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Marlon Rey Anacleto, RN,MAN

What is that?
Purpose 1. To cleanse the wound of exudates and debris 2. Apply heat to affected area to promote healing 3. To apply local acting medication in form of sterile solutions

What do you need?

Sterile basin 200-500 ml sterile solution ( warm ) not hot! Sterile irrigating syringe Clean basin Sterile dressing Waterproof pads

How do you do it?

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Explain the procedure to the patient Assemble materials Position the patient to accommodate irrigation following the principle of gravity. Place water proof pad under the area to be irrigated Wash hands Removed old dressing and conduct assessment of the wound.

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Prepare sterile materials. Open the materials and pour the in the solution.- prepare all of these using sterile gloves.
Place the clean basin below the irrigated area or wound. Flush the area with aspirated sterile solution using your sterile syringe. Irrigate the pockets of the wound to ensure extensive cleaning. Continue until solution is clear. Dry it off with sterile gauze pads. Apply sterile pads

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