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MAS Winter 2009 Slide List
Matisse, Serpentine, 1909
Picasso, Portrait of Fernande, 1909
Brancusi, Bird in Space, Bronze,
Brancusi, Endless Column, metal-coated cast-iron
on a steel spine, Targu Jiu, 1938
Picasso, Guitar, sheet metal and
wire, 1914
Boccioni, Development of a Bottle
in Space, 1912
Tatlin, Corner Reliefs, 1914-1915
Giacometti, Palace at 4am, 1932
Meret Oppenheim, Object, 1936

Professor Reiss
Georges Braque, Landscape at La
Ciotat, 1907
Matisse, Blue Nude (Souvenir of
Biskra), 1907
Braque, Large Nude, 1908
Braque, Road Near l’Estaque, 1908
Braque, Houses at l’Estaque, 1908
Picasso, Three Women, 1908
Picasso, Bread and Fruit Dish on a
Table, 1908-1909
Braque, Harbor at Normandy, 1909
Picasso, Reservoir at Horta, 1909
Picasso, Head of Fernande Olivier,
Braque, Violin and Pitcher, 1910
Picasso, Girl with a Mandolin, 1910
Picasso, Portrait of Ambroise
Vollard, 1910
Braque, Still Life with Banderillas,
Picasso, Ma Jolie, 1911-1912
Braque, Le Portugais, 1911-1912
Picasso, Still Life with Chair
Caning, 1912
Braque, Soda, 1912
Picasso, Guitar, 1912
Picasso, Guitar, Sheet Music and
Glass, 1912
Braque, Clarinet, 1913
Viennese Expressionism and
The Blue Rider
Professor Reisenfeld
Joseph M. Olbrich, Secession
Exhibition Building, 1898
Klimt, Judith, 1901
Schiele, Self-Portrait with Twisting
Arm, 1910
Schiele, The Family, 1918
Kokoschka, Portrait of Hans and
Erika Tietze, 1909
Kokoschka, The Tempest, 1914
Kandinsky, Portrait of G. Meunter,
Jawlensky, View of Murnau, 1909
Kandinsky, St. George and the
Dragon, 1911, oil on glass
Franz Marc, Yellow Cow, 1911
Kandinsky, Blue Rider Almanac
Cover, 1911
Kandinsky, Composition #4, 1911
European Avant-Garde 1

Response to Cubism
Professor Hudson
Balla, Speeding Automobile, 1912
European Avant-Garde II

Birth of Abstraction
Professor Hudson
Dada in Europe

Professor Michael Lobel
Hugo Ball reciting the poem
Karawane at the Café Voltaire,
Marcel Janco, Mask, 1919
Hans Arp, Collage Arranged
According to the Laws of Chance,
Hannah Hoch, Cut with the Kitchen Knife
Dada Through the Last Weimar Beer Belly
Cultural Epoch of Germany, 1919-1920
John Heartfield, Hurrah, the Butter
is All Gone!, December 1935
Otto Dix, Skat Players (later titled
Card-Playing War Cripples), 1920
Kurt Schwitters, Merzbild 32 A. Das
Kirschbild (Merzpicture 32 A. The
Cherry Picture), 1921
Schwitters, Merzaule (Merz
Column), Hannover c. 1923
(destroyed 1943)
Max Ernst, Two Children are
Threatened by a Nightingale, 1924
Marcel Duchamp

Professor Michael Lobel
Marcel Duchamp, Nude
Descending a Staircase no. 2, 1912
Duchamp, Passage from Virgin to
Bride, 1912
Duchamp, The Bride Stripped Bare by
Her Bachelors, Even (The Large
Glass), 1915-1923
Duchamp, Bicycle Wheel, originally
Duchamp, Fountain, 1917 (as
photographed by Alfred Stieglizt)
Duchamp, L.H.O.O.Q., 1919
Duchamp, Fresh Widow, 1920
Avant-Garde Responses to
the War
Professor Reisenfeld
Franz Marc, The Fate of the
Animals, 1913
Marc, Fighting Forms, 1914
Kandinsky, Improvisation 30,
Cannons, 1913
Meidner, Apocalyptic Landscape,
Carra, Funeral of Anarchist Galli,
Kirchner, Self Portrait as a Soldier, 1915
Dix, Self Portrait as a Soldier, 1914
Dix, Self Portrait with Artillery Helmet, 1914
Heckel, Franzi, woodcut, 1911
Kollwitz, Never War Again, lithograph, 1912
Modernity in New York

Professor Kayyem
Steichen, Portrait of Stieglitz, 1907
Jacob Riis, Lodgers in a Crowded
Street, 1890
Bellows, Knock Out, 1907
Webber, Chinese Restaurant, 1915
Stieglitz, Flatiron, 1902
Marin, Woolworth Building, no. 31,
Hartley, Portrait of a German
Officer, 1914
Stieglitz, The Steerage, 1907
O’Keeffe, Radiator Building – Night,
New York, 1927
O’Keeffe, Shelton with Sunspots,
Joseph Stella, Battle of Lights,
Coney Island, 1913-1914
Stella, Brooklyn Bridge, 1919-20
Stella, Brooklyn Bridge, 1939
Picabia, Ici c’est Stieglitz, 1918
Marius de Zayas, Alfred Stieglitz,
Covert, Brass Band, 1919
Dove, Grandmother, 1925
Davis, Odol, 1924

Professor Matthew Nichols
Morton Schamberg, The
Telephone, 1916
Joseph Stella, The Voice of the City
of New York Interpreted, 1920-22
Elsie Driggs, Pittsburgh, 1927
Charles Demeuth, My Egypt, 1927
Sheeler, Upper Deck, 1929
Sheeler, American Landscape,
Sheeler, Americana, 1931
Sheeler, Doylestown House, Stove,
New Visions: Photography

Professor Sternberger
Jacques-Henri Lartigue, Grand Prix
of the Automobile Club of France,
Eduard Steichen, Self-Portrait with
Brush and Palette, 1902
Ansel Adams, Clearing Winter
Storm, Yosemite Valley, c. 1944
El Lissitzky, Beat the Whites with
the Red Wedge, 1919
Man Ray, Tears, c.1930
Andre Kertész, Montmartre, Paris,
Henri Cartier-Bresson, Valencia,
Spain, 1933
Henri Cartier-Bresson, Arena,
Valencia, Spain, 1933
Berenice Abbott, Wall Street, New
York, 1933
Helen Levitt, New York, c. 1945
Margaret Bourke-White, Construction of
Giant Pipes for Ft. Peck Dam, Montana (first
issue of Life), 1936
American Regionalism in the
Professor Nichols
Benton, America Today Murals, 1930
Curry, Tornado Over Kansas, 1929
Wood, Parson Weems’ Fable, 1939
Wood, Young Corn, 1931
Hogue, Drought Stricken Area,
Gropius, Dessau, Baushaus, main
building, 1926
Feininger, Cathedral of Socialism
(Cathedral of the Future), 1919,
Moholy-Nagy, Time-Space
Bruer, Wassily Chair, 1927-28;
(prototype 1925)
Germany Between the Wars
Grosz, Remember Uncle August,
the Unhappy Inventor?, 1919
Grosz, Gray Day, 1921
Schad, Self-Portrait with Model,
Beckman, Self-portrait as Clown,
Surrealism I and II
Miro, Tanguy, et. al,
“Exquisite Corpse”, c.1925
Surrealist Map of the World, published in
Varietes, 1929
Max Ernst, “Two Children are
Threatened by a Nightengale,”
Giorgio di Chirico, “Melancholy and
Mystery of a Street,” 1914
Max Ernst, “The Forest,” 1925
Masson, “Battle of Fishes,” 1927
Masson, “Figure,” 1927
Joan Miro, “Birth of the World,”
Miro, “The Farm,” 1921-22
Miro, “The Hunter/Catalan
Landscape,” 1923-24
Tanguy, “Mama, Papa is
Wounded,” 1927
Salvador Dali, “Accommodations of
Desire,” 1929
Ernst, Preparatory Collage and Published Image,
“Open Your Bag My
Good Man,” La Femme 100 Tetes, 1929
Rene Magritte, “Key of Dreams,”
Magritte, “The Wind and the Song,”
Salvador Dali, “The Lugubrious Game,
Georges Bataille, Diagram of Dali
painting published in Documents,
Dali, “First Days of Spring,” 1929
Dali, “Illumined Pleasures,” 1929
Miro, “Spanish Dancer,” 1928
Miro, “Spanish Dancer,” 1928
Dali, “The Persistence of Memory,”
Picasso, cover for Minotaure, 1933
Masson, cover for Acephale, 1937
Cross-Currents in the 1940s

Prof. Reiss
Giacometti, Woman with Her
Throat Cut, 1932
Giacometti, Man Pointing, 1947
Duchamp, One Mile of String, 1942
Ernst, Europe After the Rain, 1942
Masson, Meditation on an Oak
Leaf, 1942
Matta, Listen to the Living, 1941
Gorky, Portrait of the Artist and His
Mother, 1926-36
Cornell, Soap Bubble Set, 1936
Pollock, Male and Female, 1942
Rothko, Archaic Idol, 1945
Gottlieb, Pictograph-Symbol, 1946
Documentary Impulse

Professor Kayyem
Dorothea Lange, Migrant Mother,
Margaret Bourke-White, November
23, 1936, Life Cover
Walker Evans, Allie Mae
Burroughs, 1936
Walker Evans, Penny Picture
Studio, 1936
Andre Kertesz, Montmartre, 1926
Robert Frank, Parade Hoboken
New Jersey, from The Americans,
Robert Frank, Fourth of July, from
The Americans, 1959
Helen Levitt, New York, 1942
Aaron Siskind, Chicago, 1949
Aaron Siskind, Symbols in a
Landscape, 1944
Harry Callahan, Multiple Exposure,
Latin American Modern Art
Rivera, The Liberated Earth with
the Natural Forces Controlled by
Man, fresco, 1926
Rivera, Man at the Crossroads, Rockefeller
Center, fresco, 1932-34 (now destroyed)
José Clemente Orozco, Allegory of Science and Labor,
New School for Social Research, New York City, 1930-31
José Clemente Orozco, Revolution and Universal Brotherhood,
Socialism in Yucatan and Lenin, fresco, 1930-31, New School for
Social Research, New York City
Frida Kahlo, Henry Ford Hospital, My Birth, and
Frida Kahlo, What the Water Gave Me, 1938
Rufino Tamayo, Still Life with Nude
and Guitar, 1931
Leonora Carrington, Self-Portrait
(Inn of the Dawn Horse), 1939
Carrington, Portrait of Max Ernst,
Wilfredo Lam, The Jungle, 1943
Roberto Matta, The Earth is a Man,
African American Modern Art

Prof. John Kaufman
The Banjo Lesson
Henry Ossawa Tanner
Oil on canvas
Annunciation, Henry Ossawa Tanner, 1898
Aspects of Negro Life: The Negro in an African Setting, Aaron Douglas,
Federal Arts Project (FAP)
Aspects of Negro Life: Song of the Towers, Aaron Douglas, 1934
American Artists’ Congress
Couple with a Cadillac, James Van Der Zee, 1932, silver gelatin print
Self Dumb Luck
Martin Puryear Martin Puryear
1978 1990
48” ht. 64” ht.
Stained wood Wire, wood, tar
Injustice Case (Body Prints)
David Hammons
(Chicago Seven (1969) and
Bobby Seale, index)
Flag for the Moon: Die Nigger, Faith Ringgold, 1969
(Black Panther Party, H. Rap Brown)
Prevalence of Ritual: Mysteries, Romare Bearden, 1964, 24x36”
photostat, from Projections series
Spiral Artists’ Group (1963-1964)
Harlem Turns White, Norman Lewis, 1955
Afro Emblems, Hale Woodruff, 1950
Abstract Expressionism

Professor Reiss
Pollock, Male and Female, 1942
Pollock, #1A 1948, 1948
Adolf Gottlieb, Man Looking at
Woman, 1949
Mark Rothko, Slow Swirl at the
Edge of the Sea, 1943
Rothko, Violet, Black, Orange,
Yellow on White and Red, 1949
Barnett Newman, Onement, I, 1948
Newman, Ver Heroicus Sublimis,
Newman, Here I (To Maria),
Clifford Still, Untitled (PH-382),
Willem de Kooning, Excavation,
De Kooning, Woman I, 1950-52
De Kooning, Easter Monday, 1956
Robert Motherwell, Elegy to the
Spanish Republic #34, 1953-54
Europe after the War

Prof. Agnes Berecz
Francis Bacon, Study After
Valazquez’s Portrait of Pope
Innocent X, 1953
Jean Fautrier, Head of a Hostage
no. 1, 1944, mixed media on
Jean Dubuffet, The Busy Life, 1953
Henri Michaux, Untitled, 1961,
chinese ink on paper
Karel Appel, Vragende Kinderen
(Questioning Children), 1948
Lucio Fontana, Spatial Concept:
Expectations, 1959
Alberto Burri, Sacco 5P, 1953
burlap and oil on canvas
Piero Manzoni, Socle du Monde
(Magic Base), 1961, iron and
Color Field Painting and Later
Prof. Reiss
Robert Rauschenberg, Erased de
Kooning Drawing, 1953
Helen Frankenthaler, Mountains
and Sea, 1952
Arshile Gorky, The Liver is a Cock’s
Comb, 1944
Morris Lewis, Saraband, 1959
Jules Olitski, Tin Lizzie, 1964
Joan Mitchell, neige, 1958
Phillip Guston, Painting, 1954
Larry Rivers, Double Portrait of
Birdie, 1955
Lee Bontecou, Untitled, 1962
Roy Lichtenstein, Brushstroke,

Professor Ken Silver
Robert Rauschenberg, Erased de
Kooning, 1953
Rauschenberg, Bed, 1955
Rauschenberg, Monogram, 1955-
Rauschenberg, Retroactive I, 1964
Jasper Johns, Flag, 1954-55
Johns, Target with Plaster Casts,
Johns, Painted Bronze (beer cans),
Johns, Diver, 1962-63
Pop in Europe

Prof. Agnes Berecz
Richard Hamilton, Just what is it that makes today’s homes
so different, so appealing?, 1956, collage on paper
Yves Klein, Blue Monochrome,
Arman, Trashcan, 1959
Jean Tinguely, Homage to New
York, 1960, kenetic event-
sculpture, destroyed