Sl No Name of the Faculty 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 Prof. Christopher Raj Prof. Anantha Nag.M.S Prof.Sagar Prof.Keerthi Prof.

Sushma Prof.Vasundara Prof.Mahesh A Prof.Ghouse Prof.Nasir Basha Prof Mangala

BBM I Sem P.O.M F.A.I Q.T M.E Corporate A/C 1.Advt&Media Plan, 2. H.R.M English English kannada C.A III Sem B.Env E.D I Sem P.O.M F.A.I C.A


1 2 3 4 5 6

BBM Ist Sem Subject Basic English Add English/Kannada Principle & Practices of Management Quantiative Techniques - I Financial Accounting - I Marketing Management

Bcom 3rd Sem Subject 1 Add English/Kannada 2 Communication Skills in English 3 Quantiative Techniques - I 4 Financial Accounting - III 5 Business Correspondence & Reporting 6 Small Business Management 7 Indian Constitution BBM 3rd Sem Subject 1 Business Environment 2 Corporate Accounting 3 Human Resources Management 4 Fundmental of Computers 5 Enterpreneuship Development 6 Advt. & Media Planning

1 2 3 4 5 6

Bcom Ist Sem Subject Basic English Add English/Kannada Financial Accounting - I Business Economics Principle & Practices of Management Comupter Application - I

Bcom III Sem Q.A-III Elective Finance Elective Marketing Add English/Kannada Communication Skills in English Quantiative Techniques .III Business Correspondence & Reporting Small Business Management Indian Constitution Business Environment Corporate Accounting Human Resources Management Fundmental of Computers Enterpreneuship Development Advt.C F. & Media Planning .T-I MBA I Sem MBA IV Sem Accouting For Managers I.I Financial Accounting .

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