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SF Model for Youth Entrepreneurship Development

The SF Model for Youth Entrepreneurship Development consists of: • • • • education, SF developed the Entrepreneurship Training Program; the establishment of a local self-supporting microcredit system, the Revolving Fund; a Business Centre; the organization of business support and the implementation of a structure in which the generated entrepreneurs become themselves educators, supporters and full responsible owners of the self-supporting Youth Entrepreneurship Development Program.


For more information:
Program information: Jonathan Kifunda Program Area Manager Tanzania
  Office Mwanhuzi PO-Northern Tanzania Meatu Majengo Street, Mwanhunzi, P.O.Box 156, Meatu-Shinyanga, Mwanhunzi, Tanzania Office: +255 28 279 5063 Mobile: +255 78 625 4200 E-mail: Skype: jonathan.kifunda

Investment information: Talitha Hammer Project Officer Social Business
Smallepad 32 3811 MG Amersfoort The Netherlands Office: + 31 33 303 0250 Mobile: + 316 48 48 64 38 E-mail: Skype: ics.talitha.kotterink

Frans Wittermans
Phone: +31 70 326 06 49 Mobile: +316 36 39 50 93 Skype: fwi2008

Sander Nieuwenhuizen Manager Fundraising & Communications
Phone: + 31 33 303 02 50 Mobile: +316 48 188 339 Skype: sander.nieuwenhuizen2

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ICS (Investing in Children and their Societies) strives towards a better future for children in rural Africa and Asia. Through its projects and programs, it builds on a sustainable growth in welfare and wellbeing by simultaneously investing in economic and social opportunities and needs. The central building blocks of the work of ICS are social business, child protection and skillful parenting. ICS Academy Under its youth empowerment program ICS intends to develop an ‘ICS Academy’ with various youth training projects in all its program areas. This ‘ICS Academy’ will include both sector specific training (in agriculture, ICT or mechanics) and entrepreneurship development programs. ICS will partner with private sector actors and training institutes (Dutch and/or local) to safeguard the relevance and quality of the programs and to facilitate the youth’s transition from training to (self-)employment. Young Entrepreneurs Program (Y.E.P.) To expand its programs, ICS develops a youth empowerment program that prepares and supports rural youth to become (self-)employed, earn a proper income and contribute to local economic development. In line with the ICS social business approach, the program should be market-oriented and have the potential to become financially sustainable; equipping youth with relevant and marketable skills without relying on continuous external subsidies.

ICS & Sengerema Foundation (SF) During a program development mission in October 2012, ICS and the Sengerema Foundation developed the Meatu Young Entrepreneurs Program, based on the SF Model for Youth Entrepreneurship Development. This program will be implemented in Meatu by SF and ICS together.

The model is based on the following propositions: • financial support is not to be considered as a charity, but as an asset which local people are to be responsible for themselves; • financial support is accompanied by provision of knowledge and skills, relevant and applicable in the specific local context; • local authorities actively support the program and harmonize it with their overall development schemes for the district; • through the Revolving Fund, fed by the payback of loans and the income of the exploitation of a business centre (real estate), the program will be self-supporting; • the ownership and responsibility of the economic development of new generations is taken over in full by the young entrepreneurs, who form their own Community Based Organisation (CBO).

Sengerema Foundation (SF) Since May 2012 ICS is in touch with the Dutch ‘Stichting Sengerema’ (further referred to as Sengerema Foundation). This Dutch foundation has initiated a youth entrepreneurship program in the town of Sengerema (Mwanza Region) Tanzania. The Sengerema Foundation was established in May 2008 in The Netherlands, with the objective of supporting deprived youngsters in developing countries to set up their own small business, and thereby to generate income for themselves and their dependents. In addition, Sengerema Foundation (SF) aims to improve the local environment and conditions for young entrepreneurs, relevant to setting up businesses. Since 2008 Sengerema Foundation has acquired an experience in this development work, which has been consolidated in a model for youth entrepreneurship development. The Sengerema Foundation’s Model for Youth Entrepreneurship Development; SF Model for Youth Entrepreneurship Development. This model has been designed with its know-how, expertise and the lessons learned in the field when realising its projects.

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