Describe and discuss their various product/ service needs?

The textile industry touches the lives of all people in one or the other way. Apparel, Home textiles, Technical textiles, Industrial textiles, Medical textiles, Safety textiles, Smart or Intelligent textiles, there are variations for all - Consumers, Traders, Manufacturers, Technologists, Engineers and others. Ideas by Gul Ahmad The primary contribution in textile industry : Ideas are export earnings for the country, Ideas occupies16% of the country's textile export earnings. It is generating employment, the second largest employment generator after other competitors. The industrial output of Ideas sums up to 14% of total textile industrial production and approximately contributes to 30 % of total textile export products. Gul ahmed’s products not only caters the fashion needs of people, to be up-to-date in what they wear but also catering to their homecare needs. To make their house comfortable by providing them with home furnishing for their bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. They provide them with their tailor made services where customers can design and put in their ideas to what they want to have or what they want to wear. Regarding B2B activity Gul Ahmed plays an important role in the following industries;
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Man made fiber mill textile mill industry Filament yarn industry Deconcentrated power loom sector Woolen textile industry Through these products Ideas have gained years of providing B2B services focused to Yarns and Fibers. It is also partners and associations and official agencies globally. Widely covered by the media and studied by leading management schools in Pakistan. It is undoubtedly by high industry specific traffic.

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