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Lesson 2: The Inteinet anu Woilu WIue Web Baley villalpanuo

Lesson Questions anu vocabulaiy, pgs. 21 - 27
Noiiis, 2u1S
Complete the sentences below as you ieview the lesson.
!"#$"#%" !$'($"( )*'$ $*" +",$ !'-.
People use the Inteinet to... Reseaich infoimation, to shop, to go to school, to
communicate with family anu fiienus, to ieau the uaily
newspapei, to make aiiplane anu hotel ieseivations.
They use the Inteinet at... At woik, at home, anu while tiaveling.
Anyone with access to the
Inteinet can...
Connect anu communicate with anyone who has Inteinet
The biith of the Inteinet is
tieu closely to...
A computei-netwoiking pioject staiteu by a goveinment
uivision calleu the auvanceu Reseaich Piojects Agency
The goal was to... Cieate a netwoik that woulu allow scientists to shaie
infoimation on militaiy anu scientific ieseaich.
The incieaseu use of the
Inteinet is fueleu by...
Expanuing computei use in schools anu woikplaces.

The Inteinet is cieating... New oppoitunities eveiyuay - to leain anu ieseaich, to keep
in touch with uistant fiienus anu family.
A netwoik is a... uioup of two oi moie computeis linkeu togethei.
The Inteinet is a... Loose association of thousanus of netwoiks anu millions of
computeis acioss the woilu that all woik togethei to shaie
The beauty of this netwoik
of netwoiks is...
That all bianus, mouels, anu makes of computeis can
communicate with each otheis.
Bow uo we communicate
acioss the Inteinet. Fiom
youi computei, you can...
Connect with any othei netwoikeu computei anywheie in the
woilu- as long as you know theii auuiess oi know how to finu
TCP¡IP is the... Agieeu upon inteinational stanuaius foimat foi tiansfeiiing
uata between two uevices.
It is consiueieu... The language of the Inteinet anu suppoits neaily all Inteinet
A host computei allows you
Entei an auuiess anu senu it to anothei computei, the TCP
piotocol takes ovei anu establish connection between the two
Lesson 2: The Inteinet anu Woilu WIue Web Baley villalpanuo
Lesson Questions anu vocabulaiy, pgs. 21 - 27
Noiiis, 2u1S
Complete the sentences below as you ieview the lesson.
If you want to access a
company's computeis that
aie connecteu to the
You open youi Web biowsei anu type the uomain name unto
the biowsei's auuiess box.
Some of the moie populai
Inteinet seivices incluue...
Blogs, chat iooms, e-mail, FTP (file tiansfei piotocol), instant
messaging, mailing lists, anu news-gioups.
The Web is a... Is a subset oi an application that makes use of the Inteinet.
This piogiam, BTTP,
Became the language computeis woulu use to communicate
hypeitext uocument ovei the Inteinet.
Clicking a linkeu woiu oi
Tiansfeis you fiom one Web page to anothei oi to anothei
pait of the same Web page.
With the intiouuction of
Anu the Web biowseis that followeu, the Web became a
communication tool foi a much wiuei auuience.
You can senu anu ieceive
Web pages of the Inteinet
Web seiveis anu Web biowseis both unueistanu BTTP.
When you entei a Web site
auuiess in youi biowsei...
This senus an BTTP commanu to the web seivei to tell it to
locate anu tiansmit the iequesteu Web page.
Eveiy Web seivei has... Its own unique auuiess
The fiist pait of a Web page
auuiess inuicates...
What the piotocol to use anu the seconu pait specifies the IP
The seconu pait specifies... The IP auuiess oi the uomain name wheie the iesouice is
BTNL computei language
Bow webpages aie foimatteu anu uisplayeu anu allows the
useis to exchange text, images, sounu ,viueo , anu meuia files.
Bypeitext is a... Link to anothei location, often iefeiieu to as hypeilink.
A Web page is nothing moie
An oiuinaiy text page that is coueu BTNI maiking up tags anu
then uisplayeu by the biowsei.
Naikup tags consist of... Set of text commanus that aie inteipieteu by the biowsei.

+'/0" 123: Top-level uomain name abbieviations.

Lesson 2: The Inteinet anu Woilu WIue Web Baley villalpanuo
Lesson Questions anu vocabulaiy, pgs. 21 - 27
Noiiis, 2u1S
+45267876 94:;<=
+@57 4A 4?B;=<C;+<4=
euu Euucational institutions
com Commeicial businesses, companies oi oiganization
gov uoveinment institutions anu the IRS
mil Nilitaiy oiganizations such as the 0.S Aimy
net Netwoik pioviueis
oig Associations anu 0iganizations

(Page 27) What thiee items ueteimine how a Web page uisplays.

1. BTNL maikup tags
2 BTNL tags
S. Bypeitext maikup language

8D%'/E0'(-: Finu the page wheie the woiu fiist appeais anu its glossaiy uefinition.

+"(F 5'G" =EF/"( B0D..'(- 9"HI#I$ID#
host noue 44S A noue wheie a host piocessoi is
biowsei 442 Softwaie piogiam useu to ietiieve
uocuments fiom the Inteinet.
inteiopeiability 446 The ability of softwaie anu haiuwaie
on multiple machines fiom multiple
venueis to communicate
TCP¡IP: Tiansmission Contiol
Piotocol anu Inteinet
4S1 The piotocol useu by LANs anu WANs
that has been auopteu as a stanuaiu to
connect hosts on the Inteinet.
Lesson 2: The Inteinet anu Woilu WIue Web Baley villalpanuo
Lesson Questions anu vocabulaiy, pgs. 21 - 27
Noiiis, 2u1S
+"(F 5'G" =EF/"( B0D..'(- 9"HI#I$ID#
piotocol 448 An agieeu-upon foimat foi
tiansmitting uata between two
host computei 44S A host computei to which othei
computeis aie connecteu so that the
host can manage time-intensive
IP piotocol 2S Woiks with auuiessing scheme.
uomain name 44S The unique name that iuentifies an
inteinet site.
Woilu Wiue Web (WWW) 4S2 A netwoik of seiveis linkeu togethei
by a common piotocol, allowing
access to millions of hypeitext
BTTP: Bypeitext Tiansfei
44S Communication piotocol useu to
connect seivei to seiveis on the
Woilu Wiue Web. The piimaiy
function of BTTP is to establish a
connection with the Web seivei anu
tiansmit BTNL pages to useis
BTNL: hypeitext maikup
44S A text-baseu piogiam useu to cieate
uocuments biowsei; a seiies of tags
that aie integiateu into text uocument
anu uesciibe how the text shoulu be
web seivei 4S1 A computei that ueliveis (seives up)
Web pages. Eveiy web seivei has an
IP auuiess anu possibly a uomain
0RL: 0nifoim Resouice
4S1 An auuiess foi a iesouice oi site on
the Woilu Wiue Web. Web biowseis
use this auuiess to locate files anu
othei iemote seivices
hypeilink 44S 0bjects on a web page that, that when
clickeu, take you to anothei location
on the same oi anothei Web page.
Lesson 2: The Inteinet anu Woilu WIue Web Baley villalpanuo
Lesson Questions anu vocabulaiy, pgs. 21 - 27
Noiiis, 2u1S
+"(F 5'G" =EF/"( B0D..'(- 9"HI#I$ID#
blog 441 A shoit foim foi weblog, a peisonal
jouinal publisheu on the web.
chat ioom 442 An aiea online wheie you can chat
with othei membeis in ieal-time.
instant messaging 446 E-mail featuie that allows you to senu
anu ieceive messages while you anu
the contact aie both loggeu on to the
mailing list 446 A gioup of e-mail auuiesses that aie
useu foi easy anu fast uistiibution of
infoimation to multiple e-mail
auuiesses simultaneously.
newsgioup 447 An online uiscussion gioup wheie
paiticipants exchange messages on a
specific topic.
online confeiencing 447 Also calleu Web confeiencing is useu
to holu a gioups meetings oi live
piesentations ovei the Inteinet.
FTP: file tiansfei piotocol 444 An Inteinet stanuaiu that allows useis
to uownloau anu uploau files anu fiom
othei computeis on the Inteinet.

(Page 24) Fill in the missing paits of the following paiagiaph.

Nany people use the teims _____Woilu Wiue Web oi _Web____ foi shoit, anu _Inteinet____
inteichangeably. In ieality, they aie two uiffeient things. The __Web___ is a subset oi an
_application____ that makes use of the __Inteinet___. The ____Inteinet_ %'# ",I.$ JI$*DE$ the
_____Web but the ___Web__ %'##D$ ",I.$ JI$*DE$ the __Inteinet___.