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 Reverie

o Noun
o Daydream
o He was knocked out of his reverie when his mother called him down for dinner.
 Stout
o Adjective
o Fat
o The doctor was a short, stout man with a moustache.
 Litany
o Noun
o A long and tedious list
o The neighbors wrote a litany of complaints about the poor man who lived on the streets.
 Enamored
o Verb
o Filled with a feeling of love
o She’s enamored with her new boyfriend.
 Flummox
o Verb
o Bewilder, confusing
o As the new school year starts, she hoped that her classes won’t flummox her too much.
 Wield
o Verb
o Hold or use a weapon or tool
o Taking a knife out of the drawer, she told his boyfriend to wield the weapon and go out
to war.
 Gratuitous
o Adjective
o Uncalled for
o The teacher scolded the student with gratuitous harshness.
 Martyr
o Noun
o Person killed because of their beliefs
o Steph became a martyr in August for believing in a God nobody else believed.
 Ubiquitous
o Adjective
o Found everywhere
o McDonald’s has a ubiquitous presence.
 Idyllic
o Adjective
o Peaceful
o Her vacation to Canada was surprisingly idyllic.
 Devolve
o Verb
o Transfer power to a lower power
o Deciding that being CEO of the large company was too stressful, John decided to
devolve to being general manager.
 Anomaly
o Noun
o Something that is different; abnormal
o After trying to figure out the new girl’s personality and failing, he decided that she was
an anomaly.
 Malevolent
o Adjective
o Showing a wish to do evil to others
o A malevolent presence had taken over his home and he’s convinced that it’s cursed.
 Stoic
o Adjective
o Detached from emotions
o He kept his features stoic, leaving no suggestion as to what was on his mind.
 Paragon
o Noun
o Perfect example of something
o In Augustus’ eyes, Hazel is a paragon of all beauty.