November 11, 2006 Carecell lesson.

patrick tan

The Adulterous Woman John 8:2-11 (Judging Other People) 1. Testimony Question a. “Movie stars and politicians are prone to be accused and labeled of many things the people easily believe because of the power of media.” Share limited examples of political/showbiz news. b. Was there a time when you heard destructive hearsays about a friend? What did you do about it? Share a personal experience. 2. Searching the Scriptures a. Jesus was also put in a similar situation and my hope is that we can learn from His attitude about judging other people. b. John 8:2-6 i. What attitudes can we say that these Pharisees had? Why? (Judgmental, deceptive, unforgiving) ii. v.4 – caught in the act – What if you found out those hearsays about a person are true? iii. Did the woman deserve to be stoned? –Yes, according to the law (v.5). John 8:7-11 i. Who were left in the court after Jesus said this (“He who is without sin…”)? Why? ii. What did the Pharisees realize that they stopped accusing the woman? 3. Yielding to the Spirit a. Jesus showed a radical step in relationships. i. The accusations to the woman was true. ii. The woman deserved to die. iii. Yet Jesus did not let people condemn her; He himself did not condemn her. iv. What values and principles from Jesus can I apply in my own life? 1. Stop judging other people. 2. Jesus loves me so much. 3. Jesus does not condemn me. 4. I should do just as Jesus did. 4. Responding to the Call a. What practical steps would you do next time you are solicited to pass judgment on other people? b. Commit to the Lord your steps in prayer. c.

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