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Rmi Salinas Report Final Draft

Rmi Salinas Report Final Draft

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Published by ksmith99
Rocky Mountain Institute Salinas Report Final Draft
Rocky Mountain Institute Salinas Report Final Draft

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Published by: ksmith99 on Apr 11, 2009
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Recommended initiative:

Hire a valley-wide sustainability coordinator. Optimally, this person would support the
development of a sustainability action plan or a regional energy plan or both. But the position is
needed regardless of whether these plans are developed. In some communities, these positions
have been funded initially from local sources outside local government. The new coordinator
could, for example, operate under the auspices of the Enterprise Zone.

Many city sustainability coordinators more than pay the cost of their positions by, among other
things, finding energy savings. However, basing the position entirely on such a revenue stream
will tend to skew its activities toward chasing energy saving rather than the wider range of goals
assigned to it.

Purposes — Such a position could:

•Drive sustainability projects that might have otherwise languish low on the too long
to-do lists of other city and county staff.
•Build local capacity to develop and execute certain projects that would otherwise be
contracted to consultants.
•Ensure cost-effective project analysis and implementation across the Valley.
•Ensure that single-project benefits accrue to multiple communities.
•Offer citizens and leadership a sense of the larger vision into which many seemingly
independent sustainability projects fit.
•Increase mutual support among the various communities.

Possible metrics:

•Improved economic and environmental performance due to the position
•Cost-savings generated by the position
•Satisfaction of the various jurisdictions

Next steps:

•To guide and develop strategy toward creation of this position, develop a core team
among interested Valley communities.
•Find sources of funding and advertise for the position.

Rocky Mountain Institute: Sustainable Communities


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