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Home Vastu

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Published by Sajeewa Lakmal
Home Vastu
Home Vastu

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Published by: Sajeewa Lakmal on May 20, 2013
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Home Vastu | Vaastu Shastra Rules and Principles

Written by Administrator Wednesday, 16 March 2011 20:16 - Last Updated Friday, 22 March 2013 15:05

Home Vastu on importance vastu shastra science vidya

is a concept to follow for bad oureffects homes.in The dominating system is the excellently constructi delivers greates methods, dwell

1. Paravidya or Knowledge relating to the physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects of life.

2. Apara vidya or knowledge life . relating to the physical, intellectual and spiritual aspects of




Sama Veda

Atharva Veda

Four Upavedas or Sub Vedas or Minor Vedas namely,



Gandharva Veda

Sthapatya Veda

and the six Vedhangas or limbs of the Vedas namely,



There are several experiences to the experts that an unshown power is sensible while after making alterations to the properties . The cosmic energies are converted into material benefits for the residents of the vastu built property. Geometry.Last Updated Friday. this subject Vaasthu Shastra defined as the science of Energy from the Universe or from the earth that turns or converts into material form that what we are getting from the nature. by simple we called it as Vastu Shastra Power. Geology and Architecture apart from many other disciplines of knowledge. Engineering. Agama Shastra. Einstein's Theory E = mc2 is reflected in this ancient science. This subject Vastu Shastra helps us to live in harmony with Nature power. Here our interested subject Vaastu Shastra relates to Sthaptya Veda. Tantra Shastra. It converts living spaces in a particular order that sets an equation between cosmic energies and the people living in the building 2/4 . In other words we can say like this way. 22 March 2013 15:05 Kalpa Vyakarna Nirukta Chandas Jyotisha.Home Vastu | Vaastu Shastra Rules and Principles Written by Administrator Wednesday. Vasthu shastra involves an understanding of Jyotisha. this is nothing but nature's power. 16 March 2011 20:16 .

It creates a rhythm and balance in the building to ensure a qualitatively better life for the inhabitants.Home Vastu | Vaastu Shastra Rules and Principles Written by Administrator Wednesday. This for image punishm is o Vaastu doors house 3/4 . The ancients deeply understood these energies and tried to harness their positive influences on human life by a methodical placement of doors and windows . rooms. Although deeply concerned with the Five Elements . healths and ovens. all the if the property If a property construction surroundings or the are against to vastu shastra.Last Updated Friday. water bodies. The cosmic powers around the universe constructions have shadowed and on properties. Panchamahabhootas then there is a chance . 22 March 2013 15:05 to ensure physical. it takes into cognizance the various other known and unknown cosmic energies. spiritual and material well -being. open space in and around a building and other things. 16 March 2011 20:16 .

times role in or the in at House cleaning isthe important .Home Vastu | Vaastu Shastra Rules and Principles Written by Administrator Wednesday. that property towards where Northeast may West. Thick vastu shastra .loose please note this point. 16 March 2011 20:16 . always better try to construct to consult the one house expert walls In One My I Is am street my house of fond Back house my focus believer is to friend west God main hitting told is facing of section Gururaghavendra to me a one. works. places you images or may in some do are these only occasions simple for the suggestions understanding there is no chance or purpose. all success in his endeavors in promoting and propagating our Indian oldest subject with new system of development. I wish this vastu consultant. If there is a chance for constructing with or vaastu any thick property pandit walls for like walls peaceful 2facing feet in thick like and walls that.Kashyap Srivastava . this site information is worth a try and can take the author's knowledge of the subject to a wider readership. don't Otherwise this it is chance. render pooja is main it Vastu correct. 22 March 2013 15:05 The some that vastu time above shastra. then future.Suresh approach in treating the subject systematically in these links is bound to create interest and stimulate thought amongst even critics of Vastu shastra. room loses entrance can for is I or get some excellent. role putty in paint is also giving good positive results to the property. for Cleaning doing Please alterations note is most that to some the vital properties.SubhaVaastu. Thank you .Haridwar India Home Water Sump Pooja Room House Vastu Wall Papers Contact Us More info on Vastu House Structure 4/4 . The work is a laudable and needs to be encouraged. and every room place of the or property be clean and neat. wrong how ? ? Reviews on Vaasthu Shastra website www. is the Swamy. It is a new trend and I welcome this change of life style for present days situations. The many illustrations he shown are interesting here. The walls should walls are not playing be shaded excellent paint. profits House door desktop body to has some itsays wallpapers ? Each come says it is quite its ? ? bad.Last Updated Friday. secured mode.com : Mr.

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