Board of Trustees

Kellogg Community College
May 10, 2014

Dear Trustees,

My husband and I both received two years of college credits from Kellogg Community College before
going on to get our degrees, and four of my five children have taken classes at KCC. I believe KCC is an
important community asset and, like you, want to see its success.
I’m sure you have a more detailed perspective on the workings of KCC than I do, but I would like to
share a perspective from a community member’s viewpoint. To an outsider, it looks like KCC has risen
to the challenge of educating an influx of Legacy Scholars. It has creatively responded to employment
needs in the Industrial Park by continually improving the offerings at the RMTC. It has successfully
partnered with the EDGE Program to help put some of our most chronically unemployed residents to
work. In the person of Dennis Bona, KCC is represented across the community as a collaborating
partner. And yet it seems that the Board may be preparing to oust yet another president.
Not every member of our community would agree with every decision President Bona has made, but his
leadership and his passion for doing what is best for KCC students is admired across the community. He
is a knowledgeable educator and a strong team member on many boards throughout the metropolitan
area. He is willing to share his time and his expertise in a broad range of venues, from BCU to Beacon
Community to United Way, to name just a few. He employs careful decision-making skills, and best of
all, he is willing to consider that the way we have always done things may not be the best way. He has
served the college in several capacities over more than 30 years, providing continuity and a clear
understanding of the unique challenges and opportunities in our town.
So we have an engaged, skilled, committed and thorough leader who loves this town and has made it his
permanent home. I encourage you all to find ways to work together.


Talia Champlin

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