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Literature Template

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Information (APA
Fredericks, L. (2012). The benefits of and challenges of culturally responsive
EFL critical literature circles. Journal of Adolescent and Adult Literacy 55(6)
Author(s) Affiliation: The has been a teacher who receive a fellowship to teach EFL in Tajikstan. He
developed an interest in the subject of his study during his teaching work in
Dushanbe a culturally and linguistically diverse area of this country. through this
experience he became interested in the use of literature circles to teach EFL (
English as a Foreign Language students).
Type of Resource:
(Scholarly article presenting a
study; Trade article presenting
a teaching strategy or
methodology or other;
Website describing a
curriculum package, etc)
Scholarly article presenting an action research study using literature circles to
evaluate its effectiveness on reading competency and language development in a
class with many EFL students in a country in central Asia.
Summary of essential

For the purpose of this study literature circles were implemented into the
reading curriculum. The study found that the use of literature circles did have
many positive effects on the learning experience and development of language
and reading competency in these students. The author states that the use of
culturally relevant pedagogy is a critical factor in the effectiveness of teaching
reading to EFL students.
Way in which this
source influences the
field of Early
Childhood Education
or related fields:
This source gives evidence that supports the idea that literature have
positive effects of school-age children when implemented correctly.
This source includes and focuses on the idea that what students are
reading directly affects their progress. Students need to have cultural
relevant material in order to better engage and understand what they are
Potential relevance to
your research topic
and study:

- For the purpose of my study this article was closely related to the population which I
teach. Because of the dual-language program, my planning of literacy lesson and
activities in reading are aligned to my variety L1 and L2 students in my classroom. I
have both extremes all Spanish and all English. I also have the in betweeners who
understand and can speak either language but are academically lacking in reading and
language competency to be able to handle complex text. In my classroom I normally
pick out text from Senderos (Journeys) a commercially translated reading program
where the text is often unrelated to anything in my students lives.