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The Prohibitions Spelled Out by the Commission on Elections

The Prohibitions Spelled Out by the Commission on Elections

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Published by: ceejaye2002 on Oct 26, 2013
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The prohibitions spelled out by the Commission on Elections (Comelec) are indications that the electoral system itself

remains problematic. Resolution 9385 lists 24 prohibited acts, with one having taken effect even before the start of the election period. The prohibited acts are:


(From May 13, 2012 to Aug. 11, 2013)

1. Transfer, promotion, extension, recall or otherwise movement of officer or member of the foreign service corps from current post or position.


(From January 13, 2013 to June 12, 2013)

2. Alteration of territory of a precinct or establishment of a new precinct.

3. Transfer or movement of officers and employees in the civil service.

4. Bearing, carrying or transporting firearms or other deadly weapons, unless authorized in writing by the Commission.

5. Use of security personnel or bodyguards by candidates, unless authorized in writing by the Commission.

6. Organization or maintenance of reaction forces, strike forces o other similar forces.

Campaigning. (From March 14. delivery of materials for public works and issuance of treasury warrants or similar devices for a future undertaking chargeable against public funds. (From Feb. 2013) 14. creation or filling up of new positions. 9. etc. Suspension of elective local officials. Construction of public works. 2013 to June 12. 2013) 13. 2013 to May 13.7. 12. promotion or giving of salary increases. 2013 to May 13. Illegal release of prisoners. remuneration or privilege. Release disbursement or expenditures of public funds. 2013) 8. (From March 29. confidential agents or the like. (From March 28 to 29. . Giving donations or gift in cash or in kind. 2013) 10. Appointment or use of special policemen. Appointment or hiring of new employees. 12. 11.

Campaigning. food. ELECTION DAY (On May 13. 20. Voting more than once or in substitution of another. of merchandise. Soliciting votes or undertaking any propaganda for or against any candidate or any political party within the polling place or within 30 meters thereof. 19. Campaigning. Opening of booths or stalls for the sale. offering. 22. Giving. buying serving or taking intoxicating liquor. buying serving or taking intoxicating liquor. drinks and things of value 21. the eve of election day) 15. offering. 17. . 23. accepting free transportation. furnishing. etc. 16. Selling. food. 2013) 18.. drinks and things of value. Giving. Selling. accepting free transportation. 2013.(On May 12. or refreshments within a radius of 30 meters from the polling place. furnishing.

boxing.24. Holding of fairs. horse races or any other similar sports . cockfights.

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