The second application from the isomers that I found is the tartaric acid that are produce in the wine industries .Tartaric acid have been widely known in wine producing in the world (see Figure 2.1). Tartaric acid is classified as meso compound that containing more stereocenters have special symmetry properties that decreases the number of stereoisomers . Tartaric acid HO2CCHOHCHOHCO2H that are white crystalline dicarboxylic acid as you can see in the Figure 2.2 .Tartaric acid have contributed in various fields , for example as refrigent, antiseptic , and anticorbutic Tartaric acid exists as three distinct isomers , the dextro-, levo-, and meso form . The dextro- and the levo- are optically active while the meso is a form of inactive . Tartaric acid discovered found in many plants such as grapes .See Figure 2.3 to know the parts of tartaric acid that found in grapes. This natural is majority in the dextrorotatory D-tartaric acid, called also D-2,3-dihydroxysuccinic acid or L-2,3-dihydroxybutanedioic acid. This form can be partially converted to the others by heating it with an aqueous alkali for example potassium hydroxide. As you can see in the table 2.4 the forms of tartaric acids and its chemical formulae in table 2.5 . As shown in Table 2.5 means that DL-tartaric acid is 1:1 mixture of the levo and dextro forms and it is a products from mesotartaric acid and was called racemic acid .

By mixing the levo-tartaric and dextro acid in aqueous solution while the heat is evolved and the racemic acid is obtained . The effects in taking overdose of tartaric acid are will cause severe gastrointestinal inflammation and may cause death because the tartaric acid is muscle toxin that works inhibits the production of malic acid. tartaric acid is also used in medicines that is derived from potassium acid tartarte. . Tartaric acid commonly used the others mixture and really rarely used alone. tartaric acid plays an important role in chemically with lowering the pH of fermenting until the level where the bacteria cannot live .6 in excerpt . tartaric in the wine .As in food additive .Specifically . To sum up this ‘tartaric acid’ provided the Table 2. In the other hand. In facts it is also functions to used as a drink in inflammatory diseases that formed a cooling and refreshing because it is less costly than citric acid and being used to form artifitial lemonade. However. it is purified as the cream of tartar. tartaric is used as the antioxidant .

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