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English Language Arts 1

HSA-English Language Arts Syllabus English Language Arts 2013-2014

Ms. Nancy Realyvasquez Room: 102 Conference Times: ??? E-mail: Phone: (915) 859-4620 (Ask to be forwarded) Dear Parents/Guardians and Students, Welcome back and welcome to a great exciting school year! I look forward to working with you and your child in my class. I do believe that frequent communication between parents and teachers a successful learning environment for your child. ! What is a syllabus? A syllabus is a document that is commonly used in colleges and universities. As Harmony Science Academy strongly prepares the students for the college experience, many courses have a class syllabus prepared for both the student and the parent to see. A class syllabus discusses a class overview on many classroom elements such as the class description, the teachers grading policy, class rules, and class management strategies. Please take a moment to look over this class syllabus along with its attachments.

Please keep this folder for your future reference Have your child return the PINK signature page only.

English Language Arts 2 Ms. Realyvasquezs English Language Arts Class Syllabus 2013-2014 I. Objective of the Course: The objective of 5th Grade English Language Arts is to promote higher thinking skills in reading and writing interchangeably and to encourage each student to be lifelong learners. II. Curriculum This English Language Arts course follows the Journeys curriculum to reading and writing. Students will be working as a whole group for a general lesson and break into smaller groups for objective focus, collaboration, and intervention. Lessons are structured in an I DO, WE DO, YOU DO model. Further Description of the Course:


A. Warm-Ups: Classes will start with a warm-up. Upon entering the classroom, your child will have a brief activity prior to the days lesson. Warm-Ups will take no more than 15 minutes each day. B. Mini-lessons: After warm-ups, classes will debrief into a mini-lesson, in which the teacher reads an authentic text or writes, modeling strategies and skills for students. During mini-lessons, the concept is presented, examples are provided and everything is guided. Afterwards, the class is guided into the product of independent students. C. Three text classroom: There are three types of texts in the classroom. 1. The whole class is reading the same text. 2. Small group reading assignments. 3. The students choice. D. Readings: Readings will cover various subjects and genres. I will also give students the opportunity to learn other interdisciplinary forms of language and communication through the study of etiquette, character education, basic sign language, cursive, debate and speech. E. AR (Accelerated Reader)- Students will be required to reach their AR goals. They test at school. F. Organization: Students will keep their binders in class. It will be used DAILY. Binders will go home every 6-8 weeks, so that you can monitor your childs progress in class. These binders will need to have a parent signature. Organization strategies will be taught and enforced daily. G. Free-Write Journal: Students will keep a journal where they can write freely and gain fluency. At your request, you can also have copies of your childs writings. H. Reading Log: Students will keep a daily reading log in class. AR testing requires that students read at home as well. Please have your child read at home daily for 20 min. I. Writing Workshop: Students will work with their peers, using rubrics, editing, revising and reading modeled examples of the genre they are trying to produce. J. Reading Lab: Students will attend reading labs during the school day for targeted learning. They will receive intervention from me, Mrs. Solis or Mrs. Hernandez during this time. This will replace after school tutoring. After school tutoring may still be considered for some students.

English Language Arts 3 K. Study Buddies: Study buddies are extremely important so that each student can grow as a learner and leader. At times, students will work with their study buddy to tutor, mentor, learn from and get/receive help. Study buddies will be paired at teacher discretion. L. Classroom Jobs: Students will have the opportunity to apply for different classroom jobs. They will experience the job application process through the classroom website. Their technological skills and real life practice will promote responsibility and college readiness. Encourage your child to apply. IV. Grading Polices: A. The Approach: Students will always score and merit high grades if they are focused, determined and turn in their work. Grades will not reflect comprehension. I will contact you if there is a comprehension concern. B. Letter grades will be merited to according to the numerical percentages as stated in the Student Handbook. A 90-100 B 80-89 C 70-79 F 0-69 (FAILING) C. For each six weeks, final grades will be weighed as followed. Daily Grades 70% Major Grades 25% Homework 5% ____________________________ 100% D. Assessments: Students will be tested throughout the year. These are most of the assessments. - Mock STAAR testing - MAP testing to assess academic levels of comprehension - Unit tests to assess their comprehension of the lessons taught - Writing and Reading Benchmarks - Periodic assessments given by the teacher (formal/informal) V. Attendance and Tardiness: A. Students must follow the attendance policy in the Student Handbook. B. If the student is late to my class without a teacher/parent written or verbal excuse, a tardy slip will need to go home and get signed on that same day. Excessive tardies may also result in after school/Saturday detention.

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Make-up Policies: If a student missed an assignment, he/she can do the assignment on the next class day. They are expected to get missing notes from their study buddy or another peer as soon as they return. Participation grades will be excused only if the absence is excused.

VII. Late Work: A. Late work in my class can only have the maximum grade of an 80. If its more than 2 weeks late, the maximum grade of a 60 will be given. No Exceptions. B. An assignment will not be accepted if a new quarter has begun. VIII. Re-Dos Every student should feel responsible for his/her grades. Every student has the opportunity to make up, fix, or improve any assignment he/she wishes in my class. I believe Selfimprovement should always be merited. If the student wants to improve his/her grade regardless of the previous grade, the student must come up to me and ask for directions on how to do so. All Re-Dos must be turned in before the last week of the six weeks. Participation grades are the only grades that cannot be changed. IX. Cheating and Plagiarism:

Consequences: The student handbook will be applied. In my class, the maximum grade of a 50 will be given to a student who committed plagiarism for a make-up assignment, given at the teachers discretion. X. Classroom Rules, Procedures and Discipline

1. Students must follow all rules in the Student Handbook. DPS and PRS points will be kept on record as well. 2. Class Rules: a. Come to class prepared and ready to learn. b. Follow all directions and procedures. c. Be kind to others and use manners. d. Turn in your best clean work on time e. Never Give Up 3. Class procedures: a. Use restroom after first 20 minutes of class unless there is an emergency b. Classroom jobs c. Table responsibilities / table leaders d. Sign language for daily classroom tasks 4. Student Learning Incentives: a. 2 Oops Coupons (for use with homework, 5 second tardies, forgot pencil, etc.) b. Student of the Week c. Student of the Month d. PRS points they are added and rewards are given periodically.

English Language Arts 5 e. Tiger of the Week/Tiger of the Year f. Class Parties g. Seating Preference h. Class coupons i. Positive phone calls/emails to parent. j. Candy Questions 5. Student Consequences: a. Warnings (Lose Oops Coupons) for first/second offense for small infractions b. Lunch Detention (no exceptions/all of recess): Not being prepared, forgetting homework, disrespectful behavior, profane language, tardies, etc. c. DPS disrespectful behavior, repetitive negative actions, goes on student record. Student will call home to notify you about the incident. d. Office Students will be sent to Mrs. Lopez with referral at the teachers discretion, See student handbook for further consequences. XI. Materials Needed: (Form Attached) o Students are expected to have the materials listed on the school supply note for a grade. o All materials will be kept in class to ensure that every child has a fair learning opportunity on any given day. o Student only needs to bring in 2 pencils daily and homework. XII. Class Mailbox (Example of this form attached) I have provided the students with the opportunity to communicate any sort of concern, either academically or emotionally. In the classroom, there is an area where the students may fill out the form and leave it in the class mailbox; in which, I will respond. In alignment with the Student Handbook, however, be advised that it is my responsibility to take matters to an administrator if needed. The purpose of this is to maintain a safe and communicative environment between the student and the teacher. Upon request, if your child has written one to me, you are more than welcome to request a copy of it. XIII. Classroom Library: Students will have access to my classroom library. A student may check out 1 book at a time if they wish. They can check out a book for 3 days. They may borrow the book again if they are not finished, but I have to see it. If book is lost or damaged, student needs to replace the same book or pay $5.00. If the book is returned late, a daily fee of 10 cents will be charged. The money will be used to buy more books for our library. If a child has not returned a book within 2 weeks, I will contact you. XIV. Subject to Change The contents of this syllabus are subject to change as needed. THANK YOU, Ms. Realyvasquez

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Classroom Website Information

This year, I will be using a classroom website. While many of you are familiar with the database, I will provide you with another source to find information. Information You Can Find on the Website: I have designed the website to help you and your child make the most out of this class during school and out of school. This website will only be used for English class and for this grade level. It cannot be found using Google or any other search engine. Please keep this address for your records. Website Address: Please sign the photo permission slip for your child. If it is not signed and returned, photos of your child will not be put anywhere on the site. Thank you. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Class pictures of projects and activities Student of the Month and student of the week updates and photos Classroom Employees Resources to practice skills at home Turning in assignments online (like college) No need to print! Classroom Blog that students can respond to Will be closely monitored and must be approved by me before it is posted

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School & Parent Cell-Phone Communication

Method 1: School Database Apps for IPhone and Android Phones IPhone: Search for Harmony Schools Parent Mobile Android: Search for Harmony Parent Mobile

Method 2: Remind 101: Quick, Safe Text Message Notifications!

Remind 101 is a very safe way to get notifications from me. I will send a message to you, or even your child, a reminder about homework or school events through a text message! Completely safe, too! It is free if you have unlimited text messaging on your cell phone contract! No numbers will ever be shared. I will never see you/your childs number on my online account. I will not be able to reply to any text message. It is a simple reminder. To contact me directly, please email or call me. This is for reminders only. The number you will be given is not my personal number. It is an online safety number given to me by the website. To sign up, follow the steps on the next page! If you would like more information on this program or its credibility visit:

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Sign up for Remind 101: Text Messages/Reminders from Ms. Realyvasquez! Step 1: Grab your phone! Step 2: Create a new text message. Step 3: Prepare a text message to (832) 850-2656 Step 4: Send this text message. Example: If student is in 5A, send harmony5a. harmony5a harmony5b harmony 5c Step 5: Wait for a confirmation. It will say: Thanks! Ms. Realyvasquez needs to know who you are before adding you. Please reply with your full name. Step 6: Reply to this message with the students first name and last name. If you are a parent, reply with student name and the word, parent, in parenthesis. Example: Student: John Gutierrez Parent: John Gutierrez (Parent) Step 7: Thats it! Save the number as Ms. Realyvasquez/English Reminders. I will send a sample notification by this Friday. Hope this helps notify you about homework or

English Language Arts 9

other information. If you need any help signing up, please contact me after or before school so that I can sign you up.
*Standard text messaging rates apply. Free, if you have unlimited messaging.

Ms. Realyvasquezs Classroom Mailbox Form

Hi There! I am so happy that you want to tell me very important things. Remember that your friends and classmates will not see this. Your Name: ____________________________ Date: ____________ Class: 5A 5B 5C Put a check mark next to the reasons that you are filling out this form. You want to tell me something great or exciting that is happening in your life. You are having a great day! You feel like we are going a little fast in class. You need extra help on some assignments or you feel confused about some lessons. Maybe you feel you need tutoring, dont worry its ok. I WANT to help you. You feel like I was unfair about a class rule or a class announcement. Or that a consequence was unfair. We can talk about it. You have something sad to tell me that is happening in your life. Sometimes we go through things that are hard and sad. Maybe you are just having a bad day and want to share. You really liked a lesson or activity that we did and you want to do it again. Check Here if you want to tell me something else. Please tell me more about what you checked. Give Me Details: _____________________________________________________________________________ _ _____________________________________________________________________________ _ Why do you feel that way:

English Language Arts 10 _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ __ How can I help you or what do you expect from me, the teacher, about what you told me? _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ __ Do you want me to write back to you or did you just want to let me know? Circle One Below:

o o

Yes, write back. No, its okay but thank you for listening.

Syllabus Agreement and Information Form

Turn in this page by August 23rd
Keep All Other Papers for Your Records

I have read and I agree to the information provided on the syllabus.

Students Name (Please Print): ____________________________________ Parents / Guardians Name (Print):___________________________________ Parents /Guardians Signature: ___________________________________

Preferred method of direct contact for use throughout the year:

Circle one or both: EMAIL PHONE

Parents / Guardians E-mail: ____________________________________ AND/OR Parents / Guardians Telephone Number: ____________________________________

Daily Communication Preferences

School App for My Phone:

o o

(Choose One):

Yes, I have downloaded the iTunes/Android app on my phone No, I do not want to download it or my phone cant access it

English Language Arts 11

Choose One:

I would like help on downloading it Remind 101 Text Messaging: Yes, I signed up No, not interested Would like help to sign up

Classroom Website Photo Release

Choose One:

Initials ______ Yes, I allow pictures of my child to be posted on the class website when they are rewarded. Also, I allow photos of class activities where my child is present. First names only will be used throughout the website. Example: Sammy _______ No, I do not want pictures of my child on the class website. I understand that the Harmony mascot will placed in place of their face. Questions? Comments? _____________________________________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________ __ I will respond as soon as possible. Thank you!