Co-Curricular Event Response Sheet Name:_Alyssa Kloos____ Date Attended:__3/3/2013__

Name of the Event: _NOVA Venom: Nature's Killer_ You must write a reaction to this event, and it must be typed. The reaction has several parts. Be sure to respond to all of them: emotional, intellectual, & core leaning outcomes. Each part needs to be addressed in a 50 word paragraph (150 words total). Part 1: First, tell how this event (lecture, play, presentation, field trip, etc.) made you feel. This reaction is the emotional one. It made me feel a little anxious learning about all the different types of venom and how damaging they can be on the body. I am somewhat nervous about the ocean now, because a large number of the top ten most venomous animals live in the ocean. The cone snail which shoots out a harpoon with venom so powerful that it is being studied as a bio weapon. Part 2: The second reaction is intellectual. What did it make you think about? Once it was over (or during the event) did you find yourself: agreeing, disagreeing, making connections, considering contrasts, proposing alternatives, making predictions, etc? Be specific and give examples. (50 words) What stood out to me in this program is how the the type of venom and the delivery system is highly adapted for its venomous animal. The toxins in jellyfish paralyze fish extremely quickly by stoping the heart, which is advantageous to the jellyfish whose flimsy tentacles could be damaged if the fish fought. By knowing the mechanisms that venom affects the body helps to make better anti venoms. Part 3: The third reaction asks you to relate this event to one of the core learning outcomes (CLOs) on your syllabus for this class. How did this event help you better understand or relate to that outcome? Be specific and give examples. (50 words)

This related to the core learning outcome, "have an understanding of current techniques in research and biotechnology." It talks about how venom are is used to make antibodies. Talking about how the venom of spiders are being studied to find the agent that causes cell death. It relates to proteinomics; talking about how the toxins are proteins and how each type effects the body. It describes how blood and venom samples are being taken from venomous animals to create a library of toxins.

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