Phase: Late Season

Mesocycle: #5

Microcycle #

Monday Workout


4/27/09 - 5/03/09

Event Group


Theme for week: GLIAC Championships

Tuesday Pre-meet
warm-up:1 mile warm-up:1 mile

Wednesday Pre-Meet day:
Flexibility Exercises: Workout: 2 x 200 speed 26 seconds/rest walk 200

warm-up:1 mile Flexibility Exercises:
Workout: 1 x 400 speed 54-55 second 400/rest 10 minutes 3 x 200 speed 26-25-24 seconds/rest walk 200 Cool Down: 1 mile
Cool Down, Core and Stretching:

Flexibility Exercises:
Workout: 3 sets speed makers speed fast/rest jog (50 meter all out sprints--50 meter swing down--50 meter slow jog--repeat until 4 all-out sprints are done) 3 minutes rest between sets

Cool Down: 1 mile

Cool Down: 1 mile

Thursday GLIAC Championships: warm-up: Race: 800m Prelims Cool-Down: warm-up:

Friday GLIAC Championships:
Long Run 40 to 50min

Saturday Long Run

Race: 800m Finals Cool-Down:


Post-Workout Comments Hard Medium Easy Rest Later in season E M H or E M H E M H M E H

off or easy
off or easy

X Monday Tuesday Wednesday X Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday


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