1. Write measures to improve good housekeeping. 2. Explain with sketch of self contained Air breathing apparatus. 3. Explain the storages and Handling of chemicals with control measures of chemical accidents. 4. What are the common type of work permits systems and explain HOT WORK permits? 5. Write causes of accident & give few examples? 6. What is job safety analysis?

DIPLOMA EXAMINATION-2013 (HEALTH SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT) (PAPER - II) 120. CONSTRUCTION SAFETY 1. What are the precautions in Arc Welding and Gas cutting? 2. In Civil Construction, explain the following activities in detail a. Define excavation and safety in excavation b. Shuttering and Shorings 3. Draw a neat sketch of scaffolding and name various parts and how will you check its stability 4. What are the safety precautions while using a ladder 5. What is the safety measures followed for grinding machine? 6. List out the common types of minor illness that can occur to workers of construction industry?

What is health hazards associated with works in confined spaces? Describe protection methods. Describe the effect of pollution of human and environment. Explain the various causes and preventive measures for air pollution. Mention the works which lead to fatigue. 3. Describes various occupational health risks and tips to improve occupational health. 2. Briefly discuss about the characteristics of waste water. Write short note on: a. 4. 4. giving work examples. 2. Write briefly on the importance of First-aid training and how first-aid is done for various industrial accidents. Explain Industrial fatigue. DIPLOMA EXAMINATION-2013 (HEALTH SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT) (PAPER IV) 140. b. 6. . Deforestation. ENVIRONMENT AND POLLUTION 1. Mention the important functions of pollution control board. 5. 5. Global warming. 3. Describe the solid waste disposal methods. Write briefly on the importance of good illumination and ventilation in industries.III) 130. Describe about the common occupational diseases at workplace their effects and control measures.DIPLOMA EXAMINATION-2013 (HEALTH SAFETY AND ENVIRONMENT) (PAPER . OCCUPATIONAL HEALTH 1. 6.

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