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Education in Malaysia are developing based on the changes of time.

schools can be categorized into boys’, girls and co-educational schools. Co-educational
schools are the school that combine between both gender. Boys and girls school is
known as single sex school is the school that has only one gender. Malay College Kuala
Kangsar is the example of boys school and Tunku Kursiah College is the example of
girls school. These schools have their advantages and disadvantages. There are many
pro and contra between these two types of school. Co-education schools produce better
students compared to single sex schools.

Co-education school gives more advantage. Research shows that boys and girls
work harder at co-educational institutions. It is thought that this is due to the fact that
young people do not like to be criticised, much less insulted or put to shame, in the
presence of the members of the opposite sex. It is also true that mixed classes are on
the whole better disciplined. The presence of the members of the other sex puts some
restraint on the behaviour of even the most wayward people. After leaving school, pupils
will meet men and women in all professions and walks of life. Co-education very
effectively deals with this problem. Boys and girls at co-educational institutions meet
one another as members of a vast family.

The Ministry advocates integration of students in line with the first strategic thrust
of the National Education Blueprint (2006-2010), which focuses on building a Malaysian
nation. Being a co-educational school, the students from diverse backgrounds must
interact towards maintaining multi-racial and multi-cultural unity. Today, we are talking
about developing human capital with first-class mentality, so schools cannot afford to
segregate the students based on gender. More over, this type of system will blow the
spirit of fight in getting more numbers so,there will be more competetion and more
intellectuals will be produced. When both sexes will spend time in same class they will
be able to understand their natures and that will be helpful when they will marry.

Co-educational schools also have the disadvantages . On the other hands some
people have different opinion they claims that this system will bring vulgarity and
obscenity in the society.They claims that youth is blind ,so both sexes should not be
teached under same roof. They says that both sexes in their teen ages when they meet
freely , there are chances that they may become the victims of their emotions. They
claims that this type of educations will remove the necessary distance between the two
sexes and that can be harmfull. If you mix around boys and girls, the boys will dominate
certain areas, making girls less confident.In second place people claims that when both
sexes will study in same class rooms their confidene level will increase and the relation
between both sexes will deepen and strengthen its roots and that will be benificial for
both sexes in their future life.

Single sex schools are better for both boys and girls educationally. Students from
single-sex schools often perform better academically, and are more disciplined, than
students from co-educational schools. Research shows that girls aged 11 to 18 do
better in mathematics and the sciences at single sex schools in the UK. Boys do better
at many subjects. This may be because most single sex secondary schools in the
country are grammar, faith and fee-paying schools; there are very few single sex state
schools now. Grammar, faith and fee-paying schools generally have much smaller
classes than state schools, so there is far more individual teacher attention for each
pupil. They are also known as "good schools" and, therefore tend to attract the best
teachers. Their behaviour ethos is usually much stricter than state schools and unruly
pupils are generally asked to leave.

Single sex classrooms are a much better way of teaching students. It gives both
boys and girls the freedom to explore non-traditional subjects such as IT for girls or
music and drame for boys.Single sex schools help the girls or boys to concentrate more
on their work.Both boys and girls can do a lot better with out each other in the same

Girls are free from sexual harassment that affects almost 90% of girls in co-
educational high schools. An all-girls school can create an atmosphere that counteracts
the negative influence of mass media and its often troubling depictions of women and
Single sex school also has disadvantage. Boys and girls educated in separate
schools cannot easily throw away their shyness and associate with members of the
other sex without some embarrassment. This often leads to dismal social failures.
Single sex school can make social problems like involving in love with same gender
such as gay and lesbian.

Based on these advantages and disadvantages of the school, I have made the
decision that co-educational school can produce better students compared to single sex
school. After leaving school, pupils will meet men and women in all professions and
walks of life. Co-education very effectively deals with this problem. Boys and girls at co-
educational institutions meet one another as members of a vast family. The most
important thing is co-educational school helps the government to decrease social
problems among younger in same gender.