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Illustration Knowledge And Attitude Students About Program PIK-KRR In SMAN 11 padang Year 2013

!ii " ## pages " $ tables " 2 pi%tures " 11 atta%&ments ABSTRACT PIK-KRR '(enter In)ormation and o) Konseling *ealt& Adoles%ent Reprodu%tion+ representing t&e pla%e to adoles%ent get in)ormation &ealt& o) adoles%ent reprodu%tion real %orre%tl, and &old responsible Pursuant to sur-e, earl, w&i%& is %ondu%ted in SMAN 11 Padang. )rom $ student. 3 among ot&ers do not /now w&at t&at PIK-KRR and be%ause t&at0s resear%&er interest to /now /nowledge illustration and students about program PIK-KRR w&i%& un%ommitt in SMAN 11 Padang 1&is Resear%& t,pe is des%ripti-e w&i%& depi%t /nowledge le-el and adoles%ent attitude about program PIK-KRR 1&is Resear%& is %ondu%ted b, in SMAN 11 Padang in 2un, 2013 Population in t&is resear%& is all student %lass students 3 SMAN 11 Padang amounting to 2$4 and people sample ta/en to use te%&ni5ue Simple Random Sampling Resear%& use 6uestioner b, anal,se uni-ariat A)ter %ondu%ted b, resear%& )rom 70 responder e8pressed b, %ounted 39 responder '$$.7:+ /nowledgeable lower about PIK-KRR and 32 responder '#$.7:+ be&a-ing negati-it, about program PIK-KRR Pursuant to result o) resear%& got t&at absolut ma2orit, /nowledgeable responder lower and absolut ma2orit, student be&a-e positi-e regarding program o) PIK-KRR 1o in%rease /nowledge o) student e8pe%ted to side go to s%&ool to per)orm a program PIK-KRR in t&e s%&ool so t&at students more is /nowing about &ealt& o) adoles%ent reprodu%tion ;iograp&, Ke,word < 19 '2002-2011+ < Knowledge. Attitude. Program PIK-KRR