaa Gunchaadahan Gunchaalab Gun-gunaanaa Gunjaa'ish Gunjaan Guppha Gur Gur jaanna Gurbat-nasiib Gurdah Gurdah numa Gurduwaara Gureyz Gurez Gurezaan Gurg Guruur Gurz Gusaar Gussaa Gustaakh Gustaakhee Gustaakhi Gustaakhii Guthli Guthna Gutka Gutthi Gutthii Guzaarah Guzaarish Guzaarna Florist Spreading Flowers Rose Garden Garden Cover Used For Flowers. Nameless. Obtuseness. Passage. Audacious. Removing Anger Affront. Mislead. Wandering Errant. Wrongdoer. Erring. Obtuseness. To Avoid. Run Away Fleeing. Thought Suspicious People Quandary Resounding. Place. Skill Know The Ropes Those In Exile Kidney Kidney Like Temple Escape. Fault. Arrogant. Suspicion. Audacious. Rude Affront. Representation. Wrongdoer. Arrogance. Rudeness Affront. Rudeness Affront. Obscure. Likelihood. Dissipating. Request Live . Wacky. Silent Crime. Pride. Depraved.

Last To Be Gone Worn Out Yesterday Living . Egress Road. A Living. A Road. Chosen. Expire Bitten. A Pass. Way Breathe One's last Road Traveled By All Elapse.Guzar Guzar gaah Guzar jaana Guzar-gaah-e-aam Guzarna Guzeedah Guzishtah Guzishtani Guzra hu'a Guzra kal Guzraan Admission. Selected Ago. Bygone. Elapsed.

Misfortune. Episode. Narrative. Spiritual Ecstasy. Reach Render Wristwatch Waffle Beg Beseech Wrestle Brawl Elephant Angel. Master. Result. Liking. Circumstance. Judge. Need. Agreement. Loss. Occurrence. Yes Mortar Bone. Circle Round The Moon Although. Horrible Lack. Voice From Heaven Generous (Derived From Haatim Tai) The Lowest Region Of Hell Obstacle Present. Ready. Receive. Magistrate. State. Arm. Fatigue. Life. Defeat. Rapture. Leader. Retinue Exaggerate Envious. Return. Wrangle Multiple Authority. Affirmative. Official. Wailing Warden Memory Terrible. Margin. Realised. Revenue Total Meaning. Assent Bearer. Jaundiced. Want Person In Need Governor. Power. Level Ground Yea. Director Recent Accident. Hand. Rouse Ah! Alas!. Calamity. Jealous Effect. Circumstance. Tragedy Obstructing. Willing Quickness Join Quick-witted . Judicially Justice Of Peace Affair. Earn.H Urdu words Haadasaat Haadi Haadis Haadisah Haa'el Haa'ey Haa'ey haa'ey Haafiz Haafizah Haa'ilah Haajat Haajat-mand Haakim Haakimaanah Haakim-e-adl Haal Haal hi meyn Haalaan keh Haalah Haalan keh Haalat Haalat-e-nashah Haal-e-mahajuurii Haaliyah Haal-o-mustaqabil Haami Haamil Haamilah Haamilah karna Haamoon Haan Haa'own Haar Haar maan jaana Haar maanna Haarij Haarna Haashiyah Haashiyah charhaana Haasid Haasil Haasil jama Haasil kalaam Haasil kardah Haasil karna Haasil zarb Haath Haath dhona Haath ghari Haath hilaana Haath paa'on jhorna Haath paa'on jorna Haath paaon maarna Haatha paa'i Haathi Haatif Haatim Haawiyah Haayal Haazir Haazir dimaaghi Haazir hona Haazir jawaab English words Calamities Guide. Obtain. Garland. State Jag State Of Separation Recent Present And Future Adherent. Motive Obtained Acquire. Necklace. Wreath Knock-Under Knuckle Under Obstructive Lose Border. Plain. Lurch. While Condition. Gain. Requirement. Slap. Ruler Authoritative. Clutches. Achieve. This Of Late. In Attendance. Landholder Expectant Knock-Up Desert. Necessity. Recently Though Halo. Whereas. Nimbus. Condition.

Appearance. Excitement Excite. Wondrous Awful Astonish Aghast. Brute Zoid Zoography Zoography Man Zoology Beastliness. Account. Race Ossuary Novelty. Mark. Object. Merit. Appearance. Status. Quandary. Object. Target Target Of (Arrow Of) Oppression. Injustice Boundary. Offer. Wonder-Struck Ability. Confounded. Limit. Awe. Astonishment. Comrade. Merit. Worried Wonderful Amazement. Sweetheart. Prestige Lineament Aspect Rob Thickness . Appalled Alas! Astronomy Ebullition. Edge. Amazement. Face. Very. Worried Surprise. Tease. Butt. Roll Call Witty.Haaziri Haazir-javaab Haazreen Habaab Habeeb Habeebah Habib Habs-e-beyja Habs-e-dam Habs-e-dawaam Had Hadaf Hadaf-e-naavak-ebedaad Hadd Hadd-e-nazar Hadd-e-rasdi Haddi Haddi khaanah Hads Hadsa-e-waqt Haebat Haebat naak Haebat zadah Haef Hae'iyat Haejaan Haejaan paeda karna Haekal Haeraan Haeraan kun Haeraani Haeraat zadah Haeran Haerat Haerat angeyz Haerat kun Haerat meyn Daalana Haerat zadah Haesiyat Haewaan Haewaan numa Haewaanaat naamah Haewaanaat nigaari Haewaan-e-naatiq Haewaani yaat Haewaaniyat Haez Haft aqleem Haft rozah Haft zabaan Haftah Haft aqleem Haft rozah Haft zabaan Haftah Haiat Haibatanaak Haif Haihaat Hairaan Hairat Haiseeyat Ha'iyat Ha'iyyat Hajaamat banaana Hajam Attendance. Innovation Current Event Awe Struck Awful Aghast. Barrier. Boundary. Wonder Marvelous. Wonder Rank. Friend Ladylove Beloved. Lineage. Friend Wrongful Confinement Asthma Lifetime Imprisonment At Most. Commission. Astonishment. Good At Repartee Audience Bubble Beloved. Wonder Astounded Wide Eyed Amazement. Brutality Menstruation World Weekly Linguist Week World Weekly Linguist Week Astronomy. Utmost Point As Far As The Eye Can See Quota Bone. Figure. Osseous. Limit. Landmark. At Most. Capacity. Beast. Rank Animal. Goal. Delegation Terrifying Alas! Alas ! Amazed. Quantity Aim. Perplexed. Sweetheart. Objective. Rouse Body Amazed. Comrade.

Lawful. Zone Zonule Encircle Kid Also. Close Ally Of The Same Society Benefactor. With Embracing Embrace Accommodate. Tumult.Hajjaam Hajw Hajaamat banaana Hajam Hajjaam Hajw Hakaazah Hakeem Hakka bakka Hal Hal chal Hal chal karna Hal hona Hal karna Halaak Halaakat Halaal Halaal shudah Halaali Halaavat-e-sukhan Halaawat Halaf uthaana Halaf uthwaana Halak Halakii Haldi Haleef Haleem Half meyn bayaan Shudah Half uthaaney waala Halfi Halka Halka sa hilaana Halka sa nam karna Halkaan Halkey sey baha ley jaana Halki daur Halki si thapki Halkora Hallah Hallal Halmah Halqa Halqah Halqeezah Halqey meyn leyna Halwaan HamHam-aaghosh Ham-aaghoshi Ham-aahang Ham-bastah Ham-batn Ham-bazm Ham-dard Ham-jalees Ham-jins parast Ham-jolee Ham-joli Ham-khud Ham-kinaar Ham-mazhab Ham-nasheen Ham-paayah Ham-pallah Ham-raah Barber Lampoon Rob Thickness Barber Lampoon Similarly Wise Man. To Solve Ruined. Friend. Legal. Doctor. Partner In Adversity. Legal Teat Area. Agreement. Yeasty Joggle Bedew Exhausted. Playmate. Likewise. Loop. Playmate. Similar. Together. Resolve. Permitted Kosher Legitimate Sweetness Of Speech Relish. Ring. Associate Lenient Juratory Jurant Juratory Easy. Circumference. Death Annihilation. Little. Ruin Admissible. Turmoil Agitate Liquefy Liquefy. Sympathizer. Destruction. Peer Ourselves Embracing (Co)Religionist Associate. Ward. Kindly. Atone. Ruin. Tired. Destroyed. Rectify Agglomerate Blood-Relation. Execution. Rousing. Tender-Hearted Close Friend Queer Equal. Deliciousness Abjure Abjure Kill Slight Turmeric Ally. Jibe. Ring. Playmate Equal Equal Fellow traveler . Keeping. Friend. We. Loop. Peer Equal. Adjust. Circle. Circumference. Circle. Light. Zone Area. Philosopher Aghast Absorption Bustle. Ward. Slaughter. Worried Waft Jog Tap Waft Onset Unforbidden.

Attack. Right. Ruckus. In Between Always Talking Aggression. Lavatory Of The Same Habits. Disorder. Till Now Jaunty. Onslaught. Season. Laughter. Temporary As Yet. Lot. Reality. Lot. Each Blooming . Together Burden. Invasion. Transportation Abort Friendship Mutual. Jolly. Rightful Claimant Right Of Self-determination Lawful Right In Favour Of Arbitrarily. Confusion. Right. Every. Assault. Of The Same Language Embraced Something To Wear Around The Neck Madness Ours All. Uproar Accidental. Ridicule Laugh Jocular. Load. Ham-aagosh Hamaail Hamaaqat Hamaara Hamah Hamal Hamal girana Ham-damii Ham-digar Hameyshah Ham-kalam Hamlah Hamlah karna(zabaani) Hammaam Ham-masharb Ham-navaa-ii Ham-pesha Ham-saayaa Ham-safiir Ham-safiiron Ham-sukhan Hamz Ham-zabaan Hangaam Hangaamah Hangaami Hanoz Hans mukh Hansi Hansna Hansor Haq Haq bah jaanib Haq daar Haq-e-khuddaariyat Haq halaal Haq mein Haq naa haq Haq par Haqaa-iq-aashnaa Haqaarati Haqeeqat Haqeeqat pasand Haqeeqat pasandaanah Haqeeqatan Haqeer Haqeer tareen Haq-e-khuddaariyat Haqiiqii Haqq Haqqan Haqq-e-raa'ey dahi Haqq-e-shufa Haque-navaaon Haque-ravi Har Hara Confidant Equal Neighbor Friendly. Unanimous Companion. A Fellow Boozer Friendship Of The Same Profession Neighbor Fellow Prisoners Co-Inhabitants To Speak Together. Onset.Ham-raaz Ham-rutbah Ham-saayah Ham-saaz Ham-safar Ham-sheer Ham-taa Ham-they Ham-zabaan. Tumult. Raid Oppugn A Hot Bath Where A Masseur Gives Massage And Bath. Turmoil. Mirth. Narration. Period. Wrongfully Just One Who Is In Touch With Reality Abhorrent Truth. Condition Truth Loving Realistic Really Abominable. Riot. Righteousness. Wretch Lowliest Right Of Self-determination Real Just. Jovial Jest. Joker Just. Alike Were Unanimous. Embryo. True Yea Right Of Vote Right Of Preemption People Who Talk About Rights To Fight For One's Rights All. True Justified Entitled. Still. Joke. Time Affray. To Agree Acid Speaking The Same Language Location. Righteousness. Onfall. Truth. Fellow-Traveller Brother Equal. Truth. Offensive.

Charming. Action. Frivolous. Faithless Vagabond. Forbidden. Talk Jack-of-all-trades. Vain Lineage Envy. Jealousy. Grass Nonsense. Movement. Rival Avaricious Each. Enemy. Wicked. Zeal Fear Advance Guard Blooming Loss. Ardor. Obstruction. A Letter Of The Alphabet. Freshness. Letter. Warfare Assault. Queen Equipage. Unlawful. Trouble. Every One Each. Mischief. Malice Worthy Desire To See Desire To Fly Lineage As Usual As Mentioned. Fever. Rascal Bastard Beat. Every One Syllable. Mal-administration Although Every Moment Quean Adversary. House Of God Battle. Fervor. Elegant. Know-it-all Literally Word Describing A Thousand Desires Each And Every Letter (Of The Alphabet) Literal Whereas Always. Injury. Trouble Sacred Territory Of Mecca. Train Assassin . Misdemeanor. Luxuriant Warlike Anarchy. Thrust Lush. Wrong Bastard. Sacred Place. Lick. Wag Kinetics Every Every Time Tricky Yearly Omniscience In All Directions Walkout Omnigenous Greeness. Absurd.Haraam Haraam zaadah Haraami Haraana Haraarah Haraarat Haraas Haraawal dastah Hara-bhara Haraj Haram Harb Harbah Har-bhara Harbi Har-bong Har-chand Har-dam Har-dangi Hareef Harees Har-ek Har-eyk Harf Har-fan maula Harf bah harf Harf-e-sad-talab Harf-harf Harfi Har-gaah Hargiz Hariim Hariir Hariirii Harj Har-jaa'ee Har-jaai Har-jaanah Har-jagah Har-kaarah Har-kas-o-naakas Harkat Harkiyaat Har-koi Har-martabaa Harraaf Har-saal Har shaey ka ilm Har-suu Hartaal karna Har tarah ka Haryaalee Harzah Hasab Hasad Hasan Hasarat-e-diidaar Hasarat-e-paravaaz Hasb o nasb Hasb-e-mamool Hasb-e-zael Hasb-e-zael zael meyn Haseen Haseenah Hasham Hashisheen Adultery. Tumult Vagabond. Alphabet. Rage Heat. Opponent. Warmth. Sedition. Loss. Rouse. Never House Silk Silken Harm. Attack. Handsome Belle. Faithless Quittance Everywhere Lackey. Motion. Ever. Whip Anger. Messenger Everybody Act. As Under As Follows Beautiful.

Touchy Being. Aerial Windmill Lock Up Allusion. Resolution. Yearning To See Keen. Waive Off Move Aside. Withdraw As Far As Tough. Atmosphere. Intense Sorrow. Greed. Longing. Reference Quotable . End. Desire. Tank Tank Winds Of Spring Five Senses. Custody. Yearning Languor Longing. Sensitive. Breeze. Lust. Fear Capacity. Life Mortal Life Obstinacy Obstinate Avoid. Sense And Sensibility Lost Senses Ambition. Affront Whack Lug Terror. Dignity. Sensitive. Touchy Keen. Spirit. Desire. Greed. Desire. Remove.Hashmat Hashr Hasht pahel Hashw Hasrat Hasrat zadgi Hasrat-e-deedar Hassaas Hassas Hastee Hasti Hastii-e-faanii Hat Hat dharm Hat jaana Hata deyna Hata hu'a Hataana Hataura Hatauree Hath chakki Hath kanda Hath pheyri Hath yaar Hath yaar Daal deyna Hath yaar laehraana Hathelee Hatheyli Hathkande Hathni Hathyaar Hathyaar Daalna Hatmi Hatna Hatta Hatta katta Hatta keh Hattak Hattar lagaana Hattha Haul Hausalaa Hausalaa-e-diid Hausalah Hausalah afzaa'i Hauwwah Hauz Hauzak Havaa-e-bahaaraa Havaas Havaas-e-raftaa Havas Havaz-e-khaar Havelii Hawa Hawa baazi Hawa bharna Hawa chalna Hawa daar Hawa naward Hawaa Hawaa'i Hawaa'i chakki Hawaalaat Hawaalah Hawaalah pazeer State. Retinue Day Of Judgement. Well Built Even Abasement. Pomp. Horror. Strength Courage To See. Greed (Fall) Prey To A Thorn Mansion Air. Regret. Courage. Lamentation. Trash Desire. Wind Aviation Aerate Blow Airy. Mention. Desire. Take Away Sledgehammer Small Hammer Quern Trick Trickery Weapon Admit Defeat Brandish Palm Of The Hand Loof Tactics Elephant Tool. Resurrection. Desire. Charge. Life Being. Strength Encouragement Bogey Reservoir. Resolution. Spirit. Wish. Move Away Kick Out. View Capacity. Weapon Render Last Move Away. Existence. Windy Aeronaut Air. Breeze. Wind Air. Courage. Atmosphere. Existence. Tumult Octagon Rubbish. Care. Take Out. Quotation. Repel.

Trick. Curtain. Jolt. Coyness. Title Of Respect Presence Joy Of Meeting Advice Trivial Evasion Excuse. Life. Lust. Wavering Jerk. Firmness Of Mind. Jest. Pleasantries Absorption. Resolve Dignity. World Afterlife Afterlife Biography. Retiring. Tact. Security. Sharpness. Greed Explicit. Apostle Ambition. Righteousness Acrimony. Wisdom Expediency New Moon. Tally Liquidation Authority. Open Manifest Kooky Ambition. Warmth Guarding. Cure. Embezzlement. Protection. Desire. Modesty. Raillery Rout Afflicted. Evident.Hawaaley karna Hawaari Hawaas Hawaeda Hawaeda karna Hawannaq Hawas Hayaa Hayaat Hayaat bad al maut Hayaat-e-maa bad Hayat Hazaa Hazaar-ha Hazal Hazeemat Hazeen Hazf Hazf karna Hazl Hazm Hazrat Hazuur Hazz-e-wasl Hedaayat Heech Heeelah hawaalah Heelah Heelah gar Heelah ju Heelah parwari Heelah saaz Heeley baazi Heera Heeraa Hefaazat Hejaab Hemaayat Hemaayat Haasil karna Hemaayat karna Hemaayati Heraast Hesaab Hesaab kitaab Heykri Heyr pheyr Hibah Hich kichaana Hichar michar Hichkola Hidaayat Hiddat Hifaazat Hifz karna Hiilaagar Hijaab Hijar Hijr Hijr kii shab Hijraan Hijrat Hikaayat Hikmat Hikmat e amali Hilaal Hilaana Entrust Associate. Desire. Woeful Omission Omit Joke. Absence From One's Country Separation. Bill. Instruction. Modesty. Existence. Reckoning. Tame . Narrative Cleverness. Waver Evade. Safety Learn One Who Makes Excuses Bashfulness. Night. Quake. Shyness. Life. Absence From One's Country Night Of Parting Separation Emigration. Veil Separation. Story. The Crescent Agitate. Modesty Advocacy. Poignancy. Shame. Lurch Guidance. Fury. Obstinacy Trick. Gift. Melancholy. World This Thousand Times Buffoonery. Quibble. Grant Tardiness. Device. Rate. Shyness Biography. Turning. Separation. Winding Bequest. Flight (Flight Of The Prophet From Mecca To Medina) Anecdote. Joggle. Watch Bashfulness. Encouragement Tout Accommodate Abettor Lock Up Account. Estimate. Manifest. Lust. Wile Wily Quibbler Willfulness Artful Knavery Red Snapper Diamond Keep. Lord. List. Greed Bashfulness. Knowledge. Existence.

Hilaurni Hilkora Hilna Hilsa Himaayat Himmat Himmat barhaana Himmat haarna Himmat-e-savaal Hiraas Hiraasaan Hirfat Hirfat kaar o baar Hirfati Hirs Hisaab Hisaar Hisaar-e-maqtal-e-jaa.n Hisaar-e-shauq Hissa Hissah Hizaaqat Hizyaan Ho gaya saabit Hona Honey deyna Hont Hoo bahu Hoon Hoor Hoorriyat Hosala Hosh Hoshiyaar Hosh ruba Hoshyaar Housle Hu ba hu naql Hubaab Hubb Huboot Hudood Hudood e Hukoomat Huduud Hujjat Hujoom Hujuum Hujuum-e-kash-makash Hujuum-e-khasaravaa.n Hukm Hukm raan Hukm-e-tark-etamannaa Hukmraani Hukoomat Hukuumat Hullar Humaa Humaayun Humnafas Hunar Hunar mand Hundi farosh Hunooj Huqqah Hurakna Hurmat

Agitator Billow, Wave Tame, Tremble, Quake, Quiver, Wag, Waggle Shad Protection, Patronage, Support, Defense Boldness, Courage, Desire, Design, Enterprise, Mind, Spirit Embolden, Encourage Wilt Courage To Ask Confusion, Disappointment, Fear, Sorrow, Terror Afraid, Scared Of Artifice Trade Artful Ambition, Eager, Greediness, Desire Reckoning, Account, Computation, Rate, Sense Fort, Enclosure, Fence, Grasp, Hold Boundaries Of The Battleground Of Life Bonds Of Desire Attrition Lot, Portion, Quantum, Quota, Share, Zone Intelligence, Wisdom Raving, Wandering Proved To Be Be, Become, Occur Let Labia, Lip Actual Yes Virgin Of Paradise, Nymph, Beauty Emancipation, Freedom Courage Awareness, Realization, Sense, Mind, Understanding Alert, Awake, Know What's What, Learned, On The Watch, Tactful, Wakeful, Wide Awake, Witty Alarming Alert, Awake, Know What's What, Learned, On The Watch, Tactful, Wakeful, Wide Awake, Witty Courage Likeness Bubble Love, Friendship, Desire, Affection, Wish Decline, Downfall, Descent Boundaries, Penal Laws Jurisdiction Boundaries, Penal Laws Altercation, Argument, Quarrel Assault, Attack, Crowd, Mob, Onset, Resort, Throng, Tumult Assault, Attack, Crowd, Mob, Onset, Resort, Throng, Tumult Crowd Of Difficulties Mob Of Kings Bidding, Decree, Law, Order, Ordinance, Statute Ruler Order To Give Up One's Desire King Administration, Authority, Reign, Rule Administration, Authority, Reign, Rule Riot, Tumult Eagle, Phoenix, Bird Of Paradise August, Royal, Fortunate Friend Accomplishment, Art, Attainment, Knowledge, Skill, Talent Adept, Artisan, Knack, Mastery Jobber Still (Continue To Be) Waterpipe Remember Esteem, Honour, Reputation, Respect,

Hurriyat Hurriyat pasand Hushyaar Husn Husn-e-hayaa-parvar Husn-e-talab Husn-parastee Husn-talaafii Husn-zan Husool Huuk Huur Huzn Huznl Huzoor Huzoori

Emancipation Liberal Intelligent, Alert, Awake Attractiveness, Beauty, Elegance, Loveliness Coy Sweetheart Way Of Wanting, Desiring To Appreciate Beauty Beautiful Way Of Forgiveness Favourable View Acquisition, Advantage, Achievement, Attainment, Profit, Realisation Shooting Pain Fairy Affliction, Mourning, Woe Grief, Sadness, Sorrow Presence Of Superior Authority, Your Highness! Attendance, Audience

Urdu words
I-aadat Ibaadat Ibaadat gaah Ibaarat Ibhaam Ibn Ibraani Ibrat Ibrat angeyz Ibtadaa Ibtedaa Ibtedaa'i Ibtela Ibtidaa' Ibtilaa Ibtisaam Id ka chaand Idaarah Idhar Idhar sey udhar karna Idhar udhar Idhar udhar phirna Idraak Idraak karna Idraak pazeer Id ka chaand Idaarah Idhar Idhar sey udhar karna Idhar udhar Idhar udhar phirna Idraak Idraak karna Idraak pazeer Iffat Iflaas Ifraat Ifreet Iftaar Iftikhaar Ihsaan Ihsaas Ihtiyaaj Ihtiyaat Iint Iizaa Ijaad I'jaaz Ijaazat Ijtanaab Ijtemaa Ijtenaab Ikaraam Ikattha Ikhlaas Ikhtilaaf Ikhtiar Ikhtiyaar Ikhtiyaari Ilaahii Ilaahiyaat Ilaaj Ilaam

English words
Visiting A Sick Person Prayers, Devotion Temple Admonishing, Composition, Diction, Style, Wording Obscurity Son, Child Jew Admonition, Anguish Arising Out Of Other's Sufferings, Lesson, Reproof, Warning Admonitory Beginning, Launch, Start, Commencement Beginning, Launch, Start, Commencement Abortive, Beginning, Early, Elementary, Rudimental Misfortune, Trial Beginning, Start, Commencement Trial, Misfortune, Suffering Smile, Cheerfulness Rare Academy, Body, Establishment, Organisation This Way Wag Among, To And Fro Wander Perception, Comprehension Know Observable Rare Academy, Body, Establishment, Organisation This Way Wag Among, To And Fro Wander Perception, Comprehension Know Observable Abstinence, Chastity, Purity Bankruptcy, Poverty Excess, Exuberance, Plenty Apparition, Ogre Eat at the End of Day to Open Roza Distinction, Glory, Honor, Repute Beneficence, Favor, Good Deed Feeling, Emotion Need Caution, Heed Brick Pain Invented, Developed Astonishment, Miracle, Marvel, Wonder Permission, Leave, Sanction Abstention, Evasion Assemblage Abstention, Evasion Code, Prestige Amassed, Join, Knot, Lump, Together Sincerity, Purity, Love, Selfless Worship Difference Of Opinion Authority, Choice, Control, Influence, Option, Power, Right, To Accept Authority, Choice, Control, Influence, Option, Power, Right, To Accept Lack of Control God Theology Cure, Treatment, Antidote Announcing, Notifying

Ilaaqah Ilfat Ilhaad Ilhaaq Illat Ilm Ilm-e-ta'iyaarah saazi Ilmi mahaarat Ilmiyat Ilm-ul-haewaani yaat Ilm-ul-tahajji Ilm-ul-wilaadat Iltafaat Iltawa Iltifaat Iltihaab Iltijaa Ilzaam Ilaahii Ilaahiyaat Ilaaj Ilaam Ilaaqah Ilfat Ilhaad Ilhaaq Illat Ilm Ilm-e-ta'iyaarah saazi Ilmi mahaarat Ilmiyat Ilm-ul-haewaani yaat Ilm-ul-tahajji Ilm-ul-wilaadat Iltafaat Iltawa Iltifaat Iltihaab Iltijaa Ilzaam Imaan Imaarat Imaarat ul baehriyah Iman Imdaad Imkaan-hazaar-imkaa.n Imkaan Imli Imroz Imtahaan Imtehaan e shadeed Imtehaan leyna Imteyaazi nishaan Imtihaan Imtiyaaz Inaad In'aam Inaan Inaayat Inhemaak Inheraaf Inhetaati daur Injeeli Inkaar Inkhelaa Inkisaari

Jurisdiction, Area, Tenure Love Atheism Affiliation Addiction, Ailment, Bad Habit, Basis, Defect, Fault, Illness, Motive, Occasion, Pretext, Rubbish Lore, Learning, Literature, Science, Skill, Doctrine, Wisdom Kith, Knowledge, Aeronautics Knowledge Erudition, Learning Zoology Orthography Obstetrics Benevolence, Kindness, Mercy, Regard Adjournment, Late Favor, Friendship, Kindness, Regard, Mercy Flame Pleading, Request Allegation, Accusation, Accuse, Blame, Libel God Theology Cure, Treatment, Antidote Announcing, Notifying Jurisdiction, Area, Tenure Love Atheism Affiliation Addiction, Ailment, Bad Habit, Basis, Defect, Fault, Illness, Motive, Occasion, Pretext, Rubbish Lore, Learning, Literature, Science, Skill, Doctrine, Wisdom Kith, Knowledge, Aeronautics Knowledge Erudition, Learning Zoology Orthography Obstetrics Benevolence, Kindness, Mercy, Regard Adjournment, Late Favor, Friendship, Kindness, Regard, Mercy Flame Pleading, Request Allegation, Accusation, Accuse, Blame, Libel Belief, Creed, Conscience, Faith, Leader Building, Edifice, Erection Admiralty Faith Assistance, Aid, Help Having Numerous Possibilities Possibility Tamarind Today Examination, Experiment, Test, Trial, Proof Ordeal Examine Landmark Examination, Experiment, Test, Trial, Proof Discrimination, Discernment, Distinction Enmity, Obstinacy Gift, Reward, Largesse Bridle, Rein Blessing, Favour, Kindness, Acceptance Of Love, Reciprocation Of Love Zeal Aberration, Obliqueness, Obliquity, Quibble, Yawn Wane Evangelical Abnegate, Contradiction, Denial, Rejection, Refusal Evacuation Politeness

Order. Orient Delight. Justice. Expectation. Guidance Apostasy. Joy. Mania. Height. Righteousness Man. Pleasure. Lurch. Confession Promise. Choice. Love. Order. Extreme. Revolutionary Changes Rebellious Change. Revenge. Waiting (Anxiously) Waiting For The Second Question Alarm Ending. Revelry. Revolution. Society Past Joys Delight. Choice. Order. Quote. Method. Covenant Social Prestige Quotation Economical Economics Requirement. Good Fortune. Symbol. Romance Rake Lovemaking Lovesick Love Dawn. Selection Transfer Breathe One's last. Mirth. Zenith Extreme. Enjoyment. Expectation. Science. Arrangement. Sign. Waiting (Anxiously) Prosperity. Luster. Object. Intention. Pleasant and Familiar Conversation. Joy. Reprisal Administer. Wrinkle Compassion. Science. Need. Wisdom Knowledge. Society . Civility Limit Limits Of Desire Selection. Lurch. Rebellion Revolutions. Pledge. Need. Proof Allusion. Expire Avenge. Withdrawal Altitude Progress Of Life This So Much Meanwhile Ad Hoc Therefore Breath Of Christ Attestation. Day Break. Wink. Would Heaven. Pleasant and Familiar Conversation. Pleasure. Liquidate. Choice Await. Amour. Enjoyment. Arrangement. Waiting (Anxiously) Selection. Excessive Passion. Demand Requirement. Liquidate. Success. Last Adoption. Judgement . Organisation Await. Management. Method. Revolution. Desire. Luxury. Organisation Administration Await. Mankind Humanity. Luxury. Revolution. Lurch. Expectation. Declaration. Command. Demand Aim. Kindness Affection. Gesture. Paradise Progressive Around Knowledge. Reprisal Jadedness Administer. Rebellion Equity. Limit. Human Being. Management. Revelry.Inqaa Inqalaab Inqalaabaat Inqalaabi Inqelaab Inqilaab Insaaf Insaan Insaaniyyat Intahaa Intahaa-e-shauq Intakhaab Intazaar Intazaar-e-savaal-edigar Intebaah Inteha Intehaa'i Intekhaab Inteqaal Inteqaal karna Inteqaam Inteshaar Intezaam Intezaamiyah Intezaar Intikhaab Intiqaam Intizaam Intizaar Iqbaal Iqraar Iqtadaar Iqtebaas Iqtesaadi Iqtesaadiyat Iqteza Iqtizaa' Iraadaa Iram Iratiqaa Ird gird Irfaan Irfan Irshaad Irtedaad Irtefaa Irtiqaa-e-zindagii Is Is dajaa Is dauraan meyn Is khaas maqsad key li'ey Is li'ey Isaa-nafas Isbaat Ishaarah Ishfaaq Ishq Ishq baaz Ishq baazi Ishq ka maara Ishq laag Ishraaq Ishrat Ishrat-e-raftaa Ishrath Ishteaal Mythical Bird (Something Rare) Change. Mention. Agitation Mirth. Rebellion Change. Will. Election Revenge. Last. Confession. Retreat. Wisdom Instruction.

Waste Obduracy. Usage. Quiescence.Beacon. Reputation. A Confused and Dubious Dangerous Affair. Desire Advertisement. Desire A Confused and Dubious Affair. Beacon. Opportunity Accord All Of A Sudden. Concord. Rectitude Reception. Use Jointure Loyalty. Renown Jointly Longing. Blame Dependence. This Much Essence. Ogling. Craving. Reform Waste. Amorous. Craving. Blandishment. Lavish. Obstinacy. Chance. Fire Seen From Distance. Poster. Sin Emendation. Trust As Much As. Poster. Dangerous Affair. Ogling. Blandishment. Obedience Rebuke. Reliance Objection. Dangerous Affair. Coquetry. Confidence. Beacon. Protest Loss. Alliance Charge. Reliance. A Confused and Dubious Affair. Displeasure Submission Jasmine Humile Being Proud Trust. Amorous. Reputation.Ishteaal baazi karna Ishteha Ishteha barhaana Ishtehaar Ishtehaar baazi Ishteraak-e-khoon Ishteyaaq Ishtiaaq Ishtihaar Ishtiraak sey Ishtiyaaq Ishvaa Ishwa Ishwah Isiyaan Islaah Israaf Israar Israar-e-hayaat Istebaas Istedaad Istefa Istefhaam Istefsaar Istefsaar naamah Istehza Istelaah Istelaah-e-peyshah waraan Istemaal Isteqaamat Isteqbaal Isteqlaal Isteraahat Isteshan Istesna Isti'faa Isti'maal Istri dhan Itaaat Itaab Ita'at Italiyan chambeyli Itarae I'tibaar I'tiraaz Itlaaf Itmaam Itmenaan Itna Itr Ittafaaqan Ittefaaq Ittefaaq e raa'ey Ittefaaqan Ittefaaqi Ittefaaqiyah Ittehaad Ittekaa Ittelaa Ittelaa deyna Ittifaaq Ittifaaqaan Ittifaaqaat Ittihaad Ittihaam Ittikaa' Agitate Lust Whet Advertisement. Event. Reliance . Chance. Renown Advertising Kinship Ardent Desire. Alliance. Termination Comfortable. Jointly Reliance Knowledge Advertise Accordance. Event. Criticism. Agreement. Extravagance. Faith. Reproach. Satisfied. Coquetry. Affair. Imputation. Accident. Begining of Darkness at Night. Welcome Resolution Quietude Station Exception Resignation Application. Obduracy. Ruin. Fire Seen From Distance. Longing Longing. Opportunity Accidentally Chance Occurrences Union. Question Questionnaire Jape Term Jargon Application. Decay Completion. Obstinacy Secrets Of Life Quote Knack Resignation Query Query. Extract By Coincidence Accordance. Ogling. Persistence. This Many. Agreement. Coquetry. Concord. Notification. Begining of Darkness at Night. Tranquillity. Employment Adherence. Perfection. Amorous. Notification. Accidentally Occasional Accidental Agreement. Anger. Fire Seen From Distance. Accident. Blandishment. Content. Begining of Darkness at Night.

Revelation. Disturbance. Perturbation. Restlessness. Order Disclosure. Glory. Reputation. VexationChargin. Disturbance. Commotion. Vexation Jactation Anxiety. Disturbance. Agitation. Distraction. Vexation Helplessness. Latitude Command To Stop Anxiety. Statement. Anxiety. Restlessness. Restlessness. Respect. Commotion. Perturbation. Testimony Expression Of (One's) Desire Allowance. Distraction.Ivaz Izahaar Izan Izhaar Izhaar-e-tamannaa Izn Izn-e-qaayam Izteraab Izteraab-e-shadeed Izterab Iztiraab Iztiraar Izzat Iz'z-o-naaz In Exchange Disclosure. Revelation. Commotion. Distraction. Express. Testimony Permission. Reverence Respect And Beauty . Chargin. Perturbation. Proclamation. Proclamation. Express. Statement. Chargin. Constraint Esteem. Manifestation. Honor. Manifestation.

Kosher. Estate. Mind. Sweetheart Avoid Judgement Examine Of Or Relating To Life. Authentic. Lawful. Rivals Lateral Laterally Jeopardy Lifeguard English words . Legacy Birthplace Locality. Life. Witchcraft Assets. Estate A Fief Wake Barbarous. Effect Of Evil Spirits. Trap Web Rush Overtake Lattice Knitter Goblet. Magic. Knickerbockers Life Threatening Beloved. Legal Examination Lattice Awake Estate Landholder Property. Wineglass Wallet Robe Worn On Haj Rose-Apple Laconic Goblet Of Wine A Goblet Of Bitter Wine A Glass A Glass Clay Cup Quiescent Bottles And Glasses Of Wine Rose-Apple Beloved. A Lover Life Of The Win-House (Saaqii) Knowingly Wittingly Life Filled With Difficulties Labour Knickers. Property. Side (Of) Strangers. Narrow Charm. Zing Walk Beloved. Dear One. A Beloved.J Urdu words Jaa Jaabir aanah Jaadah Jaadu Jaaedaad Jaaedaad matrookah Jaaey paedaaish Jaaey waqoo Jaaez Jaaezah Jaafri Jaaga hua Jaageer Jaageer daar Jaagiir Jaagir Jaagna Jaahil Jaahil-e-mutlaq Jaaiz Jaal Jaala Jaaldi karna Jaa leyna Jaali Jaali kaarhney waala Jaam Jaam daani Jaamaa-e-eharaam Jaaman Jaame Jaam-e-may Jaam-e-may-e-talkh Jaam-e-saagar Jaam-e-saaghar Jaam-e-sifaal Jaamid Jaam-o-shiishaa-opaimaanaa Jaamun Jaan Jaana Jaanaan Jaan bachaana Jaanch Jaanchna Jaanee Jaan-e-mayakadaa Jaaney boojhey Jaaney boojhey Jaan-e-zaar Jaan fishaani Jaangiya Jaan-gulis Jaani Jaani hui Jaanib Jaanib-e-agyaar Jaanibi Jaanibiyat sey Jaan jaaney ka Dar Jaan ka muhaafiz Space Onerous. Illiterate Know-nothing Legal. Lover Known Behalf. Towards. Sweetheart. Enchantment. Net. In The Direction Of. Oppressive Small. Locus Admissible. Legitimate. Permitted Latch. Vigor. Soul. Allowable. Ignorant. Conjuring.

Alluring. Establish. Injury. Know. Continuing.Jaan kani Jaan lewa Jaan leyna Jaan leyva Jaanna Jaanney key qaabil Jaannisaar Jaannisaaraan Jaan nisaari Jaan-sipaaree Jaan-sitaan Jaan war Jaan war khaanah Jaa-o-bejaa Jaar haanah Jaara Jaaree Jaareh Jaarhiyat Jaari Jaarii Jaarob kash Jaasoos Jaava kapaas Jaavidaan Jaaved Jaavidaanii Jaawetri Jaaz mauseeqi par raqs Jaazbiyat Jaazib Jaaziiraa Jaaziirah Jab Jab bhi Jab keh Jabbaar Jabeen Jabiin Jabr Jabr deedah Jabra Jabr-e-musalsal Jabrey ki haddi Jabri heraast Jad Jadaul Jadeed Jadeed paakhaanah Jaesa Jaesey Jafa Jafa kash Jafaa Jafaa kash Jafaakaar Jafaakhuu Jafaayen Jaga hu'a Jagaana Jagah Jagah dhoondna Jagan naath Agony Lethal Murder Tough Ken. Yield Locate Juggernaut . Establish. Keep. Keep. Room. Running Aggressor Aggression Current. Struggle Jawbone Quarantine Root List Modern. Magnetism Absorbent. Unfaithful. Running Current. Rouse. Ordain. Ordain. Ordain. Accommodation. Injustice. Tyranny Of A Beloved Wakeful Awaken. Unfaithful. Whereas Orion Brow. Continuing. Injustice. Injury. Running Janitor Emissary Kapok Eternal. Keep. Winsome Island Island When. Waken About. Forehead Oppression Aggrieved Jaw. Attractive. Hardworking One Who Is Unfaithful Unfaithful By Habit Oppression. Violence Energetic. Flowing. Perpetual Mace Jive Attraction. Establish. Learn Knowable One Who Sacrifices His Life For Others Plural Of Jaannisaar Martyrdom Resigning One's Life Into The Hands Of Another Distroying Animal Zoo Right And Wrong Aggressive Winter Current. Continuing. Locality. Forehead Brow. Everlasting. Knock-Up. Wherever Among. Recent Water Closet Just As. Like(As) Qua Oppression. Flowing. Flowing. Violence Laborious Oppression. Allurement. Locus. Whilst Whenever. Pertual Eternal Eternal. Jowl Continuous Striving.

Magnificence. Very Costly Crowd. Vessel Jump Ship Jetty Where Illiterate Jahsn-e-aatish-o-nagna The Blatant Display of Power and Wealth Oat Jai Jakar deyna Jal Jala hua Jalaal Jalaana Jalaapa Jalan Jald Jald az jald Jaldi Jaldi karna Jaldi sey Jaldi sey jaana Jaleel Jali Jallaad Jalna Jalsah Jalta hua Jalte Jalvaa Jalvaa-faramaa-ii Jalvaagaah Bind Water.Tales Of Her Beauty In The Solitude Of The Evenings shab afsaane Manifestation Jalvaa-garii Display Of Flowers Jalva-e-gul Jalwaa-garee Jalwah Jalwah-giri Jam Jam ghat Jama Jama daar Jama hu'a Jama karna Jama shudah Jamaaat Jamaahi Jamaal Jamaaliyaat Jamaghat Jameel Jamhoor Jamhooriah Jamna Janaab Manifestation Luster. Mob. Quickly. Splendor Burn Jealousy Burn. Take Root Esquire. Whither Wherever Whereat World Of Troubles World Of Problems Hell Ship. Mob. Rapid As Soon As Quick. Afire Get Burnt To Appear. Your Honor! Jamaaaton ki anjuman Bloc . Rabble Amassed. Assembled Janitor Rooted Accumulate. Amass. Envy Quickly. Make Haste Quickly Zap Majestic Kitsch Executioner Burn Meeting Ablaze. Majesty. Counterfeit Burnt Brilliance. Manifestation Place Of Jalvaagah-e-khilavat-e. Show Display. Rapid Launch. Elegance. Tot Accumulated Organisation.Jagat Jahaalat Jahaalat pasandi Jahaan Jahaan bhi Jahaan sey Jahaan-e-bedaar Jahaan-e-kharaab Jahaannum Jahaaz Jahaaz ko tark karna Jahaazon ka pushtah Jahan Jahil Quirk Barbarity Obscurantism The World. Loveliness Aesthetics Crowd. Show View. Splendour. Sir!. Team Yawn Beauty. Rabble Bonny Laity Republic Jell. Display. Display. Show King Jamshed's Cup. Where. Splendor. Quickness.

Quantity Audacity Massive A Feast. Jewel. Wood Wildfire Warlike Battleship. Heaven. Jeweler Atomic Energy Jeopardy Which Which-So-Ever Jaukham meyn Daalna Jeopardise . Paradise Year Book Zen Yen Root Take Root Jailbird Surgery Bacteria Jewel. In The Direction Of. As Loving As Life Corpse. Towards. Warfare Wage Joust Wage Warmonger War And Strife Forest. Garden. Jump. Side (Of) Eden. Funeral Birth Battle. War. Essence.Janaan Janaazah Janam Jang Jang baazi karna Jang-e-zar gari Jang jaari rakhna Jang ju Jang-o-jadal Jangal Jangal ki aag Jangi Jangi jahaaz Jangi jurm Jangi kaar rawaa'i Jangi kaarawaa'i ki warzish Jangi khazaanah Jangi sar daar Jangii duhal Jangju watan parast Jangju yaanah Jangli Jangli chooha Jangli pan sey Janib Jannat Jantri Japaani budh mat Japaani sikkah Jar Jar pakarna Jaraa'em peyshah Jaraahat Jaraaseem Jaraau zeywar Jaras Jarb Jarh Jarrah Jarsoomi Jasaamat Jasaarat Jaseem Jashn Jashn e musarrat Jashn-charaagaan Jasoor Jast Jast kheyz Jasti lebaas Jataana Jattha Jau Jauban Jauhar Jauhar rasaan Jauhar-e-andeshaa Jauhari Jauhari tawaanaa'i Jaukham Jaun sa Jaun sa bhi Dear. Knowledge. Skill Quintessential Suspicion Of Cleverness Atomic. Warplane War Crime Warpath War Game War Chest Warlord War Drum Jingo Jingoistic Wild Jerboa Wildly Behalf. Massiveness. Quiddity. Thicket. Essential. Quintessence. Emphasise Team Barley Youth Atom. Zinc Jumper Jump Suit Admonish. Celebration. Jubilation Jubilee Celebration Of Lights Audacious Jerk. Jewelry Bell Chot Root Operator Bacterial Largeness.

Lackadaisical. Justification. Passion. Reply Jeweler One Who Dies Young Youth Justification Eternal Answer. Requital Wage Reward Leprosy Ebb. Life Foolishness Jet Stream Jet Lag Broom Tamarisk Wrangler Quarrel. Youth Knight Excuse. Tyranny Youth Answer. Kick Up. Equal. Root Allurement. Gems (Plu. Parallel. Talker Waft Glimpse Jerk Quick-tempered Banner Trouble Jingle Jingle Jar Wiggle Wince Zip Affair . Enthusiasm. Match. Feeling. Passion. Equal. Life Existence. Parallel. Desire. Row. Winning Win Existence. Rage Island Island Life Triumph. Rowdy Jargon Jabbered. Enthusiasm. Zeal Zealots Feelings Affect. Reply Answerable.Jaur Jauvan Javaab Javaahir Javaan-marg Javaanii Javaaz Javeedan Jawaab Jawaab deh Jawaab deyna Jawaaban Jawaahir Jawaahraat Jawaan Jawaan mard Jawaaz Jaza Jaza saza Jazaa Jazaam Jazar Jazb Jazbaa Jazbaa-e-dil Jazbaa-e-imaan Jazbaat Jazbaat ko Theys pahonchaana Jazbaati Jazbaatiyat Jazba-e-ehsaas Jazbah Jaziiraa Jaziirah Jeest Jeet Jeetna Jeevan Jeewan Jehel Jet dhaara Jet sey thakaan Jhaaru Jhaa'u Jhagaraalu Jhagarna Jhagra Jhagraalu Jhak jhak Jhakki Jhakola Jhalak Jhalkora Jhalla Jhanda Jhanjhat Jhankaar Jhankaarna Jhankaarna jhagra karna Jhapak jhapak kar chalna Jhar jharaana Jhar jharaata Jharap Oppression. Defence. To Answer Again Jewels. Attraction. Of Jauhar) Jewellery Young. Emotion. Responsible Reciprocate. Match. Quarrelsome. Quarrel. Rage Emotions Abiding Faith Emotion Offend Ardent. Litigation. Legality. Liable. Desire. Warrant Quittance. Languishing. Querulous. Double. Reasons. Feeling. Absorption Affect. Wrangle Jar. Emotion. Transgress. Dismissal.

Breeze Waft Loll Waddle Brag. Kind. Lakeside Shrimp Abashment Hesitation. Whither Courage. Lean. Kneel. Hesitant. Trend Burnt Bow. Things. Falsehood Braggart. Falsehood Yes Yes Man Where. Blow of Air. Mendacious Malign Touted Mock Joust Tout Yellow-Press Hut Languid Bend. Yank Lake Lakefront. Tilt. Shyness Hesitate. Tilt Tilt. Show Reluctance. Lob. Reluctant Web Jalousie Breeze Knapsack Lap Waft. Lie. Vitals Mind Heart And Nerves( Implies The Potential Within ) Direction Luster Exile Quicken Binding (Of A Book) Article. Knave. Heart. Show Reluctance. Languish.Jhat pat Jhatka Jheel Jheel ka kinaara Jheeñga Jheynp Jhijak Jhijhak Jhijhakanaa Jhijhaknaa Jhilli Jhilmili Jhilnka Jhola Jholi Jhonka Jhoola Jhoolna Jhoomti chaal Jhoot Jhoota Jhoota ilzaam lagaana Jhoota mash hoor Jhooti Jhooti laraa'i Jhooti tareef karna Jhooti ya mubaalghah aameyz Jhopadaa Jhuka hua Jhukaana Jhukaa'o Jhulsaata Jhukna Jhumka Jhunjhalaa Jhun-jhalaa ke Jhunjhlaa Jhun-jhulaahat Jhun-jhunaahat Jhur jhuri Jhurmut Jhurri Jhut puta Jhutwaana Jhuuth Ji Ji huzooriya Jidhar Jigar Jigar khaatir Jigar-o-nas Jihat Jila Jila watani Jilaana Jild Jins Jinsi bhook Jinsi talab Jiraahat Jirah karna Jis ka Jis ka mazaaq uraaya ja'ey Row Jerk. Lie. Shyness Hesitation. Liver. Mind. Reluctant Hesitate. Hesitant. Wilt Earring Irritate In Exasperation Irritate Annoyance Jingle Jar Crowd Wrinkle Twilight Belie Brag. Soul. Lying. Species. Liar. Items Lust Libido Surgery Remonstrate Whose Laughing Stock . Lean.

Attach. Mania. Whosoever Obtainable Abloom Yoga Yoke Yogi Canal. Separate Separation. Whatsoever.Who Whichever. Frenzy. Kinship. Valor Courage To View. Passion. Daring. Passion. Zeal Youthful Excite. Zealotry Zeal. Which. Mania.E. Whoever. Kindle. Insanity. Insanity. Search Inquisitive . Link. Passion. Asunder. Madness. Asunder. Apart. To Perform An Impossible Task Jasmine Auriculatum Just As Boot Lackey Quested Account. Joint. Link Enthusiasm. Lunacy. Addition. Penalty Crime Of Love Knot Audacity. Lunacy. Madness.Jism Jismaani Jitna Jo Jo bhi Jo mil sakey Joban par Jog Jogh Jogi Joo Joo-e-sheer Joohi Joon joon Joota Jootey uthaana Jooya Jor Jor tor karney waala Jora Jori Jorna Josh Josh bhara Josh dilaana Josh kam ho jaana Josh-o-kharosh Josheela Josh-e-junuu. Frenzy. Valor Twin Juror Desire. Absence Lice Epigram. Apart. Mania. Frenzy. Peculiar. Ecstasy. Knuckle. Ecstasy. Whatever. Knuckle-Joint. Daring. Ecstasy. Join. Passion. Stream To Create A Canal Of Milk. Lunacy. Boldness. Courage. Quest. Wag Craze. Juncture. Waft. Warmth. Offence Fine. See Crime. Absence Separation. Insanity. Zealotry Kleptomania Rabid Lunatic Craze. Guilt. Heat.. Quibble Trick Weaver Procession Movement. Linkage Tactician Twain Yoke Add. I.N Jot Juda Judaa Judaaee Judaai Juen Jugat Jul deyna Julaaha Juluus Jumbish Jumeraat Jumla Junbish Junoon Junoon-e-sarqah Junooni Junoononi Junuun Junuun-e-parastish Junuun-khezi Jura Juraa'i Jurat Jur'at-e-diidaar Jurm Jurmaanah Jurm-e-muhabbat Jurna Jurrat Jurwaan Jury' ka rukn Justajuu Justajuu-aamez Body Material As Many As What. Lust. Zealotry Joined Lapping Boldness. Peculiar. Madness of Worship Craze. Rouse Quench Zeal Zealous Uncontrolled Frenzy Yoke Abstract. Junction. Knit. Separate Abstract. Madness. Inquiry. Vibration Thursday All Jerk. Courage.

Search Rivulet River of Pain Sweet Water River As Other Than Besides Death Exceed. Outrun . Search Desire. Quest. Quest. Search Desire.Justjoo Justju Justuju Juu Juu-e-dard Juu-e-shiiriin Juunjuun Juz Juz marg Jwaaz karna Desire. Inquiry. Quest. Inquiry. Inquiry.

Learned. Accomplished. Slow. Relaxed. Languid. Hair Plait. Decay. Ample. Make Do Job. A Lot. Disbeliever. Design. Employment. Ungrateful.K Urdu words Ka Kaa rindah Kaabaa Kaaenaat Kaafi Kaafi ul waqt Kaafir Kaafur Kaagh Kaaghaz Kaaghaz ka dastah Kaaghaz ka raddah Kaaghazee Kaaghazi Kaaghzi Kaahil Kaahil sust raftaar Kaahili Kaahish Kaai Kaa'iyaan Kaaj Kaajal Kaaju Kaakul Kaakulen Kaakul-e-pechaa. Labour. Blessed Success Ear. Document. Mistress. Successful. Non-Believer. Happy. Letter. Lazy. Intention. Complete. Satisfied Achievement Successful Absolute. Prosperous. Pining Lichen Miser Button-Hole.n Kaala Kaala îmlm Kaala karna Kaala pan Kaala siyaah Kaalak Kaalbud Kaali khaansi Kaalik lagaana Kaam Kaam chalaa'u Kaam chor Kaam daar Kaam deyna Kaam ka baar Kaam kaaj Kaam karna Kaam raan Kaam tamaam karna Kaam yaab Kaam yaabi Kaamaraan Kaamil Kaamliyat Kaamraan Kaamyaabii Kaan Kaan bharna Kaan kaatna Kaan kan Kaan kani karna Of Agent House Of Allah In Mecca Universe Adequate. One who worships someone else in place of Allah. Jubilant. Task. Disloyal Camphor Cork Bond. Form. Errand. Wanton. Embroidery. Decline. Desire. Occupation. Tardy Otiosity Anxiety. Whole Absoluteness Successful. Sweetheart. Work Languid Embroidered Employ Workload Affair Till Blessed. Indolent. Late. Engagement. Quite A Few Timely Infidel. Labour Lamp-Black Acajou Curls. Quarry Backbite Outwit Miner Mine English words . Mine. Effectual. Langour. Impious. Tardy. Sufficient. Tag Quire Block Delicate Brittle. Locks Curls Of Hair Curly Hair. Curls Of (Your) Hair Black Black Ritual Blacken Blackness Jetty Blackness The Body. Model Whooping Cough Tarnish Business. Palate. Happy. Object. Otiose. Fortunate. Unfaithful. Enough. Lucky Kill Appeased. Paper. Purport. Thin Wafer Ailing.

Thorn Legal Rules Act. Quake. Enmity. Labor. Employment. Refute. Open. Working Benefactor. Rejoinder Bite Backbiting Junk. Journeyman. Tried Obedient. Extract Effectual. Workman Art. Worker Attorney Accomplishment. Employment Advertising Caravan. Ongoing. Observing Effective Efficiency Factory. Large Company Of Pilgrims Cup. Workshop Assignee.Kaan ki lau Kaan kun Kaan lagaana Lobe Quarryman Listen Kaan meyn khus phusi Whisper karna One Eyed Kaana Whispering Kaana phoosi Kaanpna Kaant chhaant Kaant chhant Kaanta Kaanuunii zaabate Kaar Kaar aamad Kaar aazmoodah Kaar band Kaar gar Kaar guzaari Kaar khaanah Kaar kun Kaar kun mukhtaar Kaar naamah Kaar pardaaz Kaar rawaa'i Kaar saaz Kaar toos Kaarafarmaa Kaaravaan Kaar-e-muhabbat Kaarhna Kaari Kaari gar Kaari gari Kaarindah Kaar-o-baar Kaar-o-baar-eishtehaar Kaarwaan Kaasah Kaasah-e-gadaa'i Kaash Kaashaana Kaashif Kaasht Kaasht kaar Kaasht kaari Kaat Kaat khaana Kaat phaans Kaath Kaath ka ullu Kaath kabaar Kaatib Kaatna Kaave-kaave Kaavish Kaavishe. Quiver. Knack. Lumber Errant Fool Junky Scribe. Workmanship Journeyman Affair. Goblet. Artisan. Affair. Labour. Duty. Malice Universe Body Transformation . Snake Bite Hard Work Thought Difficulties Trick Enmity. Bowl Beggar's Bowl Would That ! House Discoverer. Tilth Agriculturist Agriculture Bite. Manager Action. Quaver. Profession. Exploit Agent. Execution. Artistic Work. Mortal Adept. Amendment Retrenchment Barb.n Kaawa deyna Kaawish Kaay naat Kaaya Kaaya palat Quail. Reap. Manager. Writer Exclude. Work Applicable Experienced. Loss. Revealer Tenure. Achievement. Maker Bullet One Who Arranges Everything Caravan Task Of Love Embroider. Tremble Alteration. Mutilate. Operation. Knife. Business. Thorn. Mow. Mission.

Tell Obey Altercation What Sort Of? Palm. Exertion Leap Place A Place (Usually A Suff. Loose. Report Admonish. Tale. Sleeve Ladle Cloth To Cover The Corpse. Order. Rarely Occasionally Pigeon. Shroud Burial Shroud Bearer Lather Bail Handful Of Dust Atonement The Milky Way Bidding. Immense.Kaayumm Kaazib Kab Kabaab cheeni Kabaar Kabaari Kabaarya Kabeedah Kabeedah khaatir Kabeer Kabhi Kabhi bhi Kabhi kabhaar Kabhi kabhi Kabootar Kachaalu Kachcha Kachchi eent Kachehri Kachhaar Kachhwa Kachra Kad Kad karey lagaana Kadaa Kadah Kadavaa Kadh Kadii Kadoorat Kaef Kaef aawar Kaefi Kaefiyat Kaehna Kaehna maanna Kaehna sunna Kaesa Kaf Kaf geer Kafan Kafan dafan Kafan-bardaar Kaf-e-saabun Kafeel Kaf-e-khaak Kaffaarah Kah-kashaan Kaha Kaha suna Kahaan Kahaan kahaan Kahaani Kahaawat Kaheen Kaheen bhi Stable False. Weak. Bidding. Affection. Rough. Yielding Adobe Judicature Lair Tortoise. Remark Advice. Turtle Rubbish Effort. Words Where about.) Sour Taste Height Stern. Wherever Kaheen sey door jaana Leave Laziness Kahili Kahruba Ka'i Electricity A Number Of . Whither Everywhere. Lest Anywhere. Large. Dove Yam Alloyed. Quality. Timid. Mendacious When Allspice Junk Junkman Junkman Offended Offended Great. Approximate. Magnate Ever Once Occasionally. Where. Assert. Advise. Remark. Ask. Raw. Whereto. Strong Bad Blood. Liar. Revel Joyful Qualitative Account. Yarn Adage Anywhere. Whence Legend. Malice Exhilaration.

Quality . State. Perfection. Lack Of Gentility Jaundiced Crooked Ways. To Abridge. Objection. Scanty Low Bred Unfortunate. Elder. Too Little. Bud. Writing Big. Intoxication. Few. Oration. Weak. More Or Less Juvenile. Cathedral Liver. Explanation. Situation Crooked Crooked Ways. Crudity. Beast-Like Blackness Key Key Word Keystone Keyboard Church. Mean Weak Minded Languor. Rude Zigzag Jaundiced Aberrant. Narration Narrative. Excellence. Misfortune Abate. Yielding Wage Earner Accomplishment. Wane Extenuate. Jowl Abusive The Beginning Of Quranic Verses Word Deficient. Wry Aberration Knock-Kneed Tomorrow Yester Wrist Taverner. Art. Miracle. Composition. Happiness. Joy Inducing Intoxication One Who Is Intoxicated Condition. Magnanimity Blossom. Large. Quick Lime Bud Bud Cheek Jaw.Ka'i baar Kaif Kaif-asar Kaifi Kaifiyat Kaifiyyat Kaj adaa Kaj adaa-ii Kaj been Kajj afaaee Kaj khulq Kaj maj Kaj nazar Kaj rau Kaj rawi Kaj zaanu Kal Kal ka Kalaa'i Kalaal Kalaalan Kalaam Kalaan Kalaawant Kalanaaam Kalauns Kaleed Kaleedi lafz Kaleedi patthar Kaleedi takhtah Kaleesa Kaleyja Kali Kali nikalna Kalla Kallaa Kallah Kalley daraaz Kalmaa Kalmah Kam Kam asl Kam bakht Kam bakhti Kam hona Kam karna Kam kharch Kam o beysh Kam sin Kam sini Kam tar karna Kam tareen Kam umar sa Kam wazan Kam yaabi Kam zarf Kam zehen Kam zor Kamaa'i karney waala Kamaal Often Exhilaration. Little Youth Aggravate Least Youngish Light Lack Base. Less. Speech. Assuage. To Assuage. Letup. Wretched Bad Luck. Major. Reduce Economical About. Circumstances. Wishy-Washy. Lull. Crudity. Lessen. Discourse. Lack Of Gentility Rough. Rare. Abridge. Low. To Abate. Lessen. Wine Seller Ale Wife A Work. Laconic. Tall Bard Animal-Like.

Base. Loss. Maid Bangle. Rigid Acrimonious Jar Jangle Rigidity Roar. Odious Benign. Bountiful. Reduction. Meagerness. Loss. Arch. Aversion. Anklet. Army Flank. Rigorous. Loud. Trash Border Avoid Lotus Jaundice Quake. Benignity. Wane Type Of Clothes Accommodation. Zone Unlucky. Wimp Weakest Kite Temple Carved. Benedictions. Kind. Bracelet Comb Beggar Jot Miser Rubbish. Clemency. Mean. Remission. Room Lessen Feeble. Defective. Anguish. Weak. Rough. Odium Thunder-Clap Roar Austere. Malicious. Reduction. Thunder Benevolence. Vexation Achievable Abominable. Epithet Of God. Waggle Tremble Malice. Waist. Vulgar Abjectness Abattoir Abatement. Rigid. Spring Earn Earner Arch. Girdle. Dearth Abject. Abatement. Lack. Loathsomeness Abhorrence. Favor. Bounty. Generous. Bracelet. Rude To Cry Out In Pain Abhorrence. Powerless. Rancour Quiver Raiment Weave Ooze To Do Adamant. Quiver Wag. Relaxation.Kamaal-e-ishq Kamaan Kamaana Kamaa'u Kamar Kam-bakht Kambal Kamee Kameenah Kameengi Kameylah Kami Kamkhwab Kamrah Kamti karna Kamzor Kamzor tareen Kan kauwwa Kan pati Kandah Kaneez Kangan Kangha Kangla Kani Kanjoos Kankar patthar Kanni Kanni kaatna Kanwal Kanwal baa'o Kap kapaahat Kap kapaana Kap kpaana Kapat Kapkapi Kaprey Kaprey bunna Kaprey ka roo'aan Kar Kara Karaahanaa Karaahat Karaahiyat Karaaka Karak Karakht Karakht soz naak Karakht aawaaz Karakht naa gawaar aawaaz Karakhtagi Karakna Karam Karam kalla Karatab Karb Kardni Kareeh Kareem Kar-e-wafa Limits Of Love Bow. Kindness. Obdurate. Merciful Performance Of Promise . Loud. Execrable. Largeness Kale Magical Trick Agony. Unfortunate Quilt Deficiency. Engraved Lass.

Tray. Keen. Magnetism. Miracle Karishmaat-e-tasavvur Miracle Of Imagination Thunder Karka Karna Karney deyna Karni Karr-o-bayyan Kartab Karwa Karwa kaseela Karwa pan Karwa teyl Karwaahat Karyal Kas Kasaala Kasab Kasakna Kasal Kasal mandi Kasar Kasar nikaalna Kasauti Kasbi Kaseef Kaseer Kaseer ul kalaam Kash makash Kasha kash Kashaakash Kasheed karna Kasheedagi Kasheedah kaari Kashf Kashish Kashkol Kash-ma-kash Kashmeera Kashti Kashti raan Kasl Kasmsaahat Kasna Kasr Kasrat Kasrat sey hona Kata phata Kataa'i Katar Katauti Kateyli Kathal Katra Katraana Kattar Kattar paeru Make Let Jointer Angles Acrobatics. Boat. Vessel Yachtsman. Exuberance. Reaping. Tension Embroidery Manifestation Attraction. Ample. Bitter Tasting Adverse Bitterness Mustard Oil Bitterness Bony Man. Much Loquacious. Rabid Zealot . Touch-Stone Jade. Wok Beam. Wordy Jostling. Trouble Art. Allurement. Loss. Overcrowding Tussle Contention. Yachter Laxity Restlessness Braces. Acrid. Dilemma. Drawing. Strife Beggar's Bowl Struggle Kerseymere Ark. Lavish. Art. Sickness Weariness Affliction. Affluence. Kick Back Keen Jackfruit Drops Of Water. Embroidery. Ship. Ortho-. Depression. Largeness. Trade Ache Laxity. Bulk. Tie Breach. Jugglery. Toil. Loon Abundant. Affliction Abundance. Breach. Market Place Avoid Merciless.n Karishma Extract. Loss Take Revenge Test. Retrench Dagger Abatement. Massive. Link. Excess. Thick Many. Rafter Rule Followers Wonder.Karhaa'i Kari Kariinaa Kariino. Extract Misunderstanding. Cowardice. Profession. Multitude Abound Jagged Lopping. Tricks Acrimonious. Tenacity Labour. Person. Grief And Pain Struggle Brew.

Silent Kin. Timid Traitor Ashes. Which Lightning Kaundna roshan karna Lighten Mud. Empty. Quiet. Lull. Vain Apprehension. Weakness Appease. Who What. Jejune Lacuna Empty Emptiness The Creator. Sincere(Friend) Leisure Body Kayak Crude. Dirt. Lackey Afraid. Mollify. Maker Pure. Morsel Being. Earth. Existence. Willy-Nilly Pen Khaamah farsaa'i karna Write Young Blood Khaama-khoon Khaami Khaamosh Khaan daan Rawness. Dust. Unripe.Kattar pan Kaul Kaun Kaun sa Kaunda Zealotry Mouthful. Genuine. What. Raw. Rancor. Terrestrial Ashes One Living On Floor ( Down To Earth ) Mole Occasionally. Who Galaxy At Worm Banana Religion Kettle Teacosy Evacuate Manure Bedung Attendant. Quaggy Keechar Keechar meyn ghaseetna Keechar meyn rondna phondna Keekar Keemiya Keenah Keera Keh Kehkashaan Key Keychhwa Keyla Keysh Keytli Keytli posh Khaaali Khaad Khaad Daalna Khaadim Khaaef Khaa'in Khaak Khaak daalna Khaak meyn milaana Khaak saar Khaak-saarii Khaakah Khaakah uraana Khaakah utarna Khaake Khaaki Khaakistar Khaak-nashin Khaal Khaal khaal Khaalah Khaali Khaali-jagah Khaali-karna Khaali-pan Khaaliq Khaalis Khaali-waqt Khaal-o-khad Khaalon sey bani Dongi Khaam Khaam khayaali Khaam khwaah Khaama Bedaggle Wallow Acacia Alchemy Malice. Land Abandon. Which. God. Enmity Worm That. Green. What. Immature. Inexpert. Rarely Aunt Blank. Bury Waste Low Humbleness Outline Ridicule Trace Sketches Earthly. Lineage . Whim All For Nothing. Orderly.

Princess. Compartment. Lunacy. Mania. Best. Sake Entertainment Insult Of (Someone's) Hospitality Lady Ladylike Treasurer Baseness. Partition. News. Ousted. Expel. Secrecy . Trash Attribute Account. Information. Outcast. Lunch. Thistle. Endure. Major. Warn Watch Enquire. Wackiness. Main. Outwardly Extraneous. Queer Jowl Apprehension Loom Anyway. Whim. Excluded. Omit. Special. Ledger. Welfare. Noble. Embezzle. Wickedness Account. Receptacle Marriage Roam. Outside Externally. Unmixed Especially A Lot. Thorn Barbed. Memory. Outer. Report. Eat. Notice. Awareness. Madness. Dynasty Lady. Watchfulness Acquainted. Particular. Throw Out Quotient Exterior. Well Being Kindly Angry. Watchful Take Care Awaken. Welfare. Quash. Tally Ring Tally Terminator End. Rejected. Misappropriate. Concealment. Concealment. Knowing. Trace Rogue Kooky. Lineage. Annoyed. Rather Rubbish. Room. Termination Behalf.Khaan qaah Khaana Khaanaa-bajaan Khaanaa-kharaab Khaanaa-viiraanii Khaanaa-weeraanee Khaanah Khaanah abaadi Khaanah badosh Khaanah badosh bhaand Khaanah puri Khaanam Khaandaan Khaanum Khaar Khaar daar Khaar daar taar Khaar khaana Khaar zaar Khaara Khaari Khaarij Khaarij ul qismat Khaarijah Khaarijan Khaariji Khaas Khaas taur par Khaasah Khaashaak Khaasiyat Khaata Khaatam Khaatey meyn likhna Khaatim Khaatimah Khaatir Khaatir daari Khaatir-shikanii Khaatoon Khaatoon sifat Khaazin Khabaasat Khabar Khabar daar Khabar daar hona Khabar daar karna Khabar geeri Khabar leyna Khabees Khabt Khad Khad shah Khaddi Khaer Khaer khwaah Khaer Khaer khwaah Khafa Khafaa Abbey Bear. Displeased. Weal. Without Especial. Excrete. Wife Family. External. Knowledge. Displeased. Extraordinary. Well Being Kindly Anyway. Meal. Wanderer Jongleur Bureaucratic Formality Lady. Exclusive. Wife Barb. Best. Favor. Choice. Quite. Rumor. Secrecy Angry. Weal. Annoyed. The Heart. Repast Ruined And Lifeless Wretched Ruination Ruinning Of Home House. Outward. Lunatic. Thorny Barbed Wire Envy Thicket Brackish Bay Exempt. Private. Mind.

Cry. Tear . Light. Expenditure. Wicked.Khafeef Khafeef sa Khaimaa Khair Khairaat Khajaalat Khajaalat Khalaaoo Khalaas Khalal Khalaon Khalat malat Khalavat Khalbali Khaleq Khali Khalish Khaliyaan Khalkat-e-shahar Khalq Khalvat Khalvat-e-dil Khalwat Kham Khamba Kham-daar Khameedah Khameer Khameer maayah Khameerah Khameeri Khandah peyshaani waala Khandaqon Khandar Khanjar Khapat Khar Khar boozah Khar gosh Khar kharaana Khar mastiyaan Khara Khara hona Khara karna Khara pan Khara raehna Kharaab Kharaabaat Kharaad Kharal Kharch Khareed Khareef Khareetah Kharosh Khas Jejune. Worse. Happy. Knock. Apprehension. Wry Wine-Bars Lath Mortar Expend. Out Of Order. Bashfulness. Purchase Autumn Map Loud Noise. Welfare. Lonliness Of Heart By Oneself. Happiness Charity Shame. Spoiled. Ruined. Depraved. Temper Khaslat Destroyed Khas-o-khaashaak Khasotna Exploit. Isolation Solitude. Very Well. Grass Khas garoh ka sab sey Kingpin ahem shakhs Quality. Ready Recover Erect Accuracy Expect Bad. Blessed Bashfulness Emptiness Deliverance. Isolation Bend Lug Kinky Languid Yeast Yeast Leaven Leavened Jovial Chasms Ruin Dagger Accommodation. Suspicion Barn Denizens Of The City World By Oneself. Best. Kaput. Space Jumble Solitude Agitation. Turmoil Creator Oil Cake Prick. Thorn Muskmelon Rabbit Jar. Rotten. Expense. Trivial Trifle Tent Good. Tumult Hay. Solitude. Freedom Kink Vacuum. Warn Jinks Erect. Pain. Wretched. Auspicious. Solitude. Redemption. Anxiety. Obscene. Outgoing Buying. Bustle. Rustle. Room Jackass.

Jeopardy. Title Jack-Tar Lark Act. Mark Quince Awe. Fault. Oversight. Broken. Decay. Injured Injury. Thought. Judgement. Fault. Note. Risk Letter. Seal. Amuse. Knock. Termination. Remind. Old Age Treasure Bursar. Finished. Treasurer Abate Yank Absorb. Tap Enmity. Sick. Extract Opposite Questionable Tribute Loss Field Address. Line. Tent . Done. Rap Knock. Kill. Threat Lurid Afraid Fear Of God Boil Boil Dream Care. Wrong. Mistake. Wrong. Fear. Imagination. Romp Marquee. Opinion. Respect. Mark. Transgression Acidity Guilty Dangerous Knight-Errant Dangerous Orator Equator Equatorial Anxiety. Quash. Fear. Oversight. Whim Remember Khayaal-e-aish-e-raftaa Thoughts Of Bygone Days Of Leisure.Khassi Khassi karna Khasta Khastagee Khastagi Khastagi thakan Khastah Khastah Haal Khat Khat khataana Khat pat Khat raag Khata Khataa Khataas Khataavaar Khatar naak Khatar pasand Khatarnaak Khateeb Khat-e-istewa Khat-e-istewaa'i Khatka Khatm Khatm ho jaana Khatmal Khatrah Khatt Khatta Khauf Khauf naak Khauf zadah Khauf-e-khudaa Khaulaana Khaulna Khawaab Khayaal Khayaal meyn laana Eunuch Emasculate Broken. Transgression Error. Through Breathe One'slast Bed Bug Danger. Knubble. Happiness Khayaal-e-roz-e-jazaa (Any) Thought About The Day Of Judgement Khayaal-e-tark Khayaali Khayyaat Khazaan chi Khazaan Khazaanah Khazaanchi Khazaf Kheench leyna Kheenchna Khelaaf Khelaaf e taehzeeb Kheraaj Khesaarah Khet Khetaab Khewa'iya Kheyl Kheylna Kheymah Thought Of Giving Up Mental Tailor Questor Autumn. Remember. Quarrel. Sorrowful Weary Letter. Brew. Jadedness Weariness Wounded. Jeopardy. Thud. Mistake. Weakness Languor. Qualm Conclusion. Mess Error. Wrangling Entanglement. Tap. Jitters. Knock-Off. Lapse. End. Tappet. Sickness. Lapse.

Private. Excellent. To Be Attracted Medley. Thoroughly. Worth Own. Self Egotism.Kheynchna Kheyp Kheyti baari Kheywat Khezaan Khezaan Khichaa'o Khichaawat Khichna Khichri Khidmat Khidmat gaar Khijr sultaan Khil khilaana Khilaaf Khilaaf-e-masalehat Khilaana Khilaari pan Khilauna Khilna Khilqat Khilvat Khiraam Khiraamaa-khiraamaa Khiraam-e-naaz Khirad Khirad mand Khirki Khirqa Khisakna Khisht Khiskaana Khisyaana Khitaab Khittah Khiyaaban Khizaan Khizaan rasiidaa Khizaanah Khizan Khizb Khoaandgi Khodna Khoj Khokha Kholna Khona Khonch Khoo Khoob Khoob soorat Khoobaani Khoobi Khood Khoodi Khoo-e-yaar Khoogar hona Khoon Khoon baehna Khoonbaar Lug Load Agriculture Tar Autumn Old Age Bitterness. Habit Accustom Blood. Open. Tightness Tension. Personal. Lackey One Of Badshah Zafar's Son Laugh Opposition. Murder Bleed Shedding Blood . Good. Contraiety. Service Jobber. Loose. Really. Speed. Track Kiosk Expose. Bud. Bonny. Beautiful. Title Zone Flower-Bed. Treasure Fall Lies Reading Engrave. Falsehood. Against Against Wisdom Amuse. Manner Of Walking. Habit Amiable. Excavate Quest. Intelligent. Mixture Duty. Office. Gait Slowly Coquettish Way Of Walking Intelligence Judgement. Lovely Apricot Excellence. Well Beautiful. Behaviour. Release Lose. Graceful Walk. Vanity. Trace. Burst Multitude Solitude Slow Pace. Brighten Jocundity Knickknack Blow. Waste Tear Behaviour. Presence Of Mind Lover's Nature. Flower Garden Autumn. Tightening Avoid. Merit. Decay Autumn Struck Treasury. Wise Window A Patched Garment Move Aside Brick Move Blush To Address.

Strength Of The Relationship Sweetly Wine Barrel Intoxication Little Microscope Jagged. Evil. Manifest. Blemish. Self-respect. Rough. Kernel. Quintessence Epitomise Abbreviate Heaven. Wide Open Khula Khulaasah Khulaasah banaana Khulaasah karna Khuld Khuley aam Khuley bandon Khuli chhutti deyna Khullam khulla Khulna Khuloos Khuluus Khuluus se Khum Khummaar Khurd Khurd been Khurdura Khurram Khurram khush Khursheed Khurshiid Khurshiid-vash Khus phus Extract. Happy Knowledge-Box Blossom Adulteration. Known. Expanded.Khoonchakaan Khooni Khoonnaaba Khoonnaaba-fishaan Khoorsheed Khoosh Khopri Khoshah Khot Khota Khota sikkah Khu gar Khud Khud ba khud Khud been Khud kaari Khud numaa'i Khud pasand Khud rau Khuda Khudaa gavaah Khuda haafiz Khuda na khwaastah Khudaa'i Khudaan Khudaa-na khvaastaa Khud-aara Khuddaarii Khudaa-saaz Khudbeen Khudi Khudii Khud-kalaamii Khufiya Blood Drenched Murderer Mixture Of Blood And Water {Khoonnaaba Khoon (= Blood) + Aab (= Water)} To Sheds Tears Of Blood Sun Pleasing. Open. Paradise Openly Expressly. Goodbye Lest. Zoology Engraving. Arrogant Ego. Openly Wreak Outright. Openly Open Openness Truth. Alloy. Miss Bogus Queer Wonted Oneself All By Oneself. Loose. Excavation Quarry God Forbid! Self Adorer Self-Respect God's Gift Proud. Rugged Happy Joyful Sun Sun Sun-Like Face (One's Beloved) Whisper . Farewell. Self-respect Ego. Epitome. Talking To Oneself Secret Khufyah maloomaat ka (In The)Know haamil Take Liberties Khul kelo Broad. Automatically Braggart Automation Levity Adamant Automatic God God Be My Witness Adieu.

Request. Wish. Dream Latent Whether Demand. Whither Brocade What. Bloody Dream Lost In Dreams. River Bank. Who Whose Whom Border. Request. Slumbering Desire. Wish Desires. Welfare Happy. Jovial Pleasant Lucky Luckiest Jocose. Dry. Desire. Well Mannered Jocund. Wishes. Brink. That Magnificence Where.Khusar phusar Khush Khush aamadi Khush aamdeed Khush asloob Khush bakht Khush bu Khush dil Khush dili Khush ekhlaaq Khush gawaar Khush haal Khush haali Khush hona Khush karna Khush kun Khush mezaaj Khush numaa Khush qismat Khush qismat tareen Khush taba Khushaa Khushbu daar Khush-guluu Khushi Khushk Khushkii Khusrau-e-sheereensukhan Khutbah Khuu Khuubi-e-auzaag-eibnaa-e-zamaan Khuubii-e-bazm Khuu-e-yaar Khuunrezii Khvaab Khvaabidaa Khvaahish Khvaahishaat Khwaab Khwaabeedah Khwaah Khwaahish Khwaanchey waala Khwaar Khwajah sara Ki Kibriya Kidhar Kim khwaab Kin Kin ka Kin ko Kinaara Kinaarah Kinaari Kinaayatan Kir kira pan Kiraa'eh daar Kiraa'ey ki gaari Kiraayah Whispering Joyous. Jolly Lackey. Laugh Lackey Quaint Jocose. Plural of Khvaahish Sleep. Lively Matter Of Joy Odorous One With Sweet Voice Joy. Demand. Jolly. Outskirt Bank. Behaviour. Lively Liveliness Obliging. Lark. Oration. Jocosity. Deserted. Will Kidder Abject. Keenness. Poor. Liking. Cynic. Yes Man Welcome Ladylike Lucky Aroma Jollity. Barren. Friendless. Well Being Arid. Rent . Withered Drynesss This Is Pointed At Badshah Zafar Lecture. Shore End Obliquely Miasma Tenant Taxi Lend. Jubilation. Wretched Eunuch Of. End. Juiciness. Edge. Which. Habit Bloodthirsty. Introduction. Want. Sermon Habit The Goodness Of Founders Of Today's Society Beauty Of (This) Gathering Lover's Nature. Jocundity. Limit. Demands. Margin. Luscious Happy Weal. Requests.

Lobe Lane. Dispatch. Who Whence Whose Whose Whose Whom Whence Whence Whom Raisin Region Any Someone Conclude. Whosoever Jack Abdomen. Figure. March Leave. Agony. Appearance.Kiran Kirchiyaan Kirdaar Kirkira karna Kirm Kirm khurdah Kis Kis jagah sey Kis ka Kis key Kis ki Kis ko Kis sabab sey Kis tarah sey Kisey Kishmish Kishwar Kisi Kisii Kisi nateejey par pahonchna Kisi par hansna Kisi saal girah kaa jashn Kisuu Kiswat Kitaab Kitaab chah Kitaab farosh Kitaabat Kiyun Kiyun naheen Kizb Ko Koft Koftah Koh Koh paema Kohakan Kohasar Kohl Kohnah Kohni Kohni maarna Kohol Kohra Kohraam Koi Koi aalah Koi aur Koi bhi Koi shakhs Kokh Kona Koo Kooch Kooch karna Koocha Koochah Koochah gardi Koochi Koodna Beam Small Pieces Character. Journey. Habit. Lane Wandering Brush Bound. Beating. Approximately Jigger Else Anybody. Jump Laugh Jubilee Someone Dress. Street Exodus. Writing Tract Bookseller Writing Why Why Not Lie To Anguish. Belly. Form. March A Narrow Street. Pain. Grief. Leap. Manner. Vexation. Gilding Bruised Mountain. Womb Angle. Hill Mountaineer A Mountain Digger Mountain Antimony Old Elbow Jostle Kohl Mist Lamentation Any. Which. Trounce . Lane A Narrow Street. Quality Mar Worm Worm-Eaten What. Jump. Manner Book.

Whorehouse Mansion Zeta Kyphotic Well Kyphosis Kyphotic Quash. Bruise. Loft. Mallet . Trial. Edge. Each. Brothel. Total. Paganism. To Curse Miles And Miles (Distance) Junior. Complete. List. Knot. Braggart. Infidelity. Profanity. Writhe Trouble Axe Quite Aid. Small Silly Short Of Reach Lack. Old Where Aggregate. Endeavor.ndesh Kotaah-dastii Kotaahi Kotaahii Kotal Kotha Kothi Kothri Koz pusht Kuaan Kub Kubra Kuchal deyna Kuchalna Kuchh Kuchh bhi Kuchuk Kudaana Kudakna Kudhab Kufl Kufr Kuhan Kuhan saal Kujaa Kul Kulah Kulbulaahat Kulbulaana Kulfat Kulhaari Kulliyah tan Kumak Kumhaar ka chaak Kumhalaanaa Kumhlaana Kumlaana Kun kuna Kund Kundah e naa taraash Kundal Kundan Kundi Friend's. Labor. Wastrel Litter Bugle Beat. Wrestle Kiosk Malediction. Whip Leprosy Blame Attempt. Thrash Wine Pitcher Blind. Whole Crown Wriggling Bestir. Latch. Lash. Rubbish. Whatever.Koo-e-dost Koo-e-yaar Koolha Koora Koora karkat Koos Kootna Kooza Kor Kora Korh Kosanaa Koshish Koshk Kosna Koson Kotaah Kotaah-a. Trash. Entire. Whatsoever Little Trounce Leap Misfit Lock Covering Up. Exertion. Tepid Obtuse Block-Head Twine Bright Beating. Effort. A Little Anything. All. Margin Blank. Waist Refuse. Universe. Laconic. Impiety Old Aged. Empty. Want Deficiency Extra Barn. Short. Wriggle. A Good Many. Quell Jam Any. Reinforcement Jigger Withering Wither Languish Lukewarm. Lover's Street Lover's Street Buttock.

Place To Place Street. Jasmine Pubescens Place For Rest Corner Of Satisfaction Key Key Ring Murmur Repine Brittle Bale. Liberality.Kundli Kunj Kunj-e-aafiyat Kunj-e-qana'at Kunji Kunjiyon ka chhalla Kur kuraana Kurhna Kurkura Kurrah Kursi Kushaadagi Kushaadah Kushaadah dil Kushaadgi Kushaadgi wusat Kush kasaal Kushtah Kushti Kutna Kutni Kutta Kutta ghar Kuttey ki kothri Kutti Kutton ki Toli Kutub khaanah Kutya Kuu Kuu-a-kuu Kuuchaa Kuuchaa-e-qaatil Kuuchhaa Kuu-e-dost Kuu-e-qaatil Kuun-chakaan Kya Kya kya Loop. Ringlet Corner. Lane Killer's Lane Street. Open. Largeness Largeness Width Having Plenty Of Qualities Killed Wrestling Thrash Matchmaker Yapster Kennel Kennel Alienation. Wide Open Hearted. Killer's (Lover's) Lane Bloodshot What What Not . Orb Throne Extension. Lane From Street To Street. Roomy. Expansion Broad. Estrangement Kennel Library Lodge Street. Lane Friend's Street Beloved's Street.

Silenced Limitless Jaywalk Lawlessness Matchless Wireless Abandon. Lank.n Laag Laagat Laaghir Laagu Laahaur Laahiq Laahiqah Laaiq Laaj Laajavaab Laajward Laakh Laakh raughan Laal Laal banaana Laal bujhakkar Laal hona Laal peela hona Laalaa-e-saharaa Laalach Laalah rukh Laalchi Laal-e-lab Laaley Laali Laal-o-guhar Laamakaa. Redness. Well Mannered. No. Without An Equal. Brim. Reckless Heirless Absurd Absurdity Endearment Endear Load Able. Leg Bludgeon. Margin. Buy. Necessary. Animosity. Attachment. Avarice. Qualified. Temptation A Beautiful Person. Talented. Ruddy. Outlay Emaciated. Red. Brow Of A Hill. Lip. Without Agnostic Helpless. Shore. Lure. Moustache. Bring. Dead Body Kick. Able.L Urdu words Laa Laa adri Laa chaar Laa jawaab Laa maehdood Laa parwaai sey chalna Laa qaanooniyat Laa saani Laa silki Laa ubaali Laa waaris Laa yani Laa yaniyat Laad Laadla banaa Laadna Laa'eq Laa'eq e tadrees Laa'eq hona Laaf Laafaanii khizaa. Decent Modesty Matchless. Appendage Worthy. Affix. Relevancy. Stream . Important. Saliva. Desire. Worthy Teachable Merit Bravado. Quarter-staff Definite Worthy Of Kissing Beloved's Feet Worthy Of Praise Compulsory. Silenced Lapis Lazuli Lacquer Lacquer Enraged. Brink. Well Read. Essential. A Kind Of Gem Redden Wiseacre Redden Enrage Desert Flower Allurement. Matchless. Lean. Disabled Rendered Speechless. Destitute.n Laana Laanba Laash Laat Laathi Laaubaalii Laayaq-e-paa-bose-ejaan Laayaq-e-tahsiin Laazim Lab Lab numa Lab reyz Labe e darya Lab-e-baam Lab-e-dariyaa English words By No Means. Forlorn. Requisite Bank. Labia. Love. Expenditure. Thin Relevant Lahore Adjoining. Trick Expense. Relation. Yield. Verge Labial Brimful River Bank The Corner Of A Terrace On The Shores Of A River. Suitable. Affinity. Beloved Avaricious Ruby Red Lips Yearning Lipstick. Qualified. Adhere. Boast Eternal Autumn Affection. Coast. Attached Adjunct. Adept. Ruddiness Diamonds & Pearls Having No Dwelling Or Place Adduce. Greed. Passion. Not. Edge. Annexed. Win Over Lank Corpse. Obligatory.

Affection. Saying. Wave Modulation Blood Like A Drop Of Blood Blood . Tottering Equivocal To Be Attached. Attachment. Meaningless Absurd Talk Nonsense Absurdity Labile Blunder. Oral Words Adjoin Bridle. Quaint Knuckle Head. Jheel Ke Kinare Silent Lips Sweet Lips Thirsty Lips Labiate Labial Accent. Waft. Attach. Love Affection. Verbatim Literal. Reach Adhere. Tone Lips And Cheeks Bend Elasticity Helplessness Tinsel Yielding Laden Burdened Tumble To Tumble Miserly Accent. Rein Land Rent Apply. Wave Zigzag Moment Lilac Ready Air. Emotion. Trough Zealous Hesitant Walk Longing. Relish. Affect. Tone Lust Kirtle Billow Quaver. Touch Drunken Stagger Tomb. Relationship Affection. Mistake. Begin. Knock. Quiver. Modulation. Reach.Lab-e-ju Lab-e-khaamosh Lab-e-shiiriin Lab-e-tashnaa Labi Labon sey mutaalliq Lab-o-laehjah Lab-o-rukhsaar Lachaakna Lachak Lachargi Lachka Lachtey hue Lada Lada hua Ladkhada Ladkhadana Laeem Laehjah Laehka Laehnga Laehr Laehraana Laehria Laehzah Laelaq Laes Laey Lafanga Laffaaz Laffaazii Lafz Lafzan Lafz-ba-lafz Lafzi Lafzon Laga deyna Lagaam Lagaan Lagaana Lagaa'o Lagaavat Lagaawat Lagan Lagan waala Lagaziidaa kharaamii Laggi Laghw Laghw mohmal Laghw bakna Laghwiyat Laghzandah Laghzish Lagi lipti Lagna Lagzish-e-mastaanaa Lahad Lahajaa Lahak Lahazaa Lahd Laher Lahn Lahoo Lahoo ke qatre sa Lahu Eyes Praised as "Jheel " In Poetry. Tone Braggart One Who Talks Too Much Talkativeness Word. Arrange. Style Blaze. Lapse. Modulation. Bearing. Melody. Join. Apply. Adhere. Grave Manner. Term Verbally Word By Word. Begin. Taste. Quaver Moment Grave Ecstasy. Love. Excitement. Rapture. Love Adhere.

Wood Wooden Joinery Block Knag Tantalise Lank. Run. Wrestling Jangle Quarrel Yield Oppugnant Quarrelsome. Battle. Enmity. Log. Long. Rope. Public Kitchen. Warlike Waver . Row. Minute. Blaze. Moments Jiffy. Fragment Broken Into Pieces Lobe Beam. Timber Lumber. Impossible. War. Launch. Beat. Blow. Alms Malediction. Wrangle. Lengthy. Anchor. Tall Yowl Long-Haul Outlive Oblong Jiffy. Throb Wanton Blast. Bound. Limp Limp Limp Reproach Liar Throb Lunge Attack. Moment. Reproach Anathema Reproach Not Possible. Moment. Quarrel. Make Haste. Wobble.Lahu meyn haath rangna Lahzah Lajaana Lakar haara Lakeer Lakht Lakht Lakht Lakhtah Lakkar Lakri Lakri ka bana Lakri ka kaam Lakri ka tukra Lakri meyn gaanth Lalchaana Lamba Lambi dil bhari cheekh Lambi sawaari Lambi umar paana Lambootra Lamhaa Lamhaa-ba-lamhaa Lamhaa-lamhaa Lamhaat Lamhaat-e-yaad-e-yaar Lamha-e-hasti Lamhe Lamhah Lams Lamsi Lamsiah Lan Lan lanat Lan tan Lan taraani Langar Lanat Lanataraaniyaan Lanati Lang Langar Langra hat Langra pan Langraana Langri chaal Lan-o-malaamat karna Lapaar shakhs Lapak Lapak kar Dhakeylna Lapakna La-parwaah Lapat Lapeytna Lapka Laqab Laqadkob-e-havaadis Laq-o-daq Lar Lar kharaana Laraai Laraai jhagra karna Laraai karna Laraai khatm kar deyna Laraai par dar paey Laraaka Laraz Kill The Twinkling Of An Eye. Trice Touch Tactile Tactile Objurgating. Lame. Warmth Wrap Relish Epithet. Riotous. Glance Blush Wood-man Line Piece. Brawl. Yaw Affray. Objurgating. Rope Limp Lameness. Moments Moment Spent In Remembering One's Beloved Short Life Minutes. Trice Every Moment Every Moment Minutes. Cable. Title Vagaries Of Misfortune Bleak And Barren Line Reel. Moment. Limp Alms. Minute. Reproach Plural of Boasting Abominable Lameness. The Reply From Allah When Mossa Asked To See Allah Anchor.

Writing Board Writing Implements. Shake. Table. Quaver. Waft Adopted . Lesson Lay Off Loll Lash Lenient. Tasty. Relish. Light. Respect. Youngster Lass. Joy. Take To Task Beam. Quiver Quiver Dead Body Tallyho! Army Whig Addiction. Deliciousness. Slate And Pen Marrow Lad. Candle Flame. Pleasurable Experience. Throb. Wrapper Apparel. Track Lime Quilt Modesty. Regard. Wench Quarrel. Blow Rag Rags Run Down. Quiver. Wrangle Trembling. Quaver. Attire. Quaintness Barking At. Timber Knob Kick Ardent Desire. Tremulous. Pleasure Enjoyment. Rafter. Tremulous Oscillate. Lash. Trembling. Attachment. Quake. Expectation Board. Yummy Compulsory Delicious. Thin Jest. Fearing Earthquake. Tasty. Pleasantry. Juicy. Knave. Witticism Quarter-staff Jest. Queer. Title Page. Pleasantness. Wardrobe Rut. Maintain Therefore But Bear. Playfully. Taint Return Relationship Baggage. Tablet. Equipment Kisser Appurtenance. Lad. Totter Yarn Boy. Raillery. Lock. Youngster Lass Adulteration. Plank. Kindred Delicious. Yummy Taste. Outfit Baggage Accessories. Flavour Tastes Luxuries. Playfully. Array. Pleasantry. Raillery. Tremulous Fearing. Shake. Witticism Loll Slap. Weight Respect Keep. Alloy. Totter Oscillate. Lust Addictive Elegance. Wage War. Raiment. Trembling.Laraz jaanaa Larazaan Larazan Larazana Larazna Lari Larka Larki Larna Larzaan Larzah Larzish Lash Lash lash Lashkar Lassi Lat Lat aawar Lataafat Lataar Lataarna Latakna Latarna Lateef Lateefah Lath Latifaa Latkaana Latmah Latta Lattey Lattey leyna Lattha Lattu Latyaana Lau Lauh Lauh-o-qalam Lauki Launda Laundiya Laus Lautna Lawaahiqeen Lawaazim Lawaazimaat Lawaazimah Lawaazmaat Lawahiqeen Lazeez Lazim Laziz Lazzat Lazzatain Lebaadah Lebaas Leek Leemoon Lehaaf Lehaaz Lehaaz karna Lehaaz rakhna Lehaaza Lek Ley jaana Ley paalak To Shake Fearing. Luscious. Pleasant. Quake. Joke. Throb. Luscious. Subtlety. Quiver. Joke.

Rapine. Riot. Libertine Wife Tongue. Entangle.Leyaaqat Leykin Leyn Leyn deyn Leyna Leyp Leys Libaas Lifaafah Lihaaz Lihaazaa Likha hu'a Likhna Lillah Lipatna Lisaan Lisaani Litaana Liyaaqat Loaab Lobia Loch daar Log Lohaa Lohaar Lomri ki aawaaz Loo Loola Loot Looti Lootna Lori Lot Lub Lubb e lubaab Lubhaana Luchcha Lugaa'i Lughat Luknat Luqmaa Luqmah Luqmah deyna Lutaa'i Lutaana Lutahrna Luteyra Lutf Lutf ras Lutf angeyz Lutf uthaana Luttas Luu Ability. Consideration Hence. Respect. Family. Merit. Transaction Obtain. Morsel Bribe Robbery Throwaway Welter Bandit. Husband. Skill Adhesive Kidney Bean Limber. Merit. Kernel. Train. Robber Benignity. Dictionary Stammering. Pleasure. Wrap Language Lingual Lay Down Worth. Man. Taste. Take Ointment Adhesive Dress Cover. Robbery Queer Extort. Ability. Wallowing Essence. Household. Favor. Business. People Iron Blacksmith Yelp Hot Summer Breeze Lame Booty. Secret Regard. Dialect. Folk. Speech Impediment Bite. Wring Lullaby Rolling. Win Over Blackguard. Therefore Written Write For God Sake Embrace. Grace. Wrapper. Lewd. Rob. Morsel Bite. Joy. Worth But Taking Banking. Marrow Quintessence Allure. Enjoyment. Speech. Kindness. Lithe Caste. Envelope. Wit Zest Zestful Enjoy Ruining Hot Summer Breeze . Essence. Word.

Lord. Reality. Wonted Yet Aide. Adroit. Lucre. Master. Bent.M Urdu words Maa Maa ba'd Maa baen Maa baqi Maa faat Maa haasil Maa haul Maa noos Maa sewa Maa taeht Maa waraa Maa. Matter Absent Liquid Affected. Monthly Having A Face As Beautiful As The Moon Moon Surroundings. Motherly Mother Tongue Material. Learned. Wreath Abundant. Artisan. Aim. Moonlight Menstrual. Owner The Almighty. Loot. Accomplished. Money. Environment Moon Of The Fourteenth Night Moon Of The 8th Night During The Bright Half Of A Lunar Month Jack-Tar Ace. Significance. Luggage. Essence Boundary Livelihood. Employer. Ongoing Origin Assets. Skilled Technician Juris-consult. Expert. That Which. Rich Fruits Of One's Worship Result God. Revenue. End. Intent. Riches Jetty Consequences.N Maaal Maaal-e-umr-emuhabbat Maaanee Maaariz Maaash Maaashi Maaashiyaat Maadah Maadari Maadari zabaan Maaddah Maadoom Maa'e Maa'el Maah Maah bah maah Maah jabeen Maah paaraa Maah paarah Maah taab Maah waari Maah wash Maahataab Maahaul Maah-e-shab-e-chardahum Maah-e-yak-haftaa Maahi Maahir Maahir e fanniyaat Maahir e qaanoon Maahiyat Maahiyati Maahol Maai Maajra Maakhaz Maal Maal andaaz Maalandesh Maal asbaab Maal daar Maa-e-ghaneemat Maal guzaar Maal guzaari Maal guzaari Maala Maala maal Maal-e-bandagii Maal-e-gul Maalik Maalik-e-bakht-o-jaan English words During. Property. Wealthy Booty Yeoman Land Revenue Land Tax Knurl. Month Monthly A Beautiful Person Beloved. Handsome Moon. Surroundings. Lawyer Essence Qualitative Atmosphere Watery Affair. Apt. Adept. God . Lean Moon. Lower What Is Beyond Or Behind Mother Result Result Of Love Meaning. Environment. Outcome Environs. Whilst Following Between Arrears. Result. Excel. Which. Master. What. Biased. Water. Handsome Beloved. Event. Result Of Any Action Load Rich. Living Economic Economics Jenny Maternal. Merchandise. Enamoured. Remainder What Is Past Or Dead Aftermath. Keeper. Accustomed. Matter.

Significance Request. Beg. Dependence. Intent. Qualm.Maalik hona Maalikah-e-makaan Maalish Maaliyaat Maaliyat Maamoor Maamta Maamuul Maan Maan leyna Maan rakhna Maana hu'a Maand Maand karna Maand parna Maandah Maane Maanee Maang Maang patti Maangna Maani Maanii Maanind Maanjhi Maanna Maanoos Maanus Maanuus-e-sadaa Maa'oof Maapna Maar Maar dhaar Maar peet Maara Maara maar Maara peeta hu'a Maarna Maasafaat Maashooq Maasuum Maat Maatam Maathey par latki baalon eyk lat ki Maatmi ki ghantey aawaaz Maawra Maaya Maayah Maayoos Maayuus Maaz-allah Maazi Maazuur Mabhoot Mablagh Mabni Mabsoot Mabzool Machalna Machchhar Mad Madaar Madaaraato. Obstructive. Massage. Mourning. Lotion. Like. Aid. Effort. Keeping. Relief. Weary Impediment. Hindrance. Zap Distances Of Life Beloved. A Place Of Turning Hospitality Juggler Cure Abatement. Owe Landlady Knead. Obey. Wealth Disappointed. Excess. Practice Mother. Want Make Up Ask. Wages . Assume. Kind. Obtuse Overshadow Languish Ailing. Acknowledge. Want Impediment. Request. Sweetheart Innocent Defeat Grief. Similar To. Totty Attainment Based Enlarged Expended Wring Mosquitoes Extension Basis. Station.Regard Attached Familiar Familiar Sound Afflicted Measure Kick. Orbit. Admit. Borrow. Without Hope Disappointed. Wealth Appointed. Rush Livid Beat. Hindrance. Knuckle. Kill. Rubbing Revenue Assessment. Without Hope In The Protection Of God. Murder Assault Beating Killed Bustle. Keen. Agree. Lamentation. Yammering Quiff Knell Extra Mirage Money. Officer. Help. Assistance. Lambaste. Knock-Off. Stopper Essence. Meaning. Yore Helpless Astonished. Reinforcement. Keep. Allow. Kill. Malaise. Stopper Sense. Magistrate. Respect Allow. Meaning Just As. Requirement. Order. Yield Respect Laureate Eclipsed. Circumference. Ordered Maternal Affection Custom. Lacklustre. Queasiness.n Madaari Madaavaa Madad Keep. Reality. At The Mercy Of God Past . Objection. Believe. Afford. Obstructive. Languid. Jostle. Objection. Same As Boatman Accept. Jugulate. Maintain. Tired.

Locus Attributed. Overcome. Indigent Tempted. Trend Liquor. Limited. Just. Tariff. Mad (With Love) Jocund. Only Lamentable Enjoyed. Reserved Ashamed. West Westward Westernise Occidental. Sood Beggarly. Lass. Except. Loved. Enamored. Obscure. Tavern Meaning Ishq Ke Ghamo. Lofty. Open Field Battlefield. Outdone.Madah Madah karna Madan Maddaah Madde muqaabil Madde nazar Maddham Madfan Madfoon Madh Madhi Madhosh Madoom Madrasah Maedaan Maedaan e jang Maehboob Maehboobah Maehdood Maehdood raehna Maehfil Maehfooz Maehjoob Maehl Maehmool Maehnga Maehntaanah Maehroom Maehroom hona Maehshar Maehsood Maehsool Maehsool dahindah Maehsoor Maehsoos Maehw Maehz Maehzoon Maehzooz Maelaan Maey Maey kadah Maey khaanah Mafahuum Mafhoom-e-gham-eishq Maflook Maftoon Magan Magar Magarib Magaruur Maghfirat Maghloob Maghloot Maghmoom Maghrib Maghrib ki taraf Maghrib zadah hojana Maghribi Maghribi atwaar apnaana Maghribi mulk ka Maghroor Maghz Magluub Magmuum Mah Admiration Laud Mineral Admirer. Subdued Sad. Jolly. Loaded Expensive Remuneration Bereft Lose Tumult Envied Levy. Merely. Lover Ladylove. Alone. Tavern Bar. Lofty. Mistress Bounded. Proud Salvation Conquered. Tax. Proud Brain. Joyous But. Recorded. Modest. Eulogist Adversary. Western Westernise Westerner Arrogant. Yielding Erroneous Woe Occident. Qualified Keep Assembly Memorised. Modified. Mere. Wine Bar. Braggart. Obscured Locality. Destitute. Erased Absolute. Charmed. However. Bearing. Rival Object Middling. Lowly. Pith Defeated. Tangible Absorbed. Tempered Tomb Buried Eulogy Laudatory Intoxicated. Warpath Loveable. Perhaps. Intellect. Equal. Subdued. Marrow. Unless West Arrogant. Grieving Moon . Braggart. Kernel. Loved.N Ka Mool. Engrossed. Bashful. Astonished Extinct. Joyful Liking. Zero Academy Arena. Moderate. Applicable. Toll Taxpayer Besieged Realised.

Safe Protect. Hated Felt. Mundane. Helpless. Assemblage. Competence. Lawful. Prohibited. Lovely Limited Gathering of Love Protect. Whereabouts . Knack. Oppressed. Safe Fragrance Opportunity.N Would Imply In The Inner Heart) Acquaintance. Authorised. Illusion. Sweetheart. Smitten. Lost. Opportunity Allegory. Lunatic. Mad. Friend. Lover. Congregation Wounded Compelled. Assembly Kept Safe. Disappointed The Last Day Place Of The Last Day Times Envied. Mastery Excel Love. Madman. Delighted. Contented Wine. Dare. Close Friend One Who Knows The Secret Wanting. Battlefield. Limitation. Crowd. Intimate One Who is Close To The Heart. Overwhelmed Languid Assembly Assembly. Sweetheart Confined. Worldly Materialistic Crowd. Collection Yardage Aggregate Insane. Dear. Judgement By God Surrounded Jail Beloved. Hurt. Maniac. Stability. Loved. Lovely Mistress. Wounded Leper Wage Accommodation. Tavern Boozing Bar. Day Of Reckoning. Often Guest Arched Gateway (Maharaab-E-Jaa. Power. Warranted. House. Know How. Unlucky. Friendship Beloved. Tavern Drinking Bar Drinker Me Ability. Bounded. Madly In Love Zealot Wounded Absorbed. Lover. Finite Month Odor Congregation. Habitation. Memorized Month Modesty. Guarded. Imprisoned Limited. Ground Bar. Metaphor. Secure. Busy In.Mahaarat Mahaarat dikhaana Mahabbat Mahabuub Mahaduud Mahafil-e-shauq Mahafuus Mahafuuz Mahakaar Mahal Mahamaan Maharaab Maharam Maharam-e-dil Maharam-e-raaz Maharuumii Maha sankh Mahashar Mahasuur Mahbas Mahboob Mahboobah Mahboos Mahdood Maheenah Mahek Mahfil Mahfooz Mahiinaa Mahjoob Mahroom Mahshar Mahshristaan Mahsood Mahsoos Mahtaab Mahv Mahv-e-nazaaraa Mahv-e-safar Mahzooz Mai Maidaan Mai kadah Mai-kashee Mai khaanah Maikhaane Maikhvaar Main Majaal Majaaz Majaazii Majamaa Majaruuh Majboor Majhool Majlis Majma Majmooah naap Majmooi Majnoon Majnoonah josh waala Majrooh Majzoob Majzoom Makaafaat Makaan Accomplishment. Immersed In Lost In (The Beauty Of) The Scene Traveller Pleased. Lacking Zillion Day Of Judgement. Enforce. Dear. Sweetheart. Shame. Perceived. Strength. Authority. Loved. Rich. Place. Friend. Congregation. Bashfulness Deprived. Sensible Moonlight Absorbed. Liquor Open Field.

Reality. Willfulness. Hindrance. Queen Jack-Tar. Mixed Quadroon Yellow-Dog Velvet Intoxicated. Prepared. Sad. Pride. Clear. Gathering Origin Market Temple Meaning. Knavery. Rebuke. Deceitful. Trivial Heart. Loathsome. Meaning Heart. Willful Maize Machination. Depressed. Oarsman. Soul Toothpowder Oblate Manifesto Association . Significance. Cunning. Tar Jack-Tar. Concealed Abominable. Tar Muslin Tangible Kingly Bored. Magnanimity. Mingled. Knavish. Lesson. Tenant Artful. Intent. Mind Acceptable Quaint Prohibition. Known. Refusal. Trick. Sorrow. Quizz Butter Hidden. Warehouse Resident. Obnoxious Letter Fatigue. Drunk Jape Outlet Reserved Magazine. Reproach Admonish Tax Garment An Angel Angel Of Death Trim Mash Wrap Omit Empress.Makhboot Makhdoom Makhfi Makhlooq Makhloot Makhloot ul nasl Makhloot un nasal kutta Makhmal Makhmoor Makhol Makhraj Makhsoos Makhzan Makiin Makkaar Makka'i Makkar Makkhan Maknoon Makrooh Maktuub Malaal Malaamat Malaamat karna Malaamat lagaana Malabuus Malak Malak-ul-maut Malboos karna Maleeda Malfoof karna Malhooz e khaatir nah rakhna Malkah Mallaah Mallah Malmal Malmoos Malook aanah Malool Maloom Maloon Mamnoon Mamool Ma'mool Mamool sey inheraaf Mamooli Man Man bhaata Man mauji Mana Manaana Manasuub Manba Mandi Mandir Ma'nee Manfiyon Mangaana Mangni Mangwaana Mani Manish Manjan Manoon Manshoor Mansoob Mad. Obvious Accused Obliged Routine Governed. Oarsman. Essence Negative Request Betrothal. Blame. Languor. Mind. Melancholy. Evident. Insane Lord Latent Masses Blended. Customary Abnormality Little. Engagement Request Essence. Grief. Minor. Censure. Forbidding Observe Related To Manifestation. Sadness Animadversion. Tricky. Tired Apparent.

Rank Account. Masculine Masculinity Man. Objective. Saying. Admit. Degree. Relationship Joined. House. Class. Office. Beautiful. Mausoleum. Order. Inn. Proposed Place Of Sacrifice. Approve. Wring Tomb Written. Writhe. Difficulty. Admired. Deceased. Sight. Leg. Order. Landing. Chosen. Tomb Approved. Expire Keystone Marble Exit. Granted Accepted. Agreed. Thesis. Husband Manly. Place Where Executions Take Place. Objective. Desired. Inscribed Elegy Account. Tier Accepted. Visage Abode. Relations. Day's Journey. Twirl. Liniment. Resident Twang Meaning. Position. Class. Essay. Kick In Known As. Eligible. Late Mortgaged Learning Virgin Mary Breathe One's last. Sick Person Death Agreeable. Relationship Problem Mend. Tied Man. Agreed. Treatise Abnormal. Legendary Wrenching Wring Twist. Accede. Salve Mercy Dead. Wrest. Station Place (Opportunity) For Lamentation Limit Of Despair Local. Male. Dwelling. Intention Grave. Outlook. Accepted. View.Mansookh Mantiq Manzar Manzil Manzoor Manzuur Maqaal Maqaalah Maqaam Maqaamaat-e-aah-ofugaan Maqaam-e-yaas Maqaami Maqaami laehjah Maqasuud Maqbarah Maqbool Maqbooliyat Maqboozah Maqdoor Maqloob Maqnaatees Maqnaateesiyat Maqsad Maqsadiyat Maqsood Maqtal Maqtuul Maraahil Maraaqbey ka aalam Maraasim Marahalaa Marammat Marasim Marboot Mard Mard aanah Mardaangi Mard-e-baaakhuda Mard-e-khuda Mardum Mareez Marg Marghoob Marguub Marhalah Marhale Marham Marhamat Marhoom Marhoon Marifat Mariyam Mar jaana Markaz Marmar Marna Maroof Maror daar Maror uthna Marorna Marqad Marqoom Marsiah Martabaa Martabah Martabah barhaana Abrogate. Servant Of God Bloke Men Patient. Location. Rank Lift . Rank. Chosen. Goal. Countenance. Purpose Objectivity Intended. Proverb Article. Intention. Capable Quash Magnate Magnetism Aim. Degree. Grateful Acceptance Occupied Ability. Opposite. Basis. Desire. Granted Word. Quash Logic Aspect. Level. Place of Killing One Who Is Executed Or Killed Obstacles Yoga Agreements. Office. Position. Locus. Admit. Excellent To Like Or Find Pleasant Journey. Repair Agreements. Chosen. Position. Place. Admired. Lucid. Approve. Landscape. Goal. Accede. Occasion. Afford. Warp. Stage Destinations Cure. Abolition. Obligatory. Scene. Relations. Hero. Destination. Ointment. Speech.

Pleased. Well Known Beloved. Tenet Prudent Measure. Joker. Involved With Busy In Conversation Affirmative. Occupation Engaged. Mutilate. Mad. Maim. Decision. Overjoyed. Jokester. Acquiescence. Lantern Torch Bearer Occupation. Lascivious. Jar Jade Ailment. Work Avocation. Jovial. Ladylove. Occupied Object Of Manifestation. One Who Can Give Life Torch. Worships Tear Example. Outstanding Exercise. Rampant Wag Drunk On The Wine Of 'Isharat' (Happiness) Lust Intoxication Of The Madness Of The Mind . Intoxicated. A Good Thing Knead. Malady Terminal Illness Assent. Excited. opinion Christ. Proverb Problem Aphorism. Illness. Tear Abode. Reported. Butter Effaced. Obstructed Christ. Positive Extravagant. Famous. Joy Busy In. Laugh.n Jam-Pot. Jester. Enchanted. Choice. Jolly. Established. Merry. Will Touch Touch Measurement Topics Bladder Equal. Matter. Obliterated Buffoon. Glad. Tantamount Bed Stead To Whom One Bows. Practice Drill Of Poetry East. Lightsome. Maxim. Wag Likeness Expediency Throne Artificial Kittenish Outlay Engaged Robbed Cheerful. Orient Quencher Limited Exercise Matchmaker Counsel. Proclaimed. One With Miraculous Healing Powers Prostrated By Angles Rend. Question. Advice Advice. Tread Upon Happiness.Martbaan Maryal ghora Marz Marz ul maut Marzi Mas Mas karna Masaahat Masaail Masaanah Masaawi Masaehri Masajuud Masakna Masal Masalaa Mas'alah Masalihat Masalna Masarrat Masaruuf Masaruuf-e-guftaguu Masbat Masdood Maseeha Mashal Mashalchi Mashgalaa Mashghalah Mashghool Mashhood Mashhoor Mashooqah Mashoor Mashq Mashq-e-sukhan Mashriq Mashroob Mashroot Mash shaaqi Mash shaatah Mashvare Mashwirah Masiihaa Masiihaa-ii Masjood-e-malaayak Maskaana Maskan Maskh Maskharah Masl Maslehat Masnad Masnooi Masoom khilandri Masraf Masroof Masrooqah Masroor Masroori Massa Mast Mast chaal Mast-e-baadaa-eisharat Masti Mastii-e-idaraak-ejunuu. Jocose. Legendary. Consent. Lass Bewitched. Witnessed Noted. Equivalent. Winsome Pleasing Wart Drunk.

Laugh At. Wave Mauj Jamboree Mauj meylah Breakwater Mauj shikan Billowy Mauj zan Bloody Waves Mauj-e-khoon Braggart Mauji Available. Desire. Grave Mazaar Mataa Mataa-e-niyaaz Mata-e-jaan Mataktey jhoomtey hu'ey chalna Mataluub . Jocularity. Motive. Opportunity. Weather Mausam Spring Mausam-e-gul Season of Separation Mausam-e-hijraan Musician Mauseeqaar Music Mauseeqi Weather Mausmi Arrived Mausool Death. Expiration. Queasiness. Place. Overture. Advisability Mauzooniyat Transoxonia Mawara-un-nahr Maweyshiyon ka meyla Tryst Wine. Things. Mortality Maut Respectable Mautbar Topic Mauzoo Adequate. Option. Kidding. Property. Liquor May Standards Mayaar Possible. Tomb. Obstinate Matin Jar Matka Acclivity Matla Aim. Ready Maujood Asset Maujoodaat Existing. Time Mauqah Opportunist Mauqah parast Tactful Mauqah shinaas Abolish Mauqoof karna Season. Whey. Taste. Liking. Situation. Valuables.Effects. Outlook. Overture. Opening. Wish Matlab Malaise. Option. Present. Shrine. Solid. Obsolete. Time. Qualm Matli Requisite Matloobah Text Matn Abandoned. Relinquished Matrook Obsolete Matrookah Butter-Milk. Inebriated Matwalaa Caprice. Rejected. Jocularity. Opening. Enjoyment. Existing. To get Mayassar Wine Of Sorrow May-e-gam To Drink May-kashii Drinking May-noshii Corpse Mayyat Enjoyment Mazaa Jest. Ecstasy. Raillery. Time Mauqa Occasion. Outlook. Object. Surge. Meaning. Advisable Mauzoon Adequacy. At Hand. Wit Mazaah Jocular. Relish. This Maujoodah Existence Maujoodgi Miracle Maujza Exciting Mauj-zan Occasion. Joke. Wit Mausoleum. Goods. Whig Mattha Intoxicated. Jest. Situation. Good Taste. Opportunity. Mazaaq Mock. Perception. Place. Jape. Wealth Offerings (Things Offered In Prayer) Sweet Heart Waddle Longed For Jaunt Matar gasht Kitchen Matbakh Weighty Mateen Agitator Mathaani Strong. Left. Quizzical Mazaahiyah Joker Mazaahiyah kirdaar Strength Mazaal Topics Mazaameen Appreciation. Merchandise. Vigorous. Plenty.

Ornate Enjoyable. Job Work. Kind Engrossed Exercise. Laugh Article. Journeyman. Kind Heartedness. Wage Additional. Robust. Altar Firm. Trial. Taste. Tasteful Lark Enjoy Belief. Sun Secret Beneficent. Quantity Height Of Intelligence My Term Accurate. Oppressed. Lore. Party Guest Kindness. Kind Hearted Kindliness. Relish. Kind.n Mazbah Mazboot Mazdoor Mazdoori Mazeed Mazeed bar aan Mazeen Mazey daar Mazey ki baat Mazey leyna Mazhab Mazhakah Mazhakah kheyz Mazhakah uarna Mazhakah uraana Mazloom Mazoor Mbassir Meaad Meelaad Meena Meenaarah Meenar Meer e saamaan Meeraas Meethi goliyaan Meethi tikyaan Meezaan Meezaaniyah Meh Mehafil Mehamaan Mehar Meharam Meharbaan Mehav Mehnat Mehnat-e-paiham Mehntaanah Mehnti Mehrbaan Mehrbaani Mehroom Mehtaabi Mehwar Meqdaar Meraaj-e-khirad Mere Meyaad Meyaar Meyaar e aehliyat Meyaar e qaraari Meyl Meyl jol Meyl milaap Meylah Meymna Meyn Meyndak Meyndhi Meyndki Meynh Labourer Enjoyment. Amity. Religion. Ornamental. Lasting. Toil. Gathering. Resolute. Thank You Devoid Of Terrace Axis Mass. Injure. Effort Wage Laborious Benign. Rooted. Pleasure. Zestfulness Oppressed Topic. Moreover Adorned. Besides. Again. Level.Mazaduur Mazah Mazaluum Mazamuu. Match Agreement Accommodation Jollification Kid. Joy. Wronged Lame Observant While Birth Enamel Minaret Tower Quartermaster Jongleur. Labourer. Strong. Exertion. Valid Jobber. Sect Jeer Ludicrous Jeer Josh. Legacy Jujube Jumble Balance Budget Rain Assembly. Among. Lamb Above. Subject Abattoir. Doctrine. Essay. Worker Job. Quantum. Augmented. Quality Qualification Quality Control Agreement. Beneath Toad Queue Toad Rain . Work Continuous Work. Jack. Labour. Kindness. More As Well.

Eradicate. Temperament. Obliterate. Faith Blend. Waist Moderation Mixture. Exterminate. Eyelids Test Absolve Absolution Accord. Example Likeness. Example. From Among. Obtain Akin Light-House Out Of. Agreement. Matter. Toil. Eradicate. Junction. Legacy Wine Decanter. Humor. Land. Technician Erase. Record. Container Joined Jointed. Difficulty. Nature. Ruined Adopt Mechanic. Alliance. Knead. Obliterate. Supplicate Obliged To Medicine Epilepsy Mars Jacket Analogy. Quell Erase. Thing Quandary . Tamely Analogous. Earth. Meet. Reconcile Adulteration. Mix Agreement. State Of Being Fiddle Stick Lash Eyelashes. Affix. Trash Earthen Landmass Kerosine Oil Master. Razed. Metaphor. Quell Burial. Mixture Juncture Together Keeping Nation. Mud. Kindness Estate. Mix. Like. Trial Favor. Mingle.Meyra Meyri Meyz Meyz posh Meyzbaani karna Mezaaj Miftaah Mihmaan Mihnat Mihrbaani Miiraas Miinaa Mila hu'a Mila jula Mila kar rakhna Milaana Milaap Milaawat Milan Milkar Milkiyat Millat Milna Milta julta Minaarah Min-jumlaa Minnat Minnat-kash-e-dawa Mirgi Mirreekh Mirzaa'i Misaal Misaale Miskeen Misl Misl-e-dood Mismaar Misteaar leyna Mistri Mita deyna Mitaana Mitti Mitti ka Mitti ka pushtaara Mitti ka teyl Miyaan Miyaanah rawi Mizaaj Mizaraab Mizhah Mizhgaan Mizshaa haaye daraaz Mizshagaan Moaa'enah Moaaf karna Moaafi Moaahedah Moaawezah Moaawin Moaawin e askari Moaawin e jurm Mo'allif Moallim Moamala saaf Moamalah Moamma Mine Mine Table Tablecloth Entertain Temperament Key Guest Labor. Simile Example Meek. Join. Resembling Like Smoke Destroy. Join. Pride. Treaty Quid Pro Quo. Juncture. . Join. Exterminate. Blend. Eyelids Long Eyelashes Eyelashes. Lowly. Quittance Assistant Adjutant Abettor Writer Tutor Quits Affair. Mixed Juxtapose Adjoin.

Quarter. Fragrant. Wrest. Ward Researcher Authoritatively Obsign Ladylike. Filled With Perfume Definite . Respite Baneful Meaningless. Adjust. Rectify. Amour. Wimple Zigzag Wall Kennel Turn. Vexed Waves Miracle Miracle Buy Wax Hair Cause. Time Locality. Obese. Well Bred Task. Weighty Leisure. Love Loving Adore Respite. Dependent. Thick Kemp Thickness Obesity Reliable Objector Kersey Jaconet Jasmine Sambac Accommodate. Wring Bulky. Obliging Beggar. Confederate Embrace Relation Puzzle Effective Full Of Scent. Robust. Obsolete Benefactor. Shoe-maker Jasmine Sambac Florapleno Keeper. Migrant. Well Received Pardon Ally. Twist. Reason Radish(White) Key Rush Likeness Jailbird Bend. Advisable.Moarrikh Moch Mochi Mogra Mohaafiz Mohaajir Mohaal Mohaaribah Mohaasa Mohaasirah Mohaawirah Mohabbat Mohabbat aameyz Mohabbat karna Mohalat Mohallah Mohaqqiq Mohaqqiqaanah Mohar lagaana Mohazzab Mohim Mohlat Mohlik Mohmal Mohsin Mohtaaj Mohtaram Mohtarmah Mohzin Mohzoon Mojaain Mojezah Mojza Mol leyna Mom Moo Moojib Mooli Moongon ka jazeerah Moonjh Moorat Moozi Mor Mor daar Morchah Mori Morna Mota Mota oon Motaa'i Motaapa Motabar Motariz Motey oon ka kapra Moti malmal Motiya Mowaafiq Mowsool Muaaf Muaahid Muaaniq Muamalaa Muammaa Muassir Muattar Muayyan Annalist Wrick Boot-maker. Watchman Emigrant. Refugee Difficult War Acne Encircle Expression Affection. Wanting Exalted Madame Woeful Grieved.

Manager Agreement Thinker Lightsome Advantageous. Exaggeration Overdo Auspicious. Poverty Stricken. Admissible. Eternally Cure Judicious Reasonable. Respondent Motive Fulfillment Of A Desire Litigant Enemy Plaintiff Awhile. Confirmatory One Who Gives Azaan Lest Barter. Emigrant Difficult Warrior Accountant Enquiry Accountancy Blockade Available Quarter(Of A City). Guardian. Gratis Bother Illusions Protector. Well Grounded Teacher Round Encounter. Street. Arrogance Beyond One's Limits Argue. Obscure Matured Commencement. Profitable. Indigent. Continually. Learner Embroiled In Entangled Bond Repelling Access. Duration. Length Of Time. Object Accused. Blessed. Guard Refugee. Lawful Contending For Glory. Exchange Exaggerate Allowable. Felicitation Altered Alleged Missionary Observer Ambiguous. Enigmatic. Boasting. Admission Trespass Always. Beneficial.Muayyid Muazzin Mubaada Mubaadilah Mubaaghah Mubaah Mubaahaat Mubaalage Mubaalghah Mubaalighah Mubaarak Mubaddal Mubaiyanah Muballigh Mubassir Mubham Mubligh Mubtada Mubtadi Mubtala Mubtila Muchalka Mudaafeat Mudaakhilat Mudaakhilat beyja Mudaam Mudaavaa Mudabbir Mudallil Mudarris Mudawwar Mud bheyr Muddaa Muddaa alaeha Muddaa sabab Muddaa talbee Muddai Muddaii Mudda-ii Muddat Muddat barhaana Muddat ul umr Mudeer Mufaahmat Mufakkir Mufarrah Mufeed Muflis Mufsid Muft Muft ki jhak jhak Mugaalate Muhaafiz Muhaajir Muhaal Muhaarib Muhaasib Muhaasibah Muhaasibi Muhaasirah Muhaiyaa Muhallah Muhandis Muharrir Muhatasib Muheet Corroborative. Lucrative. Useful Poor. Run Into Aim. While Lengthen Lifetime Editor. Term. Ward Engineer Quillman One Who Stops Encompassing . Principle Beginner. Destitute Lewd Free. Period Of Time. Equivocal. Bankrupt.

Faulty. Words To Address Abbreviation Ladylike. Respite. Only Abstractly Embody My Abstracted. Sinner Authority. Tender. Illuminated Suitable. Logistical. Apt.Muhib Muhiit Muhim ju baanka Muhlat Muhsin Muhtaj Mu'ijzah Mujaadilah Mujaahid Mujaddid Mujarim Mujarrab Mujarrad Mujarradan Mujassam hona Mujh Mujmal Mujra Mujrim Mujtahid Mujtanib Mukaalmah Mukaddar Mukammal Mukammal taur par Mukar Mukaranaa Mukarrar Mukhaalif Mukhaatab Mukhaatib Mukhaffaf Mulaa'em Mulaaheza Mulaa'im Mulaaqaat Mulaazim Mulaazmat Mulammaa Muleythi Mulhid munkir Mulhiq Mulhiqah Mulk Mulki Mulkon ki anjuman Multavii Multawi karna Mulzim Mumaani Mumaasi Mumaasil hona Mumaasilat Mumkin Mumlikat Mumtaaz Munaajaaten Munaajaaton Munaasib Munavvar Munazzam Mundarijah zeyl Muneem Munfa-iil Munh Munh bhar Dreadful Cover. Work Gilded Liquorice Atheist Adherent. Gentle. Interview. Worthy Ordered. Culpable. Outstanding Prayers. Opportune. Faulty. Delay. Reformer Evasive Talk Gloomy. Job. Becoming. Territory. Abut. Visit Attendant. Congruous. Malefactor. Observable. Culpable. Benefactor Needy. Affiliate. Chosen. Sinner Experienced. Felon. Yielding Observe Soft. Malefactor. Exalted. Well Organised Below Mentioned Accountant. Meeting. Again Adverse. Leisure Patron. Opponent Address. Aide. Offender. Spread Over Knight-Errant Retarding. Felon. Questor Ashamed Kisser. Adjourn Adjourn Accused Aunt Tangent Take After Analogy. Proper. Defective Miracle Altercation Labouring Renewer. Deny Repeatedly. Fit. Poor. Well Administered. Jar. Law Breaker. Hymns Appropriate. Lofty. Turbid. Orifice Mouthful . Placid Encounter. Enemy. Mouth. Reformer Criminal. Realm Ace. Sullen. Servant. Alone. Just. Hymns Prayers. Opposed. Feasible Kingdom. Wan Accomplished Wholly Denial To Turn Away From. Jobholder. Employee. Annex Adjoining Nation. Worker Employment. Eminent. Country Local Bloc Postpone. Muddy. Tender. Brief Obeisance Criminal. Realm. Likeness Possible. Vexed. Reasonable. Law Breaker. Offender. Tried Abstract.

Opt. Predestination Lawsuit Lock Anew. Object. Meaning. In Front. Destiny. Opposition Resting Place. Confronting. One Who Waits Against. Kindness Dead. Ordain. Orderly Benevolence. Tenor. Again. Main. Converse. Kindness Accustomed Benevolence. Wish. Vow Return Meditation Letter Jam. Leading. Kind Heartedness. Just Judicial Target Elect. Permanent Orator Admitting Confessing. Wimp Languid. Admitting. Quadrate Quadratic Tactile Album Adorned Jeweler Edited. Lifeless. Match. Odd Besieged. Surrounded One Who Does Not Believe. Superior Trial Litigation Fate. Will. Matching. Atheist One Who Denies Loyalty Tot Lady-kin Knot Administrator Quill-man Judge.n Wash Up Yawn Walkway About Face Orally Oral Oblique. Tendency. Fixed. Dependent.Munh haath dhona Munh ka phat jaana Munh pheyr leyna Munh pheyri Munh sey Munh sey mutaalliq Munharif Munhasir Munkir Munkir-e-wafa Munna Munni bi Munsalik hona Munsarim Munshi Munsif Munsifaanah Muntaha Muntakhib Muntakhib Muntaq cha Muntaqah Muntaqah waari Muntaqahtul burooj Muntashir Muntashir karna Muntazar Muntazim Muntazim peysh kaar Muntazir Muqaabil Muqaabilah Muqaam Muqaddam Muqaddamah Muqaddamah baazi Muqaddar Muqaddmah Muqaffal Muqarrar Muqarrir Muqeer Muqir Muraad Muraajiat Muraaqibah Muraasilah Murabba Murabba numa Mura'i Muraqqa Murassa Murassa saaz Murattab Muravvat Murawwaj Murawwat Murdah Murdah dil Murdah khaanah Mureyrna Murgaan Murgh Murgh aabi Murgha Murg-zaaro. Weak. Quadrangle. Winnow One Who Is Awaited Administrator Manager Expectant. Prior. Situation Above All. Appointed. Customary. Kind Heartedness. Resting. Chief. Opposite Liken. Intention. Decrepit. Acknowledging Desire. Quintessential Quintessential Zonule Zone Zonal Zodiac In Disarray Resolve. Listless Morgue Wring Birds Bird Teal Rooster Green Jungles . Established. Certain. Antecedent.

Spiritual Guide Apostate. Traveler. Intricate. Exalted Advisor Affectionate. Raised Stranger. Likeness. Misfortune. Tourist. Triangle Continuous Yammer Octagon Author. Tough. Wilt. Hard. Turn. Trouble Wretched Woefully Kin Analogy. Affliction. Difficult. Equipped Admitted. Questionable Appetizer Advertised Wild Joint Jupiter Joint Joint Return Joint Resolution Joint Stock Keep Up Smile Borrowed. Painful. Misery. Whole Accepted Question-less Three Sided. Loaned Quick Tenant Relieved. Keen Equivocal. Resemblance Inspection Observation Allowance God Wages Advisor Advisory Name Of The Shayar Observation Labour Ennobled. Resigned Meritorious Worthy Established . Interested. Welt. Calamity.Murjhaana Murna Murshid Murtad Murtafa Musaafir Musaahib Musaalehat Musaawaat Musakh khar Musalasal Musallah Musallam Musallamah Musallamah baat Musallas Musalsal Musalsal bolna Musamman Musannif Musarrat Musavvir Musawwadah Musawwir Musawwir sanat gar Museebat Museebat ka maara Museebat sey Mushaabah Mushaabehat Mushaahidaa Mushaahidah Mushaahirah Mushaahit Mushaairah Mushaawir Mushaawrati Mushafi Mushaida Mushaqqat Musharraf Musheer Mushfiq Mushkabaar Mushkaboo Mushkil Mushtaaq Mushtabah Mushtahi Mushtahir Mushtail Mushtarak Mushtari Mushtarkah Mushtarkah gosh waarah Mushtarkah qaraar daad Mushtarkah sar maayah Musir hona Muskuraahat Mustaaar Mustaad Mustaajir Mustafi Mustahaq Mustahiq Mustahkam Languish. Jollity Artiste Manuscript. Trouble. Wearisome Ardent. Evil. Eager. Obscure. Entire. Associate Accommodation Evenness. Transcript Painter Artist Adversity. Wayfarer Comrade. Lofty. Renegade Elevated. Twist Teacher. Wither Bend. Writer Joy. Kind Fragrant Like The Smell Of Musk Abstract. Equality Overcome Continuous Armed.

Excluded. Attached. Wealthy Content. Apt. Tolerant Kinetic. Exceptional. Quadrangle. Moving. Resolute Laborious Endure (For)Keeps Overruled. Quadrate Additional According Agreement. Laughing Kaleidoscope Affable. Appended. Keeping. Satisfied Orderly Arranger Abhorrent Conformable. Partial. Rejected. Grieving. Quashed. Passive. Repentant. Quiescent Atone . Affected Blessed Smiling. Obedient. Reliable Quarters Quarters Abiding.Mustahsan Mustaid Mustanad Mustaqar Mustaqar Mustaqil Mustaqil mezaaj Mustaqil mezaaji dikhaana Mustaqil taur par Mustarad Mustashriq Mustasna Mustateel Mustazaad Mutaabiq Mutaabiqat Mutaaddid Mutaalbah Mutaaleah Mutaalliq Mutaalliqah Mutaaqbiq Mutaarrif Mutaassib Mutaassib aanah junoon Mutaassif Mutaa'ssir Mutabarrak Mutabassim Mutaghaiyyar manzar Mutahammil Mutaharrik Mutahayyir Mutakallim Mutalaashi Mutalliqah Mutama-iin Mutamawwil Mutamu-in Mutanazzam Mutanazzim Mutannaffar Mutaqbiq Mutaraadif Mutaraddid Mutarajjim Mutarib Mutawaffi Mutawaqqi Mutawassit Mutawattan Mutawazan Mutazabzab Mutbahhir Mutee Muth Muthiya Muthiya laga hua Mutlaq Mutlaq sifar Mutlaq ul anaani Mutlaq ul anaani ka Haami Mutlaqaana Mutlaqiyat Mutma'in Mutma'in karna Approved Able. Annexed. Excepted. Suitable. Like Acquainted With Bigot. Midway Resident Balanced Afraid Erudite Obsequious. Excellent Oblong. Ready Authentic. Attached. Refuted. Hopeful Average. Waive Orientalist Abnormal. Never-ending. In Accordance With Tantamount Grieved. Appended. Repelled. Sorrowful. Hesitant. Superstitious Zealotry Aggrieved. Likeness Many Requirements Reading About. Lasting. Relevant About. Annexed. Relevant Befitting. Appertaining. Efficient. Wavering Translator Singer Late Expecting. Patient. Revoked. Perplexed. Like. Prejudiced. Appertaining. Knobbed Absolute Absolute Zero Absoluteness Absolutist Absolutely Absoluteness Appeased. Officious Knob Knob Knobby. Continuous. Moveable Amazed Orator Quester Related Satisfied Opulent. Rich.

Resistance Agitation Wavering Male. Near Adjoining Bundle Bribe Hair Easy. Facilitated. Languid Restless Anxious. Masculine Impatient Good News Malign Dimmed. Feasible. Disturbed. Singer Continuos Agreeing Knit Adjacent. Block.Mutrib Mutsil Muttafiq Muttahed Muttasil Muttasillah Muttha Mutthi garma karna Muu Muyassar Muzaafaat Muzaahim Muzaahimat Muzaahirah Muzabzab Muzakkar Muzatarib Muzda Muzir Muzmahil Muztar Muztarib Jongleur. Worry . Resisting Bar. Opposition. Idle. Possible Near By Obstructing. Exhausted. Restless. Obstruction. Opposing.

Legate. Miscarry. Tariff Wall Oarsman. Unsuccessful Abortive Zero. Trivial. Barrier. Extinct. Disagreement. Unknowingly Zero Bankrupt. Lieutenant Stupid Disobedient Apply. Unpleasant. Quarrel Unlawful Jejune Lose. Deputy Injustice Ad Infinitum Discord. Repentant Rare. Not To One's Liking. Stranger Stranger Yardbird Ignorant Minor Blind Blind Annihilated. Accidentally Sudden. Displeasure Affected With. Distasteful. Boatsman. Resort Absinthe Suddenly. Tease. Enforced. Forlorn Trifling. Pauper Bankruptcy. Toll Not Successful Blockade. Sailor Nail. Base Wicked Luckless. Bashful. Assistant. Enacted. Odious. Unpalatable Dislike. Malcontent. Accidental Suddenly. Poor. Destitute. Worthless Maladroitness Worthless. Not. Distasteful. Jar. Having Effect. Worry Lineament Beseech Octroi. Unpalatable Absence Snake Jagged. Rough Barber Assistant. Insignificant. Poverty Greedy Unseen Ashamed.N Urdu words Na Naa Naa-aashnaa Naa-aashna Naa-aehl Naaashan Naa-baaligh Naa-beena Naabiinaa Naa-bood Naach Naa-chaar Naa-cheez Naa-daani Naa-daanistah Naa-daarad Naa-daar Naa-daari Naa-deedah Naadiidaa Naadim Naadir Naa-durust Naaeb Naa-fahm Naa-farmaan Naafiz Naag daanah Naagahaan Naagahaanee Naagahaani Naagan Naagavaar Naagawaar Naaghah Naagin Naaham waar Naai Naaib Naa-insaafi Naa-inteha Naa-ittifaaqi Naa-jaa'iz Naa kaafi Naa kaam Naa kaaraah Naa-kaarah Naa-kaari Naa kas Naa khalaf Naa khush Naa khushi Naak Naak meyn dam hona Naak meyn dam karna Naak naqshah Naak ragarna Naaka Naakaamayaab Naakah bandi Naakhudaa Naakhun Naakis English words Nor No. Singular. Piercing. Full Of Worry Overdo. Offended Disagreeableness. Unpleasant. Odious. Claw Cunning . Nonexistent Dance Helpless. Not To One's Liking. Accidentally Snake Dislike. Worthless Ignorance Unwittingly. Termination Of The Infinitive Not Acquainted. Precious Mistaken Aide. Penitent.

Outlet. Kudos. Wanting Fire. Message Messenger. Unknown Disallowed. Incapable Jargonal. Complaint. Unacceptable Odious Kill Joy Measure. Improper Laminator Wailing. Unworthy. Annoyed. Leading. Lamentation Barrel Of A Gun. Letter Carrier Love Letter Love Letter Book. Lax Meter. Jargonistic Questionless Unappreciative Abortive. Quantify Jackleg. Measurement. Kennel. Frailty Disliked. Vessel Row Carousing. Discontent. Reputation Letter. Feasting Meter. Message Letter. Malcontent. Offensive. Moaning Crying Heart Lamentation. Renown. Measurement. Adulterated. Quantity Inconstancy. Bad. Writing Messenger Journalism Immodest. Quantity Inconstancy. Rivulet Unworthy. Lax Unfit. Lawsuit Fame. Honor. Loud Cry Lamenting. Honour Adverse Wanting Impossible Disappointed Disappointment. Wee Accuse Mention Anonymous Kudos. Rejected Unmanly Well Known Organic Reputation. Obnoxious. Repute. Hell Dishonesty Angry. Frailty Disliked. Label. Weeping Weeping Sighs. Name. Offended . Obnoxious. Refused. Worthless.Naala Naa-laaiq Naala farsaayee Naalaa Naalaan Naala-dil Naalah Naalan Naale Naali Naalish Naam Naam ka Naam lagaana Naam leyna Naam naa dahindah Naam war Naama Naamaa Naamaabar Naamaa-e-shauq Naama-e-dildaar Naamah Naamah bar Naamah nigaari Naa-maharam Naa-maloom Naa-manzoor Naa-mard Naami Naamiyaati Naamoos Naa-mowaafiq Naa-mukammal Naa-mumkin Naa-muraad Naa-muraadii Naamus Naan baa'i Naan nafqah Naan nafqah Naao Naao kheyna Naa-onosh Naap Naa-paaidari Naa-pasand Naa-pasandeedah Naa-pasandeedah aadmi Naapna Naa-pukhtah Naap Naa-paaidari Naa-pasand Naa-pasandeedah Naa-pasandeedah aadmi Naapna Naa-pukhtah Naa-qaabil Naa-qaabil e faehm Naa-qaabil e inkaar Naa-qadr Naaqis Naar Naa-raasti Naa-raaz Lamentation. Unacceptable Odious Kill Joy Measure. Title. Tube Accusation. Impure Obscure. Mention. Quantify Jackleg. Letter. History. Ship. Treatise. Offensive. Honour Baker Alimony Maintenance Boat. Unsuitable. Watercourse.

The Feeling Of Guilt and Shame Zero Intimate Friend River Ease. Counselor Cheerless. Regret.njaam Naawak Naawak teer Naa-yaab Naaz Naazaan Naaz neen Naazil Naazim Naazim e amn Naazir Naazish Naazuk Naazuk Daal Naazuk kaar Naazuk mezaaj Naazukii Nabaati Nabaatiyaat Nabard Nabard-e-ishaq Nabeyrna Nabi Naboowat Nabz Nadaamat Na daarad Nadeem Nadi Naeem Naehlaana Naerang Aversion Orange Fires Of Hell Unclean. Pitiless Feeble. Monitor Ascetic Forehead Humanity. Relationship Juvenile Inexperience Incomplete Hard-Hearted. Arrogant. Blandishment. Alliance. Miracle. Languid. Observer.Naa-raghbati Naa-rangi Naar-e-dozakh Naa-saaf Naa-saaz Naa-saboor Naa-samajh Naaseh Naashaad Naa-shinaas Naashtah Naa-shukr Naasih Naasik Naasiyaa Naasoot Naasor Naata Naataa Naa-taaqat Naatah Naa-tajribah kaar Naa-tajurbaakaari Naa-tamaam Naa-tars Naatavaan Naatavaanee Naa-tawaan Naa-tawaann Naatey daar Naa-ummeedee Naaummiid Naa-ustuwaar Naa-vaaqfiyat Naa-vaaqif-e-a. Delicacy. Scarce. Devoid of Hope Lax Ignorance Unaware Of The Consequences. Alliance. Naive Preacher. Impure. Feeble Affinity. Slender. Dissonant. Pleasure Bathe Magic. Record Keeper Arrogance. Befall. Thin Wand Joiner Touchy Tenderness Botanical Botany Battle Struggle In Love End A Prophet Apostleship Pulse Guilt. Tranquility. A Kind Of Arrow Arrow Diificult To Find. Shame. Indisposed. Delicate. Weak Kin Hopelessness. Dull. Inexperienced Tar. Severe. Softness Proud. Languid. Trick . Repentance. Kin. Restless Ignorant. Dull. Uncivil Impatient. Unchaste Adverse. Unhappy Ignorant Breakfast Ungrateful Advisor. Light. Despair Hopeless. Pride. Weak Inability. Alliance. Relationship Affinity. Kin. Sad. Joyless. Lovely Alighting. Weak Weakness Inability. Kin. Gracefulness. Elegance. Arrogant Belle. Pride Brittle. To Fall Upon Administrator Justice Of Peace Bailiff. Rare Airs. Coquetry. Relationship Weak. Blandishing. Foolish. Fragile. Human Nature Wound Affinity.

Misfortune Offspring Fascinating Lightsome. Appearance. Pretence. Disgust. Misfortune Rein Disarrayed Fragrant Hair Oasis Affectation. Trick Braggart Braggart. Lean Manner. Luminous Exploitation Excrement. Evil Star. Fortune. Airs. Song. Lewdness Fatal Sigh Jewel Write Melody. Coquetry. Boast. Specimen. Tone. Soul. Jilt Jet. Planet. Lament. Musical Note.n Nakhlistaan Nakhrah Nakhreela Nakhrey baaz Nal Nali Nalka Nalki Nam Nam naak Namaaz Namak Namakdaan Nami Namood Namoonah Namrood Namu daar hona Namud Namukammil Nang Nanga Nangey paa'on Nannha Quill Excellence. Tune Melody. Tube Marrow Bone. Dampness Tearful. Musical Note. Salvation Praiseworthy. Loathsomeness. Aversion.Na'ey Nafaasat Nafas Nafees Nafi wujood Nafqah Nafrat Nafs Nafs kashi Nafs parast Nafs-e-jaa. Wetness. Refinement Breath Excellent Zero Alimony Abhorrence. Fright. Wetness Affectation. Song.n-gudaaz Nag Nageenah jarna Naghmaah Naghma-e-jaan Naghmah Nagmaa Nagmaa-e-mastaanaa Nagmaat Nagme Nahaan Nahaana Nahaana dhona Nahang Naheef Nahj Nahoosat Na'i paud Nai-rang Naiyyar Na jaa'ez faa'edah (uthaana) Najaasat Najaat Najeeb Najjaar Najm Najoomi Na kaam Nakahat Nakbat Nakeyl Nakhat-e-zulf-epareshaa. Terror Bodily Desire. Tube Tap Quill Moisture. Tone. Noble. Sample. Song. Essence. Shame Bare Bare Foot Little . Swagger. Odium. Lotion Bathe Lave Crocodile Emaciated. Brag Example. Model An Old King Who Used To Say That He Was God Appear Appearance Incomplete Obloquy. Spirit Abnegate Lascivious. Musical Note Song Of Life Melody. Tap. Tune Happy Song Songs Songs Bathing. Ordure Freedom (From). Generous Joiner Star. Trick. Bad Luck. Moist Prayer Beauty Container To Keep Salt Moisture. Horoscope Astrologer Reprobate Fragrance Calamity. Way Adversity.

Mild. Bastard. Example. Intoxication. Arrogance. Engraving. The Eye Of A Mistress Beloved's Eyes (Not A Direct Translation) Larynx Ladylike. Spurious. Drinking Resent Laconic Veil Weakness Money Adverse. Tenderness Lineage Lineal Erect Lineage Destiny. Leniency. Tender-Hearted Kind Hearted Meek Gentle Water Current Tap Laxity. Mimicking. Print. Lineage. Admonition. Fate. Wheel Of Fortune Sitting In Advice. Slow. Counsel. Aping. Pride Addictive Realise Sitting Nest Low Ebb And Flow. Arrogance. Masculine Yell Narcissus. Exhortation. Consequences (Plu. Happiness Addiction. Of Nateejah) Weak . Extraction. Coffin. Pride Enthusiasm. Enmity. Engraved Footprints Man. Fable. Tender. Intoxication. Kind. Mark Design. Quota Advice. Male. Copying. Model Embellished. Exhortation. Reproduction.Nannhi bi Nannhi khaatoon Na-o-nosh Na-pasand Napa tula Naqaab Naqaahat Naqdi Naqeez Naql Naql e makaan Naqli Naqli baal Naqoosh Naqqaarah Naqqaash Naqs Naqsh Naqshah Naqsheen Naqsh-e-kaf-e-paa Naqsh-e-paa Naqshi Naquush-e-paa Nar Narah Nargis Nargis-e-biimaar Narkharah Narm Narm dil Narm khu Narm mezaaj Narm rau Narm sey zarb lagaana Narmi Nasab Nasabi Nasb Nasb naamah Naseeb Naseehat Naseem Nasf-shab Nash Nashaah Nashaat Nashah Nashah aawar Nashah haran hona Nasheen Nasheman Nasheyb Nasheyb o faraaz Nashiin Nasiihat Nasiim Nasiim-e-sahar Nasl Nasl barhaana Nasseh Nastaleeq Nat Nataa'ej Nataa'ij Natawaan Ladykin Ladykin Feasting. Fortune. Race Breed. Mildness. Smooth. Traditional Wig Mark Kettledrum Engraver Lack Copy. Soft. Moral Lesson. Multiply Preacher Well Mannered Acrobat Result Results. Engraved Footprint Footprints Embellished. Opposite Acting. Recorded. Bogus. Yielding Affectionate. Counsel. Transcript Migration Artificial. Map. Admonition. Anecdote. Painting. Warning Gentle Breeze. Moral Lesson. Lot. Zephyr Midnight Bier. Lenient. Corpse Addiction. Picture. Narration. Kind Hearted. Warning Breeze Morning Wind Breed. Tale. Counterfeit. Fable.

Youthful Juvenile. Sight. Work Job-Hunter Sapling. Youngster. Outcome. Young. Motive. Voice Battle Of Love Good News Death's Call Sound Environs Singer Favored Kindness. Outcome. Effect. Ogle Evil Eye Oblate Mind Review. Result. Expectation. Look. Young Man Bridegroom Juvenile. View. Sight Sight. Favor. Youthful Junior Miss Sound. New. Job. Kid. Juvenility Boy. Jugglery Avoid Look. Result. Youngster. Turn. End. Kind. Quality. Keen. Yield Effectual Aftermath. Estimation. Laminator Mourners Mourners Jeremiad. Neatness. Near Closer. Nearer Countenance. Observe. Result. Oblation. Sprouting. Qualitative Juvenile. Vista Close.Nateejaa Nateejah Nateejah kheyz Natiijaa Natthi karna Nau Nau-aamoz Nau-bahaar Nau-bahaar-e-naaz Naubat Nauhaa Nauhaagar Nauhaagaraan Nauhagaraan Nauhah Nauhah angeyz Nauhah kani Naui Nauiyat Nau-jawaan Nau-jawaani Naukar Nau-kar Nau-kheyz Nau-khez Naukraani Naukri Naukri ka mutalaashi Nau-nihaal Nau-shah Nau-umar Nau-umr Nau-umr larki Navaa Navard-e-ishq Naved Naved-e-ajal Nawa Nawaah Nawaa-sanj Nawaaza Nawaazish Nawisht Nawishtah Naya Naya fauji Naza Nazaa Nazaafat Nazaai Nazaakat Nazaamat Nazaara Nazaarah Nazadiik Nazadiik-tar Nazar Nazar aana Nazar andaaz Nazar bandi Nazar churaana Nazar Daalna Nazar e bad Nazar kardah Nazar rakhna Nazar saani Aftermath. Raw Beginner Early Spring Lover Kettledrum. Youngster. End. Young. Employee. Kid. Politeness. Favor. Manner. Youthful Maid. Yield Affix. Tenderness Administration View. Glance. Felicitation. Recent Yardbird Last Breath Quarrel Purity. Opportunity. Quaintness. Sprouting. Watch Lamentation. Neatness Questionable Elegance. Revision . Mourning Mourner. Outcome. Eyesight. Praise. Effect. Written Raw. Youthful Youth. Lamentation Lamentable Wailing Qualitative Type. View Appear Overlook. Wench Employment. Youthful Juvenile. Effect. Attach Fresh. Prime Of Life. End. Time. Young. Patronage Writing Record. Yield Aftermath. Reject Arrest. Offering. Knave Lackey Juvenile.

Maintain Offer Lower Low Class Extract. Tepid Quack Yawning Ajar Mid Day Tears Quietus Rich Latent. Benefits Blessing Loyalty Achieve. Janitor. Boon. Quintessence Extort. Order. Respects Kind. Ordain. Last. Glance. Beneath Alight Alight Low Kingfisher Blue Bluishness Auction Blue Colour. Theoretical Opinion Seeing A Beautiful Face To Watch Landscape Beautiful. Defeated.Middle. Virtuous. Lackadaisical. Reprobate Loon Below. Look. Sight Guard. Quasi Lukewarm. Complexion Half. Outspoken Helpless. Juxtaposition Equal Arrangement. Lance Spear Favors. Worth Seeing Abject. Watch Over . Recondite Ample. Close. Exceedingly. Extract. Poetry. Keeper. Teaser Adversity. Meek Lucky. Regard. Malign. Verse Landing Offering Rejected. Custody. Quittance Good.Nazariyah Nazar-shanaas Nazdeek Nazeer Nazm Nazool Nazr Nazri Nazriyah Nazzaara-e-jamaal Nazzaaragii Nazzaarah Nazzaara-soz Neech Neech zaat Neechey Neechey aana Neechey utarna Neechi jagah Neel kanth Neela Neela hat Neelaam Neelee-faam Neem Neem garm Neem hakeem Neem khwaabeedah Neem wa Neem-roz Neer Neesti Nehaal Nehaan Nehaayat Nejaat Nek Nemat Nemat khaanah Neowla Newaara Ney Neyaaz Neyk Neyk bakht Neyk khu Neysh zan Neysti Neyz Neyzah Nezaa Ni'am Ni'amat Nibaah Nibaahna Nichhaawar karna Nichla Nichla tabqah Nichor Nichorna Nidaamat Nidar Nidhaal Nigaah Nigaah baan Nigaah meyn rakhna Theory Knowing. Obedient Kindly Backbiter. Margosa. Regret Bold. Languid Attention. Protector. Extremity. Bounty Larder Mungoose Jasmine Aborescens Neither Offering. Clever Near. Limit Escape. Lucky. Pious Blessing. Warden. Watchman Remember. Base. Care. Wring Repentance. Annihilation Likewise Javelin.

Souvenir. Exhibit. Trace Record Label. Quizzical Rare. Take Away. Keepsake. Tactless. Sacrifice Related To This. Out. Memento. Happiness. Hidden. Remove. Identity. Strange. Remembrance. Scar. Sign. Memorial. Run Away Appear. Excessive. Kaput. Token Enthusiasm. Mark. Warden. Beloved. Memorial. Oust. Buried Tree. Protector. Freedom. Extract. Look After. Wedlock Wed Bring Forth. Memento. Yardbird Worthless Otiosity Beauty Beautify. Offer. Rise (Sun) Abject. Export. Hidden Abounding. Thrash. Presence.Quote. Very Much Auction Midnight Intention Of Drinking Absolution. Internal. Except. Sign. Exclude. Dispersion. Half Take Care Of Take Care Of Absolutely Kook. Extremely. Embroidery Guard. Picture. End. Liberation. Betrothal. Sapling Latent.Nigaah rakhna Nigaar Nigah baan Nigah daasht Nigah-e-aashnaa Nigah-e-sozan-emashiyat Nigalanaa Nigandah Nigora Nigori Nigraan Nigun Nihaan Nihaal Nihaan Nihaanee Nihaayat Niilaam Niim-shab Niiyat-e-mayakashii Nijaat Nikaah Nikaah karna Nikaalna Nikaas Nikal bhaagna Nikalna Nikamma Nikatthu Nikatthu pan Nikhaar Nikhaarna Nikharna Nikhat-e-zulf-e-nigaar Nikohish Nim Nimatna Nipatna Nira Niraala Niraalee Niraali Nirghah karna Nirkh Nisaar Nisabat Nisbat Nisbat-e-baa hami Nisbat hona Nisbatan Nisf un nahaar Nishaab dahi Nishaan Nishaan dahi Nishaan mitaana Nishaanah Nishaanah baaz Nishaanee Nishaani Nishaat Nishaat angeyz Nishaat-e-aah-sahar Nishtar Niswaaniyat Niswaar Nisyaan Look After. Release. Watchful Change Hidden. Riddance Matrimony. Watchman Keep. Unequalled Rare. Comparison. Target. Rotten. Reproach Middle. Watch Painting. Worthless. Outlet Escape. Offspring. Janitor. Jut. Mark. Emerge. Sweetheart. Strange. Label. Emblem. Joy Joyful Pleasure In The Morning Plea Lancet Womanhood Quid Oblivion . Attribute. Unequalled Besiege Market Rate Throwing. Scattering. Relation Relativeness Relate Relativly Meridian Lining Badge. Token Book Mark. Sign. Due To This Affinity. Target Marksman Book Mark. Secret. Embellish Beautify. Brighten. Take Care Of. Souvenir. Maintain Familiar (Seductive) Glance Flaming Eyes Of God's Will To Swallow Long Stitch Worthless Worthless Keeper. Keepsake. Embellish Perfume Of (Her) Hair Blame. Signal. Offspring. Wipe Aim. Mark. Expel. Remembrance. Ratio. Brighten. Offer. Keeper. Throw Out Exit. TakeExtraction. Emblem.

Nit Niwaalah Niyaabat Niyaaz Niyat Niyoosh Niyosh Niyyat Nizaam Nizaam-e-adaalat Nizaam-e-qaza Nochna Nok Nok daar nali Nok-e-khaar Noor Nosh Noshaadar Nudrat Nujoom Nuktaa Nuktaacheen Nuktaachiin Nuktaadaan Nuktaaras Nuktaasanj Nuktaat-raaznuktaavar Nuktah Nuktah been Nuktah cheen Nuktah daan Numaaendah Numaaendigi Numaaendigi karna Numaaindah Numaaish Numaaish-e-fan Numaayaan Nuqs Nuqsaan Nuqtaa Nuqtaeh ûrooj Nuqtah Nuquush Nuskhah Nusrat Nutq-o-lab Nuur Nya rang root

Always Morsel, Mouthful Lieutenancy, Representation Desire, Need, Offering, Plea, Poverty, Supplication Aim, Intention, Motive, Purpose, Resolve, Will, Would Listening, Hearing Listener Aim, Intention, Motive, Purpose, Resolve, Will, Would Administration, Arrangement, Custom, Establishment, Order, Organisation, System Judicature Judicature Tweak Jag, Tag, Tip Jet Tip Of The Thorn, Spearhead Of A Thorn Bright, Light, Luminescence, Luster, Refulgence Antidote, Reward Ammonia Quaintness, Rareness Stars Fine Point, Essence, Gist Critic, One Who Finds Fault, Tends To Split Hair, Sweetheart Critic, One Who Finds Fault, Tends To Split Hair, Sweetheart Sagacious Sagacious Sagacious Sagacious Subtlety Conceit, Point Of Wit, Epigram Hypercritical Captious Sagacious Representative Representation Represent Agent, Envoy Affectation, Display, Exhibit, Lay Out, Loudness, Show, Sight, Spectacle Talent Show Ace, Evident, Observable Fault, Kink Loss, Waste Dot, Hint Zenith Jot Picture, Mark Edition Victory Speech And Lips Light Rookie

Urdu words English words
And O Palm Of The Hand Contracted So As To Hold Water Oak Dew, Morning Mist, Fog Oas Leaning Post , Side Oat Veil Odhanii Ugh! Oh Responsible, One Who Discharges His Responsibilities Ably Ohadaabaraa Designation, Job Title, Such As Director Ohade Chair, Charge, Office, Rank, Post, Position, Title Ohda Chair, Charge, Office, Rank, Post, Position, Title Ohdaa Chair, Charge, Office, Rank, Post, Position, Title Ohdah Designation, Job Title, Such As Director Ohde Official, Office Holder Ohdey daar Invisible, To Disappear, Viewless Ojhal Hide Ojhal hona Cupped Hand Ok Hail Ola Hailstorm Olon ka toofaan Lute, harp Ood Wool Oon Noil Oon ka reshah Pros And Cons Oonch neech High, Tall Ooncha Arise Ooncha hona Heighten, Life Ooncha karna Uneven Ooncha neecha Unevenness Ooncha neecha pan Height, Highness, Tallness Oonchaai Oonchey khaandaan ka High-Born Oonchey maqaam par Highly Noise Oonchi aawaaz Nap Oonghna Woollen Ooni Jumper Ooni kurti Camel Oont Camel Oontni Above, Over, Up, Upon Oopar Ascend Oopar charhna Climb Oopar jaana Lift Oopar laana Hike Oopar uthaana Next Oopar waala Upper Floor, Storey Oopri manzil Veneer Oopri numaaish Crust, Veneer Oopri parat Firm, Determined Oostuwaar Put On, Wear, Wrap Orhna Dew, Morning Mist Os High Level Of Success Oz

Urdu words
Pa Pa (par) Paa Paa ba gil Paa band Paabandii-e-paravaaz Paa daash Paad shaah Paadri Paa-e-sarakash Paaey daar Paaey gaah Paagal Paagal khaanah Paagal pan Paain Paain baagh Paaindah Paaji Paak Paakeezah Paakha Paa khaanah Paakhand Paaki Paala Paalan haar Paalana Paalna Paaltu Paa maal Paamaal Paamaal-e-gam Paana Paanee Paani Paani barsna Paani kar deyna Paani phir jaana Paanii Paans leyna Paao Paa'on Paaon ka chakkar Paaon ragarna Paaon uthna Paapi Paar Paar daari Paar karna Paar utarna Paara Paaraa paaraa Paarah Paa rakaab Paarchah Paarchah baaf Paareenah Paarsa Paas

English words
Leg But Leg, Foot, Root Of A Tree Restrained Adhering, Bound, Fettered, Limited, Restricted, Subjugated Restrictions On Flight Recompense, Requital, Revenge, Reward King, Ruler Minister Disobedient Feet Abiding, Robust Office Distressed, Kook, Insane, Idiotic, Loony, Mad, Maniac, Wacky Bedlam, Lunatic Asylum, Madhouse Lunacy, Madness, Mania, Wackiness Back, Below, Bottom Backgarden Lasting Low, Mean, Rascal Blamless, Clean, Holy, Pure Lovely Jamb Excrement, Toilet Mischief, Wickedness Purity Business, Transaction Breeder Tend Breed, Bring Up, Keep, Raise, Rear, Tame, Tend, Train Tame Trodden Under Foot, Ruined, Waste Downtrodden, Eradicate, Exterminate Crushed by Sorow Achieve, Acquire, Know, Obtain, Overtake, Recognise, Receive Beauty, Brightness, Character, Credit, Honor, Luster, Origin, Polish, Race, Rain, Reputation, Water Character, Credit, Honor, Luster, Origin, Polish, Race, Rain, Beauty, Brightness, Reputation, Water Rain Liquefy Lose Beauty, Brightness, Character, Credit, Honor, Luster, Origin, Polish, Race, Rain, Reputation, Water Ensnare Quarter Leg Wanderlust Try Walk Abominable, Tyrant Across, Opposite Bank, End, Termination Favor, Partiality, Favoritism Walkover Accomplish Fragment, Piece, Ward In Bits And Pieces Bit, Mercury, Quicksilver Retinue Rag, Web Weaver Ancient, Old Temperate Adjacent, At, Consideration, Custody, Regard, Respect, Observance, Supervision, Sustenance, Watching

Paasabaan Paas baan Paasbaani Paas-e-vafaa Paas rakhna Paat Paayaab Paayaan Paayah Paayal Paayandah Pach char Pach meyl Pach taana Pachaana Pachchhumi Pachchi Pachchtaiyyega Pachh taawa Pachhaarna Padaana Paeda Paeda karna Paeda waar Paedaa'ish Paedaa'ishi Paedal Paeghaam Paehchaan Paehla Paehley Paehlu Paehlu ba paehlu Paehlu badalna Paehlu dabaana Paehlu garam karna Paehlu tihi karna Paehna hu'a Paehra Paek Paekaar Paekar Paemaa'ish Paemaa'ish ka meyaar Paemaan Paemaanah Paemaanah chhilakna Paeraayah Paerawi Paeron Paeron parna Paeru kaari Paesa Paesah Paeson ka Dheyr Pag dandi Pagaah Pagadi Pagadii Pagla Pagli Paglot

Sentinel, Watchman Gaurd, Keeper, Sentinel, Watchman To Gaurd, TO Watch Fidelity, Regard, Respect For Love Respect Breadth Shallow, Fordable, Within Man's Depth End, Termination Ladder, Leg Anklet Everlasting Obstruct, Wedge Assorted Repent Embezzle Western Attached, Rooted Suffer Regret, Repentance Overcome Tease, Tire Born, Manifest Acquire, Breed, Earn, Manifest, Yield Result, Yield Birth, Earning Original Afoot Advice, Message, Mission Acquaintance, Experience, Knowledge, Mark, Recognition, Token Original Ahead, Already, Before, Early, Originally Advantage, Aspect, Manner, Wing Aboard, Juxtapose Evade Overpower Embrace Avoid, Evade, Refuse Worn Time, Watch Messenger, Runner War Appearance, Body Measuring Yardstick Accord, Agreement, Treaty Measure, Meter, Quart, Quantity Overflow Behaviour, Manner Adherence, Obedience, Observance On Foot Entreat Advocacy Money, Wealth Money, Wealth Kitty Track Twilight Turban Turban Mad Mad Mad

Flank Of An Army. Return Go Back. Obstacle. Escort. Robe. Advice Form. Invented. Appearance Form Of The Beloved Promise. Cloth Dresslike Body Fabric Of Life Clothes Made Out Of Flowers Dress Pure. Ripen Arrest. Invented. Admission. Earning. News. Reverse. Born. Income. Extent. A Moment. Lap Access. Profit. Discovered. An Instant Wink At Once Twinkle. Experienced. Ortho-. Born. Rot Jiffy. Holy. Born.Pagri Pagri uchhaalna Pahaar Pahaara Pahaaraa Pahaari Pahaari jheel Pahaari ki choti Pahaar ki choti Pahel Pahelii Pahel waan Pahenna Paheyli Pahiyah Pahlu Pahonch Pahonchaana Pahonchna Pahonchwaana Paiband Paidaa Paidah Paidhaa Paigaam Paighaam Paikar Paikar-e-mahabuubii Paimaan Paimaane Paimana Pairaahan Pairaahan-e-badan Pairaahan-e-jaan Pairahan-e-laalaa-o-gul Pairhan Pak Paka pakaaya Pakaana Pakar Pakarna Pakeezah Pakh Pakhaawaj Pakka Pakka gaana Pakka raehna Pakna Pal Palak Palak jhapakna Palak jhapkaatey Palak maarna Palaken Palang Palang posh Palang tor Palat Palat aana Palat jaana Palatna Palattna Quitrent. Respect. Earning. Agreement. Income. Right. Discovered. Body. Ripe Classical Music Last Mature. Produced Acquired. Produced Acquired. Profit. Attain. Exhibited. Discovered. Reach. Chaste. Range. Clean. Turban Mock Mountain Multiplication Table Gaurd Mountainous Tarn Knap Knoll Beginning Riddle Bodybuilder. Lasting. Confirmation Wine Goblets Liquor Glass Dress. Reliable. Shirt. Retire. Receive Bring Patch Acquired. Riddle Wheel Side. Gain. Manifest. News. Wrist Accompany. Plural of Palak Bed Bed-Cover Jobless Reverse Come Back. Gain. Objection Take Pure. Produced Message. Immaculate. Wrestler Wear Enigma. Ripen. Undefiled Ready Made Bake. Wink Eyelashs. Invented. Neat Obstruct. Revolve Alter. Advice Message. Turnover. Loyal. Object. Manifest. Moment Eyelash. Transmit Arrive. Exhibited. Tumult Timbrel Authentic. Manifest. Income. Return. Reach. Reach. Gain. Advantage. Revolve. Overturn. Oath. Exhibited. Profit. Ready. Rank. Wend Turn Back . Matured. Earning.

Rain. Range. Marry Border. Foreigner Over Examination. Revolution Give Back. Return. Wayfarer Legs Eyelid.Palla Palley Palley baandhna Pallu Palna Palta Paltaana Paltey deyna Panaah Panaah guzeen Panaah maangna Panaah sar parasti Panapna Panbah Panch Panchaayat Pand Pand tanbeeh Pan ghat Pani Panjah Panjar Panjri Panjshanbah Pankh Pankha chalaana Pankharon Pankhudi Pankhurdi Panna Panthi Panv Papota Pappi Par Par afshaan Par chaana Par chhaa'in Par chhaawaan Par chhati Par daakht Par deysi Par sey Par taal Par tau Par waah nah karna Par waan Par waan charhan Par warish Para para Para raehna Paraa cheen Paraachin Paraa-ii Paraao Paraao daalna Paraayaa Paracham Parahan Parajay Parakh Parakh chey Assistance. Test Beam. At. Thorax Quinary Thursday Wing Winnow Petals. Water Quinary Ribs. Requital. Trial Bits . Origin. Refuge. Reverse Asylum. Judgement. Burden. Good Counsel Admonition Well Character. Rearing Pieces Loll Ancient. Quill. Outskirts Thrive Revenge. Edge. Experiment. But. Retaliation. Blade. Revive. Wings. Test. Metaphor For Lips Petal Petal Emerald Traveler. On. Failure Examination. River Shad. Yet Oppressed Tame Reflection Evil Spirit Loft Rearing Alien. Over. Leaf. Jury Advice Advice. Arbitrator. Border. Weight Knot Accept. Shelter Refugee Avoid Aegis Bloom. Thrive Wad Advisor. Recover. Old Aborigine Belonging To Other Army Camp Encamp Belong To Another Flag Cloth Loss. Retreat. Return Repel. Keep. Honor. Maintenance. Through. Mast Thrive Bringing Up. Just. Protection. Luster. Light. Reflection Laugh Away Authentic. Race. Reverse. Lid Kiss Above.

Torture. Modesty. Judge. To Hide One Who Stays Veiled To Hide Curtain. Lover. Trained Education. Eyelid. Silk Cloth Worshipper Adorer. Magazine Reporter Flag Label. Thoroughly Appear. Avoidance. Troubled. Licence. Test Fine Muslin. Light. Shadow Moth. Scattered. Reflection. Fairy Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful As Beautiful as a Fairy. Jittery. Tease. Leaf Light. Literate. Command. Lover. Tease. Jittery. Yon. Journal. Journal. Written Order . Image Butterfly. Beautiful Tenant. Reveal Beyond Beyond The Skies Angel Faced Angel Faced Angel. Permission. Revision Sun's Reflection. Distracted. Worry Kettle Of Fish Anxiety. Quandary. Scattered. Judge. Distressed. Worry Able. Curtain. Leaflet. Betide. Esp. Fault One Who Puts On A Veil Removing The Veil. Lover. Troubled. Screen. Permission. Revealing The Truth. Leaflet. Rest Wing Rate Measurement. Privacy To Hide. Secrecy. Moth. Warrant. Pass. Fairy Anxious. Wall Expose Expose. Bewilderment. Distressed. Winged Fairy-Like. Beautiful Beautiful Birds Bird. Enter. Magazine Blank Paper Examination Paper. Torture. Beauty. Privacy. Worship Layer. Encamp. Worry Confusion Away. Mediate. Yonder Excessive. Restraint Learn. Beyond. Read Reader Beautiful Woman. Distracted. Educated.Parakhna Parakhnaa Paraniyaan Parast Parastaar Parastish Parat Paratau Paravaanaa Paravaaz Paravar Paravarish Parbat Parchaa Parchaa-e-saadaa Parchah Parchah naweys Parcham Parchi Pardaa Pardaadaaree Pardaadar Pardaadarii Pardaanashiin Pardaaposhii Pardah Pardah faash karna Pardah uthaana Pare Pare arsh Paree chehara Paree-rukh Pareewash Pareshaan Pareshani Parey Pareyshaan Pareyshaan kun moamala Pareyshaani Parha likha Parhaa'i Parhaana Parheyz Parhna Parhney waala Pari Pari chehrah Pari paekar Pari ru Pari wash Pari zaad Parindon Parindah Pariwash Parja Parley darjey ka Parna Par-o-baal Parta Partaal Partav-e-khur Parvaanah Examine. Secrecy. Worshipper Adoration. Test Examine. Warrant Flying Protector Nurture Mountain Examination Paper. Reading Educate. Trouble. Teach Abstention. Veil. Yonder Anxious. Token Veil. Torture.

Sustenance. Mean Defeated Lowest Point. Ribbon. Written Order Flight Fostering. Regretful. Repentant Wool Perspiration. Assuredly. Stone Bandage. Belt. Nadir At Once. Liking. Shame. Thin Lay Waste. Command. Expand. Approval. Remorseful. Penitent. Lean. Warrant. Raze Rail. Laggard Background Retreat Repulse Afterglow Leach Equipoise Extend. Reach Leached Acceptance. Line. Zone Knockdown Reveal Lank. Ashamed Guilt. Blindfold . Trace Extract Trace Kite Moth Burn. Track Jute Leaf. Then. Behind. Licence.Parvaaz Parwaah Parwaanah Parwaaz Parwarish Pas Pas andaaz Pas khordah Pas maandah Pas manzar Pas paa hona Pas paa karna Pas taab Pasaana Pasaang Pasaarna Pasaaya hu'a Pasand Pasanda ka izhaar karna Pasandeedah Pasang Pasarna Paseenah nikalna Pas-e-marg Pas-e-zulmat Pashemaan nazarii Pashemaan Pashemaani Pasheymaan Pashm Pasinaa Pasli Pasli ki haddi Pasliyaan Past Pasth Pastii Pat Pataa Patah Patah chalaana Patah lagaana Patang Patanga Patangey lagaana Pateeli Pathar Pathar ka sanam Pathraao Pathreela Pathri Patka Patkhna Pat kholna Patla Patra kar deyna Patri Pat san Patta Patthar Patti Patti baandhna To Fly. Ringlet Rock. Lover. Zone Bandage. Lower. Trick. Preference Applaud Acceptable Balance Reach Transpire After Death Beyond The Darkness Penitent Gaze Embarrassed. Leaf. Ashamed. Trace Address. Repentant. Permission. Tea. List. Respect Address. Tape. Therefore Remainder Left Over Backward. Moth. Row. Rearing. Liquid. Sweat Rib Rib Bone Ribs Abject. Choice. Remorse Abashed. Quick. Tease Kettle Stone A Heartless Beloved Lapidation Rocky Whetstone Belt. Flight Anxiety Butterfly. Protecting After. Pass.

Reception Melancholy. Twine. Witheredness Kiln Admitting. Quart Air Message Prophet Admitting. Complexity. Kill. Love Brass Beloved Back Embolden. Lambaste. Profession Craft. Torment Attachment. Twists And Turns. Twisted. Winding. Knotted. Zap Swallow a Drink Before. Trade. Old Traditional Old Age Old Woman Afflict. Beat. Knot. Wrest Trouble . Bruise. Jugulate. Behind Lag Figure To Give a Shape or Look Elephant Elephant Keeper Yellow Yellowness Jasmine Wallichianum Absorb. Trounce. Zigzag Twirl. Accepting. Accepting. Twist. Knock. In Front Of Craft. Zigzag Writhe Kinky. Whip Beat. Encourage Batter. Back Outstrip Roll Back. Trade. Withdraw Aback Accompanying. Keg. Twist. Ups and Downs Predicament Tree Behind Backside. Profession Forehead Thought And Wisdom Joints Lackey Kink. Receiving. Jam.Patti lagaana Patti parhaana Patwa Patwaar Pau Paud Pauda Pauna Pauwa Pawan Payaam Payambar Pazeer Pazeeraa'i Pazh murdagi Pazhaawah Paziir Paziiraa-ii Pech-o-kham Pech-o-taab Ped Peechey Peechha Peechhey Peechhey chhor deyna Peechhey hatna Peechhey ko Peechhey peechhey Peechhey raehna Peekar Peekar kar de Peel Peel baan Peela Peelahat Peeli chambeyli Peena Peer Peerhi dar peerhi Peeri Peerzan Peesna Peet Peetal Peetam Peeth Peeth Thonkna Peetna Peetna Peja Pesh Peshaa Peshaah Peshaanii Pesh-o-pas Pewand Peyaadah Peych Peych daalna Peych daar Peych deyna Peych o kham List Trick Red-Sorrel Oar Dawn Offspring Bush A Quarter Less Than Quarter. Rear After. Receiving. Knuckle. Behind. Taking Acceptance Curls In The Hair. Audience. Wry. Monday. Taking Acceptance. Quaff Aged. Whack.

Writhe. Tear Jape. Entangle. Miscarry Estimate Belt. Last . Leader Before Accountancy Entreat Office. Knife Blade. Reward. Aggression Advance Guard. Raillery Effect. Result. Yield Jump. Quip. Entrap Break. Throb. Belly. Twitch.Peych o taab Peycheedah Peylna Peynda Peynkna Peyr Peysh Peysh aana Peysh daasht Peysh dasti karna Peysh kaar Peysh karna Peysh kash Peysh naamah Peysh peysh Peysh qadmi Peysh rau Peysh tar Peysha e Hesaab daari Peyshaani ragarna Peyshah Peyshah war bhaand Peyshah war ghur sawaar Peysheen Peyshgi Peyshwa Peyt Peyt bhara Peyt girna Peyta Peyti Peywand Peywast Peywastah Peywastahgi Phaan Phaandna Phaank Phaanna Phaans leyna Phaansi Phaansi ka Haq daar Phaansi lagaana Phaansna Phaarna Phabti Phaela hu'a Phaelaana Phaelaa'o Phakkar Phal Phalaangna Phali Phalna phoolna Phan maarna Phanda Phansna Phaphola Phaphondi Pharakna Pharkaana Phasaddi Agitation. Join Adherent. Attach. Livelihood. Mangle. Mould Quiver. Entrap Execution Waghalter Execute Ensnare. Lacerate. Occupation. Yearn Tweak Laggard. Enlarge. Rend. Jess Add. Advance. Trade Jester Jockey Ancient. Old Juxtaposition Jump. Jest. Leap Leap Bit Jump Entangle. Expand Largeness Absurd Talk. Transplantation Absorb. Tummy. Old Advance Leader Abdomen. Fruit. Joined. Rip. Joint. Restlessness Entangled. To Be Trapped Blister. Leap Bean Thrive Snake Bite Trap Entangle. Bubble Mildew. Womb Rich Abort. Labyrinthine Extract Oil Bottom Launch Tree Before Behave Advance Obviate Agent Bid. Offer Tribute Agenda Ahead Activity. Quirk Outspread Aggrandise. Burst. Extend.

Restore. Rent. Alertness. Tip Of The Nose Tip Jess. Tasteless Wither Whiten Jejune Jetsam. Torn. Explode. Briskness. Charred Bones Of A Burnt Corpse. Bunch. Agile. Wind Returned Quill. Misfortune Appear. Twist. Revolve. Refund. Tassel Aunt Tremor. Turn Against Afresh. Burst. Blow. Bud. Return. Bunch. Light. Broken. Charred Bones Of A Burnt Corpse. Trounce Bladder. Throwaway. Maze. Reproach Job Work Bird Trap Break. Jettisoned Jerk. Ramble. Trick. Tear Languid. Breach. Malice. Anew Turn. Break Jumping Mouse Jump. Waste. Spark. Worn Out Junket Broken. Torn. Burst. Whirl To Slip Malediction Lash Alum Refuse Quean Flower.Phata Phata doodh Phataa Phateechar gaari Phatkaarna Phatkal kaam Phatki Phatna Pheeka Pheeka par jaana Pheeka parna Pheeka seetha Pheynka hu'a maal Pheynkna Pheyphra Pheyr Phir Phir jaana Phir sey Phiraana Phirii Phirki Phirna Phisalanaa Phit Phitkaar Phitkiri Phok Phoohar larki Phool Phool jaana Phool khilna Phool patti Phoola nah samaana Phoolna Phoonk Phoonk deyna Phoonk maarna Phoonk nikal jaana Phoonkna Phoonkni Phoot Phooti taqdeer Phootna Phora Phorna Phudak chooha Phudakna Phukna Phukni Phul Phulkaari Phunang Phunangi Phundna Phuphi Phuraeri Phurteela Phurti Phus phusa Phusar phusar Phuslaahat Broken. Tremble Active. Back Out. Revolution. Again. Quick Activity.Turn. But. Warp Lung Manipulate. Although. Leap. Bud. Burn Blowpipe Flower. Turn. Rotten. The White Marks Of Leprosy. Rip. Bell Metal. Reject. Boil Burst. A White Opaque Spot In The Corner (To Be) Adamant Bloom Embroidery Exult Blossom Blast. Blossom. Rosette. Rosette. Torment. Weak Whispering Lure . Bell Metal. Agility. Winnow Blowpipe Break. Brisk. Rent. Toss. Waive. Misfortune. Kindle. Wheel. Whirligig Back Out. Worn Out Jalopy Lash. A White Opaque Spot In The Corner Tapestry Tree Top. Reject. Reverse. Twist. Breath Burn Blow Out Expire Blow. Wander. Winding. Whirl. Spark. Quickness Loose. Alacrity. Bud. Quarrel Bad Luck. Yawn Then. Rove. Blossom. Afterwards. Leak Out Abscess. The White Marks Of Leprosy. Return. Even.

Miscellaneous. Liquefy. Bunch. Mangled Back Witch Last After. Self-esteem To Be With Sorrow To Be With Sorrow Advise To Be Patient Concealed. Self-esteem Arrogance. Manhandle Yard Basket To Be Beaten Endurance Lamentation Lament Tout Bile. Hidden. Lover Moist Rear Trickster. Lurch Beat. Pride. Youth Ladies' Skirt Battering. Lover Trifle Emptiness Empty. Melt. Pride. Question Woof Worship Worship Tail Town . Odd Lonely. Husband. Query. Mollify Old Old Age Attack Whelp Weak Lesson Bale. Bygone. Rash Beloved. Backside Enema Ancestral Assuage. Light Expunge. Enquiry Ask. Lump Arrogance. Wrestler Trick Bruised. Miscellaneous. Body. Entice. Wipe Empty Respect Examination.Phuslaana Phut Phutkal Phutkar Phuul Pi Pich picha Pichaari Pichaet Pichaeti Pichchi Pichhaari Pichhal paa'i Pichhalaa Pichhla Pichhley paa'on phirna Pichhwa Pichhwaara Pichkaari Pidri Pighalna Piir Piirii Pil parna Pilla Pilpila Pind Pinda Pindaar Pindaare Pind-e-gam Pind-e-gham Pind-e-shakeebaai Pinhaan Pinjra Pironaa Pisar Pishwaaz Pitaa'i Pitaa'i karna Pitaa'i ki chhari Pitaari Pitna Pitta Pittas Pittas parna Pitthu Pitti Piya Podna Pol Pola Ponchhna Ponga Poochh Poochh gachh Poochhna Pood Pooja Poojna Poonchh Poor Amuse. Last Retreat Zephyr Backyard. Ego. Odd Flower Beloved. Secret Bird Cage To Thread Boy. Ego. Wheedle Odd Lonely.

Lively. All. Quarrel. Wide Yeasty To Be Filled (With) Ardent. Hidden Bark. Wise Stability Bridge. Just. Laden Mischievous. Exact. Layer Explicitly Bundle Whitewash Affection. Hide Concealement. Tumult Wrongful Sincere Laconic Optimal Jocose. Openly Topaz Ripening Perfect Experience. Entire.Poora Poorab Poot Popla Por Porha Poshaak Posheeda Posheedagii Poshidagii Poshiidagii Poshiidaa Post Post kandah Potli Potna Preet Preetam Preym Proshiyaa'i ameer zaadah Puchaara Puchhna Pujaari Pukaar Pukaar key Pukhraaj Pukht Pukhta kaar Pukhtagi Pukhtah Pukhtahgi Pul Pul baandhna Pulanda Pur Pur-aashob Pur-amal Pur-asar Pur-bahaar Pur-bayyaa Pur-eejaad Pur-ehteyaat Pur-faza Pur-haejaan Pur-honaa Pur-josh Pur-josh pujaari Pur-kashish Pur-khaash Pur-khata Pur-khulus Pur-maghz Pur-maqsad Pur-mazaaq Pur-musarrat Pur-mushaqqat Pur-nam Pur-peych Pur-shabaab Pur-shaukat Pur-shauq Pur-shor Absolute. Love Junker Trick Wipe Worshipper Announcement. Rancor. Mature. Whole East Boy Toothless Joint. Zealous. Total. Experienced. Zealful Aficionado Absorbing Malice. Accomplish. Wholehearted. Thick Clothes Concealed. Jocular Joyous Laborious Tearful Meandering Adult Luxurious Zestful Rowdy . Hidden Concealement. Ripe. Hide Concealement. Turmoil Loudly. Maturity. Achieve Adept. Love Beloved Affection. Hide Concealed. Knuckle Ripe. Ripening Attached. Kindness. Tumultous Act On Effective Abloom The Pleasant And Lively Breeze Which Comes From The East In Monsoon Laconic Ware Broad. Complete. Embankment Exaggerate Bundle Full.

Complex. Experienced. Cunning Illuminate Full Of Secrets. Made Up Ancient. Quiescent. Loved. Tranquil Peaceful. Rump Bowl Wine Glass Wine Glass Bowl Amour. Burden. Relaxed. Machine Behind. Mass Knapsack Quay. Outmoded Jalopy Skilled Slyness. Loved. Love Loveable. Longstanding. Quiescent. Tranquil Elaborate. Loin Effigy Jumping Jack. Quiet. Outdated. Lovely Loveable. Wall Excitement Whitewash Back.Pur-sukoon Pur-sukuun Pur-takalluf Pur-tamanna Pur-tapaaki Pur-tasanno Puraana Puraani chhakra Purakaar Purakaarii Puranuur Pur-asaraar Purasish Puravaa-Ii Pur-khaar Pur-khulus Purn josh Pursish Pursish-haal Pursish-o-meharbaanii Purya Purzey purzey karna Pusht Pusht dikhaana Pusht panaahi Pushtaara Pushtaarah Pushtah Put Putaa'i Puth Putla Putli Puttha Pyaalaa Pyaala-o-saagar Pyaala-o-saaghar Pyaalah Pyaar Pyaara Pyaari Pyaas Pyaaz Pyala-o-saagar Pyala-o-saaghar Peaceful. Load. Rich Wishful Warmly Artificial. Pleasing Inquiry Easterly Breeze Full Of Thorns Generous Zealot Inquiry. Lovely Thirst Onion Wine Glass Wine Glass . Kiss. Old. Relaxed. Quiet. Run Away Encouragement Bundle. Intricate. To Show Concern About Some One's Condition To inquire About One's Wellbeing Hospitality And Benevolence Embodiment Mince Loin Retreat.

Believable Reliable. Bearable. Power Mighty Omnipotent Leader Established Order. Last Maintain Keep Up Right Angle. Admirable Mentionable Efficiency. Control. Knack Authority. Stature . Hold. Rooted Acting. Clever. Admissible Judicable Laudable Admirable Opinable Lamentable Alterable Obtainable Alterable Limitable Abatable Achievable Adorable. Meter. Questionable Achievable Observable Quotable Justifiable Abridgeable Accountability Justifiable Judicable Loathsome Acceptable. Mould. Ortho. Erudition Astringent. Officiating. Regulation. Trustworthy Objectionable. Rule. Conceding. Tease Custom. Hold. Manners. Occupant Ability. Possession. Maxim. Landholder. Command. Habit. Control. Deserving. Rule Agreeing Erect. Worthy Midwife Affordable. Etiquette. Erect. Command. Power Authority. Established Order In Favour Of. Firm. Tolerable Relatable Justiciable Laudable Authentic. Follower Body. Methods.suffix Quack Caravan Caravans Rhyme. Representative Keep. Manners. Possession. Established. Lasting.Durable. Talented. Obnoxious. Cadence Rhyming Bedevil. Subdued To be a Fan. Competent. Stagnant Height.Q Urdu words Qaabil Qaabilah Qaabil-e-bar daasht Qaabil-e-bayaan Qaabil-e-chaarah joo'i Qaabile-e-madah Qaabil-e-etebaar Qaabil-e-etemaad Qaabil-e-eteraaz Qaabil-e-husool Qaabil-e-imteyaaz Qaabil-e-iqtebaas Qaabil-e-jawaaz Qaabil-e-khulaasah Qaabil-e-moakhzah Qaabil-e-mudaafeat Qaabil-e-muqaddamah Qaabil-e-nafrat Qaabil-e-qubool Qaabil-e-samaaat Qaabil-e-saraahiyat Qaabil-e-sataa'ish Qaabil-e-soch Qaabil-e-taassuf Qaabil-e-tabdeeli Qaabil-e-taehseel Qaabil-e-taghaiyur Qaabil-e-tahdeed Qaabil-e-takhfeef Qaabil-e-takmeel Qaabil-e-tareef Qaabil-e-zikr Qaabiliyat Qaabiz Qaabliyat Qaaboo Qaabuu Qaadir Qaadir-e-mutlaq Qaaed Qaaedah Qaael Qaaem Qaaem maqaam Qaaem raehna Qaaem rakhana Qaaem rakhna Qaaemah Qaaen qaaen karna Qaafilaa Qaafile Qaafiyah Qaafiyah bandi Qaafiyah tang karna Qaaidah Qaaii Qaail Qaail Honaa Qaaim Qaamat English words Able. Have Faith In Confessing. Agreeing.

Killer. Step Amount. Voucher To Seize. Measure. Occupy. Poetry Rather . Merit. Messenger Adrift Killers Assassin. Envoy. Size. Hilt Of A Sword. State Legislate Jurist. Quantity. Goblet. Stature. Lawyer Law Enforcer Law Abiding Lawmaker. Quantity. Legislator. Odious Kind Tribe Before. Garment Of Life Objection. To Contract. Murderer Fan. Obsess. Honor. To Confiscate. Take Possession Of. Power. Contraction. Stature. Keeping. Lawful. Dignity. Fond (Of) To Accept Judge Judge Gown. Height Length of Man Full Length Mirror Ancient. Antiquated. Appreciation. Appreciation. Tearing (Eye) Amount. Overpower. Possession. Rule. Prior To Before Christ Abortive. Pace. Constipation. Antiquity Reactionary Peg. Archaic. To Constipate Acquire. ToSeizure. Regulation. Legal. In Favour Of. Follower. Legally Jurisprudentially. Merit. Long Coat Like Garment Tribal The Fabric. Early. Obscene. Tenure Figure. Costiveness. Legitimate Legal Right Jurisprudence Jurisconsult Legitimacy Reader Readers Begging Bowl Courier. Lethal. Magnitude. Ordinance. Size. Take Over.Qaamil Qaanoon Qaanoon banaana Qaanoon daan Qaanoon laagu karney waala Qaanoon par amal karney waala Qaanoon saaz Qaanoon torney waala Qaanoonan Qaanooni Qaanooni haq Qaanooni mahaarat Qaanooni musheer Qaanooniyat Qaare Qaareeen Qaasaa Qaasid Qaasir Qaata-e-'amaar Qaatil Qaayal Qaayel Qaazee Qaazi Qabaa Qabaa'eli Qabaa-e-ziist Qabaahat Qabeeh Qabeel Qabeelah Qabl Qabl-az-maseeh Qabl-az-waqt Qabr Qabr ka katbah Qabz Qabz karna Qabzah Qad Qad aawar Qadaamat Qadaamat pasand Qadah Qadahkar Qadam Qadar Qadd Qadd-e-aadam Qadd-e-aadam aaiinaa Qadeem Qadeem tareen Qadghan Qadh Qadr Qadr daan Qadr-o-qeemat Qadren Qadr-e-qaleel Qadr-e-sukhan Qadrey Intelligent Law. Honor. Height Tall Ancientness. Value. Homicide. Tomb Epitaph Astingency. Old Oldest Ban Reproaching. Worth The One Who Appreciates Tantamount Norms A Little. Wine Drinker Footstep. Confiscation. Take Possession. Clutch. Legate. Magnitude. Worth Figure. System. Possessing. Advanced Grave. Obscenity Bad. Meager Value Poets. Value. Knuckle-Joint. Capture. Occupation. Grip. Dignity. Legislative Law Breaker By Law. Receipt.

Rustic Boorish. Near Adjacent. Stability Engagement. Confinement. Relationship Ease. Approaching. Order.n Qahat Qahbah Qahbah khaanah Qahet Qah-qahe Qahr Qahr aawar Qaid Qaid-e-hayaat Qais Qala baaz Qala qama Qalah bandi Qalai Qalam Qalam band Qalam honaa Qalam rau Qalaq Qalb Qalb-e-muztar Qaleel Qama karna Qamaar-khaana Qamar Qamari Qanaa'at Qanaat Qand Qandeel Qandilen Qaraabah Qaraabat Qaraar Qaraar daad Qaraawal Qaranteenah Qareeb Qareeb qareeb Qareen Qareena Qasam Qasbaati Qasbaati Qasad-e-paabosi Qasdan Qaseeda Qaseedah Qasm Qasr Quantum Bonds. Obstacle. Qualification. Obstacle. Body Cage of Love. Candles Jug Kinship. Zinc Reed. Divine Wrath Wreak Havoc. Handwriting. Akin. Companion. Cut Record. Repose. To Be Contented Sugar Lantern Lamps. Satisfaction. Method. Kitty Quarantine Kaiser Kaiserdom Queasy Cage. Network. Marrow. Intellect. Patience. Wittingly A Poem Of Admiration Ode Oath Mansion. Rustic Effort To Kiss Her Foot Knowingly. Rest. Almost. Quietude. Arrangement. Pith. Jurisdiction Regret Heart. Almost. Rage. Soul Restless Heart Little Mortify Casino Moon Lunar Patience Satisfaction. Control Prison Majnu's Real Name (Majnu of Laila-Majnu Fame) Acrobat Annihilation Entrenchment Whitewash. Manner. Mode. Pen. Resolution Mounted Sentry Quarantine Adjacent. Lacking. Write Chopped Off Empire. Reduction . Residence. Mind. Destroy Storm's Fury Deficiency. About Close. Fury. Approximately. Near Agreement. Prison of Love Anger.Qadriyah Qaed Qaed khaanah Qaed-e-tibbi Qaesar Qaesariyat Qaey aawar Qafas Qafas-e-ulfat Qahar Qahar Dhaanaa Qahar-e-tuufaa. Way An Oath Boorish. Prison. Bondage. Scarcity Whore Whorehouse Want Laughter Wrath Wrathful Imprisonment. Restraint Jail. Famine.

Judgement Lawsuit. Matter. Nation. Value. Fate. YarnDay. A Minimum (plural of Aqatraat) Drop. Tale. Range. Tier. Row. Authority. Consent. Nature. Dacoit Looting. Recognition Suicide Ability. Fortune. Fable. Quotation. Dispute. Powerful Leadership To Accept Abide Lodge Lodge Lodge Live Conjecture. Story. Fable. End. Might. Death. Supposition Energy. Massacre. Vow. Tract Break. Judgement Destiny. Worth Expensive Oppressive. Event. Poet Able. People. Acknowledgement. Event. Reason Destiny. Legend. Tale. Portion. Strong. Text. Slaughter Murdered Drop. Species. Jurisdiction. Matter. Murdered Assassination. Lifelike. Quarrel. Luck. Universe Lock . Strength. Killing. Motto. Powerful. Promise. Intercept. Qazaa Qazaa Qaziyah Qazzaaq Qazzaaqi Qeemah karna Qeemat Qeemti Qeyaamat Qillat Qirat Qisaas Qism Qismat Qissaa Qissaa-e-ulfat Qissah Qiyaamat Qiyaas Qoowat Qos-e-qazah Quaar Qubool Qudkashi Qudrat Qufl Palace Of Darkness Brute Manner. Resurrection. Saying. Estrangement Last Killed. Murder Place of killing. Bloodshed. Share. Judgement Estimate. Ratification. Tumult Resurrection. Death. Race. Bow River In Heaven Rainbow Able. Head. Dispute. Judgement. Fate. Romance. Accord. Resolve. Approbation. Lot. Power. Type Category. Train Lining Range Queuing Aisle Abandoning. Fault To Ignore Line. Nature. Robbery Mangle Cost. Portion. Want Recital Retaliation Kind. Murder. Yarn Story Of Love Anecdote. Assent. Zing Rainbow Thorns Accept. Avowal. Joss Anecdote. Sort. Word Breed. Incident. End.Qasr-e-zulmat Qassaab Qata Qataa Qataa-e-nazar Qataar Qataar andaazi Qataar baandhna Qataar bandi Qataaron key darmiyaan raastah Qata-e-taalluq Qatai Qateel Qatl Qatl gaah Qatl shudah Qatra Qatrah Qatre Qaul Qaum Qaum-e-yahood Qaumiyat Qaus Qausar Qaus-e-qazah Qavi Qawi Qayaadat Qayaal Qayaam Qayaam gaah Qayaam karaana Qayaam karna Qayaam rakhna Qayaas Qaza. Story. Happening. Happening. Romance. Strong. Not Artificial. Price. Legend. Queue. Quarrel. Jurisdiction. Quarrel Brigand. Turmoil Lack. A Minimum (plural of Aqatraat) Drops Consent. Tumult. Incident. Tribe Jewry Race Arc. Fate.

Blame. To Pass by Course Of Life. Pass. Living. Sin. To Pass To Die. Failure Strength Limbs Ingress and Egress. Sacrifice. Juxtaposition. Closeness. Defect. Living . Victim Altar Offer Oblation. Sacrifices Accessibility. To Expire. To Go By. Blame. To Expire. Sin. Together. Passage.Qufl ka dehaanah Qufl saaz Qulaabah Quli Qullah Qulzum Qumri Qurah Qurb-o-jawaar Qurbaan Qurbaan gaah Qurbaan karna Qurbaani Qurbat Qurbaten Qurbaton Qurrat-ul-aen Qurs Qusoor Qutub junoobi Qutub shimaali Qusuur Quvvat Quwa'a Quzar Quzar jaanaa Quzarnaa Quzraan Keyhole Locksmith Jemmy Labourer Top Sea Turtle Dove Ballot. Defect. Lottery Environs Offering. Road To Die. Nearness. Nearness. (Plural of Qurbat) Closeness. Livelihood. (Plural of Qurbat) Water Cress Tablet Fault. Failure Antarctic Arctic Fault. Nearness. Intimacy Closeness. Together.

Level. Way Evade Accuracy. Repose. Means of Access. Willing Agreement Creator. Ration Relater Opinion Futile Futile. Tender Thoughts Widow Society's Outcast Queen Writer Acme. Righteous. God. Way Comfort. Protector. Satisfied. Governor. Want Path Of Faithfulness Obstruct Conductor. Walk. Kingship. Outlook Melody Affected. God. Rest. Opinion. Leader Path Of Life Path Of Desire. One Who Knows The Secret. Progress. Road. Journey. Truthfulness Always Allowance. Suitable To Find Suitable Zodiac Orthodox Even. Relief. Quiet. Respite. Passage. Realm. Agreed. Lord. Preserver Quadrant Creator. Tender Thoughts Beauty Exquisite Thoughts.R Urdu words Raab Raabitah taalluqaat Raabtaa Raabte Raaeb Raaegaan Raaey Raag Raaghib Raagni Raah Raahat Raahat-e-jaan Raahatein Raahazanii Raah bar Raah-e-dahar Raah-e-talab Raah-e-vafaa Raah meyn rorey daalna Raah numaa Raah tarkeeb Raahzan Raai Raaigan Raaj Raaj geer Raakh Raal Raam Raanaa Raanaai-e-khayaal Raanaaii Raanaaii-e-khayaal Raand Raand-e-zamaanaa Raani Raaqim Raas Raas aanaa Raas chakkar Raasikh ul eteqaad Raast Raastah Raastah katraana Raasti Raat din Raatib Raawi Raay Raayagaan Raayegaan Raaz Raaz daari Raaz daari baratna Raazdaan Raaz-e-gardish-emastaanaa Raaz-e-nihaan Raazi Raazi naamah Rab Raba daaerah Rabb English words Mollasses Liaison Relationship Connection. Handsome Exquisite Thoughts. Honest. Guide Method Robber Mustard Waste Bricklayer. Protector. Leader. Reign. Straight. Rule Mason Ash Resin Tame Beautiful. One Who Shares The Secret Secret Of The Cycle Of Madness Hidden Secrets Appeased. Track. Like. Master. Manner. Secret Quietly Keep To Oneself Friend. Path. Governor. Waste Mystery. Preserver . Lord. Relation Junket Useless Judgement. Ease. Useless. Wistful Tune Custom. True Path. Method. Tranquility Joy Of Life Comforts. Master. Road. Fashion. Plural of Raahat Highway Robbery A Guide. Agreeable. Pleased.

Esteem. Kindness. Locate. Associate.Rabh Rabt Rabt paedah karna Rad Rad karna Radd Radd e amal Radd e amal karna Raddi Raddi ki Tokri Raeh zan Raehm Raehm dili Raehmat Raehna Rafa Rafaaqat Rafaaqat Rafat Rafee Rafeeq Rafi' Rafoo Rafta Raftaar Raftaar barhaana Rafu Rag Ragar kar teyz karna Ragbat Rag-e-dil Rag-e-jaan Raghbat Ragon Rah Rahaguzar Rahamat Rahane vaalaa Rahanumaa Rahazan Rahbar Raheem Rahem Rahet Rahgir Rah-guzaar Rahguzaron Rahiim-o-kariim Rahina Rahjan Rahjani Rahm Rahn Rah-numaa Rah-o-rasm-e-taalluq Rah-ravaan Rahzan Rajooliyat Rakaab Rakh waali Rakhna Rakhnah Rakh-rakhaao Rakhs-e-umr Rakhsh-e-be-inaa. Path. Sublime. Way Path Benevolence. Walk Accelerate Darning. Robber. Ally. The One Who Helps or Fecilitates Benign. Road. Desire. Luggage . Refuse Rejection. Closeness. Kindness Dwellwe Guide Robber Guide. Maintain Lacuna Formailty. Riddance Companionship To Greet Ascension Exalted Adherent. Repair. Returning Abolish. Exalted Mending. Kisser. Compassion. Returning Reaction React Wastepaper Wastepaper Basket Marauder Kindness. Master. Governor. Lord. Horse Of Life A Horse Without Reins Apparatus. To Maintain A Facade The Stead. Tenderness Mortgage Guide Social Etiquette. Tenderness Mercy Keep. Remain Removal. Leniency. Vessele. Dacoity During The Journey. Veins Whet Liking. Brush Off. Repulsion. Repulsion. Ardent Desire. Traveler Passage Kind & Generous Abide Dacoit. Live. Speed. Mending. Favoured Path Or The Path Which Is Taken Often. The One Who Plunders or Loots Robbery. Kindness. Interest Nerve Of The Heart In My Veins Of Life Affinity. Preserver Affinity. Friend.n Rakht Creator. Protector. Pity. Lad High. Travel Mercy. Darning. Relation Link Refused. Merciful Womb Water Mill Traveler Road. Masculinity Stirrup Watch Keep. Code. Mercy Affectionate. Rejection. Stitching Slowly Motion. Strong Desire. Pace. Stitching Nerve. God. Kind. Liking. Pleasure Nerves Path. Customs Travellers Dacoit. Robber. Bond. The One Who Plunders or Loots Manliness.

Grief. Dye. A Suit (cards) Juicy Colour Of Defeat Kill Joy Jinks. Fashion. Character. Ornamented. Established Usage. Misunderstanding. Aspect. Dancing Dancing Jig Saw Jig Eternal. Enmity. Indignation. Spite Envy. Figurative. Pigment. Model. Grief.Rakht-e-safar Raks Ramz Ranaion Rang Rang daar Rang-e-shikastaa Rang meyn bhang Daalney waala Rang ralyaan Rang ur jaana Rang uraaney ki deyg Rangeela Rangeen Rangeen mezaaj Rangeeni Rang-e-shikastaa Rangna Ranj Ranj-afzaa Ranj-diidaa Ranj-e-furaavaa. A Prophet Apostolic Rope Twine Went Wend . Jolly Colored. Elegance Appearance. Malice. Writing Rope. Opponent. Rival Liquid Rival. Spite Custom. Admission. Tradition. Merriment. Unpleasantness Dukh-Dard Aggrieved. Distressed. Rule. Envy. Tradition. Jest Grace. Continuous Eternal. Cord. Approach. Paint. Noose Receipt Juicy Jealousy. Grief-stricken Anguish. Lively. Approach. Malice Jealous Jealousy. Law. Record Of Money Wafer Competitor. Marking. Enemy Male Dancer Female Dancer Venus (The Planet) Dance. Rule. Enjoyment. Distress. Color. Envy. Sad Jealousy Amount. Trouble. Writing Ooze Apostle. Continuous Dance Of The Peacock Juice. Model. Enemy. Competitor. Reach Custom. Flowery. Sorrow. Jollification Whiten Kier Jocund. Marking.n Ranj karna Ranjeedah Ranjiidaa Ranjish Ranj-o-gham Ranjoor Raqaabat Raqam Raqam rupiyah Raqaqah Raqeeb Raqeeq Raqiib Raqqaas Raqqaasaa Raqqaas-e-falak Raqs Raqsaan Raqsandah aara Raqs-e-mastaanah Raqs-e-musalsal Raqs-e-paiham Raqs-e-taa-us Ras Ras bhara Ras daar Rasaa Rasaai Rasaaii Rasam Rasan Raseed Raseela Rash Rashk Rashk-o-raqaabat meyn mubtila Rashq Rasm Rasna Rasool Rasooli Rassi Rassi batna Rastah Rastah badalna Things Needed On A Journey Dance Allegory. Nature. String. Keep Count. Style. Dancing and Singing. Law. Jealousy. Lackadaisical. Inconvenience One That Increases Grief Full Of Grief. Quintessence Juicy Juicy Reaches Access. Opponent. Elegant. Reach Access. Sad Extreme Sadness Aggrieve Aggrieved. Languishing. Grief-stricken Aggrieved. Ornate Jolly Ornateness Lack Of Colour Bedye Distress. Established Usage. Malice. Admission.

Speed Behaviour Acceptable. Will. Lineage. Libertine. Weeping Epistle. Incorporated. Included. Journal. Ordinary. Wish Quilt Agree Abject Battle. Lavish Tissue Yolky Jot Jaded Landslide One Who Scatters Piece By Piece One Who Likes To Drink Drinker Drunk Mountain Peak Free. Agree. Luster Light. Soul. Proceeding Leave Accustomed. War Epic To Crawl. Flow. Charm Blackguard. Admissible. Release Accommodation Residence Path. Lawful. Illuminated. Beauty Beard Silk. Fulfil. To Be Engaged . Will. Agreement. Treatise Alliance.Rastey sey hat jaana Rastey sey hataana Rataalu Rat-jagaa Raton Rau Raub Raunaq Raushan Ravaan Ravaanii Ravish Rawa Rawaaj Rawaan Rawaanah Rawaangi Rawaayat Rawaiyah Rawan Rawas Raza mandi Raza Razaa Razaai Razaa-mand Razeel Razm Razmiyah Renganaa Reesh Reet Reha Rehaa'ish Rehaai'sh gaah Rehguzar Rehn Rehri Renaaiyoo Resh Resham Reya kaar Reyaasat Reyaazi Reyg-e-rawaan Reykhtah maal Reyl gaari Reyl peyl Reyshah Reyshmi Reyzah Reyzah reyzah Reyzish-e-zameen Rez Rezaa-rezaa Rind Rindaa-e-kharaab-enaush Rindaanaa Rifat-e-kohasar Rihaa Rihaa-ii Rijhaanaa Rind Riqqat Risaalah Rishtah Warp Liquidate Yam Occasion Where One Stays Awake The Whole Night Day and Night Currents Awe. Kinship. Splendid Move. Wound Law. Relation. Rake Liquidity. Freshness. Jettisoned Train Abundance. Terror Beauty. Willingness. Observance Free. Thread. Creep Beard. Type Of Cloth Affected Rule Mathematics Quicksand Jetsam. Running Dispatched. Relationship. Magazine. Elegance. Labile. Clear. Willingness. Brilliancy. Illumination. Assent. Tradition Behaviour Run Indian Salmon Accept. Way Mortgage Wheelcart Delicacies. Tenderness. Life Flow. Exuberance. Acquiescence. Release Freedom To Please. Tract. Wish Desire. Tradition Affluent. Willingness Desire. Legend. Right Observance. Light. Brightness. Bright.

Crowd. Trend Barrier. Entanglement. Spirit. Cheek. Livelihood Livelihood Rich Men Jelly One Who Steals and Runs Away Quatrain Face To Face. Obstruct. Lustrous Illuminated. Knock-Off. Life. Malice. A Day Every Day Almanac. Bad Stream. Statement Soul. Subsistence Doorkeeper Of Paradise. Keep Off. Point. Oppose Face. Livelihood. Tale Soul Affection. Lit. Withhold Weep Lament. Lobby Lie Hipocracy Approval. Rivulet. Journal Journal Every Day A Fast Every Day Fastings Cloudy Day Wage Year Judgement Day Day of judgement Judgement Day Bright Day Festive Day Day Of Meeting. Inclination.Rishtah jurna Rishwat Rishwat sitaani Risna Riwaaq Riya Riyaakaari Rizaa Rizk Rizq Rizwaan Roa Rog Roj-e-abr Rok Rok thaam Rokna Rona Rona peetna Rondna Rongta Roo maal Roo numa Roo posh ho jaana Roob-qaaree Roodaad Rooh Roo'iyat Rookha pheeka Roshan Roshani Roshni Roshni ki taabish Roshni pha'elaana Roti Rou Roz Roz aana Roz naam chah Roz naamah Roz roz Rozah Roz-ba-roz Roze Roz-e-abr Rozeenah Roz-e-guzishtah Roz-e-hashr Roz-e-jazaaa Roz-e-qeyaamat Roz-e-raushan Roz-e-sa-iid Roz-e-vaslat Rozgaar Rozi Ruasa Rub Rubaa Rubaai Ru-ba-ruu Rudaad Ruh Rujhaan Rukaawat Rukh Rukh ka taiyyun Join Bribe Jobbery Leak Arcade. Block. Splendid Luminescence Eyesight. Wall. Army. Side. Luminous. Uproar. Union Earning. Habit. Subsistence Livelihood. Clear. Obstacle. Anger. Lucid. Botheration. Wail Jam Body Hair Kerchief Bring About Abscond To Put The Mind Into Work Report. Light Laser Lighten Bread Gallop. Going. Facing Towards. Jam. Order Food. Ambition. Direction Orientation . Essence. Light. Withhold Restraint Bar. Restrain. Bright. Tumult. Going Before A Leader. Embarrassment Cloudy Day. Water Current Ail. Obviate. In Front Of Story. Luminescent. Explicit. Divine Revelation Observation Tame Ablaze.

Infamy Acquaintance. Disgrace. Face. Notorious. Disgraced. To Give A Bad Name Bad Name. Infamy Obloquy Season. Reputation. To Give A Bad Name Bad Name. Notorious. Reach. Infamy Dishonored. In Front Of Tale Of Love Soul Soul Refreshing Hidden Song Of The Soul . To Give A Bad Name Bad Name. Reputation. Disgraced. Status Entitlement Face Face To Face. Complexion. Reliance Knight Dishonored. Disgrace. Infamous. Jowl Dismissal. Leave. Known Access. Cheek. Disgraced. Indulgence. Infamous. Embarassment. Permission. Humiliation. Disgrace. Infamous.Rukhsaar Rukhsat Rukhsat deyna Rukhsat hona Rukn Rukna Ruknathaerna Rukniyat Ruksan Ruksar Rupahalii Rusavaa Rusavaaii Ru shinaas Rusookh Rustam Rusavaa Rusvaaii Ruswaa Ruswaaee Ruswaai Rut Rutbaa Rutbah Ruu Ruu-ba-ruu Ruudaad-e-muhabbat Ruuh Ruuh-afazaa Ruuposh Ruuh-e-nagmaa Aspect. Weather Position. Reputation. Embarassment. Humiliation. Send Away Let Quit Member Keep Wait Membership Chehra Cheeks Silver Dishonored. Notorious.

Shore Orarian Lagoon Magician. Explicitly. Legible. Innocent. Wizard Witch Money Lender Banker Eager Begger The Whole. Pure. Tax. Candid. The Rest. Endorse Slow Pace Simplicity Blank. Duty Beloved. River-Side. Explicit. Plain. Owner. Lover. Quiescent. Whole . Beggar. Ocean. Fixed. Outright Lucidity Wine Goblet. Sound. Resident Motionless. Master. Quiescent. Stable. Wine-Cup Bowl Badshah Jamshed's Cup Goblet Esquire. Zany Honest Man Restrain Applicable. Pure Open Hearted Barely. Testimony. Sincere Lamb. Sweetheart Association Associate Worshipper Reputation. Honest. Established. Walking. Ruler. Whole Resolute Approve. Clear. Companion. Openly. Enduring. Remaining. Just. True Applicant. Mute. Questioner Lightning Clean. Intact. Occupant. Ruler Landholder Talented Knowledgeable Judicious Master. Lord. A Fixed Star. Trust Make. Even. Made. Wandering. Expressly. Plain. Title Beach. Watch Once. Quiet Year Yearly Year-Round Year Book Leader Year After Year Righteous Anterior Traveler Complete. Quondam Back Jailbird Ago Confirmed. Perfect. Time. Totality. Wine-Glass. Lucid. Manufactured Made Up One (Female) Who Serves Liquor Motionless. Faithful. Simple.S Urdu words Saaadat mandi Saaat Saabiq Saabiqah Saabiqah qaedi Saabiqan Saabit Saabit qadam Saad karna Saadaa-ravii Saadagii Saadah Saadah lauh Saadah loh Saadhna Saadiq Saa'el Saaeqah Saaf Saaf dil Saaf saaf Saafaa'i Saagar Saaghar Saaghar-e-jam Saaghar-o-meena Saahab Saahab-e-jaa'edaad Saahab-e-leyaaqat Saahab-e-nazar Saahab-e-tameez Saahib Saahil Saahili Saahili jheel Saahir Saahirah Saahu kaar Saahu kaar Saai Saail Saa'ir Saajan Saajha Saajhi Saajid Saakh Saakht Saakhtah Saakhtah par daakhtah Saaki Saakin Saakit Saal Saal aanah Saal bhar Saal naamah Saalaar Saalahaa saal Saaleh Saalif Saalik Saalim English words Obsequiousness Moment. Manufacture Artificial. Safe. In One Piece. Lasting.

Every. Jury. Robust Maker. Endurance. Patience. Equipment. Musical Instrument. Tumbler Silence . Occasion. Reality Mould Bull. Baggage. Mediator. Resignation. Whole Musical Note Whole Thief Wealth. Before Yon Truth. Lad Shadow. Cup-Bearer. Organ. Intrigue. Relationship Let Advancing. Total. Outrun. With Knit Join Accompany Associate.Saalis Saaloos Saamaan Saamana Saame Saamiah Saamna Saamney Saamney ka Saanch Saancha Saand Saane Saani Saanihah Saaniya Saanna Saans Saans Saans ya hawa ka jhonka Saanthna Saanwla Saaqee Saaqi Saaqib Saaqii Saaqit Saara Saarang Saari Saariq Saarwat Sa'at Saat paanch Saat pusht Saath Saath baandhna Saath deyna Saath ho leyna Saathi Saayah Saayah door karney waala Saaz Saaz baaz karna Saaz gaar Saaz-e-saramadii Saazish Saaz-o-saamaan Sab Sab sey bara enaam Saba Sabaa Sabaat Sabab Sabab hona Sabaq Sabaq deyna Sabaq ley jaana Sabaq leyna Sabeel Sabqat ley jaana Sabr Sabr-aazamaa Sabt Sabu Sabuut Arbitrator. Manufacturer. Understanding. Total. Page Beloved. Custom. Apparition Exorcist Apparatus. Reason. Wind Constancy. Auspicious Immortal Music Conspiracy. Cause. Knead Breath. Resolution. Jackpot Breeze. Lecture Admonish Outgrow. Sigh Breath Waft Join Tawny Beloved. Listener Audition Encounter Affront. Submission. Page Shining Brightly. Shade. Lesson. Bar Tender. Means. Stability Bring About. Concord. Experience. Worker Equal. Sublime One Who Disperses Wine Eliminate. Apparatus. Influence Moment Trickery Lineage Along. Third Person Trick Articles. Tragedy Moment Bedaub. Equipment. Together. Disposition. Outstrip Learn Manner. Bar Tender. Gentle Cool Breeze. Match Event. Cup-Bearer. Accompanying. Suffering Testing The Patience Permanence. Juror. Ware Confront Audience. Tune Jockey According. Shelter. Agreeing. Collusion Outfit All. Luggage. Power. Patience. Wind Breeze. Rejected All. Splendid. Lost. Writing Jar. Endurance. Way Excel Bear. Mode. Power. Entire. Outing. Music. A Seal. Ahead. Mash.

Just. Ever. Waistcoat Quarry Auspicious Triple Quarterly Teapoy Late Afternoon Lazy Alarm Bear. Minor Cloud . Trip. Went White Boat Ambassador. Testimonial Extremely Truthful And Pious Person Shock Shocks Head Of The Gathering Of Wine-Drinkers Hundred Crocodile With A Hundred Jaws Affliction. Echo. Collision. Truth Hundred Well Done! Thousand Thanks Always. Main Hundred Colours Jerkin. Chest. Walk Junket Journey Outing Line. Sound.Sabzaa Sabzah zaar Sabze Sach Sad Sad aafreen Sad Shukr Sada Sada bahaar Sada bandi Sada karna Sadaa Sadaa-e-gunchaa Sadaaqat Sadaaqat naamah Sadaaqat-m'aab Sadamaa Sadamen Sadar-e-bazm-e-may Sad-goona Sad-kaam-e-nahang Sadmah Sadmat Sadqah Sadr Sad-rang Sadri Saed Saeed Saeh guna Saeh maahi Saeh paa'i Saeh paehr Saehl angaar Saehm Saehna Saehoon Saelaab Saelaab zadah Saelaani Saer Saer-o-tafreeh Saer sapaata Saer tafreeh Saf Saf aara Safaah Safaah-e-dil Safaai Safaed chambeyli Safar Safed Safeenah Safeer Safeyd Safeyd haathi Safeyd posh Safeydi Safeydi maa'el Saffaak Safiinaa Safina Safra Safri thaela Sagheer Sahaab Flora. Field Accurate. Trip. Call. Call. Tier Arrayed. Wipe Jasmine Officinale Journey. Truth Authentication. Travel. Ruin. Liquidate. Calamity. Whiteness Whitish Tyrannical Boat Boat Bile Knapsack Junior. Tour. Order. Voice Call Of Buds Authenticity. Row. Tourism. Suffering Sorrow Alms Bosom. Recreation. Jar. Greenery Meadow Green Grass. Sound. Excursion. Rank. Ever. Shock. Jaunt. Whitewash. Bereavement. Echo. Marshaled Page Paper Of The Heart Artfulness. Tone. Voice Evergreen Recording Beg Always. Envoy. Legate White White Elephant White Collar Egg White. Endure Zion Torrent Afloat Wandering Amusement. Conversation. Tone. Loyal. Blow. Reconciliation. Conversation. Chief. Reality.

Sahaafat Sahaafi Sahaara Sahaba Sahal Sahan-e-baag Sahar Saharaa Sahebe nazar Saheefah Saheefah nigaar Saheeh Sahel Saher Sahoolat Sahraa Sahwan Sai Sa-i-e-behaasil Sa-ii-e-raayagaan Sai karney waala Sail Sailaab Sail-e-nau Sail-e-nazar Sair Sair-e-charaagaan Saiyaad Saiyaal Saiyyaah Saja Sajaana Sajaawat Sajaawati shaey Sajdaa Sajdaa-rez Sajdagaah Sajdah Sajde Saji Sajjaada Sakhaawat Sakhi Sakhii Sakht Sakht dil Sakht sust kaehna Sakhtee-kashaan Sakhti Sakht-jaanee Saki Saktah Sakuut Salaabat Salaah Salaahat Salaahiyat Salaakh Salaam Salaamat Salaamat rawi Salaasil Salaat Salb Saleeka Saleem

Journalism Journalist Aid, Assistance, Lean, Lift, Reliance Wine, Esp. Red Wine Easy Garden Dawn, Morning Desert, Wilderness The One With A Vision Book, Journal, Letter Journalist Accurate, Correct, Genuine, Just, Kosher, Pure, Right, Sound, True Approachable Morning Amenity, Ease Plain, Desert Erroneously Attempt, Effort, Endeavor Futile Attempt, Effort Futile Attempt, Effort Assiduous Flood, Deluge, Torrent (Sail Is Short For Sailaab) Flood, Deluge, Torrent New Flood Tears Walk, Excursion, Recreation, Amusement, Stroll In, Visit Strolling Through Brightly Illuminated Paths Hunter, Jaeger Liquid Tourist, Traveler Embellished Adorn, Array, Bedeck, Embellish, Trim Array Knickknack Bow In Prayer, Touching The Forehead To The Ground, To Prostrate Oneself Bowed Place Of Worship Prostration Prayers, To Kneel And Touch One's Forehead To The Ground, TO Bow Embellished A Prayer Carpet Liberality Bountiful, Liberal Giver, Benefactor Cruel, Difficult, Extreme, Firm, Laborious, Hard, Harsh, Loud, Rigid, Rigorous, Taut, Tough, Vehement Obdurate Abuse, Reproach To Pull Tightly Rigidity Tough Life One (Female) Who Serves Liquor Pause, Swoon, Trance Silence Awe Advice, Counsel, Integrity, Peace, Treaty, Well Being Ability Knack, Qualified Bar Salutation, Peace, Safety, Compliment Safe, Weal, Welfare Moderation Shackles, Chains Orison Removing Discipline, Good Disposition, Good Manners, Good Taste, Knack, Mode, Proper Way, Skill, Tact Affable, Wholesome

Saleeqah Salees Saliiqaa Saltanat Salwa Salwaat Salwaateyn sunaana Samaaat pazeeri Samaa'i Samaajat Samaan Sama'aton Samajh Samajh daar Samajhna Samand Samandar Samar Sama'ton Sambandh Sametna Samey Sameytna Samjhaana Samjhotah San San sanaahat San sey Sana Sanaa Sana khwaan Sanaat karna Sanad Sanad yaaftah Sanak Sanam Sanat kaar Sanawi Sanbhaaley rakhna Sanbhaalna Sang Sang Sang dil Sang ho leyna Sangam Sang-e-aastaan Sangeen Sang-e-muraad Sang-e-surkh Sang-e-tiflaan Sangharsh Sankalp Sanglaakh Sangtarah Sang-zani Sanh Sanjaab Sanjaaf Sanjeedah Sankhiya Sanki Sannaata Sannaataa Sansanaahat Sansanaana Sansani

Discipline, Good Disposition, Good Manners, Good Taste, Knack, Mode, Proper Way, Skill, Tact Lucid Good Disposition, Good Manners, Good Taste, Knack, Mode, Proper Way, Skill, Tact Empire, Kingdom, Realm, Rule Quail Abuse, Benedictions, Blessings Abuse Audibility Room Entreaty Landscape, Time Hearing Judgement, Wit Judicious, Wise Expostulate Horse Ocean Fruit Sounds Join, Kindred Accumulate, Roll Up, Gather, Wrap At Accumulate, Roll Up, Gather, Wrap Explain, Reason With, Remonstrate Accord, Agreement Jute Zing Rapidity Eulogy Praise Admirer Manufacture Qualification Qualified Lunacy Idol, Sweetheart, Mistress Artist Yearly Keep Up Assist, Look After, Manage, Maintain, Take Care Of, Take Over Stone, Weight Weight Hard Hearted, Merciless Accompany Junction Threshold Bayonet Quartz Red Stone Stones Thrown By Children Struggle Commitment Rocky Orange Stone Throwing Year, Era Ermine Border, Jabot Balanced Arsenic Loony, Wacky Quietness, Silence Quietness, Silence Tingling Tingle Excitement

Santari Santari kutta Sanwaar Sanwaarna Sa'oobat Sapaat Saqeel Saqqah Sar Sar aamad Sar afraaz Sar ba falak Sar baraah Sar barahanaa Sar basar Sar bastah Sar buland Sar daar Sar faraaz Sar gardaan Sar garm Sar garoh Sar had Sar kaar Sar kaari mulaazim Sar karna Sar kash Sar khael Sar maayah Sar madi Sar nah paer Sar parasti Sar posh Sar qalam Sar sari taur par likhna Sar taab Sar taaj Sar waraq Sar wari Sar zameen Sar zanish Sara Sara hu'a Sara sar Sara seemah Saraa Saraa sar Saraab Saraahat Saraahna Saraapa Saraaye Sarak Sarakaa Sarat Sar-ba-girebaan Sar-ba-zaanuu Sar-bulandii Sard Sard mehr Sard-meharii Sar-e-arsh Sar-e-baam Sar-e-baazaar Sar-e-bazm Sar-e-daar

Watchman Watchdog Rectification Embellish, Rectify Difficulty, Hardship Blank, Even, Level Burdensome, Weighty Water Carrier Beginning, Chief, Desire, Epilepsy, Head, Origin, Pinnacle, Top Top-Most Exalted Lofty Administrator Uncovered Head Wholly, Entirely Hidden, Recondite, Secret Eminent Knight, Leader Exalted Erring Ardent, Activity, Keenly, Lively, Yearn, Zealous Leader Border, Boundary, Outskirt Lord, Master, Official Jobholder Accomplish, Win Errant, Jadish, Lofty, Rebellious, Refractory, Wild Leader Asset Eternal Baseless Keep Lid Kill Jot Rebel Chief, Leader Title Page Leadership Country, Land, Limits, Region Admonition, Lesson, Reprimand Inn Rotten Entirely, Quite, Totally Amazed, Bewildered, Jittery The Earth Throughout, Wholly Mirage Elucidate Appreciate, Applaud, Laud From Head To Toe, Full Image, Totally Inn Road Moved Quickness Lost in Worries Forehead Touching Knees To keep One'sHead High Cold, Damp, Dull, Dead, Wintry Apathetic, Lukewarm Sadness Seventh Heaven On Roof Top In Public At The Party At the Tomb

Sar-e dast Saree Sareeh Sareer Sar-e-kuu-e-butaan Sar-e-mahafil Sar-e-pistaan Sar-e-rah Sar-e-raah Sar-e-rahaguzar Sar-e shaam Sar-e-waqt Sarf Sarfaa Sarfah Sarf-e-duaa Sarf-e-gunaah Sarf-e-khizaan Sar-garaan Sar-gardaan Sar-garm-e-jafaa Sar-giraan Sar-giraanee Sarhadi nishaan Sarisht Sarishta-daaree Sarkaana Sarkaari Hukm Sarma Sarna Sarod Sar-o-saamaan Sarosh Sarqah Sarraaf Sar-sabz Sarson Sarsonka teyl Sartaan-e-baehri Sarv-o-sanobar Sarv-qad Sarwat Sar-zamiin Sasta Sat pataana Sataa'ish Sataana Satah Satar Satr Sauda Sauda gar Saudaa Saudaai Saudaa-ii Saudey baazi karna Saugand Saur Saut Savaa Savaal Sawa Sawaab Sawaab deed Sawaabit Sawaad

At Present, Immediately Epileptic, Quick, Rapid Explicit, Evident, Manifest Scratching Sound Made By A Pen, Throne In The Lane Of Love (One's Beloved) In The Gathering Teat By the Roadside, On The Road, Wayside By the Roadside, On The Road, Wayside Common Road About Evening, Evening Eve Etymology, Expenditure Stinginess Expenses, Expenditure, Outgoing Expend In PrayerWaste In Prayer Submitted To Sin In Autum's grasp Annoyed Distressed Busy In Being Unfaithful (Torture To The Lover) Arrogant, Proud Pride Landmark Nature, Temperament A Regulator's Position Move, Remove Ordinance Winter Rot Musical Instrument With Belongings, Necessities, Furniture, Luggage Angel Robbery, Theft Banker, Jeweler Fertile, Green Mustard Mustard Oil Lobster Pine & Cypress Tall And Graceful Affluence, Lucre, Opulence, Richness, Wealth Region, Territory Budget, Quintessence To BeTaken Aback Admiration Aggrieve, Molest, Tease, Torture, Torment Level Tier Line, Row Bargaining, Madness, Marketing, Melancholy, Trade, Traffic, Wackiness Merchant Bargaining, Madness, Marketing, Melancholy, Trade, Traffic, Wackiness Trader, Wacky Crazy, One Who Loves Deeply, Insane, In A Frenzy Wheel And Deal Oath Bull Tone More Question A Quarter More Than Reward, Recompense Expediency The Fixed Stars (Plu. Of Saabit) Relish, Taste, Zest

Quicksilver Quick Silver Bodied Wounded Heart Bosom. Teach. In Full Bloom. Requisition Questionnaire Beggar Question Mark Biographer Biography Acting Ride Hunter Reward Yardbird Correction. Breast. By. Begging. Query. Disposition. Except At. Quality Ladder Lead Whistle Legation Embassy Yard Garden Magic. Fresh. Thrash. Request. Chest Embrace Water In the Heart. Agreeable. Wilderness Health Witchcraft Desert Besides. Tourism Apple Bed Warming Zwieback Warm Tired Blooming. Happy. Delightful. Quest. Verdant. Through Journey. Wedding. Morning Enchantment Desert. Question. Appreciation Bring Joy To. Broadcast Mixture. Moist Bravo! Well Done! (Contr. Wedlock Married Jubilation Musical Instruments Article. Requital With Stitch Aim Artless Tame. Rejoicing. Zealous . Thriving Jolly Joyous Happy Marriage. Keen. Demand. Of Shaadbaash) Applause. Lightsome. But. In the Chest Tray Biography. Petition. Delighted. Winsome Abloom.Sawaal Sawaal naamah Sawaali Sawaaliyah nishaan Sawaaneh nigaar Sawaaneh ûmri Sawaang Sawaar Sayyaad Saza Saza yaaftah qaedi Sazaa Se See Seedh Seedha Seedha karna Seekhna Seel Seem aab Seemaab wash Seem-tan Seena-e-bismil Seenah Seenah lagaana Seenchna Seene mein Seeni Seerat Seerhi Seesah Seeti Sefaarat Sefaarat khaanah Sehan Sehan-e-chaman Sehar Sehar kaari Seharaa Sehat Sehr Sehra Sewa Sey Seyaahat Seyb Seyj Seynk Seynki roti ka tukra Seynkna Seyr Seyr aab Shaabaash Shaabaashi Shaad Shaad aab Shaad maan Shaadaan wa farhaan Shaadamaan Shaadi Shaadi shudah Shaadiyaanah Shaadiyaanon Shaae Shaaebah Shaaeq Application. Nature. Than. Taint Ardent. Full Of Water. Punishment. Train Learn Moisture Mercury. Cheerful.

Mix Marquee Tent Dignity. Thankful Shawl Evening.e. Link. Twilight Adversity Wretched Unending Evening Associated. Prince. Offshoot. Worthy Affability Enema Apprentice. Suitable. Elegance. Exceptional.Shaaestah Shaaestahgi Shaafah Shaagird Shaagird peyshah Shaagirdi Shaah Shaah aanah Shaah kaar Shaahid Shaahin Shaahin shaah Shaah-raah Shaahtir Shaair Shaakh Shaakh dar shaakh Shaakh saanah Shaakh-e-baa-samar Shaakh-e-samaravar Shaakhsaanah Shaakir Shaal Shaam Shaamat Shaamat zadah Shaam-e-abad Shaamil Shaamiyaanah Shaamiyaanah Shaan Shaan daar Shaanaa Shaanah bah shaanah Shaan-o-shaukat Shaaoo Shaaq Shaarah Shaare Shaareh Shaatir Shaayaan Shaayad Shaayar-e-fitarat Shaaz Shab Shab bakhair Shab bhar Shabaab Shabaahat Shabaan Shabaana Shabaan-e-hijraan Shabab Shabanam Shabeenah Shab-e-firaaq Shab-e-furqat Shab-e-gam Shab-e-khaamosh Shab-e-maahtaab Shab-e-taar Shab-e-tanahaa-ii Shab-e-tanhaa-ii Shab-e-tareek Shabhay Well Bred. Puberty Dew Nocturnal Night Of Separation Night Of Separation Night Of Sorrow Silent Night Full Moon Night Dark Night Night Of Solitude Lonely Night Dark Night Plural Of Shab (Night) i. Objection. Pupil. Witness Falcon Emperor Highway A Beam. Rare Night Goodnight! The Whole Night Juvenility. Youth Likeness. Eminence. Mingled. Anomalous. Difficulty. Connected. Common. Resigned. Attached. Glory. Tedious Reference Lawgiver Annotator Tactician Becoming. Province Entangled. Dilemma. Befitting. Grandeur Lofty. Satisfied. Monarch Kingly Masterpiece Sweetheart. Jolly Shoulder Abreast Luster. Annex. Blended. Joined In. Prime Of Life. Probably Poet Of Nature Abnormal. Manifesto. Nights . Worthy Perhaps. Comprising. Resemblance Nights. Ramified Objection Fruit-Laden Branch Fruit-Laden Branch Obstacle Obliged. Beams Oppressive. Roof Support Poet Branch. Plural Of Shab Night Nights Of Separation. Bough. Including. Servant Lackey Apprenticeship King. Magnificence Rays.

Roof Support Mulberry Banished. Kind. Mercy Recommend Afterglow. Demon Tree Arbors Comfort Peace A Person. Johnny Handsome. Body. Tempting Lewdness. Kind Hearted. Fresh Blooming. Recommendation Leniency. Lenient Transparent Affection. Devil. Preacher Satan. Fresh Pride In The Smile Of Flowers Bud Meteor Reflection Evidence. Thing Mediation. Omen Blooming. Aurora. Mercy Passion Row Amusement. Delightful Acute. Luscious. Employment.Shabih Shabistan Shabnam Shab-o-roz Shadab Shadeed Shadeed asaabi haejaan Shadeed bey chaeni Shadeed dard naak Shadeed ghaflati Shadeed nafrat karna Shadeed tar karna Shaedaai Shaeh rag Shaeh nasheen Shaeh surkhi Shaeh teer Shaeh toot Shaehr badar Shaehr panaah Shaehwaani Shaehwat Shaehwat angeyz Shaehwat parast Shaehwat pasand Shaetaani Shaey Shafaaat Shafaaqat Shafaat Shafaq Shafaqat Shafee Shafeeq Shaffaaf Shafqat Shagaf Shaghab Shaghl Shagoon Shagufataa Shaguft Shaguftaa Shaguftan-e-gul haaye naaz Shaguufe Shahaab Shahaabi Shahaadat Shahad Shahd Shaheed Shaheem Shahiid Shahm Shahood Shahr Shahzaadah Shaik ji Shaikh Shaitaan Shajar Shajri Shakeb Shakebaa-ii Shakhs Shakiil Image Bedroom Dew Night And Day Fresh. Being. Testimony. Kind Heartedness. Work Augury. Twilight Kindness. Occupation. Lust Lascivious. Expelled Rampart Lecherous. Lustful Lechery. Compassion. Rainbow. Mercy Mediator Affectionate. Rigorous Jitters Jactitation Agonising Lethargic Loathe Aggravate Lover Aorta Balcony Banner Headline Beam. Fresh Blooming. Kindness. Beautiful . Martyrdom. Licentious Lecher Wicked Object. Extreme. Witness Honey Honey Martyr Obese Martyr Tallow Manifestation City Prince Priest Elder. Individual.

Model. Suspense. Rate Sharah Tariff Sharah naamah Legal. Embarrassment. Partner Shariik Bashfulness. Quizz. Evil. Likeness. Flash Sharar Raining Sparks Of Fire Sharar-baar Lush Sharbat Legality Shareeat Noble. Form. Opening. Doubt. Candle Habits Swords Odor Fragrant Breeze Included Extinguished Lamp Atom The Sun Sword Sword Moon And Sun Acquaintance. Rascal Shareer Jackanapes Shareer bachchah Legitimacy Shareeyat Annotation Sharh Associate. Ashamed. Modesty. Eminent. Split Face Mischief The Islamic Divine Code Of Life Alcohol. Honour. Ashamed Sharm saar Blush Sharmaana Wimp Sharmeela Abashment. Gleam. Civility. Honorable Shareef Magnanimous Shareef ul nafs Associate. Some One You Recognise Attending Crack. Appearance. Excellence. Flash Sharaarah Knavishness. Explanation. Wine. Knavish. Hesitation Sugar Aspect. Joined. Ember. Feeling of Shame and Guilt Sharmindagi Apologetic. Tired Waterfall Bodice. Shame Sharm Abashed. Way Mould Exhausted. Waghalter Sharaarti Mischievous Sharaarti shareer Eminence. Wickedness Sharaarat Sharaarat karney waala Mischief-Maker Knavishly Sharaarat sey Sparks Sharaare Mischief-Maker. Prestige Sharaf Magnanimity Sharaf ul nafs Assessment. Embarrassed Sharmindah Eastern Sharqi Shakk Shakkar Shakl Shakl deyna Shal Shalaal Shaloka Shama Shamaail Shamashiiren Shameem Shamiim Shamil Shammaa-kushta Shammah Shams Shamsher Shamshir Shams-o-qamar Shanaasaa Shanaasaa-ii Shanaawar Shanasa Shanwaai Shaq Shaql Shar Shara Sharaab Sharaab ki khush bu Sharaabor Sharaa'et par poora utarna Sharaafat . Joined. Legitimate Sharai Judicially Sharan Spark Of Fire. Liquor Bouquet Wet Qualify Nobility. Partner Shareek Bad. Diagram. Included. Some One You Recognise Acquaintance Swimmer Acquaintance. Good Manners Flash. Nobility. Mischief. Jadish. Included.Doubt. Gleam Sharaar Spark. Respect. Image. Waistcoat Lamp.

Manner. Brave Man Behaviour. Fondness. Brag. Habit. Habit. Manner. Wager Betting Qualification Bet Six Quandary Talon Crazy Aspiration. Interest. Lion Lion Bully. Desire For Martyrdom Jackleg Object. Bet. Keenness. Nature Elder Quaint Boast. Windowpane Bottle Check Admirer City Bragging Lion. Nature Elder Quaint Boast. Eagerness. Windowpane Bottle Check Admirer City Bragging Lion.Shart Shart baazi Shart-e-qaabliyat Shart lagaana Shash Shash-o-panj Shat Shaudaai Shauq Shauq kii bebaakii Shauqeen Shauq-e-hayaat Shauq-e-shahaadat Shauqiyah Shay Shazar Sheer Sheer garm Sheer khwaar Sheeraazah Sheerah Sheereen Sheereen bayaan Sheeshah Sheeshi Sheh Shehdaai Sheher Shekhi Sher Sheva Shevaa Shevaa-e-tasliim Shevaah Sheykh Sheykh chilli Sheykhi Sheyr Sheyr e babar Sheyr hona Sheyrni Sheywan Sheer Sheer garm Sheer khwaar Sheeraazah Sheerah Sheereen Sheereen bayaan Sheeshah Sheeshi Sheh Shehdaai Sheher Shekhi Sher Sheva Shevaa Shevaa-e-tasliim Shevaah Sheykh Sheykh chilli Sheykhi Sheyr Sheyr e babar Sheyr hona Agreement. Way Style Of Greeting Behaviour. Quackery Brave Man. Yearning. Term. Oppress . Manner. Zeal Impudence Of Love Amature Fond Of Life Love. Brave Man Behaviour. Nature Tradition. Oppress Lioness Lamentation Milk Lukewarm Baby Link Juice Sweet Eloquent Mirror. Desire. Habit. Manner. Condition. Way Style Of Greeting Behaviour. Thing Branch Milk Lukewarm Baby Link Juice Sweet Eloquent Mirror. Taste. Brag. Tiger. Enthusiasm. Nature Tradition. Habit. Lion Lion Bully. Quackery Brave Man. Tiger.

Severity. Bright. Oppression Console. Sweet Sweet. Daring. Bottle. Crack. Fold. Defeat. Complaint. Glass Pane Quickly Restlessness Observance Wash Juggling. Gentle Artery Arterial Glass. Trick Jackal Fame. Complaint. Malapert. Wanton. Illness Yammer Abdomen. Recovery Crack Blossom. Restlessness Jinks Spark of Lightning Blaze. Renown. Intensity Acutely Lethargy Cure. Wrinkle Rack. Witty Coquetry. Accusation. Belly Crease. Lascivious. Insolent. Pleasant. Coquettish One. Rumor Limelight Well Known Attractive. Pleasant. Prey. Rout Knock-Out Routed Broken Feeble Footed Arrows That Did Not Reach Their Target Infirmity Of The Feet Broken Breakdown Of Musical Instruments. Rumple. Ruffle. Breakage. Knowing Acquaintance Ken Kind Verse. Illness Ailment. Accusation. Torture Breach. Bold. Frown.Sheyrni Sheywan Shiaar Shiddat Shiddat key saath Shiddat ki neend Shifa Shigaaf Shigoofah Shiiriin Shiiriini-e-guftaar Shiishaabaaz Shiishaa-gar Shikaar Shikaar karna Shikaastaa Shikaayat Shikaayet Shikaayet karna Shikam Shikan Shikanjah Shikast Shikast deyna Shikast khurdah Shikasta Shikastaa-paa Shikastaa-tiir Shikastaah-paaii Shikastah Shikast-e-saaz Shikavaa Shikavaa-e-jaur Shikebaa Shikmi Shikoh Shikwah Shinaakht Shinaakht karna Shinaas Shinaasa Shinaasaa'i Shinaasaa'i hona Shiq Shi'r Shira Shireen Shiriin Shiryaan Shiryaani Shishah Shitaab Shitaabi Shoaar Shob Shobadah Shoghaal Shohrat Shohrat ki chamak Shohrat yaaftah Shokh Shokhii Shokhiyaan Sholaa-e-barq Sholah Sholah zan Lioness Lamentation Habit Rigor. Kudos. Acquainted With. To Make One Patient Abdominal Majesty Complaint. Broken Instrument Complaint Complaint About Torture. Couplet Law. One Who Works With Glass Hunting. Intelligence Acquainted. Aflame . Chiding Recognition Own. Gentle Sweet. Entrap Defeated Ailment. Quarry Bag. Mischievous. Recognise Knowing. Playful. Bud Sweet Sweetness Of (Someone's) Conversation Open Bottle Glazier. Light Ablaze. Kittenish. Mischief. Repulse.

Clamor. Counting. Chaos. Coquettish One. Tumult Brackishness Uproar Kick Up Mischief Interests Observance Wash Juggling. Tumult Agitator. Lustre Presence Renown. Blaze. Loudness. Light Account. Tumult Agitator. Enumerate. Noise. Chaos. Redoubtable Gratitude. Kudos. Chaos. Mischievous. Fame. Aflame Bad Luck. Witty Coquetry. Clamor. Insolent. Rumor Brave. Estimation. Malapert. Flash. Rumor Limelight Well Known Attractive. Thanks Thank Thank Thanks For Blessings Thanks Thank You Thank Flame. Numbering. Loudness. Intellect Beginning. Miserable. Miserable. Mischief. Bold. Tumult Brackishness Uproar Kick Up Mischief Interests Tallyho! Beam Flames. Daring. Excitement. Renown. Misfortune Wisdom Ardor. Lascivious. Excitement. Brackish. Misfortune Wisdom Ardor. Outcry. Noise. Trick Jackal Fame. Kittenish. Tally Conversation Wisdom. Excitement. Brackish. Chaos. Bright. Tumult. Outcry.Shoom Shooor Shor Shor sey Shor sharaaba Shorah pusht Shorba Shor-e-paiham Shor-gul Shoridaa-haal Shorish Shorishi Shoriyyat Shor-o-gul Shor-o-shar Shoshah Showq Shoaar Shob Shobadah Shoghaal Shohrat Shohrat ki chamak Shohrat yaaftah Shokh Shokhii Shokhiyaan Sholaa-e-barq Sholah Sholah zan Shoom Shooor Shor Shor sey Shor sharaaba Shorah pusht Shorba Shor-e-paiham Shor-gul Shoridaa-haal Shorish Shorishi Shoriyyat Shor-o-gul Shor-o-shar Shoshah Showq Shu shu Shuaa Shuaa-en Shuhood Shuhrat Shujaa Shukr Shukr baja laana Shukr karna Shukr-e-ne'mat Shukriyaa Shukriyah Shukriyah ada karna Shu'lah Shumaar Shuneed Shuoor Shuroo Shurooaat Bad Luck. Turmoil Loudly Tumult Quarrelsome Broth Continuous Noise Noise Wretched Condition Agitator. Excitement. List. Restlessness Jinks Spark of Lightning Blaze. Wanton. Turmoil Loudly Tumult Quarrelsome Broth Continuous Noise Noise Wretched Condition Agitator. Kick-Off Onset . Light Ablaze. Tumult. Playful.

Similar To. Weight Burden. Linkage. Sew Up Advise. Injustice.Violence 'Settlement Of Accounts' Cruelty. Wicked Blackness Darkness Adult. Load Lop Candle. Queue. Genealogy. Thanks Culture Reliability. Sequence. Toilet Water Chestnut Embellish Army. Black. Sun Exclusively. More Except. Tyrant Majesty Except. Seizing Star Astrologer To Take (Note: The Word 'Sitad' Is Not Used By Itself. Genealogy. But. Train. Bad. Whimper Whining Taking. Lineage. Linkage. Wage Chain. Wan. Range. Trustworthiness Burden. Sheer Reed Larceny Whine Linger. Save. Trait Human Characteristic Mean Mercury Stich. Kick-Off Ostrich Bad Times Prove Training Tame Jimp Elegant Earthen Ware Recommendation Zero Adjective. Queue. Lamp.Shuru Shuruuaat Shutur murgh Siah-bhakti Siddh Sidhaawat Sidhaaya hu'a Sidol Sidol suthra Sifaal Sifaarish Sifar Sifat Sifat-e-ins Siflah Siimaab Siina Sikhaana Sikkah Sikkah raa'ej ul waqt Silaah Silaa'i Silah Silsilaa Silsilah Silsilah e nasb Silsilah waar Silwat Simt Simt ka taiyyun karna Sin Sinf Sinf e naazuk Singhaar Singhaara Singhaarna Sipaah Sipaas Siqaafat Siqaahat Siqaalat Siql Sira kaatna Siraaj Sirf Sirki Sirqah Sisak sisak kar rona Sisakna Siski Sitaan Sitaarah Sitaarah shinaas Sitad Sitam Sitam gar Sitamagar Sitwat Sivaa Siwaa Siyaah Siyaahi Siyaahiyon Siyaana Siyaaq Siyaar Beginning. Teach. Dark. Wise Reference Jackal . Link. Epithet. Save. Artful. Like. Reward. Mere. Knowing. Tyranny. Besides. Torture. Attribute. Link. Kick-Off Beginning. Unfortunate. Sequence. Year Kind Womankind Adornment. More Adultery. Tutor Bit Legal Tender Weapon Tailor's Wage Requital. Oppressor. Other Than. Range. Purely. Series Chain. Series Ancestry Arranged Wrinkle Direction Orient Age. Pedigree. Troops Obligation. Lineage. Tyrant Oppressor. But. Meaning 'Buying And Selling'. Pedigree. But Is Used Along With 'Daad' As In 'Daad-O-Sitad'. Other Than. Besides. Torment. Quality. Only. Oppression. Return.

Business. Quiescence. Society. Lightness Evidence. Embarrassed. Thin. Unsteady Morning. Conviction. Trivial. Quiet. Delicate. Embarrassed Expert Slow Pace Light Headed. Likeness. Tranquility. Meeting Jasmine Triumphant. Quietude. Eloquence. Conversation Affair. Proof. Stability. Frivolous. Trivial Relieved Abdication Jink Mean Expert Mystic A Pen Name (A Thakhallus) Accomplished. Wither Empty. Light. Company. Void Market Trumpet Appearance. Futile. Wisely Meditate. Politics Junta School Compare To Reflection. Mourning Association. Heat. Manner Knight Yarn Third Burning. Think Jeremiad. Lamentation. Lone. Quietness Lull Lull Abide. Silence. Rest. Futile. Passion. Words Quirky Eloquent Poet Peace. Resourceful Resourcefulness Companionship. Withered Anemia Thin Languish.Siyaasat Siyaasi Toli Skuul So Soch bichaar Soch samajh kar Sochna Sog Sog waar Sogavaar Sohabat Sonja Sonpna Sonti Soo'ar ki charbi Sood khor Sood mand Sooe yar Soofi Soojh boojh Soojhna Sookha Sookhey ki beemaari Sookhi Sookhna Soona Sooq Soor Soorat Soorma Soot Soy'em Soz Sozaan Soz-e-nihaan Srajan Subah dam Subak Subak-dast Subak-raftaariyon Subak-sar Subh Subhah Subh-dam Subki Suboot Subuk Subuk dosh Subuk doshi Subuk kharaam hona Subuk sar Subuk-dast Sufi Sufi-faqir Sughar Sughraapa Suhbat Sukhan Sukhan saaz Sukhan war Sukhanwar Sukoon Sukoon Haasil hona Sukoon ka daur Sukoonat Sukoot Management. Dawn Rosary At Dawn Affront. Desolate. Tranquility. Rest. Welt. Vexation Afire Inner Sorrow Creation Early Morning Light. Quietness . Thought Judiciously. Jasmine Revolute Yield Quarter-staff Lard Jew Advantageous. Residence Peace. Mourning Afflicted Mournful. Conditions. Lonely. Chances. Constancy. Testimony Agile. Quiescence. Delicate. Speech. Frivolous. Beneficial House of the loved one Mystic Knowledge Appear Lank.

Listen Desolate. Lunt. Otiose. Lonely. In The Care Of Bury Adieu Accent. Towards Wilderness In The Direction Of Rivals. Rapture Yak Pleasure From Burning In Pain Dull. Peace Silence Murder Kindle. Quiet Areca-Nut Entrusted. Redness.Sukuun Sukuut Sula deyna Sulgaana Sulh Sulh naamah Sulook Sultaan Sultaanah Suluuk Sunaa'i deyna Sunaana Sunaar Sunaharii Sunna Sunsaan Supaari Supurd Supurd-e-khaak Supurd-e-khuda Sur Suraab jaesa dikhna Suraag Suraagh Suraahi Suraat-e-idraak Surang Surat Sureen Sureyla Surkh Surkhi Surkhi-e-gulashan Surkhii Surkh-ruu Surmah Surmai Suroor Surra gaa'ey Suruur-e-tap-e-gam Sust Sust-rau Suthra Suud-o-ziyaan Suu-e-dasht Suu-e-gair Suu-e-maikadaa Suue Suurat-e-tasviir Suver Swapan Syaah Contentment. Tune Loom Sign Clue. Figure. Slow. Trace. Black . Queen Conduct. Aspect. Elegant. Relate. Laggard. Manner. Loose. Countenance. Tidy Profit And Loss In The Direction Of Desert. Tardy Slow Speed Beautiful. Title Victorious Kohl Mackerel Exhilaration. Treatment Monarch Empress. Strangers Towards The Bar. Redness. Plight. Frail. Pleasure. Lax. Jollification. Lazy. Joy. Form. Rapidity Buttock Melodious. Behavior Audibility Announce. Rouse Truce Treaty Of Peace Behavior. Musical Red Lipstick. Lone. Title (Red) Colour Of The Garden Lipstick. Track Jug Acumen Tunnel Acceleration. Quickness. Place For Drinking Towards Like a Picture Facets Dream Dark. Languid. Late. Tell Jeweler Golden Bear.

Heat. Waste Decoration Wiry Explanation. Rising Editing Applaud Candidate. Wonder Aim. Consideration. Robust Wire Rapine. Splendor. Excuse Lock Luck Lake. Attachment. Relation Relationship Enamel To Construct Constructions Taunt. Obeisance. Energy. Obedient. Sarcastic Remarks Sarcastic Remarks The Leg. Warmth Big Number Repentant Encouragement. Patience. View Order. Strength. Might. Sorrow. Upto Meal Obedience. Obsequious. Reminder Lateness. Power. Sweet. Learner. Obfuscate . Luster. Taa'aat) Agreeable. Link. Regard. Justification Troupe Thread Yet Yet Till The Day Of Judgement Assistance Bird Bird Tiara Kingship Till The 'Liver (Which Is What Jigar Means) Merchant Amazement. Connection. Tank Lot. Enquirer. Expert. Power. Look. Grief. Strength Knuckle Under. Lover. Retardation To Stress Or Emphasize Lake Evasion. Description. Reality. A Share Meddle Melt Enraged. Yield Interpretation Power To See Good Mood The Strength To Bear Failure Interpretation Realization Of A Dream. Cupola.T Urdu words Taa Taaam Taaat Taab Taabe Taabeer Taab-e-diid Taab-e-khush Taab-e-naakaamii Taaber Taabiir Taabinda Taabindahgi Taabish Taaboot Taadaad Taa'eb Taa'eed Taa'efah Taaga Taa-haal Taa-ham Taa-hashr Taaid Taa-iir Taair Taaj Taaj daari Taa-jigar Taajir Taajjub Taak Taakeed Taa-kheer Taakiid Taal Taal matol Taala Taal'a Taalaab Taale Taaleef Taali bajaana Taalib Taalluq Ta'alluqaat Taam cheeni Taamiir Taamiiren Taanaa Taane Taang Taang araana Taao deyna Taao khaana Taao meyn Taaq Taaqat Taaqat-e-guftaar Taaqatwar Taar Taa-raaj Taaraaz Taar-daar Taareef Taa-reek English words So That. Endurance. Tantamount Strength For Conversation Lively. The Outcome Of Dream. Surprise. Interpretation Of Dream Bright. Definition Obscure. To Be Excited Enraged Arch. Odd Number Ability. Astonishment. Devotion (Plu. Mighty. Praise. Rage. Illuminated Lustre Heat. Pure. Excellent. Seeker. Niche.

Deliberation. Rank Multiply Solutions Advice. Change. Order Burial Educational Appoint. Temperament Exchange. Overshadowing Spreading. Order. Ordain Layer. Beneath Binary Refinement Oology Afloat . Annals Tar Ogle Effect Bridge Joker Knave Kettledrum Effect. Arrangement. Modify Altered Alteration. New. Wimple Absorption Twig Ascertainment. Talented Amend. Order. Research Movement Writing Abet Acquired Admirable According. Wan Date. World Smile. Obscure Darkness Date. Happening Dark. Transfer Ruined. Amendment Temperament Final Stage. The Outcome Of Your Dream Then Disposition. Opinion. Smiling Quick-witted. Obscure Like Stars Overpowering. Nature. Spoiled. Annals Obit Dark. Nature. Depraved. Artifice. Tender.Taareek Taareekh Taareekh-e-raehlat Taareeq Taare-se Taari Taarii Taariik Taariikii Taarikh Taar-kol Taarna Taa-seer Taash ka eyk kheyl Taash ka faaltu patta Taash ka ghulaam Taashah Taasiir Taa'ssur Ta'at Taa-umar Taa-umr Taazah Taazah teyz Taazah taazah Taazah tar Taaziyaanah Tab Taba Taba zaad Tabaa Tabaadlah Tabaah Tabaahii Tabai Tabaq Tabassum Tabbaa Tabdeel Tabdeel shudah Tabdeeli Tabeeat Tabeer Tabhi Tabiiyat Table jang Tabqah Tadaad barhaana Tadabiiren Tadbeer Tadbiir Tadbir Tadfeen Tadreesi Taeenaat Taeh Taehleel Taehni Taehqeeq Taehreek Taehreer Taehrees Taehseel shudah Taehseen Taeht Taehtaani Taehzeeb Taeraaniyaat Taerta Opaque. Tactics Plans Advice. Below. Result. Exchange. Impression Affect Devotion Life Long Life Long Fresh. Completion. Region. Wretched Destruction Material Layer. Arrangement. Temperament War Drum Label. Opinion. Happy Lively Recently Recent Knout Then Temperament Original Disposition.

Indifference. Loftiness Etiquette. Politeness Walk Insult Swim. To Float Aeronautics Alert. Lesson. Inquiry Renewal. Negligence Being Purposefully Indifferent (Used To For One's Beloved) Being Purposefully Indifferent (Used To For One's Beloved) Being Purposefully Indifferent (Used To For One's Beloved) Being Purposefully Indifferent (Used To For One's Beloved) Change Lethargy Negligence Alteration. Amazement Civilization. Love Bright Light. Neglect.Taesh Taey Tafakkur Tafoolat Tafreeh Tafreehi kashti Tafseer Tafteesh Tagaaful Tagaaful-aashnaa Tagaaful-kesh Tagaaful-peshaa Tagaaful-shi-aa Tagaiyuraat Taghaaful Taghafful Taghaiyur Taghiyur Tagra Tah Tahaarat Tahajjud Tahajjud guzaar Tahaliil Tahammul Tahanashiin Tahanii Tahariiq Tahariir Tahayyur Tahaziib Tahelna Tahqeer Tairanaa Tairaaniyaat Taiyaar Taiyaar chi Taiyaar karna Taiyaari Taiyyun Taj Taj denaa Taj shahana Tajadiid-e-vafaa Tajallii Tajariid Tajarubaa Tajassus Tajdeed Tajdiid Tajreed Tajribah Tajribah gaah Takabbur Takalluf Takalluf bar taraf Takallum Takamiil Takanaa Takbiiren Takeed Takhallus Takhfeef Takhleeq-e-kaayenaat Takhmeenah Takhmeeri Takhna Takhriib Takht Anger. Finished. Fulfilment To Stare Slogans Emphasis Kenning. Changes Well Built To Keep Closed Ablution Midnight Prayers Offered Person Follows The Night Prayers Immersed. Prepared. To Be Lost In Tolerance Submerged Branch In Writing Handwriting Change. Ripe Aeronaut Make Readiness Quantify Crown. Test. Changes Alteration. Rage Established Meditation Babyhood Recreation Yacht Exposition. Proof Laboratory Arrogance. Seat . Resurgence Abstraction Experience. Luxury. Ready. Resurgence Renewal. Tiara To Abandon Royal Crown Renewal Of Faith. Experiment. Pen Name Abate Creation Of Universe Estimate Yeasty Ankle Destruction Throne. Manners End Of Formality Conversation Completion. Key Quest Apathy. Brilliant Light Solitude Experiment Examining.

Pungent. People who just watch and do not help or care for what’s happening Jeer. Search. Power Tamarisk Analogous Blame. Learn Educated. Upheaval Demand. Turmoil. Need. Trained Teachings Educational Below. Inconvenience. Related Allusion Apprentice. Perfect. Bystander. Quip . Encounter. Pillow Collision. Aspect Underneath Education. Reproach Lambaste Taut Jitters To Carry The Burden Of Sorrow Keeping Eat Odium Breathing Jeer. Achieve. Chide. Spectacle Heat Excuse Desire. Obey Building Discernment. Run Into Recompense Divorce. Pursuit. People who just watch and do not help or care for what’s happening Amusement. Complete. Spectacle Audience. End. Knock. Inquiry. Fun. Wish All. Entire. Total. Imposition Of A Burden. Etiquette. Onlooker. Want. Wish. Yen Needy.Takiya Takkar Takleef Takleef deh Takleef deyna Takleef meyn hona Takmeel Takraana Talaafi Talaaq Talaaqat Talaash Talaatum Talab Talabgaar Talaffuz Talak Talat Tale Taleem Taleem yaaftah Taleemat Taleemi Taley Talism Talkh Talkhii-e-hosh Talkhii-e-may Talkhii-e-ziist Talkhiyaa Talkhiyaan Talluq Talmeeh Talmeez Talwaar Tama Tamaam Tamaam shab Tamaam tar Tamaaman Tamaaniyat Tamaash been Tamaashaa Tamaashaa'i Tamaashah Tamaazat Tamahiid Tamanna Tamashaee Tamaskhur Tameel Tameer Tameez Tamghah Tamheedi Tamhiid Tamkeen Tamras Tamseeli Tan Tan o tashnee karna Tana hu'a Tanaa'o Tanaasaani-e-gam Tanaasub Tanaawal karna Tanaffur Tanaffus Tanah Trust. Judgement Badge Elementary Beginning Authority. Zetetic Riot. Fun. Sport. Search. Someone with a deep desire and longing Accent Till Appearance. Storm. Bitter. Body. Wish. Difficulty. Bystander. Quirk. Knock. Onlooker. Entertainment. Torture Lamentable Torture Ail Achievement Jounce. Inquiry. Unpalatable Bitterness Of Reality Bitterness Of The Wine Bitterness Of Reality. Entertainment. Whole Whole Night Entirely Outright Quiet Onlooker Amusement. Tumult. Request. Jar. Quest. Sport. Yearning Audience. Learner Sword Avarice. Objurgate. Censure. Beneath Mystery Acrimonious. Lure. Competition. Laugh. Waggish Act On. Life Bitterness Bitterness Relation. Repudiation Eloquence Look For. Quest. Rivalry Burden. Desire.

Merriment. Wet Bedazzle. Short. Roughly. Approximately. Approximately. Leaning. Towards. Piety Almanac Moist. Speech. Importunity. Well Nigh Abbreviation Divided Abstinence. Investigation. Roughly. Almost. Solitude Raise Wage Reservoir Mocking Heap Judgement Judicial Cleaning. Throbbing To Leak. Harmony. Margin. Almost. Inquiry. Quiet Alone. Warning Tent Oven Limited. A Kind Of Song Carving. Laugh. Hardship. Mirth Waver Direction. Symphony. Lonely. By Oneself. Wisecrack. Lecture. Talk About. Oration. Way Adherent Leaning Manner.Tanah zan Tanahaa-ii Tanbeeh Tanbu Tandoor Tang Tang aab naa'ey Tang karna Tangi Tangii-e-vaqt-emulaaqaat Tanha Tanhaa Tanhaa'i Tanhaa-ii Tankhawaah meyn izaafah Tankhwaah Tanki Tannaaz Tannoor Tanqeed Tanqeedi Tanqih Tanseekh Tantanaana Tanviir Tanz Tanz kiya jaana Tanzan Tanzeem saazi Tanzeemaati Tanziyah fiqrah Taoon Tap-e-diq Tapaan Tapakna Tapish Taqaazaa Taqalluf Taqariib Taqariir Taqariiren Taqasiir Taqdeer Taqmeel-e-gam Taqraar Taqreeban Taqreer Taqriban Taqseer Taqsiim Taqwaa Taqweem Tar Tar karna Tar kash Tar yaaq Taraanah Taraash Taraashanaa Taraawat Taraazu Tarab Taraddud karna Taraf Taraf daar Taraf daari Tarah Tarah tarkeeb Tarah daalna Jeered Loneliness. Well Nigh Address. Formality Reason Speech Speeches Mistake Fate. Tease. To Ask For. Want. Demanding Settlement Of A Debt. Quirk. Solitude Loneliness. Request. Witticism Jeer Tauntingly Organising Organisational Quip Plague Tuberculosis Palpitating. To Fall Down (Fruits) Warmth Demand. Luck Getting Over With Sorrow Argument About. Solitude Alert. Issue Abolition Jingle Light. Solitary. Fear Of God. Polish (Stone) To Shape Or Carve Moisture Balance Joy. By Oneself. Discourse. Poverty Shortness Of The Time Of Meeting Alone. To Drip. Bedrench Quiver Antidote Anthem. Way Mode Launch . Solitary. Satire. Fresh. Chisel. Lonely. Radiance Jest. Side. Cutting. Tight Kyle Jive. Worry Narrowness. Quiet Loneliness. Type.

Tarah deyna Tarakash Tarang Tarannum Tarapna Taraqqi Taraqqi yaaftah Tarasta Tarbiyat Tarbiyat yaaftah Tarbooz Tardeed Tareef Tareekaa Tareeqah Tareeqat Tarf Tarfa Tarfaen Targheeb Tarh Tarik-e-hayat Tariqah Tarjumaan Tarjumah Tark Tarka Tarkah Tarkeeb Tarkeeb jaanna Tark-e-havas Tark-e-muhabbat Tark-e-ta-aluq Tark-e-vafaa Tarkhaan Tarq Tarraar Tarraarah Tarraari Tarraqqee Tars Tarseel Tarteeb Tartiib Tarz Tarz e zindahgi Tarz-e-bayaan Tarz-e-tapaak Tasallee Tasallii Tasallut Tasallut rakhna Tasanno Tasarruf Tasavvur Tasawwuf Tasawwur Tasbeeh Tasbeeh ka daana Tasbiih Tasdeeq Taseer Tash kaar Tashaddud Tashaffi Tashannuj Tashbeeh deyna Tashbiih Tasheeh Overlook Quiver Billow. Relationship Joiner Leave Eloquent Quickness Liveliness Elevation. Comfort. Occupancy. Mixture. Tranquillity Lactation Liken Comparison. Abdicate. Style. Abandonment Of Love To Break Relations End Of Faithfulness. Fancy. Explanation. Terror Transmission. Elevation Advanced Thirsty Education. Path. Fancy. Assertion Effect Tallyho! Rigidity Relief. Evacuate. Turning Contemplation. Type. Proficiency Compassion. Discipline. Form. Manner. Artificiality Amending. Waft Arrangement. Imagination. Thought Rosary Bead Rosary Affirmation. Way Lifestyle Style. Way Law. Whim Rhythm. Translation Abandon. Lure. Employment. Way Mysticism Golden Belt Tamarisk Both Sides Abet. Tone. Pity. Plan Loneliness In Life Method. Idea. Mode Of Speech Style Of Greeting. Melody Yearn. Satisfaction Satisfaction Occupation Wield Affect. Like. Order. Plan. Simile Emendation . Custom. Temptation Manner. Way Interpreter. Applause. Organisation Orderly Fashion. Promotion. Mercy. Manner. Break. To Give Up Love. Mode. Thought Mysticism Contemplation. Walkway. Waive Early Morning Legacy Composition. Mode. Training Accomplished Watermelon Abnegate Admiration. Method Know The Ropes Give Up Desire Break Up. Fear. Kudos Law. Translator Interpretation. Renounce. Array. Method. Give Up. Imagination. Hospitality Consolation. Method. Song. Leave. Mode. Design. Opinion. Opinion. Manner. Affectation. Yen Advancement. Idea.

Lively. Equilibrium Awaken. Disgrace. Insult. Salutation. Obloquy Abasement. Mention Mention Abasement Decoration Blemish Quant Knoll. Admission. Painting Crocodile Tears Tailpiece Repentance Heaven Forbid! Ability Divine Guidance. Josh. Listen Expectation Entreaty Mediation Extended. Well Known Alleviation. Test. Disgrace. Method. Laugh Lamentation Remember. Portrait. Affront. Help Abasement. Affront. Weigh Condition. Greeting. Zippy Balance. Power Balance Expectation. Defamation. Enlargement. Consolation. Dishonor. Submission. Defamation. Reverence Jeer. Close Attention. Peace.Tashhiir Tashnaakaam Tashnaalabii Tashnagii Tashreef Tashreeh Tasht az baam Taskeen Taskiin Tasleem Taslees Tasmah Tasneef Tasweer Taswey Tatmah Taubah Taubah taubah Taufeeq Taufiiq Tauheen Tauhiin Taul Taulna Taur Tausee Tausee pasnnd aanah Tauseef Tauseeq Tauzeeh Tavaahum Tavaanaaii Tavaazun Tavaqqo Taviil Tawaa'ef Tawaa'ef ghar Tawaa'ef khaanah Tawaa'ef ul mulooki Tawaaf Tawaalat Tawaana Tawaazun Tawajjoh Tawaqqa Tawassul Tawassut Taweel Taweel muddat key bad Taweel umri Taweez Tazabzub Tazeem Tazheek Taziyat Tazkirah Tazkirah zikr Tazleel Tazziin Teeka Teeka balli Teela Teen taala Teenat Teer Teer andaaz Teer daan Teer-e-neemkash Teergi Public Defamation Thirsty Thirst Thirst Honoring Explain Exposed. Long At Last Longevity Amulet. Hope Long Quean Brothel Whorehouse Anarchy. Mode. Talisman Quandary Adore. Contentment. Aggrandizement. State. Liking. Satisfaction Acceptance. Insult. Going Round Length Able. Lengthy. Comfort. Exposition Blind Faith Strength. Resignation. Way Amplification. Mound Jig Temperament Arrow Marksman Quiver Half Drawn Arrow Darkness . Obloquy Weighing Estimate. Extension Expansionistic Merit Affirmation Explanation. Dishonor. Contempt. Manner. Acknowledge. Yield Trinity Lace Writing Picture. Contempt. Render. Lawlessness Rotation Around Kaaba.

Mannerisms Lean Elegant Oil Tanker Oily Larynx Bent.Teeshe Teetri Teg-e-rawaan Tegh Tehra Tehreer Tere Terh Teshe Tevar Teyk Teykha Teyl Teyl bar daar jahaaz Teyl sey bhara Teyntwa Teyrha Teyrha meyrha Teyrha pan Teys Teyz Teyz aab Teyz bhonkna ya cheekhna Teyz chaashni Teyz chalna Teyz dauraana Teyz dhaar Teyz faehm Teyz mezaaji Teyz nazar Teyz paat Teyz patta Teyz raftaar Teyz tareen Teyz zaa'eqah Teyzi Teyzi key saath Teyzi sey Teyzi sey ghoomna Tez Tez-tar Tha Thaamna Thaananaa Thaat ka Thaath Thaela Thaeli Thaeraana Thaerna Thagna Thaka Thaka haara Thakan Thal thal Thame Thand Thap thapaana Thapakni Thar tharaahat Thathol Thattha maarna Thatthey baaz Theek Theek karna Theek theek Theykey ka kaam Theyla Theylna ya jhanjhorna Axe Butterfly Khuli Talwar Ki Tarah Sword. Sharp. Offended. Swift Sharpen. Acid. Restore Accuracy Journey Work Trolley Jog . Tremble Jest. Rapid Quickest Twang Agility. Weary. Quickness. Rapid. Chill Knuckle. Brainy. Just. Well Mend. Wicked. Loud. Quake. Opposing. Knowing. Brisk. Zippy Acid Yelp Zest Wallop Quicken Jet Acumen. Keen. Jocular. Witticism Laugh Wag All Right. Quickness. Worn Out Jaded Fatigue Quaggy Stops Cold. Tire. Liveliness. Laurel Bay Leaf Accelerate. Keen. Clever. Pungent. Quick-Wittedness. Lodge Jockey Exhausted. Knock. Quick.Out. Repair. Lull Tappet Quiver. Dagger Triple Hand Writing Your Crookedness Axe Countenance. Jocosity. Rapidity Acutely Keenly Whirl Caustic. Witty Acrimony Observant Bay Leaf. Obstinate. Wager. Increase Was Take To Firmly Decide Luxurious Equipage Bag Bag Lodge Abide. Wry Zigzag Obliquity Ache Active.

Triple Empty One Who Looks After A Sick Person Misdirected Arrow Light Which Is Full Of Darkness Extremely Dark Darkness Business. Blatant And Vulgar Display Of Shallow Things. Bearing. Goal. Proper Place Abode. Limit. Talisman Refrain From Expressing Anger Darkness Wry Lean Obliqueness . Wholesale Obstacle. Magic. Loud But Shallow Things Trio Three Times. Last Jib Jot. Bearing. Kick. Limit.Thikaana Thikaanaa Thinakna Thok Thokar Thokar khaana Thokar maarna Thonkna Thora Thos Thukaa'i karna Thukra deyna Tiddi Tifl Tifl e khata kaar Tiflaanaah Tiflaanah jurm Tiflaanah khata Tiflaanah pan Tifl-e-ashk Tifli Tiflon Tigaddam Tigna Tihii Tiimaaradaar Tiir khataa honaa Tiiraa ujaalaa Tiiraa-o-taariik Tiiragii Tijaarat Tikaana Tikna Tikona baad baan Til Tilah Tilism Tilmilayen Tiragi Tirchha Tirchha hona Tirchha pan Abode. Waive Locust Baby Juvenile Delinquent Juvenile Juvenile Delinquency Juvenile Delinquency Juvenilism Child-Like Tears Juvenile Bright Things. Mole Liniment Enchantment. Goal. Proper Place Jilt Bulk. Stumble Misstep Kick Knock Little Brainy Whip Reject. Traffic Bestow Keep. Trade.

Accuse. Fraction Break. Loud Fury. Mediation Emblem Oppression. Mangle Basil You Yourself Magnificence Your Yours Truly Your Fast. A Part. Storm. Largesse Question Basket Troop Enjoyment Amulet Belly. Tyranny Your For You A Piece. A Morsel. Tomb Grave. Fracture. Rend. Braggart Acid Storm Of Misfortunes Length Long Mountain On Which Moses Had His Vision Abandonment. Abdicate . Yap Grave. Hurricane Length. Means. Loss Attack Broken Kaput Break Ordnance Lid Antidote Jig Break. Tummy Tap.Tirchi nazar maarna Tishnagi Tishnah Titali Titli To Toh Tohamat Tohamatain Tohfaa Tohfah Tokna Tokri Toli To'maa Tona Tond Tonti Toofaan Tool Toor Toot Toot parna Toota Toota hu'a Tootna Top Topi Tor Tora Torna Toshah khaanah Toshak Totka Tu Tu tu maen maen Tufael Tughra Tughyaan Tujh Tujhey Tukra Tukrey tukrey karna Tulsi Tum Tum khud Tum taraaq Tumhaara Tumhaara khaer talab Tumhaarey Tund Tundee Tund khoo'i Tund mezaaj Tundii-e-khuu Tuntuni Tunuk mezaaj Turabat Turbat Turfaa Turram khaan Turshah Tuufaan-e-havaadis Tuul Tuulaanii Tuur Tyaag Ogle Desire. Peculiar Boaster. Bit. Tempest. Longing Thirst Thirsty Butterfly Butterfly Then Quest Allegation. Resolve Larder Quilt Amulet Thou Quarrel Lackey. Lacerate. Keen. Jet Riot. Tax Accusitions A Gift Boon. Tomb Strange. Longitude Mountain Break. Violence Acrimony Quarrelsome Habit Of Aggressiveness Bell Quick-tempered.

Waste Yokel. Lift. Lucid. Naissant Relief Relief Nausea. Famous. Wearied. Boiling. Clear. Helplessness. Knurl Kindle. Jump. Interesting. Offended. Vex Come Up. Wrangle That Way. Proficiency. Glory. Gloomy. Radiant. Grip. Spring. Unhappy Gloom. Mastery. Luminous. Zenith Horizontal Joist Ah!. Germinate. Clear. Sadness Loan Lend Borrow Notchel Hurly-Burly. Whew! Oh My God! Stench Accident.Out Leap. Splendid Bright. Luminous. Uproar. Misery. Luminous. Sorrowful. Jerk. Bright. Foundation. Gaunt. Radiant. Merriment Jump Bounce. Manifest. Glory. Tumult. Launch. White Abandoned. Misery Uncultivated Fully Planted Cultivate. Light. Coction. Clean. Sadness Gloom. Originate Nascent Appear. Clean. Fling. Float. Launch. Thrall Grasp. Distress. Loft. Hapless. Clear. Float. Spring. Lonely. Turmoil. Conspicous. Rage Seethe Seethe Come Up. Jump. Sorrowful. Yonder Tweak Debt Enemy. Loft. Transit Interim Unction Bored. Flat. Sad. Quarrel. White Bright. Oh!. Inclination. Mishap. Ruined. Underscore. Leap. Bright. Restless. Simplicity Quaintness . Pure. Sad. Worn Jump. Lone. White.U Urdu words Ubaal Ubaalna Ubalna Ubhaar Ubhaarna Ubhar Ubharna Ubharta hua Ubharwaan takhti Ubhra hua Ubkaai Uboodiyat Uboor Uboori Ubtan Uchaat Uchak Uchak leyna Uchak uchak kar chalna Uchakka Uchakna Uchhaal chhanga Uchhaalna Uchhal kood Uchhal parna Uchhalna Ud bilaao Udaanon Udaas Udaasi Udaasii Udhaar Udhaar deyna Udhaar leyna Udhaar waapas karney sey mustasna kiya Udham Udhar Udheyrna Udhhaar Uduu Ufaq Ufaqi Ufaqi shaeh teer Uff Uffoh Ufoonat Uftaad Uftaadagii Uftaadah Uftaadgi sey Uga Ugaana Ugaao Ugna Ugta hua Ujaagar Ujaala Ujaalaa Ujaar Ujad Ujala Ujaz Ujb English words Anger. Retch Adoration. Seperated. Lustrous. Row. Riot. Calamity. Nicker Carry Off. Take Nab Hobble Gangster. Catch Quean Bounce. Thither. Rise. Clean. Husband. Jut Nascent. Illustrious. Sunshine. Fling. Light. Luminous Modesty. Woe Helplessness. Sunshine. Cahoost. Leap. Rival Horizon. Difficulties. Broken Off. Grow. Toss Other Idiosyncrasies. Servitude. Knurl Emerge. Toss Frolic. Pure. Plant Germination Grow. Gurgitation. Yahoo Light. Ghastful. Pure. Radiant. Gurgitation.

Ujla Ujla pan Ujlaa Ujlaahat Ujlat Ujlat baazi karna Ujli Ujrat Ujrati Ujrati kaam Ukhaar Ukhaar pachhaar Ukhaarna Uksaana Ukta jaana Uktaahat Uktaana Uktaaya Uktaaya hua Ulajhaa huaa Ulajhna Ulat Ulat pulat Ulatna Ulfat Uljha Uljha hua Uljhaana Uljhaao Uljhan Ullu Ulqaab Ulta Ulta bal parna Ulta palti Ulta tawa Ulta zamaanah Ultaana Ultey haath ka kaam Ulti Ulu Ulwi Ulwul azm Umang Umar bhar ka saath Umar-e-rawaan Umdagi Umdah Umdahgi Umdahgi sey Umeed Umm Ummeed Ummeed karna Ummeed waar Ummeed-e-rehmat-eparvardigaar Ummid Ummiid bar aanaa Ummiidavaar Ummiid-e-javaab Ummiid-e-rahamat-eparavar-digaar Ummiid-e-vafaa Ummiid-o-biim Ummiid-vaaraanaa Umood Umoodi

Bright, Fair, Lit, Neat, Pure, Shining, White Brightness, Fairness, Lit, Neatness, Pure, Shining, Whiteness Bright, Fair, Lit, Neat, Pure, Shining, White Shine Expedition, Haste, Hurry, Quickness, Speed, Velocity Hasten Bright, Fair, Lit, Neat, Pure, Shining, White Fee, Tariff, Wage Hack Job Work Eradication, Extermination Intrigue, Persecution, Slander Hack, Pull, Uproot Kindle, Quicken Get Bored Boredom Get Bored Jaded Bored Tangled, Confused Enmesh, Entangle, Fight, Tangle Inverse, Reverse Rooting Remove, Reverse, Turnover, Upset Affection, Love Enmesh, Entangle, Fight, Tangle Kinky Enmesh, Entangle, Knot, Tangle, To Create Confusion, Complication, Implicate Imbroglio , Strife Labyrinth, Net Eminence, Height, Owl, Subtility, Political Leaders Plural Of Laqab, Title Back, Crooked, Left, Reverse, Wrong Kink Change Jet Black Bad Times Return, Reverse Piece Of Cake Crooked Eminence, Height, Owl, Subtility, Political Leaders Celestial, Heavenly, High Venturesome Enthusiasm, Urge Lifelong Guzarti Hui Zindagi Excellence, Merit, Worth Choice, Fresh, Good, Great, Neat, Respectable, Sterling, Sound, Unadulterated Neatness Nicely Anticipation, Chances, Expectation, Hope, Trust Mother Anticipation, Chances, Expectation, Hope, Trust Hope Candidate, Hopeful Hope For Blessings Anticipation, Chances, Expectation, Hope, Trust Realization Of One's Hopes Hopeful, Candidate Hope Of A Reply Hope For The Blessing Of God Hope Of Loyalty Hope And Disappointment With Hope, Hopeful Normal, Upright, Vertical Normal, Upright, Vertical

Generally, Normally, Ordinarily, Usually, Widely General, Normal, Ordinari, Usual, Wide Nomology Generality, Universality Age, Life-Time, Span Of Life Longevity Aged Ageless Long Life Fleeting Life Umr-e-gurezaan Everlasting Life Umr-e-khijr Everlasting Life Umr-e-khijz Fleeting Life, Life In Passing Umr-e-ravaan Profundity Umuq Those Un Form, Headline, Label, Legend, Preface, Start Of Chapter, Title Unavaan Form, Headline, Label, Legend, Preface, Start Of Chapter, Title Unawaan Undeceive Undeceivable Pour, Vent Undeylna Jennet Undlusi khachchar Juvenescence Unfuaan-e-shabaab Bloom, Prime Unfuwaan Finger Ungli Vinous Unnabi rang ka Rare, Scarce, Wonderful Unqa Affection, Attachment, Love, Liking Uns Element, Factor, Ingredient, Origin Unsur Elemental, Elementary, Original Unsuri Form, Headline, Label, Legend, Preface, Start Of Chapter, Title Unvaan Form, Headline, Label, Legend, Preface, Start Of Chapter, Title Unwaan Vesication Upaar Nascent Upachta hua Germination, Originality Upaj Germinate Upaj paana Eagle Uqaab Life After Death, Other World Uqaba Plural Of Uqbaa Uqbaan Enigma, Labyrinth, Mystery, Nodus, Nodule Uqdah Euclidean Uqlaedisi Punishment, Torment, Torture, Pain Uqoobat Punishment, Torment, Torture, Pain Uquubat Volatile Ur jaaney waala Kidnap Ura ley jaana Army Camp, Camp, Garrison Urdoo Army Camp, Camp, Garrison Urdu Alias, Kenning, Nickname Urf Cover Urhaana Naked, Bare, Nude Uriyaan Baress, Nakedness, Nudity Uriyaanat Fly Urna Acme, Ascent, Ascension, Climax, Exaltation, Height, Rising Urooj Urooj par pahonchaana Heighten Nuptial Uroosi Meter, Prosody, Versification Urooz Separation Urqat Peak, Rise, Ascent Uruuj Bare, Devoid, Naked Uryaan Nakedness, Nudeness Uryaani Nudity Uryaani ki Haalat Nudely Uryaani sey Nudism Uryaaniyat Nudist Uryaaniyat pasand Her, His Us ka Vice Versa Us key bar aks Her, His Us ki Lovers Ushaaq Umooman Umoomi Umoomi yaat Umoomiyat Umr Umr daraazi Umr raseedah Umr raseedgi sey mubarrah Umr-e-daraaz

Tithe Lovers, Plural Of Aashiq Style, Method Law, Rule Jurisprudence Uncritically Narrowness, Poverty A Lot, Extremely, Endless, Boundless, Ujaad, Beehad Ussar Instructor, Knack, Maestro, Master, Professor, Teacher Ustaad Teacher Ustaani Knack, Maestro, Master, Professor, Teacher Ustad Adhere, Compact, Firm, Determined, Powerful, Straight, Solid, Strengthened, Strong Ustuvaar Compactness, Firmness, Permanence, Straightness, Stability, Strength Ustuvaarii Adhere, Compact, Firm, Determined, Powerful, Straight, Solid, Strengthened, Strong Ustuwaar Compactness, Firmness, Permanence, Straightness, Stability, Strength Ustuwaari Mend Ustuwaarna Principles Usuul Landing, Wane Utaar Lessen, Take Down, Take Off, Unload Utaarna Befall, Get Off, Get Down, Lessen Utarna Rise Uth khara hona Nicker Uthaai geera Altitude, Ascent, Beginning, Elevation, Eminence, Erection, Expenses, Nubility, Uthaan Swagger Carry, Hoist, Knock-Up, Raise, Lift, Pick Up, Waken Uthaana Arise, Get Up, Rise, Wake Uthna That Many, That Much Utna Hand-Me-Down Utran Join Uttahed hona Retiring, Seclusion Uzlat Apology, Disapproval, Excuse, Helplessness, Hesitate, Objection, Plea Uzr Contest Uzr karna Uzr-e-adam maujoodgi Alibi Reason For Being Unfaithful Uzr-e-jafaa Lame Excuse Uzr-e-lang Limb, Organ Uzw Ushr Ushshaaq Usluub Usool Usool-e-qaanoon Usool-e-tanqeed key khelaaf Usrat

Urdu words
Vaa Vaa bastah Vaa pas Vaa raastah Vaa rastah Vaa sokht Vaabastaa Vaabastahgi Vaadaa-e-behijaabii Vaadaa-e-fardaa Vaadaa-e-vasl Vaadee Vaadi-e-purkhaar Vaadii Vaadii-o-kohasar Vaaeez Vaaey Vaafir Vaah Vaahi Vaahi tabaahi Vaahid Vaahimah Vaahiyaat Vaaiz Vaa-iz Vaajib Vaajibaat Vaajibi Vaajibiyat Vaajib-ul- tazeem Vaajib-ul- wusool Vaajid Vaalah Vaali Vaalid Vaalidah Vaamaandagee Vaan Vaapas Vaapas nah karna Vaapasii Vaapis Vaaqa-ii Vaaqe Vaaqe-aat Vaaqeah Vaaqeatan Vaaqei Vaaqfiyat Vaaqi Vaaqif Vaaqif hona Vaaqif kaar Vaaqif-e-qaanoon Vaaqii Vaar Vaar khaali jaana Vaaraftahgi Vaaranaa Vaarastagi Vaardaat Vaarid

English words
Again, Back, Expose, Open, Reveal, With, An Expression of Pain, Ah! Oh! Attached, Adhere, Bound Together, Relative Behind, Back, Rejected, Returning Again Carefree, Free, Delivered, Escaped Carefree, Free, Delivered, Escaped Aversion, Disgust Related (To) Adherence Promise To Be-Unveiled Promises Of Yesterday (Past) Promise To Meet Valley Valley Of Dry Leaves Valley Valley And Mountains Preacher, Advisor, Religious Wise Man Alas! Abundant, Ample, Exuberant, Lavish, Redundant Oh! Meaningless Absurd, Meaningless, Raving, Wandering One, Single, Unique, Unit Imagination, Fancy, Whim Absurd Preacher, Advisor, Religious Wise Man, Learned Man, Wise Man Preacher, Advisor, Religious Wise Man, Learned Man, Wise Man Necessary, Obligatory, Ordained Duties (Plu. Of Waajib) Just, Moderate, Reasonable Justification Respectable, Revered Realisable, Recoverable Creator, Possessor Distracted, Mad With Love Owner, Ruler Father Mother Tiredness Possessing, Endowed With Again, Back, Refund, Retreat, Return, Revert, Revoke, Withdraw Withhold Again, Back, Refund, Retreat, Return, Revert, Revoke, Withdraw Again, Back, Refund, Retreat, Return, Revert, Revoke, Withdraw Actually, Properly, Really, Truly, Truthfully, In Reality Come About, Occurred Incidents Event, Ongoing, Occurrence Actually Actual, Really, True Acquaintance, Awareness, Knowledge Occurring, Happening Acquainted, Aware, Knowing, Learned, Familiar, To Kow, To Get Familiar With Learn Acquaintance Jurist Actually, Properly, Really, Truly, Truthfully, In Reality Assault, Attack, Blow, Day Of The Week, Like, Moment, Onslaught, Possessing, Resembling, Stroke Miss Ecstasy, Engrossment, Rapture To Offer In Sacrifice Liberation Affair, Events, Incident, Occurrences Alighted, Arriving, Befall, Coming, Happening, Occurring

Exuberance. Very Much (Bahut In Urdu). Laird. Lavish Much. Strong Agent. Secure. Confident. Faithful. Tactile Clear. And So Forth Et Cetera. Whimsy. Landlord Loving. Sincerity. Sufficiency Faithless Faithful. Sincere Faithful In Love Agreement Death. Lavish Fulfilling A Promise. Exuberance. Lavish Abundance. Owner Open Wound. Motive. Loyal. Superstitions Terror. Apparent Epidemic Epidemic Calamity. Exuberance. Occurrences (Plu. Middleman. Wailing. Queasy Barbarism. Yonder Uniqueness Doubt. For The Sake Of On Behalf Of Lamentation. Relationship. Reason. Expiration. Thus Fulfilling A Promise. Anxiety. Legatee. Sufficiency Faithless Faithful.Vaaridaat Vaaridan Vaaris Vaa-shigaaf Vaasil Vaasiq Vaastah Vaaste Vaastey Vaaweyla Vaaye Vaaz Vaazeh Vaazih Vaba Vabaai Vabaal Vadah Vadeeat Vadeyra Vadood Vaeh shat Vaehdaaniyat Vaehdat Vaehm Vaehshat Vaehshat zadah Vaehshi Vaesa Vafaa Vafaa begaanah Vafaa daar Vafaajuu Vafaaq Vafaat Vafaat ho jaana Vafaat paana Vafoor Vafuur Vafaa Vafaa begaanah Vafaa daar Vafaajuu Vafaaq Vafaat Vafaat ho jaana Vafaat paana Vafoor Vafuur Vagabound ati Vagarna Vagarnaa Vaghaerah Vaghairah Vagabound ati Vagarna Vagarnaa Vaghaerah Vaghairah Vahaan Vahadat Vaham Vaham Vahamon Vahashat Vahashii Events. Evident. Sincerity. Medium. Obvious. Quietus Expire Kick The Bucket Abundance. Legible. Sake For. Untamed . Quietus Expire Kick The Bucket Abundance. Fulfillment. Conjecture. Weeping Alas Take off. Speaker. Preacher Apparent. Otherwise Otherwise Et Cetera. Otherwise Otherwise Et Cetera. Wild. Of Waarid) Arrivals Heir. Expiration. Fear. Account. Bewildered Animal. Faithful. And So Forth Much. Agreement Trust Kulak. Exuberance. Awe Struck. Fidelity. Sincere Faithful In Love Agreement Death. Fidelity. Broker. Evident. Firm. Lucid. Friendly Madness Oneness Oneness Kinky. Means. Crack Joined Emphatic. Loneliness Crazed (Person). And So Forth Et Cetera. Barbarian. Barbarity. Wild. Wildness Aghast. Loyal. Yahoo Like That. Suspicion Imagination. Manifest. Explicit. And So Forth There. Ruin Promise. Master. Very Much (Bahut In Urdu). Fulfillment. That Kind. Lavish Abundance.

Unique. Will Bequest. Manner. Time. Season Occasionally Time Of Benevolence Time Of Separation. Fine Countenance Jointure Large Minded Attribute. Cause. Reason Appearance. Religious Bequest. Dignity. Manner. Guardian Lord. Page Year Whirlpool Exercise Train Ample. Praise. Quality. Agent. Resembling Reason For Death Bequest. Guardian Saint Enthusiasm. Cause. Entity Existence. Seriousness Bequest. Zing Enthusiasm. Fear. Merit. Loneliness Ascetic. Virtue. Grief. Mode. Alone There Divine Revelation. Face. Testament.qalb Vasf Vash (suff. Face. Face. Esteemed Position. Occasion. Handsome. Respect. Sadness. Zing Enthusiasm. Prince. Legacy. Friend. Opportunity. Endowment. Zing Annals Dignity. Master. Accidental Incident Possessing. Entity Advocacy. Wide Instrument Agency. Fear. Foundation.Vaheed Vaheen Vahi Vahm Vahshat Vairaagi Vajaahat Vajah Vajah maqool Vajaha Vajd Vajeeh Vajha Vajhaa Vajood Vajud Vajuud Vakaalat Vakeel Vale Valee Vali Valii Val-vale Valwala Valwalah Valwalah mandi Valwale Vaqaae Vaqaar Vaqf Vaqfah Vaqif Vaqt Vaqtan fa waqtan Vaqt-e-karam Vaqt-e-rukhsat Vaqt-e-safar Vaqti Vaqyaat Var Varaa Varam daar Varaq Vardi Vareeqah Varghalaana Varna Varnah Varq Varqah Varsh Vartah Varzish Varzish karna Vasee Vaseelaa Vaseelah Vaseem Vaseeqah-e-zauj Vasee-ul. Broad.) Vasila-e-marg Vasiyat Vasiyyat Singular. Lacuna. Reason Justification Appearance. Respectable Appearance. Else. Prince. Ecstasy. Having Beyond Varicose Leaf. Friend. Else. Mislead. Resource Handsome. Otherwise Leaf. Wheedle And If Not. Will . Warden But Lord. Idea. Motive. Opinion. Oracle Imagination. Otherwise And If Not. Jurist. Page Leaf. Legacy. Mode. Lawyer. Entity Existence. Face. Recluse Beauty. Motive. Reprieve Knowledgable Hour. Fancy. Manner. Master. Motive. Manner. Attorney. Mediation. Mode. Attorneyship Advocate. Large. Suspicion Solitude. Mode. Legacy. Tempt. Trust Adjournment. Magnate. Motive. Means. Cause. Page Livery Leaflet Entice. Rapture Good Appearance. Reason Existence. Cause. Term. Time Of Parting Time To Travel Ad Hoc. Worth Like. Zing Zeal Enthusiasm. Excessive Love. Respect Appearance. Testament. Reason Abandon.

Material Being. Existence. Material Being. Body. In The Middle. Essence. Expanse. Ruined Place Desolation. Home. Yon Tree Being. Expansion. Midst Average. Native Country. Extent. Ruin. Latitude. Wild Waste Wilderness. Heritage Death. Wasteland Solitude Beast Smile Deserted. Received Levied Ablution . Union Poision Snake Forget Expansion Woe That. Wilderness One Who Dwells In A Desolate Place Emptiness. Lonely. Essence. Wilderness Deserted. Entity. Destruction. Largeness. Height Acquisition. Material Respect Area. Bring About. Desolation. Entity.Vasl Vasl ki shab Vasl-e-yaar Vasool Vasooq Vast Vasta Vasti peyndah Vasvase Vatan Veeraan Veeraan banaana Veeraanah Veeraani Vehshat Vehshi Vihas Viiraan Viiraanaa Viiraanashiin Viiraanii Viiraanii-e-lamhaat Viiraankun Viiraansaraa Vijay Viqaar-e-dast-e-duaa Viraan Virah Virase Visaal Vish Vishadhar Vismrit Vistar Voebegone hazeen Voh Vriksh Vujood Vujud Vujuud Vuqat Vusaat Vusat Vusatein Vusaton Vusool Vusool shudah Vuzu Meeting. Center. Lonely Period Of Separation Inheritance. Quantity Enlargement Spread. Existence. Body. Entity. Breadth. Medium. Expansion. Life. Bring About. Those. Body. Life. Middle Keel Doubts Abode. Desolate Place. Kith. Collection. Lonely. Meeting. Largeness. Extent. Breadth. Quantity Area. Union Night of Meeting With The Lover Meeting With Beloved Acquisition Belief Average. Essence. Life. Bring About. Loneliness Emptiness. Ruined. Latitude. Existence. Residence Abandoned. They. Expanse. Loneliness Of The Moment Destroyer Deserted Place victory Respect For The Hands Raised In Prayer Deserted. Desolate Place. Desolate. Desolate Place.

With. Owner. Open. Delivered. Religious Wise Man Duty. Versed Learn Acquaintance. Satrap Father. Ah! Oh! Attached. Refund. Return. Patron. Really. Revert. Aware. Copious. Reasonable Justification Respectable. Connected. Retreat. True. Unique. Governor. Bound Together. Occurrence Actually Actual. Truly. Escaped Carefree. Adhere. Solitary. Meaningless. Happening. Profuse. Possessor Distracted. Ruler. Necessary. Ongoing. Of Waajib Venerable Just.W Urdu words Wa Wa karna Waa Waa bastah Waa bastah gharaz Waa bastah mufaad Waa karna Waa pas Waa raastah Waa rastah Waa sokht Waabastahgi Waadee Waadi Waaeez Waaey Waaez Waafir Waah Waahi Waahi tabaahi Waahid Waahimah Waahimi Waahimiyat Waahiyaat Waaiz Waajib Waajibaat Waajib-e-tazeem Waajibi Waajibiyat Waajib-ul. Valley Narrow. Reveal. Familiar. Whim Hallucinatory Hallucination Absurd. Like. Gross. Redundant. Hallucination. Lavish.tazeem Waajib-ul. Voluminous Oh!. Splendid Meaningless. Nonsense. Proper. Rapture. Back. Relative. Moment. Returning Again Carefree. Withdraw Come Back Sent Back Withhold Hindmost. Nonsensical Absurd. Endowed With Again. Attack. Proprietor. Incumbent. Incident. Knowledge. Situated Casualty. Valley Preacher. True Assault. Wandering One. Learned. Vale!. Plu. Fear. Free. Really. Happening Acquainted. Vale!. Posterior Come About. Irrational Advisor. Mad With Love Parents Chief. Rejected. Awareness. Infactuation. Obligatory.wusool Waajid Waalah Waaldaen Waali Waalid Waalidah Waamaandagee Waan Waapas Waapas aana Waapas kardah Waapas nah karna Waapseen Waaqe Waaqeah Waaqeatan Waaqei Waaqfiyat Waaqi Waaqif Waaqif hona Waaqif kaar Waaqif karaana Waaqif-e-qaanoon Waaqii Waar Waar karna Waar khaali jaana Waaraftahgi English words Unlocked Unroll Again. Back. Delivered. Newsbreak. Blow. Senselessness . Verily. Event. Imagination. Day Of The Week. Advisor. Necessary. Possessing. Free. Expose. Exuberant. Genitor. Engrossment. Revoke. Unit. Proper. Preacher. Single. Non-Partisan Occurring. Charge. Ordained Duties. Plenty. Religious Wise Man Alas! Preacher Abundant. Vested Vested Interest Vested Interest Undo Behind. Singular. Veritable Acquaintance. Escaped Aversion. Resembling. Parent Tiredness Possessing. Parent Mother. Numerous. Conversant Verse Jurist Actually. Onslaught. Recoverable Creator. Real. Occurred. Moderate. Raving. Revered Realisable. Ample. Knowing. Back. Stroke Charge Miss Ecstasy. Unitary Fancy. Disgust Adherence Narrow. Religious Person. An Expression of Pain.

Savage. Fulfillment. On Behalf Of Complaint. In Order To. Plu. Sincerity. In Order To. Nude. Barbarian. Gross. Laird. Uncultivated. Fantasy. Suspicion. Sufficiency Faithless Faithful. Wild. For The Sake Of. Happening. United With Confident. Clear. Nuisance Nuisance Value Agreement. Relationship. Queasy. Promise. Clear. Occurences. Sincere Faithfully Agreement. Singularity. Middleman. Madness. Kinky. Preacher Apparent. Explicit. Fidelity. Infectious Calamity. And So Forth Et Cetera. Vivid Clarify. Lucid. Plight Agree. Coming.Vivid Pestilence. Fear. Occurrences Alighted. Pest. Pledge. Lavish Otherwise Et Cetera. Joined. Fedral Death. Unity Oneness. Federation Agree. For The Sake Of. Plague Epidemic. Of Waarid Arrivals Heir. Legatee. For. Emphatic. Thus Fulfilling A Promise. Secure. Expiration. Yonder . Gross. Wildness. Such. Epidemic. Concern. Occurring Events. Ferocious. Strong.That Yahoo Like That. Instrument. Incident. Visible. View. Motive. Manifest. Unity Fancy. Tactile. Sincere Fidelity Fulfilling A Promise. Vagary. Sincerity. Barbarity. Awe Struck. Sufficiency Faithful. Pledge. Manifest. Imagination. Superstition. Sure Agent. Visible. Fulfillment. Obvious. Fidelity. For. Means. Sake Concerning. Obvious. Legible. Plight Honour Unfaithful Unfaithfulness Trust Kulak. Nude. Master. Evident. And So Forth There. Firm. Loyal. Bewildered. Haggard Animal. Singularity. Landlord Loving. Lucid. Befall. Events. Uncultured. Protector Next Of Kin Connected. Promise. Ruin Harassment. Horror Hair Raising Gaunt Aghast. Lamentation. Visionary Barbarism. On Behalf Of Concerning. Explicit. Weeping Vociferous Take off. Speaker. Arriving. Wailing. Medium. Uncivilised. Legible. Owner. Idea . Account. Evident. Heathenish. Exuberance. Friendly Craziness Crazy. Vociferation. Curse. Reason. Kind. Confident. Faithful. Quietus Expire Kick The Bucket Abundance. Tactile. Broker. Cruel Unitary Oneness. Faithful. Whimsy Notionally Notionality Superstitious. Make Clear Unequivocally Apparent.Waarastagi Waarastah Waarastahgi Waardaat Waarid Waaridaat Waaridan Waaris Waarisqareeb tareen rishtey Waasil daar Waasiq Waastah Waaste Waastey Waaweyla Waaweyla kunaan Waaz Waazeh Waazeh karna Waazeh taur par Waazih Waba Wabaai Wabaal Wabaal-e-jaan Wabaal-e-jaan key taur par maujood Wadah Wadah karna Wadah poora karna Wadah shikan Wadah shikni Wadeeat Wadeyra Wadood Waeh shat Waeh shi Waehdaani Waehdaaniyat Waehdat Waehm Waehm parast aanah andaaz meyn Waehm parasti Waehmi Waehshat Waehshat kheyz Waehshat naak Waehshat zadah Waehshi Waesa Wafa Wafa daar Wafa daari Wafaa Wafaa begaanah Wafaa daar Wafaa daar sey Wafaaq Wafaaqi Wafaat Wafaat ho jaana Wafaat paana Wafoor Wagarna Waghaerah Waghairah Wahaan Liberation Carefree Freedom Affair. Nuisance.

Excessive Love. Respectable Appearance. Intermission. Religious Bequest. Period. Tempt. Pleader. Saint Heir-Apparent Enthusiasm. Inspiration. Endowment. Half-Time. Fervour. Cause. Master. Broad. Master. Fervour. Suspicion Solitude. Occasion. Mode. Prince. Manner. Motive. Face. Spacious. Incite. Halt. Plea. Entice. Flake. Fine Countenance . Motive. Alone There Divine Revelation. Saint Lord. Manner. Otherwise Card. Sheet Livery. Uniform Vena Leaflet Cog. Fear. Sadness. Term. Warden Parentage Lord. Handsome. Manner. Manner. Paper. Leaf. Opportunity. Face. Mode. Lacuna. Opinion. Guardian. Entity Advocacy. Motive. Interlude. Zing. Time. Motive. Flake. Seduce. Good Looking. Attorney. Grief. Hiatus. Mislead. Loneliness Ascetic. Legacy. Entity Existence. Support Handsome. Mode. Folio. Cause. Reason Existence. Attorneyship Advocate. Ground. Unique. Handsomeness. Leaf. Ecstasy. Fleeting. Vast. Instigate. Motive. Zing. Large. Interposition. Wheedle Hot. Good Looks. Oracle Imagination. Verve Annals Solemnity Bequest. Lawyer. Pause. Having Beyond. Paper. Cause. Foil. Reason Appearance. Dignity. Plea. Sheet Whirlpool Exercise Train Ample. Mode. Resource. Verve Harangue Zeal Enthusiasm. Manner. Guardian. Friend. Fervour. Inflammation Swell Inflamed Velvets And If Not. Accidental. Season Punctual Promptly Occasionally At The Time Of Parting Ad Hoc. Face. Calibre. Further Away Spontaneity Not Being In One's Senses Swelling Card. Vacation Knowledgable Happening Comprehension Hour. Idea. Friend. Cause. Reason Appearance. Agent. Otherwise And If Not. Jurist. Face. Folio. Else. Reprieve. Intervention. Trust Adjournment. Prince. Mode.Waheed Waheen Wahi Wahm Wahshat Wairaagi Wajaahat Wajah Wajah maqool Wajaha Wajd Wajeeh Waj-h Wajha Wajhaa Wajood Wajuud Wakaalat Wakeel Waldiyat Walee Wali Wali ahd Walwala Walwalah Walwalah angeyz taqreer Walwalah mandi Walwale Waqaae Waqaar Waqf Waqfah Waqif Waqoo pazeeri Waqoof Waqt Waqt ka paa band Waqt par Waqtan fa waqtan Waqt-e-rukhsat Waqti Waqti taur par War Waraa Waraftagi Waraftgi Waram Waraq Wardi Wareed Wareeqah Warghalaana Warm Warm aana Warm daar Warm-e-indehaani Warna Warnah Warqah Wartah Warzish Warzish karna Wasee Waseela Waseelah Waseem Singular. Else. Verve Enthusiasm. Magnate. Non-Permanent Nonce Possessing. Interval. Wide Reason Agency. Combine. Stop. Ground. Happy. Reason Abandon. Manouver. Recluse Beauty. Fear. Foil. Mediation. Cause. Respect Appearance. Gap. Face. Rapture Good Appearance. Zing. Means. Prompt. Reason Justification Appearance. Fancy.

Will Communion. Instinct Birth Natal Abroad. Voucher Pensioner Jointure Large Minded Attribute. Task Pensioner Minister Prime Minister Pensioner Esteem. Clime. Honor. Confidence. Intuition. Ruin. Stylish Labour Locate Visage Clarification. Slim Examine. Religious Brooding. Midst Average. Resembling Reason For Death Bequest. Affection Farewell. Middle Vestal Virgin Nave Central Keel Caprice. Rhyme. Medium.Waseeo areez kamrah Waseeqah Waseeqah daar Waseeqah-e-zauj Wasee-ul. Valediction Apprehension. Landslide. Patriot Nationality Nationalise Vernacular Chic. Onerous. Desolate. Function. Quality. Nature. Native Country. Style. Rapture. Destruction. Ecstasy. Stipend. Oration. Heavy. Founding. Vivid Description Clarify Narratory Elegant Vividnes Load Hefty Lighten. Merit. Legacy. Gaunt. Habitat. Measure. Worth Like. Character. Wild Waste Wilderness. Garb. Ruined Place Desolation. Refinement. Dignity. Unfounded Fear Abode. Explanation. Wasteland Solitude Beast Farewell Leave Friendship. Firmness.qalb Wasf Wash Wasila-e-marg Wasiyat Wasiyyat Wasl Wasl ki shab Wasool Wasool karna Wasooq Wast Wasta Wastaai kunwaari Wast-e-kaleesa Wasti Wasti peyndah Waswaas Watan Watan geeri Watan parast Wataniyat Watnaana Watni Waz Waz kaehna Waza Waza daar Waza hamal Waza karna Waza qata Wazaahat Wazaahat karna Wazaahati Wazadaar Wazah Wazan Wazan daar Wazan kam karna Wazan karna Wazan ki kami Wazeefah Wazeefah khor Wazeer Wazeer aazam Wazifaa-khawaar Wazn Wazni Weeraan Weeraan banaana Weeraanah Weeraani Wehshat Wehshi Widaa Widaa hona Widaad Widaai Wijdaan Wilaadat Wilaadat sey mutaalliq Wilaayat Hall Certificate. Meeting With The Lover Night of Meeting With The Lover Acquisition Charge. Virtue. Weigh Underweight Grant. Testament. Pension. Kith. Will Bequest. Copulation. Praise. Nearsighted. Homeland. Residence Naturalisation Nationalist. Strength Average. Ruined. Collect Belief. Weight Burdensome. A Foreign Country. Home. Union With God . Testament. Realm. Weighty Abandoned. Behaviour. Position. Cutting. Center. Sermon Preach Appearance. Conduct. Meter. Preaching. Legacy. Love. Situation Jet Set. State. Fashion.

Essence. Breadth. Legacy Wirsah Meeting Wisaal Meeting With Friend. Heredity. Himself. Recitation Wird Heritage. They. Capacity. Standing Wuqat Incidence Wuqoo Visit Wurood Area. Frame. Bring About. Life. Gauge. Foreigner Patrimony Hand Down Deserted Place Habit. Existence.Violin Westerner. Meeting With Lover Wisaal-e-yaar Woe Woebegone hazeen He. Frame. Expansion. Entity. Space Enlargement Wusatein Wilaayati saa rangi Wilayati Wiraasat Wiraasat meyn aagey muntaqil karna Wirana Wusaton Wusool Wusool shudah Wusool yaabi Wuzu Spread. She. Extent. Material Wujud Respect. Life. That. Entity. Quantity. Received Levied Collection Ablution . Existence. Latitude. Largeness. Height Acquisition. Body. Itself Woh khud Newsboy Woh larka jo akhbaar beychta ya Victor Woh shakhs jo jeetta hae'y Being. Yon Woh Woh aurat jis ney kabhi Nullipara Herself. Essence. Collection. Body. Material Wujood Spring Wujood meyn aana Wujood meyn aata hua Incipient. Bring About. Wusat Scope. Those. It. Nascent Produce Wujood meyn laana Causes Wujoohaat Being.

Single.Y Urdu words Ya Ya baa shindah Yaa Yaabindah Yaabis Yaabu Yaad Yaad aawri Yaad daasht Yaad dehaani Yaad dilaana Yaad farmaai Yaad gaar Yaad gaari Yaad karna Yaad manaana Yaad-e-aiyyaam Yaaft Yaaftah Yaaghi Yaaminee Yaan Yaaqoot Yaar Yaar aanah Yaar baash Yaar ghaar Yaaraa Yaaraanah Yaarab Yaari Yaas Yaatra Yaavaakaar Yaavarii Yaawah Yaawar Yaawari Yaboosat Yad Yadi Yagaana Yagaanah Yagaane Yagaangat Yahaan Yahaan sey Yahaan tak Yaheen qareeb meyn Yahi Yahood Yahoodi Yahoodiyon ka mohallah Yak Yak bayak Yak dil Yak ja Yak ja karna Yak jaan Yak jehti English words O!. Courage. Kindred. Vain. Protection. Kindred. Friendly Cordial. Disappointment. Authority. Lover. Income. Love. Friend. Unanimity . Dejection. Union Here. Succor If. Unitary. Invitation Agenda. Fear. Integration. Unequal. Singular. Recollection Call. Fellow. Recollect. Single. Or Finder. Commemoration. Frinedly. Memory. Memorandum. Keepsake. Hopelessness. Either. Terror Pilgrimage Person Who Is Busy Doing Useless Things Assistance. A. Notebook Reminder Remind Addressing. Token Vestigial Call. Hither Hence Hitherto Hereby This Jewish Jew Ghetto One. Ruined Aiding. Help Absurd. Relative Friends Kinship. Assistance. In Case Unique. Nag Remembrance. Futile. Souvenir. Single. Call. Power. Unique. Friendly. Friendship. Go Over. Intrigue Despair. Remembrance Historic. Or Northeasterner O!. Memento. Remember Commemorate Nostalgia Bribe. Sole. Lost. Companion Attachment. Nearness. Power Friendship. Memory. Kinsman. Friendly O God (It Is Used As An Interjection) Friendship. Kinsman. Companion. Unequalled. Emolument. Memorial. Unique. Gain. Profit Found. Garnet Beloved. Enemy Night Here Ruby. Either. Friend Favor. Assistant. Sole. Friendship Aridity Hand. Learn. Recipient Arid Galloway. Pessimism. Agreed. Obtained Rebel. A Note. Social (True)Friend Strength. Jolly. Relative Agreed. An Suddenly Unanimous Together Knit One Soul Concord. Assistance. Sole.

Certain. Quite. Confidence. Partial Uniform Opinion Or Speech Irruption Suddenly Suddenly Assurance. Certainly. Similar. Belief. Conviction. Trust Assuredly. Certainty. True Undoubtedly. Settled Unconcern On One Side. Entire On One Side. Quite. Unfailing Undoubtedly Assurance. Confident. Credit. Sure. Surely. Credit. Undeniably. Trust Assuredly. Credit. Undeniably. Definite. Indubious. Certainty. Undoubted. Credit. Certainly. Conviction. Truth. Undoubtly. Incomparable. Confident. Certainty. Undoubtly. Faith.Yak lakht Yak laqt Yak raaey Yak rukh Yak rukhee Yak saalah Yak saalah jaan war Yak sar Yak soo Yak sooi Yak su Yak tarfah Yak zabaan Yaka yak hamlah Yakalakht Yak-ba-yak Yakeen Yakeenan Yakeeni Yakeeni taur par Yakh bastah Yakh bastah hona Yakhaalah Yakh-bastaa Yakhni Yakiin Yakiinan Yakiin-e-kaamil Yakiin-e-mohkam Yakiin-e-muhakam Yakiinii Yakiinii Yakin Yakinan Yakja hona Yakja karna Yakka Yaklakht Yaksaan Yaksaani Yaksaaniyat Yaksann Yaksee Yaksu Yakta Yalgaar Yalghaar Yamin Yani Yaqeen Yaqeenan Yaqeeni Yaqeeni taur par Yaqiin Yaqiinan Yaqiin-e-kaamil Yaqiin-e-mohkam Yaqiin-e-muhakam Yaqiinii Yaqiinii Yaqin Yaqinan Abrupt. Belief. Quite. Certainty. Indeed. Settled One Sided. Certainty. Unfailing Frozen. Undoubtly. Questionless. Verily Absolute. Ice Bound Freeze Hail Frozen. Verily Absolute. Confidence. Belief. That Is To Say. Conviction. Certainly. Confidence. Aside. True Undoubtedly. Surely. Indeed.Certain. Viz Assurance. Verily Firm Belief Firm Belief Firm Belief Indisputable. Confidence. Suddenly All Of A Sudden Unanimous One Sided One-Sided Yearling Yearling All At Once. Questionless. Undeniably. Conviction. Surely. Undoubtly. Confidence. Surely. Belief. Namely. Positive. Uniform Vicinity Homogeneity Alike Alike Content. Confidence. Belief. Quasi. Verily . Trust Assuredly. Certainly. Surely. All At Once. Definite. Certainly. Oath I. Credit. Truth. Verily Firm Belief Firm Belief Firm Belief Indisputable. Indubious. Certainly Assurance. Faith. Faith. Matchless. Undoubtly. Truth. Identical. Trust Assuredly. Homogeneous. Faith. Attack Invasion Right Hand. Certainly Assurance. Positive. Aside. Quasi. Matching. Certainly. Trust Assuredly. Belief. Quite. Indeed. Surely. Ice Bound Gravy. Fixed Single. Undoubtly. Stock Assurance. Verily Gather Gather Ace Suddenly Equal. Indeed. UndoubtedlyUnerring. Truth.e. Quite. Truth. Unique. Credit. Certainty. Faith. Sure. Undoubted.. Quite. Indeed. Undeniably. Undeniably. Trust Assuredly. Conviction. Undeniably. Unerring. Conviction. Faith. Indeed. Unequal Assault. Truth.

Hellenic Assault. He. Creator It. Of Yateem) Orphan Orphanage Helplessness A Day Judgement Day Adjective For God (God Of Piety). Good Luck Egypt . They These Yoga Yoke Thus Grecian. Attack. Storm. Prosperity. Left Hand.Yarboo Yarbu Yarghmaal Yarqaan Yarqaan zadah Yasaar Yaseer Yashb Yashb yashm-e-sabz Yasooi Yataamaa Yateem Yateem khaanah Yateemi Yaum Yaum-e-jaza Yazadaan Yeh Yeh waaley Yog Yogh Yoon Yoonaani Yoorish Yumn Yunan Jerboa Jerboa Hostage Jaundice Jaundiced Left. Affluence. This. She. Invasion. Onslaught Felicity. Opulence Orphan Jasper Jade Jesuit Orphans (Plu.

Punctual. Patient. Life.Z Urdu words Zaabit Zaabitah Zaad Zaad-e-raah Zaae Zaaechah Zaaed Zaaedah Zaael Zaaeqah Zaaer Zaafir Zaagh Zaahid Zaahid-e-ilaahi Zaahik Zaahir Zaahir daar Zaahir daari Zaahir kar deyna Zaahir karna Zaahiraa Zaahirah Zaahiran Zaahiri Zaahiri teep taap Zaahiri ujrat Zaai Zaaj Zaakir Zaakir Zaalim Zaam Zaamin Zaani Zaaniyah Zaanon Zaanoon Zaanu Zaanuey kaj Zaanuon Zaar Zaari Zaarib Zaarokidaar Zaar-zaar Zaat Zaat paat Zaatan Zaath Zaati Zaati sawaaneh umri Zaave Zaawiyah Zaawiyah mutaabaadilah Zaaya Zabaan Zabaan bandi Zabaan bandi karna Zabaan chalaana English words Cautious. Visitant. Show. Ascetic. Wanton. Flame (Of A Candle). Heartless. Quell Flavour. Essence. Personal. Inherent. Visitor Conqueror Crow Abstinent. Speech Affidavit. Formal. Caste. Breed. Hermit. Outwardly Apparently. Livision. Guarantor. Preacher. Garden. Patent. Tyrant. Conscious. Satrap. Intrinsic. Prudent. Ordinance. Jackanapes. Showy Open. Tongue. Language. Nativity Extra. Governor. Hypocrisy Uncover Publish. Body. Master. Glaring. Law. Nature. Established. Individuality. Individuality. Palpable. Surety. Undue. Obvious. One Who Takes Responsibility For Adulterer Adulteress. Wasted Horoscope. Wasted. Savour Pilgrim. Satirist Apparent. Remembering Bully. Prostitute. Oppressor. Manifest. Hush-Hush Hush Prattle . Kind. Wise Man. Body. Vain Born Evanescent. Nature. Possessor. Explain. Unjust. Fell. Caste. Livision. Harlot. Lap Desire. Corner Alternate Angle Waste Dialect. Creed. Evident. Emerge. Strict Canon. Creed. Spoiled. Kindless. Zaar zaar rona Bitterly Being Endowed With. Custom. Grateful Grateful Person. Hypocrite. Own. Birth. Restrainer. Breed. Religious Person. Destroyed. Existence. Outwardly Manifestly. Regulation. Superfluous. Unearth Manifestly. Plain. Rule Food. Knowledgeable. Outward Varnish Nominal Wages Lost. Whore Thigh Knee Thigh Knock-Knee Thigh. Conscious. Fruitless Vitriol Remembering. Birth. Procedure. Lamentation. Increased. One Who Praises God. Having Possessed of. Grim. Weeping. Viper. Disciplinarian. Prominent. Wicked Proud Sponsor. Gag. Private. Reveal. Own Lineage Itself Being Endowed With. Overtly External. Ostensible. Gout. Own Close. Existence. Having Possessed of. Real Autobiography Angles Angle. Essential. Feeble. A Person Belonging To A Higher Plane Of Existence Preacher Mocker. Wailing Hacker Cry Bitterly. Provisions Viaticum Lost. Essence. Cruel. Unclose. Pious. Devout. Redundant. Clear. Kind. Wish Groaning. Show. Life. Lamentation. Conspicous. Innate. Surplus. Weak. Natural. Code.

Larger. Vocal Quip Nuncupate Crime. Trouble Endure Poison. unlucky Infirmity Administration. Pitiable. Powerful. Target Vulnerable Oppressed. Hefty. Victory Victor . Superior. Overbearing. Stricken Assaulting. Highhandedness. Lap. Venomous Verdigris Backbiting Viper Viral Virulence Neural Category. Infirm. Superstitious Nervous Bother. Orally. Impertinence Promise Speak Out Mention. Strict. Patience. Top Forceful. Greater. Verbally. Inconvenience. Beating. Big. Restraint. Venom Poisonous Venom Virulent Backbite Venereal Venereology Inimical. Violate Coercion. Violent Strictness. Greater. Obtrude Coerce. Suspend Labour Blow. Poisonous. Weak Infirmity Half-Baked. Sequel. Train. Insignificant in size. Great. Group. Strain. Oppressive. Immolation. Trail. Tyranny. Impudent. Latitude. Unit As Below Olive Conquest. Seizure. Infirm. Battering. Highhanded. Force. Violent Haul Gag Extract Beauty Faulty. Vigorous. Old. Fore-beareance. Control. Slaughter. Faint. Range. Half-Witted Credulous. Superior. Languid. Governing. Tyrannical. Fallen. Tolerance Self Control Quality Control Confiscation.Zabaan daan Zabaan daraaz Zabaan daraazi Zabaan deyna Zabaan kholna Zabaan par laana Zabaan sey ada karna Zabaan-e-haal Zabaani Zabaani chot Zabaani qasm khaana Zabah Zabah karna Zabah khaanah Zabar Zabar dast Zabar dasti Zabar dasti ghusna Zabar dasti karna Zabar dasti sey leyna Zabardast Zabardasti sey ghaseetna Zabardasti sey munh band karnaugalwaana Zabardasti Zabeen Zaboon Zaboon haali Zabt Zabt-e-junuun Zabt-e-meyaar Zabti Zachgi Zad Zad pazeer Zadah Zad-o-kob Zaeef Zaeefi Zaeef-ul-aql Zaeef-ul-eteqaad Zaeef-ul-qalb Zaehmat Zaehmat uthaana Zaehr Zaehr aaloodah Zaehr ka eyk juz Zaehr rasaan Zaehr ugalna Zaehraawi Zaehraawiyaat Zaehreela Zaehreela murakkab Zaehreela pan Zaehreela saanp Zaehreeley maaddey ka Zaehreeli taa seer Zaehri Zael Zael meyn Zaetoon Zafar Zafar yaab Linguist Abusive. Thrashing Emaciated in body. Confiscation. Pain. Viva Voce. To Kill Someone Slaughter Abattoir Above. Overbearing. Vigorous. Forfeiture. Feeble. Utter Vocalise Situation Nuncupative. Vast. Tyranny. Vigor. Verbal. Struck. Superior. Struck. Gain. Loquacious Impudence. Triumph. Force Enforce Oppressive.

Vice Villainy Abject. Sensitiveness. Insult . Knowing. Base. Hurt. Felon. Laird. Visibility Poison. Earth. Estate. Period Timeserver. Penetration. Vermin. Unite Bridle. Guaranty. Injury. Repulsion Humiliate. Snide. Fault. Feeble. Weak Emaciated in body.Zafar yaab hona Zafar yaabi sey Zah Zahad Zahan Zahar Zaheer Zah-e-qismat Zahmat Zahoor Zahr Zahrah Zahuur Zaif Za-iif Zaist Zak Zak deyna Zaka Zakaawat Zakhaamat Zakheem Zakheerae alfaaz Zakheerah Zakheerah jama karna Zakhm Zakhm bharna Zakhm lagaaney waala Zakhm-e-jigar Zakhm-e-kaaree Zakhm-e-tamannaa Zakhmi Zaki Zaki-ul-hiss Zal zalah Zalaal Zalaalat Zaleel Zaleel karna Zaleem Zalzala Zalzalah Zalzalla Zam Zam hona Zam karna Zamaam Zamaanah Zamaanah saaz Zamaanah saazi Zamaanah(idiom. Ingenuous. Store Hoard Bruise. Unite Coal. Volume Bulky.Sore. Stock. Coalise. Feeble. Sore. Infirm. Keen. Venom Venus Display. Wound Heal Hacker Wound Of Love Deep Wound Wound Caused By Desire Hurt. Infirm. Cut. Turncoat Hypocrisy People Now Yore Yore Bail. Subjoin. Witty Quick Earthquake Error. Old. Iniquitous. Voluminous Vocabulary Collection. Harm. Epoch. Integrate. Thick. Era. Acuteness. Undertaking. Vouch Affix. Yeoman Underground Vault Unearth . Underfoot. Subjoining. Surety. Vouch Guarantee. Land. Region. Trouble. Faint. Lacerated. Gash. Landlord. Supplement Country. Integrate. Insignificant in size. Landholder. Intellectual. Weak Life Humiliation. Contemptible. Old. Security. Rein. Impaired. Intelligent. Venom Ally. Vile. Uniting Coal. Insult Intelligence Acumen. Coalescing. Time. Damage. Sharp. Highbrow. Bond. Pain Advent. Hoard. Genius. Insignificant in size. Associate. Underwrite. Languid. Sagacious. Subjoin. Hack. Reproach. Thickness. Undertake. Mind Poison. Keenness. Manifestation Emaciated in body. Wretched Insult Nighthawk Earth Quake Earthquake Earthquake Censure. Languid. Loss. Lewd. Assistant Good Luck Uneasiness Of Mind. Time Age. Coalise. Wounded Clever. Ground. Soil Kulak. Faint. Loss. Floor. Talented. Landowner. Humiliate. Appendix. Quick-Wittedness Bulk.) Zamaanah-e-haal Zamaanah-e-qadeem Zamaanah-e-saabiq Zamaanat Zamaanat deyna Zameemah Zameen Zameen daar Zameen doz Zameen doz taeh khaanah Zameen sey ukhaarna Conquer Victoriously Child Religious Deeds Or Duties Brain. Guarantee.

Wee. Land. Estate. Reflection. Jealosuy. Region. Reflection. Gold. Vespid Vespiary Ulna Fret Verdigris Negro Chain Knurl Clank Chain Stitch Gyve Unchained Vermillion Negro Chain Feet Encased In Chains Effeminate. A Little. Sense. Zing Wasp Lap Pride Injury. Song Tremors Conjecture. Vault Jump Injury. Soil Winter A Precious Stone A Well In Kaba Whose Water Is Considered Holy Chant. Thought. Mind. Female. Suspicion. Thought. Just. Mind. Golden Venal Venality In A While A Few. Heart. Trifle. Wrong Impression Zip. Sense. Motive. Pronoun. Whit Hair S Breadth . Volition Venal Qualm Qualm Qualm Venality Conscience. Lucre. Heart. Fertile. Wounds Gambol. Woman Uxoricide Uxorious Uxoriousness Uxorious Uxoriousness Ladylike Feminal Wallet Forceps. Pincer.Zameeni Zameer Zameer farosh Zameer ki aawaaz Zameer ki chubhan Zameer ki khalish Zameer parasti Zamiir Zamim Zamistaan Zamurrad Zamzam Zamzamah Zam-zame Zan Zan kushi Zan mureed Zan mureedi Zan parast Zan parasti Zan sifat Zanaanah Zanbeel Zanboor Zanboor khaanah Zand Zang aalood hona Zangaar Zangi Zanjeer Zanjeer jaesa Zanjeer ki awaaz Zanjeerah Zanjeer-e-paa Zanjeeron sey aazaad Zanjfar Zanji Zanjiir Zanjiir-ba-paa Zankha Zann Zannaata Zannboor Zano Za-om Zaqam Zaqand Zaqand bharna Zaqm Zar Zar kheyz Zar dozi Zar gar Zar khareed Zar kheyz Zar kheyzi Zar nigaar Zar parast Zar parasti Zara meyn Zara sa Zara saa faasilah Earthen Conscience. Wealth Prolific Embroidery Goldsmith Thrall Fecund. Pollen. Currency. Fertility. Productive. Ground. Motive. Hornet.Floor. Volition Country. Money. Fruitful. Productivity Gilded. Presumption. Pronoun. Lush. Riches. Eunuch Evil Opinion. Earth. Wounds Cash. Rich Fecundity.

Multiply To Multiply with Rich Man Giraffe Affliction. Wish Absolutely. Urgent. Necessity. Exigency. Method. Humour. Granule. Particle. Subtle. Way. Injury. Lamentation. Humorous. Wit Agriculture Hit. Pleasantry. Necessary. With Facetous. Wager. Necessary. Aphorism. Indispensable. Granule. Farm. Injurious. Dignity. Minute Particles . Means. Jocular. Certainly. Jocularity. Content. Requirements Garish. Wag. Witty Golden Under The Feet. Stamp. Grain. Minute Particles . Needful. Impression. Proverb. Jot. Relish. Resource. Quart. Surely Compulsion. Incumbent . Vessel Forbearance Capacity Of Drinker Agricultural Witty. Jot. Joy. Grain. Kick. Pleasure. Verve Virtue Conjugal . Particle. Sunlight Weakness Wife Marital Enjoyment. Subtle. Lack. Main. Obligatory. Requisite. Jot. Speck Atom. Ruin Hurt Injure Harmful. Loss. Expedient. Requirement. Injury. Gay Atom.masal Zard Zard aalu Zard chambeyli Zard khatrah Zardi maael Zard-ruu Zareeah Zareef Zareen Zar-e-pa Zarf Zarfa Zarf-e-qadahkar Zari Zarif Zaron Zaroor Zaroorat Zaroorat mand Zaroorat mand hona Zaroorat sey zeyaadah khaana Zarooratan Zaroori Zaroori kar deyna Zaroori taur sey Zarooriyaat Zarq barq Zarra Zarraa Zarraah Zarrah Zarre Zarreen Zarron Zat sey jaana Zatal Zau Zauf Zaujah Zauji Zauq Zauq-e-funoon Zavaaji Cultivation. Needful. Taste. Minute Particles . Astute. Urgency. Jot. Capability. Speck Atom. Delight. Speck Physician Atom. By. Hurt. Medium. Grain. Particle. Hurt. Saying Pale. Penetrating. Tilth Farm Cultivate Fun. Vital Necessitate Necessarily Necessities. Granule. Minute Particles . Multiplication. Damage. Capacity. Harm. Vase. Fine. Granule. Fine Mourning. Yellow Plum Jasmine Triumphant Yellow-Peril Yellowish Yellow Faced Agency. Talent. Poor Need Gluttonise Imperatively Compulsory. Intermediary. Through. Nocent Varmint Noxiousness Beating.Zaraaat Zaraaat karna Zaraaat karna Zaraafat Zaraat Zarab Zarab dena Zaradaar Zarafah Zarar Zarar deyna Zarar pahonchaana Zarar rasaan Zarar rasaan jaan war Zarar rasaani Zarb Zarb ki aawaaz Zarb pazeeri Zarb-ul. Grain. Important . Zap. Plural of Zarbaat Knock Vulnerability Adage. Stroke. Essential. Speck Golden Dust Particle Whish Nonsense Light. Liking. Interest. Particle. Need. Farming. Humorist. Want Needy. Blow.

Graceful Does Not Suit Beauty Makeup. Increase. Wit Highbrow. Understanding. Ornamental. Quick-witted. Much. Proper. Mind. Gifted. Melancholy. Beautify Seedheeyaan Anguish. Sagacious. Wit Know Instil. Garnish. In A Whisper. Numerous. Narrowness. Labile Fade Conjugal Decline. Quick-witted. Sharp-Witted. Elegance Wear Put On Adorned. Sagacious. More. Plant Acumen. Genius. Understanding. Extra. Comely.Zavaal Zavaal aana Zavaal pazeer Zavaal pazeer hona Zawaaji Zawaal Zawaal aana Zawaal pazeer Zawaal pazeer hona Zebaa Zebaa nahiin Zebaa-ii Zeb-o-zeenat Zeenah Zeenat Zeenat deyna Zeeney Zeeq Zeerah Zeerak Zeest Zeest pazeeri Zeestni Zehaal-e Zehaanat Zehan Zehar Zeheen Zehen Zehen meyn bitha leyna Zehen nasheen karna Zehn Zehni Zehni shabeeh Zehniyat Zehraa Zehreela Zer Zer-e-aab Zer-e-baar Zer-e-daam Zer-e-gaur Zer-e-gham Zer-e-lab Zer-e-pa Zer-e-paa Zer-o-zabar Zeyaadah Zeyaadah hona Zeyaadah karna Zeyaadti Zeyaadti karna Zeyaafat Zeyaafat karney waala Zeyaarat Zeyb Zeyb tan Zeyb tan karna Zeyba Zeybaaish Zeybaaish karna Zeyb-o-zeenat Decline. Beautiful. Steps Attractiveness. Thought Poison Acumen. Hard-Headed. Ornament Beauty. Hard-Headed. Increment. Noetic Imago Mentality Lady Of White Colour Vitriolic Defeated. Elegance. Quick. Highbrow. Quick. Acumen. Excess. Intensity. Violence Intensify Junket Junketeer Pilgrimage Beauty. Shrewd. Proper Establishment.Wit Quick. Keen. Shrewd. Worry Cumin Knowing Life. Intellectual. Oppression. Shrewdness. Genius. Shrewd. Mind. Becoming. Elegance. Gifted. Staircase. Under. Highbrow. Fall Wane Fading. intensification. Chic. Upside-Down Abundance. Quick-Wittedness. Hard-Headed. Intellectual. Thankful Trap. Genty. Mental. Bonny. Fall Wane Fading. Garnish Adorning. Talent. Keen. Beautiful. Ornament Adorn. Talented. Mind. Excessive. Genius. Decoration. Living Viability Viable From The Condition Of Gumption. Most. Keen. ultra Increase Increase Abundance. Finery. Sharp-Witted. Highbrow. Talented. Nimiety. Sharp-Witted. Understanding. Sagacious. Graceful. Ornamentation . Labile Fade Adorned. Intellectual. Extra. Tyranny. Defeat Under Consideration Opressed By Pain And Suffering Humming. Gifted. Weak Submerged Obliged. Quick-witted. Beauty. Intellectual. Injustice. Talented. Understanding Mind. Undertone Under The Feet Under The Feet Topsy-Turvy.

Disgrace. Stiff. Vileness Affront. Ornament Hail. Entangled. Vileness Kowtow . Disgrace. Persistence. Grudge. Persistence. Liable. Obdurate. Opposition. Intricate Learned Visceral Knowledgeable Normal Check Mated. Decoration. Insult. Qur'an Recital Commemorate. Mention. Flake. Teased. Refractory. Opposite. Adornment. Lower. Undergarment. Overpower. Abasement. Underneath Undercurrent Burdened. indignity. Frost Deep. Stubborn. Remembrance. indignity. Harassed. Insult. Outrageous. Abasement. Penetrating. Notice Worthy Of Attention. Dishonor. Intricate Angry. Stubborn Adamant. Disrespect. Unbending. Abashment. Abjectness. Obstinacy. Disrespect. Underpants Underwood Underbody Overcome. Under-drawers. Uncompromising. Obstinacy. Vexed Harass Contrary. Inferior. Loaded Indebtedness Undersigned Undershrub Undersoil Underbrush Gridle. Opposite. Stubborn Stubbornness Persist Contrary. Terrible Disheveled. Helpless. Underclothes. Obloquy. Abashment. Speak Adduce Mention Of Parting Commemoration Obituary Shadow Affront. Wild Connivance. Upside-Down Jewelry. Under. Enhancing The Beauty Of Life. Obstinate. Subdue Underact Underproduction Underpass Undergrowth Underwater In Hand Undersign On Hand Undermost Lower Class Undecided In View (Under One's)Nose Undecided Occupied Underground Underground Topsy-Turvy. Indebted. Memory. Sturdy. Enmity. Whirlpool Discussion. Headstrong. Expense. Opinionated. Dew. Obloquy. Abjectness. Rapacious. Grudge. Dishonor. Beneath.Zeyl Zeyr Zeyr aab dhaara ya rau Zeyr baar Zeyr baari Zeyr dast khati Zeyr een booti Zeyr een satah Zeyr gyaah Zeyr jaamah Zeyr jangal Zeyr jism hissah Zeyr karna Zeyr kirdaari karna Zeyr paeda waar Zeyr raastah Zeyr shajri Zeyr-e-aab Zeyr-e-dast Zeyr-e-dast khat karna Zeyr-e-ekhteyaar Zeyreen Zeyreen tabqah Zeyr-e-faeslah Zeyr-e-nazar Zeyr-e-nazar hona Zeyr-e-tasfiyah Zeyr-e-tassalut Zeyr-e-zameen Zeyr-e-zameen kamrah ya raastah Zeyr-o-zabar Zeywar Zhaalah Zharf Zhauleedah Zhiyaan Zholeedah Zi aql Zi his Zi ilm Zi shooor Zich Zich karna Zid Zid ka maa'ddah Zid karna Zidd Ziddi Zihal Ziilihaaz Ziinat Ziist Zikr Zikr karna Zikr laana Zikr-e-firaaq Zikr-e-khaer Zikr-e-raehlat Zil Zillaat Zillat Zillat ekhteyaar karna Beneath Below. Opposition. Enmity. Respect (Liihaaz Ke Qaabil) Beauty. Acute Of Mind Entangled. Furious.

Soon. To Make Something Of Life Alive. Touchy Authority. Impetus. Vigorous Influence. Powerful. Forceful. Jaunty. Responsible Company. Power. Living Cage. Assertion. Prison. Jail Prisoners Existence. Damage. Wastage Brilliancy.Zillaten Zimmah Zimmah daar Zimmah daari Zimmah leyna Zimmeh daar Zimmey daar Zimn Zimni Zimni qissah Zina Zina bil jabr karna Zindaa Zindaan Zindaanii Zindagi Zindagi ka sar chashmah Zindagi sey pur Zindagii karanaa Zindah Zindah baad Zindah dil Zindah dili Zindah dili sey Zindah ki tarah Zindahgi sey mutaalliq Zindeeq Zindhagi Zindigi Zinhaar Zirah Zirah baktar Zisht Zist Ziya Ziyaa Ziyaadaa Ziyaadah Ziyaadti Ziyaafat Ziyaan Ziyaarat Ziyan Zndah karna Zoam Zof Zof-e-asaab Zohd Zom Zood Zood ranj Zor Zor aawar Zor aazmaai Zor daalana Zor daalna Zor daar Zor deyna Zor-e-qalam Zoya Zubdah Zuf Humiliation Charge. Laughingly. Excessive Too Much. Hurt. Living Vituperate Gay. Pride. Press. Trust On One's Hand Undertake Guarantee. Vivacious Hilarity Gaily Lifelike Zoetic Infidel . Light. Shine. Illusion. Hefty. Harm. Effort. Trust. Living Never. More. Exertion. Rapacious. Excessive Outrage Banquet. Emphasis. Living Vital Zip To Live Life. Whirlpool Brilliancy. Violate Violate Alive. Hideous. Chapter. Cogency. Jollity. Influence. Piety Assertion. Life. Weakness . Influence. Loss Pilgrimage. Jazzy. Participation. Beware!. Ugly Life. Wastage Too Much. Phrase. Splendor. Underscore Verve Searcher Cream Feebleness. Infirmity. Persistence. Hilarious. Forcible. More. Infirmity. Entertainment Anger. Insisit. Force. Emphatic. Splendor. Life. Wrestling Coerce. Frailty. Light. Insistence. Coercion. Underline. Conviction. Living Existence. Answerable. Press. Weakness Neurasthenia Abstinence. Liability. Belief. Energy. Within Additional Under-plot Adultery. Insisit. Life. By No Means. Jocund. Urge Forceful. Unbeliever Existence. Inclusion. Shine. Vigorous Persist. Responsible Guarantee. Moral Obligation. Be-Warned ! Armor Armored Dress Evil. Hefty. Forcible. Loss Quicken Pride Feebleness. Onus Accountable. Suddenly Sensitive. Guarantor. Powerful. Visit (A Shrine) Loss. Vanity Quickly. Guarantor.Presumption. Urge Coerce. Inertia.

Category. Oppression. Green Colored Gem The Sacred Thread Worn By Hindus The Sacred Thread Worn By Hindus Progeny. Tyranny.Zuhoor Zukaam Zulf Zulf-e-khamshuda Zulf-e-yaar Zulm Zulm dhaana Zulmat Zulmat-e-shab Zumrah Zumurrud Zunnaar Zunnar Zurriyat Zyaadti Appearance. Manifestation Cold. Locks. Stock Redundancy . Hair. Tress A Long Braid Beloved's Hair Cruelty. Gripe Darkness. Birth. Gang. Injustice. Company. Group Emerald. Offspring. Torment Grind. Influenza Curl. Obscurity Darkness of Night Class. Ringlet.

Names Of Flowers Word Gul-e-daudi Nargis Aabi Ishq-Pay-Chaan Chambayli Raat-Ki-Rani Soo-Sun Gaaynda. Zafraan La-Jounti Suraj-Mukhi Gul-e-Lala Gul-e-Banafsha Kanwal Meaning Primrose Rose Saffron Sensitive plant flower Sunflower Tulip Violet Waterlily Names Of Fruits Word Ba-daam Saib Khu-bani Kaila Chakutra Narial Sharifa Kish-Mish Kha-joor Un-jeer Un-goor Mong-Phali Am-rood Jaman Le-Mon Leechi Meaning Almond Apple Apricot Banana Citron Coconut Custard Apple Currant Date Fig Grape Groundnut Guava Jambolan Lemon Litchi Word Lokaat Malta Aam Khar-boo-za Shah-toot Sung-Tara Aaro Ana-Naas Pista Aalo-Bu-khara Aanar Aakh-rot Tar-booz Meetha ----------------------------------Meaning Loquat Malta Mango Melon Mulberry Orange Peach Pineapple Pistachio Plum Pomegranate Walnut Watermelon Sweet Lemon ---------------------------------- Vegetable Word Arvi Phalian Cha-kun-dar Paan Bain-gun Band-Gobhi Gaa-jar Phool-Gobhi Bhendi-Tori Matar Aalo Kad-doo Mooli Palak Tamatar Shal-Gum Meaning Arum Beans Beetroot Betel-leaf Brinjal Cabbage Carrot Cauliflower Lady's finger Peas Potato Pumpkin Radish Spinach Tomato Turnip Word Soonf Khash-Khaash Lal-mirch Dar-cheeni Long Dhania Zeera Ajwa-in Lah-sun Aad-rak Aal-see Poo-deena Raai Piaz Haldi Sirka Spices Meaning Aniseed Poppy Seeds Chilies Cinnamon Clove Coriander Cumin Dill Seeds Garlic Ginger Linseed Mint Mustard Onion Turmeric Vinegar Trees And Plants Word Babool (keekar) Baans Bar Deyar Shah Balut Sarru Aabnoos Safaida Meaning Acacia Bamboo Banyan Cedar Chestnut Cypress Ebony Eucalyptus Word Shekam Takhna Baghal Pait Maghaz Rukhsar Chati Kan Parts of Human Body Meaning Abdomen Ankle Armpit Belly Brain Cheek Chest Ear . Gul-ashrafi Nargis Meaning Crysanthemum Daffodil Ivy Jasmine Lady of the night Lily Marigold Narcissus Word Jungle-Gulab Gulab Kaiser.

Sun Cheeer Sandal Shesham Sagwan Akhroat Baid Mujno Arand Chanar Poplar Barag Neem Flax Pine Sandal Sisso Teak Walnut Willow Castor Plane Poplar Birch Margosa Tree Thodi Kohne Ghutna Gigar Raan Gala Kamar Aankh Koolay Eayri Pindle Hataeli Chin Elbow Knee Liver Thigh Throat Waist eye Hip Heel Calf Palm Diseases Word Daama Nazla Sartaan Haiza Zia beties Mirghe Ghilar Bay Khawabi Yarkan Lackwah Khasra Faleg Tauon Neumonia Cheechak Moach Sojan Tap-a-dek Kali Khansee Meaning Acacia Bamboo Banyan Cedar Chestnut Cypress Ebony Eucalyptus Flax Lockjaw Measles Paralysis Plague Pneumonia Smallpox Sprain Swelling Tuberculosis Whooping Cough Word Barahsingha Ban Manas Chmgadar Saras Koel Fakhta Oukab Baz Bagla Names of Animals & Birds Meaning Antelope Baboon Bat Crane Cuckoo Dove Eagle Falcon Heron Hippopotamus Jackal Kite Leopard Lizzard Nightingale Ostrich Quail Rhinoceros wood-pecker Daryai Ghora Geedar Cheel Cheeta Chepkali BulBul Shotarmurgh Batair Gainda Hud Hud .

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