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Name: ____________________________________________ Writing Systems of Linear Equations

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1. Cecilia wants to rent a bike while on vacation. She also needs to rent a helmet. Rates for two bike rental shops are shown below. Bernies Bikes: $5 for the helmet & $3 per hour for bike rental. Bike Land: Free helmet. $4 per hour for rental. Let x = number of hours Let y = total cost of bike rental. 2. Lucia wants to go ice skating. She must pay for admission and then rent ice skates by the hour. Rates for two rinks near her home are shown below. Ice Plex: $5 for admission plus $2 per hour for skate rental Skate World: $10 for admission plus $1 per hour for skate rental Let x = number of hours. Let y = total cost of ice skating. 3. Tom has a collection of 30 DVDs and Nita has a collection of 18 DVDs. Tom is adding 1 DVD a month to his collection while Nita is adding 5 DVDs a month to her collection. Write a system of equations that can be used to find the number of months after which they will have the same number of DVDs. Let x = number of months and y = number of DVDs. 4. Juan is trying to decide which parking garage to use. Bargain Garage charges a flat fee of $2 plus $4 per hour. Greys Garage charges a flat fee of $8 plus $2 per hour. 5. Sharon has some one-dollar bills and some five-dollar bills. She has 14 bills in her wallet. The value of the bills in her wallet is $30. Write and solve a system of equations to find out how many of each type of bill she has. Let x = the number of one-dollar bills. Let y = the number of five-dollar bills. 6. The cost of 3 tacos and 1 juice is $7. The cost of 4 tacos and 2 juices is $10. What is the cost of tacos and the cost of the juices? Let x = cost of tacos and y = cost of a juice. 7. James scored a total of 15 points during a basketball game. During the game, he made only free throws, worth 1 point each, and three-point baskets. He made a total of 7 baskets. How many free throws and how many three-pointers did James make during the game? Let x = number of free throws. Let y = number of three-pointers. 8. Inside the stables, there are only horses and people. The number of horses and people combined is 9. A boy inside the stables added the number of legs of all the horses and the number of legs of all the people combined. He determined that there are 30 legs total. How many horses and how many people are in the stables?