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I had the same problem and had to deactivate my anti virus software while I uninstalled and reinstalled ChemCad.

Performed the following instructions and ChemCad is working again. Instruction: 1. Install Chemcad-6.3.1-4168.exe 2. Extract and run Setup.exe to install Sentinel Server 3. Extract to C:\ directory 4. In extracted LM7admin directory, run WlmAdmin.exe. Select Edit and Defined Server List option. Enter your local machine IP address and click OK to add server 5. Click on new server address in tree menu and right click to select Add feature|From a File|Add feature from file|To Server and Its File. When prompted browse and select "lservrc" file in ----- folder 6. When you expand your defined server should see features available 7. Open Chemcad, no license screen appears, click setup and then select Add/Remove Server option 8. If server not in list, select "license server" under the Select server type drop down and then enter IP address used in Step 4 9. Chemcad is -----ed and run with all features! 6.5.2