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Progress Test 1-5
Complete the sentences
1 She (not live) ____________________ there.
2 They ____________________lived there all their lives.
3 The man ____________________I saw you with wasn’t your husband.
4 I (have) ____________________ a bath when I had an idea.
5 You (go) ____________________ to Johanna’s party on Saturday?
6 I ____________________certainly be there.
7 ____________________she arrives soon, she’ll miss the train.
8 You ____________________be here on time for the start of the film.
9 I (save) ____________________ money, but I haven’t saved much.
10 Emma decided (not buy) ____________________ a new skirt.

Complete the sentences
16 I live a long way from the centre, on the ____________________of town.
17 I have to go on a business travel/trip____________________.
18 He ____________________of college and found a job.
19 She likes to talk about her ____________________and interests.
20 We like the same things. We have a lot in ____________________.
21 This flat is too small for me. It’s too ____________________.
22 He writes for a newspaper. He’s a ____________________.
23 It’s something you use for eating. Do you mean a ____________________?
24 The British ____________________didn’t finish the 5,000m race.
25 I need my camera. ____________________is my hobby.

If anyone ever offers to sell you an idea which will make you rich, remember this. It won’t. If the idea is so
good, why isn’t he or she rich enough to give it away?
There’s only one way to get rich and that is through hard work. Look at any of the richest businessmen or
women in the world and you will see people who work twenty four hours a day. Yes, we all work hard, but
not everyone is rich. What the very rich have in common is that they are always looking for the
opportunity to make money. We all like having money, but it’s the rich and successful who like making

Of course, some people are born rich. There are two types of born-rich people. The first would be rich no
matter what. They like making money. They are born rich and get richer. The second type are people
who think that they are somehow special because their parents were well off. They prefer spending
money to making it. They are born rich and get poorer.

True or False
26 When someone offers to sell you an idea, you shouldn’t buy it. _____
27 There are many ways to become rich. _____
28 People who like having money get rich. _____
29 Some people are special because they are rich. _____
30 You can get poorer as well as richer. _____

True or False
31 She is not keen on shopping. _____
32 She doesn’t want to do less housework. _____
33 She enjoys watching TV. _____
34 She often cooks for her friends. _____
35 She doesn’t have time to exercise. _____

Write a letter of complaint to a TV channel. Include these ideas in your letter.
Reason for writing: programmes are bad quality
Example: Quiz Shows, presenters not interesting, contestants too boring
What you want: improve programmes, more drama
Polite ending: make changes, people stop watching
Dear Sir
I am
Yours faithfully
Marek Barski